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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Holistic dentistry


Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants

Sedation dentistry


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Cat G. from Central LA, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


My 14 years of being treated by Dr. Sanda have all been superior visits with excellent results, and I’ve had extensive oral work performed over the years, so I’m familiar with every aspect of her treatments and procedures. My experiences at this dental practice always leave me feeling safe and nurtured by this A-class team of experts. Especially in this age of COVID it is so reassuring to know all of the top safety precautions are in place; from temperature checks when you walk in the door to social distancing in the waiting room to ozone air circulation in the exam rooms. I’m always impressed by Dr. Sanda’s never ending quest to learn more about biological dentistry as well as her investment in the latest technological equipment. Her AirFlow cleaning is dynamite! Ozone water neutralizes the bacteria, fungus, and viruses in the mouth, leaving such a fresh feeling. It takes less time than traditional cleanings, and best of all– no more scraping my teeth! Love it!

Dianna (Source: Google)


Dr Maldovan is an extraordinary dentist! I have seen many dentists in my life and she is by far the best I’ve ever encountered. She is compassionate, gentle, extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about the overall HEALTH and WELLNESS of her patients. She is a gifted dentist and a true healer. I highly recommend her!

Caroline Sarda (Source: Google)


I had to get crown lengthening surgery. I researched different procedures and didn’t like the idea of going under the knife. That is how I found Dr. Moldovan who uses state of the art equipment like the Waterlase. I called her office, asked a bunch of questions, and really like that they were going to use laser instead of a knife and that recovery time was going to be so much less. I was in and out in under an hour, had no need for pain killers as I had no pain, and was able to get my crown with no trouble. Even my dentist was impressed with the results from the surgery as it made his job that much easier. This was by far the best experience I could have hoped for. I recommend Dr. Moldovan to anyone looking for a professional who is holistic, who truly cares about her patients, and how is very gentle. Thank you Dr. Moldovan!

Helen B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Moldovan and staff at the Beverly Hills Dental health and Wellness are at the top of the echelon of the Dental profession !!  I’ve had my teeth cleaned many of times but never have I walked away with no discomfort and the nagging sound of scraping in my head.  Their teeth cleaning services was actually a very therapeutic experience, no scraping and no discomfort.  I went today to get a night guard, as I am a major grinder and Dr. Moldovan took the time to make sure that the night guard fit properly and gave me some tips to ease my jaw and neck tension.  I highly recommend this office for ANY dental service as they are amazing!!

Dumitru Bojiuc (Source: Google)


It’s a fantastic team of specialists surrounding and convincing you with a great confidence that you’ve got in the right place anytime where you always feel welcomed like in a coffee shop meeting the best friends to enjoy your healthy perspectives. Dr. Sanda Moldovan is the best most wanted personal advisor you need to have in you life and the best sculptor when it comes to change your look and smile to keep you “forever 21”.

Zoe N. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


So, first of all, it’s a weird time to be a dentist or a dental hygienist and I am so grateful to them for even seeing me. It was super clean, really cool really cool office somehow with a motorcycle in it! They were completely professional, fun and really made me feel comfortable. I love them. Million stars. They are working with me to make sure I get all the dental work I need and after 6 months of waiting this was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks so much guys!

Laura L. from Malibu, CA (Source: Yelp)


Recently, I had to have a correction on a very old root canal that had compromised the bone very close to my nose. This was a procedure I was not looking forward to. However, Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness made my experience a very pleasant one. From making my initial appointment to the 24-7 availability of after-care, I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and care offered. The support administrative staff are courteous and efficient; the surgical assistant was skilled and very thoughtful. My dental surgery was not an easy procedure, but Dr. Moldovan’s  expertise and high level of skill brought me through with no pain and no discomfort. Even the next day, after the numbing wore off, I was absolutely fine. I should also add that my condition was caught by Dr. Moldovan because she uses state of the art technology which allowed her to see if there was a problem. I had been to other very fine dentists in Beverly Hills and because their equipment was not of the caliber of this office, they did not catch the condition. In addition to the excellent service, this office features a lovely decor which makes a dental visit a very warm and welcoming experience. I cannot recommend highly enough Dr. Moldovan and  her staff.

