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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Alex W. from Maineville, OH (Source: Yelp)


I initially tried Beck Pearce Dental when I wasn’t thrilled with my dentist at the time. I did a google search for my area, checked my insurance, looked at several dental practices and decided on this one. I have been very happy with everyone at that office. They are very accommodating with my schedule. A few months ago I had a severe pain in a rear molar. Dr. Beck had me come in right away and worked on it. He said I needed a root canal and would eventually need a crown. Before he started they gave me a quote, checked my insurance and made sure I was good with everything. Not many doctors will do that ahead of time. I gave a thumbs up and he went to work. I thought that he was just going to do a band aid fix for the time and I would come back for the root canal. At the end of this visit I made the next appointment and asked if I would have the root canal at that time. Turns out they had just done it! I have always heard horror stories about them but there was nothing to it. A few days later I was still having some pretty major discomfort and when I called to ask his assistant what I should do, Dr. Beck himself took the call and told me to come in as soon as I got off work. Needless to say I am very happy with everyone at the office and I don’t write reviews very often!

V Neltner (Source: Google)


I absolutely adore Dr. Beck and staff at the new Beck Family Dental in Mason, Ohio. I needed an implant and was very scared to have it done. Not only was it was painless and easy on my wallet, but it’s not often that you find yourself laughing during an extraction, but I did! Kelly and Dr. Beck are true professionals and I love coming here! Can’t go wrong with such a great team!!!!

Tango F. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


Our insurance changed so my family needed to switch from a dentist practice we had been with for 20 years. We typically see either Dr. Beck or Dr. Greiner at the Mason location. Our visits are always prompt. The office staff as well as dental hygienist are always friendly and engaging. Our previous dentist practice had a such a high turnover but the only turnover we’ve noticed with Beck Pearce is a hygienist who retired. The dentists are relaxed and always great at communicating what work they recommend and initiate pre-authorizations with our insurance before doing any work. We don’t have to pay our bill 100% at the time of the visit. Our previous dentist insisted all patients did and it was such a headache. Totally recommend!

Amie B. from Murfreesboro, TN (Source: Yelp)


I have had a lot of dental work (fillings/crowns) in the past. After a friend referred me to Dr. Beck, I will never go anywhere else! And I moved 5 hrs away!  They are friendly, very thorough, and affordable. They really do care and do a great job taking care of their patients. Of course no one really likes going to the dentist, but here, they make it efficient and enjoyable. Thumbs up!

Shari Shokler (Source: Google)


I initially tried Beck Pearce Dental when I wasn’t thrilled with my dentist at the time. I did a google search for my area, checked my insurance, looked at several dental practices and decided on this one. I have been very happy with everyone at that office. They are very accommodating with my schedule. A few months ago I had a severe pain in a rear molar. Dr. Beck had me come in right away and worked on it. He said I needed a root canal and would eventually need a crown. Before he started they gave me a quote, checked my insurance and made sure I was good with everything. Not many doctors will do that ahead of time. I gave a thumbs up and he went to work. I thought that he was just going to do a band aid fix for the time and I would come back for the root canal. At the end of this visit I made the next appointment and asked if I would have the root canal at that time. Turns out they had just done it! I have always heard horror stories about them but there was nothing to it. A few days later I was still having some pretty major discomfort and when I called to ask his assistant what I should do, Dr. Beck himself took the call and told me to come in as soon as I got off work. Needless to say I am very happy with everyone at the office and I don’t write reviews very often!

Angie M. from Batavia, OH (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr Becks office for about a year. I work downtown so it was very easy to go before or after work. I am one of those people that look around and listen carefully. This office is clean and very friendly. As I sat in the waiting room different staff members came out to call patients. They seemed to know their patients and even gave them hugs. I have never quite seen that level of comfort before. When it was my turn, the hygienist came out to get me, and actually treated me like I had been there before. She made me very comfortable and the entire experience was a pleasure. I thought she had a hugh family since she had so many pictures. Turns out, she puts up picture of all of her patients. I think that is amazing. Then Dr. Beck came in. He is so funny and so kind. He also made me feel very comfortable. The next time I came in, I unfortunately had a broken tooth. This time I got to meet Dr. Pearce and his cute assistant with the braided hair. They fixed my tooth and never hurt me. I cant say enough about the level of care. Since then I have learned that this office pretty much does it all. One of my co-workers had a root canal and another had an implant. They both rave about the office. If you have not been, you might want to try it. You cant go wrong. Angie

