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Artistic Dental at the Biltmore
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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays



Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants

Sedation dentistry


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Mark G. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Let me start by saying I hate going to the Dentist.  But, this place is marvelous.  What a great support staff!!!!   Dr. Dougherty was wonderful, clear, concise, supportive, and caring.   I’m sure I am a horrible patient, but they were just a wonderful operation. I thought their  pricing was very competitive to what I had investigated at other competing dentists.  Looking forward to my return visits.  Please use them, you will not be disappointed.  Mark G.

Stephanie Lopez (Source: Google)


Love this place! The staff is amazing. They’re always so accommodating to me. The office is clean and orderly which is VERY important! I will continue to go there forever! They have always gone above and beyond to explain procedures even when I don’t understand all the terminology. They let me know what can wait and what can’t. I don’t feel like I’m going to go broke going to the dentist. I would give Artistic Dental more stars if I could!

Andrew R. from Vista, CA (Source: Yelp)


Chipped a front tooth tonight just before leaving on a trip tomorrow AM to San Francisco. Found Dr. Adhikari and she was able to take me at 7:00pm and perfectly fix the problem. Dr. Adhikari and staff are funny and friendly. I have found a new dentist and it’s close to where I live! I will now be able to travel without looking like a hillbilly! Thanks Artistic Dental!

Mellisa H. from Tempe, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Dougherty and his staff are AMAZING. He is straight to the point, while being very efficient and thorough. I came to him for an emergency root canal two months ago. He worked on the tooth the same day and also went over and beyond to call me that evening to make sure I was doing okay. First dentist ever to be so considerate! I’ve now been to him multiple visits and got my boyfriend to come to him as well, we love him and his team, and will continue to come back. I’d recommend Dr. Dougherty to family and all my friends!

Jack Steinman II (Source: Google)


It was my first visit post-pandemic. I had a great experience and was very assured all precautions were taken to protect my health. As always the team here is just like a part of my family. My hygienist has retired however Kaitlin was wonderful, very attentive and was swift with my cleaning. I apologized several time at the condition of my teeth, she made me feel comfortable and made sure that I was not alone in the condition of my teeth due to the pandemic. Dr. Daughty makes me relax with some small talk before going straight to my teeth. I like checking on him and his family. I takes interest in my personal life as ell as my medical condition. The team here is always concerned about ever aspect of your health, I have been blessed with people who care. If you are not getting this service were you are going please give Artistic Dental at the Biltmore a try, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Grace M. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. John Dougherty and his staff are outstanding! The office has waterfall views in all the treatment areas, and staff are calm, friendly, competent, and experienced.  Dr. Dougherty used 3-D modeling to design a crown for me; a device shaped the ceramic crown, and it was baked in 15 minutes.  No waiting 2 weeks for a crown to come back from some lab!  Artistic Dental is a great name for this group!

Dan M. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


As someone who neglected regular cleanings and did not see a dentist for over two years, I am very happy I decided to get my dental health in order with this place. The waiting room feels like the living room of a house, with couches, a high table and a coffee maker. Jessie who took the x rays, Mary who did the gum cleaning and the dentist Dr. Dougherty were very professional and nice, and did not make me feel bad for neglecting my teeth for years! 10/10 would recommend this place. Great location and great people!

Adam Wardell (Source: Google)


Wonderful dentists, staff, and overall experience. They even have nice touches like relaxing water fountains you can watch from the dentist chairs. My family & I feel comfortable visiting Artistic Dental, and everyone we have interacted with there has been professional and caring. Even after we moved to a new home a few years ago that was quite a bit further away, we continued coming to Artistic Dental because they are worth the drive. We have been going there for many years and plan to continue going for many years more!

Audrey Walters (Source: Google)


When I moved to Phoenix I wanted a closer location for my dentist – I loved my other dentist but didn’t want to travel to East Mesa. I chose Artistic Dental at the Biltmore two years ago and I have no regrets. Dr. Dougherty and the rest of the staff are professional and courteous. I went in recently for my cleaning and, of course, since it’s the pandemic I was nervous but they had safety protocols I place and it was so smoothly done that I felt very at ease. If you’re looking for excellent dental services, give them a try. I think you will agree with me.

