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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Nicole H. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Phan is as good as it gets!!  She is the most wonderful dentist I have ever been to.  I have had a few dentists to compare to since I have moved quite a bit over the past 10 years, and she supersedes them all BY FAR!  I have referred my husband to her as well and he was blown away by the service and care he received during his visit.  He liked his original dentist of 10 years but decided to join Dr. Phan’s office so we could go together.  After his first initial visit, he told me that he would never visit another dentist again!  He thought his old dentist was great, then he met Dr. Phan and thought she was phenomenal.  We are both very pleased to have her as our dental provider and will begin taking our little girl there in 4 months when she turns one.  We are all going to go there and make this our family dentist for a VERY long time!  I highly recommend Dr. Phan as your dentist.  I actually look forward to my 6 month visit just to see her….now who can actually say they LOOK FORWARD to seeing their dentist of all people!! 🙂

K T. from Campbell, CA (Source: Yelp)


This will be lengthy.. My daughter & I came to Campbell Dental Care after our former dentist had retired. Dr. Phan and staff are all welcoming, professional, warm, and genuine. The office is clean and bright. From Girlie behind the front desk with her kind demeanor and happy smile, Jasmine & Stacie who always make sure I’m comfortable and are informative and helpful with all procedures, and Dr. Phan who is a no nonsense, scrupulously honest, funny, and passionate professional who treats you like family. All staff, in fact, are great conversationalists and make you feel comfortable and at ease. Thank you for that. On our first visit, my daughter had a cleaning and I had xrays done. As a nervous patient herself, she empathizes with us in the dental chair. Dr. Phan took great care to explain everything that I saw on the screen with my xrays and also her findings with my daughter, no surprises. She believes in giving her patients the choice to navigate their dental plan, but always giving her professional opinion. I really appreciated that. A dental plan is always provided in advance, which is extremely helpful when budgeting and planning ahead. Between my daughter and me, it’s going to be a long dental journey and we’re grateful to have Dr. Phan and staff by our side. My daughter, by the way, absolutely loves her. My second visit consisted of tackling, not one but, three potential crowns as well as a cleaning. Focusing solely on my experience with the procedures, so as to not write an entire novel, keep in mind that Girlie, Jasmine, and Stacie are always on top of their game. The cleaning went well, and my favorite part was the “microderabrasion” for your teeth with the peroxide(?) I’ve nevet seen my teeth get whiter from a regular cleaning before- but Dr. Phan has the latest & greatest tools. Next Dr. Phan began by explaining what was to be done regarding the crowns and proceded to numb me first with the gel, followed by an amazing high tech needle that vibrates as it injects novocaine into the exact places, with the precise amount needed. Fantastic! The entire time, Dr. Phan and assistants Jasmine & Stacie made sure I was comfortable and pain free- which I was, even managing to hold some good conversation throughout! Dr. Phan cleaned out all three teeth (and most likely saving me from a root canal- thank you), even filled in a cavity she found. After she finished the main issues, she explained that Stacie would be putting in my temporary crowns- as she had to move on to another patient. Stacie then carefully fitted me for my temporaries, and spending a good amount of time and effort to make sure they fit perfectly- thank you! Aftercare procedure were explained to me, and a follow up scheduled, before sending me back to work. My follow up visit went just as well. This time Dr. Phan did not use anything to numb me (my choice, of course) to fit my crowns. Again, she was very thorough at explaining everything that she and assistants Jasmine Stacie were going to do. I was a little nervous without anything to numb the pain I was anticipating, but Dr. Phan was so careful & gentle that I felt kind of silly for even thinking that it was going to hurt. Which to me, tells me my past experiences with dentists are just that- a thing of the past here at Campbell Dental Care. The only discomfort felt was when securing the crowns because the adhesive(?) was cooler than my teeth would’ve liked- but Dr. Phan had already told me that I may experience that. Again, no surprises. And, she being a perfectionist, my crowns were shaped to perfection and were aesthetically pleasing when I smiled. Today, I’m feeling no discomfort and have a brighter smile! Also, note that Dr. Phan is a one stop shop. I’m relieved to know that she does it all, and I won’t have to be referred elsewhere for any dental work. Thank you Campbell Dental Care! You all make a fantastic team, and my daughter & I appreciate you 🙂

Michael S. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Outstanding service from both Dr. Phan and her staff! I came here due to needing a new dentist and was not disappointed at all. Dr. Phan did a phenomenal job with inspecting my teeth and a deep cleaning of my gums (and thoroughly explained to me every step of the process). Dr Phan is extremely professional and well-equipped to deal with all sorts of dental issues. She (and her staff) was very helpful with getting me the care/treatment I needed–both my teeth and I are very happy with her work. I wholly trust Dr. Phan and will continue seeing her! I have recommended her to my family and friends and am confident that she will provide the same exceptional quality of service to them as well (and whoever else reads this review).

