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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 12:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

James S. from Chandler, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Best dentist that I have ever gone to.  Everyone who works there is a quality person.  Office is very clean, feels very safe in addition to being modern looking.  Building is in a very nice area and parking is not an issue.  Appointment times are kept!  You are treated so nicely and the insurance / finance people know their stuff.  I had new insurance and they updated my treatment plan almost immediately in writing plus was given payment options.  This dentist now takes Medicare and works with you if you do not have insurance!  Best of all, you are treated with courtesy and respect as a human being!  You are not just the next patient that walks through the door.  A first rate operation and I would recommend this dentist to anyone.

Rex Bowser (Source: Google)


I was having trouble with a new denture and called them to see if they could help. Twenty five minutes later I was sitting in a dental chair while Dr. Johnny made adjustments to my denture. Talk about great service! These guys are the best. I’m a relatively new patient to this practice, and I really wish I’d have found them sooner.

Linda Shanahan (Source: Facebook)


After a traumatic experience with a local dentist I found Dr. John Brennan who was totally trustworthy, professional, set me at ease and did excellent crown work in an emergency situation and at a fair price. Restored my faith in the dental profession. I recommend him without reservation

Helice F. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


What can I say about this office? They’re friendly. every time I have an issue if I have to reschedule they don’t make a big deal out of it they go ahead and do it. the doctors are wonderful my son loves going here I love going here.  They’re not out to make money they are out to do what’s right and best for my teeth they respect my opinion as well as I do theirs.

Jim Schumacher (Source: Google)


I’ve been to many dental offices in my 72 years on this earth and I have to say this is the best dental office I’ve ever used. They are thorough, professional, and if you’re lucky enough to get Shelby as your hygienist you’re in for a special treat. She is awesome. They have tv’s mounted on the ceiling and give you a headset to listen, which makes the time pass quickly and takes your mind of their procedure. Also, they are very affordable.

Jennifer A. from Mesa, AZ (Source: Yelp)


These are the most genuinely caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I had my wisdom teeth removed not so long ago and I’ve been in awful pain for the last week. They take their time to listen and come up with a solution to fix the issue and make me comfortable. I’ve been there almost every day this week and they don’t judge me or tell me I’m over reacting. They take their time and make me feel safe and comfortable. I don’t care how far away I live, they are so worth it. I love you guys.

Josh J. from Scottsdale, AZ (Source: Yelp)


To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to you regarding my wonderful experience as a patient of Dr. Trevor Nichols. I came to Brennan Dental with the hopes that my teeth could finally be fixed. I have had a long journey with my dental issues, and I am so grateful to Dr. Nichols for providing the help to finally feel 100% confident with my teeth and smile. I had “Anodontia” which is – a congenital absence of one or several teeth As a child, my lateral teeth on each side fell out as baby teeth, but the adult teeth never grew in place of them. In the past, I was told braces would be pointless because I was young and my mouth was still growing. Instead I was given a cosmetic retainer (aka “flipper”) for several years to fill the gaps between my teeth. I had a flipper from the time I was 12 until I turned 29. At this point I looked into several orthodontic and dental offices to see what could be done about getting implants for those missing laterals. I was told that the expenses for implants and orthodontics would accumulate up to $20,000 or more–getting braces, getting implants, paying for the caps, etc. In light of this, I made the wrong decision and went to Mexico for dental care. It was cheaper, but the low cost ended up not being worth it. One of the implants was placed wrong and caused my two front teeth to bow into each other. I wound up having dental surgery to extract the implants. All this work, time, effort, and money was down the drain. My spirits were lifted when I was carefully observed and accepted by Brennan Dental and their team. My case was extra sensitive as I had just finished a Lateral Substitute Canine Replacement a year prior at a local Dental School. Even with orthodontics, a gap occurred and thus my smile had yet another problem. I can not tell you how reassured I was being in the hands of Dr. Trevor Nichols. His talents, abilities, knowledge and treatment for me went above and beyond. Every step of the way he informed me and reassured me and gave insight. He knew what was best but always made sure I was on the same page and felt confident about the decisions being made. I can not speak more highly of him. Him and his team at Brennan Dental made me as comfortable as possible. They were professional, detail oriented, understanding and flexible. They helped me with my payment situation and expedited the process for Care Credit. They were with me every single step of the way. I was traveling from California to Arizona and they were considerate and understanding of scheduling and time management. I know this sounds cliché, but Dr. Trevor Nichols changed my life. All I have wanted for 20 years now, has been to have straight, healthy teeth with no gaps. I have been working so hard and waiting so long, and he made this happen–with the help, talent, and expertise of the team at Brennan Dental, of course. This has been an incredible journey for me. I am an actor, and I have been working in this business for ten years, and I just moved to Los Angeles a year ago. He always made me a priority and there was never a concern too small. Over time, he has become my friend and someone I truly feel like I can rely on. I wish him nothing but success and happiness. He has affected my life forever for the greatest good. I can’t thank him enough. I would recommend him to any dental or orthodontic office and would refer anyone I know to him as well as to Brennan Dental. Sincerely, Joshua L. Johnson

