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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays



Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Sunday: Closed


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Sunday: Closed


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

John M. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


Lots of negative reviews here which really surprised me because I was in a position where I could easily have been taken advantage over but instead was thrilled with Dr Tran’s treatment. I live in Denver, CO and was on vacation in San Diego when I encountered a terrible tooth ache. I was stubborn and thought I could survive the next 3 days without a dental visit. I was wrong but didn’t realize this until Saturday morning when I decided I had to see a dentist. After looking through the limited dentists open on Saturday, A+ Family Dentistry had good Yelp reviews and upon calling them, they got me in asap where I met Dr Tran. He was very kind and between him and his awesome assistant, he quickly discovered I had a cracked tooth. He was able to use a sophisticated camera to take a photo of it and show me. Hence I needed a root canal which would need more time. He explained to me in detail what needed to be done and all costs were explained too. Sure it was around $2700 but I think that’s normal for a root canal. He arranged for me to have my procedure first thing Monday morning in his office but prior to that, he did put a temporary cap on my tooth which worked wonderfully to get me through the remainder of the weekend without pain. Upon my root canal on Monday morning, the procedure went smooth and easy and wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The essentially new tooth Dr Tran made for me is the perfect fit and I no longer have any pain or even sensitivity to it which is often the case after a root canal. People, I was out of state and Dr Tran new it. There was not an easier patient to take advantage over than me. Dr Tran was wonderful in his work, empathy and customer service.

Brandon H. (Source: Zocdoc)


My appointment went great. I love going to a dentist office that has all of the latest technology. Dr. Tran walked me through everything that was going to happen on an iPad so that I fully understood the procedure. In addition, he completed all of the work in two working days, which was greatly appreciated and made me feel like he valued my time. Thank you, Dr. Tran, I will be back soon!!!

Mike D. from Wichita, KS (Source: Yelp)


Visited Dr Tran at Aplus dental and had amazing service.    The dental assistants were awesome and the knowledge and care I received at the hands of Dr Tran was simply incredible.  Dr Tran and his staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I really don’t like going to the dentist lol.   But I will come back again and again!   Many thanks for the extra care and time you spent with me and I absolutely recommend this dental office for a great experience even if you are nervous like me.

Judy J. from Olivehurst, CA (Source: Yelp)


A+ Family Dentistry is the best dental office I’ve ever been to!  Everyone there is professional and fun, and I like that they have the latest technology. Phat is the BEST hygienist ever; he’s super gentle and my teeth always sparkle.  Dr. Tran is  awesome, as is their dental assistant Esther.  Shout-outs too to front office Esther and Renee; always super friendly & helpful.  I actually moved to Northern CA this year but I still come back for my dental work – that’s how great these guys are!

Sage The Eagle (Source: Google)


I have been coming here for 7 years, and have had nothing but good experiences with them. The staff is friendly, and the quality of care is excellent, and most of all, they are very pain conscientious. I know some people have complained about some of the procedures they recommend, but I can vouch for the fact that they *do* have a plan for your teeth, and if you follow that plan, it does work. When I first started seeing them, my teeth were in horrible shape. I was in constant pain, and I was constantly getting 3 or 4 cavities a year. After just a year with them, I was no longer in pain, my teeth actually *felt* and *looked* healthier; and in the seven years since, I have only had one more cavity. Yes, some of the procedures can cost a bit, but they do actually work if you give them a chance.

Kathy G. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Full Quality Dental Care A+ Family Dentistry is  great office.  I know I am getting full quality care that I have not received in the past.  In the past I have dental offices tell me about my dental problems but they have done nothing to fix them.  This office has found all my dental problems and pains and are going above and beyond to help restore my dental health.  I would recommend this office to someone looking for full quality care. They will help you achieve healthy teeth and gums.

Aaron Brinkman (Source: Facebook)


I stumbled on this establishment by accident several months ago when one of my old fillings broke loose and I had a hideous chip in my front tooth right before a shift at work. A+ Family Dentistry was one of the few places open on Saturdays which was a life saver! Since that time the staff has been like family to me and I even asked them to provide me with much needed braces, which they did both affordably and with a kind and gentle touch. I strongly recommend A+ Family Dentistry to anyone looking for kind and compassionate oral care on a budget.

