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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Gul H. from Woodbridge, VA (Source: Yelp)


If you are looking for the most compassionate dentist, you have come to the right place. Dr. Lakhani and her staff are beyond amazing. They are so efficient and make you feel so comfortable every time you are in the office. When you are in the dental chair having work done, Dr.Lakhani is always making sure you are okay and as comfortable as possible. Her calming bedside manner is amazing and makes me come back. She is also amazing with kids. My 8 year old son actually loves coming to the dentist because they interact with him so well and keep him entertained.

Josh Oviatt (Source: Google)


Finding new doctors is stressful. Look no further! If you need a dentist, make your appointment here today. Dr. Lakhani and her staff are friendly, caring, efficient, capable, attentive, honest, and do great work. I’ve been coming here for years and I always leave feeling confident that I got the best care for my needs. From cleanings, to fillings, to repair work, I’ve always felt I’ve received the best treatment. Nobody’s perfect, but in the rare instance something wasn’t the right fix, it’s been taken care of quickly, correctly, and proactively. They follow up, check-in, and remember me and my history. I always appreciate Dr. Lakhani walking me through her assessments and explaining the options. She makes recommendations and provides guidance rather than dictating what I need and treating me like a machine to be repaired. Before coming here, I thought leaving cleanings feeling abused and bloody was just how it was. That dental care was like car repairs, never being sure if I was being sold things I didn’t need. Thankfully, I haven’t felt that way in years since coming here and I no longer dread regular cleanings or checkups. They’re easy, fast, and I leave with a smile. What more could you ask for. 🙂

Carrie H. from Rockville, MD (Source: Yelp)


I started going to Dr. Lakhani several years ago based on Yelp reviews and she has been great. She is super nice and wiling to explain things. She remembers who you are between appointments so you feel like you have an actual relationship, not like you’re just patient 24601. That induced a certain amount of shame over the state of my gums, which is what finally inspired me to start flossing every single day. I find the parking situation confusing, but I almost always just take the Metro and walk over. I started sending my fiance to her since he did not have a dentist at the time. He ended up shattering an old crown days before our wedding (and days before I could add him to my dental insurance!! argh!) and the office was able to fit him into the schedule right away. There was no way he was going to be able to get a whole new crown before we left the country for our honeymoon the following week, but she found a solution that worked for our budget and time constraints. I also liked the root canal guy she referred me too when I needed that.

Allison L. from Silver Spring, MD (Source: Yelp)


My father hates the dentist and he has been looking for an office where he can be comfortable and trust a dentist.. Let me start by saying the front desk staff is great accommodating,welcoming and very friendly! The dental staff very nice and most importantly they explain the work that needs to get done and has gotten done great. Their office manager so helpful , understanding, gives you so many options and great with insurance any questions you have she has it all answer for you ! Their Hygenist so loving n friendly cares about educating you about your teeth n health . Lastly Dr.Lakhani the nicest most generous Doctor you will ever come across you can tell she loves what she does and overall isn’t money hungry she cares about her patients and explains everything she needs to do and as to why. Most importantly my father is happy with this new family he found! He is so happy with the work that is being done and can’t wait to see the final product so he can finally smile the way he wants to smile !

Rachel Gunter (Source: Google)


Dr. Lakhani and her whole crew at BCC Smiles are amazing! Every interaction I have had with her and her staff has been 5-star worthy. From the front office staff to the providers in the back of office, you will get the personalized attention that can be lacking in other offices. Dr. Lakhani is also a treat! She is so kind and attentive.

Evan S. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I will make the caveat that I love going to the dentist, and that I have never had a bad dentist until I came to DC.  Dr. Lakhani and her staff have restored my faith in dentistry outside of the Mid-West.  They exuded everything a dental practice should.  Kind, professional, thorough, and cost-effective.  I would recommend Lakhani to anyone in need of a teeth cleaning or routine filling.

Alicia L. from Ottawa, Canada (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Lakhani and her staff are fantastic.  I move often and dread finding a new dentist, but I was pleasantly surprised by my experience at her office.  I came in for a general cleaning and left 100% satisfied.  The equipment is new, the office is clean, and Dr. Lakhani is competent and kind.  I had to go back a few weeks later for an emergency procedure and Maria squeezed me in (she is great), and Dr. Lakhani took care of the problem without making me feel like a nuisance. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lakhani, in fact my partner saw her a few weeks after I did and he was just as happy.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.

