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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Anastasia A. from Morrison, CO (Source: Yelp)


I have always regretted not getting braces when I was younger but after an accident and losing a couple of my teeth, my dentist suggested that I should get them now, Im over 40! I was reluctant but it was the best experience and the time just flew by. Dr Bobak is extremely knowledgeable and I got the smile I always dreamed of in just one year! His staff was always helpful, I never had any problems. I would highly recommend! No matter what age you are 🙂

SL B (Source: Google)


I am a dental office manager myself, I had a bad run in with Mary in the front office, and it was not great, but Dr. Bobak called me personally the next morning to make things right, and I truly appreciate his kindness. My daughter has a pretty complicated ortho case and they have been great, also making sure to keep people safe during COVID kuddos to Dr. Bobak for being a great business owner and handling his business. Thank you!

Jeff Storm (Source: Google)


Dr. Bobak and his tenured professional staff are great! Our 8 year old daughter has finished her first phase of orthodontia and we are very pleased with the results. We will definitely continue here as her permanent teeth continue to come in. The decor of this office is amazing and reflects Dr. Bobak’s fun and inviting personality and desire to creatively distract the “scaryness” of getting braces that affects many adolescents.

Aimee O. from North Capitol Hill, Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bobak did such an amazing job! He made sure to explain every step of the treatment. The atmosphere at the clinic is the best. All staff is very friendly which makes you feel welcomed! I am extremely happy with the results. I am so greatful for Dr Bobak and his staff. I definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a great and experienced orthodontist!

Thanh Huynh (Source: Google)


Yesterday it was my big day in my life. The day I took my braces off after 2years and 3months. I love this place so much because the doctor and all the staff was very nice. I was very satisfied about my new teeth. It came out very good that I’ve have ever thought my teeth would be perfect like now. Thank you so much Doctor Bobak and all the staff. I recommend this place for anyone who is thinking to get braces. Better do it now than regret.

Aylin M. from Littleton, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bobak did an amazing job with my treatment I am truly impressed after coming from a place that messed up my bite completely he made sure until the end I was feeling comfortable with the end result and in everyone of my visits he supervised eveything that was done on my braces, as a dental assistant I would totally recommend this place to anyone that is thinking about getting braces, his office is totally a fun place to be at with funny videos and an awesome decoration and his personality is the best!! Thank you Dr. Bobak

Andra S. from Callahan Awareness Group, Lakewood, CO (Source: Yelp)


Both of our sons (9 and 12 yo) are patients at Dr. Bobak’s office. The staff are kind and welcoming. The same team has been with our family for the entire course of treatment, which is so comforting from appointment to appointment and year to year. Dr. Bobak is very personable, and is entrenched in every case. The environment is great for the kids and parents alike (America’s Funniest Videos scrolling on personal screens at every chair) and playful decor keeps things relaxed. Parents are invited to join their kiddos or can settle into a comfy chair in either of the 2 waiting rooms. We continue to recommended this practice for friends and neighbors looking for excellent and reasonable orthodontics in Lakewood. A solid choice for our family!

Mike D (Source: Google)


My daughter got braces with Dr. Bobak and our entire experience was fantastic. Her teeth and bite are fantastic. The staff has been so helpful and kind throughout the whole experience. When we moved to Florida and for 18 months we continued to fly back because we did not want to see anyone else. Thanks to Dr. Bobak and his staff for a 5 star smile and a 5 star experience!!

Patricia Garcia (Source: Google)


As an adult I was hesitant to get braces but I did and I am so happy with the results! Dr. Bobak did an amazing job! He’s professional, very knowledge and always does a great job at explaining what the next steps will be. He makes the treatment easy and almost pain free. His assistants are also great, I could not have chosen a better office for my orthodontic care. Thank you Dr. Bobak, for my beautiful new smile!

Fatima A. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


I was a bit nervous when I first began my treatment since I had never had braces before. However, Dr. Bobak and his team are caring, meticulous, and careful which has made the experience great. His quality of work is evident and within a year I have seen my improvement. Dr. Bobak and his assistants work diligently to produce the best work and I can’t wait to see my final result. I highly recommend him because not only is his work great, but also affordable.

Sandra R. from Aurora, CO (Source: Yelp)


This is a follow up review from my last one about two years ago. After having four molars pulled and three wisdom teeth pulled within two months, I was in pain and still had three canines that were comparable to “vampire teeth.” Just about two years later Dr. Bobak and his team has pulled down my canines and closed my molar gaps. My teeth are pretty darn straight. I am 26 years old, I didn’t think my teeth would be repairable as fast as they were. Dr. Bobak and his team works with you on every aspect throughout your time. My husband will be a patient soon with Dr. Bobak, as will my daughter. I recommend his office to ANYBODY and EVERYBODY!

