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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (by appointment only)

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Julie Segerdahl (Source: Google)


I just started seeing Dr. Allaire and have had the best experience. At my first appointment he took the time to get to know me and walked me through best practices for keeping my teeth healthy. He gave me information, tips and teachings that no other dentist had told me. At my second appointment, I had a cavity filled and was given a blanket, homemade chap-stick and a movie to watch during the whole procedure. My Novocaine took a while to kick in, but Dr. Allaire said he would rather me be entirely comfortable than get it done quickly. He kept adding more and cheeking back in to see how I felt. At the end of the procedure, he thanked me for my patience and gave me the reversal agent for the Novocaine. By the time I got home I felt completely normal. Dr. Allaire and his entire staff are so kind and make dentist visits a pleasure.

Ariana Kaiser Varnum (Source: Yelp)


I LOVE Dr. Allaire! He and his staff are incredibly friendly and professional. Dr. Allaire goes out of his way to make a personal connection and familiarize his patients with his practice so that you feel completely comfortable, welcome and safe. Plus, his is the most swanky medical office I’ve ever seen! Seriously, seeing the place is worth a visit alone. All the equipment seems cutting edge and there’s even easy street parking! I got two fillings today, but the only way I know that is because of the residual numb mouth. As far as I’m concerned, I spent the last hour in an incredibly comfortable chair watching “Sex in the City” in what had to be a spa since my very comfort was addressed. He is an excellent doctor who’s primary concern is to make his patients happy. I HIGHLY recommend him!

Alexandra Heard (Source: Google)


I wish that I could give Dr. Allaire 100 stars, because he is the best dentist around. His practice is warm and inviting, and his work is gentle and thorough. I have always dreaded going to the dentist and Dr. Allaire has given me a new perspective on dental care. He showed me the proper method for brushing and flossing (my ortho never showed me how to floss after I got my braces taken off…10 years ago) and didn’t make me feel embarrassed about the state of my teeth. With my previous dentist, I always left the chair feeling disappointed and as if something wasn’t done right, but as soon as I sat down w/Dr. Allaire (and they applied some lovely lavender lip balm…throughout the entire procedure!) I knew that I was being well taken care of, felt an immediate sense of trust, and could tell that he knew exactly what I was doing (how could you not trust the dentist that keeps your lips from cracking during the procedure?). I kind of want to go back just for the swanky view from the chair, the atmosphere in the waiting room, or the deliciously fresh water. Oh, and I forgot to mention how AWESOME Dr. Allaire is (and everyone in the office)! He is the perfect combination of friendly, funny and professional. I love my new dentist and, believe it or not, cannot wait to go back… OK, I can wait, but I really look forward to it!

Kasey Mahaffy (Source: Google)


The idea of going to the dentist strikes terror into the hearts of most. But when you walk through the doors of Allaire Dental Care, that fear quickly subsides.  Dr. Allaire and his highly capable staff do a commendable job taking care of their patients with compassion and confidence, all in a comfortable, sexy setting overlooking Miracle MIle. And yes I just used the words “sexy” and “dentist” in the same paragraph.  I hadn’t been to the dentist in *blank* years, so I was pretty apprehensive about the whole thing. But Dr. Allaire was a dream. He walked me through every step of my visit, keeping me well informed about what he was doing and what I can do to facilitate my own optimum standard of oral hygiene. He’s very kind – funny too, which immediately put me at ease.
If you’re looking for a new dentist, Dr. Allaire is the man. Trust.

Sean Klingelhoefer (Source: Google)


I never thought I’d write a review about a dentist, but after all the painfully boring visits to other dentists in the past, Dr. Allaire’s office was a brilliant change of pace. The doctor is extremely friendly and his practice is state-of-the-art, sterile and nicely designed (which may not be critical, but if you’re spending a decent amount of time in a chair it’s nice to be in a place that’s easy on the eyes). In a nut shell, ADC is to dentistry what Virgin is to airlines. The location is also extremely convenient right in the heart of mid-Wilshire just down the way from LACMA so there’s plenty of parking making visiting very easy. If you’re in LA and looking for a dentist or even just bored of your current one, I’d highly recommend checking out Martin.

