Black Friday:
Even28 Dental Deals


Black Friday is right around the corner. This is a holiday well-known for bargain hunting and searching online for incredible deals. But what about dentists and Black Friday? As you know, Even28 is bringing the “online shopping” experience to dentistry. This means that you can finally participate in the Black Friday shopping frenzy. You can offer Black Friday deals on dental services like exam & cleaning, consults, fillings, crowns, and much more. Let's take a closer look at how Black Friday dental deals work:

  • Choose your deals: We have a recommended list of some low, low prices on select dental services. We're talking about crazy low prices, bargains that make patients move. Choose which deals you want to offer as part of your Black Friday dental deals. Select the deals that you're comfortable offering and skip the ones that you don't want to list.
  • Set up a pre-launch store: Pre-launch stores are created prior to the Black Friday weekend to give you a headstart. The deals themselves will not be available for purchase until the actual Black Friday weekend.
  • Promote and sell your deals: We take care of everything for you. We set up your Black Friday store along with a Google ads campaign to promote your store. Deals kick off on Thanksgiving Thursday and run through Cyber Monday.
  • Grab a slice of the Black Friday shopping spree: You'll receive a list of all your BF sales along with patients' contact information and we pay you directly. List as many items as you'd like. There are no commissions on Black Friday sales items.

Click here to scroll to the bottom of this page if you're ready to set up your Black Friday dental deals.

Black Friday dental deals: The rules

Black Friday dental deals are some serious bargains. In order to get their hands on these incredible deals, there are a few rules that customers must follow:

  • NEW patients only
  • Must qualify for treatment
  • By appointment only
  • Limit one deal per customer
  • Must purchase Black Friday deal directly online during the promotional period (starting Thursday 11/25/2020 @ 12:01 am and ending Monday 11/29/2020 @ 11:59 pm)
  • Must redeem deal by the end of 2020 (all deals set to expire 12/31/2020 @ 11:59 pm)
  • Cash patients only (can not be combined with dental insurance)

Black Friday dental deals: List of available services

You can find a list of recommended Black Friday dental deals below. We get it, you may not want to offer all of these deals in your practice. But guess what? It's Black Friday! Now is the time to generate new patients and prepare for a successful year ahead. These are once a year offerings designed to get an influx of patients into your practice. We recommend that you offer as many deals as you feel comfortable with and not worry so much about profit margins, etc. After all, IT'S BLACK FRIDAY!

  • Invisalign consult with X-rays - $19
  • Braces consult with X-rays - $19
  • Dental implant consult with X-rays - $19
  • Porcelain veneer consult with X-rays - $19
  • Exam, X-ray & regular cleaning (child under 13) - $29
  • Exam, X-ray & regular cleaning (adults) - $39
  • Deep cleaning (full mouth) - $249
  • 30-Minute chair-side teeth whitening - $99
  • Silver filling - $99
  • White filling (3-surface maximum) - $119
  • Tooth extraction (no wisdoms) - $129
  • Acrylic partial denture (maximum 3 missing teeth) - $189
  • Root canal (anterior teeth only) - $359
  • PFM crown - $589

Don't see the deals that you want here? You're more than welcome to create your own Black Friday deals and set your own prices. So long as you price your deals appropriately, we will list them on your Black Friday store for you.

Create your Black Friday dental deals today!

The point of Black Friday dental deals, as is the case will all BF deals, is to promote and grow your brand. Here are a few benefits of offering Black Friday dental deals:

  • Participating in Black Friday dental deals gets your name in front of several thousand patients in your neighborhood
  • Offering Black Friday dental deals leaves a positive impression of you and your dental office (your brand) on patients who view your BF deals
  • You can sell a few BF deals and attract a couple of new patients to your practice

Both basic and premium providers are welcome to participate in our Black Friday dental deals:

  • Participation in Black Friday dental deals is free for premium providers
  • If you are a basic provider, there will be a $595 fee towards setting up your Black Friday online store and promoting your store via Google ads

Scroll down to fill out our Black Friday dental deals application now. The deadline to apply is Monday 11/23/2020 by 11:59 pm. Feel free to contact us by email at if you have additional questions. Apply ASAP if you're interested in participating in Black Friday dental deals, this way we can have your pre-launch campaign running for as many days as possible. We're excited to partner up with you for this once a year shopping experience!