Donna Chazanov (Source: Google)


Excellent dental care. I come mainly for teeth cleaning by SANDRA. She is EXCELLENT. I have been to a number of dental hygienists in my life. Some barely tickle your teeth. You can feel that she is very experienced and gentle. She gets into every crevice and around each and every tooth. I did have one major procedure here. I was very nervous and they use every trick in the book to relax me completely. The group has the most modern equipment. I was able to calm down and relax. Dr. Kanter is talented. Other doctors would have just pulled the tooth; it was a root canal tooth and there was an infection. She went in cleaned it out, saved the tooth and discovered that I had 4 roots, not 3! The subtle pain disappeared and I think next time I won’t be so nervous.

Nicolas Iacob (Source: Google)


What an enlightening experience at the dental office! Besides being a talented surgeon Dr. Moldovan is very knowledgeable in nutrition and healthy living. She created a probiotic for teeth and gums that tastes delicious and is not chalky .The treatment plan was personalized and easy to follow. I highly recommend her office. The experience I had with Dr. Sanda was just unique.

Alex S. from Northeast Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sanda is the ONLY person I trust with my periodontal and dental issues. The last time I saw her–she worked with me to help manage pain (holistically) after an over zealous and sloppy cosmetic dentist hurt my mouth. No matter the problem, I’m always “cured” after a visit or three. Over the years, she’s saved my gums (and therefore my teeth!) numerous times when I’ve neglected my mouth. It’s kismet she is my doctor today. I was her patient in my 20’s when she was a star student at UCLA’s dental program- and 20+years later she’s still “in there” with the latest and greatest to keep me healthy. She seeks the best when it comes to you and your health and never stops the education process. I adore her and her staff and quite frankly, this office is one of a very few I’d trust to be clean and follow guidelines in these uncertain Covid-19 times. I could go on but think I should end here–I also really like her as a person.

Anne S. from Pacific, MO (Source: Yelp)


I found this dental office searching for holistic dentistry. When I first walked in I felt warm and comfortable. All the staff is kind and very attentive. Same with Dr. Moldovan. She made sure to personalize my treatment and gave helpful insights. I highly recommend the Beverly Hill Dental and Wellness! You will come back!!

Doreen Spicer-Dannelly (Source: Google)


I have to tell the full story– Before arriving at Dr. Sanda Moldovan’s office I had been to at least three dentists and two endodontists. Reason being, after my original dentist placed a crown on a fractured molar, I started having the weirdest symptoms– food (wheat, eggs) allergies and chemical sensitivities which I’ve never had any kind of allergies, Then I had strange aversions to certain metals – mixed metals, nickel. I went back to my dentist — forget it. No help. So off I went seeking all kinds of answers from my primary doctor (no help), second and third opinions from other dentists and oral surgeons who did digital X-rays that showed nothing. A couple of the dentists even tried to convince me that I needed a root canal, but I felt like something else was amidst. Finally I found a holistic doctor who recommend, periodontist, Dr. Moldovan and I truly thank God he did. For nearly two years, I’d been through hell. By becoming hyper-sensitive to chemicals, metals and allergies, I honestly had to coach myself out of thinking my health was in grave trouble and to stay positive. Well, Dr. Moldovan was a godsend and did exactly what I hoped. She did a CT Scan of my entire jaw and found an infection that had been brewing for years! Basically I had a low grade infection (proven by my holistic doc) that was finally effecting my whole system, which, I had suspected was stemming from my teeth all along, especially after all my own research. Longer story short, Dr. Moldovan set a course of action, and it’s been two and a half weeks since surgery and I am seriously and miraculously on the mend! It’s too early to tell if all my allergies will clear up but I feel like the toxic load has been lifted and my body is getting back to good healthy again. One thing that did happen was she found a tiny piece of metal stuck in my gum where a molar had been extracted! Oh my gosh! This could be the root of my metal issues. I have no idea. But please believe me, my experience with Dr. Sanda Moldovan and her entire staff, including Dr. Kathy Zahedi, (who is replacing my mixed metal crown with a porcelain one) was nothing short of professional and simply amazing. Everyone made me feel comfortable and not crazy for listening to my body. The office is immaculate and Dr. Moldovan is also nutritionist, a plus. Her products are natural/plant based and even her post op products were natural and gluten free. I can’t thank her enough for taking the best care of me. May God bless Dr. Moldovan and her staff.

