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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Lee B. from Charlotte, NC (Source: Yelp)


What an amazing experience. Was working out of town when I had a dental emergency where my dental implant failed. Not only did this office see me with 20 mins before closing but Dr Matthew Henehan actually managed to reinstall my implant so that I could continue my work in Texas. Super friendly staff that went out of their way to help me. Would recommend this office to anyone…the service and the people are wonderful.

Ranay Danek (Source: Google)


I am the WORST dental patient ever. That’s not even up for a debate or challenge. I get profound anxiety and it’s intense. This staff and team are amazing. I needed a dental crown (apparently you DON’T get a tiara) for my bottom right tooth. Chemotherapy did a DOOZY on my teeth and gums! They were awesome and kept me comfortable through the process.

Jordan Seely (Source: Facebook)


Thank God for Dr. Henehan and the staff at CLMD. I had a major tooth ache and they saw me that same day, he even gave me the option to to the procedure to pull my tooth right then and there. I declined because of my fear of needles, but gave me the option to do an iv at another date. A week later I decided to just do an in house extraction with him instead of the iv. I’m so glad I did. Him and his hygienist really put me at ease and I felt no pain with my local shot or my wisdom tooth coming out!! I’m telling all my friends about him and this place!!

Sondra P. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


If you are looking for a dentist, look no further. I have spent a life time in fear of dental appts. This is the first place I have felt completely comfortable. The office is well managed, the staff is friendly and makes you feel you are a valuable patient. Without reservation I would recommend Clear Lake Modern Dentistry to everyone. Dr. Henahan in the best!!!

Lynnette P. from Friendswood, TX (Source: Yelp)


I just went to this dentist for the first time today and I have to say that this is THE BEST dental experience I have ever had!!! I will definitely use this dentist from here on out (unless I move). Every single person at the office from the receptionist to the hygienist to the dentist had the best attitude (lots of smiles and laughing going on). You can tell they love their job and are happy to help you. I had ample time to talk to the dentist and ask all my questions. Everything was so organized and neat. The office itself is very clean and welcoming. The exam was very professional. I love how they use modern technology to benefit the patient (the patient is able to look at the x-rays and digital pictures of their own teeth on a computer screen while the dentist sits down and explains it all. Plus, you can fill out your paperwork ahead of time on-line and they use e-mails reminders for appointments. Perfect! Every dental office should operate like this one. I actually look forward to going back to the dentist in the future! They made me feel like a part of their family.

Cassandra W. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


Absolutely great place to get dental work. My first visit there was probably the best dental visit I’ve ever had in my life and we’re working to clean up the mess the LAST dentist left. The staff is great, friendly and do anything they can to make you more comfortable. The dentist, Henahan (I think is his name) was great, he was friendly, really put me at ease. Not to mention, crowns in ONE day, no need for temporary. That nice additional just topped the cake: easily five-star dentist. Will see them again soon.

Thomas Appleby (Source: Google)


I neglected my dental health for years. I was very nervous about going to the dentist after so many years of ignoring my teeth. Long story short I’m excited to go to the dentist office now. The staff are so kind to me and my family (I have a 2yr old) that I recommend this location to anyone willing to make the drive and even to those who it might be a little out of the way.

Terry Pierson (Source: Google)


Very good, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. They do very good work, though the hygienist was a little rough. They tend to be very cautious, so you may be recommended to take aggressive treatment. This isn’t bad, unless you don’t have dental insurance. If paying out of pocket, get a second opinion before committing, just don’t ignore your dental health!

RW H. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


Bravo, Bravo, finally a business that sincerely cares and strives to deliver quality and professional service. This is a very new facility, but this dentist and his staff have been providing service for a number of years. I am thrilled to know that I now have a great dentist right here in my local neighborhood. It is my pleasure to recommend this dental team to all my family and friends. Oh, let me mention; they are also affordable. Hooray for a job well done

Jessica S. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


I had a great experience with Clear Lake Modern Dentistry! They were very friendly and I was made to feel completely at ease! Extremely professional and most important to me, the facility was very clean. I had my teeth cleaned and a tooth that had some decay in it. No pain at all when either procedure was done. I would highly recommend Clear Lake Modern Dentistry! They were awesome!

Ann C. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


After my regular dentist of 5+ years retired, I was desperately needing a reputable dental office. My friend and nail tech KT highly recommended Dr. Henehan. I was really nervous because I needed extreme treatment. The staff and other physicians there are all exceptional and work extremely well together. I’ve never had a root canal until today… They well prepared me for procedure and expectations. They cared for me exceptionally well and made me feel the utmost comfort during this procedure. I was able to get a custom 3D crown to fit with my bite the same day. Such a calm environment; I was able to nap for a little bit! 10/10 highly recommend and will be a patient until they retire.

