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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth removal

Orthodontic tooth exposure

Clear aligners

Oral pathology

Cleft lip & palate

Distraction osteogenesis

TMJ treatment

Dental implants

Sleep apnea

Facial trauma

Jaw surgery

Sedation dentistry


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Offers Invisalign®? No


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Sarkis A. from Porter Ranch, CA  (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Margossian may be the best oral surgeon. He is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled surgeons out there. Furthermore, He and the entire staff are very friendly and approachable. His staff does a great job of resolving any problems and quickly getting patients for the doctor. My experience of pulling out my wisdom teeth could not have been any better. I went in to remove all four of my wisdom teeth. The x-ray images showed my bottom teeth growing into bone, with one of them growing completely sideways. The staff answered all my questions and resolved any issues I had. This worried me about the severity of the extractions and the recovery time it would require. However, Dr. Margossian described the whole procedure and we discussed best methods for recovery, and I knew he would perform the extractions excellently. Not only was the procedure conducted in under 20 min (generally expected to be an hour long procedure), but my recovery was relatively painless and short. In two days time (generally expected a week of recovery), I was able to go out and during these two days I experienced very little pain (did not even need painkillers). The way the doctor discussed the extractions led me to fully trust that it will go better than well. As a patient, there is nothing more I could not ask for. Thanks to his talent, the surgery and recovery went much better than I could have even hoped. I fully recommend Dr. Margossian to anybody seeking an oral surgeon, and I would not hesitate going back.

Allan C. from Pico Rivera, CA (Source:Yelp)


This Place is awesome!, friendly and welcoming people who care about there patients. The nurse that was handling all of the paper work and insurance  was so nice to me, she did everything she can to get my Operation ready on time. I came in for 2 reasons; to get my wisdom teeth extracted and to have my coronoid part of my jaw cut so i can open my mouth wide enough. Before i came in My face was killing me, ill have pain every morning and head aches everyday that i got used to the pain. So i finally got my Surgery! and let me tell you This Surgeon, Dr. Raffi Margossian Knows what hes doing, A true wizard of his craft. right when i woke up in the recovery room I felt a tremendous difference of feeling in my face and it wasint the anesthesia making me feel good; I just felt so liberated from the pain ive been carrying all these years, its AMAZING how i feel now. I give my  Eternal thanks to the Surgeon and the Staff. So if your In the Los angelas, Burbank area, COME HERE its worth it!.

Armine M. from North Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Margossian is incredible! I have been his patient for almost 6 years now and words cannot describe how thankful I am for his amazing work! Back in 2007 I had two crown works done by one dentist in North Hollywood and while putting the crown his transferred an infection. My body started rejecting the crown and my gum tissue around one of the teeth started  turning black and I went to 3 different dentists in 3 different locations for help and all 3 of them referred me to Dr. Margossian saying I have an oral cancer. Doctor took me in as an emergency appointment  and once he saw me he told me that it  is guaranteed that I don’t have oral cancer, however to calm down my parents he did a biopsy which luckily proved him right. After that incident he removed both of my teeth that were infected, did a great amount of work starting from cleaning the infected part and finishing by putting new bone and an implant. During the whole process I never had to take any pain killers since there was simply no pain that I couldn’t stand. Dr. Margossian also removed 4 of my wisdom teeth (all at the same time), and again – I had no pain whatsoever and was able to eat whatever I want next day after the surgery. I still go to Dr. Margossian for another implant work. Someone in their earlier comments was complaining about it being pricey and all about the money. Lets face it. First of all, you get what you pay for. I cannot imagine myself going to someone else after having so many bad experiences with other doctors and going to Dr. Margossian to fix the mistakes of others. Probably Dr. Margossian is the only doctor I fully trust. Usually, the expensive procedures take a while to be finished and they allow to pay off the whole amount by making step by step payments as you go if you request to do so. In addition, I have compared the prices in different locations and Dr. Margossian’s prices are very fair. Wait? Any doctor you go to you usually end up waiting even if you have an appointment and it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you thats why they make you wait. There are so many things that can happen and be the reason of such delay. Doctors work with live people, they have emergency appointments, complications and million other things, but hey! Dr. Margossian is the best out there! and I think no matter how long the wait might be its worth waiting! It’s your health you are talking about. Such a great amount of patients is another prove of how amazing Dr. Margossian is! During the removal of my 4 wisdom teeth and the removal of infected teeth I was under anesthetic too and both times my mom was next to me until I fell asleep. Someone wrote a comment that Dr. didn’t let the parent to go in with the child. Based on that review it seems like the mom herself almost had a panic attack and maybe the doctor didn’t let her in to decrease the stress of the child? I am a psychologist and I know for a fact that the behavior and emotions of parents affect their children and if they see the parent being so frightened then they will be even more scared and sometimes it’s better to not have the parent around. SO there might a reason such as that why Dr. didn’t let the mom in. Also, crying after the anesthetic is NORMAL. I was crying too,and it happens not because of pain or because the person is scared, it happens because you wake up very weak and don’t understand whats happening and the tears come out just on their own because of you feeling weak. About the staff. There is no doubt that they all care about their job and about their patients. They are the nicest people you can ever meet at any doctor’s office. Every time I go there I feel very welcomed and leave the office with the huge smile even if I just had stitches placed in my mouth! Dr. Margossian truly has a god given gift.

