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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


Dr. Jerri Hines, DDS





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Kim J. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was referred to Ambiance from another dentist. We were impressed the moment we made our first call. Nadia was amazing. She returned calls, very informative and very caring. The office is extremely clean and comfortable. Dr. Hines was very thorough and gave us a lot of info without making us feel overwhelmed like any other office we have visited. This office is wonderful and all of the staff as well.

Brandi Briggs (Source: Google)


I came in desperate and fearful.. dr.Hines and her team made a game plan and executed it in a very timely manner especially around the holidays. The whole team was extremely compassionate and knowledgeable. They even stayed after hours a couple times to make sure I had the best quality they could give! You guys were absolutely amazing! Being a recovering addict, having 26 teeth pulled and immediate dentures put and i never once felt shamed, embarrassed, or treated poorly! You guys are respectful , honest, and definitely made me feel comfortable! Thank you guys again!

Shorty F. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I tried to wait until I left the premises to leave a review but I was blown away by the amazing energy in the place I just could not wait. The decor upon entering is absolutely breathtaking (clearly an interior decorator took this office and mad either their baby). They take covid-19 seriously and check temperatures before entering and require you to sanitize immediately (which I can appreciate as a hospital worker). The staff are so polite and just inviting. They apologize to you for the wait and the entire time the wait is so pleasant due to the beautiful colors and just positive energy in the building. The icing on the cake is that once I was introduced to the dental surgeon to my surprise she was an African American Queen. To those that do not get my excitement , for our community or race it feels amazing when we finally find not only a great doctor but a doctor that looks like us to care for us. I recommend everyone to come to this location and meet the amazing staff and this phenomenal doctor.

Cynthia C (Source: Google)


The experience and quality of service I received at the Ambiance Surgical Art Center always exceed my expectations. The office staff is always amiable, professional, very knowledgeable, and helpful. I appreciate their kindness all the time because I drive 3.5 hours to see Dr. Hines for my routine and maintenance care of Botox and PRP treatments. Dr. Hines has impressive talents that help keep me looking phenomenal, and the prices are unmatchable to others offering the same aesthetic packages and the results more than incredible. Let’s say you will not be disappointed with her meticulous and genuine ability to create your beautification hallmarks. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hines and her staff. If I could give Dr. Hines more than five stars, I would! The BEST!!!! What are you waiting for? Call and schedule an appointment with someone who cares. Thanks aga

Orlando Barrios (Source: Google)


Never though a tooth extraction would be such an easy process! I was having terrible tooth pain and finally had to go get my tooth extracted. Why did I wait so long? It was not what I was expecting. Beautiful modern facility, the surgery itself was painless and my recovery has been smooth. Best of all no more tooth pain!! Dr. Jerri Hines, and support staff were great. Don’t live with the pain, don’t hesitate – make the appointment

Devin Plays (Source: Google)


I had a wonderful experience at ambiance surgical art center. The office staff were very nice, professional , very helpful. I do appreciate their kindness. Dr. Hines is just amazing, and her assistant helped calm me down by holding my hand and comforting me when I panicked. I truly felt I was amongst friend and family. Their level of care is outstanding. They went far and beyond and accommodated my need to make my experience good and not stressful. Thank you so much Dr. Hines and thank you so much to the wonderful staff and to my Aries sister that held my hand throughout the process and brought me comfort. Thanks again!!!!

Martha W (Source: Google)


Dr. Hines is a wonderful oral surgeon. She explained everything in detail and made me feel at ease about my upcoming surgery. The office is beautiful , clean and modern. The assistants and office staff are friendly and helpful. The location is great and easy parking. I had a great experience at Ambiance Surgical Arts Center . Highly recommended!

Valeria Boza (Source: Google)


Great place, the stuff is really patience, friendly and helpful. They listen to all your needs. I did my wisdom teeth surgery here, it was really fast and my recovery was fast too. They are really professional with what they do and explain you all the steps you need to do carefully. Great experience with them, I really recommend them.

Pooh Man (Source: Google)


WOW! Dr.Hines is the best dentist by far! My experience at Ambiance Surgical Arts Center was amazing, I came in expecting all sorts of pain and agitations but I received the most professional treatment. They were so gentle and patient with me. Crystal even offered to hold my hand during the procedure. I highly recommend anyone who needs an extraction and has anxiety or doubt!

