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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Ellie G. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Amazing experience! Extremely sanitary and hygienic. Staff is friendly. I hadn’t been to a dentist in over 5 years and they completely eased my anxiety. There was no trying to upsell or fill in non existent cavities or any other tactics some dentist use to get more money from patients. I was the only patient there at the time, there is enough space for 2 patients to be more than 6 feet apart at one time. There is parking annnnddd it’s across the street from a transit station and walk-able distance from a train station, extremely accessible. Yes! Just Yes!

Katherine Rubio (Source: Google)


I highly highly recommend scheduling with Brush and Floss. I had issues with my previous dentist and was recommended Brush and Floss services by a friend and I could not be more satisfied with their work. They are extremely kind and efficient! The office has a very calming vibe, as well as the employees. My root canal and following appointments went so smoothly. I am impressed and very grateful for their work. Will definitely only be scheduling with them in the future and will be recommending them to everyone in need of a great dentist. Thanks again ❤️

Courtney M. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


I first came across this new dental office during the Covid-19 shutdown because my previous dentist wouldn’t even respond after I cracked a tooth and was in pain. After looking around, I stumbled across one of the most unique looking offices I’ve seen and after reading so many consistently good reviews I emailed them regarding my cracked tooth. Because of the pain I was having, they agreed to see me as an emergency patient and were able to fix my broken tooth and get me out of pain. That alone was worth 5 stars! Since they reopened, I have become a regular patient and definitely will not be going back to my old dentist because these guys are amazing in so many ways. First of all, they are doing a really good job with covid-19 precautions. During appointments they actually keep the front door locked so no one else can enter, which made me feel much more protected. I really appreciate them going out of their way to prevent any interactions with other people. They also have the n95s and gowns to further protect patients. Like I mentioned, the office is really unique and beautiful. It looks like a NYC loft/1920s speakeasy combo which adds a really cool vibe and doesn’t even feel like a dental office. Everything is super clean, chic, with great music and super friendly staff. I came in on a Saturday for my cleaning and met both owners, Dr. Wysocki and Dr. Manzi and they are both the friendliest dentists ever! The dental work itself was great and painless, and surprisingly affordable – my crown was $1200 which was much cheaper than I paid at my last dentist. I don’t have insurance, so even though it’s still expensive, I was happy to save a few hundred dollars. The icing on the cake for me was the fact that they also do botox. I was paying $13/unit at my old med spa, but they only charge $9/unit which again saved me well over $100 for my treatment. I was a little nervous that it was so cheap but they explained they are a new office and trying to keep prices low in order to build clientele. Now that I’ve tried a new office, I don’t know if my old place was watering the botox down or something but I got much better results from Dr. Wysocki! I cannot stress how happy I am with this cool new dental practice! I was a little nervous at first trying somewhere new, but they exceeding my expectations. The location was a little out of the way but it’s really up and coming and they had free parking which made it way easier, so it was definitely worth it!

Mary L. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


The short story: Tufts trained expert dentistry, brand new chic and comfortable office setting, convenient location and *free parking*! The not so short story: I am NOT a good patient- especially so at the dentist. When looking for a new doctor I needed someone who would approach treatment with patience and kindness, which is absolutely what I found in Dr. Matthew Manzi. From our initial consult he put me at ease- assuring me he would listen to me and make sure I was comfortable at all times. At my first visit I had an overdue cleaning and a set of xrays as well as a thorough exam. I was so impressed by the brand new equipment at Brush and Floss! This isn’t your childhood dental office with massive lead aprons and huge X-ray machines. Everything has been selected to be the least invasive and least intimidating for the patient. Dr. Manzi performed the cleaning himself (a really nice touch), with the help of a very capable assistant- which further put me at ease given it was my first appointment. Unfortunately I did have several cavities- but Dr. Manzi was able to fit me in for two appointments in the following two weeks, allowing for a more tolerable experience each time. On my last appointment I also was fitted for a night mouth guard- which Dr. Manzi said might help to alleviate my tension headaches during the day. So far I have felt great relief from the simple fix. Final thoughts: I am so happy to have found a talented, kind, and approachable dentist within the city. The office is BEAUTIFUL- it looks more like a modern salon than a sterile doctors office. Most insurances are accepted and the pricing for other services (cosmetic dentistry, mouth guards, Botox, etc is highly competitive). If you live anywhere in metro Boston it’s at most a 20 minute drive AND they have free parking- how could you beat it?!

Angie Hall (Source: Google)


Called and asked if they can treat my son who is in a wheelchair and they called right away and advised me that it was no problem. At the appointment time I was greeted by the doctor and his assistant. They were super respectful and kind. Office is very clean and you must wear a mask. Excellent service and great attitudes. I am very pleased with their work. Would highly recommend this office. They made sure that my son was comfortable and did an excellent job. The furniture is beautiful and it was just a very pleasant experience. Thanks for being so kind to my son.

