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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

True T. from Commerce, GA (Source: Yelp)


I drive over the road and cannot commit to appointments months in advance. I stopped in Denver at an “emergency” dental office. After spending an hour there, the dentist could not help me and did not give me much hope. In Salt Lake, I contacted Canyon Rim Dental. I explained my situation and they agreed to see me that day even though they were busy. In 55 years of going to the dentist, these were by far the nicest and best staff I have ever dealt with. They genuinely care about you without judgement. Dr. Delahunty spent time with me without rushing and explained what needed to be done. Where the prior dentist told me I would need extractions, Dr. Delahunty suggested rebuilding 2 teeth and putting in crowns. We made a plan and the next day, the great people of Canyon Rim Dental took care of my issues. The hygienist also worked through her lunch to provide a much needed cleaning. Again, no judgement on their part. I have to reiterate something, from the administration, the assistants, the hygienist, and more importantly Dr. Delahunty, these are the nicest and most caring people you will ever deal with. They make you feel beyond comfortable and walk you through each step of the process. Moving forward, I will only get my dental work done at Canyon in Salt Lake even if I need to fly in. It is well worth the cost of a Southwest ticket. For the first time in my life, I am actually looking forward to getting my dental work completed.

Paul Molnar (Source: Google)


One amazing team that really cares! Our company moves events all over the country. Unfortunately, I cannot schedule Dental appointments in advance. I was having issues with my teeth and was going to be in SLC for a few days. I contacted Canyon Rim Dental. The staff spoke to Dr. Sam and were able to work me in that day. Dr. Sam took the time to clearly explain what needed to be done in both the short and long term. They were able to work me in that day and the next for a wisdom tooth extraction, two crowns and a cleaning. Dr. Sam even told me exactly how long I would be there so I could plan my work around my appointment. This team is second to none! They are outstanding, very personable and do not judge. Moving forward, I will only get my dental work done at Canyon Rim Dental in SLC.

Jan Petersen Forsey (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Delahunty is a fantastic dentist and does excellent dental work. He cares about his patients and has a great chair side manner! Another important thing is he is trained and experienced in other areas such as implants, root canals, gum grafting and more so you can be seen by one person instead of two or three others for these needs. Make an appointment. You will be really glad you did. And his hygienists, dental assistants, and office staff are great.

McKena Breeze Bridwell (Source: Facebook)


Canyon Rim Dental is by the far the best dental office I have been too. I would highly recommend it to any one of my family or friends. They are very focused on putting the needs of the patients first and are all super friendly! If you’re looking for a new dentist then this is definitely where you should go. Thanks Canyon Rim Dental for being awesome!

Alexa Hammett (Source: Google)


I’m a student at the U of U and in my Pre-Dental under grad studies class Dr. Sam A Delahunty presented a slide show of what his work is like and essentially was showing “why dentistry?”. He shared photos and the story of the patients he has worked on. I really enjoyed that he included his family in his presentation. It just goes to show you that its not all about the work that someone does but also the lives they touch and even their own life with the self gratification of knowing that they really helped change someones life for the better. 🙂

Alyssa Monson (Source: Facebook)


I have gone to Canyon Rim my entire life! They have amazing customer service and I love all the people who work there! They are always so kind and fun to talk to and make you feel welcome and wanted. I always leave knowing that my teeth are well cared for.

Suzanne H. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


I finally found a dental professional I can trust! Dr. Delahunty and his friendly team at Canyon Rim Dental deliver the highest level of care. Their comprehensive range of services and modern technology conquered my challenging oral needs including gum surgery, dental implants and a complete crown overhaul. Best of all is Dr. Delahunty’s compassionate and caring chairside manner. He takes the time to communicate and follows up after every procedure. His positive and personalized attention put all of my dental fears to rest. Our family will stay with him forever. The bottom line: A beautiful and healthy smile + new confidence + peace of mind = Priceless.

Laura Mauer (Source: Google)


Dr. Sam and his staff are amazing! I have had almost every procedure possible this summer, an extraction, crowns and a few cavities filled. Normally it would have been the worst summer on record, however, everyone at Canyon Rim Dental has made my experience pleasant. Each member of the staff is genuinely kind and considerate. At no time have I been allowed to be uncomfortable, or feel any pain whatsoever. I have had all my questions answered, concerns addressed and always know what is next. Dr. Sam has also called several times after appointments to check and make sure I was feeling well. They genuinely care for their patients. I cannot recommend Canyon Rim highly enough.

Nathaniel Hogan (Source: Google)


Having not lived in the area for a long time, and suddenly experiencing some of the worst pain of my life, I desperately reached out to Canyon Rim Dental. Amy worked to fit me in quickly and Dr. Delahunty’s service couldn’t have been more professional and timely! I have been back since for a cleaning and checkup along with the rest of my family. I am happy to have found my family’s dentist. I would recommend Canyon Rim Dental to anyone.

