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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants

Sedation dentistry


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Kenny L. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I got 4 wisdom tooth removals. Three wisdom tooth were difficult to get extracted because their positions were in deep of the bone and crooked. My teeth are very sensitive, even just for a teeth cleaning. However, Dr. Pham convinced me trust him because he already did thousand of patients like it. My case expected to take one hour for surgery, but Dr. Pham spent extra an hour to did my difficult case. He cut my wisdom tooth into small pieces to remove the wisdom tooth. After doing the research from internet, I figure out that this technique would cut just smaller portions of my gums so that it created a smaller wound. Thanks for Dr. Pham’s experience, after a week of healing, I felt nearly back to normal.

Mariama Wilson (Source: Google)


I want to make this a short review, but I honestly can’t. The reason is because Atlas Dental does everything a dentist office needs to do and more! From the beautiful office, warm environment, caring staff to most importantly, a knowledgeable dentist. Moving to Portland from NYC, I’ve had my fair share of dentists (5 to be exact). Rough, fast and painful dentists. So it’s almost a given that I assumed Atlas was the same. WRONG! All fears you have of dentist offices or your dentist poking you everywhere….let it go. Let’s be honest here, the Dentist you go to is Great Value Brand. Atlas Dental is the Beyoncé of Dentistry. Now let me explain why: 1. When you walk in, the place is just a great energy to be in. With coffee, tea, juice, and your occasional snacks. You typically don’t need to wait any longer than 5-10 minutes to be seen. You’re immediately greeted by the front desk assistant Sophia who is incredible at making sure you’re taken care of. Making sure that all your questions are answered any billing questions, anything. 2. The hospitality is out of this world. Atlas really wants you to feel at home. And the way they do this is by providing you with a TV that you can watch WHILE they’re all in your mouth. (You get a cool pair of glasses too). Oh but wait, there’s more. The chair you’re sitting on just so happens to be a MASSAGE CHAIR! I thought I was at a dental office not the spa? 3. Everyone cares! It’s almost funny to say that. But it’s true. From Sereyneth who handles the nuts and bolts of the office, to Diane who’s so thorough with my cleanings. It’s wonderful to come to your dentist and be treated like family and not like a random patient. These things matter. 4. The knowledge!!!!!!! Okay if you’re like me, you go to the dentist, they tell you to open your mouth, they do some things, leave, come back, do more things and then say bye. Not only do you NOT know what they’re doing but you just have no communication or relationship with your dentist. Dr Hieu is the first and only dentist who EXPLAINS what is happening in your mouth, what caused it, and preventive measures. He explains everything in simple language allowing you to be informed to make better decisions. He will take a close look at your mouth and give you a rundown on what he thinks should happen. He breaks them down into 3 categories: emergency, preventative, cosmetic. His goal isn’t to take your money. His goal is to inform you on what’s an emergency and what is something if you’re interested in doing, you can do. Which is so helpful. Okay but to add the cherry on top, the next day Dr Hieu PERSONALLY will text you to see how you’re doing. Are you serious? He’s a magical human being. All dentists need to be like him. 5. Paying it forward. On your first clean up they give you a QUIP TOOTHBRUSH! Ya’ll, what dentist is giving you a toothbrush that isn’t from the Dollar Tree? Okay but there’s more!! Not only do you get a free Quip toothbrush, but they also give you an organic bamboo tooth brush. Why you ask? Because every toothbrush they give you, they’re also donating one to a charity. Does your dentist give back to the community it serves? ……….Oh, I’ll wait. 6. Lastly, circling back to knowledge. In the few times I’ve seen Dr Hieu for a check up, cavity filling or Invisalign treatment, every single time I’m being seen by him, he’s always empowering his staff to grow and learn. He’s always allowing his assistants to finish a procedure. He’s always teaching and making sure others around him are growing. And that alone is a great quality to have in a dentist. So now, you’re going to keep your dentist or are you going level up?

Debbie K. from Sunnyvale, CA (Source: Yelp)


My son had all four of his wisdom teeth pulled the morning ad Dr Pham’s. Dr Pham’s office staff is really niece they took the time to explain all the details of my son’s surgery. My older son had his wisdom teeth pulled by Dr Pham also about 4 years ago and when I can into the office un announced the staff remembered me and asked how I was and how my boys were. Dr Pham takes the time to explain everything I have never felt like he was rushing us through our appointment. I also like the fact that Dr Pham is a Oral Surgeon and a Dr. I would recommend Dr Pham.

Rajeev T. from Sunnyvale, CA (Source: Yelp)


I visited Dr Pham for my Wisdom Tooth Extraction . I am extremely satisfied and within few hours I was felling completely normal . The Extraction went very smooth and I didnt feel any pain whatsoever. I highly recommend Dr Pham for his excellent professional work as a Oral Surgeon.

