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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Holistic dentistry

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants

Sedation dentistry


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: By appointment only

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


Dr. Brian Barron, DMD





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Nikendra A. from Covington, WA (Source: Yelp)


I wish I could give 10 !!!! I had my first visit today and I have NEVER been to a dentist office like this one. EVERYONE was sooooo AMAZING!!!! They were all patient and understanding of my anxiety. Each and every step was explained to me. I was truly overwhelmed to tears with the service and atmosphere that I experienced. I’m NEVER going anywhere else. They are stuck with me for life!!! Thank you so very much Brilliant Smiles for giving me my first positive dental appointment!!

Meridith Weaver (Source: Google)


I highly recommend this dental office, for any service but especially if you are looking for veneers. Dr. Barron has given me a million dollar smile and a feeling of self-confidence I never dreamed I would have. At 50 years old, I am being told I look better than I ever have. My veneers have taken at least ten years off my look and brightened up my smile. I am so grateful to Dr. Barron and his staff. You aren’t going to find a better, friendlier, or more skilled group of people, from Dr. Barron to his assistant, hygienist and office staff. They are all absolutely amazing!

Kathryn Hay (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Barron did my implant which included some bone graft work ahead of time. The end result: I cannot tell it isn’t my real molar. I have had it in for a while now and it is as solid as the day it was installed. I am delighted with the result.

Ginny B. from Bothell, WA (Source: Yelp)


Was recommended to Dr Brian by a friend. I have been going to doctors and dentists since March of 2017.  No one giving me an answer.  He took a 3 D scan and  immediately look at results and figured out what the problem was and what needed to be done. Needless to say is Doctor Brian Is my HERO!!   PS I just found a new dentist. Thank you doctor Brian.

Kelly Hassler (Source: Google)


When I first came to Brilliant Smiles my teeth were in the worst form of decay Dr. Barron had ever seen and I was only 26. The dentist I went to before was still stuck in the dental teachings of 1960, though they meant well my teeth were in such bad shape my breath smelled awful. I had my entire mouth redone and my smile looks amazing. No more pain, gross bacteria, decay, or horrible breath. They taught me how to take care of my teeth at home. If you feel like your teeth are too far gone check this place out. Your teeth effect your overall health, this was an investment that profoundly impacted my life in a positive way. Thank you Dr. Barron & Brilliant Smiles Team!

Aliza K. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Took a 3-4 year undergraduate dental hiatus (highly do not recommend this plan) a few years ago and had about 12 cavities and crown needing some attention. Additionally, I have this really awesome chip to one tooth right in the front of my grill which I re-chip with an astonishing frequency. Dr. B and crew do the best they can with the work I bring in for them (frequently!). I am probably one of the regulars and I cannot even fathom how they kept the lights on before they started treating me. Great dental work, I am always able to get an appointment easily and don’t have to wait too long in the waiting room. But if I do there’s free coffee so I’m not mad at it. The new office is pretty sweet, way better parking situation. Office staff are generally great – Katie is SPECTACULAR (give her a bonus Dr. B! $$$). I am kind of particular about fillings and she definitely makes sure I leave feeling comfortable with everything. Overall, hate going to the dentist but if I have to this is my chosen place of torture. I mean *care.

Eric P. from Ocean Shores, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Barron is the best dentist I have had work on my dental issues.  He is very skilled and patient comfort is one of his top priorities.  I recently had four root canals done over a period of two days and it was completely painless.  Dr. Barron’s attention to the finest detail during a procedure is second to none.  Dr. Barron’s staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful in answering any and all questions I had.  Thank you Dr. Barron.

Cameron Bardy (Source: Google)


Alex was amazing, talented, and informative! Dr. Barron was really great too, such a nice guy, and showed personal interest. I went for routine cleaning, exams, and they even showed me what my bacteria were like under a microscope. Which was really cool because by following their protocol I improved in about a month from moderate bacteria to almost none…and they showed me that progress on the microscope! Will be back!

