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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Trevor G. from Powell, OH (Source: Yelp)


My daughters have been seeing Dr Jillian for several years now. Recently, my 10 year old had 2 canine teeth pulled. She was a bit nervous; however, Dr. Jillian was very calm and confident and talked my daughter through it. When it was done, my daughter said “that’s it?!” No issues after that. I would highly recommend Dr. Jillian.

Lauren Brock (Source: Google)


The best dentist experience we could have asked for! From our first visit when my 6 year old accidentally spit water all over her shirt, and Dr. Jillian immediately noticed how much it bothered her and offered her a shirt to change into, I knew we had found a great place to be. We ended up needing some dental work done, and they were so great at answering her questions and making her feel comfortable that my very sensitive-mouthed kiddo had a genuinely positive experience in what could have easily been a situation that would make her afraid of dental visits for years to come. Astonishingly, a few weeks later when we drove past she said “it’s too bad we’re in a hurry right now, otherwise maybe we could stop in and see if they have an appointment open for me!” Thank you Doctor Jillian and team, we’re so glad to have found you!

Kim B. from Columbus, OH (Source: Yelp)


Clintonville Pediatric Dentistry is really the best.  Dr. Jill is so great with my daughter, who has needed some substantial work over the last year or two.  I really appreciate knowing that I can trust the staff to work with her to make her comfortable and OK with being there.  The staff here continually impress me with their care, flexibility, and professionalism.

George Pavlik (Source: Google)


My son had a great first visit and enjoyed his toy he was able to pick after brushing his teeth. Very friendly staff. Disney+ streaming service available so your child can watch their favorite show or movie while getting their teeth cleaned. Plus they had great education points on what to expect and nutritional items to eat. We will be back!

Emily F. from Columbus, OH (Source: Yelp)


What a GREAT experience, from getting through right away to a super friendly and helpful receptionist to our actual appointments, which we were easily able to schedule for about a week out. Every.single.aspect of this visit has been optimized with the developmental needs of kids in mind. It’s clear that Dr. Jillian has put brains and heart into the layout, sequencing, equipment…everything! The way she related with my kids (2 and 4) put them (and me!) immediately at ease, and I’m happy to report that we left with a clean bill of dental health, some great tips for keeping it up, and an appointment for the next check up…which my kids are already looking forward to!

April Rogers Gerkin (Source: Facebook)


My daughter is autistic and I have struggled with finding a pediatric dentist who can do a great job and comfort her due to her disability. Dr. Gray at Clintonville Pediatrics is a godsend. I wish we had found her sooner…but just so fortunate and blessed to have her in our little girl’s life!! Thank you!!

Tatiana Kasimtseva (Source: Google)


We have been with this dentist office for a year, and they really show care and love towards children. My daughters are 2 and 4. We were looking specifically for the doctor who uses very safe materials and techniques, like a biological dentist for adults, but for children. Dr. Jillian did not want to do dentist work that was not necessary, yet she maintained and improved my children’s oral health. My wishes were heard and well respected. Beautiful office with beautiful staff.

LoriAnn Mancini (Source: Google)


My girls are very happy when they hear they have a dentist appointment. I think that says a lot! Dr. Jillian is warm and caring and an excellent communicator. She also has a good memory for small concerns I’ve brought up in the past, which I think is remarkable. The hygienist, Ginger, is also wonderful, very caring and so easy to talk to. We all enjoy our visits to the practice.

Holly James (Source: Facebook)


I absolutely love Dr Jillian, the office is beautiful, and the staff is outstanding! We’ve been seeing Dr Jillian for 5+ years and couldn’t imagine taking the kids ANYWHERE else! Dr Jillian has taken the time to have patience with my not so thrilled son! His first visit was anxiety filled for him and mom! Over the last 5 years he’s grown to trust her, and build a relationship to help ease his nerves with each visit! I highly recommend Clintonville Pediatric Dentistry! It’s the definition of Perfection in my eyes!

Hollie Crockett Lau (Source: Facebook)


I have been so impressed with Dr. Jillian and her staff. Not only did she talk us through all the procedures, she talked us through pain relief options and told us to research it and let her know what we are comfortable with. I think her style and bedside manner is very gentle and she was able to make my highly anxious son very comfortable and at ease. I was able to hold his hand through his procedure, and that was huge for us. Ashley at the front desk is also extremely on top of things, she contacted me back quickly anytime I called in with a question and helped answered my insurance questions. I hands down recommend this practice. Their gentle and caring nature make them a perfect fit for working with children.

Shane Ostrowski (Source: Google)


Our daughter loves Dr. Gray and the staff. She was recommend by our pediatrician a couple of years ago. They do a great job working with even the most tired, squirmy children (sorry). There is great communication with the parents too. Can’t recommend more. After not so great experiences as a child myself, I was worried about finding a good pediatric dentist. We are thrilled to have Dr. Gray.

Jenna Elamin-Mueller (Source: Google)


This was our first time taking our son to the dentist. The staff was great! We saw Dr. Jillian who was wonderful. Everything was clearly explained and we had a nice conversational chat after his cleaning. We all felt calm and great. Can’t wait for him to have more positive experiences at the dentist as he grows up!