Aileen Valadez (Source: Google)


Had my first dental cleaning in several years due to not having dental insurance. I’m lucky that I’ve had pretty good dental health my whole life but I know how important it is to have regular check ups. I contacted Atlas because I had heard good things from neighbors and friends and they called me back quickly. I love that they have the texting option, I’m still working through covid so I can’t answer the phone at work. It was super easy to schedule an appointment and they have a plan for those without insurance that’s straightforward and well priced. I went in today to get my cleaning and the office is beautiful and clean. I never had concerns about capacity or cleanliness of the space. My hygienist was awesome and explained the procedures and terminology which I’ve never experienced before. The space is comfortable and the chairs are heated with a massage feature (!) and you can watch Netflix during your cleaning (!!). The dentist came and checked and was very informative and helpful with suggestions of procedures going forward. The staff that helped me check in and check out were great and I very much look forward to my next visit! This is the longest review I’ve ever left and it is very well deserved.

Maria L. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hieu was recommended to me by Dr. Nguyen at Oakmead Dental as i had 2 fully bony impacted wisdom teeth and they needed to be taken out fast as they were causing me problems, not to mention the other 2 as well. My husband had his wisdom teeth taken out here before and he verified that he was the best, especially for someone with a complicated case such as mine. Went there friday morning for an exam, was my first time there and after he took one look at the x-ray he told me he could do them right then and there if i agreed to it, as they needed to be taken out as soon as possible. Hearing that my husband encouraged me to go ahead and get it over with, and reluctantly i agreed, though on the inside i was terrified as i knew they were dangerous and would require a lot of work. He did the entire operation in 1 hour and i was fully awake and aware for it, i had never had laughing gas before so his assistant told me that she likes to have her patients “at least give it a try” so she gave me a little. The entire time i barely felt anything, despite all the scary noises, pokes, and very small sensations that i felt, but what made me even more at ease was that they were both so sweet, Dr. and assistant kept reassuring me that i was doing great, and that i was almost done, giving me comforting words to hear when they noticed me tense up in fear. I walked in there very fearful and walked out so relieved, even after being in immense pain later due to one of the impacted teeth residing very close to a nerve, i was still glad i had gone to him. He was extremely professional, polite, and so nice that he made me feel that everything would be ok, and it was. One of the teeth took nearly 25 minutes on its own, and i believe from the noises that he had to break it into a few pieces before he could take it out but i felt that he didn’t rush to “just get it over with” but took his time and was very careful to not get any shrapnels stuck anywhere or left in my mouth, he was very thorough, down to the stitches. 5 days later i am still nowhere eating hard foods or more solid type foods and taking a lot of meds, but for someone like me who usually almost always had some kind of complication in the past, this time there was none and i am so glad to have had it done and over with, especially with someone so well revered. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Dr. Hieu and staff for making my day go by so well and by being so nice to a complete stranger.

Arun C. from Sunnyvale, CA (Source: Yelp)


I underwent dental surgery at Dr. Pham’s clinic. I had to get my two upper wisdom teeth removed. The whole procedure was over in about 20 minutes and totally without pain. I had no pain whatsoever (except a mild nerve-pull for about 2 SECONDS two days later) and there was no swelling either. Dr. Pham is a fabulous dental surgeon. However, he is a little brusque in his manners. 🙂

Amanda N. from Vancouver, WA (Source: Google)


This review is long overdue. From scheduling to having work done on my teeth, I have only received exceptional service. Online scheduling was user friendly. I was able to schedule as a new patient and complete all the necessary paperwork at the convenience of my home. I’ve only had morning appointments so I can’t speak to what afternoon parking looks like, but I haven’t had any issues the two times I’ve been there so far. There’s plenty of street parking and I can typically park right in front of the office. The office is clean and appealing to the eye. My first appointment was a cleaning. Initially it did take the machines awhile to cooperate for some of the pictures done on my teeth. I blame that it was a Monday and the machinery was also having a hard time getting started for the week. The cleaning itself was great. I was able to watch Netflix, use the massage function of the chair, and keep my bum toasty with the heated seats. I think what I really appreciate the most is that the team goes over and beyond the care they provide. Dr. Hieu reviewed some potential problem areas for preventative measures. I can’t recall going to a dentist and having that discussion. I feel that when I go to the dentist, they usually discuss about something if it’s a big concern and requires attention ASAP. I go to regular dentist appointments and hate to be surprised about any teeth issues. Atlas goes over possible problem areas and allows the client to make the decision whether or not to proceed or wait to take care of those. The service provided is truly patient centered care. After my second appointment, Dr. Hieu personally followed up to make sure all my fillings were fine. Although it might not be necessary, it shows that he truly cares for his clients. He also will take the time to review any questions you might have for him so you fully understand about some of the preventative treatment recommended if you have questions outside the office. I don’t plan on changing dentist if I don’t have to and actually look forward to going to the dentist now! Not only that, Atlas dental really tries to give back to the community. Thank you Atlas dental for the care you provide to the clients!