Hillary M. from Webster, TX (Source: Yelp)


I have read all the bad reviews and really just can’t believe them. I came in late June for a bad tooth infection and was given antibiotics and told I needed to have my wisdom teeth removed. I have always been horrified to get them removed, due to so many horror stories, but I made my appointment and sucked it up because I knew it had to be done. I finally got my wisdom teeth removed and I let the nurse know exactly what my fears were and she talked me through EVERYTHING. She was nice and made me laugh. She even made sure I was okay when I woke up from the procedure bawling my eyes out…. why was I bawling? Honestly, I don’t know. That’s anesthesia for you. But, she made sure I was okay and that I was not in any pain at all before she walked me out. I would 100% recommend coming here.

Chad C. from The Woodlands, TX (Source: Yelp)


If you are looking for a good dentist and in return willing to pay reasonable cost of doing business then I would greatly recommend this place. Here are the benefits you get with average/reasonable cost: A. Dr Henehan is a great dentist who listens, competent, and caring. B. Modern equipment & clean environment. C. Smiling/friendly/caring staff. Special thanks to Lisa, Claudia, Eric , now feeling bad for forgetting the name of the superb lady that cleaned my teeth and other staff members. D. Prompt and timely service, even though I have been late twice by about 12-15 minutes. E. Lastly and most importantly, this business hits that sweet spot, you will know/feel/experience the confidence of knowing you are in good hands. Peace of mind. The job will be done right! Yes, they will take many of the dental insurance plans or can suggest you one to cover the cost of many basic dental procedures. However, if you are looking for a place that uses your dental insurance plan to pay 90 percent of the cost on implants, crowns/bridges, etc. then It might be a good idea to stop searching. Ask for a good friend’s help or if you speak the language/familiar with the area then take yourself to one of dentists close to the border in Mexico. Some of my friends have taken this route and they all seemed to be happy with the results. Personally I just did not have time to go back and forward 2-5 times for the implant. Yes, it could be done with two visits however my research indicates waiting time/frequent visits are crucial with healing process and success ratio. For same day crowns, fillings, etc. yes, dental work in Mexico looks temptingly logical. Back to the Clearlake Modern Dentistry, from what I understand, the main dentist who is in charge/owner only contracts best specialist in their field. (Endodontist) I Just googled this “root canal dentist vs endodontist” And found this: “Endodontists are dental specialists with an additional two or more years of specialized training beyond dental school. The average endodontist completes 25 root canaltreatments a week, while general dentists do about two root canals a week.” …… “….everything else of consequence in life things of value, like dental services, are expensive but worthwhile. It is very different from trying to get the best deal on a dress, shoes, or a car ~ It’s your BODY!………….” For example you are looking to get a root canal and you don’t have any dental insurance. @@ This is my case, cleaning, x-rays, one root canal, two crowns and an implant 🙁 @@ If it is the back tooth then specialist will be required. Some dentist might do this at their office to save on cost/time or hire the lower cost specialist to the job. At the end, yes, you might find ABCXYZ Dentist charging you 20 percent less for root canal. Great, you saved $150 to $240, it might just work for you. For me “peace of mind” is worth the difference in price. And I do feel blessed to be able to afford to pay the difference. In conclusion, I would highly recommend this place for dental work and folks this was my first review in Yelp. Hopefully this will be helpful! Chad

Talisa A. from Tomball, TX (Source: Yelp)


We love it here! Thankfully we had insurance to help with costs, but still paid a decent sum for the work done. However, he did have more work to be done than just routine checkups or a crown. However, you get what you pay for. This time, it’s not meant in sarcasm or jest. The staff has always been kind, professional, and friendly. They do their best to accommodate while also being mindful of the other patients. There’s even an old Playstation to watch movies or play games near some blocks. We were always called and reminded, along with updates on associated fees. My husband had some extensive work done thag required multiple visits and hefty dental work. But now, he is a much happier man with an amazing smile! Thanks for all the great work! We love it here!

Betty Medina (Source: Facebook)


love this place, the pediatric dentist is so nice and friendly with kids, and I also love Tanisha SO MUCH. I wouldn’t have my cleanings done with anyone else. She is so professional, and friendly, I’ve gone with several hygienists, but I’ve never been satisfied with the job they do. She will be my only hygienist from now on. � Keep up the great job everyone.

