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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Tuesday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Hannah A. from SoMa, San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve worked with three different dentists before Dr. Youn and she is absolutely far and away the best dentist I’ve ever had. I had severe dental anxiety coming into my first visit and after a few visits, that anxiety is completely gone. If you’re someone who suffers from a fear of needles or injections, you are in good hands if you come to Avenue Dental. Dr. Youn also does a great job explaining her process with what she’s doing and is a lovely conversationalist during her proceeders. I honestly forget I’m in a dental chair when I’m here!
Also worth noting the office is always clean and very, very efficient.

Anna Boothe (Source: Google)


I went to see Dr.Youn after spending the night in the ER with swelling from neglecting my teeth for years. Being new to Chicago, I hadn’t found a dentist yet and broke a back tooth while eating. I looked for a dental office near by and called Avenue Dental. The front desk got me in that day to see Dr.Youn, and after the exam and x-rays I was told what I already suspected: that I had broken off my tooth and needed an emergency root canal. The staff verified my insurance for me, arranged my payments and an assistant even held my terrified hand through the process. Now I feel much better and have scheduled the rest of my work. I cannot thank Dr.Youn and the staff enough for helping me last minute and getting me the care that I need!! Thank you!!

Dina Laguatan Wolf (Source: Facebook)


Highly recommend Avenue Dental! Had great experience for crown work. Dr Youn & Dental Assistant EJ were efficient, professional and communicated each step which was calming. State of the art equipment and exceptional dentistry. Without hesitation I’d recommend Avenue Dental for all your family’s needs.

Michael F. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I have been looking for a new dentist in the area and came across Avenue Dental. I can honestly say Dr Youn is great. She took her time to explain the detailed treatment plan prioritizing the urgent procedures that need to be done. I definitely will be coming back for my treatment and my next cleaning which they book on your way out, which is convenient for me since I tend to lose track. Overall Dr Youn and her staff are great and very helpful when it comes to answering questions that I had. I highly recommend Dr Youn to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Isela A. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I needed a crown and Dr.Youn did an awesome job and was very attentive to my concerns. I didn’t have insurance and Dr. Youn offered me a in office membership. Her prices are pretty decent compared to other places that charge a lot and do a bad job. Her staff is friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend her.

Jack A. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I needed a local dentist since driving to my childhood dentist was becoming inconvenient after moving downtown. Was steered here by a coworker who is also a patient and I couldn’t be happier with the tip. The office is open on weekends and later hours so I can go without taking time off and equipped with up to date tech. The visit was painless and the office manager even submitted to insurance for preauthorization on some work I need done in the future. Highly recommend.

Laura M. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I went in for a first time cleaning with them and as I walked in the receptionist welcomed me in and were very friendly. They answered all of my questions that I had regarding my insurance and coverage etc. Right away I knew I was at the right place for dental care! Their office is very nice and clean which is a plus for me and parking was easy to find. I filled out my patient registration and did not have to wait to be passed back. When in the back I thought it was very cool that they have Netflix available for you to watch and they give you the remote so you can watch whatever you like. The xrays were very quick and the easiest as I have been uncomfortable before at my old dental office when it comes to xrays. Dr Youn is great at explaining treatment and she even showed me pictures and x-rays pointing out which teeth needed work. I feel comfortable and I will be returning to get additional treatment with Avenue Dental and would definitely recommend Avenue Dental for anyone looking for a new dentist or a dentist in the area!

Jim Ongena (Source: Facebook)


I had a wonderful experience with Avenue Dental. Most people have a good deal of trepidation about visiting the dentist, but I knew that I would be taken care of. Even though I was just going in for my quarterly appointment, there is always a chance for an unpleasant surprise (like a cavity). But Alexis made me feel at home (as she always does) and assured me that everything was looking normal. The appointment itself started on time and was over completed efficiently. I was feeling grateful as I collected my new toothbrush and headed home. I would recommend Avenue Dental without reservation!

Christian Villafuerte (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Youn and the staff at Avenue Dental are amazing, always so friendly and professional. The office is extremely clean which makes me feel comfortable. The staff is very efficient, from setting up appointments to reminding you of when to come in. From when I walk in the door I know I’ll get excellent treatment. Highly recommend.