Nadia A. from Glendale, CA (Source: Yelp)


After months of research and interviewing several Periodontists, I decided NOT to get gum graft surgery for my receding gums. I decided to go for a more progressive, holistic approach. I was so lucky to have be referred to Dr. Moldovan! She has a very holistic view of the body as well as much experience in L-PRF Platelet Therapy; uses my own plasma to speed up the healing process to the gums. Please ask them for more information on this (as well as Air-Flow Therapy for their progressive dental cleanings). Her office also uses a T-Scan to measure one’s bite pressure. This is key to diagnosing a patient’s bite! And to my surprise I took a homeopathy remedy after my CT/X-ray scans. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well everyone in the office took care of me  : )

Julie S. from Marina del Rey, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Moldovan’s practice has been a Godsend for me. I have endured a lifetime of incompetent dentistry which in turn created an enormous fear of dentists in general. That all changed the day that I chose to visit this amazing office. BHDH is a place filled with brilliant, warm, and caring doctors and assistants. I will never fear dentistry again! When I found BHDH, I had been searching for a dentist that could save a molar that four other dentists insisted needed to be extracted. Not only was my tooth saved from extraction, but BHDH ended up quite possibly saving my overall health from disaster. Dr. Moldovan’s dental and whole-body expertise and incredibly high tech equipment accomplished what no other dentists could. I hope that my story will help others who may be experiencing a similar situation. Four years ago, my Atlanta dentist told me that I had to have my back molar extracted. Once the oral surgeon performed the extraction, he told me that he wanted to insert bone grafting material into the void where my tooth had been for a future implant to replace my extracted molar. I did not have time to research cadaver (yes, cadaver) bone grafts as he needed an immediate decision. I followed his advice and allowed the graft. What followed the insertion of that graft and its foreign DNA into my body became a health nightmare. It took many months for me to connect the sudden onset of multiple autoimmune conditions to the graft, but when I finally did, I was told by my dentist that it was impossible for the graft to be the cause. I realize that many people have bone grafts that cause no complications, but I am one of the unlucky ones that did. Within two weeks of the graft insertion, I developed severe dry eye syndrome. It was so bad that people were constantly asking me why I was crying. I also developed eczema on my scalp. This was perplexing because I had never had a single skin condition in my life, including acne as a teenager. Now, all of a sudden I had large patches of oozing and scaly skin on my scalp. As if that wasn’t enough, I began having severely painful symptoms of arthritis in my knees and hands. I asked countless doctors if these new autoimmune conditions could have been caused by the cadaver bone graft. They all told me that that was impossible. Instinctively, I knew that they had to be due to my body rejecting the foreign DNA in the graft and began a search for a dentist that would remove it. Four different dentists told me that the graft could not be removed as it had melded with my own bone. Thank God, I didn’t give up trying to find a dentist who could help me, or I never would have found Dr. Moldovan. On my first visit, I told Dr. Moldovan the story of my deteriorating health and asked if it was possible to have the bone graft removed. Instead of dismissing the idea, she instead had me do my first 3D CT dental scan. I couldn’t believe what I saw on the scan results and started to cry. There, floating in black, necrotic tissue, was that nefarious bone graft. After nearly two years in my jaw, the graft had never knit with my own bone. I was overjoyed! Dr. Moldovan set up and performed a cavitation procedure to remove the dead tissue and graft. When it was over, I cried again, but these were tears of joy to finally be rid of the source of my health problems. Within weeks of the cavitation, my dry eye syndrome, arthritis, and eczema began to dissipate. Now, two years later they are but a distant bad memory. I have never felt better, and I owe it all to Beverly Hills Dental Health. A special thank you to dear LeeShane and Helder for always bringing a ray of sunshine and a warm hug to my day!

