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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Friday: Closed

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Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

D'Anne B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Feldman and his staff are excellent. He was able to correct my teeth with Invisalign, where many others did not think it was possible even with conventional braces. He is so friendly and positive and the staff is always accommodating and helpful. I tell all of my friends about him. He really is the best there is in Tampa Bay. I love my smile..

M G (Source: Google)


Ill have to admit I was nervous going in for adult braces but Dr Feldman and his staff made me feel comfortable from the start and more importantly, they care about doing a perfect job. You can really tell his staff knows their stuff and that everyone is on the same page and that feeling is invaluable. Couldnt be happier, 25 stars, would recommend.

D'Anne Bruen (Source: Facebook)


Dr Feldman and his staff are excellent! He was able to correct my teeth with Invisalign! He is so friendly and positive. The staff is very accommodating and helpful. I would recommend Blue Wave – they are fantastic! I am very happy with my smile!

Sa G. from Tampa, FL (Source: Yelp)


2 years ago we came into the S. Tampa office not very hopeful to be able to have my son’s teeth fixed without him having to go through extensive jaw surgery. Dr. Feldman very patiently explained all of our options and because of him my son has a beautiful smile today!!! We didn’t have to do the jaw surgery and his office staff have been fantastic. It has been a true pleasure working with Dr. Feldman and his staff. I will recommend you to everyone. Thank you!!!!!!

Sparks (Source: Google)


Dr Feldman was awesome, he has great knowledge and makes you feel welcome. His staff are enthusiastic, interested in your welfare and caring. The appointment was informative and fun, my son had a blast. He is the best in his field and it shows on the treatment of his patients, he is a humanitarian.

Kris D. from Tampa, FL (Source: Yelp)


When I was looking for an Orthodontist, I asked everyone who I saw with great teeth, where did you go? Everyone answered Dr. feldman. Dr Feldman and his staff provided Excellent service, were very knowledgable, personable and provided me with very good results. Highly recommend.

Ann B. from Tampa, FL (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Feldman’s for quite a view years. He came highly recommended to me and I was impressed after reading his credentials and background on the Internet. He suggested I get Invisalign as a solution to my dental concerns. Six months later I had a beautiful smile. Dr. Feldman and his staff were always, pleasant, thorough and professional. No one likes to have to go to the doctor but my experience was always painless. I know Dr. Feldman and his wife are very generous and give back to the community in many, many ways. They donate and give their time to many charities and organizations. They go above and beyond to anyone they meet. I would recommend Dr. Feldman’s practice to anyone that is researching an orthodontist.

Emerald Green (Source: Facebook)


Blue wave has been fantastic for my daughter. They have offered very detailed and knowledgable info regarding my daughters case. The staff is always so nice, and we have never been left waiting forever in the lobby for our appointment. Highly recommended!

Annette Knecht (Source: Facebook)


Blue Wave Orthodontics is not only a fun place for kids but a professional atmosphere too. They get the job done at an affordable price for my family. I have two children in braces at two of their locations and we love our Orthodontists!

Alanna Seto (Source: Google)


This is the best Orthodontist in Florida! Dr. Feldman has done my three sisters and now me. I live in Lakeland but I am more than happy to make the drive out to Tampa. The staff is really what makes this place the best. All the employees make you feel warm and welcome. I highly recommend Blue Wave Orthodontics. It’s worth the time, money and drive.

Brandon Johnson (Source: Google)


Been working with Dr Feldman for years with my daughter. Absolutely the best in customer service and quality. Him and his team are a pleasure to deal with at all times and very consistent. Using a flawless system that will keep you on track with all your appointments via email and phone calls. I can go on and on. I am highly impressed, satisfied and grateful for their service

Tifiny Graves (Source: Google)


I give 5 stars only because I had some awesome service there.. But I have had some not so pleasant service there, take yesterday for example. The last lady was rushing and was so rough on my mouth that it still hurt from the pressure she put on my teeth. I know my teeth usually hurt when I leave, but it was a different hurt. But other than that, I would recommend them. Some just need to slow down.

