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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Kenny Mann (Source: Google)


Even though today was my first visit, I was vary impressed with this office. I normally do not leave reviews, but felt that they had earned this one. I came in seeking a console and relief for a cronic TMJ issue I’ve had for years. They have a vary caring staff from the front desk, to the Doctor. They make you feel like you are their only priority, and that they have the time for you. Unlike some busy offices, which can rush you in and out, and you dont feel like anyone actually ever listened to you. They took the time to explain (and re-explain) the insurance options and payment options to me. The Doctor is very genuine, knowledgable, and easy to talk to. After several years of doctors, ENT specialists, therapy and treatments, with no significant understanding, let alone improvement or relief, I felt like (finally) there is someone who understands what my pain is, what im going through, and who has a plan to finally put me on a track for relief! Thank you!

Rachel Simpson (Source: Google)


I’m usually not big on reviews, but I was so grateful for this place I had to. My kids are terrible at brushing their teeth and I was so amazed with their cleaning. The day after I’m still telling my kids let me see your teeth. My kids are even so happy with their teeth that they want them to stay like that, they are even brushing more. I use to have to fight with them just to get them to brush once a day. The day isn’t even over and they’ve already brushed them twice which is a big improvement. Not only that they caught something in an X-ray that will cost me quite a bit when that time comes (my youngest is missing two permanent teeth, so when he loses his baby teeth he will need implants). But they were able to notify me which will come up in a couple years so I have time to be prepared.

Suzanne Grundy Groesbeck (Source: Facebook)


I was visiting from out of state and one of my teeth began to hurt badly. I called All Smiles Dental Group and they got me in the same day! The front desk personnel was extremely helpful and very caring. Dr Clarkson was such a great help. After determining I needed a root canal she did everything possible to help me with my pain. She even called one of her colleagues to see if I could get in to get a root canal. I highly recommend All Smiles Dental Group. The entire staff was highly professional and caring

J.R. Smith (Source: Google)


I always have a great experience at All Smiles!! The staff is very welcoming and friendly, my hygienist knows me by name and truly makes sure I feel comfortable and cared about. And the dentists I have seen are true professional. They always listen to my questions & concerns, and ensure that I receive the best treatment tailored to my specific needs. I definitely trust All Smiles Dental Group with my oral/dental health needs!

Jessie Serrano (Source: Google)


It was great! Well, as great as a dentist visit can be. I was taken back close to my appt time and the cleaning was typical. What stood out is how they handled the notion that I needed a small filling. They stretched their day just a little to do it right then, instead of having me make another appt. I was also impressed that they listened to me, and were willing to try the filling without novocaine but give me some partway through if I couldn’t make it through without.

Pam Peterson (Source: Google)


My husband lost a filling last Thursday, got in Friday (amazing) and found out he would need a crown and some other work. Made an appointment for Monday, yep that fast. Amazing people, both in the office and the dentists and their staff. Kind, caring and friendly, this is doubly important to me because my husband is disabled from a major stroke so kindness and understanding go a long way because it is is such short supply most places, All Smiles would get a 10 if I could. thanks everyone!

Brittany Walker (Source: Google)


Very quick for a dentist visit. The staff were all very pleasant and informative. I appreciate that they answered all of my questions without being annoyed (or if they were, they were very tactful!) and that they provided a breakdown of all services and costs. Overall, a great visit. The only downside was that I couldn’t get cleaning done same day.

Selena Blanco (Source: Google)


Both my kids had a cleaning scheduled. When I had made the appointment the customer services rep said they take our insurance. Come to find out when we checked in, they did not take my insurance. Long story short all the girls came together in the office and let the kids finish their cleaning!! I was so greatful how they handled the situation. My joy soon turned into tears. Being new to Colorado Springs has made me feel lost, but the amazing dentist my daughter saw gave me some great ideas for dance classes for her, and job ideas for me!! Thank you all smiles!! We will be back once out insurance changes over. Continue to let your light shine All Smiles Dental group;)

Melissa Jenkins (Source: Google)


I was seen within 15 minutes of my apt time. My hygienist was very friendly and did a thorough cleaning. The time she spent scraping and polishing my teeth was much longer than was done at my previous dentist. Dr. Kelly Clarkson was also personable & good humored and she made sure I had no concerns. Very friendly office staff. One of the staff who was going on her lunch break even went back in to help me look for my daughter’s lost bow. I recommend All Smiles Dental to anyone looking for a top notch dental experience!

