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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

J. T. (Source: Zocdoc)


I’ve found my new dentist!! Being a person that does not like the dentist, I find this place amazing! From Lee to Anna to Dr. G, everyone is so nice and friendly and welcoming. I’ve had some pretty poor experiences in the past with other dentist, but I can truly say that my last visit here at Brite Clean Smiles was my best one yet. Dr. Girgis was very gentle with me and really helped relax me because I was so nervous. I came in knowing that I have a lot of work to be done because I have been avoiding the dentist for years. Dr. G put a plan together for me where we can work on parts of my mouth one appointment at a time. It’s such a relef to have finally found someone that I am comfortable with. I have already referred some of my family and friends and they love the office and doctor just as much as I do. I highly recommend Dr. Girgis to anyone!

Eric Chen (Source: Google)


(…)All positive reviews we read are true – they are gentle, friendly and down-to-earth. They genuinely care more about our well being than financial gain. We knew right away Dr. Girgis would be our dentist for as long as we live in OC. I never thought I would say this about any dentist, but each visit to his office is always a pleasant experience.

Joseph Velasco (Source: Google)


I saw Dr. Girgis for a routine cleaning and teeth whitening. He did a thorough job and my teeth were noticeably cleaner and whiter when I left. Also, I appreciated the extra round of whitening he applied to really give my teeth that whiter look. Extremely great service and hospitality from the staff and doctor. Highly recommended.

Jenny S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I came in for a consultation about getting my silver mercury fillings removed. I was informed that mercury fillings may possibly have neurological side effects, so I opted to do this. Regardless, my silver fillings were over 15 years old and in bad shape anyway. I had them removed the “SMART” way by Dr Girgis. Thought this would be a big ordeal but ended up being way easier than I thought. The doctor was very nice and professional and walked me through all the steps…it’s been a few months now and for some reason I feel way better mentally. Could be a placebo effect, who knows, but I am happy I did this and would recommend this office to anyone.

Gamal Tadros (Source: Google)


I was recommended to come here by a good friend, so I decided I’d go in for some dental work. The staff is very professional and friendly. Got a root canal done with a crown, and the outcome is amazing. Dr. Girgis is a brilliant young dentist. Understood my needs and concerns, and was able to smoothly tend to them. Would definitely recommend this place!

M. H. (Source: Zocdoc)


Wow! Dr. Girgis is a phenomenal dentist! I’ve been seeing him for many visits now. I was a patient of his at his previous practice in Seal Beach but I’m now hooked for life. I don’t mind the extra drive but it’s way worth it. He takes his time to really listen to your complaints and is just a kind dentist overall. Very knowledgeable and can almost do anything. I had a few veneers and a couple of complicated cavities done, but it was no problem with Dr. Girgis! Very clean and tidy office! Highly highly recommended you won’t be disappointed him and his staff!

Mark Habib (Source: Google)


Well it looks like I found my dentist for life. Dr Girgis really does exemplify what going above and beyond for his patients means. I was having pretty sharp pain in one of my molars on a Friday morning. My friends mother (Izizi) told me about Dr Girgis and he was very accommodating even though he was booked out for the rest of the day. Took care of the problem that day and and even followed up with me the following day to see if I had any lingering pain at all. If you want a smart and caring dentist, you will be in good hands with Dr. Girgis. Thank you Izizi for leading me to the gem!

Robert F. from Santa Ana, CA (Source: Yelp)


Thank you so much for your service this morning. I chipped my front tooth overnight and by 9:30 am this morning Dr. Girgis had it fixed on my first appointment with him.  
His fast service was a great relief and my smile is back to normal.
Sometimes one just knows when the fit is right and I stand with Dr. Girgis.
Thank you to Dr. Girgis and his professional staff.

Nikki G. from Santa Ana, CA (Source: Yelp)


Best dentist experience to date! I came here for resin composite, cleaning and zoom whitening.. all my cosmetic dental work came out beautifully. Dr and his staff are all very attentive, accommodating, and the service is exceptional. I referred my boyfriend who also got the zoom whitening as well. Dr is very gentle, meticulous in his work, and ensures you’re taken care of (plus he’s easy on the eyes ;)). Lee, who is in charge of the scheduling and administrative work, is always super helpful as wel

Denise B. from Whittier, CA (Source: Yelp)


Absolutely loved my experience here with Anna and Dr. Girgis not to mention, Lee, the receptionist. I scheduled last night online and was able to schedule for this morning! Lee reached out to me early enough this morning to let me know there was a small issue with my insurance that I had to fix. I was so worried I wouldn’t be seen since it would take some time to get this situated she reassured me I was fine and she understood I’d be about 10 minutes later.. most offices will turn you away whether or not they’re busy due to policy. I had a routine exam, cleaning and Zoom whitening. I couldn’t be happier with my results and the customer service I received!! Thank you Brite Clean Smiles!!