Y K. from CA, CA (Source: Yelp)


Highly recommended Dr. Phan and her office staff. Dr. Phan is the best dentist I’ve ever met. She and her friendly staff made me look forward to my dentist appointments! I didn’t know how low quality my other dental visits were until she came along. She is everything you would want in a dentist: a gentle touch, thorough, diligent, and a perfectionist. She does her own cleanings, fills cavities, offers orthodontic work, root canals, etc. She explains everything in great detail and was very patient in answering all my questions. She truly takes pride and honor in her work. She uses the latest technologies and methods. Her assistant, Stacy, is also very caring, upbeat and funny. They make a great team along with the front desk. During COVID-19, Dr. Phan’s office took the strictest precautions and communicated all new cleaning procedures, assuaging any concerns. Dr. Phan is dedicated to her patients and puts everyone at ease. During my first visit, she took an entire hour to explain how to properly care for my teeth and why flossing matters in a compassionate, productive way. It actually helped me change my dental habits because she was the first dentist in my 30+ years to care that much about my dental health. I really appreciated her as a kind-hearted person and a wonderful family dentist. I will miss her dearly after 2+ years as a patient. If you’re lucky enough to be in the Campbell area, book an appointment ASAP! My boyfriend and I wish she could still be our dentist but we had to relocate out of state or else we would have continued to see her until her retirement. She’s a true gem.

Dolores Rauscher (Source: Google)


Quality service with professionalism I been looking for a new Dentist, and I had a tooth that was bothering me and it needed immediate care. So I was pleasantly surprised that the same day I called within a couple hours they scheduled me in to be seen!! I had such a great experience for my first visit there. The place was clean and bright. All who was working there were friendly and helpful. And I was impressed with how knowledgeable Dr. Phan was about my specific issue with my teeth. She has this personality that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. We began chatting as if we had already known each other for quite sometime. I like how she explains everything before she begins any work on your teeth. She also gives her patients the opportunity to choose the best dental plan but also providing her professional opinion. Im so grateful for their prompt care and kindness! I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found my Dentist!!! Highly recommended !!!Less – Dolores R. 7/12/2018

Andrea Q. from Campbell, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Phan and her staff are amazing. I am so happy that she was recommended to me years back. She is not only an amazing dentist to me, but she also takes care of my husband and our children as well. She cares about her patients – not just your teeth – but you as a person so you get to experience her kindness in different ways. Dr. Phan talks to you about your treatment plan and explains everything thoroughly. She has state of the art dental technology, including digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, and laser dentistry. Her xrays are immediately on screen after taken, she has small cameras that she puts inside of your mouth to show you before and after pictures, and offers lazer teeth whitening treatment. The method for numbing your mouth/gums before a procedure is virtually painless, which is great, especially for children. Dr. Phan is also a perfectionist. She wants to do her very best for her patients and is not satisfied until you have the desired results. I have watched her with my young children also. She takes the time to make them feel comfortable and ease their minds when they are scared. She talks them through the entire process so that they know they are in good hands. I also appreciate her staff! Thank you for always taking such great care of us.