Kathleen Gallant (Source: Google)


Dr. Barron came highly recommended because I had many dental issues and I could see why after only one visit. He truly cared about me and after seeing him for about three years now, I’ve recognized he cares about all his patients on a deeper level than the many dentists I’ve had over the years. He takes the time to research options, keeps up on current procedures and doesn’t oversell or push anything. He let me mull over my options and then guided me through each treatment plan, always following up and checking in after a procedure to be sure I was doing well or had any issues or questions. I will continue to see him and hope others discover him too. His knowledge is not just in cosmetic work but biological as well. I believe his combination of being a chemical engineer combined with later becoming a dentist makes him a wonderful find! Plus, he’s an all around really good guy and very likeable. Bonus compliment – my oldest child is 22, can be a complete pain in the neck and annoying yet comes home from Dr. Barron’s office laughing and saying how much he likes him and what a great guy he is. Dr. Barron even makes him happy and less annoying!

Meredith M. from North Bend, WA (Source: Yelp)


Love the team at Brilliant Smiles. From the moment I walk in the door they ask about my family, school, and other details I would assume would have been forgotten. Dr. Barron is fantastic and is funny too. It helps when you are having a root canal to have a doctor that can make the situation more comfortable. My toddler goes to Brilliant Smiles for his cleaning and the staff is just amazing with him. I would suggest this dentist office for yourself and your family.

EM. C. from Bremerton, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Barron did such an amazing job with my husband’s veneers and we’re immensely grateful that it brought him a new smile to his face. My husband is on a wheelchair and the way he provides extra care touched our life. He did a very professional job and am positive he wouldn’t have received better care and results elsewhere. Dr. Barron and staff are very responsive, warm and caring.  

Pam Berg (Source: Google)


Kurt did an outstanding job cleaning my teeth and gums. He was very thorough and careful with Covid masking and technique. Dr. Barron gave me a very detailed checkup. They work very well as a team and communicate their expectations clearly. Their office also accepted our Premera Medicare Advantage insurance Plan. I would highly recommend them. Tom Berg

Roger B. from Bellevue, WA (Source: Yelp)


I have hated going to the dentist ever since I was a little. That is until I made an appointment at Brilliant Smiles Bellevue. I was terrified at first but then my dentist told me I might benefit from sedation dentistry. Needless to say, I no longer fear the dentist. In fact, going to my Bellevue dentist is now a breeze and I don’t mind going one bit. I even had a root canal and I didn’t care. That’s how amazing sedation dentistry is. If it can help me, it can help anyone.

Oliver D. (Source: Google)


My experience at this office has been a true delight…I very much appreciate how much this place truly cares about my whole experience from making the appointment to follow up care. They also ask me how my day/weeks been going and truly care about what my response is…might not be to important to everyone but those little details make a difference and mean something to me.

Bruce M. from Valencia, CA (Source: Yelp)


Brilliant Smiles is the best dentist I have ever been too! I moved to the Seattle area over a year ago from Los Angeles and got recommended to them by many people. Every visit has been great. The staff is extremely nice and professional, and Dr. Barron is incredible. Most recently I got 4 wisdom teeth pulled out (1 infected) and I went to work the same day and was fine. No bleeding, very little pain and was good to go in a day. Highly recommend them as they have been wonderful for me and my family!

Dawn G. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I hate going to the dentist. The mere image of a dental chair or sound of a drill causes an immediate Pavlovian anxiety response. But it’s a necessary torture as I fully intend to keep my teeth well into my elderly years. So I make my way to that dreaded chair every 6 months where I face the wrath of the sour patch kids. And the licorice. And the salted caramel-filled chocolates. Mmmmmmm. Sugar addiction is real folks. It can be difficult to find a dental office that understands and is sympathetic to patient dental fears. I’ve had good dental offices, those that are just okay, and those that could inspire a horror movie. So when I find a great one, I’ll travel distances to stick with them if need be. Brilliant Smiles is that dental office for me. Every staff member is uber friendly and caring. During my bi-annual checkup, they found old fillings that needed to be re-done and a new cavity as well. Gulp. I scheduled appointments to deal with the consequences and my anxiety built until the time came. On drill day, I walked in and immediately started asking questions and relaying information about how to handle me. The hygienist who was to start the process (Katie) was incredibly kind and reassuring. She gave me a fuzzy blanket and fitted the mask on my nose for nitrous oxide while I picked a Pandora station and plugged in my headphones. I was given the option of a valium-type medicine but that requires someone else to drive you home afterward, which I didn’t have. It’s good to know that this option exists and I may take them up on it another time. Anyway, back to the procedure. Katie numbed my gums and readied me for the novocaine injections. By talking me through it and taking her time, pain was avoided. This is a mark of a great dental hygienist. She and Dr. Barron continued to speak gently with me and recognized when my anxiety required a break. I am not a good dental patient but they were so kind, considerate, and patient that it made the process less scary. I still left finger indentations in the arm rests, but it was much less unpleasant of an experience thanks to those two. Thank you, Brilliant Smiles team.