Nicole B. from Burbank, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Margossian is AMAZING.  I just had lower jaw surgery with him.  For me, he is the cream of the crop when it comes to doctors.  He is a man who is passionate about his job, always greets you with a smile and does a stunning job.  Numbness around the face is common when you get lower jaw surgery because it’s so close to the nerve, but when I got the surgery done, I felt everything in my face  a week post-surgery….which shows how great of a job he did! Dr. Margossian knows what he’s doing and I’m proof that he is a gifted surgeon.  I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him.  I wouldn’t go with any other surgeon when it comes to what he does.  I am a very picky person and I have to say that Dr. Margossian met all my standards and more.  The secretaries are super nice, helpful, and approachable.  If you’re looking for the best surgeon around, look no further.  If could rate him 5 million stars instead of 5 I would!

Vanessa A. from Sherman Oaks, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Margossian is a top notch oral surgeon. and his office staff are the best. I needed to have my 2 wisdom teeth removed because they were coming out crooked and there was no space for them. My dentist referred me to Dr. Margossian because he said i needed to see an oral surgeon. I called his office and spoke to Patty who was so pleasant and helpful. she had all my insurance information of coverage ready for me by the time of my appointment with the dr. I was REALLY nervous. I met with the Dr a few weeks ago and he examined me, took my xrays and explained the procedure i would need in detail he explained all the risks with great patience. i was really impressed with the time he took to explain all this to me. He made me feel so comfortable  that my nervousness went away. As protocol i was scheduled to go under the following morning. the procedure went EXCELLENT.  I could not believe how fast it was! the nurses were super nice and took such good care of me, bringing me juice and made me feel at ease. I was expecting so much pain and was so worried! But I had a great experience, i had very little pain and everything was so smooth.IF YOU EVER NEED ORAL SURGERY GO TO THIS GUY, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Patti E. from West Covina, CA (Source: Yelp)


My teenage son had to have his wisdom teeth removed.  I was referred to Dr. Margossian.  He  sat down with my son and I and explained the procedure in detail.   I asked a lot of questions.  I felt comfortable and satisfied with his answers, and I was impressed with his soft tone and professionalism.  We scheduled an appointment for the procedure.  I was told that this is a surgical procedure and parents were not allowed in the operating room, which I completely understood.  On the day of the surgery I sat in very pleasant surroundings until the surgery was completed.  Once surgery was completed I was allowed to sit with my son in recovery.  One of Dr. Margossians staff sat with us the entire time until my son came awake.  All in all if you have to have your wisdom teeth out I would say we could not of had a more pleasant experience.

Catherine S. from Burbank, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Margossian is an excellent oral surgeon.  I woke up with pain and the left side of my face was swollen. I didn’t know what to do. I contacted Dr. Margossian’s office, they were very busy but kind enough to give me an emergency appointment the same day. They asked me to prepare myself for the appointment by not eating or drinking for 8 hours. I was scared at first, but relieved that someone would take care of me soon enough. After I saw Dr. Margossian, he assured me that everything will be okay.  He explained to me that I had an infection of my gum tissue around my wisdom teeth and that I needed to have surgery. After waiting for the doctor to finish with  his patients, he finally began my procedure which was removing my wisdom teeth under general anesthesia. Dr. Margossian finished the procedure within 30 minutes and I didn’t even feel it. What a great experience. I am so thankful to Dr. Margossian and his staff for staying overtime to take care of my problems. I felt like a princess. Dr. Margossian even called me at night to make sure I was doing okay. It is great to find people that will be there when you need them the most. Thank you again Dr. Margossian, you and  your staff are great!