Katie B. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Let me start this review by saying that up until last week, I had not seen a dentist for a solid four years. My coworker overheard me attempting to schedule an appointment with another dentist office within our network of health insurance coverage, and could see how frustrated I was getting with the several months waiting list to get in. He told me he had recently gone to Artistic Dental (which happens to be just a couple blocks away from where I work) and he loved it, so I decided to give them a call. They were able to get me in THAT DAY! I was thrilled, since once I had committed to going in and starting routine check ups again I was ready to get it done right away. I don’t think there are many people who absolutely love going to the dentist, but in terms of experience this place is the very best! The inside of the office is so cute and homey, it really makes you feel comfortable the moment you walk in. They have snacks available, the staff is super friendly, and I am amazed at how fast I was gotten in (virtually no waiting either time I went in!), and I loved the dental hygienist who took my x-rays and cleaned my teeth. They did find four surface cavities (big surprise for not having been into the dentist for years haha), and they were able to schedule me for Monday of this week to get them all filled. I was really nervous about getting the teeth filled since I, admittedly, don’t have the highest pain tolerance, but WOW. They have a new state of the art laser that makes the process of getting cavities filled SO much easier than the first (and luckily only) other cavity I had filled years ago. It is quick, easy, and painless. I am so happy with the work that was done and so glad I had Dr. Dougherty and another awesome dental assistant there to talk me through everything. FIVE STARS for Artistic Dental! I would (and already have started to) recommend this place to anyone looking for dental work or a regular dental office to get cleanings at.

Margot C. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Dougherty for longer than I care to admit 😉 He’s a wonderful person (as are all the staff) and makes going to the dentist like visiting a friend. The staff are incredibly accommodating, the waiting room so comfortable, and the view from the treatment rooms amazing. I’ve sent a number of people to Artistic and all have come back with the same sense of people that really care about your well-being. If you’re considering going to one of those “dentistry mills” because you might think you’ll save some money? Been there, done that and believe me, it was no deal. Give Drs. D, A and team a try, especially if you’ve let your smile “slip” from less-than ideal experiences with other practices.

Lynn Roman (Source: Google)


Artistic dental is amazing. The technology is state of the art, making visits effective and efficient. My dental hygienist, Mary is very experienced, kind, gentle and a joy to be around. The staff are pleasant and helpful, and the dentists are very good. I feel well cared for at Artistic Dental and would highly recommend them. If you don’t have insurance they also have a reasonable dental plan that was actually less expensive than my current dental insurance so I switched.

Carlos Bonaparte (Source: Google)


Amazing office all around. Dr. Adhikari and Dr. Dougherty are the greatest dentist in my opinion. They are so in tune with their care and extremely focus on the patient comfort and always so professional. All the rest of the staff follows suit in been so friendly, knowledgeable plus they make you feel like a part of their family. I could go on and on in how amazing they all are. Thank you guys!

Jason N. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I have to say first I have not been to the dentist in a while(5 years), that being said I was afraid of what I was going to find out. Dr. Dougherty took a look & gave me  the options which included extracting two teeth & some other work. He did not make me feel bad about my situation & was super nice & honest. He extracted the two teeth that same day & had it done within minutes after it was numb. He got me in asap for the rest of the work & was really fair with the pricing. The best part is the next day after the extraction the pain was gone instantly, I didn’t even feel like I had teeth pulled. “HE IS THE BEST & MOST GENTLE DENTIST I HAVE EVER BEEN TO & I AM 40!!!” Thank you Dr Dougherty & all the staff at Artistic Dental.

Caitlyn O. from Scottsdale, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I can not say enough good things about artistic dental!! Dr. Dougherty took the time to explain why I needed the work done that I did, I felt I could trust him and his opinion and that he wasn’t trying to upsell me at every turn. Dr Dougherty and his staff are so kind and I have never felt so comfortable around a dentist. I can’t recommend them enough, you won’t be disappointed if you choose to go see him and his staff.