Chee Hoe C. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had both of my impacted lower wisdom teeth removed by Dr Pham and I am very glad I chose him to solve my oral problem. I sought the opinions of other dentists and oral surgeon with my 3D X-Ray. It appears mine is a complex case and risk of permanent numbness after surgery is high. When I decided to let Dr Pham take up my case, he recommended to remove the wisdom teeth separately. Before each surgery, Dr Pham was able to explain the procedure to me clearly and provide the reassurance I need. His nurse also explained the post surgery care very well. After the operation, Dr Pham continued to monitor my recovery until he is absolutely happy that all is well. In conclusion, both my bottom wisdom teeth came out without any long term numbness. Thank you Dr Pham!

Jennifer H. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Pham makes me enjoy wisdom teeth extractions. srsly. after going through everything with Dr. Pham and his staff, i wouldn’t mind doing it all over again if i had to. When i decided to pull out my wisdom teeth, it was 2 weeks prior to my 21st birthday. the reason why i needed to do the extraction asap was because of my insurance coverage. apparently, i wouldn’t get covered anymore because i wasn’t of age. So knowing that, i panicked and requested an appointment with the doctor to scoop out my mouth. i did the appointment and he told me i had to pull out all 4. then his receptionist went over the cost and the next appointment for the actual extraction. I told her ASAP PLEASE! she scheduled me the next week (the week right before my birthday) and told me i needed someone to drive me to the appointment. i was given all that good drug stuff at the office but i had to get vicodin behind the counter. so the day of, i was quickly seated and drugged up by the laughing gas. (i had a choice to be knocked out or laughing gas, and i was told the laughing gas was cheaper) i was pretty nervous sitting there, patiently waiting, but i became totally unaware of time, space and life. when the doctor yanked out my teeth, i could not feel a thing, plus i was falling in and out of sleep. everything went by so quickly. i guesstimated that the procedure lasted 30mins, but my friend who was waiting said the it was little over an hour. my face wasn’t that bad after. my cheeks were somewhat puffy and sore, but not too crazy that i looked like quagmire. minimal swelling. of course i felt like shit after the process and took a 14 hour nap due to the vicodin, but i had a really great experience with Dr. Pham. although, i did worry that my open wounded gums were potentially infected because it started to hurt, but once all the stitches fell out, i was in a better place. i would also like to note, about kim the receptionist! she is so sweet and very helpful. she always has a smile on her face, which makes it a delightful experience to talk to her. this place is where you need to go if u want to be happy with wisdom teeth extractions.

Jenn P. from Santa Clara, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was referred by my dentist to Dr. Pham for wisdom teeth extraction. I was against going to a Vietnamese doctor since many of them have reputations for doing shady/poor work. I came in for my consultation and was super nervous (I made myself have high blood pressure!) but his assistants were really friendly and calmed me down a lot. They told me exactly what I would need to do in order to prep for surgery. I was still super nervous because Dr. Pham had given me the (mandatory) disclaimer that there could be temporary or permanent nerve damage, loss of feeling, taste, etc… The night before surgery, my bf told to Google the Dr. and I’m so glad I did! Dr. Pham is super legit; besides the DDS/MD title, I was very impressed that he is an associate professor at UCSF. Knowing that I had a more than qualified doctor, I finally relaxed. I opted to be put asleep because there was no way I wanted to be awake for whatever they do and while I was out, his assistant told my brother exactly what to watch out and how to take care post op. My surgery was in the morning and at 9 that night, I got a phone call from Dr. Pham checking to see how I was doing; if I was experiencing any pain or discomfort and what to do if I was. This was a much appreciated gesture and I think it really shows his commitment and dedication to his work. I healed up quick and easy, minimal bleeding and swelling and post op went smoothly; I haven’t had any problems since. I’d def recommend Dr. Pham for your oral surgery needs. If you are nervous, google him!

Ryan C. G. (Source: Google)


It was great, the most pleasant dentist experience I’ve ever had. I’ve had a lot of anxiety about these things in the past, but everyone I interacted with (Kelsey, Camille, and Dr. Hieu) made it a wonderful experience. They presented all the information I asked for in easy to understand ways, and they weren’t pushy at all about optional procedures. Would heartily recommend.