Carina Hollinger (Source: Google)


We love Dr.Jillian, the staff, and nice, clean comfortable office. My son is on the Spectrum, and they are very accommodating to him and make the atmosphere and sensory triggers as minimal as possible. Some things that help us here are sunglasses they lend him for bright lights, a TV above to distract from what they are doing, letting him feel the vibration of equipment on his hand and explain everything before they proceed. They strive to make him as comfortable as possible and it works for my guy. He actually kind of looks forward to going because he gets to pick out his favorites chocolate or bubble gum toothpaste (for the cleaning) and gets a small toy and goodie bag (new toothbrush & toothpaste, etc) when he leaves. They are always kind, and pretty efficient. We’ve never went anywhere else and probably never will as long as they’re around.

Lisa-Marie Reinhart (Source: Google)


We just love Dr. Jillian and our experience at Clintonville Pediatric Dentistry! My kids have been with Dr. Jillian for several years. She is great with the kids…offering videos, fun sunglasses, character toothbrushes, and a prize bin! As a parent, Dr. Jillian has been great to work with and very personable. Her office staff is also great to work with for scheduling and needed forms. Without a doubt, I would recommend this practice to any parent!

Leslie Ann (Source: Facebook)


My daughter came to Dr. Jillian needing 4 baby teeth extracted. She was EXTREMELY nervous. I am a dental hygienist, So I know the level of care needed to handle this situation. Dr. Jillian and her team were great. They explained every detail to me and my child as they went threw each step. I couldn’t ask for a better experience as a parent and a dental professional for my child. The team is very well organized, the office, rooms, and sterilization were immaculate (believe me I was looking). And the patience provided to my daughter and myself are far more then I could ever imagine. Hands down, the best experience for the toughest situation

Leigh-Anne Corwin (Source: Google)


Dr. Jillian was fantastic with our kids. It was our youngest first time at the dentist and she made sure to let her see all the instruments and even let her squirt her with the water. She made our daughter feel at ease the whole time which is hard to do for a 2 year old! The office was easy to find and very welcoming. It’s nice to find a local business that takes such pride in what they do. Looking forward to going back in 6 months!

Alison Armpriester (Source: Google)


This is a great office! My 2 year old son was a little apprehensive but Dr. Jillian did a great job of making him feel comfortable and at ease. I love how she takes the time to talk with him and help him feel comfortable before starting the exam. He also loves getting to pick from the prize box at the end!

Seth Britt (Source: Google)


Dr. Gray and Staff are amazing! The facility is always in pristine order and cleanliness and the whole office is personable, fun and relaxed for the kids to feel as comfortable as possible. We can’t say enough about how much we trust this office and appreciate their hard work. Dr. Gray is fabulous to the kids and explains every step for them to feel safe and at ease. Highly recommend.

Julie Bailey (Source: Google)


I am always so grateful for Dr. Jillian and her team. We had to split some dental work into two visits for my 5 year old. My daughter became super anxious and upset and Dr. Jillian came to the rescue as always. I wish I had a dentist like that when I was a child! She set expectations and put my daughter at ease. Also the girls at the desk corrected a billing issue with no fuss. Making this dentist office visit a smooth and easy encounter. Thanks ladies!

Abbie L. from East Columbus, Blacklick, OH (Source: Yelp)


Awesome staff and Dr. Gray is the best! They are very attentive and super caring. Always thorough, professional, and friendly. Dr. Gray makes sure to gather as much information as possible about your past dental history to provide the best care possible, I look forward to continuing to go here and would highly recommend!

Mark K. from Columbus, OH (Source: Yelp)


Amazing first visit to the dentist for our toddler, Baby K. Dr. Jillian is great. Explained everything, to her and us. Gave us some tips on dental care and diet. She made sure Baby K enjoyed the whole thing. Even during cleaning when I could tell she was a little uncomfortable, she didn’t fuss. The whole office is set up for kids, from the waiting area to the special dental chair. There’s a TV overhead, cool sunglasses to avoid the bright lights, etc. Even a plastic dental mirror to take home and use on your stuffed animals. We have to go back for a little work, and K is excited. All of the staff are great, and it was a very good experience. Okay, except for my finding it- there are dozens of dentists in Clintonville, all named something like “Clintonville Dentistry,” so check carefully. It is beside the Huntington near High and Henderson. Parking in back.

Cathern Pitchford-King (Source: Facebook)


I had a mom freak out tonight when my son hit his teeth on the tub and one became wiggly. Dr. Jillian called back within 10 minutes after I left a message on the emergency line after 7PM. I LOVED their staff and overall practice before, but after the care and attention she gave to our family tonight I LOVE them even more. I can’t rave about her and the staff enough. Thanks from a freaked out Mama!

Spencer Eddy (Source: Google)


I’ve only just gotten my children established with Clintonville Pediatric Dentistry but the couple of times that I’ve been in so far they have been very welcoming and keep to the scheduling wonderfully! The tech and the dentist are super informative for both me and my kiddos! They also called to let me know the cost of the services being done on my children before hand so there were no surprises as well which is great!