Susan J. from San Francisco Bay Area, CA (Source: Yelp)


BEST DENTIST EVER! I feel so lucky to see Dr. Phan and her staff team. There are tons of reasons to recommend Campbell Dental Care and Aesthetics! They offer excellent customer service. Dr. Phan and her whole staff team really take great care of patients. Every visit makes me feel like I’m going to a friend’s place where I had great chats with my friends. When I have any question, Dr. Phan and her whole team are always warmly and patiently to answer. Meanwhile, they really take good care of my insurance budget. Dr. Phan always make sure whether treatment has been covered. If I don’t have enough to cover, she will recommend to do next year. Dr. Phan has excellent professional expertise. I have been to several dentists before, but Dr. Phan is the best of the best. During every visit, Dr. Phan demonstrated her strong skills in every aspect: analyzing my teeth issues, creating treatment plan, executing the treatment without any pain (just fun), making sure I understand the issue, giving me useful advice, etc. Dr. Phan is detail-oriented and she always makes sure the issue has been completed fixed with her detailed documentation. I had terrible experiences with my previous dentists who didn’t identify my teeth problems or didn’t do a good job in the filling which make me to do the refill again. However, Dr. Phan recognized the issue during my first visit. Thanks to Dr. Phan. Without her, so many of my teeth issues are still out there. After every visit, I can exactly feel my teeth get much better (pretty and healthy). I fully trust her and 100% confidence in her expertise for my husband and myself. Again I feel so lucky to see Dr. Phan and strongly recommend this place to all my friends and family!

Anh Towne (Source: Google)


I’m extremely pleased with my visit to Dr. Phan’s office. I found her on a google search and feeling so blessed to make the right choice. I don’t like to go to dentists, but my experience at Dr. Phan’s office changed everything. On the first visit, Dr. Phan took the x-ray, studied my case, and spent extra time explained to me all the treatment plans with the cost and how long it would take. She offered me the best solutions with low cost which I really appreciated. Dr. Phan is a very professional, polite and compassionate person. During the cleaning process and filling, she was very tentative and caring, she kept checking with me if I were doing okay. She always makes sure I understand how to keep my teeth and gums in good health and genuinely cares about me and my wellness. The staff are friendly and informative as well. They helped me in and out and provided the estimate confirmed with my insurance prior the next visit. My experience here has been super pleasant and I highly highly recommend Dr. Phan.

Marijke Annis (Source: Google)


Dr. Phan is an excellent dentist. She actually spends time with her patients explaining the condition of their teeth and discussing prevention measures to perform at home as well as what she can do. She really wants her patients to care for their teeth in the best way possible. Her office has all the latest technology designed for the best care but also to make the patient comfortable. I came to Dr. Phan with 2 cavities and she filled them both with no discomfort to me as well as great results in terms of look and feel of the filling. My son also sees Dr. Phan and actually likes going to the dentist!

Anh T. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m extremely pleased with my visit to Dr. Phan’s office. I found her on a google search and feeling so blessed to make the right choice. I don’t like to go to dentists, but my experience at Dr. Phan’s office changed everything. On the first visit, Dr. Phan took the x-ray, studied my case, and spent extra time explained to me all the treatment plans with the cost and how long it would take. She offered me the best solutions with low cost which I really appreciated. Dr. Phan is a very professional, polite and compassionate person. During the cleaning process and filling, she was very tentative and caring, she kept checking with me if I were doing okay. She always makes sure I understand how to keep my teeth and gums in good health and genuinely cares about me and my wellness. The staff are friendly and informative. They helped me in and out and provided the estimate confirmed with my insurance prior the next visit. My experience here has been super pleasant and I highly highly recommend Dr. Phan.

Rachel W. from Mountain View, CA (Source: Yelp)


This was my first time back to the dentist in a few years and I was so nervous for my appt.  I was very worried I was going to end up with a mediocre dentist with very little bedside manners.  But I didn’t.  Dr. Phan has been the best dentist I’ve ever been to in my life!  She is outstanding!  She takes her time in explaining how things work, what happens next, and adapts to your needs as you go along.  I’m so happy with my choice.  Her office is quiet and relaxing.  She has a super office staff that make you feel welcome.  They also are very helpful in explaining how things work.  It’s so nice to go to a place where you’re not just a patient but actually a person.  They make you feel that good here.  I love it!  If you are anxious about seeing the dentist, go see Dr. Phan.  She and her staff are the best!  You won’t regret it!

Shareef Allman (Source: Facebook)


Dr. P is the sweetest Woman alive she shows true compassion for The dental industry. Coming in for my first teeth whitening my experience was pleasant, the staff was well-trained. I was greeted really well at the front desk and my appointment went smooth! They checked on me frequently which made me feel comfortable instead of leaving me in the seat to fry. Thanks girls !

