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Ali Mogharei Dentistry
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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Sedation Dentistry

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm (by appointment only)

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Chloe B. from Santa Monica, CA (Source: Yelp)


I just moved into the area after finishing school and i needed a dentist ASAP. i did not keep up with my regular six month check ups during college as i should have so i was a bit nervous about the condition of my teeth. i was able to get an appointment with in a week. My experience was wonderful. Dr. Mogharei, his staff and office are great! i didn’t have any wait time, and i wasn’t left sitting in a chair waiting either. This team is caring, attentive and they put me at ease. My first visit, i got an exam, a cleaning and all of my fillings done. i spoke with Dr. Mogharei about what i should do concerning my wisdom teeth because i would like to get lingual braces. He told me that i should get them removed due to spacing. he then set up a free consult with a orthodontist he recommended, and i was able to get to see her that same day. AND i was able to get my wisdom teeth pulled the next day. its the day after and I’m a little swollen, but no pain unlike many horror stories about people getting their wisdom teeth pulled. i would recommend then office to everyone!

Adam Prado (Source: Google)


I’ve been coming here for ten years. I tried a different dentist when I moved but came right back. Dr Mogharei is honest and conservative with your teeth. Only does what you need. Another dentist said I needed a root canal but I didn’t . Highly recommended.

Nisa Krackow Kove (Source: Facebook)


We love this office team. So friendly, helpful and honest. Ali Mogharei and his staff make a trip to the dentist a positive experience for our whole family, including our eight and six year old.

Hollie R. from Santa Monica, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Mogharei is AMAZING!! I never thought I would be so happy with my dentist due to my absolute fear of them, but I am. A friend referred me when I needed emergency dental work. With no insurance and two missing teeth, I turned to him and his staff and I am so glad I did. He not only worked with me and my financial situation but he also tried to save me from having extensive work done by trying cheaper methods. His office is a pleasure to be in and his staff is friendly and personable. Not to mention they email and text you appointment reminders!! LOVE IT!! Gladis is my favorite dental hygienist and Stephanie at the front desk is such a pleasure! I love this team so much, I am moving to the East coast and want to keep them as my dentist. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment. You will not regret it!!!!!!

Jhoiey R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


If you cannot imagine a spa-like experience in a dentist office, it’s because you have not been to my dentist! Dr. Ali is the nicest, most courteous dentist I have ever been to aside from being good at what he does. His staff is very attentive and treats you like you’re their one and only patient. They now have massage pads on the dentist chair and they dip your hands in paraffin so that you’re hands get treatment while you’re getting teeth cleaning. I have been with them for years and have encouraged my family to switch and they are as happy with the dental service as I am. And even after years of going there, they keep on improving each visit. Love them!!!

Zenka (Source: Google)


Ali Mogharei and his staff are amazing. I came there because the high tech office and equipment, but have stayed because Ali has taken such excellent care of my family. I am grateful for his high level of skill and competence. Look no further.

Maya P. from Santa Monica, CA (Source: Yelp)


I went back to Dr. Mogharei’s office this week for the second time, for all the people that have fear of dentist (including me), Dr. Mogharei has been so helpful with my anxiety of going to dentist.   I agree with Diana, Dr. Mogharei is very kind and gentle and more important he is very knowledgeable.  THANK YOU DR. MOGHAREI & HIS STAFF

T. A. (Source: Zocdoc)


I absolutely love this office. Such a great spa-like atmosphere (paraffin hand treatment, massage chairs, movie glasses, etc…) This office is staffed with people who truly care about their patients. Dr. Mogharei is gentle, thorough and uses cutting edge technology

Rossana Moreno (Source: Google)


I had been referred by a friend who had been going to Ali Mogharei for many years. I was having issues with my teeth after I had gone to my regular dentist. After revisiting my other dentist about my concern I decided to see another dentist, in case my dentist missed something. They were able to schedule me in the very next day I called! When I got the office it was a few minutes that I waited before they called me in, and shortly there after Dr. Mogharei came in to talk to me. All I can say is that he was extremely meticulous in the exam and looked at every possible reason for my discomfort and although I didn’t get an answer for my discomfort I was quite impressed with his concern and the time he took with me. Even though his office is out of my way I will definitely continue with him for my dental needs and I’m confident that he’ll figure out what’s my sensitivity from my teeth is coming from, and resolve it.