Mike S. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


So years ago i was traumatized by a dentist taking off my bottom wisdom teeth while i was on local anestisia and i swore to never ever go to a dentist ever again. But for some odd reason i was convinced by my mother to get my top ones removed. My current dentist referred me to this vietnamese dentist. I was a little hesitant because he was a vietnamese doctor and the reputation they have but man, This place was a quite different than what i expected. The staff was friendly and consists of friendly staff. Doctor hieu consulted me of the warnings and risk and what not and kept reassuring me that i wont feel pain. I told him about my past experience with my wisdom and he said even if we do it local hell be fast and i wont feel any pain. He gave me 2 free valiums pills to take 1 hour before the procedure to calm me down. When it actually happened he was literally in and out. The whole time it was happening the attending nurse was guiding me through the whole procedure. Talking to me and what not. Overall i was impressed. I got my wisdom teeth extracted a week and a half ago and i was suppose to come in on july 6th for my follow up but i mistook it as july 1st. Even so he didnt send me home and still consulted me. I am very happy. As someone whos afraid of dentists, id say this guy is an excellent dentist. Will def do business again

Jakob H. from Santa Clara, CA (Source: Yelp)


I saw Dr. Pham several times over the course of a year following a broken tooth and the need for an implant.  Every time was as pleasant as such an experience can be.  He is extremely professional, competent and patient.  The surgeries themselves had very little pain afterwards and the recovery times were minimal.  His office staff is extremely kind and very attentive.  Now that I have my implant and am back to normal, I’m very grateful to Dr. Pham and happy to very strongly recommend him.  I trust him completely.

Sara T. from Bay Area (Source: Yelp)


I really really really like this place! I switched to Dr. Hieu Pham’s office because I was unhappy with the previous oral surgeon (check my yelp reviews if you care to compare). – During consultation, went through the process and side effects of the surgery with me. I told him that even though I’ve already done this before at a different office, I was still really nervous about going local. I told him that with my previous surgeon, my heart rate was pumping nonstop during the surgery and I was shaking like mad and it had just been a horrible experience. He then gave me two Valium pills to take home! One to take the night before the surgery and one to take the day of surgery. You don’t know how much that helped someone like me who experiences a lot of anxiety with surgeries. He also gave me a prescription for Vicodin so that I can get it ahead of time. – When I arrived two weeks later for my surgery, the assistant who was SUPER sweet and funny, lead me to the operating room and made me so comfortable. She gave me laughing gas and the mask was kept on throughout the entire operation. When Dr. Pham came in, they placed this cover sheet? that covered my entire body except for my face.( This was different from my previous surgeon who only put a little bib-like thing on my chest like they do in normal dentist offices.) I liked it. Dr. Pham began to numb my like nuts (thank you very much for honoring my request, Dr. Pham) which hurt at first so the assistant let me squeeze her hand. The drill that he used to take out my last tooth was quite loud in my ears but I never felt any pain at all. Afterwards, he sutured up my gum (which wasn’t done at my previous surgeon) with, get this, dissolvable VEGAN SUTURES! I don’t remember the whole story, but he went on to tell me a story about someone at UCSF he had operated on and had gotten mad or something?? about how he wasn’t using vegan sutures so he switched. I really like that he’s so considerate of his patients. – Afterwards, he gave me 20 Amoxicillian pills, 20 ibuprofen pills, and large thick gauze squares in a sterilized packet to take home. Sweet! Pros Sweet, nice, considerate staff Vegan sutures!! Free valium, amoxicillian, ibuprofen, and the general gauze squares (didn’t give me a ice packet like usual because I brought my own with me). Oh, and the post-operation instruction sheet gives you his very own cell phone number so you don’t have to go to through his receptionist to get to him. Superb. Cons None that I can think of. Perhaps they could color up the building a little since the colors look a bit gloomy with all the brown and tan but who cares. I felt completely taken care of here and would recommend Dr. Hieu Pham and his staff to everyone! I would come back if I ever needed any other oral surgeries. Thank you, Dr. Pham and staff for everything!!! p.s. He also calls you the day after surgery to check up on how you’re doing! He asked about my pain level, whether or not I’ve been taking any of the medication to relieve pain, and reminded me to take my antibiotics. Wonderful doctor.

Cynthia W. from Sunnyvale, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Pham was my teenage daughter’s oral surgeon. Her orthodontist gave the referral. He’s just amazing!–so meticulous, gentle, and caring. He explained everything clearly. My daughter had two wisdom teeth extracted with no trauma whatsoever. I seldom come across doctors of any kind who are so completely trustworthy and give off such positive energy. Can’t tell you how grateful I am that my daughter was in Dr. Pham’s hands. P.S. Regarding one reviewer’s comment about his/her initial hesitation because the doctor is Vietnamese: Immigrants and their children usually have to work extra hard and be extra good to get ahead. I have a lot of faith in “minority” doctors.