Kristi Waters (Source: Google)


After numerous recommendations, I am beyond happy that I made the decision to take my daughter to Dr. Bobak for her orthodontic work. Dr. Bobak is charming, his staff is friendly, and I love the all-around atmosphere of the office. We received lots of information and every step was explained to myself and my daughter. It’s super easy to make an appointment and there is always availability when I need it. Processing my insurance and making payments is always such a smooth process. All around, I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Bobak has found himself a lifelong customer and my son will get his braces in his office when it’s time as well.

Douglas R. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


If you’re skeptical about braces at an “older” age, don’t be and go visit Dr. Bobak. It was finally time to straighten my teeth and my Dentist recommended him. You know, usually after a few moments speaking with someone you get a feel for who they are and it didn’t take long for Dr. Bobak to explain his treatment plan to match my request and before you know it, I’m walking out with braces. Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today 🙂 I’m 50 and Dr. Bobak and his entire office staff made this an enjoyable experience. Today I had the braces removed and WOW what a difference – 1 week earlier than the Doctor anticipated (I wore my rubber bands religiously!) Great experience, honest to the core and really listens and guides you through the process. If I had children, I would want them to see Dr. Bobak and his staff. Thank you for the great smile.

Tracy C. from Commerce City, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bobak and his team are fantastic! When I first went to them, I was seventeen years old and hadn’t seen a dentist in years. I was very badly in need of braces and had no clue how long the process would be (and I was pretty scared). After several cavity fillings and cleanings to prepare me, from a recommended nearby dental facility, my jacked up teeth were fixed in only a year and a half! I’m now 24 years old, and I still have to wear retainers. I’ve only had to replace them a few times, but when I do the cost is extremely affordable and I’m always seen very promptly. There was one time that I had come in for my appointment and my retainer hadn’t been shipped in yet, and Dr. Bobak gave me a Sonicare toothbrush set for my time without me even complaining about the misunderstanding! You can tell that they really strive to make the customer experience an excellent one. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Jon W. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bobak and his staff are extremely professional and extremely kind! My fourteen year old daughter, at the time, had an significant underbite problem. We were concerned that surgery was needed to correct the problem. Dr. Bobak did an excellent job of evaluating her situation before determining he could correct her problem. She went through the process of receiving braces with consistent follow up appointments. There were time Dr. Bobak had to be firm with my daughter about her wearing of rubber bands but it was out of concern for her difficult condition! After one and a half years my daughter’s jaws and extreme underbite have been corrected wonderfully! I want to also mention that just before the removal of her braces, Dr. Bobak said, in so many words, that through the staff’s and my daughter’s diligence, they defeated having to go through surgery!! Do I recommend Dr. Bobak and his staff? Absolutely! As an added bonus, never have I seen such a warm and fun environment in an office. If you are told to find an orthodontist, don’t go anywhere else! Come to Dr. Bobak…you won’t be sorry!

Sandra Ramirez (Source: Facebook)


In 2013 I was a student in need and embarrassed of my smile. Today I’m a Metro Graduate and the STEM coordinator for the Bridge project. I can’t thank Dr. Bobak and his amazing, caring, staff enough for the smile and the confidence they gave me! It’s an amazing feeling to smile and laugh with your students care free. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please know that I will not take my smile for granted, I’ll always bless and help others as much as I possibly can as your office has done for me!! Thank you’

Angelina T. from Pine, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bobak and his staff are wonderful! They were really informative about the braces process at each appointment, so I felt confident that they knew what they were doing. Dr. Bobak was very accommodating when I told him I needed my braces off before study abroad, and he made sure that my teeth were actually ready for it. My teeth feel and look great after braces and I couldn’t be happier!

Michelle (Source: Google)


Aside what my peers have told me about there experiences with braces, they are not as painful as they claim to be. After what I consider a seemingly painless 18 months, I was satisfied with the service and results of my now straightened teeth. Dr. Bobak and his team were very kind and comforting to me and as observed all patients, varying from ages of 6-20’s, not intimidating at all. This orthodontics office caters to adults as well as children, so I very much suggest this office for any who are in the search. Another perk for visits is Dr. Bobak’s entertaining attire.

Holly B. from Bailey, CO (Source: Yelp)


After phase one and two of braces, my sons cross-bite and underbite have both been corrected, thanks to Dr. Bobak and his awesome team. I have always been greeted by friendly, knowledgeable staff there and have never had a bad experience at his offices. My son is happier than ever, his smile looks better than I ever could have imagined. Thank you so much Dr. Bobak for all you’ve done (and answering all of my questions for years, lol), it means more than you can ever know! 14/10 highly recommend

Linda Q. from Thraemoor, Lakewood, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bobak and his team are ah-mazing! My two kids both had braces and they made the process easy for them. Dr. Bobak is very attentive through each step and knows how to positively motivate kids. Above all, he gives his personalized attention to each patient. The entire team provides excellent service in a caring way. Fun office environment which puts the kids at ease while adults can comfortably wait on massage chairs. I would highly recommend Dr. Bobak and will continue to come to him for my family’s ortho care.