Rudy B. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to this office for a couple years and I have found the front desk staff to be very friendly and helpful!  When I had an issue with one of my teeth, Dr Beck was able to get me out of pain.  Dr Beck was also able to replace one of my missing teeth with an implant (No one can tell which tooth is an implant!).  He told me exactly what he was going to do, and I thought it was really cool that he was going to use a laser.  I am constantly telling everyone what a great office this is and I strongly recommend this office to all of my friends.

David Johnson (Source: Google)


Fantastic experience from start to finish! I called on a Monday and was seen that day. Front desk staff are extremely knowledgeable and patient as we went thru a financing program for services rendered. Now, Brooke (I’m terrible with names but I’m 90% sure its Brooke) is who you ask to have take care of you. Total sweetheart! Even helped my lady find work. I mean, who does that! Dr. Beck is a badass. Mind you We’ve only been in town for a few months but it felt like I’ve lived here for years. Like talking with a family member. Just a solid guy. Most of the time when you go to a practice like this, they hear you but don’t listen. He and his counterpart have gone above and beyond taking care of me. I’ve had a rough go since I had work done and he took the time to see me on short notice. I’ll be going to him from this point forward.

Kate F. from Fort Mitchell, KY (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to this dentist for about 8 years. The thing I enjoy the most about Dr Beck is that he explains things to me like an intelligent adult – and often challenges me right back when I question his decisions (ie – I question the fact that I have a cavity – and he just brings out the scope to show me a photo of it). They recently fit me in – same day – for a dental emergency. Good people! And for you yelpers, you’ll appreciate the fact that Dr Beck also has excellent taste in local restaurants – enjoying the best fried chicken and steak restaurants in town

Shawnya A. from Burlington, KY (Source: Yelp)


I can’t say enough about Dr. Beck and his assistant Kelli they are simply AMAZING. I have always been afraid of going to the dentist; from my very first visit they were never critical about the condition of my teeth. It had been years since I even had a cleaning. Dr. Beck and Kelli are very caring and gentle I have always felt comfortable with them. Dr. Beck takes his time, never rushes and always makes sure I am doing okay and at ease. I was always self-conscious about my teeth; Dr. Beck has performed several procedures on me. I now have all of my issues taken care of including 4 implants, crowns plus a bridge. Dr. Beck has slowly taken one year at a time to give me a smile that I am proud of!! I was referred to Dr. Beck by my husband’s co-worker; he was described as the P&G dentist. His office takes our insurance and I’ve hardly had to pay any out of pocket, which is very nice! I highly recommend this office and cannot say enough good things about them! If you have a fear of the dentist, they have a fun staff and will always welcome you with a gentle touch and a smile!

Samantha s. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr Beck’s office for year’s and i couldnt be happier with it. I went in for some pain i was having in my teeth, come to find out i needed implants, which scared me to death not only because of financial reasons but it doesnt sound like it will be painless. After talking with dr beck about procedures he was awesome about making me feel extremly comfortable with everything i was about to go through. I got my implants and i have a beautiful smile, he was painless and gave me fantastic results, ive never been complimented so much on something thanks to him i have a whole new confidence in my smile!!! And thankfull after my insurance paid Dr beck and the office set up a payment plan that made it very stress free on me. I would deffinantly reccomend him to anyone going in for dental work. My hygienist is Vickie she makes getting a cleaning every three months something to look forward to with how comfortable she makes me & shes fun to talk to! to the person who was upset over his 40$ bill, really??? pay it and move on !

Elaine W. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


They do a very thorough job of cleaning. The office is quite busy (for good reason), yet they are usually on time, so no need to bring a phone charger to the waiting room. Just don’t expect to be done in 15 minutes. Since they do such a thorough job, even a regular check up will take at least 30 minutes from the time you get there to the time you head out the door. I mainly see Dr. Beck, but have seen Dr. Pearce too. They both know their stuff. People tend to have their favorite hygienists that they request. I like Vickie ( y?) and Tara. I always look forward to my goodie bag of toothbrush, travel size tooth paste, floss, etc. when I leave. This office knows how to take care of you.