Kristy K. from San Gabriel, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Tran is a really positive, skilled professional!  He has other great doctors working alongside him as well.  I had chronic pain from all my wisdom teeth.  Dr. Tran removed my first set of two very quickly then Dr. Reys performed the second half of the procedure three months later.  Jennifer the office manager is super sharp and always willing to help you figure out the financial/insurance details to cover the dental care!   My experience has been so positive here I even bring my toddler daughter for dental cleanings     I’m currently trying their Invisaline service to straighten out my teeth.   If you want really professional consistent care I highly recommend this practice.  I’m seen immediately when I’m on time for my appointments.  The staff is friendly.  My results are really great.  Dr. Tran gave me great recommendations to prevent future problems!  I’m so grateful for his practice!  I wish everyone could be privileged to be under his care

Ryan M. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


With most dentist offices closed, I care across this place online. They are offering $99 special, with ex ray, laser anti bacterial cleaning, extensive cleaning(both hand tools and electric). Very friendly staff. I drove from pacific beach to come here and do not regret it at all. Considering switching to this location after how impressed I was with both the extensive cleaning, and super friendly staff. Give them a try. The $99 special is for first time visitors, and might even convince you to switch. Stay at home, and quarantining are going to be lifted soon(hopefully) make sure you are putting the dentist office on the list next to your haircut.

C. H. from Mid-City, San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Very clean and organized office! Front desk is always smiling and welcoming to greet you when you enter. They have water in the waiting room with comfy couches and chairs. The dental hygienists are very attentive to your concerns and your teeth. Always giving good recommendations to help with cleaning and care of your teeth; as well as doing great jobs on cleaning. The doctors are incredible! Very detailed and efficient! Everyone seems to enjoy and love their job! I would recommend if you want really good customer service and someone who actually cares about your health and mouth, come here and no where else!

Nicole S. from Ramona, CA (Source: Yelp)


Love this Place ! I just can’t stay away ! Everyone is so nice , and gentle and helpful. Very good w/ Finances and Insurance. They make u comfortable and unafraid of the “Dentist” . So Advanced . I was having a bad toothache and they took care of it quickly and cheap . Then had crowns put in for the first time & OMG they r Beautiful ! Maybe I’ll post a b4 and after . What a difference ! Looking forward to my Invisalign ! Happy Smiles :0)

Amy Kenison (Source: Facebook)


I have been putting off going to the dentist for around 8 years. Thankfully a friend of mine recommended them and I reluctantly went for an exam. I am so glad I did. They were very patient kind sensitive and listened to my fears and past experiences with other dentists. I have 2 more appts. And I will be done. Hooray !!!!! Plus they are VERY REASONABLE price wise. That was one of my fears. But considering all the work I needed done was very reasonable compared to other dentists. I highly recommend anyone living in the San Diego area or anywhere check them out and give them a chance.A+Family Dentistry San Diego. You won’t be disappointed. This is the FIRST time I have ever recommended on Facebook.

Bridie M. (Source: Zocdoc)


I HATE going to the dentist and tend to put it off because of my fear, which leads to more dental work needing to be done. Finally, I found Dr. Tran in Poway. Every wonderful thing that I read about this facility was true!! He and his staff spent a tremendous amount of time trying to correct my many years of poor care. I cannot adequetely express my gratitude to Dr. Tran and his team. I still have more dental work to be done, but I have the utmost trust in Dr. Tran. I highly recommend this dental office.

Frederick H. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


It’s a distinct honor and pleasure to highly recommend Dr. Roger Tran when choosing a very professional, genial and extremely capable dentist.  Dr. Tran has been my dentist exclusively for a considerable number of years. Dr. Tran, especially along with his assistant Esther, have invariably handled my relatively complex dental deep-cleaning laser treatments and occasional other necessary dental procedures such as perfectly shaped, perfectly colored matched and positioned crowns with complete aplomb.   Dr. Tran seems to fully understand the old axiom that we rise or fall together and thus he has made teamwork with his staff job number one.  As a result he has acquired the latest dental equipment, plus both he and his staff keep completely up-to-date on the latest trends within the dental profession by attending numerous dental seminars and conferences across the country throughout the year. Dr. Tran is especially gentle, fastidious and thorough, is always very concerned and sees to it that my dental experience is completely pain free.  But most of all he strives to see to it that whatever he does conforms to what is in my optimal dental interest(s) and what needs to be done to keep my teeth and gums in tip-top shape. I could continue on with more glowing accounts of Dr. Tran, but instead I’ll simply say that I really do think the world of Dr. Tran and I completely respect and trust his dental judgment and acumen. Accordingly, I would without any reservation whatsoever, highly recommend Dr. Tran to others when they’re considering choosing a highly professional and genteel dentist for themselves and/or for their family.