David Salaz (Source: Google)


I’ve had estimates at other orthodontists in the past. Most of them charged me upwards of $8,000 for my braces. They were aggressive while trying to convince me to work with them. But my experience with Dr. Bobak was much more different. He was very pleasant and peaceful. He gave me my options and made sure what the solution I chose was the right for me and my current situation. He gave me the truth about my braces situation and educated me thoroughly about my options. His quote was a fraction of the cost of other providers ($2500) and I am happy I can finally get some relief with my jaw and teeth clenching. Dr Bobak and staff deserve and award for outstanding service to the community. There no other place I’d rather get my braces from! Thank you Dr. Bobak and Team!!!

B. Thillot (Source: Google)


I had braces when I was in middle school till my 8th graduation. Then I needed my bottom braces again sophomore year of highschool(6 month). I realized my teeth were moving again (I lost my retainers and never got a new set). I lived far away from home because of college but knew I ONLY trusted Dr. Bobak for my teeth perfection. And that was such a smart choice. He perfected my teeth, which aided in my confidence again. I ALWAYS recommend anyone to him, lol even people from out of state. The way everyone is a family and they remember your face and name is warming. Love this place

Ana C. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bobak and his staff is very friendly and nice, they are always very helpful with any questions we have and they know your time is valuable so they make sure to help you right at the time of your scheduled appointment. During every appointment the staff makes sure you’re doing okay and if anything bothers you they make sure to fix it. Me and my brother have been going there for a few months now after going to many different orthodontist and we are really pleased with the progress and treatment. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bobak’s office.

Elise T. from Littleton, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr Bobak is wonderful. Not only is he incredibly talented and knowledgeable, he is so personable and easy to talk with, taking time to explain everything. He treats each patient as an individual instead of just another mouth full of teeth. I had braces for almost ten years, he was the second orthodontist my mom took me to. We switched to this practice because the doctor I was seeing wasn’t getting the ball rolling with procedures that I needed asap, Dr Bobak immediately got things going. I had my braces removed in 2004. One year ago, January 2015, I came back to this office because a health condition that I have caused my teeth to shift and do some strange things. Dr Bobak took the time to evaluate the situation and came up with a game plan taking into account my health condition, he offered me a payment plan which helped so much. I will have the braces removed in the next few months and I couldn’t be happier with the results. His staff is great as well, all of the assistants are professional, yet fun and friendly. My kids love coming with me to see the awesome decor. I recommend Dr Bobak’s practice to everyone I can and I will be bringing my 2 kids to Dr Bobak when the time comes!

Chrysandra B. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Bobak and his incredible team have truly changed my life. Their team provide exceptional service to all those young and old and everyone in between. I am so thankful that my dentist recommended me to come to Dr. Bobak and his team to get help, as being known as the best in all Colorado and surrounding states. It has changed not only my life to have my best smile come to be, but thousands of others through the nonprofit that I run that are here in America and around the world! It is incredible to see that having your best smile can truly transform the world through the confidence and professionalism that it brings. It is with high recommendation that I believe everyone should go to Dr. Bobak to easy see their best smile become a reality, it truly will change your life and all those around you!!

David S. from Aurora, CO (Source: Yelp)


Having had consultations for braces in two different offices has given me a comparative insight. Although the other office claims to be cheaper, there is no comparison to the value, courtesy, and respect we get from Dr. Bobak’s office! It is a phenomenal establishment built on the value of helping others. Their kindness and willingness to prioritize our smile and jaw comfort has made be believe they are the best  in the business. Not only do they value our time but they value our health and comfort.  Dr. Bobak  is an excellent source of encouragement when is comes to my smile and brings about an array of confidence that spreads.  Seeing my wife’s transformation with the braces Dr. Bobak gave her brings her many positive comments and comforts me to know my experience will be the same. Thank you Dr. Bobak! We will be sticking with Dr. Bobak for our daughter and we will refer him to all our friends, family, and random strangers.

Laura (Source: Google)


Dr Bobak’s office is amazing! Always polite and on time. We never waited more than 15 minutes to be seen. We traveled an hour and a half from the mountains to get to our appointments. The staff was always accommodating making sure that we were seen in a timely manor. Dr Bobak was great with my son.Very professional. His treatment plan worked so well that when we were told he would be in braces a year to year and a half it turned out to only be 10 months! I recommend this place to anyone!