Deb A. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


This dental practice recently opened near my house and I was a little over-do for a cleaning. I decided to give it a try (even though I’m usually very review dependent) and I’m so glad I did! The office itself really is beautiful, and they appear to have all of the latest equipment. Music choices were great. Usually, I find going to the dentist to feel a bit torturous, but this was actually quite relaxing! I have some minor dental anxiety due to sensitive gums and Dr. Manzi was very understanding (he even switched to cleaning my teeth with a regular pick as opposed to water when it caused a bit of pain; which I appreciated). I have a dead tooth from a fall as a child and had a previous dentist who was very eager to drill. I wasn’t so sure since it has never caused any issues. Dr. Manzi took images and examined the tooth thoroughly, and did not feel it was an immediate concern. I appreciate that he does not seem eager to perform unpleasant procedures. Dr. Manzi and his assistant were both very nice, and I felt confident in the work they were doing. Myself (and the rest of my family) will be back. I hope to see that they thrive in this location, because it really is a great business to have in Roxbury!

Danielle Makosky (Source: Facebook)


I feel soooo much better! I had an abscess and sinus infection but the amazing doctors at Brush and Floss dentistry saw me on Friday to prescribe an antibiotic and then did a root canal for me on Monday. I am soooo grateful and the doctors were amazing. Please check out Brush and Floss with doctors Wysocki and Manzi if you have any dental emergencies. They are so nice and their office is sooo classy and modern. A pandemic is the worst time for something like this to happen but I was treated so quickly and kindly so I had to share

Katherinne Rodriguez (Source: Google)



Brody Jennings (Source: Google)


Brush & Floss Boston is amazing! They recently opened up near where Jamaica Plain and Roxbury meet and this is seriously the best / coolest dental office ever. I came in for a new patient exam and cleaning and everyone was so nice, gentle, and they ran on time (my last dentist was always running late!). I can honestly say it was the first time I’ve ever liked going to the dentist. They are open a few Saturdays a month which is awesome so I don’t have to miss work and I think they’re also open a few evenings as well. Oh, and they have FREE LOT PARKING next to the Dunkin in the city which is amazing! 5 stars – you guys rock!

Shakera Shaffer (Source: Google)


New Provider, modern, comfortable space for treatment. This is a new provider in the area. Amazing dentist. I felt comfortable and confident going in to my treatment and the plan after. I wasn’t shamed for neglecting a root canal. My daughter was seen here to and they were so patient with here. Dr. MANZI is AMAZING. The fact that he was in jeans and t shirt that read “Dr. Manzi” instead of a white lab coat put her at ease. He was genuinly a nice person, a rarity in my contact with medical professionals. Come see them!!! They do just about everything. Glad they set up in Roxbury.

Joe Doretti (Source: Google)


My wife and I both go here and the whole experience is awesome from beginning to end. Professional and they make you seem like you’re part of their family. All the high tech equipment makes you think you have stepped into the future. We always leave with a smile. Thank you.

Sheila T. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


I’m so glad I decided to check out Brush & Floss, much better than my previous dentist. Beautiful new modern establishment in Roxbury. Not your typical dentist which makes it even more cool! From the time I walked in the door until the time I left it was a great experience. The Doctors were so friendly and efficient. I can’t wait to go back!

Seth M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Love these guys. Cool, professional, state of the art technology, great tunes, and of course, they did an amazing job cleaning my teeth. They worked in tandem and were efficient and thorough. They also took extra time and care to resolve an issue in an innovative and efficient way that was an extra effort most dentists would not have made. I would recommend brush and floss highly because they embrace the latest technology & science in an effort to bring clients great service & care. They were also very well thought out in terms of the environment and overall experience. If you’ve never heard anyone tell you their dentist rocks, well now you have

Daniel P. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


If you’re looking for a new dentist in Boston, Brush & Floss is the perfect trifecta: The office is brand new and beautiful, the doctors and the staff are very thorough and gentle, and the prices are very, very reasonable. I first came in for a cleaning and checkup and an Invisalign consult. The cleaning was one of the best I’ve had – they offered me a numbing rinse that partially numbed my gums for 30 minutes so that I could barely feel anything at all, and cleaned me with the ultrasonic which was way faster and more pleasant than the hand scraping. Definitely the best cleaning I’ve had! I had a previous Invisalign quote from my old dentist that was over $5000 but their price was $3900 for the exact same thing. I’m halfway through my treatment and super happy with the results so far. I also like that they have a membership plan for patients without dental insurance. I used to have to pay a lot of money each visit because I do not have insurance and I didn’t want to go to one of those corporate chain offices to get discounted care. Brush & Floss has a membership plan that costs $275 a year and you get all of your cleanings, xrays, and checkups included for free and if you need any real dental work you get a discount on that. I thought the plan was a genius idea for patients like me. I was talking to the doctor about the pricing and they’re basically a new office and trying to keep prices low and fair to build up the practice and get loyal patients and also keep prices affordable for the neighborhood, which was nice. Finally, I know all the other reviews mention how nice looking the office is and I totally agree. It doesn’t look or feel like a dental office and is trendy and hip inside, but everyone is super nice and not pretentious at all. It’s seriously the coolest dental office I’ve ever seen. The decor is very industrial with wood and concrete floors, open loft ceilings, and has just a great feel. It even smelled good inside. Highly, highly recommend!