Shannon H. (Source: Google)


I normally don’t write reviews unless is really bad or exceptional. This dentist is exceptional. I’ve been going to dentists since I was a little kid as I’m not blessed w great teeth. What is so amazing about Dr Mogharei is that he’s like an artist!! His hands are so light. You will never feel the injection which is the most painful part of the process. Ive never met a more gentle dentist. Most doctors and dentists are businessmen these days so when you meet a dentists that doesn’t want to rip you off and genuinely is there to help you, we should celebrate that doctor. We need more dentist him.

Zahra N. from Orange, CA (Source: Yelp)


one of the best if not THE best dentist i visisted in my life. he is very knolegeble & caring, uses state of the art equipments, & his office has a warm & friendly atmodsphere. He saved me from a root canal!!! More than enough reasons for me to drive up to LA from OC for a visit. Thanks ALi, Zari

Kristin Towers-Rowles (Source: Google)


My entire family loves this office. The staff are kind, patient, work with us…I have 3 kids amd they live this office too. Do not hesitate! Book an appointment and see for yourself!

Seb K. from Marina Del Rey, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve never seen such friendly and caring staff like at Dr. Mogharei’s practice. And Dr. Mogharei is just fantastic. Really caring, patient, takes his time to explain everything… an excellent experience. I highly recommend this dentist!

Nina Swan (Source: Facebook)


The Mogharei spa! Well, not exactly, but the staff and doctor do a lot to help make their clients feel comfortable. During the procedure, Dr. Mogharei will even offer headphones and a phone with music streaming to relax you, and he explains everything thoroughly and politely before and while executing his treatments. He also checks to make sure that the pillow under your neck is well-placed, while his assistant is equally concerned with your maximum comfort. And then there is Dr. Mogharei’s skill. I have trusted my dentistry to Dr. Mogharei for years, and his work is pristine and well-executed. In my mind, there can be no better dental experience. Highly recommend!!!

Gladis P. from Inglewood, CA (Source: Yelp)


Excellent services, I  truly recommend his work to my friends and family.  He did a great job on my husband root canal.  His root canal and crown was painless. Excellent work no need of medication.  Dr. Mogharei is very understanding and very friendly.  The manager is  awesome and the staffs are very friendly.  I truly  recommend Dr. Mogharei. Excellent work, thank you Dr. Mogharei for taking care of my husband.

Marsha Hunt (Source: Facebook)


He is a great guy, a wonderful dentist, very honest and personable. He is a delight to be around. His staff is very professional and also personable. His prices are good. I have been going to him for a few years now and my teeth and mouth are better than ever. I would recommend Dr Mogharei to everyone. In fact I already have.

Michael F. from Santa Monica, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Dr. Mogharei for a few years. All my experiences have been positive. The Dr always clearly explains procedures before he performs them. The hygienists are — and have always been — friendly, and they care about your comfort. The office staff is always polite and professional. And they don’t take themselves too seriously. This kind of office culture has transformed my dental appointments into a positive experience. I actually enjoy visiting the dentist and getting my dental concerns addressed — and then fixed. What’s more, Dr. Mogharei is magic with a numbing needle. It’s a nearly painless experience. I neglected dental treatment for years (before Mogharei) because I’d had a couple of very painful injections from prior dentists.

Krista B. (Source: Zocdoc)


I went into Dr. Mogharei three weeks after making an appointment. When I arrived, they shared that they’d actually rescheduled my checkup but when I explained that my occasional tooth pain had morphed into jaw pain up to my ear and I feared something was really wrong, the doctor shifted his schedule and got me in immediately. I was anxious, with my stomach in knots, and the doctor couldn’t have been more gentle. With headphones playing my favorite music, I think I may have even nodded off… during a ROOT CANAL! I can’t recommend Dr. Mogharei enough.