Bradley Vandervelde (Source: Google)


First time patient at All Smiles and had a very pleasant experience. They have a large team here, so it was easy to find an appointment time that worked for me. Their website was user friendly and full of helpful information. My visit was quick, efficient, and comfortable. They were very gentle and informative of what they were going to do and when. They accept most major dental insurances. I’d recommend giving them a try.

Jane Roberts Loman (Source: Facebook)


We are full time RVers and just needed a cleaning. When we called to schedule an appointment, the staff member at All Smiles Dental Group who answered the phone knew exactly what we were needing and was very helpful in scheduling the appointments for me and my husband. When we arrived for our appointments, the staff members were very friendly, timely, and professional. It was a great experience from all aspects. We were very happy with the care we were given.

Jill Hotze (Source: Google)


Can’t say enough positive things about All Smiles Dental Group! After a scheduling mixup, they rearranged some things to squeeze both of my kids in. I also have one child (almost 3) who was really struggling and not wanting to be there after having some (unrelated) upsetting tests and medical appointments a few months ago. The staff went above and beyond, spending a lot of extra time with him to make him comfortable with being there and getting an exam and cleaning. My oldest, who is 5, looks forward to going to the dentist for months because it has been such a positive experience. Highly recommend!

Sandsandsand Hollist (Source: Google)


Kelly Clarkson is the best DDS ever! I have the biggest fear of the dentists chair and she has been wonderful with me getting all my dental work done and back on track. She is patient and has the best “bed side manner” I have ever seen in any dentist. I would highly recommend her to everyone and anyone. Best dentist ever!!!!

Wendy Lewis (Source: Google)


Everyone was nice and professional. They made sure I understood what would happen during the procedure and answered any questions I had. They made sure I was at ease during the procedure and were clear on what I needed to do afterward. A root canal is not the most pleasant experience, but they did a great job making me feel as comfortable as possible.

Breckvenom (Source: Google)


(My kid changed my name settings so sorry about the strange username)—- . Had an amazing experience here. The whole staff is welcoming and dr Kelly Clarkson is the absolute best dentist I’ve ever seen in my 38 years … very quick makes sure your comfortable at all times extremely caring. You can tell they care about their patients well being more then the money which is a rare find …. couldn’t recommend them enough. Thanks for such great care!!!! – Angie Miller

Harsh Critic (Source: Facebook)


OMG. These Dental Professionals were way nice. It seemed unreal. I already scheduled my next appointment. And I will bring my children fir their first. We will see if they are still nice to me!!!! Lol. Everyone should have their first appointment at all smiles. If you aren’t. Then you aren’t getting the best possible experience

Lydia Eddington (Source: Google)



Susie Lara (Source: Google)


Yes, I know some people feel this way. I don’t like going to the dentist. I had bad experience when I was a little girl going to dentist. But all smiles dental group take that fear away. Nancy the dental hygienist is so professional and very gentle with me. I’m in and out in no time. All of the staff there are so friendly and they care about all there pt’s. I’m so glad I have the confidence I have now because of All Smiles Dental Group. Thanks for such good and wonderful care you all provide for all your pt’s. Keep up the good work. I will recommend them to everyone I know.