Sarah Riemens (Source: Google)


I had a great experience at Brush & Floss. As someone with dentist anxiety I had been apprehensive about signing up for a new one in Boston. I have been scammed by many “cavities” at previous dentists and paid hundreds of dollars out of pocket for “preventative care” that wasn’t needed. I tried them because the reviews were so good and they didn’t disappoint. The facility is bright and clean and they follow strict COVID procedures (I was the only one there during my appointment). Dr. Manzi and Samantha took great care of me!

Jim Jones (Source: Google)


My name is Yessenia Franco. I had went in on a weekend as an emergency because my dentist was close. First of all, there office are the best looking office hands down. Definitely a calming cool vibe soon as you walk in. I’m so happy I found this place on google cause they made me feel so comfortable they was so nice, gentle and caring. Since that day forward this will be my new dentist office. Thank you, thank you for making me feel so relaxing and not worried.

Diana R. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


This dental office is amazing! Now my review is just a little biased because I actually used to be Dr. Wysocki’s assistant (full disclosure!), but I got to check out Brush & Floss before it opens and I wanted to write a review to let everyone know how awesome it is. I was Dr. Wysocki’s assistant for 3 years and I’ve been his patient for 4 years. I won’t see anyone else and all of my family goes to him and we are switching to see him at Brush & Floss! The office is super high-end and looks very expensive, but Dr. Wysocki and Dr. Manzi are intentionally keeping the prices super CHEAP to help grow the business. Seriously. Dr. Wysocki is charging $1200 for the exact same crown that he charged $1800 for at the office we used to work at together. Also, his invisalign at Brush & Floss is less than $4000 (exact same thing was almost $6000 at my old office). I’ve also worked in a lot of offices and haven’t seen anything nearly as cool as this office. The industrial wood/metal/concrete design is beautiful! This looks more like a high end restaurant in the Seaport than a dental office. Also, It’s great to finally see an upscale, technologically advanced office that sees an entire range of patients including regular insurance and masshealth as well, which actually gives everyone an opportunity to get great care. Finally, the technology is awesome. Great design and music, but also they bought all the coolest dental toys! Instead of impressions, they can take a scan with a camera wand (no gagging), the drills are electric instead of air so they are quieter and less scary, and there is a 3d scanning machine that shows stuff actually happening inside the bone that is hard to see with regular xrays. I’m so excited to be a patient at this office now that it’s open! Drs. Wysocki and Manzi are super friendly and funny, really good at what they do, and are super gentle. Definitely check them out!

S D. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


This is NOT your Dads dental office! I met with Dr Manzi – he was a pleasure to meet with – very informative and professional. He shared more information about my teeth than any other Dentist I have worked with. The space is different, it is welcoming and a modern approach to dentistry- If you’re looking for a new dentist, you will not be disappointed at this convenient new practice – with Free, on-site Parking

Isabel Rodriguez Siblesz (Source: Google)


I came in for my initial visit and I thought my insurance would not cover it so they literally worked with me to make my visit as affordable as possible, I came in a week later to get three fillings and i had figured it out with my insurance, they instantly gave my a refund for my first visit and set my insurance up in their system. Best expirence I’ve had with medical bills. On another note, I was terrified to get my fillings, I’ve had terrible experiences in the past but Dr. Manzi was so great, I did not feel a thing, he even made me laugh while I was almost shaking, he is amazing! This place has modern equipement, they are knowledgable and super friendly, and they care about their patients more than they do about money!

Marc Hebert (Source: Google)


Dr. Manzi and Dr. Wysocki are extremely personable, welcoming, and always professional. I came in for a cleaning and was amazed at how modern and stylish the interior was. Beautiful furniture and a hip architectural design feel. I also noticed the brand new, state-of-the-art dental chairs with carbon-fiber finish. Plenty of natural light from the large floor to ceiling windows. As far as the experience, this was the first time I didn’t experience anxiety about my appointment. Again, the well-appointed space quickly disarms you. The doctors are very attentive to your needs and took extra time with me so I felt comfortable. They even give you a hot towel at the end; made me feel like I was at the spa! In closing, this is the first and most likely the only dental office I actually look forward to going to. You can call or make an appointment on their website