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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays



Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

Sedation dentistry

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Janice W. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


I never realized how important a smile is for a person. In fact, until I met Dr. Arthur Glosman, I did not know how great my smile could look. My new porcelain veneers have enhanced my life in several ways.  First, I smile more.  This has helped me become a more social and friendly person. Second, I am more comfortable with my overall appearance. Third, I am more confident. This has helped me become more successful in business life. When I go to various business functions I now approach important people with much more confidence. I talk more, I flash my smile more, and I feel great about myself. I see my smile as an investment in the future, and not surprisingly my business has grown in the months following my dental procedure. That being said, I am extremely grateful for the exceptional work Dr. Glosman did to my smile. Thank you Dr. Glosman for enriching and enhancing my life and business in so many ways.

Jason Franco (Source: Google)


Everyone in the office is right out FANTASTIC! Always very kind, accommodating and when I visited, they made sure I felt safe and secure with the COVID19 pandemic. I recommend this team over and over again!

S. T. (Source: Zocdoc)


Dr. Glosman and his staff have gone out of there way to make every visit comfortable and as stress-free as possible. I am grateful to Dr. Glosman and his entire staff. I feel extremely lucky to have found such a kind and competent dentist.

Maya K. from West Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


Five stars is not enough!! Dr.Glosman is by far the best Dentist I’ve ever had.He is gentle, he is kind and very attentive. He went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable throughout my procedure and actually made it enjoyable. A dentist making my visit enjoyable-That is something that I never thought I’d say but he did it! The environment is calming and his staff are incredible. You will not find anyone better.

Paul Mantea (Source: Google)


My wife and I had work done by Dr. Arthur Glosman, I have a full upper bridge still going strong after 8 years( knock in wood) exceptional quality. My wife has just completed a crown, perfect, planning to finish whatever is left. Highly recommend (already sent some of my friends) Dr Arthur if you need perfection! Also Ani at the front desk would go the extra mile to accommodate you.

Kathy L. from Sherman Oaks, CA (Source: Yelp)


Growing up, I never paid much attention to my teeth and as a result I developed poor oral hygiene. Then I lost 2 teeth and needed to get implants placed. Dr. Glosman came to my rescue! I was really scared of getting the implants placed. All these thoughts were running in my head-  would it hurt? How long would this take? How much would it cost? But… to my surprise the process was SO simple and easy. Dr Glosman kindly and patiently explained everything and made me feel so at home. It is amazing to see what dentistry can do thee days! In 2 visits I had a brand new smile. Thank you to Dr. Glosman for my newfound confidence

Javier S. from Culver City, CA (Source: Yelp)


About a month ago I needed to get a lot of dental work done. I was putting it off for a while and I was nervous to do it.  What made the biggest difference was using something called sedation dentistry. I was able to sleep through the whole process. When I woke up, my veneers were done and perfect. Dr. Glosman is awesome and I highly recommend using the sedation dentistry he offers if you feel uncomfortable.

Anonymous (Source: Google)


I have been a patient of Dr. Glosman for 8 years and I can’t praise him enough. Obviously the pictures speak for themselves for his sense for aesthetic. His patient care and quality of work is just as exceptional. I have been one of those people that has to see a dentist quite often to no fault of the dentistry. Thankfully I found Dr. Glosman to make my life just a little sweeter. He is a perfectionist and does excellent work. I find him professional, kind and honest. He listens well to any concerns, answers all questions, always makes me feel comfortable and never rushes. I feel safe and well taken care of whenever I go to his office. I am also more than pleased with his staff. Ani is very responsive, always kind, always does her best to fit me in and I don’t remember ever having to wait more than a few minutes to be seen for my appointments. Please don’t be discouraged about the Beverly Hills location, you will find that his prices are more than compatible when his work stands above all (that I have seen).

Danielle Sassoon (Source: Google)


I recently fell and broke my front tooth (freak accident!) I immediately, in panic and fear, called Dr. Glosman’s office and from the time Ani picked up my call she made me feel so much better! She calmed me down and got me in within the hour! (Other offices were telling me I had to come in the next week). They took every COVID precaution – sending me paper work before hand, getting me in a room immediately and having everything extremely clean! Dr. Glosman is an ANGEL! He is so sweet, his bedside manner is impeccable and he makes you feel like family. He educated me as to what’s exactly broken, explain different options and outlined the best for me. I ultimately needed veneers and I a root canal (they were able to get me in with a colleague within 30-minutes to get one done!). Fernanda was extremely gentle in cleaning my teeth and extremely nice! Sarah and Erika were also so helpful and welcoming! I mean – the staff really makes you feel at home and comfortable. My teeth look soooooooooo good, so much better than before!!! I am so thankful to Ani for being so amazing in making me feel better and getting me in, Dr. Glosman for being an impeccable dentist and making my smile gorgeous and his whole staff.

