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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 2:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 2:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Tracie B. from Lawrenceburg, IN (Source: Yelp)


I love everyone there! I’ve been going there for many, many years. They treat their patients wonderfully and we feel like family! My daughter and I both feel so comfortable in the office. They even have Invisalign, which I am currently considering. It’s incredibly clean and they have all of the latest technology. Thank you to Dr. Boudreau and all of the staff!

Lauriana Zukowski (Source: Google)


Dr Boudreau and her staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable from the moment I walked through the door. They were very attentive throughout the process. They took time to listen my concerns and answer all of my questions. It was almost like I had a dental procedure combined with a mini spa experience. Such a pleasant occasion. Thank you!!

Sarah Martin (Source: Facebook)


We had the best experience today! My 2 year old son has never been to the dentist and I was nervous about how it was going to go. All the office staff was extremely patient and helpful every step of the way. We have found our new office and we are in love with it!

Jane O. from Glendale, OH (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been seeing Dr. Boudreau and her staff for over a decade. They are all top notch in everything they do. They are very friendly, make sure that you understand what’s being done during your visit and any follow-up, and handle all dental insurance and coverage concerns. In addition to my regular dental exams, I’ve had fillings, crowns, and other tooth repairs as well as the Invisalign process. They have a state of the art facility and are up to date on the latest advancements and training in dental care and treatment. In my opinion they are the best of the best!

Cheryl Cook (Source: Google)


What a wonderful experience! I’m a new customer who needed an emergency appointment for fillings and crowns. They worked me in the same day and I’ve been on two visits with just a very experienced doctor and assistant. Hats off to two of my best experiences in dentistry and that’s saying a lot for someone who did not really want to go often. Dr. Benedetti and Brittany were awesome! I’m blessed with these dental experiences. Highly recommend their services.

Connie D. from Hamilton, OH (Source: Yelp)


I have been coming to Dr. Boudreau for my dental work for many years. I love her and all the staff. They do excellent work and are all committed to giving you the best care possible. Even though I had developed a great fear of the dentist, with their help I have overcome that. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a superior dentist

Deanne O. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


I have never been treated better at a dentist. They are all super friendly, and knowledgeable. They treat you like family and go out of their way to make you comfortable: neck pillow, blanket, and they even put chapstick on you during your procedure. I love how Dr B. explains what she is doing during the procedure. I will definitely keep coming back.

Lori Wilson (Source: Google)


I have been coming to this dental office since I was a kid. They have always been professional and accommodating with the most amazing dental services. This dental team cares about their patients and wants us to understand the importance of life-long dental hygiene. Thank you so much for the years of excellent dental care!!

Pamela Bailey (Source: Google)


After learning the hard way I wasn’t getting the preventative care I thought I was, I had a consultation with Dr. Rachel Boudreau. This is a state-of-the art practice with friendly, caring, and efficient employees from start to finish. I highly recommend Boudreau Dental Studio where you will get the care you need for a truly healthy, happy, and beautiful smile. The patient experience is closer to a spa experience!

James S. from Fairfield, OH (Source: Yelp)


I went to Dr. Boudreau as a referral with intentions to get information regarding cosmetic dental work. My first impression was the office is very organized, well decorated, and the people there are genuinely happy to be there. The customer service that was provided to me was absolutely incredible. They make you feel at home and they create such a Family environment. The work that was done was ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL! I am so happy with the results and the way everything turned out. I’m switching from my current dentist of 10+ years to Dr. Boudreau. To top things off, I received an Edible Arrangement and a thank you card unexpectedly from Dr. Boudreau the following day! This is the BEST customer service I have ever received and I wish they had a 6 star option! Thank you again Dr. Boudreau for everything. You and your staff are a first class organization.

Zee Z. from Melbourne, FL (Source: Yelp)


The absolute BEST. I had a ton of work that I needed. With my time constraints, multiple visits would have been difficult. Dr. Boudreau was amazing at fitting everything into one visit and the staff was amazingly kind. Dr. Boudreau is extremely knowledgeable and patient focused. Personable and kind. Everyone that works there is so nice and open and friendly. Although it is a dentist visit, they make it pleasant. You can tell they love working there and with each other. I can’t recommend Dr. Boudreau and staff enough!!