Cara Russell (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Allaire is hands-down the best dentist you’ll ever find! He has fixed every issue I’ve had with my teeth easily, gently, and always accommodating in regards to my quirks & anxieties & super sensitive teeth. I trust him implicitly. His sense of humor keeps me laughing, and his super-cool office is up to date with the latest equipment. You’ll have your choice of movies to watch while you’re in the chair, and provided with headphones and sunglasses. There’s also a great view through the glass windows in all the patient rooms if movies aren’t your thing so you’ll never feel claustrophobic. If I ever move away from LA I plan to fly back to see Dr. Allaire for my dental care. He genuinely cares about his patients, and will call to check in on you to make sure you’re okay after a big procedure. How many people can say they love their dentist when asked in casual conversations? I do! And you will too! Thanks, Dr. Allaire!

Amanda D. from Davis, CA (Source: Yelp)


I don’t even know where to start with Dr. Allaire’s practice and staff other to say they are absolutely the best of the best. I’ve been a patient with Dr. Allaire for over ten years (back before he formed his private practice) and never have had a bad thing to say. Everything he and his staff have set up in the office to give the best care to patients through a top-notch facility. He has always been amazingly comprehensive in explaining dental care option and exploring potential issues or sensitivities, as well as explaining every step of the cleaning, exam, or procedure. They always take great lengths to ensure that all cleanings and cavity fillings are comfortable and that I experience minimal pain during them. Plus everyone is great and personable to boot. Love him and this office!

Shobha B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Yes 5 star as good as it gets. None of my past experience with the top notch, so called good dentist that i have been to are even close to the experience i had at Allaire Dental Care. Gosh! am i happy and excited. A knowledgeable, smart, patient, caring and friendly dentist are a few things Dr. Allaire is. I have received valuable education, good care and attention. I am taking with me an overall healthier me. Not enough said he’s got a friendly and accommodating receptionist and a friendly, smart and knowledgeable higenist from USC impressive.

T. M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Allaire is one of my favorite people of all time! I had the BIGGEST phobia of dentists and had not gone to one in probably ten years. My fiancée had been going to him for years and swore by him. It took my fiancée about a year to convince me to go see Dr. Allaire. First off the office is beautiful and the staff is extremely courteous and professional. Dr. Allaire was very understanding of my phobia and was extremely gentle and caring. My teeth were in really bad shape! Dr. Allaire was informative and developed a “plan”. I really had know idea how much damage not taking care of my teeth could cause my whole body. I was on board. Every appointment I was able to just “zone out” while watching one of the movies I selected from the Dr.’s awesome movie collection. The staff always offers me a warm cozy blanket. Now two years, a few cavities, a crown and a bridge later. I am finally back on track. Please believe me when I say I look forward to going to my dentist. Dr. Allaire is hilarious, good natured and a truly caring person. I love him.

Anthony V. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been seeing Dr. Allaire for all my dental needs since 2000. During this time, I have needed a couple root canals, crowns, the normal twice a year cleanings, a few fillings, a couple whitenings, a referral for an implant, and a bit of an adjustment with a retainer. I have always received the best suggestions and never been pushed beyond my comfort zone in making decisions about my care. If you need an opinion, Dr. Allaire will tell you exactly how he see’s it and not sugar coat it, and in fact he has searched the dental literature for me when I had a question. Dr. Allaire will not try to short cut any of his work and I find him to be a perfectionist. He is very caring and his patient’s always come first. I remember he called me at home after my implant to see how I was doing and the implant was performed by an oral surgeon. I also agree with all the other comments about being friendly and making your experience painless and a good one. I highly recommend Dr. Allaire as a dentist for any age and I am willing to travel a few extra miles to his new office to continue to receive care

Grant M. from Santa Clara, CA (Source: Yelp)


I found Dr. Allaire at a time when I had neglected my oral hygiene for several years due to a lack of funds and dental insurance. When I finally went in to see him, I had 2 broken teeth requiring crowns, and a third crown that needed replacing along with several cavities and general oral care. Being somewhat phobic about my teeth, I found Dr. Allaire to be a blessing at a time when the dental work ahead of me was more than a little daunting. Over the next year he calmly, systematically, and super-competently got my “mouth back into shape”, and did so with a wonderful sense of humor, good will, and patience. I am now proud to call Dr. Allaire my “main man” as a dentist, even though i am now half-way around the world serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Romania.
Before i left for my assignment I was staying with my family in Colorado, but could not leave before I made one last trip (by car over 1000 miles) to LA so Dr. Allaire could make sure i was in good shape to leave the country for 2 years. I would recommend him whole-heartedly and completely without reservation to ANYONE who is looking for the very best in modern dental care. He is AWESOME!! Grant Matthews TEFL Volunteer, Peace Corps Romania