Phoebe Wells (Source: Google)


I never thought I would “love” a dentist office but they had the best service and nicest staff I have ever experienced. They are always on time and super accommodating. Their waiting room is so comfortable and they have a charging station free WiFi and coffee. They have never left me waiting because they are running late and they send reminder texts and calls. The staff is so nice and they are always happy to see you when you come in. I would recommend this place to literally anyone the amount I talk about how much I love my dentist office is kinda crazy. 11/10 every time

Anthony (Source: Google)


I was looking for a new dental office and I saw that artistic dental had the most positive reviews on both google and yelp so I went. The people that are there are so nice and helpful the dental hygienist she was so awesome I feel bad because I forgot her last name but I’m bad with names she is so knowledgeable helpful personable and I even scheduled my next cleaning with her she was just great the office was really nice they have the most up to date dental equipment and what I also like that they do orthodontic like braces and Invisalign it’s nice to have a one stop shop. The dentist was cool he was knowledgeable straight forward honest I liked that he didn’t sell me on things I didn’t need and gave me options as well so I will definitely be making this my permanent dental office.

Juliet S. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Artistic Dental for a few years and they are fantastic. From the front office to the dentists everyone is warm and friendly and always helpful. I see Dr. Dougherty and my kids see Dr. Adhikari and both are excellent about making you feel comfortable. I also love that they up on the latest treatments and provide everything from general dental care to cosmetic and ortho. I recently needed a crown and they were able to do everything onsite that day – no labs or waiting a week or two and having to schedule another appointment. They are conveniently located in the Biltmore area, but I would travel to see them, if I had to. If you are looking for a dentist, I would highly recommend.

Emily Quinn (Source: Google)


Everyone from the receptionists, to the dental hygienist, to the dentist were so nice! The office is clean and welcoming, and it is very centrally located! I always get nervous with going to new healthcare providers, and they took all my worries away! I loved how they looked at me systemically and were thorough with their screenings and patient education. I would highly recommend this practice!

Steven S. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I love going to the dentist now! Dr. Dougherty is very good, quick and will fix what is bothering you. I experienced some pain after an extraction and when I called, he had me come in right away to make sure I was ok. Also, he is very personable which I can appreciate because I felt more at ease during my visit.

Fahira Catic (Source: Google)


This was my first random visit to this office. The staff at the front office is very, very helpful! Marcia was exceptional. My veneer fell out and I no longer had a dentist. I called Artistic dental as they are in my neighborhood and they got me in the next day! Up on arrival, I was greeted and welcomed! My temperature was not checked but the mask was mandatory. The office was clean. Dental assistant got me to the back and was really friendly. Next, the dentist came in and he was really nice and funny! I will for sure go back to this office and I recommend it for anyone who is looking for family practice and not big corporation of dental office.

Vanessa Greene (Source: Google)


Since the hygienist I always schedule my cleanings with retired, I was a little skeptical about seeing a new hygienist. Well, Kaitlin, my new hygienist was fantastic! She was very professional and super friendly. When she was using a new technique/tools that I wasn’t familiar with, she explained the new tools and how the cleaning would be much quicker using the new tools. Thank you Kaitlin for making my new experience with a new hygienist outstanding! I’ll schedules get all my cleaning appointments with you, if possible.

Abby M. from Scottsdale, AZ (Source: Yelp)


This is the easiest 5 stars I’ve ever given. It was my first time coming in because I had a horrible dentist experience at a different place and was seriously scared to go to another. Dominic was my hygienist and he made the experience amazing! I was found laughing and smiling leaving the office at 8am! I would highly recommend this place to any new patients and look forward to my next visit in May!

Stefanie S. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


My boyfriend and I are both patients/clients at Artistic Dental. We have had nothing but great experiences with Dr. Dougherty and Dr. “A”. They are both awesome! They explain everything and the fact that they can make crowns right in the office is such a huge time saver! Their flexible hours are wonderful for working professionals and the entire staff just “gets it”. From the front office check in staff to the billing ladies they do a great job. They actually make the follow up calls they say they will!! In a world of increasingly impersonal medical/dental offices that are inflexible and and have horrible customer service, Artistic Dental has been a gem of a find. The have set the bar, and set it high!

Lewis (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to Artisitic Dental for 9 years. And have had the same Dental Hygienist & Dentist for those 9 years. It’s nice to be able to establish a rapport with such Great People. I Love all the staff there. They all have been there since I started going. Which to me says a lot about Management/Owners. Thanks Artistic Dental for all you’ve done and all you do!!!!