Sarah Roberts (Source: Facebook)


I just love Canyon Rim Dental! Darron Taylor had been my dentist since I was a little girl up until this last year when he retired. Over ten years ago I had veneers put on due to some poor teeth genes and bad scars from braces. I still get compliments on how perfect my teeth are and they are so surprised when I tell them they are veneers! I will always be grateful to you Darron for making my smile beautiful! This past year I have been seeing Sam Delahunty and while I was nervous at first to have a different dentist, Sam has maintained the high standards and beautiful work I have grown to love about Canyon Rim Dental. He is wonderful at communicating and I appreciate how he explains everything he will be doing when I need work done. And I can’t forget my Trista and the office staff! Trista has been cleaning my teeth, along with several of my family members, for years and years. Our conversations usually start right where we left off at six months prior. I am thankful for always being greeted warmly by the office staff and for everyone’s professionalism and kindness

Rick Wey (Source: Google)


What an amazing experience! Dr. Sam Delahunty and his staff are the best! They truly care about their patients and a few hours after my appointment I received a call from Dr. Sam himself checking in to see if there were any complications (there weren’t any at all). They care about their patients and it shows! For years I have been unable to fully smile due to the condition of my teeth and Dr. Sam is helping me get back on track to be proud of my smile again. To everyone at Canyon Rim Dental, thank you for everything!!

Suzanne Hardy (Source: Google)


I finally found a dental professional I can trust! Dr. Delahunty and his friendly team at Canyon Rim Dental deliver the highest level of care. Their comprehensive range of services and modern technology conquered my challenging oral needs including gum surgery, dental implants and a complete crown overhaul. Best of all is Dr. Delahunty’s compassionate and caring chairside manner. He takes the time to communicate and follows up after every procedure. His positive and personalized attention put all of my dental fears to rest. Our family will stay with him forever. The bottom line: A beautiful and healthy smile + new confidence + peace of mind = Priceless.

Kate Walker (Source: Google)


Dental care and a bright smile is important to me and for my family! This is the place where that is achieved! I have been a Canyon Rim patient for over 25 years and have no plans to change. The staff is friendly, caring and accommodating. You receive top notch treatment…because they care. You never leave feeling your money is more important than your care. On several occasions I have received after-hour calls from Dr. Sam to check on me/my family after we had been in for a checkup or procedure. THAT is PHENOMENAL care!

Josh Crawley (Source: Google)


I have had some terrible experiences with dentists, so I am a bit skeptical when I have to get work done whether the dentist is going to be good or not. Dr. Delahunty was incredibly friendly and did an amazing job – the staff was super nice and helpful! If you are looking for a dentist who actually cares and has some awesome bedside manner- Canyon Rim Dental is the place!

Weston Beck (Source: Google)


I recently had to have some work done with Dr Sam Delahunty to repair some failed work done by a previous dentist. His work is excellent I feel like he had all the latest tools and techniques. The 3d imaging is awesome! He explained the problems and procedure to me so I felt comfortable. As a dentist I feel like he goes above and beyond! I’m very happy with all the work I had done from Sam and his staff at canyon rim dental.

Chelsey Gaetz (Source: Facebook)


I absolutely love canyon rim dental! Trista is absolutely amazing at getting my teeth clean And makes everyone feel special by remembering their name and things about their life! Dr Delahunty is so knowledgeable! I left canyon rim dental due to them not being in my new dental insurance plan and missed them so much that I came back and pay extra for out of network costs! You will not regret coming here!

Janet Wolcott (Source: Google)


I highly recommend getting your dental care at Canyon Rim. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Delahunty are the most skilled and efficient professionals and show that they truly care for their patients’ needs. Trista does a wonderful job of cleaning my teeth and giving me those necessary reminders to floss. Love all the gals and assistants there too! I have been a patient for a very long time and would not consider going anywhere else.

Jared Weese (Source: Google)


Excellent experience sums it up pretty nicely; however, more explanation is needed to really drive home my great experience. Dr. Sam and his team were all very professional and also very welcoming. I had a rather complicated procedure which was coordinated with doctors from out of state as I moved to Utah mid process. Everything went very smoothly, and my smile has been restored to it’s previous state. I really appreciated the fact that Dr. Sam provided a follow up call to ensure everything was going well and I feeling ok. One important aspect which can’t go without mentioning was that Dr. Sam and his team took the time to explain the procedures very well, and also physically show me what they were dealing with. This provided the reassurance that I was being cared for by a team of people with in depth knowledge and a sound understanding of what it takes to do a great job. I would recommend Canyon Rim Dental to anyone looking for a dentist office of the highest quality, professionalism, and genuine patient care.