Susana Betancourt (Source: Google)


The best experience! A few days prior to my appointment, the dentist reached out to ask if I had any dental concerns which was so nice and unexpected. When I arrived to my appointment, the staff were friendly, the office was super modern, and the Dentist listened to my concerns and went over my plan thoroughly. You ca tell that they have really focused on the patient experience. The chair has massage and heat settings, they have TVs to show you your xrays and educational videos, and they play your favorite Netflix show while they treat you. It felt more like a spa than a dentist office. I really enjoyed it.

Katherine (Source: Google)


Don’t usually leave reviews but this place is deserving of one. The office itself is modern on the inside and wasn’t necessarily hard to find but I saw another review about someone having a hard time parking so I arrived early with no issues but can see how it could have been if I had not. I had a great experience checking in with the receptionist at the front. She made me feel very comfortable and was upbeat, friendly and welcoming. She constantly checked in on me to make sure I was doing alright and we connected over a conversation about board games. She was so awesome! I did not wait long before I was brought back and my hygienist explained to me immediately what my visit was going to look like before diving in. That was great! I enjoyed having the option of watching a movie while in the dentist chair.. nice touch. The space was spotless! The doctor came in towards the end and was very soft spoken but polite. He looked at my pictures and went over them with me. My time here was much better than I had expected and I had high expectations before coming in from the reviews I read online. They met all of my expectations and I will be recommending this place. Thank you for the great experience atlas!

Dana M. from Mountain View, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had all of my 4 wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Pham 5 weeks ago and the sites seem to heal completely without any complications. I was referred to Dr. Pham by my dentist, when my wisdom teeth started erupting which caused some discomfort. Dr Pham was able to see me the same week, when I called to make an appointment. The staff let me know at a time I made a reservation call that I will need 3D scans to be taken during my first visit. They told me the exact charge for the scans with my insurance. Dr. Pham seems to be a busy person and did not spend too much time with me during my consultation visit. However, he took a careful look at my scans, let me know of specifics of my case and potential risks related to the surgery. He also told me the pros and cons of local and general anesthesia. He answered all my questions and was able to squeeze me in for the following day, since I opted for local anesthesia and my case was not particularly complicated. I felt the consultation visit was short, but not due to the lack of attention from Dr. Pham, but him jumping straight to business and leaving out small talk, chatter and unnecessary coddling. It might make the visit feel rushed for other people, but I appreciated this approach as I was in pain and did not feel like chatting much. The staff explained me how to prepare for the surgery, gave me an exact breakdown of the charges for surgery and anesthesia, recommended me to come with my headphones and some music to block the drilling sounds and gave me valium for anxiety. On the following day I arrived for the surgery. The previous patient was taking longer than expected and my surgery started 20 minutes later. The procedure went well and without any surprises. I did not feel much. The music and headphones helped a great deal as it both distracted me from the surgery and isolated me from all the horrendous sounds. After the surgery, the nurse explained how to take care of the sites in the next few weeks and gave me printed instructions. Overall, it was a pretty good experience and I am very grateful to Dr. Pham and his staff, who did a great job.

Derek W. from Sunnyvale, CA (Source: Yelp)


Not sure if 5 stars is correct for oral surgery, just seems odd but I I’m motivated to write this review as much for Dr. Pham and the Staff as I am for others who are looking for help and are having trouble sifting through reviews and referral options. It’s tough enough to have to deal with tooth extractions/implants but then to figure out who is best to help you. I was referred to Dr. Pham by my dentist but had also had other friend referrals so was debating who to go to and found that the reviews were not entirely helpful because they were really positive or really negative. Here’s my two cents or thoughts as someone who ended up choosing Dr. Pham. I suspect that when it comes to surgery that if people have a smooth experience their surgeon is the best ever, and if there are complications then they suck. I also suspect that complications are frequently out of the control of the surgeon so this would explain some of the reviews I’ve seen. I had pretty extensive work done and knock on wood no major complications. Dr. Pham is super supportive, available, and gives it to you straight. He’s an MD and knows what he’s doing. In other words if you are unfortunate to have any complications he’s well trained to deal with them. One of my decisions to go with him was how trained/experienced he was and again I was fortunate not to have any major issues but I’m sure that his experience and training helped it be as smooth as possible. I don’t write many reviews (this maybe my 2nd or 3rd) but I hope this connects with you as you read and is helpful because finding an oral surgeon is one of those tougher decisions in life and you don’t want to get this wrong, at least that’s where I was coming from and I could not be more pleased with my decision. BTW – all the reviews about costs outside of your insurance and scans and the like…my experience is that once you hit this level of work you are paying out of pocket either way these days so I’d not get to hung up on that. (It was one of things that originally added a negative for me when looking at Dr. Pham because he was out of network for my insurance.)