Tawanda N. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I walked in for my first time because she was the closest Dentist available but left knowing that I found my new dentist. Ambiance the furnishings in the waiting area are stylish with neutral colors with very tasteful artwork. The couches in the waiting area were very comfortable. The patient room had flat screen TVs which were used to display xrays & also had Netflix. The patient seat is also very comfortable & reclines. Staff was very knowledgeable and willing to help. Dr Youn has a great bedside manner she spends time explaining the options available & her rationale behind a recommendation she makes. Even a procedure as uncomfortable as deep cleaning was less painful thanks to her approach.

Julieanne T. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I decided to change my dentist mostly out of convenience because of the close proximity to my home. I am so glad I did because this was one of the best dentist experiences I have had. They actually took me n earlier than my appointment time which is unheard of. Then when I sat down they had a HUGE tv and handed me the remote to pick something off of Netflix. It was nice to have something to distract me from being at the dentist. The Dental Assistant was so so nice and helped me get my x-rays. Dr. Youn was just as pleasant and I felt so at ease. I was super impressed with how quickly she was able to look at everything and determine exactly what I needed done. I didn’t get the best news and found out I need my wisdom teeth removed but I feel super confident having it done with her. She also seems to care about the patient and actually cared to get to know me a little bit as opposed to getting me in and out. Thank you!

John Lu (Source: Facebook)


I had a great experience with Dr. Youn! The facilities are very clean and modern and Dr. Youn handled my crown and fillings with an expert level of care. I felt extremely comfortable during my visit and would highly recommend Avenue Dental to anyone looking for a dentist.

Emily W. from Milwaukee, WI (Source: Yelp)


The BEST dental experience I have ever had. Went in knowing I needed some work done to my teeth, and I had a sore wisdom tooth that needed attention. Dr. Youn gave me a deep cleaning and pulled my tooth. What was so amazing was how fast and thorough she was!! You can tell she puts a patients comfort at utmost priority as well. Above that, the thing I most appreciated was how judicious she was with my insurance. She explained that I had to take my other two wisdom teeth out and fix some fillings, but they were not immediate concerns and could be done next year when my insurance resets. After visiting multiple dentists that have tried to scam me into expensive procedures, it’s nice to know I have found a dentist in Chicago that I can trust. Thank you, Dr. Youn!

Sue D. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Youn and her staff are FANTASTIC. Took my two kids one day and then myself the next day. They were extremely thorough explaining  insurance coverage as well as needs for followup treatment on top of being very nice! My son needed to have a tooth removed and was super anxious. They were all supportive and comforting and kids can’t wait to go back:). Another big bonus, they are easy to schedule an appointment and the service is quick!

Alissa P. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Youn & her staff are simply amazing & incredibly friendly. They make you feel welcome & comfortable from the moment you make an appointment. I had to get what is typically unpleasant work done, but Dr. Youn & her staff made my experience super relaxed & quick. Not to mention the office is really nice & modern…. w/ large flatscreens in front of the patients chairs! Thankful I found such a great dentist w/ a great team. 🙂

Taryn Vorwerk (Source: Facebook)


I had the last appointment of the day so I was seen right away. Dr. Youn is very professional and asked several times if I had any questions. She patiently answered and explained everything. She reviewed my xrays and looked at my teeth and recommended a treatment plan for me. She knew my insurance deductible and recommended the treatment plan based on it. I’ve never had a dentist take time to explain everything so thoroughly. Going to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience but Dr. Youn goes out of her way to make you comfortable. Loved my experience and I recommend her to anyone in the neighborhood looking for a friendly dentist.

Nancy L. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


Came in here for a crown and Dr. Youn made me feel very comfortable by explaining everything she was doing and stopping when I needed a break. Dr. Youn was very sweet and patient. I have a needle phobia and Dr. Youn numbed my gums without a problem. I truly enjoyed my experience at Avenue Dental and will be sending friends and family members her way. Thank you Dr. Youn! 🙂

Chad Chodoronek (Source: Google)


Dr Youn, and all of her staff, were incredibly kind, patient, and informative during my visits. I had been a bit neglectful in seeing the dentist due to past unpleasantries, but after visiting I will be coming back every 6 months. I would highly recommend Dr Youn to all of those who are tentative to schedule appointments.

