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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: (By Appointment only)

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Benjamin G. from Candler Park, Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve never been a fan of going to the dentist. I’m 99.9% sure that most folks tend to avoid the dentist for various reasons, but mine was for the sheer fact that I’d never met a dentist who made me feel welcomed or comfortable in my own skin. Let there be light! (On my teeth, I suppose) Enter: Dr. Patel. Well, first let me say that Todd was wonderful in scheduling everything. I came in for an initial checkup and he helped me schedule a cleaning with perfect times and dates. That guy is so nice, methodical, and thorough. Also, Debbie was just as sweet. She was calm, funny, and made sure I knew what was happening. As I sat in the chair, Dr. Patel made me feel like I was on his level. That’s a rarity and something I am so grateful to have experienced. He didn’t present himself like some tool-wielding mouth jockey like other dentists in my past have. He told me everything step-by-step and made sure I was informed and comfortable. When we sat down and looked at my situation, he gave me background, hand-sketched charts, and even gave me some tertiary recommendations I could implement that day. Another plus is that the staff is just fun to talk to. They get it. So you don’t floss. They don’t put you on trial or burn you at the stake. If you have some dental work or a cleaning needed, they give you great background on the “why.” This sounds odd to say, but I’m looking forward to my return visits

Adrienne Walker (Source: Google)


I have a great fear of going to the dentist based on past experiences with other dentists, but starting with my first visit and through a second visit requiring a two- hour procedure, I left feeling “Yes! my daughter referred me to a keeper!” Dr. Patel and the staff made me feel at ease and were sensitive and responsive to my fears and needs. Dr. Patel also did a great job showing and explaining the state of my teeth in a very conversational and understandable way. Just a great experience and outcome- the quality of the work was on point! The office is also well located at Atlantic Station, just in case you want to enjoy those amenities before or after your visit!

Snehal G Vara (Source: Facebook)


If you’re looking for a great dentist with an awesome staff and a beautiful office, look no further! I was beyond impressed with the personal experience I had, and I can honestly say I am looking forward to my next dental visit here. From the moment I walked in the office, I was greeted warmly by Todd and felt like I was an important guest.  My insurance coverage was clearly explained so I had no surprises as to what to expect in terms of a bill. Jill was my hygienist, and she was so awesome! When she told me I was done with my cleaning, I was kind of shocked because I hadn’t experienced any pain yet! When I came in for a crown, it was so quick (10 mins to carve a porcelain crowns onsite!) and pain free. Isn’t going to the dentist supposed to be a little painful? Not here! All of the equipment used in Dr. Patels office is super high tech, so I guarantee you will never look at other dental offices the same way again. Dr. Patel was fantastic. He has a great sense of humor, and his “chair-side” manner can’t be beat. He explained everything that he was doing very well and made me feel very comfortable even while getting a filling. I will be sure to return to him for all of my dental needs

Robert F. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Never thought I would ever use the word “pleasant” to describe a dental procedure but that’s the best way to describe it. Today’s procedure included a crown and two filling replacements. Everyone I know advised me to split the procedures into two separate visits. However, the Dr. Patel assured me that it could all be done in 2 hrs and I would be able to go back to work afterwards. Sure enough the procedure was quick and efficient with no lingering affects after the numbness wore off. An overall pleasant experience. Almost forgot, the in-house crown technology is amazing (see video)! I highly recommend this dental practice if you are lucky enough to get in as a new patient. Dr. Patel and the entire staff are knowledgeable and super friendly!

Marla B. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


EXCELLENT! I will admit that i viewed some of these reviews with suspicion. I thought that perhaps some of the reviewers may have gotten special benefits like a free Zoom treatment on their two front teeth or something. However I was in pain and just wanted it to stop. I checked my suspicious nature, called up and was able to get a same day appointment as a new patient. WOOHOO! SCORE! I was told that I could arrive before my appointment and i did my best to do just that. Shortly after my ride found me writhing in pain on the staircase and packed me up, we made our way there. Parking was…well it’s Atlantic Station so *shrug*. I went in and was greeted by a wonderfully friendly face. Check in was quick and computerized. I was soon retrieved from the waiting area and seated. After a few x-rays were taken it was discovered that my tooth had mutinied and was trying to sink the ship. Dr. Patel came in with his sword drawn ready for battle. That tooth was no match for his skillful hands, and I was none the wiser. There was no “felt” pain on my part, only imagined. I was anxiously awaiting the removal of the tooth while he worked on me. That is until he informed me that it was already out. The battle that he was having with the treasonous tooth in my mind never materialized in my mouth. I am super grateful and probably even more than normal because I’m still numb. It was only after some adult dental experiences that I began to dread visiting the dentist. Now I’m feeling more optimistic. Thank you to Dr. Patel and the entire staff. I really appreciate the care that you showed me and my mouth. I will be back, a lot. P.S. My dental insurance sucks, but they made it feel like it was a less sucky thing to have suckysucksuck insurance