Bruno A. fom Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a regular patient of Dr. Allaire’s for the past 10 years and I can honestly say that there is no better dentist than him anywhere!  Over the years, I’ve had a variety of dentists in 7 different cities in 3 different countries and Dr. Allaire is by far the very best in his field.  His bedside manner has always made me feel at ease, even when I required a very painful root canal and two crowns.  He is meticulous in providing the very best dental care to his patients in a welcoming and relaxing environment.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have found him years ago.  I used to hate going to the dentist, but Dr. Allaire changed all that for me.  If you are currently looking for a new dentist, look no further – you have found your man!  And if you don’t believe me, just try him out the next time you need a dental cleaning and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Charlie M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Allaire.  He has demonstrated on every appointment I’ve had with him since I moved to LA a willingness to educate me so that I’ll have less dental problems in the future.  Until I began going to Dr. Allaire, I found most dentists to be a little depressing and often painful.  Dr. Allaire is anything but.  He’s upbeat and interesting and seems to really love his work.   When I heard he was moving to his new office there was no doubt in my mind I’d follow him.

Melissa S. from Encino, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Allaire since the early 2000s. I can’t say enough positive things about him. He has incredible chair side manner, he is so thorough, detailed and knowledgeable. He has a great sense of humor, and makes you feel so comfortable. His staff is the same way, and I can’t say enough good things about them either. My daughter is now old enough to see Dr. Allaire and she has so much fun every time she is there. He has amazing chemistry with children and makes her feel so comfortable. She watches videos while in the chair, and always walks out with a new princess toothbrush and a balloon with her name on it. How can she possibly associate the dentist with anything but awesome? That makes me so happy! One last thing I want to mention is that his office and facility are beautiful with a wonderful location. 10 STARS for Dr Allaire!

Miki P. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had my first dental appointment with Dr. Allaire yesterday. All I can say is they get five stars because I received five star treatment. The dental assistant put a blanket over my legs just for comfort and then applied lip balm to my lips while I was taking x-rays. All went well with my cleaning and they surprised me with a cupcake as they sang “happy birthday”! It’s all of that personal attention to detail that keeps people coming back for life. Thanks to you and you’re amazing staff for the pampered dental treatment.

Alex L. from Central LA, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Allaire and his staff are amazing! I went to his office because of pain from a tooth infection (though I didn’t know it at the time). I called the nearest dentist (Dr. Allaire) and they were able to get me in within two days! Not only was he able to pinpoint the problem, he noticed that I have “soft teeth,” a term that I had never heard before and no other dentist bothered to point out. He took the time to explain how soft teeth are prone to cavities and what habits I could incorporate into my routine to prevent future cavities!  Dr. Allaire and everyone on his staff are extremely personable, knowledgeable, and they treat restorative dental care like an art! When I had to get a crown, he explained what he was doing so I wasn’t completely ignorant of the procedure going on and allowed me to view the design process for a crown. He made sure that my crown looked and felt like a real tooth. Also, shout out to their receptionist Jackie! When I was trying to schedule an appointment because of the pain I was in, she worked to schedule me in as soon as possible, calling anytime someone canceled and rescheduling me for a closer appointment. If you’re thinking of going to a dentist in the Wilshire area, definitely give Dr. Allaire a try!

Czarina A. from Tucson, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Dr Allaire and staff are top notch! They have the best customer service and really care about their patients. Dr Allaire makes sure that I feel minimal pain and that I’m comfortable during my cleanings and cavity fillings. I hate the dentist and I get really bad anxiety but Dr Allaire gets it and is really calming. Plus he’s hilarious!! His equipment is very modern and up to date. I get to watch movies while I sit in the chair and get work done. Best dentist! You won’t find anyone better in LA. His staff will work with you if you have any billing questions, especially Dee. She spoke with me for an hour trying to figure out a billing issue and I ended up getting credit back to my account bc their billing equipment calculated it wrong. I have never seen such care and attention to detail as I have at this office.