Adam D. from Galveston, TX (Source: Yelp)


This place rocks. It’s nice and clean but most of all the people are what makes this place awesome. I recommend this place to anyone who will listen and everyone else who won’t. I think it will sink in unconsciously even if they aren’t paying attention. I got braces there so I have had a lot of interactions with them and it has always been a pleasant experience. I don’t write a lot of reviews but these folks deserve it. If you’ve got a jacked up or just dirty grill, this is the place to be!!! I’ve since moved to Galveston but I still make the drive back because they take good care of me.

Megan R. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


Absolutely amazing place to have your dental work done! I went for my first cleaning in March after moving to the area and loved the staff as well as the dentist. They are extremely affordable and work with you in any way they can. Just recently I had a root canal and crown done. The endodonist was awesome and very professional. The whole procedure was painless and smooth. As far as the crown, I went with the CEREC crown and the dentist did a wonderful job. I am looking forward to my next cleaning and seeing the wonderful staff! This place is a MUST for anyone who is looking for a dentist in the Clear Lake area.

Victoria C. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


Today was my first visit here.. As soon as we walked in.. The staff were really nice.. I’m really afraid of dentist and Doctor Joseph Tan was really nice and explain to me what was the treatment were going to be. He answer all my questions. I’m looking forward to go back in 2 weeks for my wisdom teeth removed.. As for now.. They met my expectations. I been to castle dental and my visit there was not a good one.. Ill be coming back to Clearlake modern dentistry 🙂

Ivan B. from OR, OR (Source: Yelp)


I am really impressed with Clear Lake Modern Dentistry! Tammy the Dental Hygienist gave me one of the best cleanings I’ve had in a long time, and also noticed a problem area that needed special attention. Dr. Henehan was attentive, instructive and involved me in making decisions. The Insurance Coordinator spent time helping me to learn about dental insurance coverage. They make excellent use of technology, from scheduling, dental imaging and treatment. One of the best dentist experiences I’ve had. I highly recommend this clinic!

Paula F. from Friendswood, TX (Source: Yelp)


I am terrified of needles. I have high pain tolerance, so I put off going until my tooth ache was unbearable to the point of interfering with my daily life. This group… may be uber high tech, they may be really professional…BUT hands down…they are the nicest bunch of people and they made this “dental phobic, nervous wreck” feel at ease and comfortable. I especially liked the offer of a blanket! A BLANKET!!! Whoo hoo! I swear, I’ve called all my friends and recommended them. I was SO IMPRESSED! Dr. Henehan is FANTASTIC. Dr. Dennis is very Very conscious of the patients fear/pain level….what a team! Can’t say enough good about them.

Preston B. from Baytown, TX (Source: Yelp)


let me start off by saying I am TERRIFIED of the dentist. the staff here was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helped keep me calm. Dr. Henehan was determined to save my teeth that were almost ruined due to a poor job on several root canals I had gotten several years before on 3 top teeth in the front. He was successful in his attempt and I now have a great new smile. THANK YOU sooooo much.

Jordan Beard (Source: Google)


When I came in I was greeted and felt welcomed! Leah, Claudia and Mandy were so professional and informative! Dr. Henehan was very caring and helpful with all of the many questions and concerns I had! Very sanitary and organized! I recommend to anyone needing a new dental office! Will definitely be going back for regular checkups!

Andrew Ryan (Source: Google)


Very enjoyable experience all around. I admittedly was hesitant to try due to other reviews and I am pleased to report I did not notice the sub-par customer service reported by some of the others (and I gave them reason to not.. as I forgot about an appointment.. the rep pleasantly rescheduled.) I went in for a teeth cleaning and it was discovered I had a small cavity. The teeth cleaning process itself went very well and Mr. Eaves provided a quick and painless filling for the cavity. Another thing I wanted to note was how impressed I was with the extra picture imaging they did on my teeth. I had never seen what the surface of my back/inside teeth looked like. Hope this helps!

David S. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


I had called to make an appointment for a consultation due to the fact that the pain from my cracked tooth had not gone away like had before in a short time frame I decided to call and seek help. I was treated over the phone as a serious patient and felt comfortable going in for treatment as soon as a possible which was less than an hour after I had called. When I arrived I was greeted by a professional receptionist and after a complete checkup was done the dentist gave me all my options and created a step by step process of what she felt would be the best treatment plan to reach my dental goals of being pain free and getting my tooth replaced, which I really wanted to have done, but understood and implant procedure takes time. I left 3 hrs later with a smile and no more pain and confidence that I can return and get great treatment at a great price.

