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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Michael A. from Elgin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Michael A. Elgin, TXI highly recommend Austin Artistic Dental, if you’re looking for a great experience. Dr. H, has given me a reason to smile. He took the approach of getting my teeth healthy, I wanted more cosmetic done. I’m thankful that he put a realistic plan on how to get to where I am today. I’m healthier, eating better and happier because I can smile! The staff are great, I think the entire office are as excited to see the results as I was. They made it an experience not just a visit.

Elliott Nguyen (Source: Google)


We’ve been going to Austin Artistic Dental for a few years now and they are really setting the standard for what a dentist office and experience can and should be. A lot of people avoid going to the dentist and probably for a lot of valid reasons. Going to see Dr. Hulse and his crew is an absolute joy because I know I will be well taken care of, that my appointment will run on time, that everyone is super friendly and cares about me as an individual, and that they will surface problems and be respectful of my decisions to act upon them. The facility is super modern with TVs both in front and on the ceiling so you can take your mind off of the work being done. I also particularly appreciate the fact that a few days every quarter or 6 months, Dr. Hulse is off receiving additional training or professional development to help him be a better dentist. This is reflected in the use of technology that improves the overall quality of the dental experience. Highly recommend Austin Artistic Dental.

Carol Betz-Millard (Source: Facebook)


I would like to thank Dr Hulse and his most professional and highly trained staff. They have gotten me through some tough dental issues. The results are painless and consistent. This office is friendly and fun! Over many years, I have visited several dental practices. I can honestly say that Dr. Hulse is very gentle and has provided the most effective and painless results I have had to date. The office is the most technologically advanced I have ever seen. The entire staff is a proficient in their skills. There is a comforting, friendly, and encouraging environment here. They will go out of their way to make your dental experience painless and comfortable. The results FAR exceeded my expectations!

Qi B. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hulse for 3 years. His passion for excellence is unparalleled. He continuously educates himself in the ever-changing field of dentistry and he incorporates that state of the art knowledge into his dental practice. My 11 yr old was seen at Austin Artistic Dental today. Because of Dr. Hulse’s expansive knowledge, and in addition to his own care, he was able to give us a referral for a specialist who can determine potential underlying medical conditions that may be insidiously, negatively affecting our child’s health. That same quality of knowledge, and care, was gifted to me personally 4 weeks ago. Any other dentist would have given me a root canal. But, with his unique skill set of techniques, Dr. Hulse was able to save my tooth. (and for cheaper!) In addition to being a dental wizard, Dr. Hulse is genuinely a good person. He will care for you, and for your family, beyond measure. Quality, Trust, Affordability…look no further. You will find it all with Dr. Hulse.

Emily Martinez (Source: Google)


Amazing Dental work and office staff! I took my teen daughter to see Dr Hulse. She has some pretty complex dental issues and was very shy about going, hesitant about seeing any dentist or even believing he could help her. In one visit, he made a small change that improved her entire smile and helped us create a long term plan that she was comfortable with! On top of doing great work, his support staff is fantastic and made us feel completely welcome. I went back today after my only other visit two weeks ago and everyone remembered us, had my favorite creamer for coffee and once again treated us like they’d known us forever. Great place all around and worth the long drive!

Reyna Wilson (Source: Google)


To begin with the portal for documents is excellent. It is easy to navigate and user friendly. The system also sends a text reminder of the upcoming appt the actual DAY of the appt not days before which is exactly what I need. Upon arrival the front staff was focused on safety protocols but also welcoming and friendly. The hygienist and Dr. are thorough in their explanations of every step they are taking and do so in a way that is understandable and friendly. The overall professionalism and friendliness of the entire office is quite welcoming. This is such a great team .. you can see and feel they enjoy their job.

Caitlyn H. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


This is the best dentist I have ever been to! They got me in same day when I was having an unbearable toothache. For that I cannot thank them enough- was going to be in for a very painful weekend otherwise. Very nice, personable, and attentive staff who always made sure I was comfortable (the tvs on the wall and ceiling also help). Dr Hulse took the time to explain everything to me, answering all my questions (not making me feel stupid when I didn’t know or gave wrong answers to his ) and made sure I understood what he was saying and what the next step was. Their payment system is very flexible too, offering payment plans for out-of-pocket treatments. They offer an array of dental services- I highly recommend them if you are looking for a dentist in South Austin!