Roy Brinson (Source: Google)


From the moment I walked in I was greeted with a smile which really put me at ease. I was visiting for a wisdom tooth extraction so I didn’t expect the experience to be as pleasant as it ended up becoming. Dr. Barron delicately performed the tooth removal leaving me in zero discomfort:-) Now I have an appt set up for a cleaning and exam next week cause I love the atmosphere and expert care. The tech is top notch too!

Estera M. from Bothell, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Barron is knowledgeable in both holistic and conventional dentistry. He doesn’t mind being challenged with questions or even a second opinion. I’m a researcher and I appreciate having a choice in any treatment plan I get. Dr. Barron has explained everything to me with x-rays to back up his conclusions. I appreciate the honesty and would recommend the office to others. All of the staff is knowledgeable and educated which is refreshing. Plus, my teeth are now pretty and white– always a bonus.

Karen Severson (Source: Google)


Dr. Brian Barron is the BEST! He was a prayer answered when I had a complicated implant on a front tooth. He gave 110% and did an amazing job and I was so grateful. His whole crew are so kind, caring and professional! We travel from Alaska for all our dental needs because we know we can trust him to give us the best care possible. Thank you Brilliant Smiles!

Jennifer Mosley (Source: Google)


I feel really lucky to have found this place when I moved here earlier this year. They’ve continually gone above and beyond for me, since the day I walked in the office. It has such a family feel and everyone is so nice and helpful. Dr. Barron is also great at what he does and I’m excited to have my implant completed in the next few weeks. Couldn’t ask for a better experience!

Kristina Kent (Source: Facebook)


The whole team at Brilliant Smiles is simply, the best. Always a warm welcome, kind and enthusiastic staff and Dr. Barron is meticulous and detailed oriented—focused on making sure whatever work you are having done is properly executed to the highest level, not rushed or mediocre, as I have felt at other places in the past. As long as we live in the Seattle area we will use Dr. Barron.

Linda (Source: Healthgrades)


I’ve been seeing Dr. Barron for almost a year now and find him to be very thorough and attentive. He’s knowledgeable about cutting edge procedures and techniques and is very thorough. When something isn’t right, he makes sure you don’t leave until you’re happy w/the results. I’ve had oral surgery as well as routine care and was pleased with the care I received. His office staff is very friendly and it doesn’t take long to get an appointment. They are also available if you have a dental emergency; not all dentists answer the phone on off hours. Would recommend him to all my family and friends.

Annisa Mohd-Salleh (Source: Google)


A different approach to dental care than all my previous experiences. I came very frustrated with dentistry in general knowing I need more crowns and knowing their will be future cavities. The staff take the time to reassure their patients and educate them on the microbiome of the mouth and how it affects dental health. Their approach focuses on preventative care by making changes in home care. I’m looking forward to my next bacterial slide.

Jeri Y. from Ocean Park, WA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient with Dr Barron ever since he has opened his Bellevue office. I have always received excellent care and service. I highly recommend getting your care here. I am “nervous nelly” when at the dentist, and the staff is always kind and reassuring. I was recently lucky enough to visit the new location, and WOW! I felt like I was in a luxurious environment and it was calm and reassuring. Love this dentist, staff, and office.