Emily G. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Well, where do I even start with this magnificent gem of a dentist? Let me try to cover all the bases, starting with the waiting room and receptionist: Imagine a combination of a Pinterest-perfect dreamscape, with orange/mint infused water, and chic very NON waiting room furniture. I was 15 minutes to late to my very first appointment and they were still so gracious and accommodating. They didn’t have to be, a lot of places would have asked me to reschedule. Second, the hygienist and cleaning: Thorough, relatively painless, not scary at all. I told her I experienced some horrible oral surgery trauma a couple years back and she was very understanding. She was exceptionally professional and well trained, and had a huge wealth of knowledge about preventive oral health care.
Finally, Dr. Allaire:He is very personable, fun, attentive, all the good stuff. He did about an hour of health education with me, something I have never in my life received from a dentist. He explained in detail how cavities are formed, explained how to immediately reverse the effects of sugar should you have a treat (or 10, in my case) throughout the day. He will sing you Beyonce, cover your feet with a blanket, and make the process of sitting and drooling pretty manageable. I can’t say enough nice things about these people, I would say its like going to your friend’s house who just happens to be a dentist, but that sounds terrifying and not soothing. Thank you Dr. Allaire for taking time out of your day to talk to a 32 year old woman about brushing her teeth

Kaila K. from Fort Myers, FL (Source: Yelp)


My visit to Dr.Allaire’s office was the most pleasant and enjoyable dental experience I ever had. Over the past few years in college, I’ve neglected my teeth. I knew I needed to have my teeth checked but I was nervous. The minute I walked into the office I was instantly put at ease. The receptionist staff was extremely friendly and offered me water. The atmosphere definitely did not feel like a dentist waiting room but more like a luxury spa! I didn’t wait long after filling out the paperwork. Every staff person I came in contact with was friendly and talked to me like a was a real person and not just another patient. I was embarrassed about neglecting my teeth but Dr.Allaire helped educate me without making me feel guilty or ashamed about my teeth. A good dentist is hard to find so if you’re lucky enough to find this one then go ahead and make that appointment now!

Alexandra Lindenmuth (Source: Google)


Dr. Allaire and his staff are amazing! I went to his office because of pain from a tooth infection (though I didn’t know it at the time). I called the nearest dentist (Dr. Allaire) and they were able to get me in within two days! Not only was he able to pinpoint the problem, he noticed that I have “soft teeth,” a term that I had never heard before and no other dentist bothered to point out. He took the time to explain how soft teeth are prone to cavities and what habits I could incorporate into my routine to prevent future cavities!  Dr. Allaire and everyone on his staff are extremely personable, knowledgeable, and they treat restorative dental care like an art! When I had to get a crown, he explained what he was doing so I wasn’t completely ignorant of the procedure going on and allowed me to view the design process for a crown. He made sure that my crown looked and felt like a real tooth. Also, shout out to their receptionist Jackie! When I was trying to schedule an appointment because of the pain I was in, she worked to schedule me in as soon as possible, calling anytime someone canceled and rescheduling me for a closer appointment.  If you’re thinking of going to a dentist in the Wilshire area, definitely give Dr. Allaire a try!

Rae Horton (Source: Google)


Walking into the office you are welcomed by the sweet receptionist, Anne. She’s really quiet but makes sure you understand what will take place as far as insurance and answers any questions you may have. The environment is great and warm you immediately feel at ease. The wait time was NO problem at all. The assistants there were awesome as well. You can tell they love their jobs and working under Dr. Allaire. Once seated Dr. Allaire takes time out to explain to you the process that will take place. He explains the tools that he uses, how they work ( he even has charts), what kind of fluorides to use, and what to look out for even on gum. I was shocked at some of the things I learned. All in all you leave feeling well taken care of, with a great smile and educated.  I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Dr. Allaire and his office staff.

Anonymous (Source: Google)


It took us a few years to find out where Dr Allaire went to but we finally found him again. Husband who is also a cancer patient, needed an emergency root canal and we trusted only Dr Allaire to fix it. Not only did he take us in on short notice but he stayed an extra 2.5 hours after the office closed to perform the procedure. He is simply the best! His new office is amazing and unlike any other dental office I have ever been to. His staff is AMAZING! Scared of dentists, Dr Allaire will put you at ease instantly. I can’t say enough about how fabulous this man is. Wishing him major success in his new endeavor!