Sharday M. from Upper Marlboro, MD (Source: Google)


I read the reviews on here before I decided on a new dentist…and I must say you guys were right! Dr. Lahkani is great and very informative. She makes everything plain and clear…I love that. Andddd Maria, the Office Manager/Receptionist is even more helpful…she acted like I was her daughter and she was willing to help me find or get anything I needed. Love them!!! Just wish they had weekend hours! Oh yea…I was looking for an office building, buts its in an apt building.

Jenni B. from Bethesda, MD (Source: Google)


Since moving to the area about a year ago, I’ve had bad luck with dentists. My previous dentist in the same building was using old equipment (not one computer in the entire office!) and did everything by hand — no mechanized equipment. When it came time to get a filling, I knew I had to seek a new dentist. I found out about Dr. Lakhani on Yelp! and, after reading all of the positive reviews, decided to give her a try. I’ve never been happier getting a filling. At every point of contact, Dr. Lakhani and her staff are friendly and competent, and make you feel at ease during your visit. The intake forms ask a lot of questions, covering all of the bases when it comes to health and tooth history. The technology she employs is really neat — I’m used to seeing the tiny x-rays clipped up on a light board, but their digital technology allows you to see your full tooth blown up big on a computer screen. The filling itself was quick and relatively painless — just a tiny pinprick when numbing the area to be treated. She and her dental hygenist make sure they give you breaks during the procedure where you can rest your mouth for a moment. They only do the composite (resin) fillings — no amalgam — which provides a nicer finished appearance. I was so pleased with my experience that I immediately made an appoint to have my regular cleaning done a few weeks from now. I never thought I would find a dentist on Yelp, but I’m so glad I did!

Ryan W. from Laurel, MD (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Saba Lakhani is a professional delight, knowledgeable, Caring and just an all around GREAT dentist. Dr. Lakhani is thorough and she knows her stuff, she takes her time to explain everything. She is an absolute pleasure. The office is warm the staff is extremely friendly and caring. First class operation! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED My 6 year old son loves her

Emma Z. from Arlington, VA (Source: Yelp)


I can’t believe it’s been so long since my review for Dr. Lakhani! I hope all of you reading this are continuing to see the dentist and doctor during the pandemic. Routine medical care is an essential activity. Dr. Lakhani, like other healthcare providers, has taken rigorous steps to protect the health of patients and her staff. You’ll get a check in pre-screening for signs of illness, you’ll wait in your car until your appointment, etc. I felt very safe, and I left with sparkling clean teeth and gums. Her new(ish) office space is gorgeous. It feels fresh, stylish, and soothing. It strikes a balance between being private yet not cramped. There is an easy-to-maneuver covered lot with plenty of guest spaces. Also I always love supporting women-owned businesses that employee BIPOC women staff.

Brenna R. from Washington, DC (Source: Google)


I had been, even through college and even after relocating for many years, still returning back home to my family dentist.. the place where you call, use your first name, and the receptionist say “HI!!! Oh how are you? Your mom told me…” I was convinced after similar experiences with trying to replace other medical services in my new found home that nothing could be that good. The staff is attentive and incredibly patient to explain what they are doing, why, what they see in your mouth / in X-Rays, proper oral care, answer questions, etc. Dr. Lakhani is friendly, patient, and, to be frank, incredibly relatable. I’ve been in now for an annual cleaning and for some fillings. The cleaning was thorough and relatively pain free (guess flossing may have helped with that one), and the fillings an absolute breeze. She even made having the oral antithetic injections (AKA big scary needles) easy. Definitely recommend.

Bianca B. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Lakhani for over 5 years, after an embarrassingly long lapse in dental care before that. She has been excellent, never making me feel bad about past lapses, just making a plan for good health going forward. Every appointment has been great: minimal waiting, thorough and attentive cleaning, plenty of time for getting my questions answered, and even getting cavities filled has been as easy and painless as possible. My teeth are in excellent shape now and I have her to thank. Highly recommend to everyone!

