Even28 at-home™ clear aligners

    At-home clear aligner programs offer an innovative way to straighten your smile. Treatment with at-home clear aligners is simple, convenient, and more affordable than traditional clear aligner therapy like Invisalign®. In most cases, you can straighten your teeth in as little as 3 to 9 months using at-home clear aligners. At-home clear aligners are reserved for fixing minor orthodontic conditions only. These include:

    • Closing small gaps between your teeth
    • Fixing slightly crooked front teeth
    • Straightening that one snag tooth that refuses to line up with others!

    There are many different at-home clear aligner systems to choose from, including Smile Direct Club™, Byte™, Candid Co.™, and Even28 at-home™ to name just a few.

    Benefits of Even28 at-home clear aligners

    Ideal candidates for Even28 at-home clear aligner treatment are those with crooked or gap front teeth.

    Even28 at-home™ is an at-home clear aligner program offered through local dentists and orthodontists. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Even28 at-home™ over these other at-home clear aligner systems:

    Results in months not years

    We move teeth very quickly with our clear aligner system. The average treatment time for Even28 at-home™ is just over 5 months. This means your even smile could be less than half-a-year away!


    Even28 at-home™ costs just $1,995 for up to 8 clear aligners. That's nearly 50% less than what Invisalign® and most other dentist-delivered clear aligner programs cost. It's also the same cost as all the other at-home clear aligner programs like Smile Direct Club™ and Candid Co.™


    You get all of your clear aligners upfront with Even28 at-home™. There are rarely any additional dentist visits until you're done with your program.

    Financing options

    With Even28 at-home™, you can straighten your smile without having to break the bank. All participating Even28 clear aligner providers offer affordable monthly financing options to help you pay for your ortho treatment. Financing terms range from 6 months all the way to 4 or 5 years. Your monthly payments could be as little as $50 a month for those who qualify.

    Access to a trusted and experienced local dentist

    The biggest problem with at-home clear aligner programs is that there is no direct supervision. Even28 at-home™ is different. This is not a do-it-yourself kind of program. Our clear aligner programs are exclusively offered through a network of participating local dentists and orthodontists. Your Even28 clear aligner provider is there to support you every step of the way. From getting started, to monitoring your progress, to ensuring that you're happy with the final results. You're always welcome to swing by your dentist if you have an emergency. Your Even28 clear aligner provider will assist you throughout your entire smile journey to make sure you end up with the best results.

    Ready to straighten your smile with Even28 at-home™? Use our dentist Search Engine to look up dentists near you to find one who offers Even28 clear aligners and start your smile journey today!

    Which cases qualify for at-home clear aligner treatment?

    At-home clear aligners are perfect for treating minor orthodontic conditions. On the opposite hand, complex orthodontic conditions can not be treated using at-home clear aligners. More complicated cases always require dentist-delivered clear aligners, like Invisalign®, or braces. So how can you tell if you qualify for at-home clear aligners? The best way is to see your dentist or orthodontic for a clear aligner consult. Just to give you an idea, here are a few examples of cases which are good candidates for Even28 at-home™ clear aligner therapy:


    aka crooked front teeth



    aka gaps between front teeth



    aka snaggletooth!



    You forgot to wear your retainers…for like 5 years!


    Want to see if you're a good candidate for wearing at-home clear aligners? Take our at-home clear aligner assessment quiz to see how likely you are to qualify for at-home clear aligner therapy.


    How much does Even28 at-homecost?

    Despite being offered through local dentists and orthodontic, Even28 at-home™ costs just $1,995 for up to 8 clear aligner pairs. When financed, this could be as little as $50 per month! That's 30 to 60% less than similar Invisalign® clear aligner programs typically cost. It's also the same price as do-it-yourself clear aligner systems like Smile Direct Club™, but without all the risks and dangers of do-it-yourself aligner programs. With Even28 at-home™, your entire smile journey is supervised by one of our experienced local dentists or orthodontists. Your Even28 clear aligner provider will ensure that your treatment goes according to plan. Here are some of the benefits of having access to a local dentist throughout your clear aligner journey:


    Your dentist makes sure that your teeth and gums are healthy enough to start clear aligner therapy.

