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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 8:30 am to 1:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Irina A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Today I did visit the office . Everything is very clean. I needed a crown in the back of my jaw and I was not looking forward towards my shot and drilling and yet it was painless . I think it was more in my head than anything. Shot was seamless and drilling was comfortable. As good as it gets while you are at the dentist….

Christine Alexis (Source: Google)


Bruce Dental is amazing! A professional, personable office with really great staff that communicates quickly with patients. And of course, Dr. Bruce himself is great — he does phenomenal work every time. I feel lucky enough to have had the same dentist growing up in Brooklyn from childhood through 23 before I moved to LA. Over the last 3 years, Dr. Bruce has become like family. He’s the only one I trust now with my pearly whites!!!

Heejin J. from Culver City, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I recently moved back to LA and was in need of a dentist bad! I searched for an in-network dentist through my insurance and double checked reviews against yelp. There were a few reviews that weakened my confidence in this office (a couple posts mentioned that Dr. Bruce tried to up-sell services and dental supplies that were unnecessary) but I decided to take the risk since it’s super close to my house. – Parking: Try to find unlimited street parking since you don’t know how long your appointment will take (2 hour street parking might be cutting it close). There are also several lots that you can use if you’re ok with paying, but it’s pricy! – Location: Dr. Bruce’s office is located on the 5th floor, Room 506. – Wait time: I came here on a Thursday morning at 10:00 AM and there was only one other person in the wait room. After filling out first time patient paperwork, I was called in around 5 minutes after. Once seated, I was surprised to find several other patients in chairs waiting to be seen. I took this as a good sign! I wouldn’t want to be the only patient. – Facilities: Clean. Chairs are comfy and have a TV attached for your pleasure. Also a decent view depending on where you’re seated. – Dr. Bruce: Kind, sensitive, and to the point! He did my cleaning and examined my gums and x-rays after. Didn’t try to up-sell anything to me. All around good experience!

Marlene P. from Long Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


This was my first time going to doctor Bruce and after going to the same Dentist for many years it made me a little uncomfortable to change doctors. To my relief this place was amazing. I liked the service from the receptionists and the doctor – everyone was very nice. I was seen right on time -I didn’t have to wait.

Shari Holly (Source: Google)


I honestly can’t say enough great things about this office. I had immense pain in my molar and already knew I needed a root canal. I’m a new patient and saw the great reviews here on Yelp, so gave them a call to see if I could see Dr. Bruce today as the pain was unbearable and they were able to squeeze me in right away. I spoke to Polly, the receptionist and she is so incredibly helpful, professional, and nice. It really makes a difference when they staff cares and is friendly. I was able to walk-in, get an x-ray and the first part of my root canal all in the same day for a few hours, and I am scheduled to go back next week to complete. Dr. Bruce is extremely nice and attentive and made sure my procedure was pain-free and smooth. He let me know what he was doing at every step and even gave me more anesthesia when I felt even the slightest bit of discomfort–both of which I appreciated!!! I LOVE the fact that they have personal flat screen TVs with movies playing to keep your mind occupied. I had never seen the movie “Taxi” before so that was cool to watch while Dr. Bruce drilled away. Dr. Bruce even called me later that evening to check-in and see how I was. I will be a returning long-time patient!!! Thank you Polly and Dr. Bruce!

Chris C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


After struggling for 6 years to find a good dentist in LA (I’ve had dentists scam my insurance, not clean my teeth at all, and try to force whitening treatments on me), I have finally found the best dentist in LA, Dr. Rita Bruce. I just finished my first visit this afternoon and I was blown away. The staff are friendly, the office is clean and in a great location (near my apartment helps a lot), and Dr. Bruce is fantastic. I had Roxy as my hygienist and she was incredible. I have never been happier.