Chris L. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I found Austin Artistic Dental after finding that I needed a good bit of work done and, unfortunately, was currently without insurance. After some serious searching for a quality dentist (I felt I could trust), looking at a lot of reviews, and even looking at my options for paying for dental insurance, I actually chose to take their in-house dental plan, which was very worthwhile and ended up saving a great deal of the cost. Now that the work is done, I couldn’t be happier. I’m still convinced I made the right choice going with Dr. Hulse and the entire group at Austin Artistic Dental. They are terrific people, were extremely helpful and willing to work with me to get it all done, and Dr. Hulse even helped to take care of some work my mother needed done (i.e. I took my mother to him..what does that tell you!) The office is excellent, up-to-date technologically, and you won’t be disappointed. Wherever I may be in Austin, I’ll drive to Austin Artistic Dental for anything I may need done in the future. I highly recommend them.

Marsha Harrison (Source: Google)


Dr. Hulse is a fantastic dentist. He is professional, warm and is skilled at doing his work. I had two dental implants completed. The procedure was quick and painless. I am always nervous and apprehensive when I go to the dentist, Dr. Hulse calmed me down and explained the procedure to me step by step so I knew what to expect. After consulting with several dentists before my procedure I am glad I chose him. I definitely will have other dental work completed at his office.

Carol M. from Manchaca, TX (Source: Yelp)


I would like to thank Dr Hulse and his most professional and highly trained staff. They have gotten me through some tough dental issues. The results are painless and consistent. This office is friendly and fun! Over many years, I have visited several dental practices. I can honestly say that Dr. Hulse is very gentle and has provided the most effective and painless results I have had to date. The office is the most technologically advanced I have ever seen. The entire staff is a proficient in their skills. There is a comforting, friendly, and encouraging environment here. They will go out of their way to make your dental experience painless and comfortable. The results FAR exceeded my expectations

Leigh Z. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Another year has gone by since my last review of Dr. Hulse and his practice and that just means it is time to once again sing the praises of this place and tell EVERYONE how awesome I think they are. I know it is weird going on and on and on about a dental office. You know, that place that no one ever really wants to visit and that costs too much because dental insurance never wants to cover much. But let me tell you… my teeth look AWESOME. And trust me, it has taken Dr. Hulse a lot of time and effort to get my mouth looking the way it does. (And he and his staff also put up with all my complaining and high maintenance ways). For years I either went to sub-par dentists or none at all because I was broke, lazy or just scared to go. I have been a patient at Austin Artistic Dental for over 4 years now and Dr. Hulse has had to fix what others did a not so great job of, as well help me address my own not so great oral hygiene practices. And he and his staff have consistently done this with patience, kindness, and a LOT of skill and talent. This past year I had my teeth bleached using the Kor Whitening and finally had an old crown replaced that had a gap that I looked at in EVERY single picture taken of me because it was in the front of my mouth. I hated it. After years of fixing dental issues Dr. Hulse finally got it all done and my teeth look great. I am SO happy and I don’t worry what my teeth will look like in pictures anymore. In a nutshell, this place rocks. Dr. Hulse is amazing. His staff are fantastic. I still don’t like “going to the dentist” but I sure do like coming here!

Trisha Haber (Source: Google)


I highly recommend Austin Artistic Dental and Dr. Hulse. Dr. Hulse is clearly as expert in his field and does better work than any dentist I’ve visited in the past. He’s been a pleasure to work with. Each time I visit, I know that I am going to walk out the door with the best possible results. In my opinion, culture and kindness are equally as important as expertise. The staff at Austin Artistic Dental are professional, but personable. They treat their patients with respect, understanding, and caring. In short, I encourage anyone looking for a dentist in the Austin area to consider Austin Artistic Dental.

Adam G. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


This is the only dentist that I have ever looked forward to visiting. The whole experience from making appointments to arriving to leaving is just polished and nice – and the dentistry itself ain’t so bad either. Seriously though, Dr Hulse has cornered the market on expert, expedient, and friendly hygienists and office staff. It’s just a pleasant place to get my teeth taken care of.