Ellen Griffith (Source: Google)


Dr. Allaire (and his staff) is exceptional. You can tell he really cares about his patients.
I went in for my second visit and first cleaning today and it was a wonderful experience (yes, I’m saying that about a teeth cleaning, pointy tools and all). Dr. Allaire is incredibly knowledgeable and is completely transparent with his patients. Throughout my cleaning, he explained everything he was doing, what he was looking for, and also took the time to explain all the science behind those helpful tips dentists have given you your whole life (i.e. why sugar, specifically, is bad for teeth, how fluoride can be important and how to use it properly, etc…).  Dr. Allaire also took me on a tour of the office to show me how they run a safe and reliable business with patient well-being as a priority.  I highly recommend Dr. Allaire and his team.

Anonymous (Source: Google)


I have been with Dr. Allaire for more than a decade. This guy is a true gem. I’ve had a lifelong phobia of dentists (spanned from bad experiences with questionable dentists in third world countries). When I first met Dr. Allaire, I was pale and shaking like a leaf – thinking he’d be like the others I’ve had. Boy, was I wrong (and gladly so!). Dr. Allaire is very gentle, kind, and he truly listened if I was uncomfortable or scared. He would go the extra mile to make sure I was not in pain. His work is top notch!! Ever since I started seeing him, I’ve been inspired to take better care of my teeth, and so far, NO CAVITIES FOR ALMOST A DECADE!! (well, knock on wood). This is a big surprise for me, since I have been so cavity-prone all my life! And I love his office! It almost has a spa-like feel. He’ll have a television playing right above your head while your teeth are getting examined, cleaned, etc. And I don’t mean a regular TV set up high in the room like I’ve seen at past dentist’s offices (there’s nothing special about those, since you’re stuck watching dental infomercials on those anyway). Dr. Allaire has the actual set up where you can personally tilt/adjust the screen to your liking, right above your head while you’re reclining. And he has a cool DVD selection to choose from (I chose to watch “The Devil Wears Prada” at the last dental appointment and loved it!! I was actually hoping my dental exam would take longer so I could finish watching the whole movie, hehehe). How rad is that! I also love the lavender lip balm they put on me the entire time. Even though I have married and moved further away from his office, I would gladly take the one hour drive to see him. He truly cares about his patients and his attention to details speak volumes. Highly recommended!!! P.S. Update (11/2/2013): I’d like to also mention that he’s very cute. 🙂

Nicole R. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I cannot praise Allaire Dental enough. I LOVE all of the staff there. They are so accomodating and friendly. I have been going there for over 2 years now and just recently visited a couple of weeks ago. I felt the need to write another review because I have not been the best patient… I forgot an appointment and have been delaying my dental care because of my busy schedule. The staff was so accomodating and I was able to get an appointment to fit my schedule. And honestly, it was nice to just sit and relax for an hour. And yes, that relaxation just happens to be while at the dentist…who would have thought. But, that just shows how Allair Dental operates. THANK YOU Allaire Dental. I will be making an appointment again soon 🙂

Devin G. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was recommended to Dr. Allaire from a co-worker of mine, and man did I luck out! Adrift in an enormous city of healthcare options, it’s a relief to have been pointed to a practice that’s personable, knowledgeable, and puts you right at ease as a new patient. As someone who’s had dental and orthodontic work done at practically every stage of my life, Dr. Allaire really stands out- not only as someone who’s well-versed in the science of the mouth, but he’s got a great chair-side manner as well. I haven’t had to see the dentist in a while, but now that I do I’m glad it’s Dr. Allaire.

John M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m going to keep this short, and to the point, and not too flowery — so that it will be read and taken seriously. I had only one meeting wigth Dr. Allaire, due to some special circumstances.  I’ve been seeing another dentist for a number of years, no complaints, when suddenly, without much warning, I had some serious problems that would require some drastic solutions.  I was a little shaken up about it.  I mentioned my misgivings to my GP.  She suggested I get a second opinion.  This had never occurred to me.  I asked around and Dr. Allaire’s name came up.  I made an appointment, making it clear that I was looking strictly for a consultation;  that I was not necessariily looking to change dentists.  When I came to Dr. Allaire’s office, I was struck first by how pleasant an environment it is — as many have mentioned — and what a bunch of dolls his staff are.  Given the circumstances, I expected the Doctor to take a quick look;  instead he gave me one of the most thorough exams I’ve ever had, which included some serious explanation as well as some really sensible suggestions.  I was very impressed that Dr. Allaire couldn’t have been more respectful towards my currentd dentist, and basically agreed with the original diagnosis.  He made it clear that he would be available for me if I needed him, but he did not try to “sell” me — which I really appreciated. If I were looking for a new dentist I would feel lucky to find someone like Dr. Allaire and I would certainly recommend him to anyone.  I should mention, by the way, that because of his open plan office I heard him speaking with a child — clearly, warmly, but very straightforward.  Like everyting else it impressed the hell out of me.