Jonathan J. from Thousand Oaks, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Glosman is the best! I have always been scared of visiting the dentist but when I found myself in need of some cosmetic dental work I remembered a friend of mine recommended Dr. Glosman. I was pleasantly surprised by the décor and spa-like feel of the office. The atmosphere is very calming and unlike a typical dentist’s office. I was also impressed by how friendly and helpful the entire staff was when discussing the dental implant process for fixing my missing tooth.  After two visits my procedure was done and it looks and feels great.

Andrew T. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


Thanks to Dr. Glosman, I now have perfect teeth. I had crooked overlapping chipped teeth. He fixed that problem and made me a more confident man. Service and professionalism is top notch. I wouldnt recommend anyone else to do vaneers. He is the best in Beverly Hills, have full confidence in Dr. Arthur Glosman.

Alina B. (Source: Google)


Dr. Glosman is very skilled and does amazing work. Me and my husband are very happy with the work and quality that he provided to us . We both had veneers done and they all look and feel very natural. Dr. Glosman saved one tooth by doing a build up and a crown instead of having the tooth extracted.The materials he uses are top quality and the procedures are painless. Very grateful for him and his staff for caring and understanding each patients needs. Thank you for everything you do! Wishing you Happy Holidays to you, your staff and your family!

Oren K. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Glosman is the best doctor! The office is so beautiful and clean and he is such a perfectionist. My previous doctor told me I needed to replace 2 cavities and get a crown, and when I went to a second opinion with Dr. Glosman he was honest with me and told me that my cavity had chipped but I wouldn’t need any crowns or replacements, it just needed to be filed down. I am so happy with my decision to switch doctors and move to someone honest who wasn’t trying to up sell me. I’ll never go to another office!

Brooke C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Glosman is hands-down the best dentist I’ve been to. Since my childhood dentist retired over 18 years ago, I’d never been to the same dentist more than a couple times because of myriad bad experiences. However, that’s all changed now that a coworker recommended Dr Glosman. He and his hygienist have such light touches when it comes to picking and drilling, that it’s hard to believe how impeccable their work is. My husband was even worse than me–he just didn’t go to the dentist at all for years because he hated the experience so much. Now that he’s found Dr Glosman, he’s finally back on track to get to total dental health.The office is state-of-the-art but comfortable. The staff is friendly and professional. Appointments are always on time. And the location is convenient with free parking right around the corner.

Marina K. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


What a pleasant location, I’d been going here for a while as it was convenient as it’s close.  Staff is friendly , I received a great customer service every visit. Dr. Glosman is a great dentist! he is very attentive with his patients and makes sure all your questions are answered.  I was very happy after my treatment and words cannot express my gratitude.

Carmen Marquez (Source: Google)


My family and I have seen Dr. Glosman for years now. He is the best dentist we’ve ever had and we will happily recommend anyone to see him. He really cares about his customers and does excellent work! We love coming here and the staff in his office is also wonderful! Very professional environment and everyone instantly makes you feel right at home. Thank you Dr. Glosman for everything you do! We appreciate you.

Max S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I know it sounds hyperbolic but I swear Dr. Glosman is the best dentist in Los Angeles, if not the world. My wife and I have been going to him for years and he is just the greatest – he listens, is incredibly knowledgeable, and it’s just a pleasure to be in his office. (No small feat for a dentist.) Whether it’s a quick and painless cleaning or something way more extensive, I always know I’m in the best hands with him.

Max Sharkansky (Source: Google)


I’ve been seeing Dr. Glosman and his team for decades and they’re second to none! They are the pinnacle of professionalism and always do an amazing job. I always look forward to my visit to the dentist.

Skip Moore (Source: Google)


I’m so glad my friend introduced me to Dr. Glosman. I’m THE biggest chicken when it comes to seeing a dentist! with that said, Dr Glosman really took the time to put me at ease…and laughing gas really helped too!! I’m no longer fearful of going to the dentist. And his staff are great! they are super nice, welcoming and warm. all I can say is, Thank You Dr. Glosman

Yvette D. from Hidden Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


Wow, I was blown away at the décor at Dr. Glosman’s office. My visit got all the more amazing once I met Dr. Glosman for the first time. What a gorgeous office and on top of it, the staff was so warm and welcoming! I left with a great feeling and a very clean mouth!

Kathryn Ramos (Source: Google)


Dr. Glosman is the best in every way. My husband had a bad experience with our dentist and needed immediate help with a problem tooth. We found Dr. Glosman after a brief Google search. Husband called, explained and a two hour drive later, we were in the office. The tooth had to be extracted that day and Dr. Glosman had such a professional, reassuring way about him. Today we completed the tooth implant process and it been a life change for my husband. Also, Dr. Glosman has an excellent office staff!