D. R. (Source: Zocdoc)


I initially came across Brite Clean Smiles driving by because I work so close. I decided to go in on my lunch break for a check up and exam. I found out that I had a cavity on my bottom tooth that my previous dentist was watching for years. The doctor explained that it wasn’t a wise idea to watch this anymore because it had progressed to the second layer of my tooth. I decided to get a filling during my lunch break. Dr. G did a great job giving me a minimal anesthetic and was able to match my tooth color and make it seem as if nothing happened. I highly recommend this practice. Come see for yourself!

R. H. (Source: Zocdoc)


I had an unfortunate accident during my Thanksgiving meal. I chipped my front tooth and was unable to find any dentists in the area that were opened to fix my tooth. I called Brite Clean Smiles to test my luck. Although they were closed, the doctor got my voicemail and called me right back. He told me that he’d meet me in the office in an hour to see if he could help me out. Mind you, I’m a pharmacist and I deal with people everyday so I didn’t want to be seen with a chipped tooth. After going in, Dr. Girgis was able to permanently fix my tooth with a filling and make it look like nothing happened. I’m very grateful for the fact that he drove to his practice on an off day to do this for me. On the flip side, I’ve found my new dentist. Thanks doc!

Kyrillos (Source: Google)


I first met Dr. Girgis when he was working out in (a different location) a couple of years ago. He did my root canal and crown and got me out of pain. I recently found out that he moved to a new location in Costa Mesa, so I decided to surprise him and book my 6 month check up with him. I was so happy to see him and get my teeth cleaning done by him. I really love this new office and decor. The atmosphere is very soothing and comfortable and I don’t really feel like I’m at dental office at all. Everyone from Lee at the front desk to Anna, the assistant are very nice and welcoming. I’m happy to say that I’ve found my new dental home here at Brite Clean Smiles!

Cyril Attalla (Source: Google)


I don’t typically write reviews, but I thought I’d share this. Initially, I came in with a broken molar. Dr. Girgis was able to save it without the need for a root canal. All I needed was a crown. Crown fits great! Very happy with the outcome! Thank you everyone at Brite Clean Smiles!

Maria T. from Dana Point, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am really glad I went there to get my teeth professionally whitened for the first time. The whole staff was so nice and friendly. They made me feel looked after and the doctor was very personable and showed genuine concern towards my health. Very refreshing doctor’s visit over a long time.

I would definitely recommend going there! I really loved the whole office atmosphere as well. The interior is beautifully tasteful and makes you feel like you are at a beauty salon. Ready to relax.

Very nice experience. Thank you Brite Clean Smiles! 🙂

Gabriella Villamante (Source: Google)


I was having a really bad tooth ache, so I called in for an emergent appointment. I was able to be seen on the same day and found out I had a root canal. Since my insurance plan did not fully cover this, Dr. Girgis set up a payment plan for me! I no longer feel pain and would definitely be back!

Dany W. from Costa Mesa, CA (Source: Yelp)


Friendly.  Professional.  Courteous.  I have seen many dentists over the years, and both the dentist and the staff here are the “best in the west”!  Every service performed is always exceptional, and my satisfaction and comfort are always top notch.  I recommend Brite Clean Smiles to all my friends and to everyone who asks me, “Do you know a good dentist?”

Michael Salib (Source: Google)


I’ve always been afraid of going to the dentist. I eventually gave in and went to Brite Clean. First time I went in for a consultation and I met Dr. Girgis and he was very professional and gave me the sense of comfort that it will be an easy and a painless experience. After that I went back in for the actual work and I honestly was very happy. It was a painless process, I was extremely happy with the results and yes, its far from where I live but its worth the drive and the piece of mind and mist importantly not being in pain for days on out. THANK YOU, Dr. Girgis.