Olena P. from Kent, WA (Source: Yelp)


A big thank you to Dr. Brian C Barron and his clinic. The best clinic I’ve ever been at ; in which I started a big procedure on my teeth. I saw that the doctor is very patient with me and others and does his very very best on teeth the way that I wanted him to do it so he did it to please my demands. and implants and front crowns and still working on implants it’s a really long procedure with my teeth and I had 2 surgeries and went well all is healing and well done . On front desk the worker named Sunny is very welcoming. Anna , who also woks there is very good at translating for me and helped me very much. Sandra dental assistant is very great what she does , she is born for her job , hands that touch the teeth so smooth that you can’t even feel the pain and overall she’s a very great person . Overall a big thank you and I recommend this clinic to everyone who is looking for a decent doctor who wants to make you HAPPY.

Lauren (Source: Google)


I literally travel from London to Bellevue for the expertise of Dr. Barron and his incredibly efficient staff. I was in need of several dental procedures when I first came to Brilliant Smiles, and Dr. Barron assessed what needed to be done in order of urgency, to best suit me. I couldn’t believe that after extensive work, I didn’t even need a painkiller! His precision is nothing short of perfect. My hygienist Alex, is simply the loveliest, an ideal person to put you at ease, and so knowledgeable, you may mistake her for another dentist. (I can’t even feel her Novocaine shots!) Simply put, Dr. Barron is the only dentist I’ve ever had that makes going to the dentist an absolute pleasure. He is worth every mile!

Lisa R. from Bellevue, WA (Source: Yelp)


I have had a lot of complicated problems with my teeth resulting from an accident almost 40 years ago. Dr. Barron and his staff worked with me for over a year to help me figure out what the best course of action was for my 30 year old bridge. Dr. Barron’s work was meticulously and beautifully done. His attention to detail and desire to have a perfect outcome are much appreciated. My whole family has been going here for years and we are all pleased with the entire staff and their work.

Amy Johnson (Source: Google)


I had my teeth cleaned by Kurt as a new patient and had a great experience. He checked in with me throughout the appointment to make sure I was comfortable. The overall cleaning was smooth and left my teeth feeling squeaky clean. The staff was friendly and made sure to follow safety protocols to keep the environment clean and their patients safe. I would highly recommend their services to others!

Sheryl Austin Smith (Source: Google)


Dr Barron is so awesome. Spot on with the info about what he is doing. He’s a perfectionist! Caring and courteous and handsome! Yes Ladies, we have “eye candy” here! Each patient’s cubicle has a beautiful picture that is guaranteed to relax your mind and take you away on a mini vaca. The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, professional and polite. You wont be disappointed!

Allie K. from Marysville, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr B is definitely as good as it gets. I had neglected to go to the dentist for about 5 years or so after I had moved away from my life-time dentist and was very nervous to go to someone new. I was referred to Dr B by quite a few of his patients. When I got there, the staff were so friendly, sweet, and helpful! It was like catching up with an old pal. I expressed my nervousness (all 3 times I have been there!) and every time, the dental assistant and Dr B would talk with me and explain what they were doing to ensure me that I had nothing to be nervous about, which for me is very comforting. Even when I had silly questions, they explained things in terms I could understand and didn’t make me feel silly for asking. I needed quite a bit of work done, around 10 cavities to be filled, 1 crown, and 1 wisdom tooth extracted and everything went smoothly without a hitch. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to be laying in the chair, with a big blue dam over my mouth and to hear ‘How are you doing under there?!’ They care so much about their patients comfort that it’s refreshing! I even had my temp crown pop off (which is very common) and I was able to get in ASAP and get a whole new temp crown put on with no problem. I am very happy with Dr B and is it sad to say I’m excited to see him soon?! Thank you Dr B and your wonderful staff!

Madison Nadeau (Source: Google)


This is truly a fantastic dentistry. The entire staff: Doctors, hygienists, management and front desk personnel are extremely knowledgeable not only of their practice and services offered but of the entire scope of the industry, which allows them to put the patients’ best interest ahead of their own and help them make informed decisions. Whether it’s for cleaning/routine visits or more complicated/cosmetic procedures, this team always delivers. Incredible service and welcoming environment all around.