Kerrie Fincher (Source: Google)


I have a high anxiety level and as I needed a “do it now extraction” this whole team made me feel at ease and I litterly had as good as an experience can be for my need. I will continue to call this dental office my dentistry home. I look forward to the rest of my journey in helping me get where I need to be with my dental needs.

Tessa Morris (Source: Google)


I am by no means a fan of the dentist but since moving to the Southeast Valley and finding Brennan dental my opinion has softened. Staff is always very professional and kind, I never feel like they are advising that I have procedures done that are not necessary or costly. There extended hours are a plus because who really wants to take PTO to go to the dentist. I would highly recommend the Brennan team!

Kristie S. from Maricopa, AZ (Source: Yelp)


My son had a horrible tooth ache late at night on a Friday.  we got in touch with Dr.Brennan and he had us an apt the next morning at 7 am on a Saturday!!! He had us in and out in no time and my son was pain free. I live in Maricopa and will deffinately drive this way every time to see him!!!! The girls in the office are awesome and compassionate about every person that comes in and explain everything that is needed. Thank you Brennan Dental

Bess T. from Mesa, AZ (Source: Yelp)


After having some terrible dental experiences in my life, I had put off seeing any dentist for over 3 years (including my husband and 3 kids).  A friend of mine highly recommended The Doctors at Brennan Dental so I drove on down,  met some of the Gals that work there and immediately felt like it was a place I could trust, and not just the initial trust where you like how the office looks and how friendly the staff is, but a deep down trust where you want to be there all the time,  where you feel like they want to know you and remember you! The entire staff is wonderful, the Doctors are very nice and personable and most importantly relational. The Assistants are so genuinely caring and want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible, I literally want to take them all home in my pocket! I should probably thank them for changing my mind as to how I feel about going to the dentist.

Amy Crow (Source: Google)


I am very fearful when it comes to dentists. I have been a patient at this office for 2 years, and would never go anywhere else! Dr. Brennan took all of the time necessary to answer my questions and explain my options. During the actual treatment, he was very gentle and patient with me. This made my dental procedure much more tolerable. Thank you!

Arcelia A. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Jonny Brennan was so amazing! I needed an emergency wisdom tooth extraction and he was happy to help, and just in under 5 minutes my wisdom tooth was out. Dr. Jonny was super fast and helpful. The experience was beyond anything I could have asked for and I’m so lucky. I’m so happy with how everything turned out. Thank you so much

Ken F. from Chandler, AZ (Source: Yelp)


My wife, daughter and I have been using Brennan Dental for 3 years now. They just keep on doing such a great job and making us so happy we chose them. Front office, assistants, hygienist and Doctors are all first class and give you their honest opinion on what to expect and what course to take. We highly recommend. THANK YOU BRENNAN DENTAL!

Jane B. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


This dental office had me weeping today.  I went with my sister who was having trouble finding a dentist that took her HMO insurance.  The lady at the front desk, Sharon, bent over backwards to help my sister. She was on the phone for at least 45 minutes with my sisters insurance and was given the run-around but was able to give us some solid information that is going to help my sister.  In the meantime while she was working on that the dentist and hygienist took my sister back to look at her issues. My sister was in a lot of pain. The dentist wrote her a prescription for an antibiotic. I heard them talking to my sister and again I was weeping.  They could not have treated her nicer. Even knowing that her insurance would not cover today’s appointment they did everything they could to give my sister immediate help  and did not charge a dime.  This is the best dentist office I have ever been too‼‼  Thank you so much

Debbie Lesko (Source: Facebook)


I was so pleased with Brennan dental. It’s been way too many years since I have seen a dentist. I was scared and very fearful that they would tell me I was a lost cause. I thought for sure they were going to shame me into having all my teeth pulled. It was just the opposite. They examined and told me the diagnosis and worked with me financially to get the work done. I went from a very painful mouth to a fully functioning one within 10 days and very little pain in the process. Wonderful people. So caring and they took all the fear out of going. Thank you Brennan Dental.

Aimee B. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Thank goodness for Brennan Dental and their late hour appointments. The staff was friendly and greeted me with a smile as soon as I walked in. I was afraid and embarrassed to visit the dentist after not going for many years. Fortunately, I was assigned to Sonia. She made my experience one of the best I have ever had at a dental office. Her kind smile, professionalism, and knowledgeable responses to my questions made me feel so comfortable. She went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable and continued to ask me if I was okay through the entire deep cleaning process. I would highly recommend her and this office to anyone!!