Adrianna L. from Fairfield, OH (Source: Yelp)


The service at this office is amazing. Everybody is just so attentive and awesome! The dr informed me and walked me through my plan benefits and what needed work and all the recommendations in the world to then ask me what I wanted to do. I recommend this office to anybody and everybody now!

Carola M A. from Amelia, OH (Source: Yelp)


I called the office for an appointment and was able to get in the next day despite being first-time patient. I had a toothache and expected just a quick consultation without treatment. However,  they took an xray and Dr. Beck was able to redo 2 fillings on the same appointment. I was in and out of there in about1 hour and without pain! Pleasantly surprised. The office is clean, friendly and contemporary. Highly  recommend them.

Stephanie T. from Castro Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient at this office for the last 5 years, primarily with Dr. Beck, but also with Dr. Pearce. As a downtown resident, the location could not be move convenient. And there is something that just seems so posh and cool about sitting in the dentists chair with a bird’s eye view of downtown from the 10th floor of the Carew tower. The dental care has been fantastic. I experienced my first ever fillings at this office, and while I approached that visit with some trepidation (especially after seeing the big scary needle on a tray), I shouldn’t have worried. A numbing agent was first carefully massaged into the area, followed by the needle (which I didn’t even feel). Then that injection was gently massaged around the area to make sure everywhere around the cavity area in my mouth was going to be good and oblivious to the entire situation. As a result I did not feel a darn thing through the whole process. Amazing! Normal check-ups, x-rays, cleanings and fluoride treatments are given with the same care, and the entire staff is well trained and friendly. I’ve also heard this office referred to as the “P&G dentists”, as their charges are a great fit with out dental insurance coverage amounts. On a normal visit, I do not pay a dime for my appointments, and everything else is about as cheap as you’re going to get it as well. Especially for such high quality service! One thing that amuses me is that the key chain for the bathroom keys seems to change every time I’m there, and I’m told it is because someone has walked off with the previous key/ keychain. Seriously people, who is stealing the keys from my dentist’s office? If I see anyone walking around with a 12 inch wooden toothbrush attached to your car keys, I’m totally calling you out on this one!

Megan T. from Covington, KY (Source: Yelp)


I’ve gone through several dentists over the past couple of years, and I was referred to Dr. Beck from a friend to take care of my front tooth that had had a root canal. The entire staff was super friendly and personable, and Dr. Beck is incredible! I couldn’t be more pleased with the crown I received, I haven’t smiled this much in years! My entire experience was outstanding and surprisingly enjoyable! I would highly recommend to anyone! By far best dentist in town!

Elena Pfarr (Source: Google)


I really like Beck Family Dental. Dr. Beck is friendly, thorough, always professional and his staff is top notch. Additionally, they are always efficient and sensitive to my time. I rarely have to wait. But my favorite part of my recent visit is the switch to paper goodie bags for the take home dental supplies. I appreciate the move away from single-use plastics towards something more sustainable. I highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for great dental service. Thank you to everyone at the Beck Family Dental team!

Nancy P. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


Beck Pearce Dental has an additional office now in Mason Ohio.  I decided to try it out since it was much closer to home.  Dr. Beck and his staff are amazing.  To be honest I dislike going to the dentist (who doesn’t right?) but this location is warm and cozy, not cold at all.  Once you step inside you don’t feel like you’re in a dental office.  I was greeted with a fabulous smile from their front desk staff who took the time to investigate my coverage before I even sat down in a chair.  So right up front I knew what my out of pocket expense would be should I need other services besides my basic clean.  Vickie, the hygienist  cleaned my teeth and was very gentle all the while communicating to me how she thought my teeth looked.  Then I met the doctor and boy was I surprised.  Super nice and very down to earth.  He made me feel comfortable and also communicated what his thoughts were to me and too very gentle.  Again, not a fan of the dentist but in 6 months when I need my cleaning Vickie will be doing it and  Dr. Beck will be the one checking me.  Thanks to all for a great visit.

