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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Sedation dentistry

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants


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Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Owen S. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I recently moved from California. I always had the same dentist growing up, and he was our family dentist. Great guy, knew everything about us and our whole family. Finding a new dentist here in my new home was a daunting challenge for me, so I kept avoiding it. Finally my wisdom teeth started wiggling and causing pressure in my mouth, If that wasn’t a sign to go to the dentist, I don’t know what is! I randomly choose Bridgetown Dental because it’s so close to where I work. I called to make an appointment, and they were able to get me in the next day from a cancellation. Much to dismay, I had a flat tire after work and had to take my car. I felt awful for calling to leave a message and canceling my first thing in the morning appointment. Their office called me later the next day and didn’t make me feel horrible for canceling at the last second, which is great, because I felt really bad about it. The receptionist was very sweet and made an appointment for me the next week. I really liked the homey feeling of the office. Not stuffy and sterile and cheesy like most dr’s offices. They saw me right away with no wait. I had x-rays, a teeth cleaning, and a mold made for my teeth whitening. All of the staff was so nice and friendly and gentle. Dr. Kaady was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain things and answer all of my questions. I had two cavities. I went in a week later to get my cavities filled and more x-rays of my wisdom teeth. The cavities were weird, but not as painful as I imagined. I did have some sensitivity while he was drilling, but he was very gentle and apologetic about the tenderness. It was fine, I survived. The dentist in general has always been slightly scary to me, so having a nice supportive, and informative staff is so helpful to me. Overall, I had a great experience. They already scheduled my next cleaning in 6 months

Maggie Jane (Source: Google)


I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Dr. Kaady, Oxsana and the rest of the staff at Bridgetown dental. I came here after a friend recommended Dr. Kaady. I hadn’t had regular dental care for well over a decade and was incredibly apprehensive and nervous about going back in. I have felt incredibly supported, even during the first few weeks of the pandemic, when Oxsana made sure I got the medication I needed without missing a beat, working from home to coordinate everything, and never once have I felt shamed or been made to feel poorly about my dental health. Finding Dr. Kaady and Bridgetown dental has changed my life for the better. I feel like I have a handle on my oral health for the first time in my adult life and my fear of the dentist has totally disappeared with all the care I have received from everyone at Bridgetown.

Mindy K. from Beaverton, OR (Source: Yelp)


I had a great experience with Bridgetown Dental. I had accidentally only scheduled a check up instead of also scheduling my cleaning, but they were able to accommodate me and slide me into their schedule last minute. The check up was a very good experience. The doctor is very kind and the check up encompassed more than just my teeth. He wanted to know about my general health and asked many questions. I felt very well cared for through the entire visit. The cleaning was great as well. Cleaning is never a particularly pleasant experience, but the hygienist made it very painless despite doing a very thorough job.

Anthony Wojcik (Source: Google)


THE SINGLE BEST DENTIST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD. TWICE. Edit: THREE TIMES. I’ve had considerable work done here on three occasions now and have already told several people about my experience before writing this review. I’m already planning visits three and four in order to get my teeth taken care of once and for all… Which is and should be the point when going to a dentist!! Finally a Doc who gets it, dentistry work sucks when you’re the patient. I told the Doc briefly before the anesthetic that I usually have a hard time with needles. He went right into talking with me while performing the actual aesthetic procedure that he has received extra training just for this critical part which really helped put me at ease. On my dog’s lives I felt the tiniest pinch ever and before I know it he was in there getting things done. Seriously no pain!! He checked in with me several times and we even stopped twice when I signaled that I could feel what he was doing so he could use more anesthetic. These people really are concerned with your comfort!