Laura M. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Patel’s office in Atlantic Station is awesome! Beyond being super convenient (free 2 hour parking and plenty of it) the office is completely digital–no endless forms to fill out. Instead there’s an efficient little computer station for your info that takes maybe 3 minutes to complete. The office is decorated in a hip, youthful way with great abstract paintings everywhere…and guess what? Dr. Patel did them himself! He’s extremely personable and the equipment is brand spanking new and oh so clean. He takes digital x-rays which produce 90% less radiation than traditional ones and he has a great little camera that goes in your mouth during the exam and photographs each little tooch up close and personal. I know people hate going to the dentist, but Dr. Patel really makes you feel comfortable and informed. Each station has its own flat screen, so you can can be distracted during the drilling!

Tramaine W. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


I honestly don’t think my experience could have been any better. I’m really happy that I chose this office, considering the horror stories I have heard about the Zoom Teeth Whitening. After I saw Kathleen’s review I called the office to see if they did the zoom whitening and to get a price. The price they gave me was $168 less than what my dentist was going to charge me. So I called last week to try to set up an appointment in October and I found out that there is a promotion going on and the price dropped by $100.I was super happy. So I booked my appointment right then for the following week in order to not miss this great deal. What made me get my whitening done here was the fact that they acknowledged that the procedure could be painful and gave me ways in which to reduce the pain. I felt the other dentists I talked with minimized the situation in order to get the money or they haven’t done enough procedures to really assess the situation. I started brushing with Sensodyne twice a day a week before my procedure and I also took an 800mg ibuprofen 30 minutes before my appointment. I was able to finish all 4 sessions. It was painful but not too much and that says a lot since I have a very low pain tolerance. The zingers started at the end of the second session but were the worst after the procedure was done for about 3 hours. After that I actually ate dinner just fine. Mrs. Deborah did my procedure and she was an angel, she literally did everything to make me feel comfortable, including adjusting my TV many times so I could see my show.Dr.Patel talked with me at the beginning and end ,thoroughly calmed my nerves and gave me a good picture of what the procedure would feel like during and after. The whole procedure including a touch up kit cost me $299.Go book your appointment now, you won’t be disappointed unless you don’t want white teeth

Liz B. from Lithonia, GA (Source: Yelp)


This was probably my best experience at a dentist ever. The staff is very friendly and helpful – they actually SMILE at you and look like they’re genuinely happy to be there, and they all have perfect teeth. Check in procedures were streamlined and straightforward, the office is well decorated and meticulously clean, and I had all my photos and x-rays taken at my dental station. Plus, Dr. Patel took a lot of time to get to know me, to explain the condition of my teeth, and to answer all of my questions. Instead of feeling like everyone is in a rush to cycle through patients, he and all his staff took their time with me. Plus, it’s really nice to be able to watch TV while they work on my teeth! No part of my visit of painful or even uncomfortable, and I got a REALLY nice dental goodie bag at the end. I will definitely keep coming here, and am seriously considering getting Invisalign through Dr. Patel. Thanks, everyone!

Christina G. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


I had recently moved to Atlanta when I found myself in need of a dentist. I had only one business day before going out of the country and it was imperative that I fix my chipped molar before leaving. I found 19th Street Dental on Yelp and decided to give them a call. They fit me in the next morning and within a couple of hours I was all set for the trip. Dr. Patel took time to discuss the situation with me and my options. He also gave me plenty of opportunities to ask any questions. The staff was very personable as well. I plan to continue using their services while I live in Atlanta.