Ashley O. from Encino, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is THE BEST dental office you EVER go to, starting with the caring staff who treat you more like family than a patient. My initial contact was with Leeshane, the patient liaison, who is an absolute angel. My son desperately needed work done before heading back to college and she went out of her way to make that happen quickly. What I’m about to say next sounds crazy but my son almost fell asleep while he was getting multiple cavities filled. Dr. Moldovan uses state of the art equipment and the absolute finest products available. She has a deep understanding of her craft and how it relates to the entire body, always taking into account the health and well being of her patients. After years of going to a different biological dentist, I saw first hand how Dr. Moldovan and her staff are so much better and more advanced than anything I’d experienced before. My office visits have been nothing short of incredible. My daughter had a complete workup including their world class teeth cleaning which removed stains and biofilms. When I first saw her I couldn’t believe how incredible her teeth looked, and since then all of her friends are asking her where she got this done and if they could go too. I could go on forever but I know people don’t like to read long reviews. The biggest endorsement I could give is let you know that I bring the people I love the most here because I care so much about them and their health. I feel so lucky to entrust my health and that of those I love to Dr. Moldovan and her incredible team.

David M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Leeshane is the customer liaison and works the front so well, it is a joy to interact with her when I go to this office. She is extremely well versed in the needs and operations of a dental office, always a smile, and lots of laughter. David M

Evan W. from Dixon, IL (Source: Yelp)


What an amazing experience I just had at Beverly Hills Dental Health! From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out the the staff and service were so friendly and professional. Everyone took the time to say hello or give a warm welcoming smile. Was I back in the Midwest again? They truly made me feel like I was back home, besides the fact Iowa doesn’t have breathtaking views like this office does 🙂 Along with the exceptional service, I received expert advice from Dr. Valerie Kanter and Dr. Sandra Moldovan. Out of all the offices I’ve visited, this one by far takes the torch. I look forward to returning. I found my new dental family!

Cathy Griffin (Source: Google)


I had a mouth full of issues when I came to see Dr. Sanda. She looked after my gums in a way no dental professional had ever done before. She explains everything she is doing in easy, every day terms. I have friends who have to go back over and over for one thing or another that’s gone wrong with their dental implants or when they have their teeth pulled. I never have to worry about that with Dr. Sanda. I can leave her office–confident every single procedure has been done with the greatest precision. possible and I’m not going to have to go back to have her ‘fix’ her work. I like that she is constantly attending lectures and seminars to learn the about the latest procedures and the best technology to pass along to her patients. She’s nurturing too. I just feel very taken care of when I’m in her chair. When we get older, we don’t get the lollipops at the dentist anymore. Dr. Sanda’s smile is just as sweet, so you don’t miss one.

J. C. from North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been searching high and low for a dental office that suits my needs, needing a lot of work. But I hadn’t found the right fit, until I called over at Beverly Hills Dental Health & Wellness. WOWOWOWOWOW Amazing attention to detail from the start. The initial contact was Leeshane, what a joy, she is top notch and was able to handle all my chief concerns with ease and perfection. And I am hard to please. Then when I walked into the office the view took my breath away, almost forgot about all my dental problems. Helder, Dr Moldovan’s assistant was so fun and professional. Dr Moldovan is the heart and soul of the office and I can see why. She goes above and beyond in her consults, was able to point out teeth associated with meridians which I had no idea previously but this all made sense, the teeth that were infected were causing my other health issues. This was the best dental experience I have ever had, Dr Moldovan’s attention to detail can not be matched. She is everything!!! I had to go with the treatment plan she gave me because I know in my heart she is the real deal. Not only that she is a nutritionist and invented a oral probiotic that is not only yummy but very very effective. Only vegan one on the market! All I have to say is the whole team is amazing they have an office manager who’s name is Harsh but he is the opposite of his name, it means joy in India and that is exactly what he is 🙂 WOW you must run to this office, I promise you, you won’t regret this experience.