Breea G. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I have an almost pathological fear of the dentist, to the point where I need to get gassed to get my teeth cleaned. I have never had a particularly awful trip to the dentist; it’s just always been a terrifying experience for me. With that said, it should come as no surprise that I have avoided anything dentist related for a few years. Then my wisdom teeth started coming in, and my overall teeth sensitivity was becoming unbearable. I learned, no surprises here, that I had a few cavities that were caused by teeth grinding. I set up the appointment to get my teeth fixed and let Oxsana know that would be something I would need. This is where the story takes a freaky turn: when I arrived, Oxsana somehow made me feel so comfortable, and I agreed to skip the gas AND, even though I had to get six teeth fixed on one side, I almost fell asleep as they drilled and scraped. Seriously. I could not also feel the Novocain shot – which usually is incredibly painful – and even the discomfort of keeping my mouth wide open for an hour did not bother me nearly as much as I thought it would. The entire time Dr. Kaady and the person assisting him (Dental Assistant? Hygienist? I have no idea what the title is) were attentive and direct, which I appreciated. I asked them to forgo any explanations of what they were doing, and they obliged. The individual assisting Dr. Kaady also is super good at figuring out what people are trying to say – which comes out in grunts when your mouth is propped open – which was incredibly calming. It took about an hour and more than a few shots because my mouth is so sensitive. I was concerned about the slight swelling the next day and the pain and emailed Oxsana (who I LOVE) about it. She responded within minutes with a reminder that I had six teeth filled and some swelling, and of course, residual soreness and pain, is entirely normal. Two days after the appointment, the swelling is gone, and the soreness has subsided. Highly recommend this dentist and greatly appreciate their down to earth staff.

Carla R. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


Visit #1: Complete and thorough dental exam. The assistant dentist and Dr. Kaady spent considerable time explaining while showing me the X-ray detail of each tooth enlarged as big as my hand. Very instructive, caring and professional. Visit #2: Cleaning and filling of one tooth. Again, the hygienist was very instructive, listening to my every comment with full concern for my past history. The company is very proficient in giving complete attention and care to the patient’s comfort and time. The keep in touch and the hygienist administered and numbed my tooth so I was good to go for filling without waiting. Overall Impression: Top of the line. Professional dental care, efficiency at it’s best, informative, warm and friendly ambiance, each tooth revealed in “hand sized x-ray format, revealing honesty and integrity in the work that needs to be done. (Dr. Kaady saved me $1000’s) by being truthful. The best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist’s office. (I’ve used 3 since I moved to the area a few years ago.) No pain! I never even felt the needle!

Tom K. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


Let me start by saying that I am one of those people who hate going to the dentist! I moved to Portland last year, and the first dental office that I went to up here made me want to avoid going to the dentist for as long as possible (I know, not a good idea). A friend of mine is a patient of Dr. Kaady’s, and recommended Bridgetown Dental to me. I made the appointment and am so glad that I found Bridgetown Dental. The office manager, Oxanna is her name, was very professional on the phone and welcoming in person. The dental hygienist I had did an excellent job of dealing with my sensitive teeth, while also being very thorough. I had an X-Ray done, and it showed some small cavities. Dr. Kaady gave me a dental examination, and was patient with all my questions, and very clear on the details of how to proceed. I came back a couple weeks later for my fillings a little more relaxed about the dentist, and everything was very smooth. The price was completely reasonable compared to other dental offices I have been to, and the experience was by far the best! I will be recommending Bridgetown Dental to all my friends and family in the Portland area!!

A. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


My family and I have been going to Dr. Kaady since he opened his practice. I switched to his office because my dentist in Lake Oswego was ripping me off. Dr. Kaady has always been professional, honest about what additional work besides cleaning is needed, accurate about his diagnosis and great to small children as well as adults. I have put in over $15k of work into my mouth in the last twelve years and I wish I had done it all with Dr. Kaady because he is having to re-do some of the bad work done at the Lake Oswego dentist. The staff is also very warm and welcoming and treat each person as if they were family. I highly recommend Dr. Kaady. Neona, I can only say that you should get a second opinion, Dr. Kaady isn’t out there to be a crook, he was just giving you all your options to have that perfect smile. He wasn’t telling you that you HAD to have all of those services done. Anyway, Bridgetown dental is a wonderful place to go to the dentist.!

Ivan Z. from Hillsboro, OR (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kaady and his team are wonderful. He’s restored my smile (thin enamel was destroying my front teeth), and saved many of my teeth. While it’s true as others have pointed out, that they don’t use cheap materials, going cheap when it comes to the functionality and image associated with your smile isn’t worth it. With insurance coverage, it was reasonably priced and the end result is great (I can actually smile with confidence now and I haven’t had any issues with them since). I’ve had x-rays, fillings, crowns and cleanings performed by him and his staff. The process is always as painless as possible. I trust him with my whole family’s dental work.