Rossy Johnson (Source: Google)


Took my granddaughter for a consultation with Dr Hines. From the very beginning the experience was amazing she answered all of our questions and confirmed that my granddaughter would need to have two of her wisdom teeth extracted. The staff is the best, they make you feel at home. We set up the appointment and on the scheduled date I took her to have the procedure done everything was done to make my granddaughter comfortable and to ensure I felt at ease. All went extremely well and I can say the recovery was not bad at all. We did follow the instructions we were given. If you need an oral surgeon look no further! Dr Hines is very knowledgeable and caring. I am so happy we found her.

Roxana Rodriguez-Monzon (Source: Google)


I feel so lucky to have found Ambience Surgical Arts center. I’ve heard horror stories from friends of their pain filled experienced getting their wisdom teeth removed. Thankfully, this was NOT at all my experience. Dr.Hines is the most dedicated, detailed, cordial, and kind surgeon I’ve ever met. I had shopped around other Doctors to get my wisdom teeth removed but they were, quite frankly too expensive. The first visit, surgery, and post operation check ins were as smooth as can be. Of course, I experience minor pain in between the pain medication as well as swelling due to the removal of all 4 of my wisdom teeth, but overall, I experienced MINOR pain. Everything from her office, charismatic personality, and friendly staff made my surgery experience the best it could be. She is everything you’d need to have the BEST recovery possible. THANK YOU!

Samantha Mauri (Source: Google)


I had an amazing experience at ambiance surgical center. The staff is very friendly and caring. The office is very clean and super cute! Dr.Hines is very kind and knowledgeable; she answered any and all of my questions even after my surgery. She did a great job with the emergency extraction of all 4 of my wisdom teeth. My recovery process was a breeze. They also do follow up calls throughout your recovery to ensure you are doing well. I 100% recommend coming here for your surgical dental needs and I’ve recommended them to many of my friends and family.

Ariel Arzuaga (Source: Google)


Dr. Hines is by far the BEST! I was super anxious & afraid of my procedure which entailed a very confusing process to remove my two wisdom teeth plus a broken in half molar impacted by my wisdom tooth, she explained the whole process & even when maybe my extraction wasn’t possible she found a way & did an amazing job, I had a simple recovery & little to no swelling or pain after my surgery. I would 1000% recommend her for anyone needing wisdom teeth extracted etc.

Michelle Z. from Hollywood, FL (Source: Yelp)


I am going to start off by saying that I have a big fear of going to the dentist. However they made me feel so relax and made my experience so great !!! I will recommend them to everyone!! The Doctor is very caring and understanding! There staff is awesome and genuine!!! If I could give them more stars I would !!

Valery L. from Hialeah, FL (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hines and the staff was absolutely amazing. I did my consultation and surgery the same day and everything worked out perfectly. I was terrified to take out my wisdom teeth but the doctor made it painless. After surgery I barely felt anything I’m currently on day 2 and I’m still pain free. Something that has really helped me is staying consistent with the medication that she prescribed you. I 100% recommend this doctor and her team to anyone.

Amia & Brianna Sanchez (Source: Google)


Thanks so much to everyone at Ambiance Surgical Arts Center. You all made us feel very comfortable and I appreciate all the great care you took during my daughter’s wisdom teeth extraction surgery all the way through to full recovery. She was initially scared when her dentist told her that they should be extracted, but luckily he referred us here to Dr. Jerri Hines. The whole process was way better than expected. This busy mom is grateful. Thanks again.

Barbara Galvez (Source: Google)


I had an amazing experience at Ambiance Surgical Arts Center. I had delayed doing my wisdom teeth extraction for so long cause of so many bad experiences with different dentists / surgeons. Ended up being referred here after having a severe infection and needing to do 2 emergency extractions. Dr. Jerri Hines was incredible. She was so patient and helpful and went above and beyond to make sure I had all my questions answered and had the best care. Even my post operation process was smooth. The surgery was so seamless that I barely even had swelling or bruising. Not to mention the office is very clean and modern. I would 100% trust Dr. Hines in the future for any other oral surgery need.