Jesus J. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


As like many other Yelpers, I discovered Dr. Lakhani on Yelp. The amount of great reviews was astounding, so I decided to get a check up in her office. From the very start, the receptionist was very friendly and welcoming. The office is homey and relaxing, as a dentist’s office should be. When I met Dr. Lakhani, she was very personable and welcoming. She’s very thorough, understanding, and does her best to make you feel comfortable. I think she truly understands how to run a business and hire great people. Just like her receptionist, her assistants were great as well. She also really appreciates feedback and truly cares what the customer thinks and how they feel. I’ve been returning and I’ve had a couple more check ups and a couple of fillings done. Every experience was great, and they did very well in making me feel comfortable during my fillings (if you feel pain, ask for more Novocaine!). I feel that the bi-annual dentist visit doesn’t have to be treacherous. You’re spending your time and money for a service, so you should expect great value. You shouldn’t have to deal with condescending or pretentious dentists. At Dr. Lakhani’s, I never dealt with any of that and I have always received great treatment. The parking garage for the building can be very, very easy to miss. When you’re on East West Hwy, and you start leaving the suburban area and entering the city, start slowing down. The garage is on the very far left of the building. After you park in the garage, walk up to the main lobby and sign in on the clipboard at the front desk (don’t want your car to get towed)

Maria Maddalena R. from Laguna Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


I started seeing Dr. Lakhani after a negative experience with a large and very well-known practice elsewhere in Bethesda. Dr. Lakhani came highly recommended to me by my endodontist who recommended her for completing the crown for the root canal he had just performed on me. My very first experience/visit with her, and every visit since then has been exceptional….and almost enjoyable if you can say that about any dental appointment! Her entire staff is very professional; her office environment is calm and you feel as though you are the only patient in the office because when you’re in the chair, they are focused solely on you – unlike other dental practices where you feel like the dentist and assistants are running in and out to check on other patients. I’m happy to say that my husband and young children are now also patients of Dr. L’s – and I would happily and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a kind, gentle and knowledgeable dentist!!

Christie B. from Savannah, GA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Lakhani is caring and very good at routine cleanings and fillings. Love her personally, love her employees. She gives out her cell phone number after more extensive work too in case you need to call her; she works people in for last minute appointments, and parking is free at the apt. building where her office is located. Major drawback is that Dr. Lakhani doesn’t do root canals (or at least, not in the molars), so when my family started needing more serious work done, we had to be referred out to a specialist, which has meant multiple visits back and forth between and excruciating pain in between.

Andy M. from Germantown, MD (Source: Yelp)


She’s super nice and personable, in addition to being a great dentist but the real reason for this five star review was my experience today. It’s less than a week before my wedding and one of my teeth literally broke in half. An old crown from when I was a kid broke and a huge chunk of my tooth just disintegrated. Even though she was totally booked up already, Dr. Lakhani managed to squeeze me in today and fix me up. She did a fantastic job too. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Omar S. from Washington, DC (Source: Google)


Dr. Lakhani is by far the best dentist I’ve ever encountered. Despite living in Lorton, VA, I make the trek to her office for every appointment. She’s very informative, courteous, and dedicated to my oral hygiene. She dispels the stigma that dentists are painful. Logistics are just as good. Ample, safe parking and a clean waiting room.

Christopher Niebylski (Source: Google)


Wonderful team of dentistry professionals at BCC smiles. Really compassionate care focused on patient comfort and wellbeing. The front office staff are really well organized and manage the covid protocols very well. The space is bright, clean, and feels well-ventilated. Dr. Lakhani always takes time to explain procedures before and during.

Jeffrey R. from Mount Rainier, MD (Source: Yelp)


For starters a dental visit isn’t my favorite pastime However I would recommend this office to anyone from the stylish decor to personable staff whom were clicking on all cylinders after my second visit I’m convinced that the outstanding level of professionalism on display by Dr.lahkani and her colleagues is quite their norm on my first visit a routine cleaning the hygentist Vicki was efficient and personable and took the time to explain the procedure as well as point out issues without lecturing me which I absolutely abhor about some dental offices my second visit for fillings provided more of the same personable treatment a colleague of Dr Lahkani and her assistant handled my fillings they were kind, gentle, and smooth throughout the entire process and constantly inquired about my well being which left me with the impression that they genuinely care about the patients and take pride in the service they provide kudos to Dr lahkani and her professional friendly staff