Danielle Heagey (Source: Google)


My Daughter, Danielle, is nearing the end of her orthodontic treatment. She only has 2 visits before her braces come off! Over the last three years, I have been amazed at the care she has received from Dr. Feldman and his staff. Dr. Feldman carefully watched her progress, observing her for over a year before putting braces on. He made recommendations and enabled her to obtain a broad, beautiful smile through strategic placement of expansion devises and braces. This allowed her to not only obtain a wonderful smile, but a perfect bite – with all her teeth! No extractions were necessary! Because she had sucked her thumb and had a very narrow pallet, I did not think it would be possible, but Dr. Feldman made it happen! At one point, when one of her canine teeth on the top refused to emerge, Dr. Feldman was able to reveal it using a laser in his office! He then fit a bracket on it and it was pulled down into place within just a couple of days! I really cannot say enough about the level of care my daughter has received from Dr. Feldman. I highly recommend he and his staff to everyone. Although he has a very busy practice, he has an amazing ability to provide individual care to each patient. We are so glad we choose to use Dr. Feldman for our daughter’s orthodontic care.

Kelly Parks (Source: Google)


I have 4 children that have gone through orthodontics where we used to live in Michigan and we used to wait so long to be seen. Since moving to Tampa a couple of years ago and coming to Dr. Feldman’s practice, it is a world of difference in their time efficiency and their service is top notch. My son’s teeth look amazing and Dr. Feldman was determined to get them off before he entered his freshman year in high school and Jakob was very happy about that!

JUST SAYIN (Source: Google)


I have been a patient here for many years, I love that I can return, and be welcomed back into the fold- with no issues at all. Dr. Feldman and his wonderful Staff are the real deal….Competent, Confident, Compassionate and Courteous. Dr. Feldman is always “OnTrend” with the latest and best in Orthodontic Technology and Knowledge. I would highly recommend this Practice. A special shout out to Kayla, who was my Orthodontic Angel today –

Carl Mitchell (Source: Facebook)


I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service your staff provided me and my son on today. Your staff attention to detail, great communication skills, and ready smile made the experience even better than I expected. I won’t hesitate to bring my son again. If I can put in a good word for you with facebook, don’t hesitate to ask. Your happy customer, Carlisle Mitchell

Rachael Smith (Source: Google)


I just got my braces off today and my teeth are BEAUTIFUL! (They were terrible). The office I went to was very nice, the people are always friendly and smiling, and they always help me. I have never had a bad experience there and Dr. Feldman is always efficient. I would recommend Feldman’s to everybody. Beyond excellent!

Sandy Brusso (Source: Google)


I am extremely happy with the level of service I receive from Feldman Orthodontics. I began my Invisilign treatment May 2012 and am now in the process of updating my treatment plan in order to reach my desired expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Feldman to anyone in need of orthodontic treatment who wants an Orthodontist who is willing to deliver perfection.

Gabriela Santos (Source: Google)


I cannot say enough about my overall experience with this office. From the girls to the front desk to the tech to the dentist I really enjoy and am pleased with it ALL! Sure my smile is amazing but really the customer service I would get every time was the true reason I chose this place and yet another reason to live my smile. I’m completely satisfied and elated at my results! Thank you to my South Tampa Team for all your support and help in the process.

Erica M. from Tampa Bay, FL (Source: Yelp)


I’m so happy I found Blue Wave! I was initially apprehensive to start treatment as I didnt really know what to expect being an adult. However Dr Feldman and his team have been amazing every step of the way and I know I am in great hands! I love the Virtual Care option that Blue Wave offers to Invisalign patients. I have a busy schedule and it’s so nice knowing my doctor is overseeing my entire treatment and I cant wait to see my final results soon! Thank you!

Geoff P. from Tampa, FL (Source: Yelp)


Wow! That about sums it up. Great office, great staff and a Dr that gives back to the community! Highly recommend this office to anyone that needs Ortho treatment. The staff goes above and beyond and has never been anything but friendly. Not many times a Dr office gets a good review, but this one is well deserved!

