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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Petra H. from Swansea, IL (Source: Yelp)


I have been seeing Dr. Boivin for many years now.  He is a compassionate human being that never wants to see anyone in pain.  His staff will schedule you in if you are in pain as soon as possible.  I have had bridge work that I am so happy with.  I am not afraid to smile anymore and actually have a better time when I laugh out loud!
Thank you Dr.  Boivin, you and your staff are the BEST!!!

Dancefit Casey (Source: Google)


As always the staff at carondalet dental made our experience easy and comfortable. My daughter and I both got our teeth cleaned and Jan our hygienist was super helpful and kind throughout the visit, Dr. Greg is gentle and made us feel at ease while in the chair. And the assistant who helped my daughter was fun and great with kids. Thank you!

Carlos H. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Boivin has been my dentist for many years.  A few weeks ago I had a cleaning and found the visit to be just as pleasant and professional as has always been the case.  The staff is friendly and top notch — they deliver their service in a way that keeps me at ease.  I would recommend Dr. Boivin in a heart beat to anyone looking for a referral!

Jean Jacobsen (Source: Google)


I have a not inconsiderable amount of dental fear, and Carondelet Park were wonderful and helpful to deal with, and I have less fear of going to the dentist after my visit to them. They’re obviously taking COVID safety seriously, which I appreciate. The space is clean and no frills, which is what I’m looking for in a dentist. The dentist had a clear, direct chairside manner, explained what he was doing as he was doing it, and answering all of my questions. But the real high point of my visit was the dental assistant. I don’t remember her name unfortunately, but she was kind, welcoming, reassuring, and just a gem. I can’t say I’m quite looking forward to my next visit, but I sure am dreading it a lot less than I ever imagined I would.

Brooks R. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


Hands down the best dental office in town. Doctor Boivin is a true professional in every sense of the word, and goes above and beyond the norm to take care of his patients. If you are in pain, his staff will get you in as soon as possible. In my experience it has been the exact same day for not only myself, but several of my friends whom I referred as new patients. Short wait times and as close to painless as you can get! There’s not a better practice around.

Ru F. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


I love this place I see them every Monday or Tuesday for the last two months to fix a mouth full of cavitys that I didn’t know I had, but Everytime I go in it feels like I’m going to a family members house rather than a dentist office. I love the work they do and if they see me in anyway uncomfortable they ask and fix it I totally recommend them to everyone I come across

Leslie Tipton (Source: Google)


The staff is just amazing!!! Mickey at the front desk is such a seeetheart and complete joy! Doctor Gregg is my favorite but both doctors are great! They get you in fairly quick, especially if your experiencing pain or discomfort! The first place I’ve found in ST.Louis that actually cares.. I needed a ton of work done after I had my daughter (2nd baby) starting with a root canal, and Dr.gregg was so amazing and made it all a breeze! He’s got great bedside manner and makes you feel unbelievably comfortable! He numbs you so good you won’t feel anything… If you have had bad dental experiences in the pass I highly highly recommend these guys!! You’ll be greeted with a smile and great conversation!! Overall you’ll be in great hands! Their work speaks for itself honestly…

Jannice Bartee (Source: Google)


I had the worst toothache that had me up all night . I decided to go to CARONDELET PARK DENTAL and I was amazed on how I was treated… they was very gentle, caring and honest….i did not fill any pain…at all…the dentist was so good at taking out me teeth til i didn’t even know he was finish…if you are scared of going to the dentist, go there..they will make you feel like family…..thank you

Kevin T. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Dr Boivin for the past 13 years! Since 2001.. In the past 13 years I’ve had at least 10 major procedures done. Root canals to bridges to extractions..Dr Boivin and his staff has been there for each step of the way. There has been times where I would be in pain and I would call the office and the office would be closed and I would get Dr Boivin’s exchange. He would call back within 20 minutes. A few of those times when I called he would call in a prescription in for me and make an appointment. There was one time I was eating a pecan pie and a pecan fractured one of my molars. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time financially. I called the office and let them know whats going on. They made an emergency appointment and allowed me to post date a check until payday a few days away! Wow! They went our of their way to help me. The office staff is very friendly. They tell me up front what is going on and how much it will be and if they can break the procedure up into monthly installments they will. Start the root canal one week, then the build up the next week and the crown in a few weeks after. That way you can pay for it in 3 pay periods. (I went to other dentists and there is no way they would have done this for me) Bottom line is: finding a Dentist is easy…(just Google Dentists in your area). Finding a Dentist that cares and will bend over backwards to help you is very hard to find. I found that Dentist in Dr Boivin and Carondelet Park Dental Care. I truly believe in Dr Boivin!