Carissa R. from Florence, KY (Source: Yelp)


I recently switched dentists and was referred to Dr. Beck and Dr. Pearce through a friend. Going to the dentist is not something I look forward to, but this was a good experience. It was pain free and everyone was really nice. I have two cavities that they want me to get filled, and so far I trust them enough to go back. The cost was about what you’d expect at any dentist. Overall: I can’t complain!

Glancy C. from Covington, KY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. David Beck was recommended to me by a colleague at work; I was one month out from getting dental benefits and I had a filling fall out. My colleague called Dr. Beck and he was able to get me in and found that I needed a crown (the filling was huge and more than 30 years old and my tooth was cracked). He did the first part of the part of the crown work with the promise that I would pay when I got my insurance. When I went in for the seating of the crown, he didn’t charge me and said to donate the money to a good cause; and I did. I donated it to the SPCA. I have been going to Dr. Beck and his group for the past 8 years for all of my dental work. Everyone in the practice, including reception, accounting, my two hygienists, all of the dentists, really just everyone I have encountered has been kind, funny and easy to work with. Whenever I have had a question, they have worked diligently to get an answer for me. Even though I’m moving 50 miles north, I’m going keep with Beck Pearce Dental.

Debbie Read (Source: Google)


Dr. Beck and his staff are wonderful. Went in for a cleaning, and Jessica was great. She took her time and explained everything she was doing, and offered very helpful tips on general maintenance and whitening. Dr. Beck is so thorough and also does a phenomenal job at explaining what is needed, not needed, timing, and overall dental support. Going to the dentist is not something I enjoy, but he makes it as painless and pleasurable as possible. I also very much appreciate his guidance on what is covered by insurance. Never any financial surprises. Bobbie at the Receptionist desk is a pure pleasure! Highly recommend Dr. Beck and his staff!

Dawn Poitevent (Source: Google)


Beck Family Dental is amazing! My 5yo son had his very first dentist appointment ever with them and they were exceptional. Brooke explained everything before she started and made him feel at ease. All the staff is friendly and efficient. And Dr. Beck was so kind to both my son and myself. So very thankful to have found this office!

Bryce M. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


I want to take a second to give a huge shout out to Dr. Beck and Dr. Pearce for being such upstanding members of our community and providing the best quality dental services in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Family and friends RAVE about this place and it is just so awesome to see these two professionals caring so much about what they do. Do yourself a favor and stop by Beck-Pearce-Dental today inside the Carew Tower and let them put that sparkle in your smile! I know I’ll be back!

David G. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


Let me first start off by saying WOW! The level of professionalism at Beck-Pearce Dental is the best I’ve ever experienced. From the reception area to the friendly and hospitable staff and not to mention Dr. Beck, one of the most personable Dental professionals I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. I stumbled upon this gem while wondering around the Carew Tower after being relocated for my job to the new Central Business District in Downtown Cincinnati from Tampa, FL. I was only there for a simple cleaning but there is no doubt in my mind that I’m making this place my go to. Dr. Beck made me feel at home and incredibly comfortable as I’ve always had a fear of being in the Dentist’s chair. It’s incredibly rare to find customer service with a smile these days and Beck-Pearce Dental is top of the line. I not only found a Dentist I can rely on, but I felt as if I made a friend along the way. 5 stars for you guys! Keep up the good work!

Annette P. from Louisville, KY (Source: Yelp)


This is a shout out to Dr. Beck and Dr. Pearce. Jean-Robert, Laeticia and I have been going there since coming to Cincinnati (our daughter since it did not work out for her with her Children’s Dentist). Even though the office has grown it is still personable, including the front desk and the assistants! Bravo!

Jenny H. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been to my fair share of dentists and this is my favorite place. I just switched to Dr. Beck and I am not leaving. The staff is very helpful! And my dentist explained to me everything in detailed so that I would understand what is going on. The location was hard to find at first. But It is located in the Carew Towers.. can also be accessed via the Hilton Hotel entrance. It is located on the 10 floor

Linda D. from Mason, OH (Source: Google)


My family (4 adults) has been going to Dr. Beck and Pearce for the last 9 years. We were unhappy with our previous dentist, and we are SO thankful to have found Beck and Pearce. Very fortunate that they now have an office in Mason. We get in and out of the dentist office with minimal wait time, and they actually pay attention to us and give us excellent service. When we have an emergency, they get us in quickly and make you feel at ease. Personally, I love Dr Beck, but Dr Pearce has also done a fantastic job especially when I had a problem with a crown. He fixed me right up.  He identified the cause of my tooth pain, and it actually went away just like he said it would. They really know their stuff. Not everyone likes every dentist, but after my previous dentist experience, I truly appreciate Beck and Pearce. I won’t go anywhere else!