Tal W. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I usually regret going to the dentist but this place is great! The staff is friendly, courteous, and very helpful when it comes to issues with scheduling and insurance. The facilities are state of the art (with flat screen TV’s in front of every chair) and everything is always clean and fresh. Dr. Bruce is passionate about his work, highly knowledgeable and stays up to date with the latest tech and procedures. Together with their professional and no-nonsense support staff, my dental work here has all been completed with a high attention to detail and focus on my comfort.  During your initial meeting, Dr. Bruce will discuss with you any particular concerns you have regarding the health and look of your teeth. He will thoroughly explain the type of work needed, why you need the work, the options available, cost/benefit, etc. Throughout your visit you will feel like part of the process and not just another patient in the chair. I’ve been back multiple times to this location and can’t see myself wanting to go elsewhere for dental work. So far I’ve had both preventative and restorative care done at Dr. Bruce’s office (X-rays, cleanings, fillings, caps and more), all of which was virtually painless, efficient, and (as I’m told by other dental practitioners who have looked at my teeth) of extremely high caliber.  If you are looking for a place to entrust with your family’s dental needs, this place probably will change the way you feel about going to the dentist.  5 stars!

Heather (Source: Google)


Dr. Bruce and his staff are trustworthy and very nice people. They perform thorough teeth cleanings and don’t try to up-sell you on expensive services. My previous dental office tried to con me into expensive gum “treatments”, preventive molar ridge fillings (I kid you not), and extra cleaning visits each year. Dr. Bruce is practical, honest, communicative, does what’s needed and no more. That means a lot to me.

Andrey Arakelov (Source: Google)


I really like this dental practice. I went here recently again for my second cleaning, my dental hygienist did a great job, while also answering all my questions. Also, the front desk and billing staff is great, which to me, make a HUGE difference when patronizing any medical practice. They’re always polite and personable. I also saw DR. Bruce whom I really liked. He has amazing hands. I did not feel any pain while he was performing my root canal. Dr. Bruce is the best dentist I have EVER been to. I will definitely make him my primary dentist.

Devon C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been getting my bottom teeth straightened, and have been going into Bruce Dental on a bi-weekly basis for a few months now. First and foremost, Polly and all of the wonderful folks up front are so kind, friendly and funny. Is it silly to say I look forward to my appointments? I would totally go hang out with them in the office even when I didn’t have an appointment. (If they weren’t so busy, and that didn’t sound so weird 🙂 Dr. Bruce is THE BEST (especially when it comes to taking impressions). He is kind, honest, and super down to earth. My fiancee has had a horrible aversion to the dentist for over a decade, and she finally agreed to make an appointment for my sake because I was raving about Dr. Bruce + team. She finally went to Dr. Bruce, then decided to get all of her dental work taken care of because he was so great, and now has the peace of mind that her teeth are taken care of. AND no longer has the debilitating fear of the dentist that taunted her for years. All of this to say, I’m so grateful to have found a dentist that I can go to forever. (Or at least as long as I live in LA). I cannot recommend this team enough!

Marisol S. from Arlington, VA (Source: Yelp)


I have been coming to this dentist for a while now and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Bruce has a very calming and relaxing demeanor which really helps when seeing a dentist. In the last years that I have been seeing him, he has never pushed me to do unnecessary procedures. I temporarily relocated to Washington DC and I still try to schedule my visits with his office when I am back home in Los Angeles. The hygienist, Roxy is also wonderful! Go Dr. Bruce team!

Jenni Halina Chiaramonte (Source: Google)


They were able to get me an appointment very quickly when I chipped my tooth. I don’t have insurance so I paid out of pocket but it was a fair cost and the bonding looks even better than what I had done by my old dentist. The staff and Dr. Bruce are all very nice. Also they have individual TVs for people to watch movies while they get dental work done which is a great idea. I recommend this place!

Kelly O. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


5 years later, returned for problem that resurfaced with this bane of existence crown of mine that I got done years ago at another dentist office. It’s my front tooth so pretty traumatic to have it come off. This dentist office came through & helped me again even came in on a holiday to help me. Now that the crown isn’t viable anymore Dr. Bruce made me a temporary crown that surprisingly matched really well shape & color-wise. Through my ordeal it really helped to have a dentist so calm capable and professional. He even came up with an out of the box idea as a contingency plan in case this temp comes out since it’s been having so many issues and is to the stage of needing an implant now. Very comforting to have a back-up plan while I wait for my new insurance to kick in which will be 2-3 months. So happy to find a dentist that I feel comfortable with that truly cares & goes above & beyond for their patients.