Rocco P. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


After my first visit to Austin Artistic Dental, I’m thoroughly impressed with my experience. The staff is friendly, inviting, and professional, and it’s clear that every effort is made to make a visit to the dentist as pleasant an experience as possible. I’m also impressed by how the health of the teeth and gums is the focus of the first visit instead of immediately pushing expensive cosmetic procedures. Thank you Brianna, Kaylee, and Dr. Hulse

Joanne G. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Hulse for several years. Over those years, I have been pleased with my visits and have gained so much trust in him and know he has my best interest in mind.  I have tried other dentists and have not been pleased. I will continue to choose Dr. Hulse as my dentist and have recommended many of my friends to come see him. I have been so fortunate to find such a kind and excellent dentist.

Denise Holtzer Messina (Source: Facebook)


Everything at Austin Artistic Dental is focused on the needs of the patient. From the minute you walk in the door until you leave, it feels as though you are the only patient they have, even though you can clearly see the office is busy! Dr. Hulse is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I’ve always been pleased with work he has done and frequently recommend him to others. If you want quality dental work done, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Hulse and staff.

Bob P. from Del Valle, Del Valle, TX (Source: Yelp)


At 68 years old I’m probably not the typical patient.  First there is plenty of free parking right in front of the office!  I hate going to a doctor and having to pay to park then walk several blocks to an office.  When you walk in the door there is a pleasant smell in the air, clean but not overpowering.   It’s not at all like the dentist’s offices of the 50’s with the heavy odor of oil-of-cloves and Pine-sol.  There is free WiFi in the waiting area along with hot and cold beverages.  The staff is very friendly and does everything to make me comfortable, which is tough for me as I have an old spinal fusion that makes most dental chairs uncomfortable for me,  The warm neck pillow is relaxing and supports my old ridged neck.  The digital xrays don’t use those cardboard film holders that dig into your mouth.  Dr. Hulse explains procedures in detail and the alternatives.  Dr. Hulse found a suspicious spot on my tongue, took a digital photo of it, and sent it to my ENT.  My ENT removed it with a punch biopsy and it turned out to be cancerous but by catching it early when it was small, I avoided a major problem.  If any of you old-timers out there have been avoiding the dentist for years, try Dr. Hulse and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!

Laura S. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


If you are having a Treat Yo Self kind of day, head to Austin Artistic Dental! I know it may sound totally weird, but I promise you will feel pampered from the moment you walk in the door. A wide array of beverages, plush chairs, and friendly staff are there to greet you when you first walk in. When it is time for your appointment, you are lead into a room with not one, but two TVs so that you can keep watching your latest Netflix binge (or movie, or almost anything you could possibly dream of watching. They don’t mess around with their subscription game) while you are laid back for teeth cleaning. Truly a magical experience; plus, no interruption in your show as your eyes easily make the transition from looking at the screen on the wall to the one on the ceiling. With noise cancelling headphones and a warm neck pillow, you may forget you are even at the dentist (like I have in this review). So, back to the actual dental experience. I have no doubt that my oral health is in great hands when I come here. I was recently taken on as a new patient and have had a couple of visits since then that were all 5 star experiences. They are extremely thorough in their new patient exam and are wonderful at explaining everything they are doing and what all the results mean. I unfortunately have also gotten to experience the thrill of getting cavities filled here, and I must say it was better than any previous experience. When administering the numbing shot, they have a small vibrating gadget they press to your cheek so that your brain is distracted and you feel no pain at all! Seriously, I only felt my cheek vibrate. Worried about what your tongue is doing while all the tools and instruments are being moved around? Worry no more because they have a spectacular piece of technology that holds your tongue down and suctions all the spit and water flying around simultaneously so that you have nothing to think about but watching your shows. The regular checkups are easy to schedule, reminder emails and texts are sent to you, and your mouth feels great after the visit as well. I have to say, the all around experience of high quality dental care, superior staff, and the detailed attention to making sure you are comfortable is what is keeping me coming back.

April Copeland (Source: Google)


I’ve been putting off going to the Dentist for years. After months of research I finally came across Austin Artistic Dental. I was impressed by how informative and easy their website was to navigate through. You can tell they spent time thinking about what their potential customers would want and need from a website. Every question I had, the website answered and elaborated on every detail. They offer NO CREDIT CHECK payment options. This was a huge factor in me having to wait for dental work. They make it affordable and offer a few options. Now, I feel more people will be able to achieve a healthy beautiful smile. I appreciate the Dental Savings Plan they have as well, for uninsured people. Overall, 10/10 experience.