Peter K. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


So glad to find this dental office down the street. Used to go to an office near my work but since working from home decided to switch here since they took my insurance. The doctor and staff were all so welcoming and made me feel safe going back in to get a cleaning etc. The office is high tech compared to where I was going so it was interesting to see the scans and x-rays of my teeth. Will be going again for my next cleaning!

Catlyn J. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


Dr Youn and staff are very friendly and answered all of my questions that I had regarding my insurance.  Unfortunately I had to get a root canal done and was very anxious but Dr Youn talks you through the procedure and explained step by step what will happen. If you are anxious like I am in the dental chair I definitely recommend Dr Youn.

Becky Medina (Source: Facebook)


Avenue has been my favorite dentist office to date! The office is ALWAYS clean and welcoming, as are the employees. Dr. Youn is the real gem though! She is super great at what she does! She communicates thoroughly and her entire staff is EXTREMTLY efficient, which I love! I will continue to recommend friends and family.

Leang E. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I came here after realizing it was just not worth going to my old dentist after trying to figure out how many times I missed my 6 month cleaning because they didn’t get me to schedule one out in advance. All I knew was I was overdue. I know I can be proactive and do it, but I also want to feel like the office or practice wants my business. I am one of those people that needs the reminder and don’t mind the persistence when it comes to something important like teeth that need to be maintained and healthy. After speaking with the staff at Dr. Youn’s office as well as with her I felt assured and they addressed my issue and made sure my appointments were scheduled in advance. The office is in a brand new building so it’s very clean and I think there are some rooms that aren’t even yet filled in or finished in the place. There are huge monitors to watch all kinds of tv shows for those screen lovers. I think we were all quite amused with 30 Rock until we got started. My first appointment was for a cleaning and I was explained what would be done and what my options were as well. Dr. Youn quickly saw that 2 of my fillings were cracked and needed to be replaced and that I had a cavity growing on top of  a cavity. Who knew this could happen?! She said that it would be better to take care of it sooner rather than later. The cleaning went well as Dr. Youn was most entertaining providing all sorts of information on inflammation on the gums its correlation to other health related aspects. I know she was concerned about ranting on and me telling her to shut up if she’s talking too much, but I don’t mind. You never know when you need that type of information and I like to listen. It’s just a little more difficult to respond and have a conversation when there are hands and instruments in your mouth and potentially water going down your throat. Afterwards, we did schedule my fillings to be done the next day, and she estimated about a half an hour time and she was right on that. Costs for services were explained and I provided them before the treatment for my fillings. Dr. Youn did a great job with the numbing – sometimes it feels like it can be all over the place and overdone with the whole mouth. It felt like it was the right amount and not very painful at all. I know Dr. Youn was having difficulty with my mouth closing down. I think the water vacuum was not in the right place to get the water coming down my throat so I was clamping down swallowing, and so that made it hard to talk and say anything. I think she understood and took a break anyways. She was able to file the filling down to comfort and so my bite feels normal, and we booked my next 6 months – so I am looking forward to the next appointment and getting back on track!

Josh N. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I had my first appointment at Avenue Dental yesterday, after my previous dentist retired. Dr. Youn’s office is shiny and new and immaculate. Her staff is super friendly and helpful. Dr. Youn is bright, professional, and trustworthy.  She took the time to ask me about my dental history and made sure that I understood all of her recommendations. At the time that I made my appointment, her staff took my insurance information, and at the appointment they were all aware of what my insurance would and would not cover. The office has all of the latest technology – I was asked if I wanted to watch anything on Netflix on their big screen TV (which was later used to show me photographs of my teeth:))! I was treated with the utmost care and everyone at Avenue Dental showed great interest in my well-being as a patient. I’m not kidding, I’m excited to go back to the dentist!

Anna B. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I went to see DrYoun after spending the night in the ER with swelling from neglecting my teeth for years. Being new to Chicago, I hadn’t found a dentist yet and broke a back tooth while eating. The front desk got me in that day and DrYoun diagnosed me with an emergency root canal. The staff verified my insurance, arranged my payments and the assistant even held my terrified hand. Now I feel much better and have scheduled the rest of my work. I cannot thanks the staff and Dr enough for taking care of me.