Alan W. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been wanting to write a review about Dr. Bruce and his staff for a while. I have been a patient of Dr. Bruce for several years now and even though I moved to Arizona recently, I still plan trips back to the LA area to coincide with my 6 month dental checkups. I know my teeth are in good hands with Dr. Bruce and his dental hygienists. He doesn’t unnecessarily recommend work and has good judgment. My teeth feel amazingly fresh and clean after being cleaned by the hygienist, especially if you’re lucky enough to get Roxy. I’d highly recommend Dr. Bruce for your dental needs.

Janelle D. from Lakeview, Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I had some bad and painful experiences with a different dentist a few years ago that made me nervous about going back to any dentist. Dr. Bruce and his entire staff have made me feel relaxed in the dentist office again. They are extremely professional and talented. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have a dentist you trust!!

Tanya B. from Ridgewood, NJ (Source: Yelp)


I literally just left Dr. Bruce’s office and am sitting in my car typing this up because such amazing, attentive service is worthy of immediate praise. I’m taking time out of my busy schedule to do this because that’s exactly what Dr. Bruce did for me today. I just moved to LA from New Jersey a couple of weeks ago so obviously no dentist yet. Lately one of my molars had been extra sensitive so I knew it was just a matter of time but was hoping I could buy time by decreasing my sugar intake and giving it extra TLC, well… this morning at 2am it decided to rear it’s ugly head”. I was Awakened by the most excruciating pain, four aleve’s later I had finally got the pain down to a tolerable level and immediately began my search for a reputable dentist. Finally narrowed it down to two dentist but had to go with Dr. Bruce because his office opened at 9am opposed to 10am and not to mention the outstanding reviews he had received. I called at 9:04am and they were able to squeeze me in at 11:30. The parking was a bit of a hassle but once I got up there I only had to fill out two forms compared to usual book most places have you write. Doctor Bruce seen me right away and was beyond AMAZING!!. Since I became pregnant with my first child my teeth have been bad, allot of issues to say the least. Doctor Bruce heard me out, assessed the problem at hand, and in no time had prepped me for a root canal. I have been to many, I mean many a dentist and this was the first time in all my experiences that I didn’t feel the needle when he performed anesthesia, it was like magic. I waited a little while after getting the Novocain which was totally understandable as they did squeeze me in and finding parking took longer than expected. Before he got started he handed me the headset and asked if I wanted to watch the dvd they had playing on the flat screen and off course I obliged. He also said: “raise your left hand if you feel anything” which was not necessary everything was smooth sailing I swear I just blinked my eyes and was done. He’s staff Polly and Erica were on point also in point, way too go guys.. Suffice to say I have found my diamond in the rough, and am not letting go. I will return in two weeks with my records and to complete the procedure.

Avanti S. from Culver City, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had my first appointment with Dr. Bruce this week, it went so smoothly. I had a couple of concerns regarding a few cavities I have and he came up with a quick plan and actually treated me for a couple of them that same day and I got my next appointment to finish up only a week later! I appreciated his calm and patient demeanor. I’ve been to other dentists before that insinuate that you aren’t doing your part to keep your teeth healthy, but I got nothing but a positive and pleasant experience with Dr. Bruce and his staff. The office is very clean and comfortable. Thanks so much for making my first visit a great one! Edit 8/24/17: Since my initial review, I have had about four appointments with Dr. Bruce for fillings and two root canals. People normally cringe hearing about root canals, but I can honestly say I didn’t feel one bit of pain during or even after both of the ones I had. This said a lot to me about how well these were done and the level of care I was given. I really appreciate all of the patience and excellent care I was given for each of my visits. I can’t recommend this place enoug

Sharon Ellica (Source: Google)


Dr. Bruce and his team provided the best dental experience I’ve had. The front office was kind and quick in getting me seated and started. The x-ray process – which I usually dread – was fast and thorough. Roxie/Roxy was kind and provided excellent customer service, and gave me tips on some of the concerns I raised to her. Finally, my talk with Dr. Bruce about plans moving forward was, as everything else, quick but thorough. I felt very well taken care of with this team and I look forward to receiving dental care from them!