Grey Aldein (Source: Google)


Omar : i want to start by saying,i am glad i found this Dental Care office.After being in pain for three days and could not find a Dentist available over the weekend ,i was lucky enough to find a great place ,i called Carondelet Dental Care as early as 7:30 in the morning on monday June 13th, when i explained the great pain i was in, they gave me an 8:30 am appointment ,i got there at 8:20 and even thou i was in severe pain i”ve noticed that the paper work i had to filled up was almost nothing,everyone including two patients that were sitting by me were so friendly ,they made me feel that i was at the right place,,by 8:32 am they were already working on me .. even before they finish working on me i was already feeling better and painless .. Thank You !!!! i would not even wait for some one to ask ,if i know a Good Dentist. I already started telling friends and relatives where should they go ,when needed !!! GRACIAS !!!

Jackie Moya (Source: Google)


EXCELLENT care! I would recommend highly to anyone in my family and to my friends! He came in on Memorial Day, when every place was closed. My husband had a tooth that was causing him GREAT pain. He could not sleep, eat or even talk. No one would answer our calls. He is the only who did and we are so grateful. He removed the tooth and put him on antibiotics right away. I have never seen such dedication! Even the hospital where we went could not help us and suggested that we wait one more day in that excrutiating pain. Thank you Dr. Boivin for being a wonderful dentist and a compassionate human being!

Steve Berkshire (Source: Google)


My experience at this dental practice has always been positive. I’ve been a patient for seven years. The staff, assistants, and health providers (hygienists & doctors) are top notch. The staff runs the office smoothly: I’ve never been forgotten out in the waiting room, had to wait for an appointment, or had any billing problems. When I’ve had to reschedule, they have been very accomodating, calling me in a timely manner when other patients canceled. The assistants are very polite, skilled, and some are bilingual, native speakers of Bosnian – a hugh plus for some of the elderly Bosnian patients who have limited English speaking skills. (I witnessed an episode where translation skills seemed to solve the situation.) Finally, my hygienist – Rusmira, and my dentist – Marc Boivin, are top tier. Both take the time to explain my situation and present options. I am given the medical terms and the layman’s translation. I have never been pressured to undergo a procedure.The situation is presented and the options are outlined, helping me to make easy decisons for excellent dental health. I have recommended this practice and will continue to do so. What a relief to go to a health provider and not worry about the level of care I receive.

Lindsey Filiatreau (Source: Google)


I am new to St. Louis and the thought of finding a new dentist is always daunting. Sure enough, the first place I chose was awful- my mouth hurt for at least a week after a routine cleaning and even longer after having a cavity filled. When they canceled my appointment I had had for 6 months and told me they couldn’t reschedule me for another 6 months, I decided to make a switch to a new provider. I couldn’t be happier I did. My cleaning today at Carondelet Park Dental Care is honestly the single best dental care experience I have had. When I told them my appointment at my prior dentist had been abruptly canceled they scheduled me within two weeks for a new patient cleaning. They didn’t do that thing most dentists where they make you come in for x-rays and a “consultation” before you receive any service saving me an extra trip and few hours off from work. Everyone I interacted with was a joy to chat to, and most importantly, I received outstanding, thorough and thoughtful dental care. My mouth and teeth feel great! They really go above and beyond here. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jackie M. from Swansea, IL (Source: Yelp)


I called their office for my uncle who was in a lot of pain. He was visiting from out of town. His face was swollen and we found out that day he had an infection. This Dentist’s office stayed over their closing time to get us in. Dr. Boivin was able to relieve my uncle’s pain and he was finally able to get a good night’s sleep! Major kudos to this office!!!

Jessica H. from Belleville, IL (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Boivin for the past 14 years. Going to the dentist was not my favorite, but just walking in and being greeted by his staff was very welcoming. Everyone seems to always have a smile. I’ve almost never waited for my appointment. When I was younger, I noticed a spot (looked like a stain) on my front tooth. When I lived in TN, no dentist could figure out how to remove that spot. It was embarrassing. I always hated to smile and to talk. But when I moved here, I went to Dr. Boivins office and showed him my tooth. When I left the office, that spot was completely gone! It was amazing. When I had to get braces, my orthodontist told me I had to extract 3 teeth. Dr. Boivin worked with my orthodontist throughout the whole process. After getting my braces off, I still had a noticeable gap in my teeth. Again, I was embarrassed. But Dr. Boivin made me a flipper that is basically a fake tooth on a retainer. I wear it everyday and now my smile looks perfect again.

Taylor B (Tabbi) (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to Carondelet Park Dental Care for 10+ years. Every experience has always been positive. I honestly have no negatives to give about this dentist office. The staff literally knows my mother and I by name. Both Dr. Marc and Dr. Greg are amazing dentists. When I was 16 I had an accident where an elbow hit me in the face that pushed one of my front tooth back hanging on only due to my braces. I thought I was going to lose my tooth, but thanks to Dr. Marc coming in on his day off and performing an emergency root canal I didn’t! Now at 28 years old I can say I still have my tooth and any problems that occur they are try to get me in as quickly as possible in order to help. Over and over again I’ve been shown care and compassion from here and I won’t go anywhere else. The caring part in their name is most certainly their top priority. Thank you so much for being such an awesome dentist office!