Mary A. from Glendale, CA (Source: Yelp)


Despite the fear i had, prior to my surgery. I can say i had a very positive experience. Dr Margossian spent great deal of time to explain the surgical procedure which put me at ease. The office staff were very helpful to answer my questions regarding my insurances. After the surgery he was very accessible with any questions or concerns i had post op. I called the office during after hours and the answering service connected me with Dr. Margossian immediately. It so good to know you can count on your doctor when you are so stressed out after a surgical procedure. I definitely recommend Dr. Margossian to any person seeking oral surgery or in my case, wisdom teeth removal thank you again Dr. Margossian!!!

Dave L. from San Fernando Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


Due to an ongoing issue with cancer, I had to have eleven (11!) of my back teeth removed. Not a fun thing to start with. On top of that, I really only have one fear left in life and that’s the dentist. Mainly due to some things that happened to me as a kid.  So it was a pretty traumatic experience just walking through the doors. However, Dr. Margossian was absolutely and exactly what I needed. He was VERY respectful towards my situation. He assessed both my medical and psychological situations quite effectively and was very calming and worked with me to help me resolve the situation with as little stress as was possible. He got very creative and when it all finally came down to the day when the teeth were removed, it went very smoothly. I cannot recommend Dr Margossian and the office personnel more enthusiastically. Patti/Patty was extremely helpful with ins and scheduling and was very nice to me. Going WAY out of her way to deal with all the other people who were required to get my situation resolved. I’m just going to add that I’m 6’2″, 300 lbs, covered with body art and normally am not the person you would think has an unreasonable fear of anything, let alone dentistry type stuff, but not once did I feel mocked or not taken seriously. We all have our issues and this one was mine. They absolutely did their very best to help me through it. As a result, now it’s over and the worst part for me was walking through the doors. Once the process started, it was fine and then it was over. Now I’m all healed up and ready for the next stage of my cancer treatments. I could write pages on the details of how they helped calm me and helped get me in there to get that work done. Thank you to the DR. and his staff. Thank you very very much. 42 thumbs up!

JC. H. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


To begin, Nataly is amazing. I called in last minute to have my wisdom teeth removed and she was able to pencil me in for an appointment the next day (talk about great first impressions right? Hang tight it gets better). Operation was scheduled for 11 am the next morning. The practice was well maintained, clean, and welcoming. Where to start with Dr. Margossian; he is a master at his craft and some including myself like to say he has the magic hands. Explained the entire procedure to me, made sure I was calm, and took care of me throughout the entire process. Woke up to his smiling face telling me everything went well and I was able to walk myself out at that same moment. Fast forward, two weeks later here I am fully healed like a champ. I cannot thank Dr. Margossian and his office enough for the hospitality and professionalism. I can’t recommend him enough.

Anna A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Hands down the BEST oral surgeon and staff! It was so easy to make an appointment for a consultation. Was in and out quickly and Dr. Margossian was very efficient in explaining what needed to be done for the extraction of all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth as well as the do’s and dont’s post-procedure. Nataly at the front desk helped fit me in for an appointment before the end of the year which I’m super grateful for. I was really nervous the day of the procedure but his bedside manner calmed me down. The entire extraction process was a breeze with IV sedation and I wasn’t too groggy afterward. It has now been 8 days since the procedure and I had no issues during recovery, it all went as expected. I highly recommend Dr. Margossian!

Juan V. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


This has been probably the best experience I have ever had at any medical facility. I want to start off by saying that Dr. Margossian’s service, professionalism, knowledge, confidence and compassion were exceptional. His reassurances were comforting to hear. I highly recommend Dr. Margossian. Now, the staff. The front office staff, from day one, greeted me and welcomed me as if walking into their own home every time I walked in those doors. The professionalism and compassion were  immense. Patty was my knight in shinning armor. She went above and beyond when dealing with some issues with my insurance company. Her communication regarding my appointments, follow ups and just plain checking up on me was out of this world. I truly felt that I was not only Dr. Margossian’s patient, but Patty’s patient as well. A truly remarkable experience.

