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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Cardinal Roofing (Source: Google)


My son challenged me to get braces with him as I have always been shy about my bottom teeth and he wanted his overall smile to look better. So I took the challenge with him a little over 2 years ago and it was the best decision we made. He got his braces off last month and I am almost there and I feel great. I am much more confident with my results and I smile constantly. The staff and both Dr. C’s at Canales Orthodontist in Gardendale are amazing. They have positive attitudes, clean facility and always willing to work us in if we have a broken bracket or need adjusting. They are top notch!!!! I highly recommend scheduling a consultation. Ethan and Candice Canterberry

Britney Swann (Source: Google)


So glad I chose Canales for my braces! The staff is so sweet and always quick! I’ve never waited very long, always able to get an appointment that works for my schedule and love the process so far. Doctors Chris and Angie are wonderful. I’ve seen both throughout my course of treatment and both bring so much joy to what they do! From the comfort of their facility, the music playing and even the train!!! So happy to be a Canales patient and will give them a top referral anytime I can!

Mallory May Quincey (Source: Facebook)


There are not enough wonderful things that can be said about Canales orthodontics. Dr. Chris & Dr. Angie, along with their entire team, go above and beyond for every single patient. Within only 5 minutes of knowing them, I was treated like family. I am currently 25 years old, and I had braces before as a child. But even after their removal in the 6th grade, I still felt self-conscious about my smile knowing as I got older that something still did not look right. I got several opinions at multiple orthodontic offices around Birmingham, but everyone kept saying I would have to wear braces again for 3-5 years. However, no one was giving me an explanation about why something still looked wrong with my smile even after 3 years of braces, wearing my retainer appropriately, and taking good care of my teeth . Drs. Canales were the only doctors to really look into the problem. They immediately realized that I had a jaw issue that needed to be corrected surgically accompanied by a short orthodontic treatment. Now, after the surgery and a quick year in braces, I have never felt better. I can actually smile confidently knowing that my teeth look more beautiful than ever. After 13 years of being embarrassed and wondering why it looked that way, this excellent staff gave me the smile I have always dreamed of having. I will never be able to thank them enough!

Dreama T (Source: Google)


Great place to get your teeth looked at or fixed to have that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Staff is super helpful, professional, and nice. They are great with kids. Both orthodontists are patient, kind, and know their stuff. As they look at your teeth they are talking to you the whole time and informing you of what they are doing. They give you a treatment plan that is reasonably priced and they make sure you fully understand the process as well as what is included. I would 110% roccomend. They are an amazing team.

Elaine Covington (Source: Google)


My daughter dentist recommended Canales Orthodontics to us and I can I be more than happy that she did. The staff and doctors are exceptional! They are so helpful and accommodating. They do a great job creating a welcoming facility. The make us feel like part of the family! My daughter always come out just as happy with her bands on, a different color every time. No matter what situation you run into they are always helping you work it out. I recommend coming to see them for any of your orthodontic needs!

Tinker Rogers (Source: Google)


My daughter started with Canales in November. They have made this an easy and comfortable experience for her. They are extremely personable and caring. We even receive follow-up calls to check on our sweet girl after appointments. I would highly recommend that anyone make Canales their choice as an orthodontist.

Catherine Romero (Source: Google)


We absolutely love Canales Orthodontics!! My oldest will need to have jaw surgery and the team at Canales has been instrumental in planning and coordinating orthodontia needs with the oral surgeon. Cannot say enough good things about Dr. C and Dr. A – they genuinely care! The staff is super friendly and it’s an added bonus that I get to watch HGTV in the waiting room 🙂

Susan Cox (Source: Google)


I love Canales Orthodontics. They are a great. They are friendly and so helpful. From the moment I walked in to the office they were helpful and knowledgeable and friendly. I am adult in braces and they have always made it easy and they always make sure that I am happy when I leave. I love the staff and the doctors there. They make me look forward to going each and every month.