Ayanna B White (Source: Facebook)


Dr Feldman is AWESOME!!! I hated my smile for 30+ years and he changed that in 17 months. I absolutely LOVE my smile and recommend anyone that wants a change in their smile with a great orthodontist…. to see Dr Feldman at BlueWave Orthodontics (Fletcher Ave or Neptune St) in Tampa❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Brian Samuel (Source: Google)


Dr. Feldman is a great choice for any adult considering Invisalign. I had severe overcrowding on my lowers with a cross bite. Dr. Feldman is so detailed oriented and focused on making sure my smile turned out right. Dr. Feldman is a perfectionist and will make sure that your smile is perfect. I did a lot of research before choosing Dr. Feldman and I could not be happier with my choice.

Eric Reed (Source: Google)


Absolutely top-notch from initial consultation to final appointment! I had braces as a kid, but never wore the retainers. As the years went by, my teeth were steadily getting more and more crowded. I initially considered Smile Direct because of the lower cost, but am so glad I chose to go with a professional orthodontist. Dr. Feldman was EXTREMELY thorough and knowledgeable. He made me feel comfortable and informed. At every appointment, he would make sure everything was moving correctly and make adjustments if necessary. I really cant see how I would have gotten the same results through a mail order subscription. He also was extremely helpful in coordinating additional services (bonding and an implant) outside of his areas of specialization. At one appointment, he actually took the time right then and there to make a couple of phone calls on my behalf. My treatment is complete the results are BETTER than I had hoped for. So good, in fact, that I decided to give my fiancee an early wedding gift. She is currently half way through her treatment with Dr. Feldman and her results so far are just as amazing. Gonna make for some dazzling wedding pics! Thanks Dr. Feldman for a great experience!

Brenda I. from Tampa, FL (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Feldman Orthodontics is awesome! I received treatment from them about 15 years ago and loved the experience. Everyone always compliments how beautiful my teeth look. Now my daughter and husband are receiving treatment. They are in good hands! The staff is so professional, caring and friendly. Dr. Feldman is truly the best Orthodontist in the bay are

Amanda P. from Tampa, FL (Source: Yelp)


I moved from Maine to Florida in the middle of my orthodontic Treatments and I had to scramble to find an orthodontic to tighten my braces. Dr. Feildman is excellent. He explained everything to me and was always available to listen when I had questions. His staff is friendly and never seems to be put out if i have to reschedule my visit. My schedule visits are always within the acceptable time frame for me (if my apt is 9:30, I am seen by 9:35 at the latest). His office is clean and bright. But what I enjoy most is how Dr. Feildman supports the community. He sponsors events and does fundraisers in order to support the local community. He is a great dr. I will and have recommended him to everyone.

Kathy & Chad Sitzmann (Source: Google)


We are a military family that was specifically stationed at MacDill in order to get treatment for our daughter’s Cleft lip and palate. We had received very poor treatment at our previous assignment and had to leave early because of the problems they created. Dr. Feldman was an answer to prayer. We could tell immediately how knowledgeable he was. We were a ball of nerves because of the stress we went through with our former team. Being with Dr Feldman and his staff, we could finally relax. He has been caring for our daughter for 5 years now and the change he has created has been astounding. We could tell that he really cared about having our daughter’s “end result” be the best possible. He is a perfectionist and was a genius in how he brought her mouth from “a puzzle” of teeth and a challenging Cleft case, to giving her a beautiful smile. He had a vision and he made it happen. He worked so closely with our surgeon and he made us feel that our daughter was the only patient he had. Not only did he give her a “smile”, along with that he healed her emotionally. She endured years of teasing and to now smile and see a smile that most take for granted, it has been priceless. There’s so much more I can say about his quality of work. Being military we typically have to leave every two years. We purposefully endured yet another 365 day deployment so that we could stay with Dr. Feldman and allow him to complete his vision. That is how much his care has meant to our family. We never imagined retiring in FL but after seeing other teams around the world, we could not risk losing the best treatment we had ever received. We will forever be thankful for Dr Feldman and the healing he has brought our daughter and our family. Also, he was able to do the same with our middle child. She now has an amazing smile. For me, I endured years of pain from grinding my teeth. I spent hundreds of dollars to have dentists make me mouth guards. Unfortunately their choice of guards really messed up my bite creating many more problems. I knew how brilliant Dr Feldman was so I decided to ask his advice. He made me a mouth guard and for the first time in 20 years I didn’t have pain. Even my dentist complimented his work. So, for all these reasons we feel Dr. Feldman is the BEST!!!