Tyrus Wimpye (Source: Google)


Great dental experience. I came 20min early to fill out my new patient information and was greeted with smiles. My appointment started on time which was a plus for me. The dental assistant that took my X-rays was friendly, well educated, and very helpful. She really made my dental treatment and the entire appointment comfortable and fun. My dental cleaning was comparable to a spa treatment. The Hygenist made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. She was very professional and made my teeth feel squeaky clean. Dr. Mogharei was very patient and explained to me my entire dental treatment , gave multiple options and considered my concerns. I’m not a first visit win with my health providers but this office was a home run . I’m moving forward with the Dr’s recommendations and can’t wait for my next visit!

 Nicholas R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is an A+ dental office in my opinion! Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, I was seen immediately, Dr Mogharei was very thorough and really took his time learn my dental history and answer all of my questions. Highly recommended!

Fonda C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am so happy with my current dentist! Previously, I saw a dentist in Beverly Hills as a referral. When she left, I still showed up for a cleaning. I complained about pain in my mouth on the right side and asked for a dentist to call me. The hygienist told me the dentist would call me if he saw anything on the x-rays. Well, no one called, and I was still in pain. I called the office and no one called me back. That is when I switched to Dr. Mogharei. I’m not particular about the appearance of dentist’s offices – as long as everything looks clean and my dentist is competent, I am satisfied. But the decor is very pleasant, and the staff is great. Stephanie must be the office manager and she is organized and responsive. The client service exceeded my expectations. Dr. Mogharei ordered the usual tests. Then he took a tiny camera to take a picture of the area I complained about. Turns out I somehow cracked the top of one of the molars, hence the pain. Without getting into the gory details of my dental issues and treatment, I will just say this. He took the time to explain everything to me and answer all my questions. I had to return several times and at no time did I ever feel like I was rushed in and out of the office. I hope my teeth don’t fall apart as I get older, but there is some comfort knowing that I like my dentist and his office staff. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their current level of dental care.

Shadi Hosseini (Source: Google)


Dr.Mogharei is an amazing dentist! As a former dentist myself, I can recognize when a practitioner is great and good at what they do and I can speak from experience he’s outstanding! He’s very caring, considerate, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend seeing him as your permanent dentist for all your dental needs!

Solveig Singleton (Source: Google)


A very pleasant and capable dentist. We moved to LA some years ago and it has taken us a long time to find a dentist who I really have confidence in. Dr. Mogharei is great! Also, his office staff are lovely.

Beverly Barnett (Source: Google)


I have been seeing Dr. Mogharei for years. I love my dentist! great hours, great staff. Very professional. He goes above and beyond, He cares. I know that people don’t like going to the dentist. Going here doesn’t seem that bad at all. My experiences have all been good. I already scheduled my dental cleaning appointments for 2019. Thank you for your continued professional service. Happy holidays to you all.

Lisette V. from Santa Monica, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have just found the most incredible dentist I have visited in my life. I found Dr. Mogharei through a friend of mine, who highly recommended him and I couldn’t thank her enough. My experience with Dr. Mogharei was friendly, gentle, and very helpful. Dr. Mogharei set up a visit by visit plan to help me get all the work done within a reasonable amount of time. Dr. Mogharei was very informative and explained each step of the process with detail, which really helped me understand the importance of taking care of my teeth. I felt refreshed and happy with my services provided by Dr. Mogharei and look forward to seeing him next week for my follow up visit.

Silvi Mannan (Source: Google)


I don’t even have words for the level of service I received. Dr Mogharei is an extremely caring and kind dentist. I went through extensive dental work with them and 5 star don’t justify the way they took care of me . The office staffs are outstanding. Dr. Mogharei goes above and beyond to make his patient comfortable and does a phenomenal job. I feel blessed that I found him 🙂 Love the office staffs !!! A+++++++++ all the way :)!!!

Caryn J. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Never thought I would give a dentist a 5-star rating, but this one is worth it. Great office staff. Friendly and more than willing to work with their patients. Even thought I have a lot of work to get done, I haven’t felt judged, only helped. Hardest part was putting away my pride and walking thru the door. Thankful every day for the recommendation of Dr. Mogharei!

Billy Yates (Source: Google)


Everyone at the office is so great. I’ve never been treated with such compassion in the dental industry. The staff have inspired me to do better with my oral health! I went in for the first time after 2 1/2 years without a visit to the dental health and harbored a lot of shame about my teeth, but I was received with such care and can only feel an immense gratitude to the staff. From the receptionist, to the hygienists and of course Dr. Mogharei himself, everyone works as a team to help you wherever you are. 10/10 would recommend!