Jaquia M. from Burbank, CA (Source: Yelp)


It’s almost impossible to put into words the level of customer service that I received at Dr. Margossian’s office; from the staff to Dr. Margossian himself, thank you so much for helping/healing me, for your service… thank you for CARING. Not only was your service genuine, you helped me out when you didn’t have to. Most offices would have turned me away regardless of my emergency, but you didn’t. Knowing that my insurance wasn’t covered Dr. Margossian still came right in to his office, on his day off and took care of me with in a matter of minutes! And did it genuinely with a smile on his face and made me feel like I was a patient of his for years, I just don’t know what else to say my review isn’t enough… Thanks again Dr. Margossian and staff!

Cynthia C. from Studio City, CA (Source: Yelp)


An acquaintance of mine recently asked about wisdom teeth removal and I recommended Dr. Margossian to do the job. I also realized that I never wrote a proper review for Dr. M after so many years, so I’m doing it now. A few years ago, I woke up to an incredibly painful infection in my wisdom tooth that made it painful to open my mouth to speak. I made tons of calls for an emergency appointment and I was able to make an emergency same-day appointment with Dr. Margossian for some x-rays and a consultation. Dr. Margossian’s staff were kind and pleasant. And Dr. Margossian was very patient in explaining the procedure to remove my wisdom teeth when I told him that I was incredibly fearful of any and all dental work. After seeing the infection of my tooth during consult, Dr. Margossian decided he needed to extract all four of my wisdom teeth ASAP to keep the infection from spreading. Needless to say I was panicked and scared. I was (thankfully) put under for my procedure which took about 45 minutes. Dr. Margossian made sure that someone arrived to pick me up following my procedure and even called my husband himself. When I say I had no pain after the procedure, I mean I had ZERO pain afterwards. Dr. Margossian did such a fantastic job that I didn’t use a single pain pill. I have very sensitive teeth and gums but I was able to eat regularly after a two days! The follow-up appointment on my stitches were done within a week and again Dr. Margossian was very patient in answering my questions and concerns. I like to brag that I got the Cadillac of wisdom teeth removal because of the great care I got from Dr. M and his staff. THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO!

Chrissy N. from Downey, CA (Source: Yelp)


A couple weeks ago I had a terrible infection stemming from my impacted wisdom teeth and I was referred to him by quite a few of my friends. I called the office right away and they tried to schedule me ASAP but unfortunately I had to be on class. The first chance I got, I went in and surprisingly the staff remembered my call and was very tentative to my pain and concerns. The receptionist even reminded me to get a doctor’s note to make sure I wouldn’t get an in excuses absence! Amazing! Now the problem was that I am deathly afraid of needles and a had read a review that made me feel more comfortable. Dr. Margossian’s assistant Patty cracked jokes and made sure to relieve me from some of my anxiety. When Dr. Margossian came in, he thoroughly explained the procedure to me and I explained that I had a severe phobia to which we showed me to tools he’s be using and told me he’d make sure to put some laughing has on me before putting me to sleep. I was so comfortable with him and his staff that I booked my appointment right away. Surgery went well (thank God) and didn’t feel any needle pain or panic! It was great. Patty called me to follow up a few hours later and cracked a joke or two which brightened my situation lol. My experience was amazing and I miss seeing/talking to the staff that I want to just pop in and say hello sometime! Great doc and staff!

Cameron J. from Pasadena, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Margossian has performed 2 operations on me.  The first was a ‘deep biopsy’ of leukoplakia (which involved slicing away chunks of the inside of my bottom lip) and the second was the extraction of a broken molar (damn you Arclight popcorn!) and the wisdom tooth behind it.  I’m really hoping I don’t need oral surgery again soon, but if I do, I’ll call him. Here’s why: Going to the dentist is a drag, because dental work is often painful and dentists are often creepy, unctuous little men with the personalities of chess prodigies.  Oral surgery is, if anything, even worse than mere dental work, and oral surgeons are often even creepier than dentists.  Dr. Margossian is just a great guy:  friendly and cheerful without being obnoxiously jocular or insincerely chummy. He’s also massively accomplished, with a batch of degrees, specialty residencies and continuing education coursework.  Perhaps most importantly, he is SUPER, SUPER FAST!  (For my extractions, I was coming ‘out from under’ the anaesthetic LESS THAN THIRTY MINUTES AFTER I SAT DOWN!)  The combination of Dr. Margossian’s ‘chair-side’ manner and his expertise makes oral surgery bearable, if not precisely pleasant. I believe you can tell a lot about medical professional by observing the attitudes and demeanor of the professional’s staff.  Dr. Margossian’s staff members are, like him, friendly, compassionate and highly skilled.  I hope you don’t need oral surgery, but if you do…call this guy first.