Kendyl A. from Mason, OH (Source: Yelp)


I had a very painful tooth that was severely infected and I needed to see a dentist as soon as possible.  Dr. Beck and his staff got me in within 30 minutes of calling.  They were beyond compassionate and made my worst nightmare a tooth extraction a positive experience.  Dr. Beck and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, personable, and go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable.  I can’t say enough about how nice Dr. Beck and the rest of the staff were!  I am going to change my dentist and continue to go here for my dental needs.

Ami A. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


Dr. David Beck is spectacular. I had a tooth ache for about a month and after seeing another dentist without relief of pain, Dr. Beck was persistent in helping get the pain and ache resolved. Dr. Beck was able to see a deep cavity that was not seen by another dentist. He is quick, but knows exactly what he is doing. He is very professional and is not there to make the quick buck, but to really make sure that his patients are happy with healthy mouths. Vickie Daley, a hygienist has been there for years and I cannot say enough about her service to her patients. Vickie listens to your concerns and follows up with the dentists to make sure that your concerns are addressed. Vickie cares about her patients and can be reflected with all the photographs that are framed and viewed as your teeth are being cleaned. Dr. Beck and Vickie are the perfect combo when it comes to keeping teeth healthy! Additionally, Dr. Beck always gives back to community. He has donated toothpaste, toothbrushes and other dental products to the different rescue funds for devastated areas from tornadoes, floods and earthquakes.

Larry H. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


I recently had a dental issue on a tooth that my previous dentist had performed a root canal and crown procedure on. The tooth developed an abcess less than a year later. My sister, who works at P&G downtown recommended that I go see her Dentist Dr. Beck. I am glad that I did. The office worked me into an already overbooked schedule durring the holidays and took care of my problem. I found the fees to be much less and the service better than my previous dentist. I also found everyone in the office to be very cordial, friendly and professional.

Christian H. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


My Dentist recently retired ….. I, like maybe others out there was “Nervous” of Any dental work.  .I was so impressed w/  Dr. Beck after a simple check up that I had him “Cap” all my front teeth ( something I had wanted for years…)   NO Kidding;  You have totally got to check this guy out…he is PAINLESS, quick, and Inexpensive in my Opinion.

Lynn L. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


One bad (and painful) childhood experience at the dentist scarred me for life which likely explains my poor job of keeping up with proper dental care visits as an adult. Up until yesterday, my last visit was some eight or so years ago…and really, my motivation for going was to treat what I thought was a cavity. Anyway, Arnold, Beck, & Pearce Family Dentistry was given high recommendation from a good friend. Wise choice on my end because I couldn’t be happier! I was seen on-time as scheduled. Vicky was my dental hygienist who was very nice, personable, and made me feel welcomed the minute I sat in the chair. You can’t help but notice all the pictures plastered on her office walls of all her patients throughout the years. This was a good sign. Sure enough, Vicky gently handled my entire check-up and teeth cleaning and made sure to check-in with me throughout the entire process to make sure I was comfortable at all times. Dr. Beck met with me briefly, and he too was also personable with a good sense of humor. A truly great experience — probably one of the best experiences in my life at the dentist. My fear of going to the dentist is no more. The level of service and care at Arnold, Beck, and Pearce Family Dentistry is remarkable and I am actually looking forward to my next visit.

Blake R. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


I have been to the office many times and have seen both Dr. Beck and Dr. Pierce. They are both amazing dentists and are very friendly. They do very quality work at a reasonable price. I find it amazing that the same wonderful staff has been there for many years. After my dental insurance paid part of my bill, the office made an affordable payment plan for the remaining balance. I highly recommend this office to anyone who likes quality dental services, fair prices, and friendly staff