Melissa S. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Just visited 19th Street Dental today and I’m SO happy I used Yelp to choose my new Atlanta dentist! As other reviews have said, the space is very modern and has updated technology like a computer sign in, digital cameras and TVs at every chair. Very cool. Location was convenient — right in Atlantic Station — and parking was a breeze. Dr. Patel and his staff were SO nice and really went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. They seemed to have a genuine interest in the patients and worked hard at trying to build a relationship beyond just discussing your teeth. Everyone was very down to earth, caring and unpretentious. Another factor that made me feel comfortable and confident was that they spent a good deal of time with me, explaining both what was going on with my mouth and why. It was refreshing to find a medical professional that didn’t have one foot out the door rushing to the next patient. My appointment was just for an exam, so I can’t yet comment on quality of work, but I will definitely be returning to Dr. Patel soon and updating my review!

Chris C. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Awesome dentist and staff. We make the drive from OTP instead of finding a closer dentist, because they’re worth it. Highly recommend! The most recent visit was due to my mohler losing a battle with an oyster shell and they were able to squeeze me in very quickly for the repair. I should add, I hate the dentist typically as it causes me anxiety like nothing else does, to the point where I can ring my shirt out due to sweating so much. I was a little uncomfortable the first visit but nothing like I’ve experienced in the past. From the second visit to date, I no longer have anxiety

Latoya Smith (Source: Google)


I remember like yesterday when I was referred to Dr Patel and I will be forever grateful! He is a great physician and the most important part is how he cares for you as a person! That really makes the difference. There are a few providers that do not have great bedside manners but I am proud to say that my dentist, Dr. Patel does! The staff is very professional and Todd (front desk) stole my heart at the door (first impression). I know that I have the right to go to any dentist but I am very happy that I chose to continue my care with this group. I will continue to refer anyone that I know who is looking for a great dentist but also a personable provide who genuinely cares about his patients! Thank you Dr. Patel and staff! 

C B. from Rockville, MD (Source: Yelp)


Let’s start off by stating the obvious, no one loves going to the dentist. However, 19th Street Dentist makes the experience much less painful, hell even enjoyable. The front desk staff is awesome, seriously clean and updated waiting room, which is ironic since you spend almost no time waiting. The initial consultation was as pleasurable as it could be, but at least they were nice and pleasant. They were all very considerate in my high maintenance needs and how to handle my fears during my cleaning and root canal. I have recommended them to my office for any dental work they might need

Kristen J. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Backstory: I haven’t been to the Dentist in nearly 2 years for a cleaning. Not because I was scared but because I thought it was going to cost me $$$$$ SO after starting a new job with great dental coverage, I decided to go on ZocDoc and schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel. For one: Todd and Stephanie at the front are GREAT and make appointments/sign-in a BREEZE. Secondly: Dr. Patel and the dental assistant made the New Patient Appt comfortable and fun! #photoshoot #winningsmile Third: Dr. Patel took me to review my x-rays to get on the same page about the expected line of treatment for everything that I wanted to accomplish *very personable and knowledgeable*. He made me feel comfortable and dare I say “excited”? Last (and probably most important): As you can imagine, 2 years without a cleaning left a lot of room for build up and so I needed a deeper cleaning than normal. I was a bit scared at this point, but the Hygenist (who’s name has slipped my mind) made sure I was comfortable the whole time. I had no pain and walked away with beautiful, white, healthy teeth that looked 10 TIMES better than when I had come in!! In the end, I was beyond satisfied with this experience (and quite impressed) and plan on handling all of my dental needs at 19th Street Dental for as long as I live in Atlanta. You should too!

Katy D. from Decatur, GA (Source: Yelp)


Very pleased with my veneers! Dr. Patel is an artist. I feel like I look the way I was always supposed to look, whereas before I was so self conscious about my smile. I had to get Invisalign braces first (at west paces ferry orthodontics) and then came to 19th st dental for my cosmetic work and I was really pleased to hear that Dr. Patel and my orthodontist were in touch discussing my case and making sure they each didn’t mess up the other’s work. Fantastic experience, highly recommend. I’m now moving to them for my regular cleanings and whatnot because I had such a positive experience.