Anonymous (Source: Google)


I can’t express how much I am grateful for the care I’ve had under Dr. Moldavan. My lower jaw was in poor condition from an old infection in 2002 and the implants already in place were not in any condition to restore. Over the few years I’ve been with Dr. Moldavan, my oral health has improved dramatically enabling her to replace (and improve) the implants and restore them with a perfect smile I am proud of. I admit I was always self-conscious and insecure when smiling, laughing or eating with the condition of my mouth prior to her care. With a perfectionist mindset, she has adjusted my bite so it feels natural and functions beautifully when eating. I can’t stop smiling! The transformation has been incredible. Dr. Moldovan’s staff is also comprised of the most professional and caring people I have ever met. They have truly gone the extra mile to accommodate my needs throughout this process. I can’t thank all at Dr. Moldvan’s office enough!

Debbie R. from Freedom, WI (Source: Yelp)


I was in LA visiting family when I found out I had a very bad tooth infection.  Leeshane (who by the way was just so lovely and sweet to work with) at Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness was able to get me in right away and because of their state of the art equipment they were able to show me what my dental office back home could not see.  I could have flown home and tried to find someone to remove the tooth for me, but after being in their office and seeing that they used infrared and ozone, I knew that I wouldn’t find that back home.  I stayed in LA and with Beverly Hills Doctor Sanda Moldovan had the tooth removed.  I received the VERY best care from every person in the office.  They all made sure I understood what they were doing and did everything to make sure I was comfortable. I was so impressed with the professionalism of this group of people. The holistic care that they provide is right in line with what I want and needed.  YES, I was SO impressed that I then flew back 3 months later to get a tooth implant put in to replace the missing tooth.  I highly recommend you check them out!!!

Jeanne Peters (Source: Google)


We have referred clients to Sanda and they rave about their personalized experience she offers. She goes the extra mile with her clients and colleagues. For example, we recently referred a client of ours who was in pain and needed an emergency root canal to Sanda’s office; however, the endodontist was not available for 2 weeks so we texted Sanda for a referral and within minutes she called us and requested the patient call her even though it was after 9pm. Ten minutes later my client called me to express her gratitude after talking to Dr Sanda about the different holistic treatment options she could offer to calm the nerve pain. Our client booked an appt with Dr Sanda for the next morning. Our patient was simply amazed to find such a well trained practitioner who offered such outstanding service. This is what YOU will discover when you book an appt with Dr Sanda. Both Dr Allen Peters and I highly recommend her!

Nate E. (Source: Google)


My experience at this practice exceeded my expectations. I was seen shortly after checking in and all the staff were friendly and accommodating. The hygienist, Sandra, was very thorough and explained to me in detail about the airflow technique she was using, as well as how to take better care of my teeth at home. I highly recommend coming here. All their equipment is brand new and very high tech, they have multiple doctors with different specialties, and they offer a wide variety of treatment plans and options.

Stephanie F. Berg (Source: Google)


Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness is wonderful! They have a top notch staff and everyone really knows their stuff and is extremely friendly! They make you feel at home from the first second. I have been there for cleanings and intra-oral ozone and everyone from Dr. Moldovan to the dental assistants and front desk were wonderful (Just as one example, Leeshane, one of the dental assistants and also at the front desk, ALWAYS remembers and knows exactly who I am when I call (even from the first visit) and goes out of her way to make every patient feel appreciated and cared for. Great place!