Angela Poe (Source: Google)


Friendly staff, they get you in at your appointment time and each visit is pretty quick! My daughter’s teeth are looking beautiful and she just has a few more months in braces! Also, I love that they are conservative and want to only put one set of braces on if possible. We are very happy with Canales Orthodontists and have recommended to friends!

Ashton Reese (Source: Google)


Our dentist had been telling us for the last few years that our son needed to see an orthodontist because of a tooth. We’d actually seen one and were told he needed braces, we were dreading braces, especially the expense. Because I had braces myself I was prepared for all of the normal braces stuff with my son. Dr. Canales (both of them) are so wonderful! Instead of braces they suggested an appliance to push his tooth where it’s supposed to be. It was much less expensive and he wont need it for too long. I would highly recommend them, they look at what’s best for the patient not just getting braces on everyone (unlike some other orthodontists) We’re more than pleased with our experience!

Wendy Oaks (Source: Google)


I have been with Canales over a year as a cash pay patient. They have been working hard to get a canine in place that has been hiding a very long time! We have gone over my estimated treatment time, but I don’t owe anything extra because of my stubborn tooth. I love the entire staff…they are fun loving and really care! I would recommend them over and over! And I forgot to mention…rarely do I get a chance to sit in the waiting area, they are usually ready for me to come on back!

Cindy Aaron (Source: Google)


Awesome first time experience! Everyone is so nice from the beginning of your visit until the end. Dr. C explained everything in detail to us. He was very compassionate and answered all of our questions in detail. I have several friends that also bring their children here and I feel like I have made the right choice for my son.

Zane Powell (Source: Google)


We moved from another state to Alabama and Canales Orthodontics was recommended by family. From the time we walked in the door everyone of the staff and the Orthodonist was friendly. They made sure I was comfortable and answered all my questions. I can’t wait to continue my treatment here.

Amandad Tucker (Source: Google)


Both Dr.A and Dr. C were wonderful to me. Autumn and Sabrina always have a smile on their face when you walk in the door. You feel like family and not just another patient. As an adult a lot of people do not want to get braces but these guys made it joyable. My teeth look fantastic and I would not have let anyone else or would I recommend anyone else. If you want a top notch team this is the place to go to!

Israel Cassimiro (Source: Google)


We have been extremely pleased with with the service that we have received from Canales Orthodontics. Dr. C does an outstanding job explaining the treatment protocols and what we should expect going forward with my daughter’s jaw expander . It is very obvious that he genuinely cares about his patients. My daughter’s teeth and smile look beautiful thanks to Dr. C at the team of Canales Orthodontics!

Lori Webb (Source: Facebook)


Although my son is the only one receiving orthodontic treatment, we ALL love going. Wonderful kid friendly atmosphere with entertainment for siblings while they wait. Always a relatively quick appointments that are ON TIME. And the staff is out of this world. They only recommend care that is necessary not what is most expensive. I highly recommend Canales Orthodontics for your orthodontic needs.

Weslie Johnstone (Source: Google)


We are so happy with Canales Orthodontist. They are the most nicest and honest office that we have visited. Both of our children have been to Dr. Canales for several years and they didn’t pressure us to put braces on, ever! When it was time, they sat down and gave us all the options. We didn’t “shop around” for other orthodontist because we knew that this was the best fit for our family. I would highly recommend Dr. Canales! ~Kelly Johnstone

Jim Beckner (Source: Google)


My daughter has braces through Canales Orthodontics. On her initial visit, she felt at peace with the doctor and felt like she was safe and cared for. After that initial visit, we chose Canales for her braces and have not been disappointed. They listen to her and us. They chose the best way to help her and we are thoroughly satisfied. We would highly recommend them and already have.

Matthew Wilson (Source: Google)


AWESOME group of people! I have 2 daughters in braces and so glad we chose Canales for them! Everyone is super sweet and worked with me to get them both in braces at the same time. Dr. C even called to make sure they were doing ok a few days after the braces went on! Top Notch! I have already recommended a few people there for braces. LOVE THEM!