Heather A. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


This review is LONG overdue but I found myself staring at my teeth in the mirror today, wondering ‘how the heck am I so fortunate?’ and know I needed to take time to write a post. See, after an icy road, heels, and a faceplant on New Year’s Eve, I was left with a hole in my lip and a broken front tooth. The pain due to the exposed nerves left me miserable and sleepless that night, and I was barely able to function for the next 48 hours. Due to the holiday, nobody was open New Year’s day, and many companies were closed the following day as well, leading into a long weekend. However, my gracious husband (who called around to every company he could find) was able to leave a message with Bridgetown Dental and they responded to my plight within hours saying they could get me in first thing the following morning. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and the dentist did a phenomenal job bonding my front tooth to look normal shape and color. I couldn’t have asked for a better job and would recommend their service to anyone. Thanks again Bridgetown Dental!

Thomas V. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I have been meaning to write this review for awhile now… Before going to Bridgetown I hadn’t been to the dentist in ten or so years. My last dentist (when I was a kid) used to scrape plaque off of my teeth then wipe it on a saltine cracker and make me eat it. He also insisted that I was lying when I said I could feel pain while he was working. It was a horrible experience and I still harbour a strong grudge towards that terrible man. Needless to say I was hesitant to ever go to the dentist again and would routinely have terrible tooth pain and sensitivity that went untreated. Finally it got the the point that my back teeth hurt so badly I had to see someone, I chose BridgeTown simply by chance. They were close and accepted my insurance. I explained in strong detail the atrocities I had experienced with my childhood dentist, and the fact that I had not seen a dentist since becoming an adult. Dr. Kaddy and the whole staff really, were outraged that someone would have treated me like that and very understanding of my fear of being in a dentist chair. Turns out I needed a root canal, and had two impacted and festering infected wisdom teeth. Dr Kaddy made necessary arrangements for me to get my wisdom teeth out with an oral surgeon and gave me a wonderful sedation option for my root canal. I thought for sure I was going to FREAK out and try to claw Dr Kaddy’s eyes or kick at his staff as I was laying down in the chair but, and this was probably the drugs, I simply fell asleep. Had no recollection of the root canal and just minimal pain after-wards. No pain considering the pain I was having before the operation. I have since been back multiple times to have my teeth worked on. I have not needed any sedatives or brown paper bags to breath into or anything. I just go to the dentist like a normal person, I had no idea it was just a routine and non-scary thing to do. My teeth look AMAZING and feel even better. I was so happy to find BridgeTown dental and have even been taking my son now. He has no fear, just walks back into the dentist chair, doesn’t even need me. Gets his teeth cleaned and never thinks anything of it. I can’t thank Dr Kaddy and his staff enough for the great care and consideration they show their clients. To make a long story short (too late, I know) Bridgetown Dental is an extremely polished and sophisticated location with great technology and attention to aesthetic detail. The staff is professional but casual in demeanor and never disparaging or callous. Dr. Kaddy is a genuinely nice guy who is very good at making teeth look and feel better. Plus my kid doesn’t mind going to the dentist! Fantastic!

Angela N. from Bothell, WA (Source: Yelp)


When I told my friend where I was going to the dentist, she asked, “Why would you drive that far?” The answer is simply this – I would rather drive to a great dentist with a great staff than a mediocre dentist who is less than five miles from me. Working as a contractor, I limited my health insurance to not include dental. Two years without a cleaning, and I was questioning this big mistake now that I was (a) employed full-time, (b) had great insurance, and (c) heading into the office for my appointment. Worries aside, I wound-up being late to my appointment due to traffic caused by the heavy downpours. The staff was polite; service was efficient; and the dentist and I discussed veneers. Surprisingly, he didn’t recommend veneers for my entire mouth or more than was needed – been to dentists who wanted to get as much as out of you as possible. Dr. Kaady was kind as was his hygienist and front office person, and they were efficient but didn’t make you feel rushed – they obviously know and enjoy what they’re doing. So, in conclusion, yes, sometimes it IS better to go a practicioner who is more than 30 minutes away from your house, especially when it is evident he and his staff care about you and provide the care and service that seems lacking these days.