Kita H. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to 19th Street Dental since the office opened. I couldn’t imagine going to a different dentist. Dr. Patel and his wonderful staff have been a great addition to my healthcare team. 19th Street Dental is centrally located in an easily accessible spot in Atlantic Station. The office runs like a well-oiled machine, which means NO long waits in the reception area, no long waits for service once in the treatment room, and no long waits to check out. The office itself has a beautiful, modern design with state-of-the art equipment. Each time I visit the office, I am particularly impressed with dental hygienist Jill. She is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Luckily, I’ve never needed anything other than cleaning and x-rays. Jill performs those treatments expertly. Thanks Dr. Patel and Jill for many years of exceptional service!

Trey K. from Downtown, Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


I, like most of you here, am not a fan of the dentist. Here is my experience… Moved to Atlanta about a year ago, and broke a tooth in a traumatic pop tart accident. 19th Street Dental was the first office that pulled up on my insurance’s page, and they could get me in same day. SAME DAY!?!? I can’t get a same day oil change. Filling out the paperwork digitally is a welcome surprise as well. Parking in Atlantic Station is a breeze and free for the first 2 hours. The first visit they consulted me, and in my case did a temporary fix on my tooth. We also built a plan to fix my train wreck of a mouth. They were realistic in building this plan, and did not try to work in $10k worth of dental work into a year. I’ve been going to Dr. Patel and his team for a full year now, and my hatred of dentist’s offices has decreased completely. During an operation, a brisk pace is kept to keep the patient from getting fatigued, and speed is definitely appreciated. However, while the operation keeps a brisk pace, all questions and concerns are addressed. Next steps in your care plan, if any, are discussed prior to sending you on your way. They’ve taken my train wreck of a mouth, and turned it into a fender bender. Go and see Dr. Patel now, you will not regret it

Jennifer J. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


After a sudden and extremely painful tooth ache, due to a cavity, I found 19th St. dental on yelp. I’m not a huge fan of dentist but 19th St. dental was fantastic! Everyone in the office from the front desk to the dental assistant to Dr. Patel himself were extremely friendly and wonderful to work with. Dr. Patel was amazing , he was very gentle and talked me through everything he was doing. Once he found the problem he gave me all of my options and talked them all through with me so I could make the best decision for myself. Which was extremely helpful because I do not have insurance so I wanted to make the best financial decision and also the best remedy for my problem. I would recommend Dr. Patel to anyone needing a dentist. I will absolutely be returning for all future dental work!

Chris Copeland (Source: Google)


I have had the absolutely pleasure to have Dr. Patel as my Dentist. Dr. Patel, is so delicate,precise, patient, and personable. Dr. Patel reassures me, which makes every appointment for the last six-years, always an absolute pleasure. The quality work done on my teeth, are beyond words, and can only be seen with a SMILE. I recalled, while traveling in Australia, and Trinidad Tobago, I had teeth concerns, I was able to reach Dr.Patel, immediately, which he answered my concerns. The office also looks fabulous. Dr. Patel and his staff goes beyond the stars! There is no other dentist I would go to or recommend! When you find the best, you keep it! Sincerely, Christopher Copeland, Favorite First Responder, Paramedic.

Kathleen M. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


Let’s face it: no one actually enjoys going to the dentist. I mean, sure, you might like your squeaky clean teeth when it’s all over and done with, but laying back with your mouth wide open while a stranger pokes and prods isn’t fun, no matter how you look at it. I’ve had some pretty serious orthodontic work over the years so I’m admittedly a little wary of people getting all up in my grill. As a result, I was waaay overdue for a cleaning but finally made an appointment at 19th Street Dental after seeing all of the great reviews that assuaged my fears. They’re conveniently located at Atlantic Station (free parking under 2 hours, plus you can treat yourself to a little shopping post-check up… you deserve it!). The office is very nice and open, with all sorts of high tech things like TVs that they can pull down for proper viewing while they get to work. I prefer to keep my eyes closed like nothing is happening, but whatever floats your boat. I’ve been here for two cleanings and filling replacements, and all 3 have been great experiences. I love that you schedule your cleanings with the same hygienist every time, so they can really keep track of your progress (for someone who has shitty gums, this is important stuff). They’re always up front about the cost of things and are sure to talk about budgeting or scheduling around paychecks to make sure that you’re covered: I truly appreciate that. I’ve seen both Dr. Patel and Dr. Zeineddin and they’re both fantastic: you can’t go wrong. So yeah, don’t put off that cleaning any longer: your teeth will thank you!