Rogelio Guerrero (Source: Google)


Great service. Im a truck driver from El Paso Texas and had a bad tooth ache…a lot of pain. Found this location on google and was given appointment same day I called. Dentist and staff were very profesional and friedly. In and out in no time. Reasonable price for xray and extraction. Clean place and well organized. Wayyyy thums up!!! Good job!!

Aaron M. from Bevo, St. Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


I had 2 very painful dental emergencies where I was in so much pain and desperately needed a rotten tooth pulled (Thank God it wasn’t a visible tooth) and both these extractions were 2 different days a couple months apart awhile back (spring 2018 I believe) and I went to him both times cuz the first time it was late in the evening and most dental offices were closed (including my regular dentist) and I was just looking to see what dentist offices were still open at 6PM and he was the only nearby one I found and I went in there with no notice as a dental emgerency walk in when I had never been there before and he saw me right away and treated me very kindly like I had been a long time patient of his. He pulled the tooth rescued me from chronic pain. I was so happy and relieved! A few months later I had another emergency tooth extraction (it had been a bad tooth for awhile and during my first visit I chose to only have one pulled and kept the other one in cuz it was all I could afford) really early in the morning and I went back to him because it just happend to be on a day my regular dentist was closed for the day and he took me in right away and pulled the tooth and did an amazing job of getting the tooth out pain free. Thank you very much sir! ONLY reason I haven’t been back is because I already have my own regular general dentist i go too and have been going too for years. So it’s nothing personal, Dr. Boivin is a great dentist, it’s just I had an emgerency on two occasions when my dentist office just happend to be closed and he was the only one I could find and did an amazing job getting my rotten painful tooth out and I couldn’t thank him enough! If I didn’t already have a general dentist I had been going too for years I would def make this my general dentist cuz he’s great at his job and couldn’t of been nicer. So I’m giving him a 5-star. Anyone who doesn’t have a regular general dentist they go too and are currently looking for one, please know that Dr. Boivin is a great choice. Although can’t remember if it was Dr. Marc or Dr. Greg Boivin that pulled my tooth both times. It was the same doctor both times but regardless doesn’t matter. Point is they are very good at they’re job!

Annie H. from Cincinnati, OH (Source: Yelp)


I was in from out of town. Two of my crowns came out on a Saturday. This dentist got me in at the the last minute as a new patient on a Saturday. He put my crowns back on temporarily until I was able to see my home dentist. He did this for me free of charge. This dentist is a true humanitarian. I can not thank him and his practice enough!!

Tracey L. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


I have found that my experiences here are the exact opposite of the other poster. I have been seeing Dr. Boivin for nearly three years now- he helped me get some MAJOR work done (extractions and root canal) and I have always found them fair and friendly- they even opened up early on a Saturday once so I could make sure to get some work done before my insurance benefits ended for the year. I have sent a couple friends there too, and they have both thanked me for the referral. As someone who did not have proper dental care as a kid and fears going to the dentist, I can’t say enough good things about this office- they have kept me comfortable during procedures and answered any questions I had honestly and thoroughly. And they are certainly NOT closed as the Yelp listing states. Also, their office staff and hygienists/ assistants are some of the most warm and friendly people you will ever meet. They will file your insurance paperwork for you, and show you exactly how to make the most of your benefits. I *almost* look forward to going just to say hello and visit with them all. Dr Boivin is also very kind and friendly.

Nicholas Koch (Source: Google)


Dr. Greg is truly an Amazing dentist. His staff is so kinda and caring. I went in to get a tooth looked at. I needed it filled Dr. Greg didn’t even think twice he took care of me right then. I was so scared he talked me through it told me exactly what he was doing. Plane and simple if you want the best dentist Carondelet park Dental care is the place to go. Plus my filling you can’t even tell what tooth it’s in they matched it perfect. I have already made the choice Dr.Greg is the only Dentist I will go too. Nicholas Koch.

Pam A (Source: Google)


Visiting St. Louis from New York, I came to see Dr. Greg and was just delighted and moved by the gracious, thoughtful, kind and helpul care. Everyone from Lisa, who greeted us and fit me in, to Pam, who assisted Dr. Greg, were so wonderful. Dr. Greg is a wonderful dentist. He is knowledgeable and caring! I feel so lucky to have found this practice and highly recommend it. Pam Allyn.

Holly Clark (Source: Google)


I had to have an emergency tooth extraction, they numbed me earlier in the day so I didn’t have to be in pain till my appointment and due to extreme pain misty (my wonderful dental assistant) bumped me up and made sure I was out of pain till the dentist could see me. This place is wonderful and very reasonable with pricing. Thank you sooo much for everything carondelet park dental care!!!