W E. from Bethesda, MD (Source: Yelp)


I have to say that folks that rely on these reviews in making their decision when picking a restaurant, hotel, or even a dentist need to remember that there will always be some “not so good reviews”.  It’s kinda like marriage…there are great times…there are some really crappy times…but you gotta take a step back and look at the big picture sometimes.  So here it is: Dr. Lakhani is fantastic dentist.  Period.  I have been to plenty…but none of them have embodied knowledge, personality and genuine concern of her patients like she does.  From diagnosing, to treatment and thru follow up she is engaged and has the patients best interest in mind.  Even when called upon in an emergency she has always made herself available. I know I’m a “difficult patient” (pst…i don’t like coming to the dentist) but Dr. Lakhani has always been patient and caring about limiting the discomfort that I could feel. For all you “yelpers” it’s like I tell my 3 yr old….try everything once…if you don’t like it…you don’t have to come back…but you will.

Stacey M. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


The health care industry can seem very careless at times, with dentists being quasi professional and very tough to deal with. Dr. Lakhani’s practice is one of the most remarkable medical experiences I’ve ever had. She’s professional, her whole staff is warm and caring — and they actually care about your teeth and gums. I don’t feel like they try to upsell me on services. If there was someone like that in the practice, I didn’t encounter them. When I first went to Dr. Lakhani, I was nervous. I had a life-long dentist on Phelps Place, DC, but things weren’t working out for various reasons. I found Dr. Lakhani on Yelp. Immediately I noticed that my appointments are always kept, and I’m seen promptly upon arrival. There are tons of magazines (trash to class) but you rarely get through an article. If I have a scheduling issue they work with me. The admin/receptionist, Maria, is a caring and lovely woman. She handles communications and billing efficiently and works with you — even in wacky situations like my insurance company told her it was canceled but it wasn’t. Also, the office is very progressive — you actually can communicate with them (and accomplish quite a bit) by email. There’s lots of education to be had if you want it, and the hygienists are knowledgeable and honest. The team is efficient without rushing you. You never leave with your mouth hurting (unless there’s a warning and you get to choose). I recently had a cavity filled which took 20 minutes to fill and an overall 45 minute office visit. It was my first cavity so it felt awkward. I went back a few months later to talk about what was awkward and Dr. Lakhani made me a little more comfortable since I was new to the whole “filling” thing. I was out in 20 minutes… including small talk, pleasantries and Dr. Lakhani checking that my recovery from my tonsillectomy went well. Dr. Lakhani’s practice sets a standard for health CARE.

Raphael Isaac (Source: Google)


I recently moved back to the area, and have been very pleased with many aspects of the dental care provided by Dr. Lakhani and her staff. Through the multiple actions and precautions they are taking these days, they have done a great job in terms of making me feel confident about my visits during this pandemic period. Moreover, I have been very satisfied with the quality of dental care, and Dr. Lakhani’s ability to communicate her recommendations for that dental care. I highly recommend Dr. Lakhani if you’re in need of a new dentist here in the DC area!!

Michael G. from Arlington, VA (Source: Google)


I was extremely worried about finding a new dentist. Then I came upon Dr Lakhani’s reviews on yelp. I took my chances and made an appointment for a routine cleaning. I was pretty worried about the cleaning since I hadn’t gone to the dentist in over a year and a half. Upon arriving, the waiting room was empty with some nice contemporary decorations. The receptionist was extremely nice and answered any of my questions while I filled out my paperwork. Dr Lakhani promptly called me back for my cleaning at the time my appointment was actually for. NO WAITING!!! When I got back to the chair I thought for sure the dental hygienist would take the x-rays and do the usual cleaning. To my surprise, she only took x-rays and then Dr. Lakhani came in and did my whole cleaning herself. She was EXTREMELY nice!! She looked at each individual tooth, made notes and explained everything that was going on with my teeth. She has all the latest equipment which was a pleasant surprise. I had a thorough cleaning with a high powered water pic and she didn’t even use the dreaded metal hook! I escaped with only one cavity after not going to the dentist forever. For the first time in my life I’m not stressed about going back and I even have to get a cavity filled! Dr. Lakhani is truly a great dentist and she now has a patient for life!

