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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Nicole B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had to break up with my old dentist of 20 years and I went to visit a few dental offices before deciding on Brimhall Dental.  This office is not huge so it’s not a factory style dental office that will move you in and out fast to just make a buck.  This clinic gives you a good feeling the minute you enter.  It  has a calm type of Aura which is nice when having dental work done.  The people are all friendly and remembered my name when I returned on a follow up appointment.  I was super impressed by the technology in this office outstanding! The dentist knows what he is doing and had no problems getting me numb I didn’t even feel the injection.  I was impressed with Dr. Nicholas Schulte I will tell everyone I know about this office.  If your looking for a new dental Community look no further and call Brimhall dental.

Meghan Donnelly (Source: Google)


I had my first dentist visit recently (after 7 years of not going!) at Brimhall. To say I was anxious is an understatement. I let the team know how I was feeling, and from the first time I stepped foot into this office I have felt nothing but supported, heard, and encouraged. They are a wonderful practice, especially for someone like me who has had horrible dentist experiences in the past, and some anxiety. They are ALL extremely kind and thorough. Dr. Shulte is one of the best doctors I have ever worked with for medical issues – he is clear with explanations, gives you options, and makes it personal. I appreciate the detailed care and I trust everyone in this practice for my dental care.

Mary Kopet (Source: Google)


For many years I was a chicken when it came to dentistry, after some less than ideal early life experiences. When I became a client at Fischbach Dentistry, because of their competent and compassionate care, I no longer dread going to the dentist. I would recommend this practice without reservation.

Judy Swett (Source: Google)


If you can call xrays and teeth cleaning pleasant, I had a pleasant visit. I felt safe and it was nice to see the hygenist being protected as well. The receptionist is wonderful, even called me early from home the day my hygenist got sick and had to cancel. That extra step helped me to replan my day while I was still having my first cup of coffee.

Douglas Churilla (Source: Google)


Brimhall Dentistry has been professional and thorough in all aspects in my dental care – Dr. Schulte explains what is needed and explains the process very well. You feel comfortable when he explains the process and comfortable when he works on you. Brimhall Dentistry staff have been nothing short of kind – welcoming and communicate very clearly before – during and after all appointments. I have been very pleased I chose Brimhall Dentistry – I am a newer patient (approx. 1 year) and it has been one of the better decisions I have made in choosing this clinic.

Alex Meyer (Source: Google)


Recently switched to Fischbach Dentistry from one of the bigger corporate dentistry practices. This small practice is SO much better. Individualized attention, really friendly staff, and it reminds me of the dentist I used to go to as a child (in a good way). But despite being small they have all the newest technology. I HIGHLY recommend Fischbach Dentistry.

Kirk Morgan (Source: Google)


Smart nice staff (all levels) and great modern technology. The building is not some overdone place in some expensive neighborhood and this fits my own values well. There’s a great coffee place nearby in case you need a latte while your kids get work on their teeth. Plus there are free beverages in the light and comfortable lobby if you would like to stay put. Dr. Schulte and his team are great; just like good ole’ Dr. Fischbach. What’s not to love?

Mary VanAlstine (Source: Google)


I spent all day calling around trying to be seen for persistent tooth pain and to get referrals for wisdom teeth extraction. The receptionist did a pain assessment and was able to book me an appointment the same day. The hygienist did two kinds of x-rays and then the dentist said he could do the wisdom teeth extractions easily the same day! He was very calm and professional throughout. I was thrilled to be treated so quickly. I got to see all the fees laid out before the procedures began. Everyone in the clinic was kind and attentive. I’m so happy I came across this clinic. They truly saved the day.

Joe May (Source: Google)


I’ve been very pleased with the treatment I’ve received in only two visits to Brimhall Dentistry. Dr. Nick Schulte and Dr. Merideth Meador-Schulte saw to it that I got both the root canal and crown replacement (the latter in one day) that I needed. Everyone there is both friendly and thoroughly professional. I highly recommend their practice to others.

Christine Campbell (Source: Google)


Called and was listened to by a understanding professional who arranged an immediate appointment.The hygienist was able to troubleshoot the problem immediately,Was given care instructions with a very hopeful outcome.If I wasn’t able to get the immediate help I would have suffered and worsened the situation.Thanks to the technology and good business practice I was able to leave with out making a payment since I was temporarily without insurance.

Anne Lynch (Source: Google)


Great first visit! High tech office. Why it matters . . . I was actually referred to Dr. Schulte, by my daughter, Jenny. She had been home for a short visit, and two days before she left, she confessed that her retainer had been “lost for months” and asked if I knew how she could get a replacement before returning (!). Not long ago, and for most dental offices today, this request would have been an impossible request. I remembered that Dr. Schulte had both a digital scanner (no fighting the gag reflex with goopy impression material) and a 3D printer (no delay in sending it off to a lab, and waiting 2 weeks for its return). He did a quick scan for her, and printed off a brand new retainer for her in one day. Later, I found myself without my longtime and cherished dentist, and uncertain where to turn. Jenny said to go see Dr. Schulte, so I did. I needed a minor restorative procedure, and the injection he gave was the most comfortable I have ever had. Pain level is related to technique, and I was grateful for his. The whole team was skilled, friendly and efficient. If I need a crown at some point in the future, I love knowing that this office has the technology to provide it in a single visit. Thank you!

Linda Hoffman (Source: Google)


I am always apprehensive about going to the dentist. I have found the place to go. Everyone here is welcoming, helpful and expert at their job. Than you Dr. Schulte and all of your team. A special thank you to Sarah for all of your assistance. You cannot go wrong with going to Brimhall Dentistry. Best experience I have had in a long time.