Katarina W. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I never thought it would be possible to find a periodontist so holistic, so brilliant, so caring that it would be just fine to have six hours of surgery and an extraction and still come out smiling and joyful because I finally feel like my mouth is in safe hands. Dr. Moldovan is extraordinary, and her staff are as well. When you don’t feel safe in a dental office, you tend to avoid going. I will never avoid going to a periodontist again, and that is a tremendous relief! I came in thinking I had one tooth at risk, found out how bad it really was, was scheduled for three hours surgery and had to have six, and am overjoyed by it alll and am quite sure that my health will now hugely improve. I have not neglected my gums, but the other dentists and periodontists I have seen were not the sort of multifaceted doctor Moldovan is so they each had only one technique to apply, so it was never enough. I have had several Lanap laser surgeries, and one flap surgery, but the Lanap couldnt reach deeply enough, and the flap surgery could not disinfect and prepare tissues to re attach like laser surgery does, so it actually made the teeth worse. Moldovan does both together, so you get the best of both worlds, all infection removed and also the tissues prepared to attach. She does a full mouth CT scan on every patient, so she actually knows in detail what is going on before she does surgery, unlike others who use only xrays and are therefore guessing. She uses your own bone for bone grafts if you want it, so that it will take better. She irrigates constantly with ozone and glycine and disinfects much more thoroughly than anyone else I have been to. They ozonate the rooms between clients and have strong air filters, so it was not scary to be there in the time of covid. She can do zirconium implants, which is important for me becasue I am very reactive to metals. She uses natural substances in every way possible, and approaches your mouth as part of a system instead of a separate entity, so she gave me some really effective supplements to help get rid of the bacteria in the rest of my body. She works with a wonderful chiropractor, who gently made sure my head and neck were in alignment before adjusting my new night guard, and who also reccomended some supplements that feel hugely useful for my overall health. Basically, Dr. Moldovan is incredibly creative and integrative in her approach, and pays attention to the smallest detail. Even my husband, who was there for the assessment and usualy distrusts anyone he feels is too holistic was deeply impressed and said she was someone he would totally trust, and he will be heading in to see her as well. And she is kind and present and clearly deeply committed to her patients. I did not understand the two bad reviews I read here when I was deciding to go to her, and wanted to post this to make sure no one will be turned away by them. The office has been extremely responsive to all my questions, and Leeshane, the patient liaison, is astonishing in her caring and her precision and I cannot imagine anyone in that office ignoring a patient in distress in any way. Dr. Moldovan gives you her personal phone number and responded to my texts immediately and in detail, so I don’t know how it would be possible for anyone to feel dismissed. I will repost in six months once I see how my mouth does, but I have absolutely no doubt that I will be feeling physically way better than I have in a long time, and that the work Dr. Moldovan did will give my teeth and mouth the best possible chance to heal and get strong. And I know going forward that I now finally have a place where I feel safe and well taken care of and will not dread going to for periodontall checkups and cleanings and care.

Stephanie D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was in need of a dentist and was referred by my friend who was very pleased with her dentist and so I saw Dr.Sanda Moldovan of Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness. She gave me the best possible treatment and I felt so comfortable with her and her office that I forgot my tooth worries because I felt how much she really cares. Her positivity and assurance reassured me and I know that she will do everything she can for a patient. She gives me her best and I’m very thankful for her. Best, Stephanie

Martha B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


This whole biologic dentistry practice is AMAZING! I LOVE this place! I first became familiar with this practice in the earlier part of 2019. I had some bad recession on my gums caused by some terrible bacteria and was not happy with the treatment plan from the previous dentist and periodontist. Then, I found this full practice biologic dentistry practice. It is completely in line with my holistic beliefs and I feel fully comfortable with getting anything from this office that is recommended for me. There are no words to accurately articulate my level of comfort and confidence with this place. Dr. Moldovan treated me entirely holistically and was SO GENTLE and CARING with the surgery. I am so thankful Dr. Moldovan created her practice! Thank you, Dr. Moldovan! You are a holistic dental Angel! This is the ONLY dental practice I trust fully with the products and services and will not go anywhere else ever again for my dental needs. Mentioning Dr. Moldovan, WOW! AWESOME doesn’t begin to cover how great she is! I could go on an on about how absolutely WONDERFUL she is! I also want to mention the front desk-LeeShane and Harsh. They are so great, patient, helpful, and accommodating! Then there’s also Helder!- such a great guy and always in a wonderful mood with a warm smile! I have seen Dr. Tevan, too- he’s truly a great dentist and patient. As far as dental practices and periodontists, this practice and Dr. Moldovan have my heart. I wish Dr. Moldovan, her practice, and all the people who work here Love and Light. P.S. Dr. Moldovan and office, I read a review someone wrote asking for pictures of before and after. If you would like to post before and after pictures that were taken for my gums (the recession and bacteria) and then how beautiful they were after the surgery, feel free to do that. My gum recession was awful due to the bacteria and might be good for people to see if they would like to see before and after pictures.