Cheryl D. from Escondido, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m new to Poway and I received a coupon for $99 full teeth x-rays and cleaning. I desperately needed to find a new dentist and the price couldn’t be beat. The coupon got me in the door but the friendly and professional staff will have me going back. I also had the zoom whitening treatment and I purchased a Sonic Care system that is cheaper than anything I could find online. The office seems equipped with the latest technology and I definitely recommend Dr. Tran and A+ Dentistry!

Charisse A. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Tran and his staff are so friendly and productive. They are very accommodating. Collena, one of their dental assistants is very nice, friendly and hospitable. The office is clean and very organized. I can tell the team here cares a lot about their patients and tries their best to create a positive experience for them. Definitely recommend you stop by!

Dennis N. from Joplin, MO (Source: Yelp)


I have seen Dr. Tran in this office for the last 10 years.  He along with his staff are amazing.  All of them are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional.  Dr. Tran makes my dental visits great with his compassion, efficiency, and gentle hands.  I feel like I learn something more about my oral healthcare each time I visit his office.  The dental office is up-to-date and very clean.  Thank you Dr. Tran and staff for everything.  Please keep up the great work and care.

Jewel S. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I really wanted a local dentist and when a flyer came in the mail I took courage and went to check them out. Very glad I did!  Kudos to front desk staff, dental assistants, and amazing dentist for treating me with respect and caring.  Historically, time, cost, and nervousness have been significant barriers for me for to commit to a comprehensive treatment plan; however, with great patience and caring shown by this professional group, those obstacles were overcome. So happy that I am finally on my way to greater dental health. December 2015 – Dr. Tran and his staff are very patient with me.  I am demanding and quirky and they graciously expand my understanding the needed procedures, timelines,and financial aspects with courtesy and professionalism with some humor added in.

John McIntire (Source: Google)


I live in Denver, CO and was on vacation in San Diego when I encountered a terrible tooth ache. I was stubborn and thought I could survive the next 3 days without a dental visit. I was wrong but didn’t realize this until Saturday morning when I decided I had to see a dentist. After looking through the limited dentists open on Saturday, A+ Family Dentistry had good Yelp reviews and upon calling them, they got me in asap where I met Dr Tran. He was very kind and between him and his awesome assistant, he quickly discovered I had a cracked tooth. He was able to use a sophisticated camera to take a photo of it and show me. Hence I needed a root canal which would need more time. He explained to me in detail what needed to be done and all costs were explained too. Sure it was around $2700 but I think that’s normal for a root canal. He arranged for me to have my procedure first thing Monday morning in his office but prior to that, he did put a temporary cap on my tooth which worked wonderfully to get me through the remainder of the weekend without pain. Upon my root canal on Monday morning, the procedure went smooth and easy and wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The essentially new tooth Dr Tran made for me is the perfect fit and I no longer have any pain or even sensitivity to it which is often the case after a root canal. Dr Tran was wonderful in his work, empathy and customer service.

Melody Ozdyck (Source: Facebook)


I LOVE this dentistry! I came here randomly because I relocated and needed a new place. I also hadn’t seen a dentist in a long time so I was nervous about pain, comfort, and everything. Everyone here is so warm and welcoming when you first walk in. Since my first time I have raved to people about this place. My first appointment they gave me a snuggie to keep warm, water to hydrate, and they will give you headphones to let you listen to music or watch tv (if you want) while they work on your teeth. Perfect for those wanting a distraction!! Each person I’ve dealt with has been nothing but patient with me- from explaining the procedures, explaining exactly what they are doing and why, and even helping if you are struggling financially. I’ve never felt here so far that they could do more to help, and even my work done is pretty painless! Great at what they do. Everyone here puts friendliness and comfort-ability first and I love that. I truly don’t dread my dentist appointments anymore.