Andy K. from Berkeley, CA (Source: Yelp)


Normally, going to the dentist makes my list of top 5 places I hate going (right next to going to the DMV), but 19th street Dental has completely changed that notion for me. Right from the beginning, as I was looking to make an appointment over the phone, I sensed something different. They were warm and accommodating. A few days later, I found out that I wouldn’t be able to make it to my appointment. Rescheduling was just as easy as making my initial appointment. A day before my appointment, I received a call reminding me that I was on their calendar, and they gave me instructions on where to find their office (their office is right next to the frozen yogurt store). The next day, I arrived 15 minutes late after aimlessly wandering around Atlantic Station looking for their office. I gingerly walked in thinking they would turn me away. Instead, they immediately gave me their attention and had me sign the paperwork via the computer in the waiting room. After waiting about 10 minutes, they brought me in and that was when I met Dr. Patel. He greeted me and our initial conversations were very down-to-earth and casual. Afterwards, he examined my teeth via X-rays, photographs, and so forth. Not only was Dr. Patel warm and professional, but his entire staff also matched his demeanor. Finally, he along with staff gave me the lowdown on what I needed to get done in very good detail. I learned a lot about my teeth, teeth in general, and how they should be maintained. Because I had not gone to the dentist for a while, there was a lot of work to be done. Still, they were able to come up with the right plan for me despite my anxiety. My next appointment was more or less the same experience. Even though I was going back for the second time, I felt as if I were a regular already. I got a full mouth debridement done, which was a deep cleaning. It was a very smooth process, and they even applied numbing cream after I expressed some concern, especially because my experience with my last dentist was so painful. In terms of the facilities, everything seems to be state of the art while being extremely tidy and organized. The reclining seats were comfortable and if you like watching Good morning America, you’re in for a treat because they have TV’s playing it everywhere, from the waiting room to while you’re getting your teeth worked on. I can see myself being a patient here for a long time

Liz Kihei (Source: Facebook)


Best dental practice ever – I have loved this place for years and recommend it to all my friends. Friendly, modern, comfortable, and efficient – it’s clear that Dr. Patel cares about his staff and his patients. I came today and their COVID-19 procedures are TOP NOTCH. They’re really pulling out all the stops to keep everyone safe, so I felt right at ease. Love them!

Megan Feight (Source: Google)


Dr. Z, Dr. Patel, and the entire 19th St Dental staff are simply amazing! I am under the care of Dr. Z for Invisalign treatment. She explained everything clearly and was super flexible and helpful given COVID-19 disruptions. I’m wrapping up my treatment now and couldn’t be happier. Dr. Z and the office staff have made helpful accommodations, from scheduling last minute appointments to allowing me to use the consult room to take a work call prior to my appointment. Also, I’ve never had to wait longer than 5 min to be seen! Definitely recommend for a solid dentist in the Atlanta area!

Johnny Williams (Source: Google)


Excellent. This is the most outstanding medical office I’ve ever experienced, top to bottom. The location, parking, staff, equipment, facilities, billing & insurance practices, timeliness and Dr. Patel are all very impressive. Beyond that, the energy and mood in the office is very positive. This is a place you can go for years on end and feel like you have a personal connection to the staff and Dentist. Very well run business, and very highly recommended

Aahirah A. from Douglasville, GA (Source: Yelp)


From the time you walk in the experience is awesome, the folks at the front desk remember your name and welcome you in. The office is clean and modern. They use advanced technology to show exactly what’s going on. He used a laser today. I’m not sure what it did, but it didn’t hurt and I didn’t have to hear any horrible drilling. I’ve had a root canal, filings, and he put my crown on today. This has been the most pleasurable dental experience I have ever had. The whole staff is great, and Dr. Patel is so concerned about your health and comfort, way before trying to upsell you something aesthetic. He identified a serious problem another dentist missed, told me I didn’t have something another dentist said I had (pathology under another crown), just honest concern for health. I have already recommended him to my friends and family. I’ve many experiences with dentist (two root canals and three crowns, three extractions) from dentist around Atlanta and under NYU’s dental while I was there. This was THE best.

