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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Kimberly L. from Woodbury, MN (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to AccessPoint Dental for about a little over a year. This is the most friendliest and caring and helpful Dental Place that I’ve ever been too. Dr. NANA YEBOAH, is TOTOALLY AWESOME he’s one of the kindest Dr’s that I’ve ever meet or had. We need more Dr’s like him.(maybe he could clone–just teasing). The whole STAFF really cares about their patients. I’m on state insurance and that’s how I found him. I have heard so many horror stories, that if you go to the dentist and you have MA about 90% of the demists that accepts MA are not very good. So I was very leery about going, but I’m sooooo glad that I went to him and the horror stories that I heard about dentists not being good or carring if you have MA is TOTALLY WRONG!!!! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DENTIST, whether you have regular insurance or MA. You will be amazed how professional and caring, kind and genuine the whole staff. THANK-YOU DR. NANA YEBOAH for the incredible service you have provided along with your staff. I could go on and on how incredible AccessPoint Dental is. A very satisfied and happy patient. Kimberly Lolmaugh.

Lisa Gignac (Source: Google)


Dr. Nana Yeboah was amazing. He helped me navigate through the emotional and also the physical process of getting dentures. He was spot on with his measurements and my dentures fit very well, almost precisely and considering that I wasn’t able to relax my lower jaw when he took his measurements that’s pretty fantastic. All of the staff, the assistants and front desk were extremely supportive in the process. I highly recommend him for any dental services.

Dolphin Fox (Source: Facebook)


I went to this office after 3 other dentist. I really do not like any dentist. I went to get all my teeth pulled and get full dentures. This dentist and all the staff were absolutely awesome. I really liked this dentist (did I really just say that lol). I would absolutely recommend him to everyone.

Rhonda M. from Burnsville, MN (Source: Yelp)


Hi, I am a person who has always been afraid to go to the dentist. I am 43 years old. Well I had no choice when a situation occurred. This was a emergency. At the time I had state insurance and of course, it’s not acceptable a lot of places. After 2 days of trying to find a place to got my pulled I came across Access Dental, of course I was frightened. I called they were able to schedule me within the hour. I noted my concerns with their friendly staff at front desk and by the time I was called back to see the dentist, I felt way more relaxed. He pulled my tooth out and I didn’t even know it was gone. That experience made me not so afraid to go to the dentist… since then I have referred other family member and they are as well satisfied. I’m thankful for my family’s new dentist. I rate you 5 stars.

Gao Harris (Source: Google)


Ok, first I said I was unsure about this place because the water gun shot up my nose, but after a year of not seeing the dentist because of the covid crisis, I was pleasantly surprised when I came back for my much needed dental cleaning and work on an old filling. They scheduled me fairly soon and everyone was so nice. I’ve been traumatized by bad dentists as a child and have never really had a consistent dentist, but this place is great. The dentist and hygienists tend to your specific needs and always make sure that you’re not in any pain. I swear they asked if I was doing okay like 6 or 7 times while they were working on my teeth. I felt very comfortable and had minimal anxiety, which is rare because I have a tiny, tiny mouth and dentists and hygienists at other places tend to be rough and forceful with squeezing tools and fingers around in there.

Leah K. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


I have been to AccessPoint Dental and would recommend this place to everyone. Dr. Yeboah and his staff provide great customer service. Dr. Yeboah listened to my concerns and then offered multiple solutions. I ended up choosing a less expensive option but I am happy with the results. My teeth “thank you” AccessPoint!

Michelle Stevens (Source: Google)


Very friendly, polite, and knowledgeable staff from the front desk to the assistants and doctor. All make you feel very welcome and valuable. It seems like all staff has your best interest at heart. The staff makes you feel comfortable, informed, and appreciated, when they are the ones taking good care of me. I can’t say enough about this place. I feel truly lucky to have found such a good dentist and dental office.

Rebecca Sandvick (Source: Google)


I called and was in within a couple days, all the staff were extremely kind and gentle. Dentist was more than kind and listened to me . All my questions were answered . everytime i went they were friendly. I would refer any if my family and friends to go there. I will continue to get my care there.