Chris Heringhaus (Source: Google)


Can’t stress enough how great of an experience I had with Dr. Bobak! I had to get a second round of braces as an adult due to an accident I had. I was referred to his practice without any prior knowledge and I’m glad that I was sent his way. Dr. Bobak was very thorough in making sure I was aware of all options and provided full explanation for his recommendations. I felt like I was in good hands through the entire process (scheduling, payment, staff and the quality of work done) and the final result surpassed my expectations. I’ve had several friends asking about ortho treatments and have had no hesitation in recommending him. Also – the colorful work atmosphere that his office provides- made each visit an enjoyable experience.

Sandra R. from Aurora, CO (Source: Yelp)


While searching for a new Orthodontist, I stumbled upon Bobak Orthodontics. After research, I noticed that they have been helping out the community with the goodness of their heart.. They sponsor local teams and organizations, they donate to charities and schools , they even give out bicycles and braces! They are environmentally friendly and have out in their part to contribute to the decline of global warming. They are friendly and very respectful to society. They immediately gained my trust and once I made contact with them, the experience with their customer service was awesome! They were efficient and professional and I had absolutely no complaints. Every encounter I’ve had has been a pleasant one, and I’m glad I have Bobak Orthodontics on my side for orthodontic work. It’s also a bonus to see what they do for others. They really help to put a smile on my face.

Kimberly C. from Littleton, CO (Source: Yelp)


Dr Bobak and staff are oustanding. I first became acquainted with Dr Bobak when my son was in need of braces. My son Jesse was treated by Dr Bobak several years ago and has the most beautiful smile thanks to Dr Bobak’s care. Last year I found out my daugther Sarah would also need braces. Although I was recommended to another orthodonist I knew the only one I wanted to trust my daugthers smile to would again be Dr Bobak and his excellen staff. Today 3-22-12 Sarah’s braces were removed to reveal a perfect smile. Thanks to Dr Bobak both my children now have movie star smiles!

Jennifer Brooke Gelvin (Source: Facebook)


This place is awesome, and Dr. Bobak is the absolute best!! Don’t even think about going anywhere else. The office and the staff are warm and inviting. And they have decorated the office with so many fun sculptures, it’s like visiting an art museum. Dr. Bobak puts all his patients at ease with his kind demeanor and whimsical suit jackets. Everyone who works here is a total sweetheart, too. Great place!

Chrysandra Brunson (Source: Google)


Dr. Bobak and his incredible team have truly changed my life. Dr. Bobak’s team provides exceptional service to all those young and old and everyone in between. I am so thankful that my dentist recommended me to come to Dr. Bobak and his team to get help, as he was the best in all Colorado and surrounding states. It has changed not only my life to have my best smile come to be, but thousands of others through the nonprofit that I run that are here in America and around the world! It is incredible to see that having your best smile can truly transform the world through the confidence and professionalism that it brings. It is with high recommendation that I believe everyone should go to Dr. Bobak to easy see their best smile become a reality, it truly will change your life and all those around you!! – Founder and CEO of The Calling, headquarters in Denver, Colorado

Karla Carranza (Source: Google)


Absolutely the best experience I’ve ever had in an orthodontist office! I had braces as a teenager in 2008, however my parents couldn’t afford to continue paying my braces for financial reasons. Years later I decided it was time to finish what I had started. I was nervous because my top jaw didn’t align with my bottom jaw. Dr. Voytek Bobak assured me that he would be able to help me. I had an expander for 2 months and my braces came off a year later! I had always been so embarrassed by my smile but now I’m so much more confident than ever, thanks to Dr. Voytek Bobak!

Sheranda M. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


I got my braces from Dr. Bobak in 1996 and was completely happy with the results. I did lose my retainer somewhere along the way and have developed a cross bite. Dr. Bobak was extremely generous and considerate with me in this situation. I can’t imagine anyone having anything negative to say about his office. Everyone that works there is nice and seems happy to be there. I am grateful for Dr. Bobak and his team. If I could give him extra stars I would…he and his team go above and beyond!

Sandra Ramirez (Source: Google)


I had three canines that I called “vampire” teeth, in addition to four molars, and three wisdom teeth taken out. One got infected and the oral surgeon had to remove a small piece of bone! All in all my teeth were not only visually unappealing but I was in major pain. I was a first grade student teacher at the time and my kids would ask why my teeth looked so messed up and compare them to their pets teeth lol! Two years late my teeth are amazingly straight! I was amazed by the quick progress and attention my teeth got. I recommend Dr. Bobak to everybody!!! Seriously, Bobak made my payments affordable and got the job done quick! Another ortho quoted me double my price and time. I’m convinced that Dr. Bobak knows what he’s doing and he does it AMAZING!!