H. O. (Source: Zocdoc)


Awesome! Dr. Glossman is an amazing dentist, the office and service are nothing short of perfect. Clean, modern, and the staff always greet you with a smile. Just the way a dentist visit should be! Perfect!

Suprina Zahraei (Source: Google)


Dr Glosman is Kind caring and very Detailed ! He does not do cookie cutter work !! He takes his time to listen to you and what you are looking for and he makes sure to deliver exactly that !! His staff is also so attentive and kind !! I can go on and on ! My teeth are beautiful been with him and his team for over 10 years now !! Thank you Dr Glosman for taking such great care of me !!

Karen Curreri (Source: Google)


Dr. Glosman put a new spin on denistry and patient care. Previously, I had such anxiety attached to going to see a dentist. I procrastinated and tried to avoid visits. My fear caused me to put off treatment. Consequently, I am now faced with necessary and extensive dental work. Fortunately, I found Dr. Glosman through a friend’s referral. He met with me and patiently addressed each of my needs and concerns. Dr. Glosman also gave me several options and helped put together a dental plan that made sense. He was gentle and kind and so were each of his staff members. The office is clean and feels more like a dental spa, so that you feel relaxed. The treatment chair even massages your neck and shoulders. A visit to this office is a must if you want premier dental care by a knowledgable professional

Ben S. from Calabasas Highlands, CA (Source: Yelp)


Last week, I got porcelain veneers at Dr. Arthur Glosman’s office. They’re perfect and exactly what I wanted. The process was so simple. I’ll break it down. 1st visit= my teeth were prepared for the veneers. 2nd visit= veneers done and I already had my new smile. It was that easy, in 2 visits I had new porcelain veneers. The whole experience was fantastic. Dr. Glosman’s office is completely state of the art including the luxurious massage chairs, high-tech silent dental instruments and personal televisions. I was really impressed with the techonocalically advanced office yet the extremely warm and caring staff. Dr Glosman is the best of the best and I really felt like I received the best quality of dentistry in LA

Robert R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Glosman is one of those doctors that is so good you can’t help but tell all your family and friends about him. Like the others said-he is the best in the biz! And even though he’s worked with celebs, he’s one of the most down to earth and personable guys you’ll ever meet. I am very happy with the work he’s done. I highly recommend him to all!

Amanda L. from Manhattan Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


I originally went to see Dr. Glosman in 2011 and waited for two years to actually go back and have my crown replaced.  I had heard that he was the best through several trusted references, so I wanted to make sure to see him when I was ready to actually get it fixed.  I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Glosman and my results!  I am totally confident when I smile for photos now, and have received several compliments!  I was also totally impressed with his staff, they have bent over backwards to accommodate me and have made me feel like family.  I highly recommend Dr. Glosman-

Mbaye S. N. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Please allow me a moment. I was looking for a dentist around Beverly hills. However by chance DR A, Glosman made him self the best advertisement a doctor could be.He possesses an infectious personal quality Money cannot buy.I found my self captured by his decency ,his sincerity,his goodness if you will.I had a great experience when getting my teeth done.The staff was very helpful,excellent customer service ,they have a contagious high energy and enthusiasm. “COURTESY is CATCHING”polite behavior can makes someone’s day.they made my day;and that experience makes me want to return .I will recommend. Him to whoever is looking for a dentist. Dr ARthur is a gem.HIs presence in the organization of doctors (DDS)should be acknowledged.None of us know what the future brings.But of this Much I am certain.Dr Glosman will bring the quality I just described regardless of circumstance. You might want to keep an eye on this fine person .He might do a lot of good in the right situation …which ,given life’s vagaries,could be exactly where he is now or ? please keep up the good work. Thanks Again!

Joanna Litt (Source: Google)


Dr. Glosman is a master at what he does. He recently did my 16 veneers top and bottom and I couldn’t be happier. When my sister first saw them she said, “they are perfect.” And they really are. I found Dr. Glosman from his stellar reviews and decided to take the chance and have him do the work after our first consultation – and it was one of the best decisions. His staff and office setting are fantastic as well.

Samantha Scigliuto (Source: Google)


Dr Glosman did an exceptional job, he is an excellent dentist. He is very knowledgeable, gives lots of information regarding his findings, and did an excellent job with fillings I knew I needed (had put them off due to pregnancy). I barely felt the numbing, and he was quick and my bite was perfect to follow. His office staff was extremely accommodating, friendly, on time, efficient. The office is beautiful which is an added bonus. Highly recommend as your dentist.