Matt L. from Vancouver, WA (Source: Yelp)


I had not gone to the dentist in a long time. Like many people in their 20’s with student loans and a job where you’re clearly on the bottom of the totem pole, I chose to spend my healthcare insurance money on different essentials (pesky things like rent and food). So when I finally got the opportunity to afford insurance, I found myself in the market to actually go to the dentist. Looking at the reviews for my work area, I saw that Bridgetown dental had pretty good reviews. Taking the leap (and really hoping I didn’t have a bunch of cavities), I made my first appointment. Having survived my initial appointment and one follow-up let me say that I LOVE MY DENTIST!!! Both times I visited Bridgetown, I arrived around 2-3pm. Walking in you’re greeted by the front desk who greets you and walks you through the entire process, which is great for a dental newbie like me. Then you sit in the little waiting area until the dentist is ready for you. Everything is clean yet comforting, not the cold hospital feeling I was expecting. My only complaint is that I should’ve had some of the coffee that was available. I may not have had time to drink it though, since they were ready for me almost exactly at the appointment time. The dental assistant clearly and concisely told me what they were going to do today and which services were optional. I didn’t feel any pressure for anything unnecessary, which was pleasant. Both the assistant and the dentist proceeded quickly but pleasantly, always taking the extra second to make sure I was okay and comfortable. Afterwards the dentist recommended that I come in for a quick check-up to make sure my gums were improving but no pressure on the decision. Oh, and as a bonus, when I was leaving they asked if I wanted to feed the fish. So I got to do that as a bonus before going back to work. Overall it was a completely relaxing experience, which you don’t expect from the dentist! Bridgetown Dental has a new customer for life.

Corey S. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


Highly recommended!! Until yesterday, all I’ve had done was regular cleanings. Bridgetown Dental has all the newest technology and their people are very friendly. The hygienists work with precision and always offer good advice for proper care and health. I receive reminder text messages for appointments, which is a great way to communicate something simple quickly without being interrupted with a phone call. Yesterday I had my last wisdom tooth removed. Dr. Kaady has a very special talent. He only used a local anesthetic and I felt absolutely nothing for the 15 minutes it took for the “surgery.” Afterwards I only had to take ibuprofen once for mild pain, but overall he caused no trauma and I never needed any stronger pain meds. I was fully functional right after I left the office and ended up doing work around my house for the remainder of my day. Past experiences have put me on a couch for 3 days full of pain and Vicodin. Day 2: I’m still amazed I have no pain and require zero pills! If you aren’t impressed with your current dentist, do yourself a huge favor and go to Bridgetown Dental.

Kayla D. from Vancouver, WA (Source: Yelp)


I really love coming here. The wait for an appointment is never very long, and the office staff is phenomenal – professional, organized and genuinely kind and caring. Dr Kaady always takes the time to show me things with my x-rays, educate me about what was going on and discuss options of what to do with which teeth. Recently I decided to get some cavities fixed.. After just two appointments my teeth are PAIN FREE! His expertise with the Novocaine needle is fantastic. The fillings were done quickly but no rush. And he took the time to make sure that the surfaces of the teeth were smooth and shaped to my liking. He even invited me back at no charge if the surfaces needed further smoothing. One did, and it was a fast appointment and he fixed it in about three minutes. The cavity fillings have all been pain free and strong for six months. This whole practice truly is a class act.

Elizabeth B. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


Dr Kaady and his staff are an amazing, dedicated team! Having worked as a CDA for a prominent Pediatric Dentist, I can comment on the gentle approach they use with children. I have 4 young children, 3 have who have required some treatment. They all came away from their appointments with smiles on their faces and didn’t make a peep in the chair. As for my own experience, I was feeling a little uneasy at my last treatment appointment and was assured that there was no rush– that my comfort was priority. I highly recommend Bridgetown Dental for their excellent work in dentistry, their clean and meticulous atmosphere, and their personalized care. Thank you Dr Kaady & team!!

Collin Grimes (Source: Google)


My experience at Bridgetown Dental was amazing! Dr. Kaady and his team say it like it is and have a high standard they adhere to. This was refreshing given my past dentist cut corners and tried to “make me feel good” rather than be honest and do good work on my teeth. I appreciate how Dr. Kaady takes a holistic approach to Dentistry and always takes the time to educate me and make me more knowledgeable of other factors that could be affecting my dental health. The team at his office always makes me feel welcome and are very professional. I would defiantly recommend Dr. Kaady!

Justin Bush (Source: Google)


Dr. Kaady has surgical “soft touch” hands, and he’s consistently made my various procedures painless. I’ve had a lot of dental and orthodontic work throughout my childhood and adulthood, and every time I leave his office I’m thankful that I went to him and not to others I’ve worked with in the past. He checks-in frequently and makes a conscious effort to deliver excellent patient care at every appointment. He’s detail-oriented and excellent about explaining the “what and the why” of the work ahead, and it’s very clear that he continues his learning and education and that he maintains his passion for the profession. I trust he has my best interest in mind as a patient and I don’t hesitate to recommend him to others in need of excellent dental care.