CJ. K. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


This review is long overdue and comes about one year into being a dental patient here for a variety of services. I selfishly wanted to keep this office my secret haven!! After visiting more than 12 holistic and high end “celebrity” dentists in the greater SoCal/OC area, I felt the most comfortable and taken care of by Dr. Sanda and her entire team. Other dentists might be talented and great, but the ENTIRE team here is what makes Beverly Hills Dental Health stand out. Leeshane is what solidified the deal for me after noticing her attention to detail. The front staff is the face and heart of an office so it says a LOT that Leeshane goes above and beyond to ensure each patient gets quality care no matter what. The follow up details and quality of professionalism in every staff person make this office stand out. I have an EXTREME dental phobia and for the first time in my life, I left a dentist office giggling from happiness. They offer both holistic as well as laughing gas and sedative dentistry options. This entire team works with my phobia and actually helped me get over it by creating a better and better experience each time. I’ve had cleaning and laser whitening, mercury removal (I was thorough in my research and really trusted Dr. Nicky on Dr. Sanda’s team), tooth extraction and ceramic implant, restorative work, and veneer consultation. Shoutout to the pro hygienist who did my cleaning for making it painless and fun! Seriously, who can make a patient laugh during a teeth cleaning? She’s great. The team also has Dr. Iacob for holistic health and detox services which other holistic dental offices do not offer. Dr. Iacob helped me test for mercury levels as well as nutrient levels (and I found out about a gene mutation) which led to improved overall health. They are transparent in pricing and DO NOT push unnecessary extras. Pricing here is very fair and comparable to other holistic dentists in the area and Dr. M works with what’s best for your health to customize your care. They do not just throw out prices since each person’s case is different and I’ve found this to be my experience for all of the dentists visited in my research. From the front desk to dental hygienists and techs, EVERYONE is professional and courteous to patients. If you have a dental phobia or want quality HONEST trustworthy care, I highly recommend! The team takes care of you like family.

Helene Sapira (Source: Google)


What I value most about Dr. Moldovan is that she truly cares about her patients as a whole. She is an excellent periodontist that takes the time to inform her patients on the causes of their oral issues and develops solutions that are catered to each person. Dr. Moldovan makes sure you are comfortable and are making the best possible decision for your oral care from a more holistic approach. Dr. Moldovan is an educator and innovator, and she is forefront and knowledgeable about new methods, ideas, and products not only for oral care, but also for her patients’ well-being and health. Dr. Moldovan and her staff are incredible and far succeed my expectations. I always leave with a healthy, beautiful smile. Thank you for everything!

Anonymous (Source: Google)


Doctor Moldovan is one of the best periodontist I have ever encountered. I’m an entertainment journalist and travel all over the world. Recently I had a dental emergency and went to see Dr Sanda Moldovan. I was truly amazed at her professionalism and meticulous way of working. Not only does she have the best state of the art equipment available to her patients but she is also extremely well crafted and up to date with the latest dental technologies the world has to offer. Upon entering her office, I felt immediately comforted and safe with her. She is a very nurturing, warm dentist who patiently explains each and every procedure with care. She extracted my tooth and was able to immediately put a teeth implant, all this in one procedure. A few hours later, I walked out of her office relieved that my intense toothache was gone. A few days later the tissue around the implant was healed amazingly. If you ever need an excellent professional periodontist who not only knows her craft but also loves her work and patients than go and see Dr. Sanda Moldavan! I promise you, you will not regret it! Thank you Dr. Moldovan, you were a life saver.