Michael S. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Highly recommend this location for multiple reasons very prompt when it comes to scheduling very efficient when it comes to updating you regarding your schedules. Both dentist are very efficient for any cutting edge technology. They allowed me to come in earlier to make some corrections on my teeth. The location is very clean, the fountains that each cleaning location has his great setting. Make sure you set up a time to have your experience just as positive as mine.

Keirstin Nitzel (Source: Google)


This is by far the best dentist office Ive ever been to. They have all the newest technology, I can’t believe what they’re able to do in one day! All of the staff there are very kind, courteous and gentle. Dr. Dougherty was fantastic, he not only took my pain away, but made my smile a whole lot better. I will definitely recommend them to everyone I know.

Janet Slane (Source: Google)


During this epidemic, my front tooth veneer came off. Even though I am staying in my home during this crisis, I looked ridiculous missing my front tooth and couldn’t even look at myself in a mirror. I called my dentist, Dr Dougherty and left a message. His office called back within 10 minutes and said to come right in. Within an hour I was back home with my veneer repaired and replaced. What a wonderful dentist and staff!!! Best in the Valley!! Thank you so much for being open to emergencies during this difficult time!!

Mel S. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


They may have cured my lifetime fear of dentists! Let’s just say….that I have been known to go up to 7 years without seeing a dentist….this year it had been 4-5 years. I kept paying in on my dental insurance & decided I had better find myself a new dentist and get my pearly whites cleaned and checked. This location is very easy to get to! The staff is great, scheduling was easy. Tevona cleaned my teeth and took xrays and she was so sweet and understanding of my fears. Dr Dougherty must be the most chill dentist-ever…..! I indicated I was interested in teeth whitening & they were able to do my impressions the same day and I picked up my kit the very next day, explaining exactly how to use it! I even got a follow-up thank you card in the mail! Going to the dentist will never be my favorite thing but Artistic Dental makes it a lot easier to keep my smile healthy & beautiful!

J. J. from Glendale, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I never thought I would be giving a dentist a 5 star rating but Dr Dougherty and the staff at Artistic Dental deserve at least a 5 star rating. I recently broke a bridge in the front of my mouth and was sent to a dentist that wanted me to have 50k worth of work which is not feasible. Enter Dr Dougherty he not only gave me options but to my surprise reassured me that a cheaper alternative was a great option. I have never had a dentist that has recommended an option that isn’t the most expensive and I think this is a testament to how this office operates. They truly made me feel comfortable. I have had so much dental work done over the years and have been plagued with one bad experience after another. This is the first time I have not left an office discouraged but hopeful. On a side note they were also able to get me in for treatment very soon And Dr Dougherty even offered to come in on his off time since this is my front teeth you don’t want to wait. I called this office because they had so many positive reviews and can say I’m very grateful I did. Looking forward to having a dentist that I can depend on and trust. They also open early at 7am and I think they have late evenings too I have a very busy job so another bonus. Looking forward to updating with a pic of my brand new smile soon. I meant to update after I received my bridge but didn’t. It is PERFECT they really care about making sure you have a beautiful and healthy smile. I can’t say enough good things about the team at Artistic Dental. I just had my cleaning today and again AWESOME. I knew that some major work would be coming as I have been super neglectful with my teeth. They never made me feel bad and the hygienist was so patient and thoughtful. I feel like they really care and am not treated like a dollar figure but a person. Kudos to the team at Artistic Dental they continue to impress.

Lanay G. from Atlanta, GA (Source: Yelp)


I have been coming to see Dr. Adhikari for about a year now. I was referred to her by a coworker when I was having troubles with previous dental work that had been completed somewhere else. The day I went to see her I was in tears in pain. She was very caring and as gentle as she could be. She took a conservative approach to fixing the issue. After a few visits, everything was fixed! No more pain! I now visit for my regular checkups. I have seen both Dr. A and Dr. Dougherty and I highly recommend both of them.