Sandy Agricola (Source: Google)


I have had a very positive experience with this practice over the previous year. The technology they use is impressive and makes me feel that I am being treated in the most current way. My hygienist (Danielle) is extremely patient with all of my questions, as I am very involved with my dental care. Dr Benedetti extremely flexible with our dental care plans, giving us excellent care.

Felecia G. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


So happy to have found this place! I feel like I have received excellent care and customer service. Although treatment can be a little on the expensive side. Great care all around from Dr. Benedetti & Dr. Boudreau all the way to Kayla, Lacey, Brittany, Maria, Shari and the rest of the team.

Amanda M. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been coming to Dr. Boudreau for 13 years now. They always take great care of me and my family. I’ve continued to recommend them to everyone I come across looking for a dentist. The studio is nice, clean, and they have the nicest staff. They always remember my name when I walk through the door.

Tabitha McClellan (Source: Facebook)


Everyone is extremely personable and friendly and they take such good care of you and your teeth! I would recommend Boudreau Dental Studio to anyone looking for a fantastic experience.

Zinea Saturday (Source: Facebook)


I haven’t seen a dentist in a while This is truly a Dental office for people who are afraid of the dentist as I was. I have a will continue to recommend Dr Boudreau for her patience,understanding and compassion for someone like myself. Try this Dental studio first with a simple cleaning.

Lisa Hoeft Macciocchi (Source: Facebook)


Another great appointment with Danielle and Dr. Boudreau. The entire office works well together to make appointments and procedures easy and painless. Thank you for all the great recommendations.

Heather Chapman (Source: Google)


Oddly enough, I was referred to Dr. Boudreau, by my parents who had only briefly met her years ago, and were not her clients. I needed concise yet somewhat reasonable options for a recent dental emergency. I had been asking around and doing my own research on the best cosmetic dentists in Cincinnati. I made appointments with two of them and fortunately for me, Dr. Boudreau was one of them. What set her apart from the other dentist that I met with, is that she took the time to call me personally, prior to my appointment. We briefly spoke about what had happened. It was no surprise to me that I would feel even more comfortable and assured of her knowledge and capabilities once I met her in person. She possesses such a perfect amount of confidence, that she doesn’t come across as condescending, or arrogant. She quickly came up with a plan by listening to my concerns, ideas, and desired outcome. Within a few days I had an absolutely beautiful “temporary smile” that was made right in her office! My mind was blown, along with my family, friends and colleagues. I received so many compliments and everyone was in disbelief that it was only the beginning. This temporary solution to what started as a nightmare for me, had far exceeded anything that I could imagine. I’m currently waiting for the lab to create my permanent new look, and I have all of the confidence in the world that Dr. Boudreau will make certain that it looks nothing short of beautiful.

Nicole Milar (Source: Google)


I was looking for a consultation for my son who is on the autism spectrum. Many offices said they could not help us and didn’t know where to refer us to. I called Dr. Boudreau’s office and explained that we would like a consult to be able to make our son’s smile brighter and teeth straighter – closing the gaps. The office staff was happy to help us and set up a consultation. We met with Dr Boudreau and her assistant and they were very patient, friendly and knowledgeable. We now have a plan in place to begin the path to treatment which several dentists said would never happen for him