Tanis A. from Venice, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I honestly can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Patel and the rest of the 19th Street Dental team. I grew up terrified of going to the dentist. Which wasn’t helped by the fact that I’ve had my fare-share of dental work over the years. My childhood dentist was patient with me and did a great job, but I never really felt comfortable with him. After college I moved to another city in another state and after neglecting going to the dentist for quite some time I finally went to one and they made my fear of dentists even worse. Between the condescending nature of the way he talked to me about my teeth to the extremely painful (and come to find out, unnecessary) dental work he suggested for me, I was completely put off to dentists in general. After that I waited years to go to the dentist again. Fully knowing that my teeth were in need of some TLC, but not wanting to make an appointment anywhere. We relocated to Atlanta right around when some pain started around one of my teeth. After asking around for recommendations and checking Yelp, it was clear that I needed to at least give Dr Patel a try. I made an appointment and proceeded to worry and stress out about the appointment for over a week (as I tend to do). However, I can honestly say that from the moment I walked in to the office my stress and anxiety seemed to vanish. First off: Todd is awesome. Super friendly and lovely to talk to while filling out the initial paperwork. He makes everything regarding scheduling and payment easy and does so with a smile. He’s great! Jill is a wonderful hygienist. She’s friendly and personable and does a fantastic job. She’s gentle and quick; but thorough. My teeth always feel amazing after seeing her. Now, on to Dr Patel: HE IS AMAZING. He is SO nice and really takes the time to get to know you, listen to your concerns, and create a game plan for you. He isn’t condescending or judgmental regarding your dental history and you can tell he really and truly wants to help you have a better smile. My initial concerns for my first visit were confirmed: I needed a filling and a crown. I had never had a crown before and he approached the entire procedure in such a way that I wasn’t too worried about it. Not only is he great at what he does, but he’s also “gadget” guy and his office has all of these amazing tools and high-tech gadgets! He even has a nifty machine that created my crown on the spot while I was in the chair, so I walked out with a finished procedure and didn’t have to worry about coming back a week later for my crown. I just had my second cleaning with them since my initial cleaning and crown/filling procedure 4 months ago and even though there’s still a bit of work to be done, my teeth and gums are well on their way to being healthy again. I no longer worry about the dentist. And I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but: I’m actually looking forward to my next visit!

Claudia R. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Let me start by saying that I am typically distrustful of the kind of the review I am about to write, but please know I am NOT embellishing. I have an irrational fear of the dentist, and hate going even more so than the average person. So I don’t even know how to properly thank the friend that recommended this dental office. Dr. Patel and staff are amazing! They all have a way about them that makes my fears and anxiety disappear the minute I arrive. They honest and forthright, yet warm and friendly. I had “disappeared” for a couple of months, and they called to check in on me. I had a toothache yesterday, and Todd called this morning to see how I was feeling…you cannot beat this group’s personal attention. I have major dental work ahead me in the coming year, but knowing that it is being managed by this team allows me to not stress about it…truly priceless.

John M. from Guerneville, CA (Source: Yelp)


The staff is professional, the office is clean, the equipment is state-of-the-art, and the experience has helped me overcome my EXTREME dislike of dental visits. I actually look forward to my next appointments. Wow. Did I just say that? If you’ve always hated going to the dentist, do yourself a favor and go to Dr. Patel. It’ll change the way you feel about dental care. You can’t find a better practice. Period. To all the “one-star” reviewers – most dentists now won’t do a cleaning on your first visit because they don’t know how long it will take. If your teeth are relatively clean, you’re in and out in no time. If your teeth are like mine were, you’ll need more than one visit. They can’t properly schedule patients if they don’t know how much work there is to be done. Believe me – I hated going to the dentist before. My experience with Dr. Patel and his staff has changed my mind. I hope he stays in business as long as I have teeth, because I don’t want to go to any other dentist. And no, I don’t get free stuff from them. Only excellent service from everyone I’ve dealt with

Cmac (Source: Google)


I can not say enough good things about this practice. State of the art equipment and procedures. My girlfriend recommended Dr. Patel, because I was explaining to her I was experience extreme anxiety surrounding the dentist, having had 2 root canals in 2 years, with a previous provider. I was having tooth pain and avoiding all dentists, until it got bad. Dr. Patel fixed my tooth that day and made the crown in office.. thankfully no root canal. He also got to the root of my problem (pun intended). I was grinding my teeth and cracking them. Now I have a sleep guard, hopefully no more root canals. I trust him and his staff to keep my teeth healthy and me informed on how we can do this together!