Susan A. from Northridge, CA (Source: Yelp)


I met Dr. Girgis through my husband who recommended I seek treatment after he had his veneers done. I’m very high strung and anxious when it comes to needles or being at the dentist in general. Having said that, I knew I’d be in for quite a bit of work as I had only been to the dentist once in my life. After my initial apportionment, I was given my treatment plan, broken down into a few appointments to get all my work done. I had root canals, crowns, fillings, and a deep cleaning done. Because I was so anxious, Dr. Girgis gave me anti-anxiety meds to take the edge off before every appointment. I will say that although I was very nervous, the appointments went very well. He and his staff are so caring and understanding, and I’m finally happy to have a healthy mouth again! Thanks Dr. G and team

Marmar (Source: Google)


I usually never write reviews, but felt a need to give one to Dr. Girgis based on my circumstance and his fantastic work. I came in a couple weeks back with an emergency after my tooth was knocked out from a collision with a co worker (note – don’t look at your phone when walking).

Dr. Girgis was able to take me in and immediately get to work on my chipped teeth and the pain. He was able to put in a temporary that truly looks like the real thing! The entire process was completely painless. he was so calm and reassuring the whole time.

I ended up getting veneers to replace my chipped teeth and he did a beautiful job. They match perfectly and I have never had more confidence. I love my new set of teeth and cant stop smiling! Looks like the accident had a happy ending after all. Thank you Dr. Girgis!

Isis B. from Lakewood, CA (Source: Yelp)


Came here to get veneers places because I love Dr. Girgis! He was my dentist in Seal Beach and I had to follow him here. Beautiful office. Wonderful staff. I am so pleased with all of the work I’ve had done in the past by Dr. Girgis. He is very kind, genuine, and sympathetic. Great bedside manner, sense of humor, and overall awesome dentist. I would recommend him to everyone

Tiffany C. from North Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had my first appointment here today for my exam. I’m one of those that avoids dentists at all costs, so needless to say I was very nervous. I found out that I needed a deep cleaning and 3 fillings. I decided to get everything done the same day. I was expecting to be in so much pain, but Dr. Girgis was extremely gentle and caring! Like all the reviews say on here, he has great bedside manner, very calm and collected, and overall nice guy. I recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a dentist!

M. B. (Source: Zocdoc)


The place is awesome! I love the modern decor as soon as you walk in. Best part about being here is that this place does not feel like a dental office. It looks like a nice cozy home. I came in to whiten my teeth before my wedding, but prior to that haven’t had a dental visit in the previous 5 years. I was happy to find out that I did not have any cavities, but I did need a deep cleaning. Although I know I really needed the deep cleaning for my gum health, I could not afford it especially before my wedding. When I mentioned this to Dr. Girgis, I was so surprised to hear his response. Instead of brushing me off, he was very empathetic. He worked with me and helped me a great deal. I walked out feeling so relieved and happy knowing that there are still good and honest people in this world. Not to mention, the Zoom whitening gave me a nice boost of confidence and my wedding pics looked great!

Rose G. from La Mirada, CA (Source: Yelp)


I visited Dr Girgis last week, based on a friend recommendation. Initially, I was a bit skeptical as a new patient. However, the moment I walked in, I felt confident that I picked the right dental office. The front office receptionist and dental hygienist were professional, friendly, and accommodating. They welcomed me and took me in on time (no wait!). Dr Girgis checked my mouth due to chronic teeth sensitivity. I was told by previous dentists that it was a result of gym recession. Upon examining my mouth, Dr Girgis was confident that it was due to clenching and grinding. He made some practical recommendations, including a night guard and applied bonding to my sensitive teeth. Dr Girgis is my absolute favorite dentist. I appreciate his honesty, professionalism, and knowledge in his field. I recommend Dr Girgis to all my family, friends, and co-workers.

Anthony D. from Fountain Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


I made an appointment because I was having a lot of pain in my upper front tooth. Come to find out, it was infected. Dr. Girgis was able to fit me into his schedule and get me out of pain. Truly, I’m very thankful. I had a root canal procedure done, which I always heard was terrifying, but honestly didn’t feel any pain. Thanks to the dental staff and Dr. Girgis for making me feel like family.

Moamen R. from Montclair, CA (Source: Yelp)


I came in for a basic cleaning and dr. Girgis noticed that I needed braces. But since I am older I was hesitant. Therefore he recommended Invisalign instead. I’ve been wearing it for the past 8 months and there is a dramatic difference. I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Girgis was so kind and understanding and always had a positive attitude during our check ups. I’ve told all my friends and family about him since my smile is so different. I am excited to smile now! Thanks Dr. Girgis!