Katie Osguthorpe (Source: Google)


I am severely terrified of needles and any type of dental procedure. The team at Canyon Rim were so amazing to work with. Even though I was a basket case and dropped a few choice words (simply due to anxiety), they treated me with respect and professionalism. The shots were nothing and I can honestly say I have never had that experience. I truly appreciate their care and patient care. I cannot recommend them enough!

Stefanie (Source: Google)


I’ve had a few dentists in my lifetime, but I’ve never been so impressed then I am with Canyon Rim Dental. The staff is fantastic, I’ve learned things about caring for my teeth from the hygienists that I probably should have already known, but never did. They are friendly and helpful. Dr Delahunty is kind and knowledgeable, he takes time to explain any concerns or procedures. He makes sure your comfortable during a procedure and out of all the numbing shots I’ve had (which are many) his are by far less painful, I don’t know how he does it, but I swear it doesn’t hurt as bad as other dentists I’ve had. He also put a crown on my then 5 year old son and fixed a few cavities for him. He was so good with my son and helped him stay clam and it was overall such a great experience for him too.

Shelley C. from Sandy, UT (Source: Yelp)


I am extremely picky and selecting a dentist was a challenge, especially for my kids. This office came recommended from the heights of the University of Utah dental program. But what really surprised me was just how good Dr. Delahunty was with kids. We’d used a pediatric dentist (Burg) and I was pretty disappointed with how awful the experience of an actual cavity fill was with them. I decided to “graduate” my kids to the real dentist because I realized the “hygenists” at Burg weren’t actually hygenists (they are dental assistants and are legally allowed to basically just brush their teeth, no scaling). When it came time for a cavity fill, I was blown away by how good Dr. Delahunty was. He had all these little tricks (“accidentally” shining his headlamp in my child’s line of sight to keep him from seeing the needle, just genius). My child also has a super strong gag reflex and instead of wanting to dose him with some pretty heavy meds (Demerol, mixed with a few other other things was the Burg solution.) Dr. Delahunty told him to wiggle his toes when he felt gaggy. It totally worked and I didn’t have to feel like I was creating a future addict in the process. They are slightly more expensive because they do not match insurance prices but I’d pay just about anything for true expertise because, as an adult, you only get one set of teeth. At least that’s how I see it. They do bill insurance, and then they direct the payment to go straight to the patient.

Suzy Q Hardy (Source: Facebook)


I finally found a dental professional I can trust! Dr. Delahunty and his friendly team at Canyon Rim Dental deliver the highest level of care. Their comprehensive range of services and modern technology conquered my challenging oral needs including gum surgery, dental implants and a complete crown overhaul. Best of all is Dr. Delahunty’s compassionate and caring chairside manner. He takes the time to communicate and follows up after every procedure. His positive and personalized attention put all of my dental fears to rest. Our family will stay with him forever. The bottom line: A beautiful and healthy smile + new confidence + peace of mind = Priceless.

Janet Smith (Source: Google)


I have been going to Canyon Rim Dental for years and love all of their staff. They are nice, friendly, and do great work. This week, I broke off part of a tooth. They were able to fit me in two days later and after only 90 minutes in the office, I walked out with a new crown. I love that they can make the crown in their office while you wait. Dr. Sam is the best!

Jesse Lee (Source: Google)


Such a great dental experience! The staff is one of a kind & it starts with the receptionists, they are so kind & helpful. Dr. Sam Delahunty is a great dentist that really seems to care about his patients & their overall experience & discomfort. I had some dental work done today & he actually listened to me. It seems some dentists just ask you to push through, or ignore you all together. Definitely give them a try, you won’t regret it!

Elizabeth Graul (Source: Facebook)


I just started seeing Dr. Delahunty a few months ago. His staff is professional yet personable. They teat me like a friend and not just a client. I needed an implant which is a major process. Dr. Delahunty gently guided me through the process, always aware of possible discomfort and addressing it immediately (I’m a dentist-phobe). The result is functional but more importantly, it looks natural. I will be staying with this office for a long time!

Blair Racker (Source: Facebook)


My family and I have been seeing Dr. Delahunty for the past few years. His honesty, confidence, and perfectionism is what makes him unique among other dentists. I have full confidence in referring all my friends and family to Canyon Rim Dental.