Rachel Giampietro (Source: Google)


Service was excellent and everyone was very friendly, thorough, and informative. My husband has an extremely bad gag reflex, he hasn’t been to a dentist in ten years, they did an excellent job and worked with him successfully although they were not able to get X-rays due to the severity of his gag. My family will definitely come back for future work. I have one constructive criticism though. They give new patients a “Care to Share” discount card to refer other new patients. The discount card is $1 for an exam and X-ray (normally $19). My husband gave me one of these cards, which I planned to use for my first appointment. I had an exam, X-rays, and cleaning. On the website it says the cost for those 3 is $59, and the cost for an exam and X-ray only is $19. So I figured the $1 coupon would replace the $19 exam and X-ray fee, leaving me with a total cost of $41. This is not the case, they charged the full $59 saying the he coupon is only if you just do exam and X-rays and no cleaning. I think the coupon wording is misleading and leaves a new patient with an expectation that they’ll just be paying for the cleaning plus a $1 for the exam and X-rays. It would be nice if they made a simple change to the coupon explaining that it is for exam and X-rays only in one appointment and no cleaning. They’re coupon card also says that the exam and X-rays are a $300 value, but their website says an exam and X-rays costs $19?

Lance G. from Colorado Springs, CO (Source: Yelp)


I’m actually working with their partner group “colorado dental” but i woke this morning with a horrible toothache (from shabby work done by two other dentists years ago) and my local regular dentist was at a conference, so i went to all smiles. i was blown away by not just their warmth and concern, but that rather than pull the tooth and interfere with my regular dentist’s work, they gave me prescriptions for the swelling and abcess whn they could have done an extraction, bone graft, etc etc etc. they could have made a fortune off me, but instead just charged me $19 for a “first visit” fee. integrity, skill and a friendly atmosphere- a rare find in today’s world of dentistry

Great Catsby (Source: Google)


The first thought I had when arriving at all smiles was “wow everyone walking out of the office has such nice teeth including staff”. I have had care through Dr. Allen and Dr.Clark, DJ, Jane, and and honestly they are the nicest most competent dental team Id ever seen. They will absolutely do their best to accommodate you and make you as comfortable as possible. Update: Went to another follow up appointment. Best cleaning of my life. Thank you to Alyssa for being so gentle, educational and caring

Jenny Casper Newel (Source: Facebook)


By far the best dental office that I’ve been to in 17 years and 4 states. The staff are all very kind and understanding. The dentists are amazing. My dentist is gentle and caring. I have always had a huge fear of going to the dentist and this office makes me easier to relax. The hours are great and even open on Saturdays. Its never hard to get in

Jess Buck (Source: Google)


I love this place! Everyone is super friendly, knowledgeable and seems to really care about my needs and dental health. I need a lot of work done on my teeth and they take the time to go through pricing and what is and will not be covered by my insurance. I don’t feel pressured to have anything done that I can’t afford, I’ve been patronized and talked down to before at other practices because I turned down treatment due to budget. Bringing my children along to my appointment also wasn’t an issue, the staff was so accommodating and friendly with them. Thank you All Smiles!

Jack Mcgee (Source: Google)


I was pleasantly surprised by my first visit to All Smiles Dental Group. I just moved to Colorado two years ago and hadn’t found a dentist yet and I’m so glad that I found all smiles dental group. Everyone there was very professional it was clean and organized. The consultation with the staff was very informative and professional So happy I found them! I had another experience with a dentist office six months ago here in Colorado and I was not happy with them I decided to go with smiles dental

Angrybilly78 (Source: Google)


I absolutely hate the dentist! Believe it or not this big guy full of tattoos has a phobia with dentists and pain. I had two pulled including a wisdom tooth. They were very friendly and the whole procedure was quick. She had my teeth out in less than two minutes with no pain. Took a little while for the stitches but that was my body saying it hated me and wouldn’t stop bleeding. Was comfortable enough to be joking with them while all of this was going down. THANK YOU All Smiles!

Lucas Montoya (Source: Google)


Very comfortable from beginning to end. I was promptly and politely greeted upon entrance. I was seen by the Dentist in a quick and timely manner. The Dentist and staff were patient and made me feel very comfortable. This was without a doubt the best dental experience I’ve ever had. I would recommend this dental office to anyone. They go 100% above and beyond.