Martha R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


LOVE THIS OFFICE! Went in after a couple years of not going to the dentist. You walk into this gorgeous space and are greeted by wonderful staff members that take their time to answer your questions and help you relax a little (since, you know, you are in a dentist office). Dr. Glosman is AMAZING! he takes his time to make sure you are comfortable before, and ask how you are doing during the procedure to make sure everything is going smoothly. He found a problem that was neglected my other doctors and had no problem fixing it. Will definitely be coming here again and again. And ladies (and gentlemen), you’ll be better knowing its his face you’ll be looking at for the remainder of the procedure. 🙂

Aylish T. from Reading, United Kingdom (Source: Yelp)


I was visiting LA from the UK for work for and took advantage of having Dr Glosman nearby. I had bonding to fix a chipped tooth that had been bothering me for a few years, it was quite subtle and I was hesitant to get it done by just anyone so I kept putting it off. However, Dr Glosman did a fab job in a matter of minutes and I’m over the moon I waited until now to do it. The chip was subtle but the fix makes a HUGE difference to my teeth, it looks so natural and in keeping with the rest of my teeth you can’t see it even when looking for it! I also had my teeth cleaned, as a nervous patient I hadn’t had this done at home as it’s often a very traumatic experience. Needless to say I’ll never enjoy it, but I wish I could return every 6 months to have it done here! As pleasant experience as it could have been, considering what’s involved. A great shame Dr Glosman and his team aren’t my local surgery – if you can access them take advantage!

Alex Ott (Source: Google)


I feel a bit silly admitting that I used to be afraid of the dentist; however, that’s all in the past now. Dr. Glosman was kind and informative the whole time. The procedures I had done were completely painless and his staff was very accommodating. Glad I’ve found someone like him!

Scott McPhail (Source: Google)


Let’s be clear: I am NOT a fan of dentist’s offices. I had a horrible experience as a teenager that planted a fear so deep that I ended up removing the remainder of my braces, on my own…at 17 years old. So getting into a chair was not an easy decision for me. When I first met Dr Glosman, my anxiety was through the roof. He and his incredible team, walked me off the ledge and gave me a renewed outlook on life that allowed me to comfortably smile in public. 3 years later, I have settled into smiling and my fear of the chair is pretty much gone. From the moment I walked in and greeted by Ani, the Goddess who runs the show, thru Dr G, my teeth are healthy and my smile… you can’t put a price on what that has brought me.

Adam A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Arthur Glosman is an exceptional individual in every way that it it possible to be exceptional.  At his core is a burning desire to do better, be better, and most importantly to help people.  He strives for perfection and lands on excellence in all that he puts his hands to.  Dr Glossman the human being cares and is committed to the highest level of integrity possible.  It is an honor to have gotten to know him as a dentist and on a personal level as well.  Dr Glossman the Cosmetic Dentist strives to give not only the best and most amazing outcome possible, but he also strives to give an enjoyable and pleasurable experience as well.  He took my smile from good to great, all the while making sure that I was comfortable and was enjoying my experience.  His attention to detail and results left quite an impression on me.  As soon as I found out how his mind worked and saw his passion for the best results achievable, my decision as to which dentist I would use became an easy one.  I had seen all of the top dentists in town, and there was just no comparison.  Dr Glossman just cares more than any dentist I have every met.  He teams up with you to accomplish the ultimate goal of an amazing and natural looking smile.  I hope you do yourself a favor, and pay this man a visit.  You won’t be sorry you did.


The Ultimate Dental Spa Experience Get a Hollywood Smile and be treated like a star with VIP services by Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Arthur Glosman. His one-on-one personal approach at your initial consultation is filled with informative questions and answers which are imperative to the success of any smile makeover. Accurate records including digital x-rays, digital photography and impressions all help Dr. Glosman create a computerized presentation that helps each patient identify their personal goals. By providing multiple services under one roof, Dr. Glosman dentistry lets his patients enjoy the ultimate experience. Dr. Glosman, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, poured all of his energy and passion into this pursuit, ultimately graduating from USC's prestigious dental school in 1999. In 2001, Dr. Glosman was certified in oral conscious sedation. He studied extensively at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) with a concentration in cosmetic dentistry, specifically porcelain veneers, metal-free crowns and bridges, and smile makeover. Dr. Glosman was certified to offer Invisalign® orthodontics in 2006, then studied in residency under several prominent Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists and further investigated facial beauty with a few highly accomplished Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. Licensed in the states of California and Nevada, Dr. Glosman, Beverly Hills dentist, has performed dentistry all over the world, most notably in Europe. He speaks fluent Russian, having been flown there privately to perform work on many high-profile patients. His heritage lies in health care.