Michelle Lynn (Shell Bell) (Source: Google)


I’ve been to almost 20 dentist offices in the past 5 years and was treated horribly by all of them. I was not going to stop looking until I found the Best fit for me. I called AccessPoint Dental and Set up an appointment. They not only except all insurances but they try to get you seen as fast as possible. Been going here now for almost 2-3 years. I used to dread going to the dentist because of ALL my bad experiences, now I love going! He is the best dentist I have ever been to. He explains everything he is doing and all options you have. His Staff is also amazing! Jeanette actually held my hand to comfort me through getting teeth pulled! Also during he stopped every like 30 seconds to ask me how I was doing! I will NEVER go to another dentist again! Very clean, very professional and SUPER nice!! I Recommend coming here if you haven’t had the best dental experiences. This place will completely change your outlook on dentist’s, Promise…

Samantha Van Beek (Source: Facebook)


I have had an incredible experience with Access Point Dental. The facility is clean and you even get a cool pair of sunglasses so you dont have to stare into that aweful lamp above you. Dr. Yeboah and his team are professional and competent care providers with great bedside manner who provide all types of dental and oral care services. My family and I will co tinue to choose Access Point Dental as our primary and emergent oral care facility.

Samantha Young (Source: Google)


I had such an amazing experience with the dental office!! I had been suffering from tooth pain for months and these guys took care of me QUICKLY. I was able to be seen same day, no problems with insurance and the staff made me feel so comfortable. The dentist was extremely informative, kind and effective. Highly recommend

Zach Luger (Source: Google)


Tatiana is one of their receptionists and she is the most patient and understanding receptionist I have ever met. The rest of the dental staff all do their jobs efficently and patiently(patience is important to me because I cannot handle dental pain). As for the Dentist, he is one of the most professional dentists I have personally ever had dental work done by. Not only is he always kind and respectful he is always in a good mood and tries his best to work on as many people as he can.

Jonelle Krygier (Source: Google)


The office staff made it a seamless transition to become a new patient in their office. From the office staff,hygienists,and Dr. Yeboah, I was welcomed as a new patient and put at ease. I feel that I made a good choice and was reassured that my dental needs will be well taken care of at Access Point Dental.

Isaac Hayford (Source: Google)


I was in town and needed emergency dental work. I gave Access point dental a call and they were able to fit me in right away. I was in a tremendous amount of pain and after seeing them the pain subsided. The emergency appointment fee was slightly high but that was because I got in right away and didn’t have to wait. I will definitely pay these guys another visit for any dental work the next time I am in town.

Brock Messamore (Source: Google)


Front desk was very friendly and I was addressed by my first name when I walked in the door. I had a short wait time before being called back and Dr. Yeboah was very polite when entering the room. Throughout the entire procedure I felt minimal discomfort and the assistant checked in with me the entire time. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Sonia Mercado (Source: Facebook)


I love this dentist I have ever been to. everyone there was so knowledgeable and friendly. doctor was great and understanding. they told me things about my teeth that I should be doing that I never knew. the dentist fix a problem on my front thooth that been bugging me for 15 years and i didn’t even ask them to fix because I was told there was nothing they could do at my other dentist.

Fernando and Sarah Rosales (Source: Google)


We love Dr. Yeboah and his great staff! They are super caring, accommodating, respectful and diverse. I especially liked that when they found a cavity, Dr. Yeboah asked if I could stay a few minutes so he could fix it right then instead of setting up a separate appointment. That was an incredible timesaver!

Theresa Sabbs (Source: Google)


My husband was told by two different dentist that he had to be put under to have his tooth removed and so since we didn’t have the money we ended up waiting for almost 8 months and when it started to hurt my husband really bad I called this dentist and they was able to remove his tooth the same day. I am so thankful for them as it is expensive to have to be under to get a tooth removed. Thanks you all so much

Unstapled Lisa (Source: Google)


I don’t seek dental care unfortunately very often except in urgent/emergent situations because I have horrible dental insurance and not a lot of money to have high dental bills which i was pretty upfront. Staff and Dr Yeboah were super patient and nice as I was in a lot of pain from other health issues as well and needed a lot of redirection and I was kind of clear that I wasn’t looking to be sold anything as I didn’t want to accumulate debt I couldn’t afford to pay back for future work. I did read the reviews and I take bad reviews with a grain of salt, especially given the overall high rating of the practice, they do warn you that almost any insurance never covers anything 100 percent, but given the fact I’ve had emergency surgery with oral surgeons or emergent dental visits and never received a bill, depending on what I get for a bill, will determine if 5 star ranking holds, but so far, super impressed and grateful.