Rachel Smith (Source: Google)


I love Dr. Dougherty! He is super honest and doesn’t try to make me do dental work that doesn’t actually need to be done. He is fair and honest. He and his staff are very friendly and make me feel at ease. I have a lot of anxiety regarding dental work (except for when I get my teeth cleaned) and Dr. D is very patient with me. I highly recommend this office !

Zahra L. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Excellent Service and Care! What I truly enjoy in a doctor is the ability to make people feel comfortable when receiving care.  The technology is up to date and the professionals are up to speed on the new science void any gimmicks and overselling of things people don’t need.  I love this practice for it’s ethics and ability to provide top notch care, it lives up to everything I love in a modern professional doctors office. 🙂

Anonymous (Source: Google)


I have Know Dr. John for over 27 years… My Daughter lives overseas, and needed a few root canals in her front 2 teeth – from a past accident. I wouldn’t trust another Dentist other then Dr. Dougherty to take care of her.. (He did not disappoint) The next morning, My daughter did not experience any discomfort and no longer has sensitive front teeth! – He even improved the color of the front 2 teeth very well. — Excellence!— …. The most friendly – Professional staff, Caring, Courteous, and I have referred so many others.. You wont go wrong with this office… Find out for yourself!.. 10 Stars **********.. Thx Doc…

Ter S. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I “interviewed” about 4 dentists in the Biltmore area. I’m so tired of the lying and trying to “upsell” me. Artistic Dental didn’t. They came out with a quote, and kept to it.  Same day (top of the line) crown- (no adjustment time, discomfort) and cleaning by Kim was the best I’ve had.  Dr. D was great but friends have gone to the other Dr. and said she was good, too.  Their hours and people are user-friendly:)


Dr. John Dougherty isn’t your average everyday dentist. He’s been practicing dentistry for more than two decades, he is an outdoor enthusiast who has hiked the Grand Canyon North Rim to South Rim more than 20 times, and he’s completed a 600-mile bike race in Oregon. But what truly sets him apart is his dedication to his family, his patients and the Phoenix community. Launching his private practice, Artistic Dental at the biltmore in 2000, Dr. Dougherty provides comprehensive dental care, taking an integrative approach in treating patients from children to seniors. Growing up in Portland, Oregon, John Dougherty excelled in math and science. After graduating high school, he went on to become a bleeding orange and black Beaver from Oregon State University. Coming from a family of engineers, it seemed only natural that he would follow their lead. Yet, his career path took a different turn when he took a class that had students perform an exercise carving teeth. When his professor told him he was a “natural talent”, he decided to change majors and ultimately became one of Arizona’s leading dentists. After graduating from Oregon State University, Dr. Dougherty attended Creighton University, where he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery. The appeal of warm weather, great outdoor activities and the growing Phoenix market attracted Dr. Dougherty to start his career in Arizona in 1991. For the first few years, he worked on staff for a private practice before joining OnSite Dental, where he worked from a trailer traveling throughout Arizona to provide dental care to the under-served children and families living on the Indian reservations. After four years of working from the road five-days-a-week,Dr. Dougherty returned to practicing dentistry full-time in Phoenix and began looking for a dental practice of his own to purchase. His two-year search eventually connected him with a retiring dentist located at 24th Street just south of Camelback Road and the two signed an agreement.Two days before closing, the business burned to the ground. Knowing that entrepreneurship was not for the weak, Dr. Dougherty stayed committed to going out on his own. He renegotiated and rebuilt, opening the doors to Artistic Dental at the biltmore in November 2000. A lifelong learner, Dr. Dougherty believes that the more knowledge and skills he can acquire, the better care and services he can provide to his patients. In 2012, Dr. Dougherty’s commitment to education was recognized after completing 1,100 hours of continued study with a Mastership Award from the Academy of General Dentistry, the highest honor and one of the most respected designations within the dental profession. Dr. Dougherty is a member of Central Arizona Dental Society, American Dental Association, Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, International Orthodontics Association, and the Arizona State Dental Association. He also donates his time and expertise to patients from Saint Vincent de Paul and Veterans of Foreign Wars. In 2015, he was named a Health Care Hero finalist by the Phoenix Business Journal. When Dr. D. isn’t seeing an early morning patient, he likes serving breakfast in bed to his kids. He also enjoys basketball, water skiing, hiking, biking, and playing Blokus and bridge.