Samantha L. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I recently moved into this area and needed to find a new dentist and I must say that I’m extremely happy I found Dr. Youn! I went in for a 6 month check up and cleaning. As soon as I went in I noticed her office was clean and relaxed. The front desk receptionist was very nice and checked me in promptly then had me fill out new patient forms. Quickly after I completed the forms I was taken into the room to get my cleaning started. Dr. Youn was so friendly and professional. I told her how nervous I get when going to the dentist and she made sure I felt comfortable and kept checking up on me during the cleaning to make sure I was at ease. She found a couple cavities that need fillings and she thoroughly explained my treatment plan to me. Making my following appointment was a breeze because they have evening hours. I will definitely recommend Dr. Youn and her staff to anyone looking for a dentist!

Sheila C. from Chicago Ridge, IL (Source: Yelp)


This is by far the best dental office in Chicago. The staff and Dr. Youn are very professional and worked with my schedule to get me in as soon as possible. The office is top of the line and very very clean!! There was no wait time, and the registration process is so efficient. They took me in right away and made me feel so comfortable and Dr.Youn explained everything in great detail. Would definitely recommend this office to anyone looking for a dentist!!

D W. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I recently had crown work done and had an amazing experience with Dr Youn, her Assistant EJ and front desk/office manager Freddie. 2 appointments were handled with exceptional care. They were efficient, professional, always checking in to ensure I was not in pain, letting me know what to expect with every step. Avenue Dental’s state of the art equipment and techniques ensured the best crown work. I came out smiling each time as I had a wonderful experience. Decades of subpar dental work left me anxious and fearful of major dental work. That all changed when I walked into Avenue Dental 6 months ago for my annual exam and cleaning. I am grateful for Dr Youn & EJ’s skilled expertise and without hesitation I highly recommend them and their practice. I appreciate Avenue Dental’s high quality sanitation & Covid practices, as well as the immaculate and modern spaces. Their bedside manner and professionalism stand out with each visit. Thank you again Avenue Dental for restoring my faith in high quality dentistry!

Jillian H. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


This office is absolutely wonderful! I switched dentists a few years ago, and I am so happy with my decision. The dental assistants are all so sweet and funny and always makes me feel comfortable. I actually don’t dread dentist appointments now! I am always so impressed by how professional the staff and Dr. Youn are to me. Dr. Youn is very open and honest about what she is doing, when, and why. She goes above and beyond to make sure that you have a comfortable experience and I greatly appreciate how she’ll talk and tell stories while she’s working since it distracts me from the dental work. The office is always impeccably clean and well maintained. The best part is definitely the TVs with Netflix to watch while you’re waiting or have on as a distraction for you! Fabulous experience! I recommend this office to all my friends and family…and finally got my boyfriend to go after putting off the dentist for years!

Julie L. from White Bear Lake, MN (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Youn is wonderful! Her offices are beautiful and relaxing. She saw me quickly when I cracked my tooth, and in addition to fixing it painlessly, she also did a great dental exam and provided a lot of insight into some affordable dental care options I didn’t even know existed. And, she’s really nice and fun to talk to! I plan to come back regularly and would recommend her highly!

Mackenzie Holden (Source: Facebook)


I had such a great experience with Dr. Youn and Jackie. It was my first time at Avenue Dental and I couldn’t be happier with the service they provided and the excellent atmosphere in the office. I was stuck in traffic at the end of the day and they both stayed at the office to wait for me! I can’t thank them enough. I had an unexpected cavity and Dr. Youn explained to me what they needed to do to repair it as well as how much it would cost to fix to make sure it was all okay with me before they started, which I really appreciated. Not to mention it was very affordable! If you are looking for a great dentist and staff, I highly recommend Dr. Youn, Jackie and the rest of the staff at Avenue Dental.

Yesenia R. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


Had such a wonderful experience at Avenue Dental! have been searching for a good dentist in my area for over 2 years and finally found an office that is so organized, so clean, so friendly, and so knowledgeable. The receptionist answered all my million questions and what if’s told me my cost up front. The dental hygienist was so empathetic when doing the x-rays and leaving things in my mouth. Dr. Youn is so efficient, so smart and loved how she was walking me through her thought process as she was working on my teeth. Highly recommend this dental office!