Ben J. from Eagan, MN (Source: Yelp)


The people that work with you make everything easy, I was very happy especially with the service and attitude of the workers. They greet with a smile, and are very friendly! The doctor I was working with was humorous and I was able to crack jokes with him. They treat you AND your teeth very well and paying for it is very easy. I recommend that whoever is looking for a GOOD dentist office should definitely come here. Oh, and the quality and comfortability, and the overall atmosphere of the office is very nice as well.

Kate D. from Saint Paul, MN (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Yeboah is excellent.  He was kind and intelligent; he really listened to me.  I have had so much dental work in my life, but I have never had a dentist quite like him.  I hit a rough patch in my life, and was on medical assistance for the first time in my life.  He didn’t treat me differently, as a matter of fact, he was professional and worked within the constraints of my insurance to ensure I had the best dental care available.  Dr. Yeboah is an excellent dentist and an awesome human being.  GO TO ACCESS POINT DENTAL!!!  You will not be sorry! 🙂

Nikole Mitchell (Source: Facebook)


My 4yo woke up with severe teeth pain in the middle of the night and AccessPoint was able to get us in that morning at 10am though we had never been there before. I appreciated their ability to get us in, they took our insurance, and the dentist was very friendly and helped calm my 4yo’s nerves. I only wish they had a pediatric room (ie: kid friendly, tv, nitrous oxide for kids with anxiety, etc). But great otherwise!

Maggie Miller (Source: Google)


I cannot day enough good things about Access Point Dental. I was having a dental emergency and after calling over 5 other places, was finally able to get in asap. The staff is so kind and hlful amd the dentist was incredible. They were thorough and answered all of my questions. There communication was great for follow-up as well and they were lifesavers. I highly recommend going here for any dental needs.

Cassy Jacobs (Source: Google)


I went to this clinic yesterday. I was so nervous I had a bad tooth that needed a root canal. The prices for the root canal and crown aren’t bad at all. Good prices but I still couldn’t pay it and it needed to come out that day. I got it pulled and all the dentists’ and dental assistances were so nice and so caring. Very very nice. No rude people. They made sure I was comfortable. Today the day after my appointment, my mouth feels 100% again. No pain whatsoever just a little soreness in my gum. I would definitely recommend this dental office!

Debbie C. from Saint Paul, MN (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Nana Yeboah and his staff are very professional and informative. It is very clean and they have state of the art equipment. They explain everything to you and you get a folder with info and any work needed is printed out with what insurance covers and what it doesn’t,so you know exactly what your out of pocket costs will be. It is a Godsend we found this dental office as my husband had brain surgery and can’t work now and we have different insurance, which most dental offices don’t take. After months of stress trying to find a dentist we are so relieved to finally find a Great dental office and actually look forward to getting all our work done.

Michelle S. from Saint Paul, MN (Source: Yelp)


The most caring and intelligent dentist.  He actually listens to your concerns and does what is best for you, not his financial gain.  He really is interested in improving your dental health and makes you feel like an important person that your dental health/care really matters.  Kindest dental assistants and over the top professional.  This has been my best dental experience ever and I have a long history of dental problems. No shaming here, only improving.

Matthew G. from Minneapolis, MN (Source: Yelp)


Dr Nana Yeboa and his assistants were very good and helpful and could see us right that day for Missy to get a painful  tooth worked on. They heroically tried to save th tooth bur ir was crack so had to be extracted. It was about half covered by Missy’s insurance and our pocket and ended up being much less than the root canal.  They also put in a bone graft in for a future implant. We will most likely be back even though it is across town from Northeast Minneapolis where we live.