Tara Knapp (Source: Google)


My experience so far has been wonderful. I am currently on set number two and all is occurring as explained. I am hopeful it will continue once I have my buttons and on-going sets. The nurse that walked me through was awesome and while I am an adult getting braces I was nervous and excited she was sweet and helped me understand. The Doc was easy going and was very confident that my treatment is going end with great results.

Wendi S (Source: Google)


My three children have been treated by Dr. Feldman and his wonderful and dedicated staff. All of their smiles are remarkable after braces and we could not be more happy with the end results. Dr. Feldman and his staff are caring and they listen to patient concerns. Dr. Feldman is amazing at what he does! If you’re looking for a flawless smile and top notch treatment I would highly recommend this office.

Angelica Khatri (Source: Google)


I just finished my Invisalign treatment, Olivia was my orthodontist assistant and I want to say she was amazing! Very commutative, made sure to answer my questions correctly. She is very hands on and great at her job. I asked her if she was trying to become an orthodontist eventually because I think she’d be perfect for the career path. Great last appt, thank you office of Blue Wave Doctor Feldman for the smile!

Beatriz Velazquez (Source: Google)


I love this orthodontist practice. My daughter’s dentist recommended Dr. Feldman as he worked on his sons. Initial visit with Angela was so easy, she is the friendliest, most efficient person ever. Appointments were hassle free with lots of options. Dr Feldman came in and had a plan for my little one. Answered absolutely everything before I could even ask and things I didn’t even know to ask. I could not feel in better hands when here.

Erin Colleen (Source: Google)


At 35 years old, I was very disappointed to realize that I would need braces yet again. Of course, InvisAlign was the treatment option I knew I wanted to use. I did my homework and visited three dentists in total. I wanted to be certain that I was getting the best care possible that would actually deliver a result because I’ve undergone all sorts of cosmetic treatments for my teeth over the years. In addition, I am getting married this fall and it was important to me to have my smile at its best. When I met with Dr. Feldman and Colleen, I explained to them the timeline of events I had. This office has been so amazing to me. They made the effort to strategically time when I would get the “tabs” placed on my teeth so that I could avoid having them for my engagement photos. And, they are going to make a clear retainer for me so that I can keep my teeth from moving, but be able to go “sans trays” for my wedding. This is just one example that I hope illustrates the care and understanding they show their patients. The process that the staff employs is amazing. They will follow up with you to be certain you’re happy. They sincerely want you to look your best and will go to lengths to figure out how to accommodate their patients. All in all, it’s been a great experience for me. I would highly recommend this office.

Farida Khomenko (Source: Facebook)


We go to st Pete location at a new modern and clean office. All of locations have super nice and knowledgable stuff. I have been to 4 ortho practices and blue wave it the one that resonated with me . Highly recommend.

Angela Heuchan (Source: Google)


Dr. Feldman is great, talk about an orthodontist that stands by his work. My son was having a problem with his retainer after completing invisalign almost two years ago. We were scheduled in quickly and Dr. Feldman replaced the lower retainer no charge. It is easy for businesses to be friendly on the front end, but we were taken care of all the way through.. even 20 months after the fact!

Gigi Da Gama (Source: Google)


In a few words I will try to define Dr. Feldman: perfectionism, professionalism, passionate and honesty. When I just moved to Tampa, I was looking for a good orthodontist to help me. I was researching online and during my research I was very fortunate to find Dr. Feldman’s name. I read several reviews and according to my research I found out that Dr. Feldman was the right professional for me. During my orthodontic treatment I had a great experience with Dr. Feldman and his friendly and professional staff. I always felt welcomed in his office and I felt that I belonged to that place. I’ve just taken my braces off and thanks to Dr. Feldman’s perfectionism, I have the confidence to smile. Thanks Dr. Feldman