Ed Doyne (Source: Facebook)


Today was my first visit to a dentist since my 20+ year one Dr. Stark retired. I cracked a tooth and our daughter recommended Dr Barrons. I was totally impressed that he fit me into the schedule the same afternoon and did a thorough exam with an x-ray. He then drew out on screen what the problems were and explained the options. Then when I thought we were done, he sat me down and cleaned up the tooth and put in a temp filling to stop the pain and tide me over until a regular appointment. I have found my dentist (and his staff of Sunny and Sandra also great) for my next 30 years! Semper Fidelis, Ed.

A. D. (Source: Google)


Prior to coming to Brilliant Smiles, I went to another dentist who did a terrible job for what I requested to have done. It took me months to find another dentist because I was scared and had lost trust. When I came to Brilliant Smiles, from the moment I walked in, I was greeted by staff that was warm, friendly, accommodating and understanding to my prior fiasco. They have gone above and beyond what I would have ever expected staff to do. My overall experience AND results have been phenomenal! I have one more appointment to go until we’re done with the first phase, but there are no words to express how pleased I am! I am now happy and proud to smile! Dr. Barron is the BEST and I’m so glad I let my guard down and made the choice to trust him. I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you Dr. Barron!!

Yen B. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Barron and their team relieved me of major pain from an infection under an old crown. My usual dentist that originally worked on my crown was closed on Mondays and I was flying out of town on Tuesday. Desperate and in excruciating pain, I reached out to Brilliant Smiles. They seemed compassionate and got me in earlier. It took several hours, but I was flexible since they basically squeezed me in. Dr. Barron is personable and has good bedside manners. I appreciate that he took time to explain the situation, laid out the options, and explained risks associated with each option so I could make an informed decision. They ended up having to do a root canal and new crown. The Dental Assistant Kate is my favorite DA out of all I’ve seen. She’s intelligent, very articulate when explaining how something works, and fun to talk to. At my first appointment, I was only planning to come here to relieve my pain long enough for me to go see my usual Dentist of 15 years. By the time that I was finished I was convinced of coming back to Brilliant Smiles instead for all future dental care. I’ll be sure to recommend to local friends and colleagues. Cliff Notes Version: – Dr. Barron is highly-skilled, likable, communicates effectively. – Dental Assistant (Kate) is sharp, thoughtful, and friendly. – Front desk ladies are all pleasant and efficient. – Facility is very nice and location is convenient.

Jorge Andres Gotuzzo (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dr. Barron’s office for 5 years and I couldn’t be happier. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, caring, and most importantly wants the best result possible for you as a patient. The staff is friendly and will keep you at ease and comfortable at all times. I highly recommend this place is you are looking for a dentist.


Brilliant Smiles Bellevue in Bellevue, Washington, offers a range of services at its downtown office, which not only boasts the latest technology and equipment in dental care, but also offers a warm, family environment that puts patients at ease. From routine maintenance to more advanced cosmetic procedures, the team at Brilliant Smiles Bellevue believes in providing a safe and friendly environment, for children and adults alike, that puts the patient first. Brilliant Smiles Bellevue offers patients the highest level of quality dental care in the following areas: Cosmetic dentistry procedures that help patients achieve the beautiful smile they've always wanted Implant restoration for long-lasting tooth replacement Sedation dentistry for patients who seek easy and painless treatment, which includes conscious oral sedation and IV sedation Emergency dentistry for immediate care when patients need it most Pediatric dentistry for younger patients Brilliant Smiles Bellevue is staffed by highly-trained dental specialists who are ready to treat all of your dental concerns. Contact Brilliant Smiles Bellevue today to get started on an oral health care plan that will have you smiling proudly. Dr. Barron attended Auburn University in Alabama and completed a degree in chemical engineering, along with the additional requirements needed to attend medical/dental school. Dr. Barron attended dental school at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he worked in the oral surgery department, performing emergency extractions. After completing his medical training, Dr. Barron practiced in Nome, Alaska; Dutch Harbor, Alaska; and Naples, Florida. Dr. Barron has been teaching for several years and continues to enjoy helping others expand their skills and services in the field of dentistry.