Brandon H. from Poway, CA (Source: Yelp)


A+ Family Dentistry is awesome.  I hadn’t seen a dentist for a few years.  I dreaded seeing one because I was sure my teeth would need thousands of dollars of work. So, I put it off telling myself, “I’ll go later.”  I’m single and figured, “well, I should have all my teeth if I wanted to be in a relationship. So, after reading reviews I made an appointment with A+ Family Dentistry.   Wow!  That place is awesome!  Everyone is very friendly and funny too.  I was surprised at how pleasant my first appointment was.  Yes, my teeth needed a little love but, we figured out a plan that would fit my budget. That was several months ago.  I’ve had a few appointments since then and each appointment was as pleasurable as the last.   I highly recommend A+ Family Dentistry.  I actually look forward to my appointments.

Marc M. from Poway, CA (Source: Yelp)


From the moment you meet the staff of A+ dentistry, you will feel welcomed. All your dental needs will be met with the utmost professionalism and concern for your well being. This genuine friendliness and concern of Dr. Tran’s medical staff will be a relief to those people with any apprehension of dentistry. Dr. Tran will always make sure that you are comfortable with any procedure. I highly recommend A+ Dentistry. They are simply the best dental office in Poway.

Jeff P. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


A plus family dentistry provides me and my family great dental care for more than 5 years now!!! We all truly love, love, love coming here from my wife to my kids to me. Dr. Tran always tell us what he sees as soon as he notices a problem and he always help us to treat that problem ASAP as a preventive measure so our gums and teeth don’t get worse. We all trust him and he and his staff always go above and beyond to take care of us. He even came in on a Sunday to see my wife when she was having a tooth pain as soon as I called him. Who does that?!! Dr. Tran that’s who. He really cares about his patients and does want what best for them as if we were his own family member. He’s the best dentist I know and I had recommended him to my other family members and friends.

Richard T. (Source: Zocdoc)


I knew I needed major dental work before I got to Dr. Tran’s office. I felt at ease once I stepped in, the front office staff and Dental asst. Marcos were top notch professionals. Doctor Tran was amazing, he really took his time and listened to my concerns and relieved my dental anxieties. I am so glad I found a solid office and staff for our future dental needs. Technology and state of the art equipment made the experience even better. 

Smiley D. from Chula Vista, CA (Source: Yelp)


This dental office is very a great place to go. You really should try this place out at least one time. The staffs here are very friendly. The office is easy to find. The machine and instruments are all in good condition and updated. Doctor Roger Tran is a very COOL person to be around while having you dental work done. He is very funny also. Prices are reasonable! You will get all good advice from the doctor also. Should go!!

Kat K. from Oceanside, CA (Source: Yelp)