Taythena L. from Los Gatos, CA (Source: Yelp)


My daughters and I came to see Campbell Dental Care and Aesthetics from a recommendation of a family friend. I had taken them to see a pediatric dentist who wanted to give them silver crowns for their front teeth. The dentist said that the the silver crowns would stay until the girls’ adult teeth came in. To me, every time they smiled, all you would see is a mouth full of metal. As a mother, I was quite distraught! Dr. Phan was the complete opposite. She was meticulous, worked on their teeth and filled each cavity with care and patience this was a much more difficult process but she sympathized and understood where I was coming from. No metal crowns or caps! Now the girls are doing ortho with Dr. Phan. One of my girls has a very complex ortho case, she has been super caring, and gentle with her, going beyond what is common practice to understand and plan her needs. I really love and appreciate that. As for myself, I have gotten everything from fillings, crowns, invisalign, and whitening done here. I fully trust Dr. Phan and have total confidence in her skills and treatment plan for children and myself. The staff are all super sweet and competent. Campbell Dental Care and Aesthetics is awesome because we can get ortho and dentistry in the same office. I am so glad I came here and definitely recommend this place to all my friends and family who ask!

Eric M. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


My sister started going to this dentist a couple years ago and referred my wife. Now my wife has encouraged me to give her a try. I am so happy I decided to change. She is the most informational dentist I have ever gone too. She really explains and shows you what is going on in your mouth and why you need what you need. The equipment is very high tech and helps you understand what’s going on. The whole staff is helpful and very kind. I highly recommend coming here.

Aaron A. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was recommended to Dr. Phan by a friend. I was hesitant at first because I’ve been to a few dentists and have had terrible experiences. When I got to Dr. Phan, the receptionist (Girly) made me feel right at home and they saw me right away. When I explained how the other dentists tended to my teeth, she was amazed and shocked that I was even put through that type of trauma. Dr. Phan carefully explained what needed to be done to get my teeth back on track. Her tools and procedures are state of the art, which reassured me that it was going to be a pleasant experience with the least amount of pain. I will continue to go to Dr. Phan for many years to come, and I’m grateful to have her as my dentist.

Jennifer Grimaldo (Source: Facebook)


Finished up my root canal and I thought for sure I was going to feel like crap and be in pain but nope when the meds wore off I felt great no pain and I even went to the gym after … all the staff there do a great job every one is nice the dental assistant Lexi always gets me roomed very quickly and does a great job.

Mike R. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Phan has been our dentist for over 10 years and she is just great.  She and her office staff are always very professional and friendly, and she is extremely competent and gentle.  We have had a full range of treatments from her, everything from cleanings to crowns, implants and root canals.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Cindy l. from Campbell, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Phan is a wonderful professional. She explains procedures, and the treatment is painless. My teeth look more beautiful. She treats our family members like family. My children were afraid to see any doctor, but they love to see Dr. Phan. She is also on truly listens to the patient. When you speak to her, she gives you her full attention and is involved in the conversation. Her office staffs are nice and friendly. I recommend Dr. Phan to my friends. She is a great dentist.

Jenny Yen (Source: Google)


I love Dr Phan! We started going to her office right when we had our first son, and four children later, we are still with her. We would not trust my family’s dental care to anyone else. She is detail-oriented and professional, and she always puts us at ease with all procedures. Her office is constantly updated with advanced instruments and equipments, and her staff are always friendly and pleasant.

Jerry M. from Campbell, CA (Source: Yelp)


Needing a new dentist, I scanned reviews and various information. After reviewing the data and knowing my dislike for going to dentist, I still struggled to decide where to go. Knowing my past poor dental experiences, I decided to factor in the info but decided I would make my choice based on “feeling” comfortable as I read. That lead me to choose Dr. Phan and Campbell Dental. Turned out to be a wise choice! Knowing I had some issues coming in, the whole team, was ready and welcomed me with open arms. We discussed the issues thoroughly and developed a treatment plan. Every detail was explained in detail and you could just sense the professionalism and concern for me. I expect the plan to work and I am extremely happy that I followed my “gut.” If you are looking for a new dentist, I can save you some time. Just come to Campbell Dental and begin your new dental health program!