Michael A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Margossian truly is the best oral surgeon working today.  My dad had work done on his teeth  at a handful of other places and they absolutely butchered him.  He needed three teeth removed, work done on his gums, then dental implants installed.  After multiple attempts other dentists made at doing the work,  not only did the implants never sit correctly but my dad developed a case of TMJ that still lingers to this day.  We began looking for a real professional that would do the corrective work and finish the job once and for all.  We found Dr. Margossian through recommendations and could have not found a more skilled professional.  He did all the work, from scratch, doing all the necessary gum surgery and then installed the dental implants, and my dad has finally recovered from this 18 month ordeal.  The teeth are sitting naturally without affecting his bite and the TMJ pain is finally starting to subside.  This man deserves all the credit in the world for his skill and professionalism. Aside from his work, his staff is incredibly warm, accommodating, and friendly, and his office is clean and lovely.   If you suffer from TMJ pain, need dental/oral work or anything of the like, look no further than Dr. Margossian, he will have you in and out in minimal time with minimal pain.

Jean Claude Hasrouty (Source: Google)


To begin, Nataly is amazing. I called in last minute to have my wisdom teeth removed and she was able to pencil me in for an appointment the next day (talk about great first impressions right? Hang tight it gets better). Operation was scheduled for 11 am the next morning. The practice was well maintained, clean, and welcoming. Where to start with Dr. Margossian; he is a master at his craft and some including myself like to say he has the magic hands. Explained the entire procedure to me, made sure I was calm, and took care of me throughout the entire process. Woke up to his smiling face telling me everything went well and I was able to walk myself out at that same moment. Fast forward, two weeks later here I am fully healed like a champ. I cannot thank Dr. Margossian and his office enough for the hospitality and professionalism. I can’t recommend him enough.

Janice Grimes (Source: Google)


Several months ago I was fitted with a mouth guard by Dr. Margossian. I was skeptical as I have had dozens of different guards over the course of 25 years that have proven to be disappointments. This device is FABULOUS! He took such great care in making sure it was comfortable and secure. Staff is friendly and efficient. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me!

Sara B. from Grand Rapids, MI (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Margossian and his staff are stellar, a God-send! My boyfriend was suffering from an awful wisdom tooth infection;  we are relatively new to town and figured that, without insurance/plus the suddenness of his pain, we would be out of luck and he’d be miserable for weeks. But Dr. Margossian’s staff was prompt in setting up an emergency consultation and removal. They got us all taken care of within days of our first call, and their service was out of this world. My boyfriend was apprehensive of having dental work done, but the first thing he said when he emerged from surgery was “That was amazing!” We felt so, so comfortable with Dr. Margossian, and haven’t stopped raving about him since our visit. The facility is clean and bright; his employees are friendly and accommodating (and great follow-up). Dr. Margossian himself is the consummate professional– kind, frank, and incredibly capable. I wish he’d been the doctor in charge of my surgery way back when! Absolutely recommend him and his lovely office to anyone.

Bell (Source: Google)


I was recommended by my regular dentist to see an oral surgeon to take care of my left bottom wisdom tooth that was broken, infected, and causing me severe pain. My boyfriend insisted on taking me to one of the best oral surgeon that had done some work on his teeth a few years ago. I’m so glad that he took me to Dr. Raffi Margossian. I was scheduled to go in the next morning for my wisdom tooth extraction. When I arrived to my appointment his staff called my name not long after my arrival, and took me to my room where I was made comfortable for my procedure. I was so comfortable I didn’t even feel a thing and before I knew it I was ready to go home. I recommend anyone needing an oral surgeon to make an appointment with Dr. Raffi Margossian & his office staff they are the best. Thank you to him and his staff for all their great work.!!!!!!

John Kakajian (Source: Google)


I am a 81 years old man who used to have crowns and parcels but always stayed away from implants. At some point, my parcel created problems and in order to change it, I had to lose my front teeth. Dr. Margossian studied the case as well as the jaw bone, which was pretty low according to my age. He implanted six lower molars, three on each side while working patiently in order to avoid any complications. Each implant was placed according to the bone thickness availability. He was so careful to stay away from the facial nerve.  I followed his instructions and now I can eat nuts, vegetables, toasted bread, and any food just like with my real teeth. I can smile with confidence. I am thankful to Dr. Margossian to provide me real teeth which may help my overall health. I really appreciate the way he takes care of patients.