Charles T. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I am new to Portland and was due for my 6-month preventive dental check-up. I’ve been going to my old dentist (in California) for years so had really high expectations of any replacement. A friend recommended Dr. Kaady, and the experience was fantastic. Staff was super friendly, the hygienist who cleaned my teeth was gentle yet efficient, they used the latest technologies (even a few I’d never seen before), and explained exactly what they were doing throughout the exam. The interior of the office has a great vibe. I couldn’t get over how helpful and genuinely friendly everyone was. It’s clear this is an office that invests in the stuff that actually leads to healthy teeth and gums, and not just the superficial.

Sarah H. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


Awesome dentist with a friendly and accommodating staff. I would recommend Dr. Kaady to anyone and everyone. Oksana is great, she greets you with a genuine smile and is always happy to work with my crazy schedule. Dr. Kaady is very patient and considerate. I am fortunate and have had very little need for dental work outside of regular cleanings. During my dental exam Dr. Kaady informed me I had my first cavities caused by sealants that had been placed on my teeth when I was young. I was petrified and in disbelief. The process of having the cavities treated was painless and much easier than I expected. Dr. Kaady clearly explained the procedure and took pictures of the cavities. He put me at ease throughout the treatment. I’ve been to other area dentists who offered paraffin hand treatments in their fancy, elaborate offices. Along with those luxuries, I received a giant bill and a dentist who spent only minutes with me. I don’t want a back rub, I want an honest and compassionate dentist. Luckily with Dr. Kaady, I have found a great dentist, who genuinely cares about his patients and does so at a reasonable cost.

Tina Hopkins (Source: Facebook)


I had a really good experience here today! My cleaning went really well & when the dentist came to see me he went over my x-rays and he explained what needed work and why. I believe this is a quality dental clinic & I’ll be back for future services!

Emma Sims (Source: Google)


Setting up my appointments was very easy and the staff was super friendly. The cleaning was thorough, and the staff had excellent bedside manner which is extremely important to me since I have had a long time fear of the dentist. I made them well aware of my anxiety and I felt extra cared for because of it. The filling also went very well and they were again careful to explain everything and use extra care with me, we even had a few laughs which put me at ease. Though I had some pain after the procedure, I did call them to see if there was any cause for concern. They called to check in thereafter, which I thought was very nice! The office was very clean and well staffed and it seemed like they used top of the line technology in their process which helped make me feel like I was getting the best available service. When I usually walk out of the dentist, I dread my next visit, but not this time. I almost look forward to coming back.

Trysta T. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I moved to Portland two years ago and had avoided seeing my old hometown dentist for years. After starting a new job that actually offered dental coverage, I figured it was time to bite the bullet (though I hoped not literally). So I googled dental practices in my area and Bridgetown popped up, they were close to home and had already received some pretty good reviews. Though a skeptic of any dentist, I made the choice and scheduled an appointment for a few weeks out. Getting to Bridgetown was easy and convenient, and though I was sure the actual experience of having my mouth yanked open and teeth cleaned wouldn’t be as quick and painless as the trip there, the staff proved me wrong. Everyone is genuinely happy to help, all smiles (and damn gorgeous smiles at that) and they answer your questions quickly and efficiently in the most friendly way. For once I didn’t feel like I was on the verge of “meeting my maker” in the waiting room. Dr. Kaady is a saint, seriously. It was just a routine cleaning, but the stabby-jabby instruments I was so used to in prior Washington offices didn’t make a knick. The entire thing was painless, fast, and Dr. Kaady’s easy conversation throughout the whole thing made it that much more (dare I say..) enjoyable. I highly recommend Bridgeport Dental to anyone in need of some teeth-fixings, especially those of you that are particularly averse to the idea, as I was. You won’t regret it!.

Jeremy N. from Hillsboro, OR (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Bridgetown Dental for about 3 years. Some dentists are just obsessed with making your teeth “look right” no matter what the cost to you. At Bridgetown, they are obsessed with making your mouth work correctly. They don’t push unnecessary work on you. Everyone there is extremely gentle. The work is absolutely first class. I actually look forward to going to the dentist now. The staff is so friendly, they’ve even overcome my phobia about dental visits. They are very good about working with you on payment options. I can’t say enough good things about this place.