Pa Haam (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Hieu Pham and staff made me feel very comfortable. I didn’t feel pressured to buy products or forced into having unnecessary procedures. Compared to other dental offices that I’ve been to in the past. When Dr. Pham injected local anesthesia for before my filling, he carefully and simply used a technique that help relief the spreading of anesthesia. Plus, the staff are genuinely kind!

Anna Tran (Source: Google)


My visit from start to finish was everything I hoped for and more! Every member of their staff was friendly and welcoming. Dr. Hieu was very thorough and knowledgeable. My hygienist, Camille, did a fantastic job taking care of me today! She took her time and explained everything in detail. A spa experience but at the dental office 🙂 highly recommend coming here for all of your dental needs!

Patrick (Source: Google)


Great experience!! I came in and Anna checked me in to my appointment was very friendly, relatable and professional. She set the mood for the rest of my visit. Dentist there was great. Seems like a very lively, hip staff. Would and will recommend to family and friends. 900 out of 10!! Already planning on my next visit

Dan S. from Sunnyvale, CA (Source: Yelp)


After finding my new regular dentist (Dr. Macaulay) on Yelp, I went in for my first checkup in about 10 years. Dr. Macaulay determined that I needed to have all four of my wisdom teeth extracted, and soon (two of them were causing me a lot of pain). He referred me to Dr. Pham with a high recommendation. During my first visit to Dr. Pham’s office I had a panoramic x-ray of my mouth and a consultation with Dr. Pham himself. His staff was very friendly and knowledgable, and patient with my many questions. When I spoke with the Doctor, he walked me through the procedure and what to expect. I was very concerned about one of my teeth due to the nerve being very close to it (and the small risk that I might loose sensation in my lower lip and chin permanently). I appreciate that Dr. Pham was very thorough explaining the risk, and in his high level of confidence that there would not be any issues. I went to an advanced imaging clinic (next door to Dr. Pham’s office) to have a CT scan of my mouth to be 100% sure that the nerve was far enough from the tooth to not be damaged (this was an out of pocket expense, but worth it in my opinion). I was really pleased with the time and care that Dr. Pham took reviewing my CT scan and reassuring me that the risk was low – even though it existed. On the actual day of my surgery, I was prescribed valium to relax before heading in to calm me down. The procedure itself was very comfortable and the staff set my mind at ease. I didn’t feel any pain during the procedure and was completely relaxed. When they finished up they told me everything went really well and that I should start on my pain killers in about an hour as the anesthesia was wearing off. Being my first surgery I was pretty nervous about it, but the outcome was fantastic and I am really happy with the results. I would recommend Dr. Pham to anyone who needs oral surgery, I was dreading this surgery, but they made me feel comfortable and safe. Also as a side note – I have called a couple of times during my recovery with questions. Kim, the assistant, has been super helpful and friendly over the phone with instructions and advice to make my recovery less of a pain (being on a liquid diet sucks…)

Edmond L. from San Mateo, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’d highly recommend Dr. Pham to anyone who needs their wisdom teeth removed. I got all four of mine removed a couple months ago and by now everything is fully healed. With that said, almost all of my teeth had grown out to some extent and must have been a relatively simple procedure, but overall Dr. Pham – who got both his DDS and and MD degree from UCSF – and everybody at the office were very professional and I would have trusted them had I needed a more complicated surgery. They will start by bringing you in for a consultation that includes a panoramic x-ray. This experience was very comforting for me, since I had never been to them and, like anyone, was skeptical before coming in for surgery. All of their equipment is up to date, and Dr. Pham does a great job explaining the options you have (how many teeth you want out, being put to sleep vs. local anesthetic) as well as the risks involved. Kim, the receptionist, is very helpful and went over the pain killer/antibiotic instructions and the billing very thoroughly. I was impressed that she was able to tell me specifically what my insurance was able to cover and how much it was covering. In addition, she even informed me that choosing local anesthetic over being put to sleep would save me a bunch of $$ that my insurance wouldn’t cover, and I decided to do so and would recommend others to do the same 🙂 I have no complaints with the surgery. Though I was under the effects of the valium and local anesthesia, I could still see everything that was going on and was able to communicate with them throughout the surgery. They did a great job, and everything was pain free as promised. The whole procedure took about thirty minutes and I got out feeling better than I thought I would. Oh yeah, be sure to follow all of their instructions and don’t forget to eat a light meal before the surgery like I did! After surgery, I was hungry and slightly lightheaded but immediately felt better after eating a little.