Heather H. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


The experience my husband and I have had with Dr. Hulse and his team has been nothing short of fantastic. We have been patients of his for only a few months now, but in that short span of time we have had a number of ongoing issues addressed and our oral health(s) have improved dramatically. One of the things we noted straight away with Dr. Hulse was his emphasis on patient education and being transparent. He takes the time to thoroughly explain the issue so that you are always fully informed. Prior dentists of mine never really took the time to do so, or worse, used harsh criticisms and/or fear tactics as a means of education rather than focusing on healthful ways of prevention. Dr. Hulse sets himself apart with not only patient education, but also his own commitment to continued learning. For example, I love that he offers bioclear (very few dentists do) as an alternative to veneers, and have had one tooth repaired. I’m in love with the natural-looking, yet conservative result! Furthermore, the expert care doesn’t stop with Dr. Hulse. His team is awesome, from Javier at the front to the wonderful assistants and hygienists in the exam rooms. They are always so warm and welcoming, and make us feel totally at ease when we are there–a definite plus if you’re anxious about visiting the dentist. We feel so lucky and appreciative to have found a wonderful dentist 🙂

Anna O. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Absolutely love this place. They’re very courteous and professional. Since you walk in there’s nothing than friendly people. Always happy to assist you. Dr Hule, is the best he will explain every step of your procedure and answer any questions you might have. Nurses too are great. Always making sure your feeling comfortable and exceeding your needs. Highly recommend this place. I love it..

Angelica Saldana (Source: Facebook)


This my 1st time I visited this Dentist. They have done my teeth cleaning and placed a crown. Both visits have been a great experience. The employees were attentive to my needs. I do recommend this dentist.

Leeann Deleon (Source: Google)


Austin Artistic Dental has been such a pleasure going to! Very personal, genuine , and willing to help. I was super stressed about going to the dentist for the first time in such a while, and the moment I walked through their doors I felt welcomed! My name was written on a chalk board welcoming me and it automatically made me feel appreciated. They recognize you individually and not just as “another new patient”. Dr. Hulse, from the get go, was very patient and willing to offer me the best advise to achieve the smile I want! Never pressuring me or trying to provide a treatment I didn’t really need. Monica helped me tremendously with figuring out the best financial plan for me and willing to help with any questions I had. From Tabitha, the hygienist, being so sweet and friendly (calming my nerves) for me, to Javier always being so kind and welcoming, their entire team has their own ways of making you feel welcomed and relaxed! If you’re looking for a new dentist, for whatever your smile may need, you won’t regret this one!

Mychal Dungey (Source: Google)


Hands down best dental experience I’ve ever had. Everyone there is welcoming from start to finish. They are extra professional and they also have TVs with Netflix and YouTube for you to watch while you’re getting treated. I would highly recommend to anyone who is not the biggest fan of going to see the dentist. This place will change your outlook on that, it definitely has for me.

Eric Y. from Floresville, TX (Source: Yelp)