J M. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Phan and her fun and friendly staff make “going to the dentist” a pleasant thing. Think about it… Has going to the dentist ever been a really fun thing?? I don’t think so! I have been seeing Dr. Phan for the last decade and she never ceases to amaze me. She is right on top of her game with all “state of the art” equipment and computer screens in each room. I thoroughly trust Dr. Phan’s judgement and if there is any doubt or questions about a procedure she is more than willing to take the time to explain all the details so you are able to make the necessary decisions. I have also found that Dr. Phan’s office runs on time and I feel like we’re all one big happy family….. Needless to say I am one who DOES NOT do pain… and Dr. Phan always makes sure that I am as comfortable as possiable….   always!!

Kaetyng C. from Santa Clara, CA (Source: Yelp)


Everyone here is super nice and Dr. Phan really cares about the heath of your teeth! At my old dentist, they never told me exactly what they were doing. I would just go in, do whatever they asked and leave. This practice is completely different and you can feel it the moment you walk into the room! Dr. Phan makes sure that you understand what’s going on when she’s working on your teeth and is sure to include your family when discussing what the potential issues are and next steps. She has conversations with you and makes you feel like a friend rather than just a patient. She’s very personable and you can tell she cares about the patient not just about money! She looked at each of my teeth, told me what could be wrong, which habits I need to correct and really breaks it down with you. So many issues that all my previous dentists never brought up! She makes sure you understand and take preventative measures before an issue gets worse. You can tell she loves what she does and that’s why it’ll benefit you so much. Give her a shot — you won’t be disappointed! 🙂 CONS Unfortunately, their prices are fairly high so even getting replacement fillings is very expensive and has cost me a fair amount out of pocket. They charge $416 for the white resin composite fillings where other dentists typically charge $150-200. This resulted in the bills racking up quickly. Quality is important to me, but my bank is taking a hit…

Celeste R. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Looking for a great dentist? Look no further. Look, having a great dentist is like having a great hairstylist – you never want to leave them, if at all possible, because they know about your teeth/hair like no one else and they take care of you. Dr. Phan is that kind of dentist. She has been my dentist for over 10 years. I can’t believe it has been that long! A few years ago she opened a beautiful new practice in Campbell, and she is the only dentist there. Her equipment is state of the art. My favorite things about her: she truly cares about you and your teeth – every time I come in, she remembers what is going on in my life and asks me about myself. She has a tiny camera on a wand so she can take a picture of your tooth and show you exactly what is wrong with it, and then she will explain how she is going to fix it. If she is going to be doing major work on your teeth, she has a video room where you can watch a video that explains what is happening with your teeth to make you in need of the procedure you are getting. It also explains the procedure and the aftercare. I like it because it makes you realize that she is trying to educate you about what your teeth are going through. Also, she tries to eliminate pain as much as possible. Her needle for Novocaine is motorized to deliver the numbing agent in a methodical way so that even the injection will be less painful. And if you feel any sensitivity during a procedure, let her know and she will give you as much Novocaine as possible to make sure you don’t feel a thing. Dr. Phan takes any insurance where you can pick your own dentist (PPO usually). I recommended Dr. Phan to my friend and she loves her as well! As a side note – the staff that works there is awesome. Girly is at the front desk and she is always nice and she takes her time to explain insurance information to you. Also, Dr. Phan’s assistant is the nicest, sweetest guy ever. Somehow they manage to make going to the dentist’s feel like going home!

Sarah McCready (Source: Google)


After my initial exam, I finally understood why my gums are receding and how to stop further damage. I had a deep cleaning and my gums feel so much better! I didn’t even realize that I was living with mildly inflamed gums, but after getting the cleaning, my eyes are opened. Bad morning breath WAY better (lets be real, its not totally gone, but at least it doesn’t smell horrible anymore. I will keep up my cleaning regime.) Thanks Dr. Phan for being thorough, kind, and understanding. Jasmine and other staff were also great in helping get my insurance figured out.