Gabby L. from Whittier, CA (Source: Yelp)


I attended my appointment yesterday for my cleaning and teeth whitening and I absolutely LOVED the results. The staff and dentist (Dr. Girgis) were all very helpful and professional. The treatment was not painful at all with very minimal sensitivity. I would definitely recommend to anyone considering teeth whitening. And the staff is so considerate in offering you a headset while you are waiting for your teeth to become whitened! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see my dads results in 2 weeks!

J. G. (Source: Zocdoc)


I came here because of a recommendation from my cousin. I had a broken tooth in the back of my mouth that was starting to cause me some pain. I learned that the reason this tooth was broken is because there was a big cavity and my tooth got weaker and part of it chipped as a result. Dr. G let me know that I would need a root canal and crown to save the tooth. Although I have insurance, I was going to go over my maximum. Dr. Girgis worked with me and helped me cut tremendously. I felt that he genuinely just wanted to get me back to good health. I am very thankful for my cousin’s referral and for Dr. G for saving my to

Renee G. from Lakewood, CA (Source: Yelp)


I came here to get a consultation to get my mercury fillings removed via the SMART method with Dr. Girgis. I felt comfortable so I proceeded with the treatment. I do not have dental insurance, but the prices here were more than fair, especially since I went to two other dentists beforehand to seek their opinions. I received my treatment in two appointments and I’m very pleased with the outcome. I will be coming here for my future checkups.

Paulina A. from Huntington Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


(…)I came to their office and first thing I noticed was how clean and nice it was. Filled out some paperwork and was taken to the back to get my X-rays.

During my cleaning Dr. Girgis really got deep in there! He was gentle yet precise, and consistently asked if I was doing okay.

The last step was the teeth whitening. I got my teeth whitened and the whole process took 45 minutes only. My teeth are about 2-3 shades whiter and they feel brand new.

The whole staff was very friendly, including Dr. Girgis himself. They offer a new patient special for X-rays, cleaning, and whitening for a great price. If you have insurance it’s even better 🙂

Thanks Dr. Girgis & staff! I have found my new dentist office and will be sure to recommend others.

Erez Nakar (Source: Google)


We have been coming here for years, always amazing customer service and great attitude, very professional staff and more than fair prices!! Don’t look anywhere else!

James Try (Source: Facebook)


Just wanna thank Dr. Girgis for getting me in on the same day due to an emergency ! I had a chipped tooth and he was able to do a filling and also whitening my tooth the same day. He made my smile look A1, you can’t even tell if it was chipped to begin with . Appreciate the good work doc ���

Benny R. from Claremont, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been coming to Brite Clean Smiles for the last few years now. It was my first time seeing Dr. Girgis here earlier this week. I had a small filling fall out and needed it replaced. I am very happy with my results, words cannot describe. I actually used to have sensitivity to cold in that area. Now it is no longer there. Dr. Girgis was very kind and personable. Very gentle when doing my filling and cleaning. I highly recommend this office to anyone !!!

J. A. (Source: Zocdoc)


I came in to get a second opinion about a tooth where my previous dentist told me I needed a root canal and crown. I was a little weary because this tooth had not been giving me much pain. After Dr. Girgis looked at the x-ray, he informed me that the cavity I had was pretty large, but he thought he could save it with a filling. He went ahead, got me numb, and placed a filling. I was so happy to find out that I would not be needing a root canal and this ended up saving me so much money! I’m grateful that Dr. Girgis was light handed and gentle. Everyone here is so welcoming and genuine. I will definitely be coming back for my 6 month check ups!

Mia Z. from Eastvale, CA (Source: Yelp)


From my first visit and I felt that I have been their client for a long time, the staff and doctor made me feel great, the office is super nice, you can’t feel it is a dental office; I was impressed to see and hear other patients so friendly as well and saying great things about the office and the doctor.
I was very happy with the treatment and the smile make over I had, it turned out so  beautiful and my friends now keep commenting on how beautiful my smile is, to the extent that one of my friends that lives so far away from the office visited Brite Clean Smiles and had her entire smile make over as well, now she doesn’t stop bragging about her smile, we are both grateful and happy for the smile we got, the care we received with the least amount of discomfort, it’s the best decision we both have made. NO REGRETS!