Rachel G. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I recently moved to Portland and needed a new dentist. I HATE the dentist and haven’t been to one in over a year (maybe two) but knew I needed to get some work done. I have gone to Dr. Kaady twice now and will be seeing him a handful of times over the next few months to have the extensive care I need for my teeth. Dr. Kaady and staff are amazing and I enjoy every visit with them which is odd for the dentist. They are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and only look out for my best interests. I actually look forward to going! After my initial exam they found I needed a lot of work done and even categorized everything for me from the most important to the least important because I was paying out of pocket. They didn’t pressure me to get everything done and even told me I didn’t HAVE to complete everything and we can take care of the more serious matters. Knowing how important healthcare is on my teeth I decided to have it all completed and will be seeing them a lot, which I couldn’t be happier about. Dr. Kaady and the hygienists walk me through everything they are doing and try their best to make it the most comfortable they can. I cannot rate them high enough! If you want a dental office that really makes you feel like a person and not just a number then you need to go here. They have extremely reasonable pricing and actually care about making you a life long patient. I will be returning for all my dental needs and will continue to recommend them to anyone I can. Thanks for the great work and laughs!

Yelena M. from Vancouver, WA (Source: Yelp)


Unfortunately I am very sorry to read about the individuals whom had bad experiences here and felt pressured to get work done they believe was not needed. I just have to say that I am thankful that I was recommended to see Dr.Kaady and am very grateful to him and his staff for understanding and explaining of any work needed to get done, as I didnt have insurance. I have spend thousands in the past year and seen several dentist that I believed fixed my issues but I ended up coming back and paying more because they would say it wasnt finished (root canal), or sent me to a special root canal dentist(and they are spendy). All of that has resolved and my my busy life changed when I came to see Dr.Kaady, he fixed the issues that 2 other dentist kept me coming back nad paying more. I have anxiety going to the dentist since childhood…but I have to say that for the first time in my life I was not affraid by the experince of not even feeling the work being done and didnt even realize I was finished. I was in that chair feeling relaxed and comfortable with Genny the assistant making sure that I was taking care of since I am a gagger. She did an amazing job, very professional and caring! I am not afraid of getting dental work done and that thanks to Dr. Kaady and his staff. You can probably tell that I can go on and on about my exciting experience in their office…I absolutely will see them again and STRONGLY recommend Bridge town Dental to everyone! They are very understanding especially when I have a tendency of running late at times, they dont cancel on me but makae sure I am taken good care of. The second I came in the office Oksana at the front desk greets me and made sure that I am comfortable. I had never had to wait and thats what I call taking care of your patients. Like I said I had an amazing experience and walked out painless and fearless all thanks to Dr. Kaady and his amazing, professional and caring staff…Oksana and Genny! Thanks for being there! Continue doing what you all do best…Taking care of me.

Rochelle Z. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


Just a quick update for y’all! I continue to visit Dr. Kaady and his staff for restorative care. Following my ultra fabulous introduction to Bridgetown dental I started out with a root canal. Wahooo! Well, not really. However, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated. Dr. Kaady worked wonders on my poor decrepit tooth. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful porcelain crown. Seriously, I’ve been known to show ppl my amazing smile and make them guess which one is the tooth-imposter! 😉 They’re never right btw! I just recently had a visit yesterday and it was another round of dental pleasantries. No, I don’t mean that sarcastically. It’s truly a pleasure to continue my restorative care with Dr. Kaady and his staff at Bridgetown Dental. I have two more visits and I’m up-to-date!! =D My reward at the end is a teeth whitening! If you are in the market for excellent dental care check out Bridgetown Dental!

I. M. (Source: Google)


Ok, this place just flat out rocks. Like most people, I tend to neglect certain aspects of my life and dental care being one of them. So when I finally went to the dentist they were understanding, caring and did a fantastic job cleaning my teeth and fixing a split tooth I’d been suffering from for a while. Then once again I neglected my dental care and returned after a year of being away. Again, they just took it in stride, were understanding and were pleased that I had taken care of my teeth. Other than a cleaning I was getting a clean bill of health. So professional, clean, understanding, welcoming… these are just a few of the words I’d use to describe Bridgetown Dental. They go out of their way to work with you and give you all the info you need regarding what’s covered by insurance and how to best manage any issues you have. A well earned five star review.