Maury Herrera (Source: Google)


I’m a retired RN I went to Dr.Hines office to have two teeth extracted and an extension repair from a previous dentist that required surgery.Dr.Hines and her whole staff were very professional and treats her patients like family member .I have worked with surgeons most of my life and I can tell you she is very humble and caring.Being in my field of work you don’t see that in a lot of Doctors much less in surgeons.My only regret is that I can only give her and her staff a 5 star rating because they deserve a 10 star rating .I hope I will see her more often if I need to .And I add my swelling and pain was very minimal.She truly has gifted hands.

T Holland (Source: Google)


Easily the best dental experience I’ve had in a really long time. The facility was crystal clean and surprisingly really modern. I was referred by a family friend who did not let me down at all. Dr. Hines and her staff saw me quickly, clearly diagnosed my dental issue, and provided me with comfortable and safe options for receiving care. I can’t express enough how much of a gem this place is. Highly recommend!

Alicia Royes (Source: Google)


Excellence. That word describes the ambiance of this great office! From the decor of the office to the care and professionalism of the staff! I have never felt so comfortable and assisted in the mannerism that I had with Ambiance Surgical Arts Center. Dr. Hines performed an extraction of my wisdom tooth with pure excellence. She truly is a woman of knowledge, service and leadership! I recommend anyone looking for their provided dental services to give them a visit. Since my surgery in March 2020, I find no issues or pain in my jaw, and gums as I did prior to the extraction. Again this is a place of EXCELLENCE!

Kyarah Sosa (Source: Google)


The front desk was very welcoming, and had an extremely friendly aura. Dr. Hines was able to explain details in a simple easy way for me to understand. The area was well kept with a clean surgery station. I would recommend Ambiance to anyone looking for a nice place to feel safe during their time through surgeries.

Bert C (Source: Google)


Great Dr. Dr Hines is wonderful had two molers removed. No pain at all great hands, smooth recovery Just took Tylenol during my recovery. She’s great can’t say enough good things about her. One more tooth to go & a couple of partials. Highly recommend her. Specially for children. I’m going on 60 y/o & it was my best experience with a dentist

M F (Source: Google)


As far as wisdom teeth extractions go, I had an amazing experience here. Dr. Hines and assistants/staff were all friendly and professional and made for a very comfortable visit. Everything was clearly explained and I had a simple and relatively painless recovery as well. Highly recommend going with Dr. Hines.

Brittany Martinez (Source: Google)


I have had the BEST experience with Dr. Hines and her office staff . For years I’ve been petrified to remove my wisdom teeth , but it was to a point now that they were damaging my teeth and causing holes in the bottom because they were super impacted . Finally I got recommended to Ambiance OMS by my brother and my experience was outstanding . The entire office staff is super nice , friendly and professional . A few on the top of my head that I can remember is Nadia , she helped schedule my appointments and walked me through a lot of what would be going on .Another is Crystal who did my follow up appointment , she was so nice and made sure I was healing great ! Dr. Hines I said to multiple people has the hands of god ! I wasn’t swollen one bit (I had all 4 taken out) and I had no pain afterwards just a feeling of heaviness but it was nothing crazy ! I’m so glad my brother referred me to them ! So grateful for the office staff for making me feel comfortable and relaxed before surgery ! There care is TOP NOTCH ! For anyone who’s hesitant I highly highly highly recommend Dr. Hines and ambiance OMS . I give them a 10 out of 10!

Jerry Crawford (Source: Google)


On 8/19/2019 Dr. Hines performed oral surgery and extracted #18 which could not withstand a root canal. The procedure was performed with great skill and consideration for my well being. She saved the adjacent crown, cleaned out the dead pulp and now, 8 days later the suture has dissolved, the wound is closed, inflammation is completely subsided, all without needing to take the pain medicine prescribed and waiting at my pharmacy, or even ANY over-the-counter medicine for post operative pain. Marvelous!!

Jasmyne Kim (Source: Google)


I had four of my wisdom teeth extracted a year ago. I believe all four were full-bony impactions. I was under anesthesia for the operation. The recovery process was so easy. I did not have to take any opiates or more serious pain killers for pain. I was able to chew soft foods the very next day. That was a total surprise for me. I had one consultation done at another office prior to coming to Ambiance Surgical and the surgeon was so dismissive of all of my questions and concerns. Ambiance was completely different. Dr. Hines and all of her staff are patient, welcoming, professional, knowledgeable. The doctor also has impressive credentials and experience. I cannot recommend this office enough. Facilities are modern and clean.