Theresa Fuller (Source: Google)


Another parent recommended Canales Orthodontics when I complimented her son’s beautiful smile during a sporting event our sons were participating. She raved about how wonderful they were and I agree 100% now. My son and I first met Dr Chris at the Alabaster location a couple years ago for his initial assessment. I was very impressed. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Ben was not able to actually begin his orthodontic journey until March 2018. I cannot say how wonderful the staff is at both locations. At my request, Treatment Coordinators Autumn and Kristi did follow-up calls to check in on us every few months. Not in a high pressure sales tactic for treatment, but with genuine concern for another human being during that two years lapse. True Christian examples at work in these offices. Our second meeting with Dr C was at the Gardendale location. If you are rail fan, like my son, you’ll love the model train tracks suspended from the ceiling running via “tunnels” between the rooms of the office. The model train makes its rounds and I’m sure helps distract any anxious patients with its journey. Since Ben had grown significantly since the first visit, new x-rays were done to assess his current orthodontic needs. It was determined that my teenager needed 8 permanent teeth removed, 4 of those being his wisdom teeth. Dr C referred us to oral surgeon Dr Holmes (also in Gardendale) to do the honors. (Another excellent group, by the way.) Treatment Coordinator Lena was able to go over all the “business” part of the meeting regarding insurance and payment plans. She was very knowledgeable and helpful on navigating me through all my concerns. After a couple weeks of recovery from oral surgery, Dr Angie placed the braces on Ben. She went over everything with both of us and answered all our questions. She reminded us to call them if we ever had any concerns or problems. We’re three months into treatment and just saw Dr A this week. She made another adjustment and added new brackets and springs. She is very encouraged by the progress of his treatment. So is my family. When told that Ben was playing basketball this summer, they made sure to give him a mouth guard to help protect him. I highly recommend Canales Orthodontics. Everyone I’ve met has been very upbeat, positive and professional. They seem to sincerely care for each and every patient in their care. I appreciate them very much.

Alex Coleman (Source: Google)


As a parent of 3 kids, I can honestly say that you will never find a more caring group of professionals to walk your child through the uncertainty of having braces as Dr Angie & Chris Canales and their staff. My oldest son was referred to a different orthodontist and we were unhappy with the care and communication. When it was time to get braces for my daughter, I was so glad to hear about Canales Orthodontics. They exceeded my expectations, and my daughter had the best experience. She was also thrilled when she was offered a job to work as an assistant there for the summer. Now my 12 year old is counting down the months until she will be able to be fitted for braces. We have been blessed, as a family, to have the opportunity to be under Dr. A and Dr. C’s care. Thank you so much for all you do for your patients.

Wendy Werth (Source: Google)


I was referred to Canales Ortho from my daughter’s dentist, and couldn’t be more HAPPY! They are so helpful with pricing & payment plan, and have the most friendly staff at the Alabaster location (that’s the only location we have been to). They also let me know as a parent how well my daughter is brushing and/or if she needs to step up the flossing & so on. AND… we ALWAYS are treated very well & my daughter is beyond happy that we chose Canales for her orthodontist. AND…one last thing, they have the most gorgeous décor and so clean…you could eat off the floor! THANKS CANALES ORTHO…YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST!!!

Jamie Knight (Source: Google)


All of the staff is wonderful at Canales Orthodontics. They really put my 10 year old child at ease and made her excited about head gear! She is now 12 years old and has a beautiful smile!! I plan to use them again for my youngest child if she ends up needing their services. Super friendly doctors and staff and they do everything they can to work with you financially as well! I highly recommend!!

Cheryl Perault (Source: Google)


We go to the Alabaster location and love the doctors and staff. They are so nice and friendly. My kids feel very comfortable with everyone there and I appreciate the time they take to make each visit personal. They are very knowledgeable and have taken a conservative approach to the orthodontic treatments they have recommended. They offer flexibility with payments which has helped also! I highly recommend Canales Orthodontics!