Sarai Robbins (Source: Google)


My experience at All Smiles has always been an excellent one. The staff are kind, gentle and understanding. I have dental anxiety and the staff always reassure me and make sure I am comfortable and pain free. The dental staff have done wonders with my teeth and now I am not afraid to smile. I have more confidence. I will continue to choose All Smiles Dental because they take the time to know their patients and accommodate when needed. 

Kim Newman (Source: Google)


Dr Kelly Clarkson is straight to the point and gets stuff done. Her husband is my oral surgeon and he’s great too!! I lost 2 front teeth due to complications from a tongue ring. They did a bone graft, put the implant in and now I’ve got 2 new teeth back! Took a yr for healing but they do amazing work. I’m very happy with them, plus my 5 year old goes there too.

Jena Daley (Source: Google)


Going to the dentist has always seemed daunting, but it was such a great experience from the moment I walked in the door. Everyone working was so friendly, the waiting room is beautiful, and it’s a very cozy environment. My dentist and her assistant were so kind to me, and talked to me as if we’ve always been friends. I was not reprimanded for the health of my teeth, and they really made me feel good about my smile. They also worked quickly and professionally, which contributed to an amazing experience. I’m so glad I chose to visit All Smiles. I will now be their long-term customer.

Madison Sholl (Source: Google)


Very impressed with this dentist. I called as soon as they opened, with severe tooth pain and sensitivity. They were able to get me in within an hour. I met with Dr. Clarkson, and she was amazing! My last dentist visit (out of state) was terrible. I haven’t been since. Dr. Clarkson and the dental techs were so understanding and patient. They made me feel way more comfortable, even after hearing i needed surgery. They were even able to get me a same day consultation appointment with the oral surgeon. While no one wants to go through this experience, the folks here at all smiles are certainly making it as easy as it can be. Im very happy with my time here, and will definitely be back.

Marianne Mogon (Source: Google)


This was by far the best experience I have ever had with a Dentist. Dr. Clarkson was wonderful. Very efficient, attentive, and very mindful of details. Jerry was fabulous and patient. Everyone was wonderful and I am thrilled with the results. They addressed every need quickly and the staff was friendly and I liked the way they completely explained the steps, the cost, etc. I would highly recommend this dental practice.

Karis Dougherty (Source: Google)


I had a great checkup at All Smiles Dental today. I really appreciated how my hygienist initiated double-checking my insurance coverage BEFORE continuing with any procedures. This made me feel like she was not simply in a robot mode, but that she cared about me as an individual human. I loved how friendly she was as well. My appointment was timely, easy, and COVID-friendly! I would highly recommend this dental group.

Carol Kyzar (Source: Facebook)


The doctor, her assistant and staff were kind, considerate and made sure I was comfortable. My doctor also took it upon herself to check into my insurance coverage before she began, so I would not have any large charges I did not know about. My procedure was handled professionally and with great concern for my comfort and pain levels. Thank you all for being so kind!

Mandi Wilson (Source: Google)


Since I’m terrible with paying attention when folks are introducing themselves, I don’t remember my hygienist’s name. She knows who she is though. I haven’t been to a dentist in nearly eight years, so I couldn’t remember what to expect. I’m naturally anxious with strangers, especially those that have to touch me, but she made it a fun experience. Seriously. I had fun at the dentist office. My mouth wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting, I was given a memorable cleaning, and learned a few things about general dental hygiene, and some more advanced tidbits. I’m pretty lucky, and I’ve always had a personal goal of brushing and flossing as often as I could, but you shouldn’t wait eight years. If you are looking for a wonderful place to get back in the game, All Smiles is it.

Antanete F. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Very comfortable visit, so thankful that I am able to find a primary dentist! Thanks all Smiles Team for assuring that my needs are met! Also I am not sure why Yelp is showing a 3 star for this place, get your ass on google and you’ll find out that this place has over a thousand of reviews with almost 4.5 stars!