I would give 10 stars if I could! Especially to Cassandra. I really enjoyed how she comforted and spoke with me as if we were friends for a long time. She is very professional, kind, helpful, patient, awesome and it was nice to chat a bit in the in between the procedure when we could. Everyone here is also kind and professional, and amazing individuals here. Everyone remembers details about you, and remembers you. I am amazed at how personable every individual here is. I love everyone here. I really appreciate everyone. This dentist is absolutely the best, most clean, professional, fun, friendly, calming, aesthetic, dentist I ever been to. I have been to plenty, some that were nice or not that nice, but this one is the perfect dentist! My sister referred me over to Dr. Roger Tran D.D.S. here at A+ Family Dentistry – Poway. I am extremely grateful, and happy to get my work done here. Every time I come early they took me in early or right away. I felt very bad one time we were late, I was so stressed, but they were so amazing and kind about it. I don’t recommend being late just to respect and be mindful of the staff’s time and other customers time. They are punctual or early to treat you. They are very fast but don’t give that “rushed” or “in a hurry” feeling which I am extremely grateful for. It feels relaxing when they are helping you and you feel catered to as if they are taking their time and you are the only one there. I even accidentally took a little nap because how comfortable it was. I just want to emphasize they are fast though which is very respectful to your time. It is pretty rare for me to enjoy phone calls and enjoy going to the dentist, but I enjoy both here because this office in particular is amazing. They are very detail oriented, respectful, kind, and helped calm me down. For example, for no extra cost they asked me about my tooth that I got a root canal on, because it had a black stain from either my cavity or another dentist. And they asked me if I wanted it removed and I said yes. I really am happy they gave me the option respectfully. They also gave me a clean warm blanket when I was cold. A neck pillow for support. (The staff didn’t even know I have scoliosis and a bad back). They even let me use their X-ray protector vest because the weight comforted me. (I have anxiety and PTSD, and this dentist treated me so kindly without even knowing problems I have). Every single person here has the heart of gold. They treat you well no matter what ethnicity you are, what problems you have, how many cavities you have, how poor or rich you are, what you are wearing. They treat all patients equally, with zero bias, which I really am grateful for and is very kind and professional of them to do so. The process is almost completely pain free. They do what is healthiest and best for you, and give you plenty of options if you need to do something more affordable. Notes to keep in mind but I don’t mind and it is still nice: 1.) It is small, but it is spacious inside the building. 2.) Parking is limited, but there is plenty of parking across the street at the 99 cents store plaza. 3.) Try to have a PPO insurance if you can. 4.) Watch your step when you are about to enter. There are little mini steps. (They have the yellow markings that are visible, and they have a ramp option next to the steps as well). 5.) Be sure you come early to fill out a pre-screening to protect the staff and yourself. I want to refer every single friend and family member I really love and care about here because this place took care of me like a family or really close friend would. I am extremely grateful to this gem. I wish there were more dentists like this one. I live in Los Angeles now. I drive from Los Angeles to San Diego just for this dentist. This is how great they are.

Christine M. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


As embarrassing as it is, Ive had  Yuck Mouth foooorever. After bearing my husband two children and realizing that Ive made time for others besides myself, I decided to set my anxiety and overall fear of dentists aside and work on making myself happy. The only thing that I ever was self-conscious about was my mouth. Dr. Tran is the best orthodontist eveeerrrr. He’s nice, easygoing, doesn’t make me feel embarrassed and most especially gentle. He even apologizes if he thinks he has caused pain somehow. His assistant Esther is the sweetest ever and most importantly gentle as well. Every time I come in to get my braces tightened, this dynamic duo always makes me feel at ease and makes the experience at the dentist office enjoyable, yes frekkin ENJOYABLE. -gasps- I definitely recommend Dr. Tran as a go-to orthodontist. Of all my bad experiences sitting in a dentist chair, I surprise even myself that I can say w/ utmost certainty that I now enjoy getting my mouth did. But then again, it’s just my opinion.

Sophia A. from La Jolla, CA (Source: Yelp)


My first experience coming into this dentist office was amazing from start to finish. After checking in, I was called in only a couple minutes later. My consultation was very detailed and Jennifer was so caring and compassionate about the financial factors for my procedure. She was also went in depth about the importance of my oral care and showed me informative videos to better help me understand everything. She made me feel so comfortable and welcome, it didn’t even feel like I was even at a dentist’s office. After bouncing around from various dentist offices in San Diego, this particular one has exceeded every standard. They truly care about your oral health and are passionate about what they do.

Mary S. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m so pleased with my dental treatment by Dr. Tran and his staff. I needed a new dentist and chose A+ Dentistry because of the advanced technology. It had been a while since I’d been to a dentist and they were so very kind with no judgement or criticism. I needed some extensive work and really appreciated the level of technology they are using – the treatment was so much easier and less painful than any dental work I’ve ever had. They go to great lengths to make sure you are comfortable and are really friendly. It’s easy to have great conversations (yes -even while in a dental chair!) that make the time go by quickly. Highly recommend!

LoAnn T. T. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Five Stars again for the honesty the Staff at this dental office Major Messed up on my end.. I have always had dual dental coverage.. And not remember !!! Yet I told front desk / financial manager that I only 1 coverage. Last visit, had to paid an extra $500 out of pockets for the damages that my older dentists failed to spot & treated.!!! Days later… I stumbled upon health website and realized i been having 2 coverages. Esther & The doctors worked with the insurance and got my co pay refunded. Thank you so much for being so honest & provides great services.