Cali H. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Boudreau did my wisdom teeth around 3 years ago and it went fine. I’m someone with dental anxiety- I cry on the phone just scheduling appointments and I’m a grown adult… to give you an idea of the intensity. So for me to say “it went fine” is something. What prompted me to write this review actually took place today, and it had nothing specifically to do with Dr. Boudreau specifically, but rather, the culture of the office and his team- which may be even more important. On Thursday, April 23rd, I got a different tooth pulled by a different dentist, in a different office. He was short (in conversation), no “bedside manner”, and condescending- this was established just on our office interaction. I left with vague after-care instructions. Early Friday morning, the 24th, my stitch popped- I called in tears, and he said I was quote “dramatic” and “over reacting”. You can imagine how hard it is for someone like me to call in the first place, but then to be scolded for it… Today, Monday, the 27th, I had another follow up question on when suction (straw, smoking, etc) can take place. I did NOT want to speak to the man at all. I took a shot in the dark and called Dr. Boudreau’s office, instead. The front office, without any hesitation, answered my question on how they advise this situation in their office. Please note that my question was a VERY GENERAL recovery question and did not require my charts or anything- please don’t just go calling and expecting them to answer specific patient/case related questions, especially if you aren’t an active patient. This interaction may seem small to some. But as someone with a lot of dental anxiety, it meant the world to me. She didn’t make me feel stupid, she didn’t call me names, she didn’t make me feel like a burden. I wish I got the woman’s name, but I forgot. I hope this review helps you decide where you choose to seek care- with an office that genuinely does care. Coming from someone who’s seen what apathy looks like in a dentist, I can vouch that you won’t experience that with Dr. Boudreau or his team. Editing to add: I didn’t realize they have multiple locations. This happened at the Springdale location- both my wisdom teeth years ago, and my positive after-care call from today.

L B. from Holly Hill, FL (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Boudreau and staff are simply AMAZING!!! There is no business that epitomizes customer service like they do. Wen you visit Boudreau Dental Studio you might just get confused and think you are there getting a relaxation treatment. It is UNBELEIVEABLE how they can be so intuitive to each patient’s needs. They are committed to ensuring your comfort every step of the way. The team is intuitive to each person’s needs and then they remember this for your next visit. EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE is what you will get. After treatment, the staff will reach out to check on you or you might even get a personal call from Dr. Boudreau. Dr. Boudreau is the best dentist I have ever been to. Her credentials are in the top tier in the country amongst her peers and her dental work is exceptional bar none. If you need a crown, you get it completed in one treatment and it is perfect work. She has made me love my smile again and for that I am so grateful. Her client base is a testament to the great dentistry as patients will travel across country just to have her work on their teeth. She has multiple patients who do this. And the icing on the cake? She even does fillers and BOTOX for patients that want to enhance their look even more

Jackie Wissing (Source: Facebook)


My zoom whitening went great! I have extremely sensitive teeth, so I was somewhat hesitant. However, Brittany and Dr. Benedetti made sure that it was a comfortable process. I am happy my with results, which was right away. I highly recommend this procedure and appreciate the level of detail and consideration that Brittany provided.

Dr. Robert Prewitt (Source: Google)


As a health care provider myself, I am always so impressed with the level of care and concern I receive at Dr Boudreau’s dental office. She is constantly investing in new technology and learning cutting-edge treatments to make the patient experience better and better. The staff has a healing energy about them, and they bend over backwards to care for their patients. My family and I love this place and regularly refer new patients here for top-quality care. I am generally a nervous dental patient, so thanks for making my dentistry experience so amazing!

Savannah Dunn (Source: Google)


Danielle, Dr. Benedetti, and the rest of the staff here are just the kindest! They always start appointments off with conversation and take time to know their patients. They truly care about your dental health and appearance. They also have music, movies, and a massage chair to help patients relax.

Robin S. from Dundee, MI (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been seeing Dr. Boudreau since 1999 and this is absolutely the most amazing practice you could be fortunate enough to go to. They are so warm and inviting and can accomish any goals you have. I feel like I’m walking into a spa for a day of beauty and when can you say that about a dentist visit. Love her and the entire staff! Best experience you will ever have at a dental visit. This is a studio. Enjoy! R Saraceno

Amber D. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


The ladies at Boudreau Dental Studio go out of their way to make sure you are completely comfortable, at your appointment they make sure you have a pillow, blanket if needed,  massage chairs and TV in all of their treatment rooms. Dr.  Boudreau is very caring and gentle with all of her patients. You are always treated with a smile and they all genuinely care about you as if you were family.

Lacey Giffin (Source: Facebook)


The staff is always friendly feels like family. The staff is always thorough. Dr. B’s office is very progressive and up to date and sometimes ahead of the curve. I never have doubts and always know I’m in good hands!