Tammy Hunter (Source: Google)


Awesome! If you suffer from TMJ then Dr. Margossian can help ease the discomfort with either the correct dental splint or steroid injections. He is highly knowledgeable and will help you to comprehend the mechanics of the problem. His staff is great and is understanding from scheduling to compassion. I Highly Recommend him!

Tanya Carlin (Source: Google)


I’m giving Dr Margossian 5 stars. His staff is very rude. Had 2 wisdom teeth pulled, after had billing issues. His staff stated I couldn’t return till bill was paid, very unprofessional. So I went to another oral surgeon and had pain for over a month. When one of the office staff called for collection, I was furious and told her what the front office staff said about refusing service to me because of a billing issue. She was apologetic and stated that was a lie that staff should have not refused service to me because of unpaid bill. Kudos to the lady, she said I owed nothing. Overall, I had no pain with Dr Margossian and I highly recommend him but the office staff are rude, liars and uncourteous

Ian Eisenberg (Source: Google)


When I learned that I required a very invasive palatal expansion procedure to complete my orthodontic work, I was nervous. The case was unique in that I was required to find a surgeon outside the UCLA Medical School, who were the ones providing my orthodontic care. In this unfamiliar situation I was very fortunate to have Dr. Margossian and his staff to help me. All of my visits were handled on a timely basis, and my appointments were scheduled with my own convenience in mind. His office is clean, modern and organized. The staff made me feel very comfortable from my first visit. Dr. Margossian answered all of my questions with confidence, patience, professionalism and, above all, friendliness. I felt safe on the day of my surgery, because Dr. Margossian and his staff had given me any information that I requested. The procedure was a resounding success. By following Dr. Margossians instructions, I recovered with unusual speed and had no need for narcotic painkillers. The Orthodontists at UCLA were pleased with his work, and have since advanced my care ahead of schedule. In the months afterward until today it has been a pleasure to visit his office for follow-up appointments. I was more than happy to provide this testimonial, and I would highly recommend Dr. Margossian to any patient requiring surgery!

Ray K. from Playa Del Rey, CA (Source: Yelp)


Five is actually not enough for this doctor. It all started when my 4month pregnant wife, woke up with tooth pain. To our surprise, she had actually, somehow broken a wisdom tooth. We could not believe it and after a long debate at home, decided to go get this thing extracted before it gave us more of a challenge further into the pregnancy. Of course Dr. Margossian was a referral, as all good doctors are, but being a Yelp er, I decided to check anyway. Looked good! To say the least my wife was shaking; knowing that she wont be able to take any pain medication afterwords, and the chances that the tooth could get infected after the extraction. As she went in, I grabbed a magazine and started reading it, thinking that it will take a while. To my surprise, she walked out in about 20 min. Pretty quick for a wisdom tooth removal. She looked good for someone that just had an oral surgery/extraction. I mean she was so happy!!!!! No pain afterwords, no infections, clean extraction. I mean she did not have any pain whatsoever the day after. She was eating solid foods the day after. PRETTY AMAZING. I am so thankful to Dr. Margossian and his crew up front. By the way, the girls at the front desk are so friendly and professional. Very pleasant experience. Thank you guys. You rock! Now we can concentrate on the arrival of our son, hopefully without any more complications lol.

Sarko (Source: Google)


I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Raffi Margossian and his team over a year ago. I had a pretty significant underbite, cross bite, and mandibular hyperplasia which needed surgical correction. The entire team was extremely professional from the moment I met them. They were truthful and honest about outcomes, pricing, post-surgical recovery and every aspect of the process. He spent a significant amount of time covering the anatomy of the deformity and covering all the intricacies of the surgical procedure. Because the surgical planning and the procedure itself are so time consuming I had over 20 visits in the last year alone to the office and they made sure that all my questions were answered, that I was never rushed, and that I was most importantly a patient. I myself am a physician and keep and demand a high level of professionalism from others in the medical field and they surpassed all my expectations. Thankfully I am now 9 months post-surgery and I am extremely happy with the results. I chose Dr Margossian for his reputation within the OMFS community and I am very glad I did. The results are phenomenal! I could not have made a better decis