Paul F. from Poway, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m not one to really leave reviews but I felt like I had to with Dr. Trans office, I came in 2 weeks ago with an extensive amount of work needed on my mouth, I have been to several other dentist in hopes of coming up with a plan to get my teeth healthy again only to be told it would cost 30,000 or more and no other options, when Dr Tran looked at my mouth and I told him my budget on what I had to spend him and the office manager sat down with me discussed in detail what they could do and the cost of each procedure as well as understanding my budget and being absolutely amazing and working way more than they had to with me, everyone at that office has made me feel welcomed and like I’m their most important client, within 2 weeks lf being a patient there my teeth and smile has improved tremendously and is only getting better, Dr Tran texted and called several times the day after my procedure to make sure I was doing okay and to go over home care instructions again, I cannot thank or recommend a better dentist and staff than A+. Thanks again guys!

Arvin Q. from Poway, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve only been a patient at this clinic for a couple years but I can’t express enough the gratitude I have for the care and service I’ve received here at A+ Family Dentistry in Poway.  From ease of making appointments, great customer service, encounters with friendly, professional, knowledgable staff, to the best my teeth and mouth have felt in years, you can’t go wrong with allowing this place to handle your dental care needs.  Thank you Dr Tran, Ricci, Esther F, Renae, and Esther F !

Josephine F. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


When I use to live in Poway a few months ago, my friend told me about A+Family Dentistry. I already have a dentist that I have been going to for 8 years and really was not too interested in switching since I knew in a few months I would be moving farther away from Poway. Luck came by and my dentist canceled my cleaning appointment, so I thought perfect timing why not try the new place my friend told me about. I am so GLAD that I did, this place is much more up to date with their technology and the staff were very friendly. The place was very clean and easy to find with good parking. Roger Tran did an amazing job cleaning my teeth, and YES I am now a regular and very happy customer now, even if I have to drive a little farther it’s worth it. I love my white clean teeth.

Willy L. from Solana Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


After spending two years with a dentist whose goal was to get me in and out of the office as fast as possible, Dr. Tran and his staff spent quality time on cleaning my teeth and explaining what services would best serve my needs. I did not feel scammed or pushed into any cleaning procedures, please disregard people’s comments above. If you are looking for a dentist that provides quality work and someone you can trust, then this is the right office for you. I wiould highly recommend this office to anyone.

Joelle Sampson (Source: Facebook)


A+ Family Dentistry is great from the moment you walk in the door. The staff upfront are friendly and easy to work with scheduling appointments and making payments. The dental techs are kind and great at explaining what it is they’re doing every step of the way. I have never felt like they’ve tried to take advantage of me or pressure me into unnecessary procedures. The dentists are also kind and great at explaining things, but you don’t see them a whole lot (no different from any other dentist I’ve been to). They have reasonable prices if you don’t have insurance. I’m super sad to be leaving this dentist (I’m moving out of California) I hope I can find another dentist this good in Boston!


A+ Family Dentistry is a Family and Cosmetic dental office providing patients with long term peace of mind. From the moment you enter, you will feel the difference. To relax before your procedure, you will always have an array of warm beverages, including Tea, or Hot Chocolate. Want to brush before your appointment? We've got you covered with toothbrushes and floss. Don't like the sound? That's simple. Listen to music or watch a movie on our overhead TV monitor. To relax even more, we have also custom designed our treatment rooms to have views of the most beautiful scenery places and relaxing spa music. Dr. Roger Tran practices general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Like his wife, Dr. Justene, he is highly educated and experienced in implant dentistry and orthodontics. Dr. Tran’s lifelong passion for helping others led him into dentistry. His goal is to help patients keep their teeth for a lifetime. Dr. Tran is a good listener and takes the time to explain treatment plans to patients. Many patients who are prone to anxiety come to Dr. Tran for his gentle touch and ability to put patients at ease. Dr. Tran graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Southern California. Since graduating, he has received advanced training in many areas of dentistry, including dental implants, orthodontics, Invisalign, soft tissue laser surgery and sleep apnea. Dr. Tran is also very well-educated in implant dentistry. Like Dr. Justene, he has studied at such reputable institutes as Implant Seminars and the California Implant Institute. He has completed a surgical externship as well as a fellowship in dental implants from the California Implant Institute. Dr. Tran has volunteered his services through the Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center. He has also provided free dentistry to needy children through the Children’s Dental Clinic in Inglewood and to underserved Southern California communities through the USC Mobile Clinic.