Sean S. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was referred to Dr. Hieu when my bottom wisdom teeth began to compact and cause pain (I’m 23 and still had all 4). In the beginning, Dr. Hieu’s terseness was a bit off-putting, but I realized it was simply how he carried himself. He was actually highly helpful during my consultation and made sure I understood everything that needed to be done. I required 2 wisdom teeth extractions and opted for general anesthesia, which Dr. Hieu performed in less than an hour. His staff was immensely valuable and flexible in scheduling follow up appointments, or answering any questions I had pre- and post-surgery. I would certainly recommend his practice to anyone in need of oral surgery.

Teresa N. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve delayed extracting my wisdom teeth for as long as I can. My dentist (which I LOVE) recommended me to Dr. Pham. And at first, I thought…not another asian doctor (growing up, I’ve never had good experiences with asian dentists but those were the kind my parents took me to and trusted). But I was so busy with work and other things in my life that I didn’t have the time to find other oral surgeons or even do research on Dr. Pham’s credibility. I came to the consultation knowing nothing except a few feedback of wisdom teeth removal from close friends, and absolutely knew no info on Dr. Pham and his office. I met with Kim first and we went over the cost of the consultation, mainly the x-ray cost, how much the overall procedure would cost, how much my insurance would cover and how much I would need to pay out of pocket, and payment plan options. After all that, we took the xray and I met with Dr. Pham. I didn’t have too many questions (mainly because I wasn’t prepared for any questions to ask). But the few questions that I did have on the fly, Dr. Pham answered with confidence. He also went over the facts, risks and disclaimers and offers his best recommendations. Already found a great general dentist and having no fear like I did when I was young, I decided to give Dr. Pham the benefit of the doubt for the oral surgery. I opted not to go under (it would cost more to be put to sleep but that wasn’t my main concern – heard you get very groggy when you wake up). I was given a prescription to get vicodin after the consultation, which I got for very cheap (thank goodness for awesome dental benefits and copayments) but didn’t even need it! I was given 4 valiums to calm my nerves: 2 to take the night before (which they said they would call to remind me but I never got a call. It’s ok, I still remembered to take it); and the other 2 to take an hour before the procedure. My appointment was scheduled 3 weeks after my consultation (I think it could have been earlier but they were willing to accommodate for MY hectic schedule). Kim suggested I do an afternoon session, so that I would have the chance to eat a hearty (but light) meal for lunch. Let me just add here that Kim is delightfully wonderful! First time meeting her in person and it felt like I have visited this office countless times before. The day of the appointment, I knew the procedure would take about 45 minutes to an hour, but it felt like I was in and out in 5 minutes! Since I opted not to go under, I was very well aware what they were doing, though I can’t feel anything at all. Before I was numbed up, the assistant went over what to expect and what to do after with my goodies bag (which included some pain killers and gauze and post procedure instructions). I was surprised they draped a cover over the top part of my body so that only my face was shown (I was seriously expecting a small bib that we typically get at the dentist). The laughing gas made me threw up because I had gag reflexes and there wasn’t enough suction (boy, was I thankful for not getting that small bib!). They immediately replaced the draped cover with a new one. The assistant was very supportive, always asking if I’m OK and encouraging me to hold on a little longer. For what seemed like only minutes, all 3 wisdom teeth was taken out, made an appointment for a follow up a week after and I was DONE! As the anesthesia wore off and about an hour after I left the office, the left side (where 2 was taken out) was hurting super bad (to the point where I was nearly in tears). But I took one of the pain killers that was given to me (not vicodin) and it immediately went away. It also helps when I was icing it. I never received a follow up call the day after, but I really wasn’t expecting one. I generally don’t like taking meds at all, so I took very minimal amounts. I slept a lot to avoid the pain and discomfort, though it still wasn’t much painful even when I was conscious and going about my day regularly. The swelling was the worse the next day, but definitely started to decrease the following days. I stopped using the gauze the 2nd day. I write this review on the 5th day after removing my wisdom teeth. The stitching has not dissolve yet and there’s very minimal discomfort. I’ve attempted to eat udon soup on day 3 but took me 2 hours to eat just half because I was chewing with my front teeth. (Sorry for going off on a tangent but…) I’m really craving for a burger and that is going to be the first thing I eat when I can eat real food again! =) Yogurt, ice cream, and pudding are your best friends (sucks if you’re lactose intolerant though, maybe you can eat clam chowder and drain out the chunks). Thankfully I only have to go through this once, but my overall experience with Dr. Pham and his staff has been nothing short of amazing. If I have to do any future oral surgeries, this place would be the first on my list.