Amy Giedraitis (Source: Google)


Dr. Patel and his staff are top notch!!I’ve been a loyal client of 19th Street Dental for quite a few years, since I came in with a botched implant from another dentist. He fixed the horrible implant and has provided excellent emergency and regular care since then. Today I had a cleaning with Kendra which went great. I’ve recommended numerous friends to 19th over the years and they are also impressed. Todd at the front desk is amazing at getting me in for appts around my crazy work schedule. I wish I could name everyone, they are all so fantastic. Best dentist I’ve ever had.

Michelle J. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


The BEST Dentist in ATLANTA! I used to hate going to the Dentist prior to 19th Street Dental being my Dental Office. This place is CLEAN, up-to-date, state of the art technology and most of all, conveniently located in Atlantic Station. Thanks Dr. Patel, Todd, Jenna and the rest of the Staff for always going above & beyond to keep me SMILING BRIGHT!

Kaneka R. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to 19th street dental for about 3 years and originally chose the practice based on their location to my work office. I’m surprised its taken me this long to write a review so this is long overdue. The dental office is located in Atlantic station on the second level, you can take the stairs or elevator. They accept dental insurance and stay pretty busy so i recommend booking your appointment a few months in advance. Tip: its really hard getting in in December. I went to the office today for my routine cleaning and exams and was immediately greeted by the front desk staff when I walked in. This is the norm, the staff is always professional and friendly. Also, the office is very clean and decorated in a modern look. I never have a wait and its a very efficient check-in and check out process. Jill is always friendly and does an awesome job cleaning and polishing. I love receiving my little treat bag its perfect for travel time. Dr. Patel always has a smile and isn’t pushy. He gives his professional opinion and leaves up to you to make a decision. If you’re looking for a dentist, give 19th street a call today

Sheri Byrnes (Source: Facebook)


I read mixed reviews at other offices but ignored the bad because of cheap prices and flexible hours. Regretted. It. Absolutely everything about this office is top notch. The office, the hygienists, the dentists, and a professional, courteous staff that you just don’t come by very often. The stress of a dental experience is greatly reduced once you are a patient here. 19th Street Dental lives up to the reviews. Just try it once to see what you are missing.

Bryan Parks (Source: Google)


This was my first visit to 19th Street Dental. First impressions are always pretty important to me as is for most people. With that said my first impression is that the staff and Dr Patel are very personable, professional, and very informative. Dr Patel took the time to not just show me x-rays and pictures and then send me on my way but to really give me an education and explain exactly my next best course of action. Everyone I was in contact with made this first visit a very pleasant experience.

Morgan M. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


We’d been having an extremely difficult time finding a local dentist in our insurance network, so my husband just decided to pick this place and hope for the best. Even though it’s holiday season and everyone is packed with patients right now (and this place is especially packed with Cirque du Soleil patients now, too), they were still able to fit us in with back-to-back appointments within just over a week after calling in. They were clearly busier than usual (the very nice guy at the front desk actually ended up doing my x-rays to speed things along), but no one seemed rushed or made me feel rushed. Everyone was really, really nice. During the course of my initial appointment and then cleaning, I met at least 5 different people, all of whom were really friendly and helpful. Dr. Patel is wonderful, very friendly and was more than happy to explain everything in detail any time I had a question. Before this appointment, I hadn’t been to the dentist in about 8 years, so Dr. Patel made it a point to explain in extra detail things that I may not know or needed to be caught up on. He showed me pictures of my teeth that showed that I grind them in my sleep (I had no idea…), and the office is looking into whether my insurance might cover the cost of a night guard. After my initial appointment, the office said they had a cancellation and could fit in a cleaning for me the same day. I stuck around for a while then went right back in for my cleaning. I haven’t been to the dentist in so long, so I know this probably isn’t new to a lot of people, but the technology in this office is really amazing! The woman who cleaned my teeth turned on a TV show for us to watch, and used a really neat tool I’ve never seen before (called it her sonic cleaning tool, or something like that?). It produced a high-pitched noise that was kind of terrible, but it made the cleaning go really fast and was not anything like the horrible process I remember from years past. Plus, it was pretty easy to ignore with a TV show to distract me. I’m still waiting to hear back from the office about whether my insurance will cover everything or not, but so far the office has been very helpful in giving me as much information as possible about how everything works. I really hope my insurance ends up working with this dentist, because I’ve already set up my next appointment! Very happy to have found this place!