Jessica Willey (Source: Google)


Our daughter had braces from another local orthodontist, but for our son’s very complicated mouth our dentist recommended Canales. This is the place for us…LEAGUES above the others! The staff makes you feel like family from day one. Doctor A explains each step of the process so clearly! I always leave feeling like I understand what she did, why and what our next step will be. She even called us about a week after getting braces just to check on our son. She also met us at the office on her day off to replace a broken piece! I cannot say enough good things about them! We will definitely use Canales for our other two sons and recommend them to anyone we know! Amazing!!

Natalie Doerfler (Source: Google)


I got my braces off a few weeks ago so I’ve been at canales for about a year and a half. They are always positive and happy to see you. If you have a schedule conflict with your appointment you can call and get it changed very easily, unlike other orthodontists. I was thrilled with my results. 10/10 would recommend. 🙂

Lou Francies (Source: Google)


My daughter has been going there for about a year now and I can honestly say that it has been a great experience. We shopped around in Birmingham and they had they best prices. Everyone is so nice and easy to work with. We have had to reschedule because of conflicts and they were very accommodating. I would highly recommend them.

Cherry Kelly (Source:Google)


My 7 year old was referred to this office by her regular dentist. At her first visit last week she was a little nervous but the staff was very patient with her as she had her evaluation and made her feel at ease. They were also very helpful helping me to understand insurance coverage and payment options available. Extremely pleased with our time here.

Holly Edwards (Source: Google)


Best orthodontist around!! The staff are absolutley amazing as well. My daughter has been coming to Dr. Canales for 5 years because she had some major issues. He has made her smile beautiful and gave her all the confidence in the world. They treat you like family and are willing to work with you in anyway they can. They are so great that when i moved 2 hours away , I still drive to bring my daughter to her appointments with Dr. Canales! Simply the best!

Kelli Smith (Source: Google)


The Canales were recommended to us by our family dentist and we have been pleased with them at every turn. My eldest has an advanced case requiring oral surgery and both Dr. A and Dr. C have put him at ease about the future. Their chair-side manner is awesome! He is actually looking forward to working with them so that his teeth look and perform their best.

Dawn Johnson (Source: Google)


GARDENDALE, AL OFFICE. – Both Dr. Cs are absolutely wonderful. My daughter felt comfortable and at ease under their care. The office staff and assistants were caring and helpful. Even when the insurance benefits company were not the most cooperative, Canales took the time to help sort it all out. I would recommend them to every one. –

Pam Capps (Source: Google)


Our child’s dentist recommend, Canales to us. Went to the Gardendale Office, we loved it the office. staff was so friendly took time to answer all our questions we never felt rush. From the frist day of braces to present, she has never complained they will tell us that she may have a little discomfort, but so far pain free. The office is so charming, clean, neat and has really good magazines. I would recommend Canales to any one with a child that need’s braces, or any special need with their teeth.

Olivia Pate (Source: Google)


i love canales orthodontics! it is amazing, the staff and the doctors! i always feel welcome and appreciated, even though my mom works there i dont feel like i am treated special. i feel as though im treated like everyone else, which is the way i wanted it to be! i havent had my braces long , but during the time i have had them ihave been very pleased at how the treat the patients!

Jenny Alcerro (Source: Google)


As long as I’ve been with Dr. A and Dr. C, they’ve always been there when I needed them and if something was wrong, they were always understandable. When I was suppose to got my braces off, I told them I didn’t like how my teeth was and they made sure I was happy and did some extra work to them and now my teeth looks so much better! They make sure I was happy and any concerns I had, I could always come and talk to them! I would definitely recommend this orthodontist to any and everyone!! This family own company is the best that I ever seen! I most definitely love their stars!! They make you feel right at home!! And you don’t wait long hours either!

Rachel Hatcher (Source: Google)


Our daughter is a fairly new patient with Canales Orthodontics. We already feel like we are a part of their family! We came to Dr. Canales with our heart on our sleeve and a bad previous experience still fresh in our minds. We came to Canales seeking help for our daughters’ rare and challenging situation. Dr. Canales put our worries at ease while presenting a clear and concise treatment plan. The Gardendale office staff is wonderful; always friendly and extremely helpful. We are indeed very thankful for Canales Orthodontics!