Richard Sauerzopf (Source: Google)


Hello, I have been suffering from severally worn down lower teeth. So much so that the enamel has worn off and the teeth appear brown. Countless dentists told me it would cost thousands to straighten and cap teeth, really not an option so I left it alone. The dentist from Brennan checked my condition, offered a solution and had my lower teeth like new! for a couple hundred bucks! Super nice, friendly people……highly recommend they guys!

Edmond R. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


9/20/19 Called for an appointment and was given appointment within 1 hour. Arrived and was treated very nice from the front staff to the back staff as well as Doctor Brennan. I have not been treated so well in a long time. I was examined, consulted, and was referred to a specialist all in the same appointment. The office was very slow when I went and it turns out I was given the appointment at the right time. I was told that they were very busy and I was lucky to get right in. My first impression of the office was extraordinary and I hope to go there from now on. I made the comment that I like to see the same dentist for everything and don’t really like to be referred to outside clinics. That was the reason I stopped going to my previous dentist because he used to do it all in the same place and after 10 years started to do a lot less and refer me elsewhere. I have a very good feeling here and as I said, I felt very welcomed and was made to feel that I was important to this clinic, which I haven’t felt in the long while I have been in AZ. I will continually comment on my treatment and experience so as of now, I think I would recommend everyone to use them. GREAT JOB BRENNAN, keep it up! 9/21/19 Today was my second visit and was also a positive experience. I met Dr Brennan and he was very nice as well as all the front staff and the hygienist as well. I was treated as good as family and there was a deep compassion toward me and once again a positive experience.

Chris S. from Tempe, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient at Brennan Dental for 2 years now. Every time I arrive, I am greeted promptly and with a smile. The hygentists I see are thorough and gentle. If anything is found or recommended, they will alert you right away. Plus, it is a blessing that the practice has late and weekend hours for us busy people. Overall, I am happy to be a patient at Brennan Dental and if you give them a try, I am sure you will be too.

Tom P. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I would like to thank the entire staff at Brennan Dental. They have taken care of my entire family.They most recently took care of my wife.She got a tooth ache while at work a few months back and they got her in within an hour after I called and treated the problem tooth.Dr J then gave my wife all the different options to treat her. They worked with my insurance company to minimize my out of pocket expense. They genuinely care about doing whats best for the patient. Thank you Brennan Dental and especially Dr J.

Haley M. from Costa Mesa, CA (Source: Yelp)


I can not recommend Brennan Dental enough! I had previously been going to the same dentist my entire life (about 3 hours away from Phoenix) and finally decided that I needed to find a new, local dentist. I decided to go in for a routine cleaning and check-up, which I was able to book rather quickly (within a week of calling.) I was a bit nervous going in, as this was my first time at a new dental practice which can be a bit scary. My dental hygienist calmed all of my nerves almost immediately- she was gentle, yet thorough in her examination, and easily answered the numerous questions that I had for her regarding my teeth. ** I think it is definitely worth noting that the entire office is equipped with the latest dental technology for x-rays, cleaning, etc. There are also TVs on the ceilings above the dental chairs- they really thought of everything! The facility itself was very clean, which is obviously also very important, especially at this time. ** The Doctor was able to answer any other questions I had when he came in to finish my checkup. He too was gentle and thorough with his examination, and gave me several options for continued care without making me feel pressured into doing anything I didn’t want to do. The overall process was relatively quick, and I left the office feeling great. This was the easiest and most comfortable trip to the dentist I have ever had. I highly recommend visiting this office for your dental needs!

Lauren H (Source: Google)


I have had a great experience at Brennan Dental. Previously I have avoided the dentist for years based on bad experiences at other offices. Brennan Dental has clean professional facilities and welcoming professional staff. Both the dentists and the hygienist are always welcoming and make me feel comfortable. I can tell the dentist care about their staff as well as their patients. I drive from Phoenix for each appointment; the service and care is worth the drive. I would definitely recommend Brennan Dental.

Mandi Cambanes (Source: Google)


I have severe anxiety and severely bad dental phobia, and they were absolutely the kindest, easiest introduction back into the dental world for me. I never leave reviews, but they are worth it here. They helped me calm down and talked me through everything. Highly recommend, the entire staff has been great.

MaryAnn G. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Brennan dental is a small family business in chandler. I get all my dental work done at this office because I believe I have the best doctors who are caring and really try to make your experience pleasant. I don’t enjoy going to the dentist but, if I have to go I’m glad I have this office for my dental work and cleanings. Would highly recommend this office to anyone needing a dentist. All the Dr’s are excellent!