Work Done: Bioclear (Removing “Black Triangles” between teeth) End Result: Flawless (I did the happy cry in my car afterwards) Before I had gone to Austin Artistic Dental, I had braces for 4 years in middle school to high school and had my teeth moved significantly in order to make them straight, worked out really well. What I did not know was that when your teeth have to be adjusted to that extent, SOMETIMES you get gum recession down the line. Unfortunately I had gum recession to the point I had big black triangles between my front set of teeth. I didn’t want to smile to my fullest anymore and trained my upper lip to press against my teeth when I smiled, always holding back. I’m an EXTREMELY social person and in college, I’m on that Great Gatsby life right now. I eventually got the courage to ask lots of dentists in San Antonio where I live near. I spoke with four dentists that claimed to be specialists in cosmetic dentistry and all of them told me I had to speak to another dentist (obviously their friends) or tried to up-sell me with extravagantly priced gum grafting/full teeth removal that wouldn’t of solved my issue, but completely ignoring my concerns and just trying to squeeze money out of me in my desperate state, similar to a car salesman. “There’s no other way to fix this.” They said… On the brink of giving up and conceding with my black triangle issue I googled vigorously late at night and came across a method called “Bioclear” which was offered in Los Angles. I checked if anyone in Texas offered this service and lo and behold Dr. Hulse was masterfully trained in the technique. A 2 hour car drive is well worth the results I gained from his services. I’ve now made Austin Artistic Dental my primary dental care provider. The staff are amazing and treated me like life-long friends that you just saw yesterday upon my first visit. Dr. Hulse talked to me like a close friend that cared and didn’t try to up-sell me or take advantage of me in my desperate state. I was still skeptical at the time but he reassured me and showed me TONS of before and after photos of his past patients that also had my issue. Their office is clean and has high grade equipment and creature comforts from complimentary toothbrushes all the way to wall/ceiling mounted TVs you can watch anything on Netflix while you get work done. My treatment took 3 hours to complete and I felt like he put his life and soul into his work on my teeth when he was operating. Just so you know the needles he uses to inject the numbing agent into your gums are designed to vibrate so it doesn’t hurt when he does it! After my treatment was complete I climbed back into my car and set off to head back to my little town for the 2 hour drive. That’s when it hit me… I was at a stop sign in the parking lot and checked my teeth in the mirror. They were perfect, natural looking and beautiful and I finally understood that I get to have this amazing smile and confidence back that I used to have. I wasn’t a prisoner of my smile anymore and I get to take my new smile back home (and get to talk to a cute girl at school with 100% confidence now). I cried for 30 minutes on the way home in my car because I was so overjoyed with the results. Dr. Hulse personally called me to check on me and make sure I was happy and even gave me his personal cellphone number in case I have any major concerns. Everyone was so polite to me and they all understood that I lived so far away that they were okay with me staying longer so I could make sure there wasn’t anything that needed adjusting before I started my long trip back home. Very considerate, all of them. When you’re treated like a friend after many other dentists treat you like a walking sack of money, it’s hard not to recommend Austin Artistic Dental with all my heart and soul. Bonus: One of the staff members I never met were walking out to lunch while I was in the waiting room and stopped at the door and looked at me and smiled “Eric, right? Nice to see you.” then waved goodbye. I was floored that she knew my name. I cried again writing this review. My goodness, please give them a call and set an appointment, they are not just great people, they are masters of dentistry.

Marjorie J. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Austin Artistic Dental for several years and have been very happy with my dental outcome (crown, filing, cleaning, whitening).  They have state of the art equipment that makes the experience relaxing and comfortable.  I love seeing the TV screen on the ceiling with headphones on to distract what is going on in the office.  I also like the benefit of having their own system that offers continued dental care affordable.  I refer all my friends to them.

Rebekah A. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hulse and his team are, hands down, the best dental experience I’ve ever had. My husband and I have been going here for over a year and we have never had a bad experience. From the time you make an appointment, the front office staff is friendly and thorough. My appointments have always started exactly on time, and I LOVE my dental hygienist, Kaylee. She is the perfect balance of professional, knowledgeable, and friendly – always recalling specific details about our conversations over my 3 cleanings with them. The facility itself is beautiful; the waiting area is comfortable and the rooms are even better (wireless headphones, TV with subscriptions to Netflix, etc… and even TVs on the ceiling so you’re not bored when you’re reclined during the dental work). They’re also super honest and up front about pricing. With past dentists, I always received “estimates” and just prayed that I could afford the final bill. At Austin Artistic Dental, I’ve never had a procedure done that I didn’t know the final price for before the service was even performed. This was actually one of the reasons I was looking for a new dentist (another dentist in the SPM center told me my x-rays were covered by insurance, performed full scans, and then billed me for them after learning that too little time had elapsed since my last scan). The management of the office is clearly spot on; yes, Dr. Hulse is a great dentist – but the entire experience is honest and warm. It is clearly important to them that they build trust and long-lasting relationships with their clients. Count me in for that!

Aubree C. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I had a really great experience at Austin Artistic Dental. I went in for a cleaning that I purchased on living social. The office staff was really great at fitting me in and working with my schedule. The text/email reminders were also helpful. I was impressed with the knowledge that I received when Dr. Hulse was talking to me about the cavities he had found. The x-rays and pictures he took showed me clearly what he was talking about. The office was nice enough to find a time for me to come in the following week to get the work done before I left on a trip out of the country. I was really nervous about the procedure because I’ve had several bad experiences in the past. However, the staff was very patient and understanding with me. Before I knew it, we were done and I was out of there. Relatively little pain! If I couldn’t have smiled I would have, but my mouth was numb and it was impossible! 🙂 Thank you for such great dental care! If I am ever back in Austin, you can count on me to return for another cleaning. Hopefully this time there won’t be any cavities. 🙂

Dana Smith (Source: Google)


I loved how informative my consultation was. I’ve felt most places in the past have just told me their recommendations where here, as a new patient, it was really nice being walked through everything he/they were noticing in so much detail. Very friendly and welcoming staff. I’m personally looking forward to my dental corrections and would highly recommend here.