Rosie E. from South Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m scared of going to the dentist because of a bad experience I had over at Western dental 3 years ago. It was time to see a dentist and I found Dr. Bruce on Google. He had great reviews so I gave him a try. Best decision I ever made. It’s a clean office. I had a screen connected to chair and was watching a movie. Dr. Bruce was very friendly and attentive, great bed side manner. He was very gentle and thorough. I can’t the fear went away once he was working on my teeth. Definitely recommend this office!

Margaret D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I just came back from my filling appointment with Dr Bruce. Wow! What is it that he does that the Novocaine injection feels absolutely painless! I mean, you literally do not feel anything! I also got a chance to watch “Blended” during the procedure, a comedy which I missed to see when it was running- hilarious! Erica, the Drs assistant, is a very highly trained professional, helps to take great care of the patients. Highly recommended both the dentist and the movie. When you are at his office for an appointment request this one.

Sami D. from Glendale, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am so happy with my new dentist I can’t find enough words to express myself. As we all know dentist experience maybe scary but this was ‘walk through the park’. Dr. Bruce made me feel welcome but most importantly, pain free. His staff have given me a whole new outlook on taking care of my teeth. My wife also came with me and he is the only dentist who did fixed her tooth without any pain. My wife is scared of doctors, especially dentist, but he managed to calm her down, and work on her. His fees are reasonable; he charges like any other dentist. I had dentist lie to me before to make money, however, Dr, Bruce was honest and fixed only what needed to be fixed. You cant imagine how many times I came with dentist who were a scam artist, I am glad I found somebody who is honest. Some other stuff that was important to me was understanding the procedure that will be done and he made sure that I understand the details of my procedure. Dr. Bruce is very patient and most importantly professional and a good dentist. Once the procedure has been completed the office staff provide a detailed explanation of fees, what my insurance covers, and what I, as a patient need to pay. The entire office and staff is a ‘peace of mind’.

Steven Trujillo (Source: Google)


Dr. Bruce is the best. I have been going to him for nearly 2 years and am always happy with the service. I knew I had some preexisting dental issues, and Dr. Bruce has really helped me get through each process. He helped me create a treatment plan and space things out so I could tackle each thing financially without sacrificing my health. I appreciate the excellent service and commitment Thank you!

Kristina from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Healthgrades)


Dr. Bruce is an excellent dentist. He took the time to explain every procedure he was doing while I was sitting in the dental chair. For example, when I got my cavity done, Dr. Bruce was very supportive, and thorough when explaining the process. He is a professional and has a naturally great bedside manner. I would recommend Dr. Bruce to everyone including my family. He is the best dentist I have ever had.

Venice J. from Culver City, CA (Source: Yelp)


Today, 26December, I called and they were open, A nice lady answered the phone and I needed my wisdom tooth pulled 🙁 however they don’t have this service 🙁 the kind lady gave me recommendation on who to call, she probably gave me 3 and also an advise on preferred provider ~ WOW , where can you find such great service!!! I will definitely call for my routine check up and cleaning next time.

Irina Fedorenko (Source: Google)


From my very first visit at the office, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable both by the friendly competence of the staff and the pleasant environment of the office. Dr. Bruce is an excellent dentist. He took the time to explain every procedure he was doing while I was sitting in the dental chair. For example, when I got my cavity done, Dr. Bruce was very supportive, and thorough when explaining the process. He is a professional and has a naturally great bedside manner. I would recommend Dr. Bruce to everyone including my family. He is the best dentist I have ever had, very knowledgeable about his craft.

B. Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Matthew Thunberg worked on me. Dr. Rita Bruce only looked at my teeth after he was done. She is very nice. I’ll give you an update about her when I get the chance to see her. My coworker referred me (she was referred also). I should mention I generally hate seeing the dentist, but Dr. Thunberg is a great dentist. Let me tell you why: 1. Dr. Thunberg is VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE. I have SEVERE tooth sensitivity…it’s sensitive to air. He was the only dentist to instantly pin-point the exact location of the sensitivity. He was very careful not to blast air or water. I greatly appreciated it. 2. Dr. Thunberg is SUPER GENTLE. He doesn’t jab at your teeth like other dentists. He understands where your sensitive areas are even before you tell him. When I was getting my cavity filled, he didn’t just rip out the cotton. He gently squirted water on it and wiggled it out. 3. Dr. Thunberg is a GREAT COMMUNICATOR. He tells you what to expect and informs you of what he is going to do before he does it. 4. Dr. Thunberg has a GOOD ATTITUDE. He’s just one of those people who exudes positive energy and makes you comfortable in his presence. I think it definitely helps that he knows exactly what he is doing. 5. Getting numb did NOT hurt. I’m not joking. He was patient enough to wait for the topical numbing agent to numb the surface of my gums. Then, he had me follow this breathing method that eliminated the pain from the shot. The office is new and clean. There is free parking around the corner! Oh yeah, Erica the assistant was nice and gentle. The receptionist is friendly. As you can tell from my Yelp review records, I’ve been a member for a while, but I’m not big into writing reviews. However, my experience at this office was great enough for me to do so! As far as the cancellation fee goes, I think it’s justified because if you can’t make your appointment, you shouldn’t schedule it. Emergencies do happen, but I think more often than not, people don’t cancel because of emergencies.

Scott N. from Culver City, CA (Source: Yelp)


Whoa. I now get where all the stars come from here. I went a number of years without access to a “great” dentist and am super glad to have one again. I feel a lot gratitude for the good care I’ve received and just want to note it in a place where it (hopefully) matters a bit… Great dentist. Professional team.

Diane Budzik (Source: Google)


I have been going to Bruce Dental for years now. I always get a very thorough cleaning and checkup. The entire staff is friendly and wonderful. One time when my parents were in town visiting my mom had a problem with her teeth and Dr Bruce was able to see her and fix her problem. He is very caring and honest and doesn’t make up problems that you don’t have, which unfortunately I have had happen to me in the past. I would give him 1 stars if I could!!

Brian Ping (Source: Google)


Dr. Bruce and his staff have provided me excellent service for several years. I’m always seen very quickly at my appointment time and rarely have to wait, and the quality of their work is top notch. They were also willing to accommodate me when I recently had to cancel an appointment at the last minute. I highly recommend this dentist and his team.

Samantha M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I ended up having a root canal and Dr. Bruce was excellent. He even followed up with me twice over the phone after the more difficult round of the treatment which was really nice and made me feel well taken care of. He is very quick and thorough and as someone who is quite sensitive, I don’t have any complaints! I appreciate his honesty with the priority of what needs to be addressed first (especially if you are paying out of pocket) and how he cares for his patients. His office staff is really nice as his his hygienist and they call to confirm appointments which is super helpful.

Troy H. from Fort Wayne, IN (Source: Yelp)