Arbi B. from Glendale, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’d like to take a moment and share my unique experiences at Dr. Margossian’s practice on extracting ALL 4 of my wisdom teeth…upon arrival, I was greeted by his professional, courteous, and knowledgable staff who provided step by step procedures on how my wisdom teeth would be extracted, the types of food I can consume, and length of time to heal. I was then sent to a room that had sanitation written all over it! After waiting no more than a minute, Dr. Margossian stepped in and described the procedure from A to Z. To say the least, we scheduled on a Tuesday morning and the procedure was completed in less than 30mins! I awoke as the happiest person alive and had zero pain. Saturday arrived and I began to experience dry socket symptoms (normal) and discomfort near the procedure areas and I contacted his office… At that time Dr. Margossian was on a hiking trip and promised he’d get back to me within an hour. He gave me his cell# and told me to follow-up if the pain didn’t subside. After getting in contact with him, he drove to his practice (on a Saturday) and personally opened his doors so he could make a quick adjustment that literally took 2 minutes. I’ve felt better since and I have a follow up appt. this Friday! With that being said, Dr. Margossian went out of his way to go above and beyond for me. Not only did he promise me to call the office if I have pain, he gave me his mobile #. He has the word “professional” written all over him. There’s nobody else to think about if you need any work done in your mouth. Dr. Margossian. His caring attitude towards his patients alone are worth every $$$ spent. Bravo Dr. Margossian, you satisfied another patient and I will refer you to the world.

Allan Cabral (Source: Google)


This place is Great, The Staff and Nurses are very Nice and friendly and they go all out to help you. I came in with Several problems i had with my mouth and jaw, I was not able to open my mouth and i had so much difficulty eating and speaking, And i was getting ready to get Braces So i had to get my wisdom teeth extracted . My insurance approved this procedure very quickly and i was ready to get the surgery. The Surgery went really well, It went better then i expected, Immediately as i was in the recovering room i felt the tremendous Difference in my Jaw, The anxiety i would get from the pain when i had the Locked jaw Magically disappeared, And i Had my wisdom teeth Extracted the same time of my Coronoid Surgery. Now i am able to open my mouth wide enough and I am able to speak much more then i could before. So if your in the Los angelas area, or los angelas County; Come to this Place, Dr.Margossian’s a Genius. I Highly recommended you come here.

Brandon Winkler-Žepčanin (Source: Facebook)


The level of care this office provides is rivaled by none. I was dreading having my wisdom teeth extracted, but after the consultation I was ready to go for it! Dr. M explained the general anesthesia and that they will just make a small incision on the gums to remove the 4 impacted wisdom teeth. They were able to schedule my appointment for the following Thurs, which I felt was very accommodating and much sooner than I anticipated. Day of the surgery: the ladies in the front immediately made me feel comfortable, they were very conversational and built great rapport. They took me back right on time and after paperwork, they brought me to the surgery room. The anesthetic was just a tiny poke on the top of your hand, can’t feel it at all. You begin to breathe in and out… and goodnight! What felt like only a few minutes later the nurse was having me open my eyes and I was surprised it was finished so quickly! They set me up with great medication and although the healing was painful, the precision and expertise of the extraction are something I will forever appreciate. 5 stars!! Dr. Margossian is very skilled at his craft.

Sophan U. from San Gabriel, CA (Source: Yelp)


Had tooth pain for 3 days due to the left molar being infected.  On the 3rd night the left side of my face blew up, swallon from my cheek down to my jaw.  Looking like Quagmire at this point.  On a pain scale of “bearable” to “please help I’m dying” I was at a “please put me out of my misery.” Went to the emergency who did an outstanding job in making me feel less like I want to die to a calmer state of mind.  They then  sent me to Dr. Raffi Margossian.  Dr. Margossian, Dr. Margossian, Dr. Morgossian…say his name 3 times, he’ll make your pain go away lighting fast.  Ridiculous how on it him and his whole staff were.  As soon as I got there, Patty (who I fell in love with and needs to be my mom, made me feel so nice and warm) took my x-ray, put me in a room and unfortunatly i didn’t get her name but the assistant helping Dr. Margossian with the surgery made me feel so comfortable and she was the sweetest thing ever, probably another reason why my tooth hurt.  Less than 10 mins I was passed out and woke up and was like “uuuhhh the hell happen, we’re done?!?! Whaaa!.” They were phenomenal!!! They were more than phenomenal they were just…going to be one of my greatest memories.  Just…ah man, you guys don’t even know how happy and grateful I am for people like Dr. Margossian and his team to be in the world of dentistry. The next day he called checked up on me, made sure I was still alive because it was a serious infection spreading throughout my face and down past my jaw a little, they had to put tubes to drain it all out, it was in there for 2-3 days and it was a bit painful and uncomfortable but that’s what the anti-botics and pain killers were for.  Sorry for the book but you just have to hear/read the story sometimes to know how and why Dr. Margossian and his team are beyond amazing and deserves every bit of recognition for the work they do.