Julie Schramke (Source: Google)


Amazing! The first pain free dentistry I’ve ever had. I love that my crown was made in-house, so everything was done in one appointment, and use of CAD technology meant that there was no molds or impressions. Dr. Nick explained everything as he went, and took into account my prior dental trauma, without dismissing me as a person. Thank you!

Ray Bell (Source: Google)


This may be the best dental experience I’ve had in my life. I had a failed filling in a back molar that was replaced by a custom made porcelain crown right on site. I was there an hour and 20 minutes. Dr Nick included me in all aspects of the procedure. Other than a little pinch for the numbing, perfect. My experience was low stress, procedure was quick and the technology used was astonishing.

Dale Brintnall (Source: Google)


I chipped a bicuspid, and the tooth now had a sharp edge to it. Dr. Schulte looked it over and said the tooth needed a crown. He took scans and x-rays, shaped my tooth to accept the crown, ground me a new crown, and did all the necessary things to the crown piece to ready it, and glued it in place. I left his office less than 3 hours after arriving with a new crown. Pretty slick.

David Englund (Source: Google)


I received a new crown from Brimhall Dentistry yesterday. The problem was spotted during my recent
six month check-up when photos revealed that my symptoms were a result of a cracked tooth. The crown was created in office during my visit. It fits perfectly and the procedure was painless.
The whole process was efficient and professional. Thank you.

Ryan Tessman (Source: Google)


I used to go here when it was Dr. Fishbach’s office, and have to say that while that was at times less than stellar, my more recent visits have been phenomenal! The staff is very professional, courteous, and fast! I had to come back for a follow up procedure and didn’t even mind because of how easy and painless they made it! Dr. Schulte was very knowledgeable and personable too and made sure I understood exactly what was happening. The technology there too is super high tech and new!! I felt like I was in an episode of flippin’ Star Trek with some of the state of the art scanners and such! Beam me up Mr. Scott! Haha. Overall it was a great experience and I cant believe I am saying it, but I actually liked going to the dentist, and am looking forward to my next checkup! Thank you Brimhall staff!

Tammy Churilla (Source: Google)


This office may look small and unassuming on the outside but when you step in you will be pleasantly surprised. The reception area is bright and cheery with a welcoming receptionist. Dr Schulte and his team are professional, caring and friendly using the most updated dental equipment that any big office has. I would highly recommend this office.

Cynthia McArthur (Source: Google)


I have been going here for years as Fishbach dentistry so when Dr Schulte took over after Dr Fishbach retired, he didn’t miss a beat! State of the art dentistry! Superb staff stayed on. The place was redecorated but the same great care, service and treatment remains in excellent form! I highly recommend this office for all your dental care. It’s in the neighborhood, has a great reputation for stellar care and everyone there is fabulous!!

Jackie Lannin (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dr. Fischbach and Dr. Olson for many years. The dental hygienists are very good and the whole staff is caring and considerate. I am updating this- today- October 8, 2019, I had an appointment at Brimhall Dentistry- and the experience was great. Great help with informing me about what was going on with my teeth, great hygienest and help learning about what I need to do. Thanks! Update-June 2020- Great visit as always, fixed a needed a new filling on back tooth. Great work, great safety precautions and good information- glad to be going to this office.

K Miller (Source: Google)


I’ve had a single visit with Fischbach Dentistry and for the first time in my entire life I feel like I understand what is happening with my teeth. My hygienist (Kirsten) sat me down – with my full mouth xrays, bitewing xrays, and color pictures of every tooth – and talked me through: 1. Why they thought my old dentist had misdiagnosed me 2. Why they thought some of my old dental work was reaching end of life 3. Where the stains and plaque had built up and how they would be removed I felt better leaving this dentist than I’ve ever felt before. Teeth have always been a black box to me and I’ve always simply trusted that my dentists knew what they were doing but now that I’ve seen actual color pictures of every one of my teeth I feel like that trust in Fischbach Dentistry is warranted. I will definitely be returning to Fischbach Dentistry as long as I am able.

Robert Brandt (Source: Google)


This was a great transition from Dr. Fischbach to Dr. Schulte. Staff is the same and it was a complete check up. He took time to get to know me Sept 28-2020 With the issue of Covid I was hesitant to go to the dentist but found I had to go I was pleased and satisfied with all of the distancing Masks and careful information . I felt safe Staff add Dr. Schulte are excellet

David Tyra (Source: Google)


I’v been coming here for a few years and its a nice little dainty dentist office. The staff is super friendly and professional. Everything is always clean. They’ve taught me useful dental habits that have worked wonders for my gum game. For the first time ever I actually don’t dread going to the dentist. 10/10 would recommend.

Jess Oruche (Source: Google)


I was very impressed by the kindness, expertise and friendliness by everyone in this office. I am terrified of the dentist and from the moment I set my appointment until driving away after getting my problem tooth taken care of I felt like I was in wonderful hands. Everyone is so patient and personable. It was in the top 3 best dentist experiences I have ever had- and I had a root canal…(which was not bad at all). THANK YOU!

Christopher Rohr (Source: Google)


I can’t thank Dr. Schulte and his staff enough for the dental work I received. My teeth were in rough shape. I had resigned myself to living with my condition. Dr. Schulte came up with a plan and executed it with great care and precision. I now have my teeth restored. I can now enjoy eating foods that I had long since stopped eating. It is truly a great change in my life.