    Accurate diagnosis and treatment plan

    No one is more qualified than your dentist to take accurate impressions or scans of your teeth. Your dentist will take all necessary photos, bite registration, etc. to better diagnose and treatment plan your smile journey. Your dentist will work closely with our lab technician to design a custom clear aligner program exclusive to your smile.


    We email you a cool animation that shows your projected tooth movement, known as the EvenCheck. This way you can visualize your final smile before we've ever created it!

    Support throughout your smile journey

    You will have access to your Even28 clear aligner provider for any questions or in case you run into an emergency.

    Results check

    When your treatment is complete your dentist will evaluate the final results. They will make sure that treatment was successful and that you're happy with your new smile. If necessary, they will take corrective actions, such as adjusting your bite, closing any remaining gaps with bonding, etc. Occasionally, they may request additional clear aligners, known as refinement aligners. to correct any mistakes which may have occurred along the way.

    Having a straight smile is easier and more affordable than ever thanks toEven28 at-home™. Ready to straighten your smile with Even28 at-home™ clear aligners? Find an Even28 clear aligner provider near you to see if you're a candidate for our at-home clear aligner program. Even28 at-home™ costs just $1,995 (up to 8 tray pairs) at all participating Even28 clear aligner providers. The price is fixed and all of our participating providers have agreed to charge the same fee. This includes your complete clear aligner series, up to 8 pairs, and all necessary dentist appointments. Basically, everything you need to start and finish your smile journey. To see a full list of what's included in your Even28 SmileBox click here.

    How long does Even28 at-home™️ take to straighten your teeth?

    On average, Even28 at-home™️ takes between 3 to 9 months to straighten most smiles. Obviously each case is unique and treatment times vary based on how much tooth movement is required. The more tooth movement needed, the longer your clear journey. The median treatment time is around 5 months. This means that your even smile could be less than half-a-year away! Be sure to ask your dentist about Even28 Express. Even28 Express cuts down on treatment times by as much as 30 to 40% (click here to learn more about Even28 Express). Of course, this only happens if you follow your dentist's instructions carefully. 

    Tips on how to wear your clear aligners

    Be patient!

    When you first wear your clear aligners, they can be a bit uncomfortable and awkward. Luckily, 99% of you people get used to them within the first 2 days. As you continue going through your clear aligners, it becomes easier and easier to wear them. A good advice is to start wearing your new aligners at night times. This way, you can go right to sleep and adapt to them overnight. Feel free to use pain relievers (like Tylenol or Advil) if in pain. Drinking a cold soda also helps as you're in the process of getting used to your new clear aligners.

    2 to 4 weeks per aligner

    When it comes to how long you should wear your clear aligners, there are 3 important rules which you must follow:

    1. Wear your clear aligners in the correct sequence (aligner #1, then #2, then #3, etc.)
    2. Wear your aligners for the recommended number of hours each day
    3. Be sure to wear each aligner for at least 2 weeks and no longer than 4 weeks

    Never skip an aligner. Don't rush going through your clear aligners. Wear each aligner for a minimum of 2 weeks before switching to the next one. Why 2 weeks? If you wear your clear aligner for less than 2 weeks your teeth won't stabilize in their new position. This means that they can bounce back to their previous position. If you switch to a new aligner and it's extremely painful, feel free to continue wearing your old aligner for an additional 2 to 3 days. The maximum wear time for each aligner is 4 weeks. If you're still having a hard time switching to your new aligner after 4 weeks, then it's time to go see your dentist. Your dentist will help you figure out if there are any problems and offer you a solution.