Jamie B. from Silver Spring, MD (Source: Yelp)


I found Dr. Lakhani’s office on Yelp, and sent my husband in first as the guinea pig. After a cleaning and two fillings, he raved about the friendliness of the staff and great job done on the dental work. He actually seemed to be in a GOOD mood after seeing a dentist! How odd! So, I scheduled an appointment for myself and had a cleaning last week. I was seen on time. From the receptionist to the dental hygienist to the dentist, everyone was very friendly and pleasant. The consultation room was very clean and comfortable. The session was efficient but not rushed. I appreciated that each person took the time to explain what they were about to do and why. They showed me my digital chart and explained what they found and how I ought to change my routine to help address those areas. They also provided plenty of opportunities for me to ask questions. Oh yeah, and they have a really great freebie bag – perfect for traveling 🙂 Another big bonus is that the office is easily accessible by public transit, both bus and Metro.

Lubna S. from Lorton, VA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Lakhani is by far the best dentist I have ever encountered. Despite living in Lorton, VA, I make the trek to her office for all my dental needs. The reason for my level of commitment  is simple: Dr. Lakhani and her staff are informative, courteous, and truly dedicated to the betterment of my teeth. Above all, she has the softest hands in the industry and dispels the stigma that dentist visits are painful and impersonal. Logistics are just as good. Safe parking, clean waiting room. Dr. Lakhani is a cut above other dentists in the area!

Ben H. from MD, MD (Source: Yelp)


I’ve lived in Silver Spring for several years and have been pretty unhappy with previous cleanings with 4+ area dentists. I don’t consider myself a picky or demanding patient, but I appreciate thorough work. Based on Yelp reviews I decided to schedule and appointment for my wife and I with Dr. Lakhani. The office is pleasant with very friendly staff. Dr. Lakhani is very kind and provided a thorough cleaning. What I appreciated most about the visit was the information she provides to her patients. She noted several issues with brushing technique, new devices available for dental care, and any other concerns/questions I had. In the past I have been happy with a quality cleaning and nothing more that “your teeth are fine”. But I left Dr. Lakhani’s office with a quality cleaning as well as good information on my dental health.

Natasha S. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been seeing Dr. Saba Lakhani since 2010 or so. And I don’t intend on seeing anyone else. Fortunately, Dr. Saba Lakhani is always an IN network provider for my dental insurances. So it’s always been easy breezy working with her. Dr. Saba Lakhani is very warm and welcoming. She takes the time to really sit down with you, have a thorough evaluation and answer any questions you may have. I have never felt rushed or like an inconvenience which is something I experienced often with other dentists in the past. I’ve had a billing issue with them in the past, and they resolved it promptly. I’ve had two different technicians for my bi-annual cleanings and they are both fantastic. They are always thorough and yet, get me in and out in no time. I don’t plan on going anywhere else for as long as I live in the area, and they are in network for my insurance. I have absolutely NO complaints.

Karen L. from Silver Spring, MD (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to this office for years- mainly for convenience since I used to live in the building- but since Dr. Lakhani’s arrival, I’ve really had great experiences. First and foremost, she’s wonderful- very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to take the time explain/answer any questions. Any small dental-related hiccups I’ve run into over the years- she has been more than willing to make right. The office is always clean and for the most part, the entire staff  (front office, hygienists etc) are extremely wonderful! Dr. Lakhani truly cares about her patients- highly recommend!

Laura L. from Bethesda, MD (Source: Google)


When you are a patient of Dr. Lakhani’s, you will feel as though she is taking care of her own family member!  Never in my adult life have I had a dentist who cares so much about her patients. She is such a terrific human being, so kind, compassionate, and a great listener. On top of that, she is very cautious about her protocol, making every effort to get you to the right doctor if she feels that something is concerning to her, and she’s always spot on with her diagnosis. They always do their very best to fit me in and I have all the trust in the world that my pain will go away!  Thank you Dr. Lakhani – I appreciate you so much!