Kevin Selvig (Source: Facebook)


i think this place is amazing, and i recommend Access point to all my family , Dr. Yeboah and his staff are very professional and work very quick had my tooth extraction out in less then a few minutes i was very impressed and can honestly say nana is now my dentist from now on i will not go anywhere else and i drive there from st paul park!

Duke Fokuo (Source: Google)


I sought care from AccessPoint Dental when I needed a crown after I underwent a root canal procedure at a different office. At AccessPoint Dental, I received the best care I have ever experienced from a dental care provider. The front office staff was polite, courteous, and professional. Check-in was quick, prompt, and hassle free. My time in the wait-room was minimal. After that I was politely ushered to the backroom for service, where I met professional dental assistants who were friendly and provided impeccable customer service. The assistant who worked on my tooth was on top of her game: thorough with a gentle touch. She explained each step before completing it. My experience with the Dentist was the best of all: he worked on my tooth in a timely fashion: he was thorough and knowledgeable as he explained the process of obtaining a crown in terms that made perfect sense to me; his touch was gentle and reassuring. I experienced no pain during the process. Two weeks after all the prep work, my crown was cemented into place firmly with no pain. It felt and continue to feel natural; the color of the crown matches 100% to the color my natural teeth. My experience at AccessPoint Dental was awesome and painless, and I would recommend them without reservation.

Anthony DeMike (Source: Google)


I am one, who has been steered away, from visiting the dentist. Had some bad times, in the past . The crew here, has been very professional and understanding. Very appreciative, of their professionalism and none judgement. They have been awesome. Would recommend them, for sure! Thanks to you peeps.

Britni McAlpin (Source: Google)


I never thought I’d say I love my dentist but I do. I’ve had a phobia (so nervous I take medicine so I can calm down) of the dentist my whole life and skipped quite a few years resulting in some cavities. After coming in for my initial cleaning I loved the staff who is so kind but also knowledgable. The clean professional environment and most of all the AMAZING dentist who made me so comfortable and was so nice I have zero fear and don’t mind coming in at all!

Nancy Winter (Source: Google)


The dentist I had used for over 20 years retired last year. I was not looking forward to having to change dentist. I had also changed insurance so I was in need of finding a dentist that accepted my new coverage. I was referred to AccessPolint Dental and had my first appointment last week. Everyone was very kind, knowledgeable with priority on cleanliness and accuracy. I will certainly refer them to anyone I can and have scheduled my 6 mo checkup.

Staci Sele (Source: Facebook)


I was very scared to get a root canal done. Everyone involved made me feel so much better and all was well after. Thank you for your patients and continuously asking if I was ok throughout the procedure. Well done Access Point Dental!

SPEAR FISHER (Source: Google)


THEY TAKE ALL INSURANCE!! So important, made it possible for me to get work done. Had all my fillings done by the dental therapist who did a great job–she is kind and gentle and always made me feel comfortable. I’ve had bad dental work before and it is agonizing, she was careful to always double check the bite which is so important–she also works efficiently so you aren’t sitting there getting drilled forever. The desk staff are all nice and will call you if they have an opening in the schedule. The only bad thing is they are a bit far away from the city and it can be hard to get a filling if you need it immediately as their schedule is very full. So glad I decided to come here and finally found a great dentist in the twin cities!

Cindy Bengston (Source: Google)


My experience at access point dental shines. Seriously, I’m a critic. I’ve had tons of dental work done over the years. This office is really great. Dr Nana is kind, gentle and really smart. He’s pretty funny too. He did 2 dental implants in my mouth. It’s quite a grueling experience on back molars. He took the time to explain everything thoroughly. It’s a long process yet he always made sure I was doing ok. They turned out beautifully. I’ve told you what a great dentist he is, his staff is also fantastic. Each and everyone of them. Your nervous? It’s ok, these girls hold your hand all the way through. Not literally, but they are constantly aware of your fears or discomfort. They are efficient in all aspects of their jobs. So sweet. I’m so glad I found Access point dental. I’m not afraid to go to the dentist knowing I’m going there. Thanks guys, you’re the best!!!