I have dental anxiety. Fairly Severe Dental anxiety. Sometimes I go full fetal. Other times I might get out of the chair and walk out. Just depends on the triggers — like having all of the pokey, stabby, cutty things not only visible, but front and center when you walk into the exam room. That’s a good way to make me run away I am always hesitant when trying a new Dental Care office. Almost three years in LA, and I’ve finally found a good dentist. There are big worries whenever I try to find a dentist: Will they listen to my suggestions when I explain Dental Anxiety? Will they notate my suggestions on my chart? Will they actually take the steps needed to help me with the primary concern? reducing my anxiety so they can do their jobs well with minimal interference from my anxiety? Dr. Bruce is awesome! So is his staff. On my first visit, Dr. B listened and made notes. He did the cleaning himself that day. An excellent first visit. Even though he found a cavity hiding under an old metal filling. He even offered to keep on going that day and give me a new filling. Dental Anxiety! “That was a Cleaning and Exam only day,” my anxiety roared! But Dr. Bruce was understanding. The stealthy, sneaky cavity could wait a few days. I made an appoint for the next week. Again. A very positive, but drool-inducing visit. (I drool a lot after getting numbed up). Dr. B and his assistant were calm and easy to work with. Both were very patient with my anxiety levels. The proceedure went well, and Dr. B had a great chair-side demeanor. Very calm and understanding.

A. K. from Pleasanton, CA (Source: Yelp)


I went to Dr. Bruce in 2014/2015, then I had to move out of LA, and still not able to find a Dentist who is as good and as considerate as Dr. Bruce. I was very anxious to visit dentists generally and always find them to suggest unnecessary procedures, but I found Dr Bruce to be a trustable and competent Doc..

Julien Benassaya (Source: Google)


I have been seeing Dr. Bruce now for over 10 years and i have always been extremely happy and satisfied with the service and the level of quality of the work. Dr Bruce is extremely professional, thorough, gentle, calm, and takes the necessary time to spend with the patient. He explains everything in great detail and you can see that he truly cares about what he does and how he helps patients. Dr Bruce is also very easy to talk to. The staff is great too and has been there for a long time as well, which is a testament to the practice. The office is also very clean and well kept up. I have recommended many patients to this dental office and everyone has always thanked me for the recommendation. I will continue to recommend patients there.

Thomai H. from Culver City, CA (Source: Yelp)


I called Dr. Bruce on a Sunday night. I lost a filling and knew I probably needed a root canal. He answered the emergency number and saw me at 8am the next day. He is kind, caring, and very professional. Dr. Bruce did an excellent job on my root canal and crown. Weeks later I returned to replace other old, cracking and loose fillings. Again, he did a great job, and has a kind, professional demeanor. His office music is great and I especially appreciate the PG and G rated movie DVDs he offers as a distraction. Playing movies works! Today I returned for a teeth cleaning session. Again, I had a great experience. Everyone who works in the Bruce Dental office has a pleasant, professional, non judgmental attitude. Theirs is the best dental experience I can recall.

Matylda Smolen (Source: Google)


I have been coming to Dr. Ilya Bruce for two years and I am very happy with the care I receive here. Not only is Dr Bruce an excellent dentist and skilled at what he does, he’s also very personable and takes his time, ensuring you’re always comfortable. His staff is great too which is a plus in my book. It’s not easy to find a great dentist so I always recommend Dr Bruce to friends and family.


High-quality general and cosmetic dentistry, with emphasis on total patient comfort. We provide same day emergency treatment, use low-radiation digital X-Rays, as well as focus on relieving TMJ pain caused by grinding using anti-bruxism appliances and special exercises. Our practice offers a wide range of dental services in a pleasant, comfortable environment. The flexibility and range of services saves you time and prevents referrals to other specialties. Our emphasis is on total preventive care for our patients. Total care begins with regular hygiene visits, check-ups and continued oral health routines at home. Established in 2000. Providing quality dental care to the Culver City community for over 15 years, we take great pride in giving back to our city. We value your patronage and welcome your feedback. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces soon! Recently voted one of the top dentists in LA area for 2018 by Los Angeles Magazine readers. You want to trust your dentist to care about your dental health as much as you do. Dr. Bruce earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery(DDS) degree from NYU School of Dentistry in New York and has over 15 years of experience providing dental care. He has completed hundreds of hours of post-graduate studies and taken numerous continuing education courses, keeping current with the latest dental technology. Dr. Bruce has been practicing in Culver City for over 10 years now, and hopes to give continued care to our community. In his spare time, Dr. Bruce enjoys traveling, playing golf, tennis, and spending time with his family.