Sabrina S. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Campbell Dental Care has been my family’s dental practice since we moved to this area about 12 years ago. Prior to moving to San Jose, we lived in several states and have had as many dentists but none as exemplary as Dr. Catalina Phan. When we first began seeing Dr. Phan we had gum disease, mercury filled cavities, bad breath, crowns, and a host of other problems. I can honestly say that most of our issues have significantly improved, maybe even been totally eradicated.  Not only is she an excellent dentist but her staff is amazing. Most times I’m anxious about getting certain procedures done (yes, I have dental anxieties), Girlie and her staff put me at ease and always makes my dental appointments exactly what is it, a visit to see good ole’ friends. If you are looking for a dental practice that has a knowledgeable and courteous staff, a comforting atmosphere, use of cutting edge equipment and procedures, then this is the place for you. I encourage you to check out Campbell Dental Care. :~)

David T. from Campbell, CA (Source: Yelp)


Got Lucky! I was looking for a new dentist and decided that I hadn’t had very good luck looking on my own so I asked Delta Dental for a reference close to my home in Campbell and I “Got Lucky!” I received a very thorough talking to/education on how my teeth, gums, bones, etc. were doing (can’t remember all of it should have taken notes ha ha) from Dr. Catalina Phan. She was great. I don’t trust very easily but after questions and conversation I was feeling pretty good about my new dentist. Dr. Phan did a deep cleaning I’m still a little numb but the deep cleaning feels great. After my first visit I like/trust my new dentist. Her crew was pretty cool too. Lexy, and Girly. I hope I spelled everyone’s name correctly. Thanks much

Angel P. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Phan by far is the best Dentist I’ve ever been to. I’m a big scaredy cat when I have to have any dental procedure done. She is very gentle and explains everything she’s going to do. Dr. Phan is very particular and thorough in her work, she does not cut corners. The office is clean and inviting. I love Girlie front reception and Stacie Dr’s dental assistant. Every time I go in we’re always laughing about something. Another thing I love about Campbell Dental Care is the Aesthetics Dr. Phan offers. I’ve received Botox which at my age, makes me feel refreshed and a bit more youthful. Just last month Dr. had a Botox and filler( which had a discounted price) party with refreshments and music. We had a blast and got to meet some new people. I opted for Juvederm filler to add more of a plumped look. I’m 45 and have noticed in the last couple of years my face has gotten a bit hollow. Dr. Phan uses only the best products, no imposters, which is very important to me. I’ve been to others that say it’s the real product such and botox or Juvederm to find out it was something less affected. I don’t have small children anymore but I’ve seen the way Dr. Phan interacts with children, she pays extra time making them feel comfortable in a fun kid way. Kids hate the dentist… My 16 year old daughter loves Dr. Phan as well. I would highly recommended Dr. Phan for anyone looking for a dentist that truly cares about the health of your teeth. Thanks again Campbell Dental Care & aesthetics. Another satisfied customer.

Lexy T. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


So I’ve been working at Dr. Phan’s office for about 6 months now and I’m so happy to be a part of the team. I’ve worked for a few dentists before her but she is by far the most caring and most like-able.  Not only that, but she’s really good at what she does. She takes the best care of her patients and staff! Girlie and Stacie are such a pleasure to work with and so helpful, I couldn’t ask for a better workplace. Our patients are truly wonderful people, so friendly and delightful.  They absolutely love Dr. Phan and appreciate all her hard work. I just wanted to say some kind words to show how grateful I am and I hope to be a part of this family for many more years to come. If you need a great dentist I would recommend joining our practice, Campbell Dental Care and Aesthetics.

Everett Perrault (Source: Google)


I have been coming to Dr. Phan for several years now and I have always had very professional service! Dr. Phan and her staff are very diligent in their work and stride for excellence. The dental office is set up very nicely and fitted with very advanced dental tools and equipment. Education with any field of work is important and Dr. Phan proudly displays her numerous degrees and certificates on her office walls. Dr. Phan not only works on my teeth but my parents as well. I highly recommend Campbell Dental Care!

Sona Sahar (Source: Google)


Catalina Phan is an amazing dentist, she truly cares about her patients and wont let you leave her office without you fully being satisfied. I’ve been to a few dentist in the area but no one can come close to Dr. Catalina’s work she not only focuses on your teeth but your overall health. When I imagine someone who is smart,caring and works hard Catalina comes to my mind and the best decision Ive made is going to her as my dentist. I feel safe knowing Im in good hands and my teeth will always be healthy but look amazing at the same time!!! Overall I would give her a 10/10 Im very amazed of her work Ive had a chip tooth and she repaired it right when I came into her office while the dentists that I’ve been to in the past didnt care to fix it, years have passed and my chip tooth is the exact same and I cant believe that 8 years have past and my teeth are amazing and I couldnt be any happier. Her overall focus is on your teeth and giving you genuine advice on how to take care of your teeth. You can go to any dentist in san jose / campbell area but Dr. Catalinas work has amazed me and I’m happy I chose her as my dentist !!:)