Karen Remmers (Source: Google)


Great experience at Austin Artistic Dental, if your looking for a dentist Dr. Hulse is very personable and kind, he takes his time with you explaining your dental health, if you need a procedure done, he makes sure you fully understand what needs to be done and why. His staff from the front office to the dental assistants and hygienist are very friendly and make you feel welcome from the moment you walk into his clean, state of the art dental office.

Missy G. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I went in last week to pick up my first trays fo my Invisalign process ( I did not continue wearing my retainers over the years and a few teeth shifted). Dr. Hulse is actually beginning to wear them, too, and I think it is fantastic that he shares his first-hand knowledge of what to expect. The visit started with a warm greeting when I arrived and another great visit throughout. When Dr. Hulse walked me up to the front at the end of my appointment he showed me a computer generated process of exactly how my teeth will move with each set of trays from beginning to end. Very cool! I cannot recommend this practice enough, they staff are wonderful and the facility and services are top notch. If you do not look forward to going to the dentist, then I encourage you to make an appointment at Austin Artistic Dental right now. They make a huge difference in the entire experience.

Chelsea P. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I am leaving a review because I have never experienced a dental visit like this. I moved from San Antonio to Austin recently and my filling from my previous dentist popped out. I was originally going to drive to San Antonio to my dentist, but they wouldn’t see me for another 5 days (with 2 holes in my teeth). So I saw this place had good ratings and didn’t research like I normally do and just trusted the ratings. This place blew my mind and went way beyond my expectations. It was like a spa visit at the dentist! You’re probably thinking who in the hell would say that, but I swear it is! They gave me a warm pillow, offered me water, immediately gave me glasses to shield anything flying into my eyes, and even had netflix for me to scroll through to watch whatever I wanted! I don’t know about y’all, but my previous dentists have only had video games for kids and nothing for adults. They give you headphones while they work on your teeth that are connected to the TV so you don’t have to hear the tools. Also, I have generalized anxiety disorder and they were asking me lots of questions regarding it to make sure I was comfortable and no dentist has ever asked about my condition whatsoever other than on the paper you fill out. I’m sure I’m not even covering everything. Thank you guys for being so great!

Nik Q (Source: Google)


The best dental experience I have ever had. First of all, the staff are very friendly and will make you feel welcome. They will send you paper work to complete digitally in advance, so it saves your time filling out everything on the spot. As you walk in, there is coffee and water at the front desk. The staff will check with you throughout your appointment to see if you needed water or anything. The place is super thoughtful, there is 1 TV in front of you and 1 TV over your head just so time goes by faster when you are in your chair for too long. Blankets are available by request. The bathroom is clean and filled with floss, toothbrush and toothpaste. Dr. Hulse is extremely knowledgeable, and the equipments they have are high technology that sees every single issue you have in your teeth. If you are worried about teeth, no matter it’s dental health or cosmetic look, Dr. Hustle will get you covered. I haven’t been to the dentist for 2 years, and I avoid it as much as possible because it’s such a vulnerable experience. However, I’ve had the most soothing experience at Dr. Hulse office that I don’t have “dentist” anxiety any longer. Thanks to all the staff and Dr. Hulse for such an amazing dental experience. 🙂

Lianna B. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I came to Dr. Hulse because he is one of the few dentists in Austin who is certified in the Inman Aligner treatment. I had braces as a kid and failed to wear my retainer so some of my front teeth shifted and needed a slight adjustment without having to go through braces again or expensive Invisalign treatment. He was very thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly throughout the whole process. His office worked with me to discuss several financing options since it’s not covered by insurance. Appointments were easy to schedule and the office itself is very comfortable. It’s the opposite of one of those big corporate dental offices. I ended up getting some other dental work done there as well and was very satisfied with the work performed. Dr. Hulse and his staff are great and I recommend them highly!