It's risky and dangerous to have someone without formal dental training treat your teeth. DIY aligner programs rely on non-dental professionals to perform the majority of your treatment. Your initial diagnosis, scans and impressions, monitoring your treatment progress, these are all performed by someone without any formal dental school training. These programs only rely on a quick sign off from a dentist thousands of miles away to approve your aligner therapy. We believe your mouth deserves more. With even28, you will always meet an experienced licensed dentist who will start and monitor your aligner program.



With DIY aligner programs, you could end up with straight teeth but pay for it with a poor bite or damage to your teeth and gums! You need your teeth for the rest of your life so damage to your teeth, gums or bite should not be taken lightly. Here are some other risks or relying on unsupervised aligner programs like SmileDirectClub™ or Candid Co. ™:

Lack of proper initial diagnosis

You should always be cleared by a dentist before starting aligner therapy. With even28, your assigned dentist will work side-by-side with you. Your dentist will diagnose and treat any necessary conditions prior to starting your aligner journey. Unfortunately, with DIY aligner programs there is no one really accountable for your treatment. The soon-to-be retired dentist who approved your aligner treatment is no longer with the company. There is no one really accountable to follow-up with once you're treatment is completed. Don't you think that you deserve to meet and talk to the person who is going to actually help you transform your smile? We sure feel that way.

Lack of direct access to a dentist

What happens if you run into an emergency during your aligner therapy? With even28, you have continuous access to your assigned dentist or orthodontist. Your even28 dentist can see you to address your emergency right away. DIY aligner programs don't really give you any access to a dentist. Don't gamble when it comes to your oral health, you deserve the best. Only trust your dental care to a dully licensed dentist or orthodontist and not to a smile store!

Individualized treatment plans

One shoe does not fit all. With even28, all of our treatment plans are customized and designed by your dentist specifically for you. We offer several different treatment options, such as our at-home program or at-dentist program. We always try to offer you our most affordable at-home program. However, we recognize that some cases are more complicated than others and must be treated with our at-dentist even28 program. We'll be honest with you and let you know which treatment option best suits your needs. Even if that means referring you out for braces instead of treating you with clear aligners! DIY aligner programs don't tell you these things. They offer the same treatment to each and every patients. This is dangerous and risky and can cause irreversible harm to your teeth and gums.

Risk of infection

What happens if you start aligner therapy but have undiagnosed cavities or gum disease? Well, you could end up harming your teeth or even develop a dental infection! With even28, your assigned dentist will take X-rays and perform a comprehensive exam prior to starting your aligner program. This way, you can rest assured that you won't suffer long-term damage as a result of straightening your teeth.

Root burnout

Complex treatments should always be performed by a dentist within a dental office setting. Your assigned even28 dentist is able to monitor your progress throughout your smile journey. Without proper supervision, you could end up with extensive bone loss around your teeth. This is known as root burnout. DIY aligner programs don't monitor your progress since they don't have a local dentist directly involved in your treatment. As a result, straightening your teeth today could cause root burnout. With even28, your assigned dentist will monitor your progress to make sure that root burnout does not occur. This way, you know your teeth are going to last you for years to come!

Preventing orthodontic relapse

Wearing the right type of retainer is a big part of preventing orthodontic relapse. We give all of our patients the option for clear retainers or fixed retainers when needed. Your dentist will discuss your options so that you are aware of what is best suited to your specific needs. Plus, your dentist would be happy to continue monitoring your teeth and provide maintenance for your smile.


Everything you need to know about your future dentist

Even28 makes finding a great dentist easy. Use our Dentist Search Engine to lookup dentists near you. Visit your dentist's Even28 Profile to learn more about them. Everything you need to know about your future dentist is listed right here on their Even28 Profile, for example:

  • Which services they offer?
  • Their office hours
  • Before & after treatment photos of their actual work
  • Their top reviews

Use our Search Engine to find a dentist that best suits your needs. Here's how:

  • If you need you're looking for a cosmetic dentist then search for one who has before & after photos of teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and bonding as well as one who lists these services on his or her profile
  • If you're looking to straighten your smile then look for a dentist who offers clear aligners or braces and has lots of photos of teeth straightening on his or her profile
  • If you have missing teeth then search for a dentist who offers dentures and dental implants and has posted photos of plenty of tooth replacement treatments to his or her profile

See how easy it is? Your dentist's Even28 Profile page is where they showcase their work. Go through your dentist's treatment photos to get an idea of the type of dentistry each dentist offers his or her patients. Find the right dentist for your needs and call them directly from their profile or fill out their appointment request form. Don't just pick a dentist at random. Research dentists near you using our Dentist Search Engine and find the one that best suits your needs.


Protect your mouth and your wallet


You don't just walk into a restaurant at random without looking through their menu or researching them online. You don't just book the first hotel that pops up on your cellphone. So why would you schedule an appointment with the first dentist you come across? Afte all, choosing the right dentist is a very important decision. You need a good dentist to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Having healthy teeth affects your overall health and well-being. Choose the right dentist for your needs using Even28's "Dentist Search Engine". Research your dentist, see their treatment photos, read their reviews and find the right dentist for your needs on Even28.