Kate Callahan (Source: Google)


Dr. Mogharei is very thoughtful. He has made me feel more confident going to the dentist with his caring and kind approach to his practice. I always feel that I can trust his opinion and knowledge when I go in.

Sang Chang (Source: Google)


I have been going to see Dr. Mogharei for 6 years and all I can say is that the very professionalism of Dr. Mogharei and his staff show from the moment you walk into his office. His staff is very helpful and does not miss a beat. You can instantly tell that Dr. Mogharei is very dedicated to his craft by his professionalism and his depth of knowledge. Go see him. Your teeth and gums will definitely thank you for it!

Jennifer D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I absolutely love this office. Aside from the spa-like atmosphere (paraffin hand dip, heated blankets, comfy neck pillows, headphones for your smartphone, massaging chair), this office is staffed with people who truly care about their patients. They’re the type of people who remember what’s going on in your life (i.e. surgeries, weddings, new jobs) and genuinely care enough to follow up when they see you again. They’ll even pay your parking meter if you’re running short on time during an appointment! Dr. Mogharei is gentle, thorough, and uses cutting edge technology. I really appreciate his conservative approach. He’s careful and methodical in his treatment plans, he won’t suggest doing something that isn’t absolutely necessary, and he’ll clearly communicate his long-term and short-term goals for your dental health.

Fred Pernisco (Source: Google)


5 stars, NO JOKE! Every time I come here I’m greeted with the greatest hospitality and respect, never any wait. My dental hygienist was awesome!! I definitely looking forward in coming back for my next cleaning in 6 months.

Rachel Eck (Source: Google)


I’ve been coming here for years. It’s actually very far away from where I live and work now but I still make the trek to Santa Monica because the team is kind, helpful, and informed. It makes going to the dentist an easy process. And i’ve recommended them to everyone I know!

Erin Henn (Source: Google)


A very smoothly run, friendly place. I was running late AND forgot my insurance card but they worked with me and were very understanding. Dr. Mogharei was also thorough but wasn’t pushy about things I didn’t need (like some experiences I’ve had). I recommend!

Brian Rountree (Source: Google)


This was by far the most thorough cleaning I have ever had in my life. I very much appreciate the time each individual came to give personalized care. I also left with some new proper care techniques that I had also never heard of before. Everyone is incredibly friendly too. I know that I made the right decision.


Dr. Mogharei has created a unique dental practice and has dedicated his time to enhance his office with the state of the art technology to assure every patient’s needs. Dr. Mogharei’s focus has been to practice gentle and caring dentistry. Therefore, Dr. Mogharei sees one patient at a time and devotes his full attention to you while you are at our office. At your first visit, Dr. Mogharei will meet with you privately to discuss any desires or concerns. He is very anxious to learn your needs and preferences, fears, past experiences, and to get to know you. As he moves on to your oral examination, you will find him thorough yet very gentle. A detailed evaluation of your teeth, soft tissue, alignment, bite, jaw joint and an oral cancer screening will be completed at your first visit. All the information obtained will be used to accurately assess your dental health. Dr. Mogharei received his bachelors at University of California Berkeley. He then attended USC School of Dentistry and graduated on the Dean’s Honor List. He is also an accomplished researcher with multiple publications in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Mogharei continuously keeps abreast of the latest advances and developments in the field of dentistry, participating in numerous postgraduate education and special training courses. Dr. Mogharei is grreat with fearful patients. He helps patients overcome their dental anxiety. In addition to cultivating a gentle manner with patients, he also offers oral sedation, nitrous oxide and intravenous conscious sedation to help patients with any dental fear. Dr. Mogharei is an active member of American Dental Association (ADA), California Dental Association (CDA), and West Los Angeles Dental Society. He is also a member of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and participates in many local community events. Our goal is to create a dental practice that is ideal for our patients. A practice where each staff member is a highly-trained dental professional. Our team consists of dedicated individuals who are kind, friendly and caring. Our team is here to ensure a pleasant experience during your visit to our office.