Michelle P. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been to more than my fair share of dentists in my life, and I am so grateful to have found Dr. Phan. From my very first visit, I have felt comfortable and well cared for. She clearly has a passion for her work and a passion for her patients. She always takes the time to explain what she is seeing and to talk to me about her recommendations. I am part of the care plan and the plan is long term. She teaches me how to improve my dental care at home and considers all of my health needs. I know that she has my best interests at heart and takes the utmost pride in her work. I’ve been asked on quite a few occasions if I could recommend a dentist and I am proud to recommend Dr. Phan. She and her staff are the very best.

Karen G. from Burke, VA (Source: Yelp)


I have moved over 13 times in my life and have, therefore, been a patient of several dentists. Moreover, I grew up with a Dad who held a career as a Dentist and so I am extremely aware of the importance of oral health. I can say with all honesty that Dr. Phan is without a doubt the most gentle and brilliant dentist I have ever come across; she is peerless. Both my husband and I are confident in her assessment and treatment of all our dental concerns, and have entrusted her with the oral care for all of our four children. Dr. Phan runs an office centered by warm professionalism and flanked by up-to-the-minute modern technology and amenities; she caters to the broadest spectrum of oral needs and possibilities that I have ever seen. Dr. Phan works with the utmost precision, and has an eye for spotting concern areas which many dentists overlook. I could go on and on, but will summarize by recommending Dr. Phan, hand’s down, to any person in search of the top professional in her field. Dr. Catalina Phan is a game-changing dentist that patients go to see and never look back! Karen G

T C. from Campbell, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m hesitant to write this review because I want to keep Dr. Phan for myself, but she does deserve a 5 star review especially after what she’s done for me. I left my dentist and periodontist of 7 years that caused my bite to misalign. I was only able to chew with my back molars, my front teeth did not meet and rendered useless, and back molars started wiggling. I found Dr. Phan 3 years ago and I’m very glad I did because I got my bite back! She made me her pet project, consulted with several dentists, made a mold of my teeth to tinker with, and set up a plan. One extraction, two crowns, and occlusal adjustments later and I am back to chewing with all but my front teeth (that might need braces). It’s a tremendous improvement and I am eternally grateful! She also referred me to an excellent periodontist. My teeth are healthy and I’m happy! She’s kind and passionate about her practice. She definitely went above and beyond for my care. She and Girlie always made me feel welcomed at every visit. Girlie is very friendly, resourceful, professional, and explains the details/payment/insurance well. Dr. Phan remembers my kids and what we talked about in the past. I always felt like I could talk to her like family. She is very up-to-date in the latest and greatest dentistry methods and always finding new ways to improve her practice, such as, attending classes/training/conventions and acquiring new tools (lasering, polishing, etc). There seems to be something new up her sleeve when I visit. I would highly recommend her.

Traci M. from San Mateo, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Phan is so worth the drive. I live is Redwood City and I would not make the drive to Campbell if it was not worth it.  Let me tell you how amazing Dr. Phan and her office staff are!  Dr. Phan is so knowledgeable about everything that she dose. She takes her time to make sure you know what she is doing and why every step of your visit.  My daughter has had a lot of work done recently and not once has my daughter not been aware of what the procedure was or why it was being done.  Girle is kind and very helpful with paperwork and scheduling appointments.  I would highly recommend Dr. Phan for all your dental care needs.

Diane Y. from Campbell, CA (Source: Yelp)


The BEST dentist for patients with fears of dentists and past painful examines/procedures..she is a dentist with REAL compassion, gentle, respectful and communicates with such kindness. She has great cutting edge dental skills with procedures and exams. She has state of the art equipment and painless dentistry. Dr. Phan, Girlie and her entire staff treated me with such reassurance before the procedure, during and post procedure, along with my several calls to Girlie prior..anyone with fears or phobia of dentists must call Girlie for appointment and Dr. Phan will listen to your concerns and make a plan..thank you Dr. Phan and staff, you are the best dentist and deserve more than five stars…Diane