I A M. from Chevy Chase, MD (Source: Yelp)


Yet again I had an excellent experience with Dr. Lakhani and her staff. This time was for a filling and a crown, and despite my extremely low pain threshold, Dr. L was super gentle, patient and understanding, even when I required a 3rd shot of anesthetic. So many times with past dentists I have felt like a wimp, or been afraid of taking too long, etc. Dr. L never makes me feel stupid or wussy for needing more time, or more pain control. Thank you, Dr. L!! The only negative experience I’ve had at this office was about a year ago, being fitted for a mouthguard, as I wasn’t sufficiently warned that I would be gagging for 10 minutes and feel like I was choking. I have asthma, anxiety, panic disorder, and an excellent gag reflex, so this was a pretty hellish event for me. (It would have been VERY helpful had they warned me ahead of time about the gag factor, then I could have taken some medication precautions to relax before the visit.) However, that was the exception, thankfully. I highly recommend Bethesda Dental Health Associates and Dr. Lakhani.

Katelyn K. from Silver Spring, MD (Source: Yelp)


After many years of not having dental insurance, my current employer offered it and I figured might as well take advantage. I happened upon Dr. Lakhani because of yelp reviews and the insurance company directory. Despite of years of neglect and having two cavities, the experience was fairly enjoyable. The office was clean and stylish and the staff was friendly and personable. Dr. Lakhani was incredibly friendly, easy to understand and explained everything without talking down to me, or lecturing me for my years of skipping the dentist.

Alex M. from Bethesda, MD (Source: Yelp)


I just had my first checkup with Dr. Lakhani this morning, and it was easily the most pleasant experience I had ever had at the dentist. The receptionist was pleasant and helpful right away. I walked in and got my new patient paperwork, filled it out and was seen immediately – literally a 0 minute wait time. I hadn’t been to the dentist in, ahem, way too long, so I anticipated quite a rough cleaning followed by a stern reprimand, but she was encouraging and informative throughout the entire cleaning. She narrated her every step and gave me useful info about dental hygiene and general oral function as she went. I couldn’t be more pleased about how the cleaning went, except that my mouth was quite sore afterward, but I readily attribute that to how long I’d gone between cleanings. Dr. Lakhani is a disarmingly kind person who is friendly and open from the get-go. The office is well-kept and pleasant, the support staff are competent and effective, and the dentist herself is professional, qualified, and obviously driven to provide excellent care. I really couldn’t recommend her more, and I’m actually looking forward to my next cleaning! Thanks, Dr. Lakhani!

W. S. from College Park, MD (Source: Google)


While visiting a dentist can be a scary experience,, that was not the case here. The first time I visited Dr. Saba Lakhani at Bethesda Dental Health Associates was about 5 years ago. What impressed me the most was that visiting BDHA was not scary at all. Dr. Lakhani is very gentle and caring. She was very thorough in administering her examination of my teeth. We started out with x-rays and she explained to me in terms that I could understand what was going on with my teeth. Also the technology was pretty impressive as well. As soon as the xrays were taken, my teeth showed up in color on a flat screen monitor, I think even down to the roots. They were all so detail oriented: I was given shades to wear to avoid the glare of the dental light. And they use something to keep your mouth open for you so your mouth doesn’t get tired. Location-wise, it is convenient to the Bethesda Metro–only 2 blocks away. They also have a free parking garage. She makes sure that everything is perfect including your bite after putting in fillings. I felt very comfortable visiting each time for checkups. Dr. Lakhani is a great dentist. She wants to ensure that you are comfortable at all times and if anything is the least bit uncomfortable, you just raise your hand, and she makes sure that you are okay. I would highly recommend her if you need any dental work done. That Is why I am still going to her after all these years.

Gemima P. from Silver Spring, MD (Source: Yelp)


All of the reviews are true! Dr. Lakhani is thorough and up front with you. As someone who hasn’t been to the dentist in at least 5 years, I was ready to be berated for slipping on my dental health. Dr. Lakhani didn’t make me feel horribly at all. She simply told me the things we needed to work on (cavities out the yang) and gave an estimate on how many visits I’d need. The dental hygienist (I think it’s Marlene or Marlena) was wonderful. She worked quickly, but I didn’t feel rushed. She also answered all of my questions honestly and intelligently. I also really enjoyed speaking with the receptionist. She’s professional, but very friendly and knowledgeable as well. She also communicates via email, which is a huge plus. I absolutely hate going to the dentist, but I have nothing but positive things to say about this practice. I definitely recommend you give Dr. Lakhani a shot if you are looking for a new dentist.