Hannah Danielle Stephens (Source: Facebook)


I’ve had dentist anxiety since I was a kid and haven’t gone like I should because of it. Clear lake modern dentistry couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable. They were so nice and did everything in their power to make my experience positive. I’ve finally found a dentist office that will go to without fear.

Debra R. from Crosby, TX (Source: Yelp)


This is where you want to go for your Denistry needs. I have never endorsed any Dentist before NOW. You want someone to listen to your needs and then work with you to meet those needs. I have been to Castle Dental and Royal Pain, I mean Royal Dental, and all you are is a number and perhaps you may see the same doctor who is assigned there for a number of months but lucky if you see the same one twice and out you go, no follow ups at all, you get what they give you!. BUT At CL Modern Denistry, you are a person and they do care. I walked in with major Dental Needs and needed a smile I haven’t had in 12 years. Dr. Henehan listen to me and to what my needs where. Through the last few months of treatments, I have the smile I didn’t think would ever exist again. He promised I wouldn’t leave his office unless I was satisfied with his work. I can say without any hesitation, that I am 100% satisfied! I can smile without my hand in front of my mouth again. I can take pictures again. My facial features have changed for the better and I am more confident than I have ever been. They worked with me on the cost and with my insurance. Never any pressure. I can never thank Dr. Henehan and his team of experts and his staff of professionals. You feel like family there. I live 40 miles across town from this office and it is worth every mile I drive for the care these professionals provide. I know if you try them, you will feel the same!

Teresa W. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


I never had an easy time at the dentist I’m always get tense with the pressure rises I just don’t care for it but saying that this is the first time ever I had such a great Dentist who talks his way through it making every stress you have go away… I have always felt the pressure of the needle before but not here.. I had two root canals down & caps they are so great.. I’m going back

Francheska Price (Source: Google)


On Friday (3/23/18) I called this dental office after being referred by one of my colleagues. I needed an emergency appointment because my face was swollen from a tooth infection. I had gone to another dentist who told me he could do nothing for me and to go to the ER. They had an appointment at 1pm. I went in and everyone was so pleasant. My face was swollen and first I saw Ms. Romar the hygienist. She was so patient with me. She brought in Dr. Chang who then brought in Dr. Henehan. They were able to drain the abscess and with this I had little to no pain. Dr. Henehan was so personable and even gave me a number to text him as to my progress over the weekend. I am beyond pleased with my experience and I’m glad that through an unfortunate situation I was able to find a lifelong dentist.

Priya S. from Dallas, TX (Source: Yelp)


I started going here when I lived in clear lake-I have since moved 50 minutes away but still make the drive to have all my work done here!! This is why: I have had horrific experiences at other places but this is the first time I have really trusted anyone with my oral care. Every 6 months Tanisha is great with my cleanings and always gives recommendations on how to better care for my teeth. It shows she really cares about what she does! Dr. Henehan always follows up and will discuss any changes he sees, not just when there’s work to be done. I also had my wisdom teeth removed here a couple years ago (I believe with Dr. Ho). It’s never a fun experience but he made me feel comfortable and even did follow up calls with me after to check on how everything was healing. They have multiple doctors they work with for different procedures so it’s a one stop shop which is convenient. The front desk receptionists are always friendly, the facility is clean and stays updated!

Chris S. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


I loathe going to the dentist. I break out in cold sweats days before a visit and usually rescheduled at least once because of the panic I have the day of. I am most definitely a dental woosy BUT Tanisha has made all that scary go away. She took care of me two different times with months between and both times she made me overcome all my worries to the point I am actually looking forward to my next visit in March. Her incredible spirit and humor make the time in the chair fly, she explains everything she is doing and constantly checks to make sure you are OK thru out the entire process. Her attention to detail is stunning as my teethies after the first visit looked completely different than before hand. If I wasn’t so vain, I would have posted before and afters but you will just have to take my word for it cause they glowed brilliant white from dirt yellow after being in her chair. I also did not do a whitening or anything she was just able to zap and do her things to make them pretty again. Total boost in my own self confidence and now I am not at all queasy about going in again. Thank you, thank you to the brilliant person who knew a star when they saw one and hired this incredible woman! Tanisha is the best! The entire staff here is incredibly nice. The office is super clean and if you will indulge me, Modern! I also love how they separate the little monsters (aka children) from the adults. The entire process is comforting from start to finish! Totally recommend!