Tom Blackerby (Source: Google)


I am going to start with all the wonderful people in the office there. From the moment you walk in you are greeted in a safe but friendly manner. Every time I come in I feel so welcome! The folks up front are always on top of current appointment details and my info. From a logistics standpoint, they use paperless systems for most of their forms, which are very easy to use, and turned out to be a superb choice during this time of COVID awareness. Dr. Hieu and Paisely are a great team and I am always impressed by the expertise, attention to detail, friendliness, and caring. I am always being asked how I am doing and how I feel about the results. I originally went in with a complicated broken crown. They talked me through various options and found an elegant solution. Every step of the way, both in the office and out, I was being checked on to make sure things were going well. The office itself is clean and bright with a welcome décor. Yet each patient room also feel very comfortable, and also very modern. They have some very cool tools, including a super awesome 3D scanner which took a full model of my teeth! (My inner tech nerd was in awe.) I cannot recommend them highly enough. Definitely the best place to which I have ever been.

Cecilia Ossenbeck (Source: Google)


They squeezed me in for a same-day appointment yet I didn’t feel rushed at all. Everyone was so friendly and completely put me at ease. I had a bad experience with my last dentist and coming here was like night and day. I appreciated their attention to detail and how clearly they explained everything. I won’t go so far as to say I look forward to going back to dentist (that will never happen) but the concept no longer fills me with dread, and for me that’s huge. Even the chairs were super comfortable (heated massage chairs!). Also, the text message scheduling and online forms made for a very easy, streamlined process. I highly recommend them, especially if you have dental anxiety like me.

Christine N. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I loved my experience with Dr. Pham. I was referred to him by my dentist after my wisdom teeth were growing out. He answered all of my questions during my consultation and the girls in the office were great and accommodated all of my needs. I opted for local anesthesia because I wouldn’t have a ride home that day. Dr. Pham did a great job during the surgery and communicated with me throughout the experience and always made sure I didn’t have any pain.  I actually had minimal pain and discomfort after the surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Pham.

Rosa T. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Pham is an awesome oral surgeon and his staff is wonderful!!  I just had a decayed wisdom tooth pulled yesterday. I must admit I had major anxiety prior to my visit. Like most people I fear the dentist, but I had to do what I had to do. After my consultation, the staff prepped me for the procedure. Jill who made me feel very comfortable and was very friendly. The other two ladies in the office are very nice and helpful too. Anyhow,  I opted for the local anesthesia, but feared that I would feel it. To my surprise Dr. Pham did an amazing job of numbing me and when he pulled it. I didn’t even notice it was out until he told me. Wow! Afterwards I still felt fine and I have very little soreness today.

Paul K. from Cupertino, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Pham and his team are true professionals.  I had a molar extracted and it was a breeze.  I was unable to use the gas and he did it with only local.  I had no pain during the procedure and that night I felt no pain at all.  Next day my jaw was slightly sore but that was it!  I wanted to review because I was so amazed I think it should be shared in case anyone is looking for an oral surgeon.  This was my first time not only with Dr. Pham but in having an extraction.  I heard all kinds of awful stories from others and am just so surprised at what a different experience I had last week.

Emily Arrow (Source: Google)


These folx have been welcoming, thoughtful and great listeners since my first visit. I already recommended a friend who came for a visit too! I’ve never felt so heard or left a cleaning in such peace. My hygienist was thorough and pain free and the doctor remembered all of my concerns and checked in with me to see how I was feeling. Very grateful I found them here!!

Don V. from Sunnyvale, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Pham is AMAZING. I have heard so many horror stories from my friends who have experienced wisdom teeth extraction. I was more curious than nervous or scared because I thought it can’t be THAT bad. His methods are really good because the medication he gives makes you insanely calm and laid back before going under surgery. After the extraction, there was minimal bleeding if you change the gauze every 15 – 20 minutes or so. I was completely numbed during the operation and it flew by insanely quick. I was in there for about 40 minutes, but it felt like 15 minutes because I was listening to my iPod and the medication I took before the surgery really helped a lot. Also I did not feel pain AT ALL for the rest of the day and week, that is how good he is! He gave me some minor pain pills, which I took, and he also gave me a bottle of vicodin, which I didn’t even need because the pain wasn’t even bad. I mean it just stung more than anything. What is cool is that he gave a goody bag of items: – 1 pack of paper gauze – a bottle of pills to take each time you ate (amoxicillin) – a pack of pain pills (ibuprofen) – a bottle of vicodin if you really need it – a useless ice pack (just stick with the ice from your refrigerator) I’m gonna go back to him to get my top right and bottom right wisdom teeth taken out later on.

Leticia Pena (Source: Google)


I have been to many dental offices in the past, but I have to say that Atlas Dental surpassed all of them. The kindness that has been given by the friendly staff and and Dr Hieu, made me feel comfortable and valued as a patient. Every detail and step has been explained to me with what procedures and service they would be doing for my dental health. I have already recommended Atlas Dental to my family and friends.


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