Jackie W. from Newport Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


Wow! I was having a horrible time sleeping due to snoring and Dr. Sanda made me a comfortable bite guard that aligns my jaw to allow me to breath better and snore less. I have ZERO pain when I wake up! Highly recommend if you are having similar issues. Oh and I also got the non-toxic teeth cleaning and that was probably the best cleaning I’ve ever had!

Andy B. from West Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


Great Laser Teeth Whitening Experience, Being a heavy coffee drinker my teeth always look stained. I’ve tried the ZOOM treatment in the past which was a painful experience. While doing research for a teeth whitening method that was quick and less painful lead me to Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness office. I had an appointment with Helder, who did a great job of Laser whitening my teeth. Within 20 minutes i was in and out of the office with NO PAIN. Fantastic experience, i totally recommend this place for Laser Teeth whiting. I’ll be back again. Ask for Helder, he did a great job!

Dana Ispas (Source: Google)


I have unfortunately had quite a few experiences with other periodontists prior to coming to Dr. Moldovan that resulted in a lot of pain and long time suffering. I had failed implants, jaw bone loss damage and infections due to uncaring and mediocre practitioners. And then, I was lucky to find Dr. Moldovan. What a fantastic doctor! Her expertise and attention to patient is unparalleled. The treatment I received includes replacing a failed implant, three new implants in one sitting and a couple of painless but complicated extractions. To my pleasant surprise, after my visits with Dr. Moldovan I never experienced pain, I never had any swelling or the complications I was afraid of. For that she has my unwavering gratitude. I very highly recommend Dr. Moldovan as one of the best periodontists in California and a wonderful and deeply caring human being. Thank you Dr. Moldovan!

Lorenzo Spikes (Source: Google)


I don’t know Dr Moldovan but the segment i saw on Inside Edition has given me a lot of hope. I’m a vet and a former cancer patient that went through a stem cell transplant that has destroyed my teeth and bone. I wish i could get even a few minutes to chat and pick her brain. If anyone knows her personally i would love to get in touch with her. It’s been a while since i smiled and this gave me a reason. I live in Tenn and have not had a lot of faith in what i’ve heard or could afford. Even with my insurance…): Lorenzo

Katarina B. from Toluca Terrace, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is the best Dental and wellness clinic I have ever been to. I broke my tooth on Friday and they were able to get me in and repair my tooth. I’m very scared of needles and I didn’t even feel it. Very gentle Dentists.  I wasn’t aware that I was grinding my teeth so badly. Dr. Moldovan recommended a night guard and made a custom one to fit perfectly!  I also hate getting my teeth cleaned because of all the scrapping.  Today I recieved the Best dental cleaning without scrapping!! Love this clinic extremely professional and effective!


Dr. Sanda Moldovan is passionate about empowering her patients to live a healthier life. As a periodontist and nutritionist, she teaches her patients that the mouth is a window into their health. Dr. Sanda is able to identify a number of health issues, which originate in the mouth and manifest inwardly and outwardly. She provides her patients with a systematic approach using the latest technology and up to date information available. For almost a decade, Dr. Sanda has been in demand as a frequent lecturer on dental implants at the UCLA School of Dentistry. She is consistent in staying on top of the latest research and technology available in her field such as laser techniques, bone regeneration, and nutritional support. Dr. Moldovan is recognized internationally for her expertise in oral health, nutrition, and anti-aging. With two Board certifications – periodontics and nutrition – she brings an uncommon level of well-rounded knowledge to biological dentistry. Her career in dental care began with a degree from Ohio State University School of Dentistry. Dr. Moldovan completed a post-graduate course in periodontics at University of California Los Angeles. You might think that a Master of Science in Oral Biology from UCLA would round out her qualifications, but Dr. Moldovan did not stop there. She is a certified nutritionist and a diplomate in the American Academy of Periodontology. IAOMT logoAcademy of Anti-Aging Medicine logo As a published author, speaker, and television presence, she utilizes public visibility to promote awareness of how a healthy mouth translates to a whole-body wellness. Dr. Moldovan has also developed her own line of natural oral healthcare products, ORASANA. She is passionate about giving back to the community, and is involved with several charity organizations such as America’s Tooth Fairy and Homeless Not Toothless.