Isaac G. from La Porte, TX (Source: Yelp)


I know I needed dental work done but had been putting it off. I finally decided to just go ahead and get it over with. I came across this dentistry on Yelp and saw all the great reviews. I must say they weren’t lying. As soon as you walk the whole staff makes you feel welcomed and is so happy and nice. I got my teeth cleaned the same day, and found out I needed a root canal and a crown, as well as a filling. They immediately scheduled me for 2 days after my visit and maximized my insurance. The whole process was so easy they handled everything for me. I just got home from getting a root canal with Dr. Dennis and let me tell you it was definitely not as bad as people make it seem. Dr. Dennis let me know before every step what he was about to perform and made sure he answered any question I had. After, i saw Dr. Hanehan for my crown and filling and that as well was an easy going process. Dr. Hanehan was friendly and easy to talk to as he is also who did my exam.  I am happy with the work I got done and will be recommending this place to friends and family.

Angelica Binetti (Source: Facebook)


Wow! What an awesome, informative and helpful experience. Dr. Henehan and staff were top notch in delivering outstanding customer service and patient care. No question was left unanswered and no doubt, anxiety or fear was to be had. We will switch our whole family to this dental practice as well as recommend to all our friends. Thank you so much Clear Lake Modern Dentistry for making our smiles brighter! You guys simply rock!

Ashley G. from Webster, TX (Source: Yelp)


I am always extremely nervous about seeing the dentist but for the first time I was so comfortable through the whole process. The office staff were very welcoming when I arrived. Dr. Henehan was friendly and explained my treatment plan thoroughly. Brandy was also very friendly and made me feel at ease while taking my x rays. Claudia helped explain what my insurance covered and what I would have to pay. Lastly, Tammy who was my hygienist had me at ease and laughing while she did my cleaning. You can tell that everyone there loves their job through the way the treat their patients. I have already recommended Clear Lake Modern Dentistry to my family and friends!

Randy J. from Seabrook, TX (Source: Yelp)


I‘ve never had a “dental home,” so going into a new dentist’s office is always a nerve racking thing. I got online and read reviews for Clear Lake Modern Dentistry and saw all of the rave reviews. As most others have expressed, sometimes even with great reviews, places don’t live up to the hype. Clear Lake Modern Dentistry certainly DID live up to and exceed all of my expectations based on the reviews that I read. This is by far the most high tech office I have ever been to. The entire staff is friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable. Dr. Henehan is the first dentist that I met with. He listened to all of my concerns and was genuinely interested in what I had to say. He was compassionate toward my situation involving very extensive dental work, and recommended dental implants. I went into a short story with him about how growing up, I didn’t have access to dental healthcare. I even got a little emotional talking about my lack of tooth maintenance, but never felt judged by Dr. Henehan. From one man to another man to help me talk through my dental insecurities and feel heard and understood, that was a big deal to me. Even without insurance and even as a first-time patient of theirs, Eric worked with me and my finances to find a suitable payment plan that worked for me. I felt as though they were very willing to put me as a person and my health needs first, before the financial obligations. They understood that these dental implants were in fact a necessity and that finding a payment solution was crucial. Lisa and Claudia at the front desk were always smiling, always friendly, and very helpful. They really helped keep me at ease, even during such a stressful situation. And then, there’s Dr. Ho….WOW. He is the specialist that comes in once a month and is who performed my initial extraction and bone graft. He specializes in the dental implants that I needed. It was nice to be able to stay in office and have a specialist come to my dental home instead of having to deal with an entirely different office for this procedure. I really appreciated that. I also appreciated the contact information given to me at the end of my procedure. I was able to contact Dr. Ho by email, text message, and phone call with any and all questions that I had. He immediately responded to my need for different pain management options and my questions about my sutures. Who does that?! What doctor these days are THAT accessible? I know it’s the 21st century and text messages have been around for a while, but that level of customer service that is almost unheard of, especially by a doctor. He doesn’t have to do that- it certainly wasn’t expected, but very greatly appreciated! I’m sure the nitrous oxide had something to do with it, but he also kept me laughing and relaxed through the entire procedure. Getting dental implants is a very lengthy process with several more visits. I have the highest confidence that the rest of my visits will be just as amazing of an experience as my first and second visit. The pricing is very respectful and seems to be full of integrity, especially considering how nice the office is and how high tech everything is. The value of this place is really there. Nowadays, most people only get online to bash places of business when something doesn’t go their way. I think we should be getting online and putting the great things out there when people go above and beyond. Everything I’ve said on here still does not even do justice to how amazing this place is. I just love it and would recommend Clear Lake Modern Dentistry to any and everyone that is looking for a dental home.