C. R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Whenever I think about moving away from LA, at the top of my Pro LA list is “My dentist” – Dr. MARTIN ALLAIRE of Allaire Dental Care. The new office is in the very cool Museum Square of the Mid-Wilshire district. There is free two hour parking on the side streets. The office itself is the coolest dental office I’ve ever been in.  If it wasn’t for the dental chairs, you’d think you were at a loft party.   Since age 8 I’ve had a frankel, braces, headgear, gum surgery, 4 molars pulled, retainers, teeth whitening which made my teeth super sensitive, numerous fillings, and now a night clench guard. (By the way, I’ve read that if you grind your teeth you should do a parasite cleanse.)  Not to mention one extremely incompetent dentist in Beverly Hills who should have his license revoked that resulted in more damage and dental work leaing to a permanent crown, etc. After all this history, Dr. Allaire has been a GODSEND among dentists. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Allaire. I’ve never felt so confident in any dentist. He has thoroughly fixed every problem I’ve had with my teeth and never missed anything in all the years since becoming his patient. His professional mannerisms are friendly and engaging, and I completely trust his skills. He’s a quality dentist and a quality person as well.  He has never suggested anything I didn’t need, and has always been honest and upfront about the work I need and thoroughly explained my options. He’s always very kind and patient with me when dealing with my teeth sensitivity during procedures as well. If I ever do move away from LA, I will fly back here for all dental work because I’m not going to risk a new dentist when I already have one of the best!

Jessica H. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Allaire is kind, personable and overall a great dentist. I’ve been seeing him for about 2 months and all the services provided to me were done exceptionally. So far I’ve received routine procedures like fillings and cleanings. I plan to return for his Zoom Whitening service down the line. The office is located in the SAG building. They offer validated parking, which is a plus considering the area. The office is clean and comfortable. Patients are offered movie and tv options during their appointment. Liz and Art work in the office as well and have been super helpful in answering all of my questions. I’d recommend Dr. Allaire to anyone and will certainly be seeing him again as my new regular dentist.

Joshua J. from Central LA, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Allaire was fantastic. And so was Liz at the front desk. I was really nervous walking in because it’s been years since I’ve been to the dentist. They made me feel right at home.
Dr. Allaire made me feel very comfortable. He uses hand signals during the procedure so if you’re feeling any pain you just raise your left hand and he’ll remedy the problem right away. If you hate the feeling of being numb after your visit there’s a solution for that as well. It’s basically a reversal numbing shot. It’s a small fee, but I found it to be well worth it. Numbness wore off in about 45 minutes. They provide CEREC crowns here, which is going to  save me a lot of time. Basically they can do your crown same day in most cases instead of having to come back later. So far so good… Next visit will be the hygienist and we’ll see how that goes.

Tracy B. from Hermosa Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr Allaire’s for more than 5 years and he (and his staff) are absolutely amazing. I mean, I have a dentist that sends me a personally written note every year on my birthday. Thirsty? Here, have some fresh cucumber infused water. Cold? Here is a cozy blanket. Stressed? Let me play some calming music for you and BTW, here’s some lip balm for your lips and would you like to try my homemade eggplant parmesan? This dentist is the best in the world. I don’t know what that “other” review is about. Dr Allaire is just not “that guy”. He’s just not. He actually feels bad when he has to tell me I need something. (My bad – I should floss – but he doesn’t lecture at all).  And besides being gentle, so kind and funny – he has always been nothing more than honest, transparent and ethical with regard to my dental care.  He’s so thorough, he explains everything and also actually takes the time to teach me how to care for my teeth. He practically apologizes if I have to pay for something that my insurance doesn’t cover. This man is a sweetheart! I have never had the experience of being “up sold” by Dr Allaire – just the opposite! He actually takes the time to show me how to avoid dental treatment in the first place or he explains a problem, shows me pictures of my teeth and tells me everything up front.  He really educates his patients. When I first went to Dr Allaire – he actually identified things that other dentists had never mentioned during their brief check of my teeth and perfunctory cleaning. Thank goodness he’s so amazing because he saved me a lot of problems in the long run. You will never be able to go to another dentist after becoming a patient of Dr Allaire’s. You will be treated like royalty, you will have amazing dentistry, you will gain a friend.