Jeannette M. from Rochester, NY (Source: Yelp)


Bridgetown dental is great! Great because they are super nice, friendly and gentle. I showed up 10 minutes early to my appointment thinking that I wouldn’t have to wait more than 10-15 minutes but, I ended up waiting for about a half an hour. It was alright because I perused through a couple (out of their gzillion) magazines and watched “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. Oksana (sp?) was totally nice and sympathetic to the fact that I had to wait and she asked several times if I need anything. When the assistant took my x-rays it was painless and getting to see my teeth on the computer screen is pretty rad. Dr. Kaady is totally professional and did not yell at me for not going to the dentist for five years. He just told me that my teeth were in pretty good shape other than a root canal that needs to be done. He can’t do it at his office so he referred me to a specialist…(who knew root canal could get THAT bad and still not have any pain?!). I am looking forward to going back so he can crown my tooth. I was also excited to know that they are working with me to get the dental work done that I need and figuring it out with my insurance. It’s nice to know I am going to have beautiful teeth AND pay my rent!.

Justin B. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kaady has surgical “soft touch” hands, and he’s consistently made my various procedures painless. I’ve had a lot of dental and orthodontic work throughout my childhood and adulthood, and every time I leave his office I’m thankful that I went to him and not to others I’ve worked with in the past. He checks-in frequently and makes a conscious effort to deliver excellent patient care at every appointment. He’s detail-oriented and excellent about explaining the “what and the why” of the work ahead, and it’s very clear that he continues his learning and education and that he maintains his passion for the profession. I trust he has my best interest in mind as a patient and I don’t hesitate to recommend him to others in need of excellent dental care.

Karen M. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been with Bridgetown Dental for many years and I’m still regularly impressed by the professional staff and quality of work. It’s not the closest dentist to me but I continue to make the drive because let’s be real, once you find a good dentist, you stick with them! I just left yet another appointment that required a good deal of work to be done and I felt so taken care – no pain at all! Even found myself tapping my foot to the Justin Timberlake song on the radio while half my face was numbed up. Highly recommend

Sonia H. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


Going to the Dentist is normally not a fun experience, but when I go to Dr Kaady’s its a whole different level. The experience you get going there is great, from the minute you walk in you get a big smile and welcome from the office manager, to the rest of the staff especially Dr Kaady. He is so smooth when he is doing his work and explains things step by step as he is doing the work where no Dentist has done that with me. He is so confident, professional and super patient and his work is amazing. He has replaced two crowns for me and I remember when one of the crowns came back and wasn’t prefect to him he sent it back to the lab and made sure it was flawless. No one would have seen it in the back of my mouth of course but to him he wanted it perfect. He cares so much about his patients which is AMAZING to see. I would never switch to another Dentist. I recommend Dr Kaady to anyone that talks about a dentist. I could finally say I don’t mind going to see my Dentist!

Steven Gustafson (Source: Google)


Bridgetown dental is the best place I have been to. I have had lots of dental work done over the years but I never realized how big of a difference a great dentist can make. They are always quick to help me with any issues and answer any questions. Also they always take the best care to make sure I am comfortable from start to finish I can’t recommend Dr. Kaady and his team enough to anyone who needs any kind of dental work.