Benjamin Adams (Source: Google)


The staff is very friendly and great with kids. We have a 2.5 and 4.5 y/o and Dr. Jillian is fantastic with them. Our 4.5 y/o gets very nervous going to the dentist, but Dr. Jillian was patient and able to keep him calm without shorting on dentist services. The dental hygienists are great too. We’ve visited three times now and would reccomend to anyone.

Sarah H. from Columbus, OH (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Jillian is so professional, calming, and personal. My 7 year old son was referred for a cavity on a permanent molar and after 45 minutes of dental work said he wanted to switch to her as his primary dentist. Considering that he’s never had a cavity and his was in a sensitive spot, this says it ALL. The care was just the best! She even managed to complete the work while he watched his favorite (highly annoying in a work environment) YouTube videos.

Scott W. from New Albany, OH (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Jillian was great and the entire dental visit was stress free for me and my girls.  The biggest success — my daughter has significant special needs and we usually only see a dentist through Children’s Hospital.  We took a gamble, and wow Dr. Jillian was great!! She was able to do everything for the 6-month checkup, cleaning, & brushing — even better than we do at home.  Also, I highly recommend a pediatric dentist.  The benefits of having a dentist only focused on kids far outweighs the convenience of taking my kids to our “family” dentist.

Megan Danser (Source: Facebook)


My 5.5 year old son has been through two (highly recommended) pediatric dentists coming out on the other side traumatized. I never thought we’d be able to return to a dentist until we found Dr. Jillian and her staff. Dr. Jillian allows Leo to set the pace. She explains everything to him and sends us home with “practice” tools so that he is prepared and comfortable when we come back for a procedure. Her patient, caring and gentle nature has restored Leo’s confidence and trust. I will be forever grateful.

Shannan McCreary (Source: Facebook)


Highly highly recommend Dr. Jillian! From the moment we walked in, the experience was great. I was very nervous as our son who is almost 2 has never been to the dentist but Dr. Jillian was so gentle and made Liam feel very comfortable. She explained all the instruments to him and how they worked in toddler friendly lingo. I am looking forward to his next appointment in the summer. The staff was also very nice.

Katie Trippel (Source: Google)


My children (ages 6 and 3) have been seeing Dr. Jillian and her team for about 3 years. They provide outstanding service and lots of comforts (ie. sunglasses for the bright light, child appropriate explanations for tools and procedures, tv for kids to watch favorite shows during cleaning) for little ones to help make the experience positive. My kids actually get excited to go to the dentist if that says anything! Would highly recommend.

Stephanie Konfal (Source: Google)


We feel very fortunate to have Dr. Gray as our child’s dentist. She is wonderful. The office is set up to make the appointment as comfortable as possible for little ones. Super clean, bright, televisions mounted on the ceiling above the chairs, she and her staff are friendly, warm. My daughter was scared to have her teeth checked but she actually beams now when she sees the staff and Dr. Gray. We will soon be moving to Powell but we will continue to see Dr. Gray even though it will become a long drive – she is that good.

Lauren Hennick (Source: Google)


This was the first pediatric dentist we saw for our little one, and we have loved our experience! Dr. Gray is so sweet, gentle, and conversational with both our daughter and us! She really takes time to educate and ensure that we understand the treatments. The staff is amazing! We have not had one negative encounter. Everyone is always very welcoming and they really love their jobs! The office is kept immaculate, and our little one loves that she can watch her favorite shows while she is in the chair! We love Clintonville Pediatric Dentistry!

Niki Mitusev (Source: Facebook)


What an extremely positive experience. This practice was recommended by a friend and they are about 25 minutes away from where we live but I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Everyone is so friendly and really knows how to respond and act with children. Very clean as well! So happy we have found our new dentist for our little boy. Highly recommended!

Shanley Pease (Source: Google)


We had a fantastic experience at Dr. Jillian’s office. She took so much care to explain all of the tools she would be using to my 3 year old, who is normally reluctant about new experiences. She really built a rapport with my daughter so that when it was time to clean her teeth, she went right along with it (to my surprise!). I feel so relieved to have found such a wonderful practice and cannot recommend Dr. Jillian enough!

Brett Doland (Source: Google)


Dr. Jillian is amazing. Our Daughter is now 3 and we started taking her when she turned 1. Our second daughter just turned 1 and she is a fan as well. Our first daughter is very intelligent but nervous for anything new. Dr. Jillian does a great job explaining what is going to happen for an inquisitive mind. She has small children as well, and the mommy plays through all she does with the kids. The location is wonderful and she has all the new bells and whistles. No need to look any further if your doing research for a solid Pediatric Dentist.

Janna Bidlack (Source: Google)


I can’t say enough positive things about our experience with this office, Dr. Jillian and the entire staff! My daughter was very nervous about going to the dentist for the first time and everyone there was not only patient with her, but they let her control the pace. She absolutely loves her dentist appointments now and I attribute that to the care that each person there provides. We are thankful we found them!