Lark K. from Emeryville, CA (Source: Yelp)


This review is way over due! I have been a patient with Dr. Allaire for over 5 years, and even though I have relocated out of the area, I still come back to get care from him and his wonderful staff. They really make you feel at home, with personal touches like blankets to keep you comfortable, lavender lip balm to prevent drying lips, and fun music to keep your spirits up. When I started going to ADC, I had a lot of cavities and not only did they fix those, Dr.Allaire showed me what I was doing wrong when brushing and showed me the right way to take care of my teeth. For every procedure, they explain what they are doing and why, and while working, frequently check-in to make sure you are doing okay. A true testament to their care, I haven’t had a cavity now for 4 years. Dr. Allaire has a great sense of humor, is kind, open to feedback, and treats you like family. I have had some traumatizing experiences at previous dentists, and going to Allaire Dental Care has changed my perspective on dental care. I recommend him and his staff to everyone in the LA area!

Katy R. from Dallas, TX (Source: Yelp)


I was raised to have good morals, hoping/assuming that people (more so doctors) are the same way. After going to a dentist that was all about money and royally fucked up my teeth, I almost lost hope in actually finding a dentist i can call my own since moving to LA. Dr. Allaire. Holy Shit. He’e amazing. I feel sorry for you if you’re going to another dentist. He’s not only honest, but he’s caring and a beautiful person.  He doesn’t try to nickel and dime you.. Actually, opposite of that, he helps you out at his cost.  His facilities are above and beyond what you could even fathom.. then beyond that.  He makes sure you are well-informed and taken care of during every visit.  I literally kept getting surprised at how well I was being treated.  You are his priority and you feel that way.  I wish I could describe how wonderful he is, as a human and as a doctor.  He’s what you’ll never find in someone else you’re looking for.. caring, gentle, honest, connected, hilarious, devoted, knowledgeable… compassionate and perfect.  You’ll know immediately that he cares about you genuinely and that he’s it.  You’re dentist.
 The Gods were shining down on me the day I looked into a dentist and found Dr. Allaire.   I found one, horribly negative review, about him “showing off” his office. — If you come upon that review, DISREGARD it. That person is a moron. Dr. Allaire has a beautiful office, that is fancy and very new-age/high tech.. but to read that he was pompous about it is unfathomable. He doesn’t need to brag about himself.. his office and equipment are for the patient.  You are a prince/princess.  He goes above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable and taken care of.   I frustratingly can’t find the words to praise him to the level he deserves. He’s fucking amazing. Excuse my French but he deserves the emphasis. Dr. Allaire, and his staff, are, literally the bomb dot com.  I couldn’t be happier. Words can’t express it. Dr. Allaire is not only an amazing Dentist, but a phenominal human.  I’m constantly surprised and amazed at how well he takes care of his patients. **If you come across his yelp page and read the review and decide to pass on him.. I feel more than sorry for you.  You’ll never find someone as good as Dr. Allaire.  I wish he could be my general doctor, OBGYN and whatever other doctor I need. (Okay, now I’m just sounding creepy lol.. but seriously.. he’s your dentist.)