Dean P. from Chandler, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Brennan Dental is the best dental office in the valley. I didn’t go to the dentist for many years, like 16, they have helped me get back on track with absolutely no judgement. They worked with my insurance to make the financial end easy to deal with. Everyone is extremely competent from the staff to the doctors. For the first time in my life I don’t dread going to the dentist.

U Z. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned is not fun, nor exciting. But the lady who cleaned my teeth named Shelby, made my visit at Brennan Dental much better than I thought. She explained each time when she needed a different tool when cleaning my teeth. This shows the amount of care and professionalism this dental office has. Thanks to Shelby!

Jennifer C. from Sacramento, CA (Source: Yelp)


Had an amazing experience at Brennan Dental. Dr. Brennan is an experienced, honest, and professional dentist who really takes the time to explain everything and is detail oriented. I was really afraid of my procedure but he really took the time to go over everything and did a phenomenal job. In addition to the beautiful modern and clean office, his staff was efficient and I was really impressed by their customer service. If you’re looking for a dentist, give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Alex Zo (Source: Google)


Best dental office. I have been to quite a few and Brennan dental is ranked the highest. The staff is so so friendly, knowledgeable and they do the job accurately and efficiently. What I love about Brennan dental is they don’t push you to get the work done. Dr. Brennan will simply tell you what he recommends to better your oral health and leave the choice completely up to you. They don’t hound you or call you about it every month like other offices do. The office itself is so clean and professional, Dr. Brennan definitely takes care of his practice and his patients.

The Beauty Guru Next Door (Source: Google)


Been coming to this dental office since 2016 and everybody is amazing! I had to get a root canal, crown and a deep cleaning, I got everything done the same day. I live like 30 minutes away but I refuse to go to any other dentist. They make sure to use every bit of your dental benefits where you barely have to pay out of pocket. I always get a goodie bag every time I go for my routine cleaning. Super friendly, clean and modern office. Highly Recommend this dental office!

Angela D. from Irving, TX (Source: Yelp)


These guys are awesome.  I love their office–very cool and modern.  IPad stations in the waiting area which is especially great if you have crazy little kids like me.  Dr. Brennan is the best.  Explains things well and has a very calming demeanor, aside from the fact that he’s just a great dentist.  Sadly I’m in Texas now, but I’m originally from the Phoenix area, and all my family that still lives there goes to him and they all love him.

Michael P. from Chandler, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Incredibly friendly staff! I haven’t been to the dentist in far too long and needed a good cleaning. Scheduling was very flexible, the office looks great, and I’m very, very happy with the results. The dental hygienists are clearly very enthusiastic about their work and did a fantastic job! I’ve recommended this office to everyone I know and will definitely be back on a regular basis

Dee B. from Chandler, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I had a wonderful experience at this office. I had to set up an emergency appointment because I was in so much pain. I ended up finding them on yelp and they were open on Saturday. (Which is just so hard to find) I set up a last-minute appointment, so I’m really grateful that they were able to get me an on a Saturday last minute and help with all my tooth pain. The dentist was so nice and the assistance and hygienist were so kind. They walked me through the whole process. I have really bad anxiety when it comes up to dentist and I felt so calm and they helped me stay calm throughout the whole process. It’s kind of easy to miss the office because they’re older buildings around. I didn’t actually ever noticed some until I found them on yelp. The office is really clean and high tech looking. Omg BTW all the staff seem so friendly and nice. And they all seem like they really do enjoy their job so it’s really refreshing to be in a medical setting where people are happy and living their best life laughing and having a good time with all the patients that come through the office.

Rachel (Source: Google)


From start to finish this dentistry did a phenomenal job. My husband woke up early with excruciating pain, luckily after searching online I found that Brennan Dental offered emergency dental work. The woman I spoke with was polite and helpful and was able to schedule us in within a few hours. My husband hasn’t been to a dentist in many years due to anxiety and fear from past dental experiences, but we were pleasantly surprised that the process went so smoothly. Everyone here makes you feel comfortable and at ease and the pricing is quite reasonable. They were able to extract his tooth within an hour and sent him home with all the instructions he needed to take care of his surgery site. We are both very pleased with the entire experience and my husband plans on getting his future dental work done here.

Heather F. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


This is such a wonderful dental practice! I kissed a lot of frogs to find this place. They’re stuck with me and my family of five now. We all have had fantastic experiences with them. They are extremely thorough in all aspects of the customer experience;  from scheduling, understanding your insurance, making sure YOU understand your insurance, the dental work, and educating the client on how to keep healthy.