Nina W. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


I love Dr. Boudreaur’s office really! So warm & friendly when you walk in the door… even on the phone! They’ll say “How may I brighten your smile?” When I went for an extraction and was so nervous I was NOT man handled and treated with care! I LOVE GOING TO THE DENTIST… this dentist!

Donna Glatfelter (Source: Google)


I have always had positive experiences at the Boudreau Dental Studios. The hygienist I see is extremely thorough and professional. As someone who has had dental problems since childhood, it is so important that the hygienist helps me stay ahead of any potential issues and also trains me on the appropriate homecare for my teeth and gums. I have found that care and help at Boudreau Dental Studios, and it has made a difference in my dental health. When I have needed dental procedures, Dr. Boudreau is the ultimate caring professional. She makes sure I am informed about the necessary procedures and the options available. She has the most up-to-date equipment and she and her staff are extremely knowledgeable about its use. Dr. Boudreau and her entire staff make sure I am comfortable and painfree during all procedures. A friendly welcome awaits when I arrive for my appointment and even the checkout procedure is patient friendly. The Boudreau Dental Studio has made a positive difference in my dental health and I am very grateful!!

Erin Wells (Source: Google)


I love this place!! Everyone is so nice and friendly and it’s truly a 5-star dental experience. I didn’t go to the dentist for 6 years and came here and found out I has 26 cavities but we’ve broken it up into 5 sessions and I’ve already had 3. They do great work and I have never had a problem after. They give you a blanket, neck pillow, you sit in a massaging chair, they give you a stress ball and put Vaseline on your lips, and they give you noise cancelling headphones and you can watch any of the movies they have, or anything on Netflix, even YouTube if you want. And I always leave with a goodie bag full of fun stuff!! 🙂 Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Christina F. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


I went in today for my first fillings ever. I was nervous but the staff was very kind and patient. They gave me a blanket, a headrest, and head phones so I could watch a movie of my choice while they did the fillings!! Amazing! Also, Brandi was the best dental hygienist ever- very gentle around my gum line.

Donna Duquaine (Source: Facebook)


I have had Dr. R. Boudreau as my dentist for years now, and wouldn’t consider switching dentists for anything. She is always on the cutting edge of the best in dental care. Her office atmosphere is professional and welcoming. Highly recommend!

Nancy Cross (Source: Facebook)


Strongly recommend this practice. It has been a wonderful experience so far. It’s totally different to what I’ve been used to. I appreciate all their suggestions and recommendations to improve my dental health and I already feel improvements after two visits.

Connie Langhorst (Source: Google)


After an initial consultation and cleaning, I scheduled an appointment for a new crown and two fillings with Dr. Boudreau. I appreciated the care and concern that she and her staff expressed for my safety and comfort. Speaking of comfort—the dental chair was, to my delight, massaging! I was offered a blanket and the option to watch TV or a headset for music. I opted for the blanket. As a nervous ninny when it comes to dentistry, I appreciated it! The procedures were fully explained. I left with my permanent crown in place. It was made on site, eliminating the need for a follow-up appointment! The entire process, from obtaining a pre-procedure cost estimate to detailed aftercare instructions, was topnotch. I appreciate Dr. Boudreau’s expertise and compassion, as well as the friendliness of the entire Boudreau Dental Studio team. They definitely “brightened my smile.”

Wendy Jordan (Source: Google)


My visit today at the dentist has been like nothing I have ever experienced . First of all, prior to my appointment Dr Boudreau called me to introduce herself and ask if I had any questions . I thought to myself, “wow that’s a personal touch.” I had no idea that it only would get better from there . From the extremely professional front desk workers, to the knowledgeable dental assistant, and to the billing person (who most people dread) … but how could you with the beautiful aromatherapy smell in her office.. . I was so impressed and I hadn’t even sat in the dental chair yet. When Dr Boudreau examined me, she was so gentle, patient and kind. Her compassionate demeanor was very comforting and her knowledge was undeniably impressive. From the massage chair ,the chap stick they gave me to the warm towel that the Doctor wiped my face with, this experience was amazing . Too bad I have dentures now. I’m sure if I had gone to her all along I would probably have my own teeth. Kudos to the entire staff!!