Anna S. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


Okay, this review is long overdue. Dr. Allaire was first recommended to me by a friend well over a year ago when my boyfriend was having terrible tooth pain. I called  to make an appt and they could see him the very next morning. My boyfriend returned from that visit with no pain, a temporary filling, and raving about how Dr. Allaire put him at ease immediately and didn’t judge him for neglecting his teeth. My bf ended up needing a root canal but the doctor had taken care of the immediate problems with the tooth and prepped it for the next phase of work while alleviating the excruciating pain bf was in. Also when said root canal was done Dr. Allaire did a great job.  My bf’s teeth need lots of work and the doctor has been doing it all! (Bf also has a raving review of Dr. Allaire on here) I needed a cleaning and decided to try the doc myself. I had a wonderful experience and he even worked with me on price since I didn’t have dental insurance. While there for my cleaning he discovered a cavity and wanted me to schedule an appt to have it filled. I made the appt but decided later that I just didn’t have the money at the time to fix it so I cancelled with the intent to reschedule at a later date. Fast forward to this past weekend- New Year’s Eve to be exact- when I bit into some hard food and broke the very tooth Dr. Allaire had wanted to fix. I called him up- he answered his phone even though he was technically still out for the holidays- and without hesitation he told me to come in and he would repair it. He immediately went over pricing on the phone and put me at ease- since I wasn’t in any pain- that the tooth would be reparable and not as expensive as other dentists had quoted ( I called a couple of others when bf told me Dr. Allaire was still closed for the holidays) I went in the very next morning. He was efficient and kind-even though I had blown him off about this tooth earlier- and I’m now well on my way to having a fully restored tooth. This is the first filling I’ve ever had and while he worked he was sure to check in with me continuously that I was doing okay. He then called me later that night to check in. Dr. Allaire is hands down the best dentist I have ever experienced. He’s thorough, efficient and uses state of the art technology. He also happens to have a great sense of humor. I am grateful and indebted to him for the health of my and my boyfriends teeth!

Jordan H. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


There are no words to describe how great Dr. Allaire and his entire practice are. First of all, doesn’t everyone hate the dentist? Yes. Don’t you ALWAYS feel like you’re being ripped off? Yes. Aren’t you probably ALWAYS actually being ripped off? Yes. Not here. I’ve never experienced anything like it. First of all, the office is beautiful. Clean, doesn’t smell like a gross dentist office, very modern. Second of all, he has fantastic bedside manner. He’s warm, he’s smart and he’s so funny and adorable I want to be his friend. He also explains everything he’s doing very clearly and when you question if you ACTUALLY have a cavity, he shows you exactly where and why and proves it to you. Then if you’re lucky (yes, lucky) enough to have a cavity, he provides you with a comfy blanket, a vast array of movies to choose from to watch, and wonderful drugs during the process. He also has special chapstick made just for his practice that he uses on your lips the entire time so they don’t chap. I lost my insurance, tried to go to another Dentist. Was heartbroken they were so pushy and scummy. Back to Allaire to pay out of pocket because it’s worth it!


Open. Inviting. Contemporary. Words not typically associated with a dental practice, we know. But this is our home. And we want you to feel welcome. We believe modern dentistry is both science and art. So we've created a warm, friendly, comfortable environment and equipped it with the latest technologies. Every aspect of our practice - from lush, space-age dental chairs to a spectacular vista filled with palm trees outside our window - is designed to foster a personal experience that just may shatter the stigma of a trip to the dentist. Dr. Martin Allaire is a graduate of Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago and a former faculty member of the University of the Pacific Dental School in San Francisco. Licensed in 1998, he practiced first in San Francisco and then Brentwood before establishing Allaire Dental Care in 2012. Actively involved in the California Dental Association and also a member of American Dental Association and L.A. Dental Society. I love teaching. While my emphasis has always been on cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry (with advanced training in Invisalign and Lumineers), my true focus is holistic care and the practice of educating and elevating my patients. Oral hygiene can affect your entire body's health. So I treat you, my patient, as an individual: listening to your needs, providing a thorough evaluation and helping you understand the nature of your condition, so you can make educated decision that work for you. Trained at Chicago's Northwestern University Dental School, Dr. Allaire began his career in 1998 practicing in San Francisco where he also served on the faculty of University of the Pacific Dental School. He moved to Los Angeles in 2000 where he has been practicing dentistry ever since. Dr. Allaire offers the latest in pain free cosmetic dentistry in a sun-filled, comfortable suite, offering ideal conditions for accurate porcelain restoration shade selection. His practice is primarily focused on cosmetic, implant and advanced restorative dentistry. He is passionate about educating and elevating individuals to comprehend the importance of oral hygiene and its effect on general health. He has made it his vocation to treat the whole patient, not only the mouth. His greatest satisfaction is derived from the improved self-confidence and joy patients receive from esthetically pleasing restorations.