    Wear your aligners 10 to 24 hours a day

    There are 3 different methods to wear your clear aligners:

    1. Full-time wear: The standard wear method requires you to wear your clear aligners full time. This means no less than 21 hours per day. You must wear your clear aligners when awake or asleep, working or breaking, talking or relaxing. Only take them out when eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. Water is the only exception, and you can leave your aligners in when sipping water.
    2. Daytime wear: You wear your aligners during the day and take them out at night. With the daytime wear method, you should wear each aligner for 3 weeks instead of the usual 2 weeks.
    3. Nighttime wear: You wear your aligners during the night and take them out when you are awake. With the nighttime wear method, you should wear each aligner for 4 weeks instead of the standard 2 weeks.

    Click here to learn more about the daytime and nighttime wear techniques.

    Additional tips on how to wear your aligners

    • Wear your aligners even when you are asleep (unless you're using the daytime only wear method)
    • If your clear aligners are not seating all the way bite on your chewies for a few minutes to seat them in place
    • To remove your aligners start by pulling on the back section first, then release the front section to fully remove your aligners
    • If your aligners are too tight, stand in front of a mirror and use your outtie tool to remove them
    • Remove your aligners daily and continue to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would
    • You can clean your aligners with liquid soap, but avoid toothpaste as it could damage them
    • Maintain your regular dental cleaning appointments throughout your smile journey
    • Keep each aligner in its proper packaging and never throw them away, just in case you have to re-use them
    • Contact your Even28 clear aligner provider if you have any other questions or run into an emergency


    What if I don't qualify for at-home clear aligners?


    Complex orthodontic conditions can not be fixed using at-home clear aligners. These include straightening really crooked teeth, correcting underbites, and crossbites. Now, this doesn't automatically mean that you have to wear braces. You may still qualify for dentist-delivered clear aligner programs like ClearCorrect™️ or Invisalign® instead. Dentist-delivered clear aligner programs allow for more control over your tooth movement. These programs are offered through local dentists and orthodontists and they require regular dentist appointments. Let's take a closer look at orthodontic conditions which typically don't qualify for at-home clear aligners and require dentist supervision instead.

    Cases requiring bite correction

    Any orthodontic case that requires bite correction should always be treated under direct dentist supervision, regardless of whether you choose clear aligner therapy or braces. You need a dentist to supervise your treatment to correct your bite. There's a good chance your dentist will use attachments (buttons), perform tooth contouring, etc. to assist in tooth movement. Do-it-yourself aligners do not offer any dentist intervention. As a result, DIY aligners routinely screw up patients' bites in the process of straightening their front teeth. While dentist-delivered clear aligner programs may cost a bit more, they prevent you from developing bite problems. Don't mess with your bite! Bite problems stress your teeth and lead to tooth fracture, failure of dental restoration, headaches, TMJ problems, and other serious complications. Always go with dentist-delivered clear aligners like Invisalign® or ClearCorrect™ if you require any sort of bite correction.

    Complex tooth movements

    Tougher orthodontic conditions should never be treated with at-home or DIY clear aligner programs. For instance, extremely crowded teeth don't respond well to at-home clear aligner therapy. To properly straighten super-crowded teeth, your dentist must create additional space for tooth movement. This technique, known as tooth contouring or interproximal reduction (IPR), can only be performed by a licensed dentist. Without proper dentist involvement, you could end up with subpar results. Plus, your teeth will simply relapse back to their original position within a few years after treatment. Tougher orthodontic conditions should always be treated using dentist-directed clear aligners. The other solution is to wear braces instead.

    Ready to start straightening your smile?

    By you now should have a clear understanding of how at-home clear aligners work. Even28 at-homeclear aligners are a dentist-supervised at-home clear aligner system. They offer you the convenience and savings of at-home aligner therapy, but without all the risks of unsupervised ortho treatment. If you don't already have a dentist, feel free to use our dentist Search Engine to find a provider near you. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at admin@even28.com to learn more about Even28 at-home™ clear aligner program.