Polla A. from Glendale, CA (Source: Yelp)


By my Dentist referral and quick CT exam yesterday I had a huge oral surgery: 3- teeth Removal with bone grafts, 2- implants. Honestly I’m a RN with same time was anxious about surgical process and specially anesthesia. Dr Raffi very professional and knows what he is doing. Everything was quick and easy with IV-sedation. Next day swelling was a lot witch is very normal after 5-teeth procedure in same day. Pain meds really help. Still in healing process. I will keep you updated latter. Also his staff are very caring, professional. Thank you Dr. Margossian, Natalie and Patty. Dr. Raffi Margossian is literally The Best!!!!

Mayis M. from Glendale, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Margossian had performed multiple surgeries on me. First time he put me to sleep and removed my 4 wisdom teeth. Then he preformed a dental implant with crown… Each of these procedures were painless, very well oriented, never felt so happy to a dental appointment like in this office.. The staff Is very professional, the office is always on point. Each time before surgery Dr. Margossian takes a moment to explain the procedure and he assures that everything is going to be fine. And He delivered EVERY time. He’s a true PROFESSIONAL.

Judy C. from Oak Park, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have pretty severe TMJ issues and I was given a referral to Dr. Margossian. He was very educated in my issues, and very helpful and accommodating when I asked questions regarding my condition, treatment options, etc. I was so happy to finally receive useful information, and possible treatment options I had NEVER been told about in the four plus years I have been treating for this condition, Also, when my time with him had concluded and I went back to the front desk to discuss setting a follow up appointment, Patty was so awesome and helpful and gave me so much information about the insurance coverage and absolutely anything else I asked about. All of his front office staff were friendly and helpful and made me feel at home on my very first visit to the office. I am so grateful to have found this office and will continue my treatment with Dr. Margossian for as long as he’ll have me! Thanks everyone!

Erin B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Like most people, I used to be terrified of the dentist. Key words: “used to be.” I woke up at about 4am on a Thursday with excruciating pain on the right side of my jaw. You see, I had been putting off getting my wisdom teeth removed for about 10 years (spare me the lecture). I decided that this time, the pain was just too much to handle. I decided to do a search on Yelp to find an oral surgeon, and (yay!) Dr. Margossian’s office accepted my insurance. I gave them a call that afternoon. The receptionist understood that I was in a lot of pain, so she scheduled me an appointment for 8am the next morning- without a referral AND as a new patient. Score! Already good news. She let me know not to eat or drink anything after midnight just in case the doctor had to do any extractions, which is exactly what I was banking on. I arrived the next morning to a beautiful office with a very warm and friendly staff. Needless to say, I was pretty anxious, but I felt really comfortable there. Not your typical dentist office. I filled out the necessary paperwork and got my X-ray done. Dr. Margossian said my bottom two wisdom teeth were partially impacted, the upper two were okay, and said he could perform surgery to do all 4 extractions that same day. He explained the procedure as well as the risks/complications involved, which I definitely appreciated. All I can honestly remember is Dr. Margossian inserting my IV (very painlessly and skillfully I might add- I’m a nurse so I would know), asking me how much I weighed so he could calculate how much medicine to push…and that’s it. The entire procedure took less than 30 minutes!! I had minimal swelling and went to a Maroon 5 concert the very next night. Felt amazing. No one believed I had oral surgery the day before, much less ALL 4 wisdom teeth removed. If I would have known how extremely easy the entire process was going to be, I  wouldn’t have put it off as long as I did. Don’t be scared, don’t be anxious. Dr. Margossian definitely knows what he’s doing. I would recommend him to everyone I know.


Dr. Margossian is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon and maxillofacial prosthodontist who has been in private practice in Burbank for more than 14 years. Dr. Margossian practices the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery. He’s an active staff member at St. Joseph Providence in Burbank and Glendale Adventist Hospital in Glendale. Dr. Margossian graduated from Indiana University School of Dentistry where he also specialized in maxillofacial prosthodontics. Following that he underwent the oral and maxillofacial surgery residency program at the University of Florida in Jacksonville and Gainesville. Following his residency program, Dr. Margossian underwent a fellowship program in facial reconstructive surgery at Missouri Baptist Hospital in St. Louis, MO.