Craig Davies (Source: Google)


I visited Canyon Rim Dental today for my appointment with Dr. Delahunty, and for a dental visit, it was exceptional. If I could do a 10 star rating I would. Amy greeted me as I entered the office and got me through my remaining paperwork quickly and efficiently. One of his assistants, Maddie, immediately took me in for a 3D image of my mouth and then helped me get comfortable. Dr. Delahunty warmly greeted me as well the moment I sat down. What I was impressed with the most is how Sam (Dr. Delahunty) asked me questions as to why I was there rather than just probing around as I have experienced with other dentists. I thought I was going to need a root canal due to sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Sam listened to me first and then began exploring the cause of my problems. Upon completion he felt I wasn’t going to need a root canal because the pain was probably coming from gum decay and a small cavity on the side of my tooth instead. The next thing that impressed me was that he gave me two options and recommendation what he felt would be best for me. His recommendation included the verbiage “I want to take care of this issue for you for decades, not just a couple years”. Based upon his professional recommendation I went the direction he suggested. Throughout the process he would first tell me what he was going to do and then during the process he would tell me about how much longer he thought it would take. I honestly can’t say enough about how impressed I was with Dr. Delahunty and the entire staff of Canyon Rim Dental. I feel like I have finally found my new dentist who I’ll be seeing for many years to come. Thank you Canyon Rim Dental!!!

Emma Delahunty (Source: Google)


Dr Sam Delahunty gave me an incredible experience. I’ve had horrible dentists in the past that charged too much and were very invasive. Dr Delahunty was able to perform a less invasive operation saving my tooth. He taught me the process and walked me though everything so I knew what was going on and felt more comfortable. The office was very attentive and the procedure was very fast. Everyone at this practice provided quality patient care. I will forever be a patient to Dr Delahunty. I would highly recommend this dentist to anyone.

Nathan Jones (Source: Google)


I scheduled a cleaning and a consultation with the Dr. because I hadn’t been to the dentist for over ten years. The staff was very nice and Amy suggested I schedule a two hour cleaning because it had been so long. I went into the cleaning and the hygienist was amazed that my mouth was so clean. So I didn’t even need the extra time. So it was a lot cheaper than I was expecting even though I was prepared for a deeper cleaning. They were honest and fair. They suggest a fair treatment plan for the two very small cavities I had.

Katie Klein (Source: Google)


I’m from Ohio and I was out in SLC for a few weeks and I chipped a tooth about halfway through my stay. Finding medical care far from home can be intimidating so I was super thankful to find Dr. Sam and his team at Canyon Rim. I needed a crown (my first one), and was dreading it but it was painless and easy. The staff took the time to get to know me and answer all of my questions. Dr. Sam also recommended a night guard to help protect my teeth from further chipping and they rushed it for me so I could get it fitted before we left. I really can’t say enough good things. If you’re looking for a dentist, do yourself a favor, trust the all great reviews and see for yourself why a dentist has a 5 star rating on Google.

Rebecca Hansen (Source: Google)


Canyon Rim Dental has a super nice and professional staff. They welcomed my boys and I right from the start. They also have the unique ability to make and replace new crowns all in the same visit. I was amazed that they were able to basically 3 D print my new crown out of porcelain right there in the office. No more waiting for a week or two with a temporary crown to adjust to. I got everything taken care of in less than 2 hours!

Natalie Morris (Source: Google)


Me and my whole family love Canyon Rim dental. Dr. Sam is very attentive, and explains things very clearly at all times. I love how he gives follow up phone calls after treatment to make sure his patients are doing okay. I would definitely recommend this office to everyone! All the staff are very amazing. Shout out to my favorite hygienist Trista as well. She keeps my teeth so clean and I love her work.

Isaac Postlethwait (Source: Facebook)


Sam Delahunty is just amazing!!! I definitely recommend him! He is very personal and kind and doesn’t ask to many questions but still asked the right amounts to make me comfortable. And not to mention I had no pain at all getting a freaking Root canal!!!! Just great! Thank all of you for you amazing professional care

Diane Montgomery (Source: Google)


Just had a crown down today, Dr. Sam is the best! I had an emotional experience as a teenage with having to have eleven cavities done. Today as I sat in the chair to have work done for my crown old memories came back. Dr Sam sensed my nervousness and took time to make me feel at ease. And all through the procedure he kept checking to make sure I was alright. Not only was it a good experience while I was there, but later tonight he called me personally to check to see how I was doing. That was going above and beyond ! I really feel he and the staff are very friendly and helpful and concerned with my needs. Thanks Dr Sam and staff!

Lara Gallacher (Source: Google)


This is the best dental office! I’ve been coming here since I was a kid and would never change. The staff is the best part, they’re so friendly, patient and informative. Everyone makes it such a great experience! Plus, you know they’re being thorough and giving you the advice that they would give to their own family. Dr. Sam even went as far to call and check up with me after some work they had done. They’re genuinely the best in the valley and I would recommend giving them a call and trying them out for yourself for any kind of dental work!