S. T. from Vancouver, WA (Source: Yelp)


My teeth are a case study – and I feel they give me credibility on the subject of dentistry… When I was a teenager, my orthodontist declared that my lower jaw stopped growing when I was six years old. His treatment: braces for 6 years, including a “jaw extender” application which put scars inside my cheeks (they remain today, 25 years later). I have a lower front tooth which never grew in (genetics), and had a fake tooth ‘bridge’ for awhile. To address a receding gum line at my front lower teeth, I had gum tissue surgically cut from my back jaw and applied to the front. My teeth are soft, prone to cavities and cracks – and all of my molars have been ground down and redone with one dentistry solution or another. Even some of my fillings/ porcelain onlays have failed and had to be redone. Effectively, I’ve spent many, MANY hours in the dentist’s chair. I know what dentists do, and I know good ones from bad ones. When I moved to Washington (and when my previous dentist retired), I decided to check out local providers. I received a couple of cleanings in the Vancouver area over a span of 1-2 years before I tried Dr. Kaady in Portland. What I experienced with Dr. Kaady can only be appreciated by those who understand the craftsmanship of dentistry. Dr. Kaady considered my history long before he brought any agenda to the table. He discussed the condition of my teeth holistically and collaborated with me on how we should approach my treatment over a long term. Essentially, he coached me on making the most with what I’ve got (don’t fix what’s not broke). He consistently avoids unnecessary aggressive treatments and avoids drilling ‘just because we can’. I find Dr. Kaady’s mannerisms, experience and savvy about dentistry at the top of the dentistry profession, and highly recommend his services. A few of the specifics which impressed me: 1. His hobby appears to be dentistry. He routinely talks about new advances in dental techniques. He loves talks about treatments and their effectiveness. He recently decided to offer a lifetime warranty on his work of onlays. 2. He is extremely effective. Everything from the anesthetic to the tooth modifications were remarkably painless. And the quality of my new tooth is outstanding. I complained to him about a gap between my teeth left by the last dentist’s restoration – and he fixed it like it is a real, properly-fitted tooth now. 3. He is good with kids. He consulted with me on my daughter’s treatment (who also has the same decay issues as me) and the possibility of having my daughter referred to a pediatric dentist. Given my own trust with Dr. Kaady, I asked him to take my daughter on himself (rather than referring her). Even after filling several cavities, my daughter is actually becoming fond of dentist visits. I attribute this to the positive encouragement Dr. Kaady and his staff maintain with my daughter during her visit, as well as their extremely gentle and careful conduct during her procedures. I am very happy to be a client of Dr. Kaaady. He and his staff are very considerate, very civil and they give good coaching on home hygiene – which even at my age is a new experience for me. I feel like I have a team of ‘teeth partners’ in Dr. Kaady’s office and I attribute their care to fact that I have not had a dental procedure in over 2 years (longest time span ever for me).For Dr. Kaady’s care, I would drive all the way to Mexico! Dr. Kaady is, without a doubt, the best Dentist I have ever experienced.

Lauren T. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


My morning started with a chipped molar. I called and spoke to Oksana. She was so friendly when she answered the phone and got me an appointment later that day. As soon as I signed in, one of the hygienists said “Oh, you’re a new patient. Welcome!” So that was a good start. The receptionist took both of my insurance cards (primary and secondary) and started making calls to make sure I’d be covered for the day’s visit and determine what the coverages were. I appreciated this. I was called back within a few minutes of my appointment time. Dr. Kaady identified that I had a cavity in the side of my tooth that had caused a piece of an old filling to chip off. He couldn’t tell for sure if I’d just need a filling or root canal and said he wouldn’t know until he got in there. The dental assistant showed me on the x-ray where the decay was in proximity to the nerve and healthy tooth, so I clearly understood the situation. I was provided with a list of what it would cost me if I just needed a filling vs. if I needed a root canal and crown, so I clearly understood the financial commitment as well; these prices accounted for my personal insurance coverage. I was hesitant to go with Dr. Kaady for my root canal since we’d just met and I already have a root canal guy who I’m very comfortable with. I asked several questions (to compare the two) and Dr Kaady put me at ease through a mixture of patience, technical explanation, and humor. So I decided to go with his office for the whole sh’bang. Within two hours, Dr. Kaady identified the problem, performed a root canal, and gave me a temporary crown. It was painless and I’ll definitely be returning. He’s a really great dentist (phew) and just seems like a nice guy. Overall, surprisingly good experience for needing a surprise root canal due to Dr. Kaady’s technical competence and the staff’s overall friendliness and positive atmosphere.


Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Ziad Kaady is a graduate of Oregon Health and Science University. He continues to stay up-to-date on the newest dental procedures to provide the best dental care for you and your family. Dr. Kaady is a Member of the Oregon Dental Association, the American Dental Association, and the Multnomah Dental Association. Dr. Kaady's gentle approach to dentistry, exceptional clinical skills, and state-of-the-art technology will make you feel confident about your smile. A personalized one-on-one approach and excellent communication skills provides you with a dental experience you won't find anywhere else. Bridgetown Dental is conveniently located in the heart of St. Johns. We want to help give you the self-confidence that comes from a glowing, healthy smile. A graduate of the School of Dentistry at Oregon Health and Science University, Dr. Kaady is accomplished in a wide range of general dentistry and cosmetic/restorative dentistry techniques. He is committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the newest, most improved and most proven dental techniques. Dr. Kaady is a member of the Oregon Dental Association, the American Dental Association and the Multnomah Dental Association. Dr. Kaady believes that the best and most pleasant dental care for you and your family comes down to great communication, superior skills and gentle techniques, and a promise to treat you with respect. When he's not at the North Portland dentist office, you'll find Dr. Kaady completely focused on his own family including three young children. Finding the spare time to do a little golfing or fishing is tough, but he squeezes that in when he can.