Community Guidelines for Dentists

Our team at Even28 is in the process of building the world's most comprehensive "Dentist Search Engine". Our mission is simple: create a website where dentists can showcase their best self online:

  • A place where you can freely post before & after treatment photos to showcase your artistic skills
  • A place where you can compile your best 5-star reviews without having to worry about negative comments
  • A place where you can create your own online store and sell dental services and devices directly to patients

We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to design a safe, fun and engaging website.  We crop each headshot, verify your office hours, research services you offer, create an appointment form for you and post it all to your Even28 Profile. When you verify your profile we also add your email address to contact form and make any corrections as needed. And let's not forget your online store! When you're ready, we setting up your deals on your Even28 Online Store and take care of everything for you. All this alat absolutely no cost to you!

Each one of our Even28 Profiles is custom designed. It takes a substantial amount of time to build a Dentist Search Engine as you'd imagine. We're adding one dentist profile at a time and we won't stop until all 130,000+ dentist in our great nation have a presence on our Dentist Search Engine. And we do it all free of charge. We feel that every dentist deserves to belong on the Dentist Search Engine. Whether you own a private practice, work as an associate or are part of a corporate chain, you're entitled to your own Even28 Practice Profile Page and Even28 Online Store. Even dental students and retired dentists are welcome to create their own Even28 Profiles. This way, you can keep track of your treatment photos and testimonials and be ready for when you open up your own practice or just to keep your photos for memory's sake!

In order to make best use of your Even28 Profile, you must follow the guidelines which we have set forth as well as our Terms of Service. We’re committed to our community guidelines and you must honor them. Overstepping these boundaries could lead to deletion of certain content, probation, or other restrictions and limitations on your Even28 Profile. The most important concept to bear in mind is that you must only display photos and reviews which rightfully belong to you. Continue reading to learn more about our guidelines on posting photos, adding reviews, selling on your online store and other contents which are displayed on your Even28 Profile:

Photo gallery guidelines

Our #1 purpose in creating Even28 was to give dentists a canvas to showcase their work. Posting quality before & after photos of your treatments is the best way to showcase your artistic talents and create an emotional bond with prospective patients. Don't tell patients how good you are, show them!

Creating attractive photo galleries is the best way to attract high-end clients and high-ticket treatments. Patients looking for treatments like porcelain veneers, inlays & onlays, dental implants, braces and clear aligners LOVE looking at before & after photos of your actual work. You don't even have to limit yourself to photos of complex treatments either. There's nothing wrong with posting before & after photos of dental cleanings to encourage patients to come to you for a cleaning. Post photos of white fillings to encourage patients to have their cavities filled or Amalgam fillings replaced. It's your profile and you can post whatever you want to it!

There's no limit as to how many before & after photos you can post to your Even28 Profile. The more the merrier! Keep sending us your photos and we will keep posting them to your Even28 Profile. We protect your photos and give you credit for every single photo posted to your Even28 Profile. You never have to worry about copyright infringement when posting your photos on our website. Let's take a look at guidelines on posting photos to your Even28 Profile:


Take as many photos as you can

You have a cellphone in your pocket, right? Use it! Take as many before & after photos as you possibly can. Imagine if you're a patient shopping around for porcelain veneer treatment. Is the patient going to choose a dentist who has 10 before & after photos of porcelain veneers posted to his or her Even28 Profile or one who has 200+ photos? Patients have no way of knowing how many porcelain veneer treatments you've completed unless you show them photos as proof. The more photos you post to your profile, the better you will look to prospective patients. Also, every time you post a new photo, your photo counter on your Practice Profile Page goes up (in case that's something that's important to you!)

Submit high-quality photos

You don't need to have a professional camera or intraoral camera to capture high-quality photos. Your smartphone is all you really need. Most smartphones take very high-quality photos which more than qualify for posting to your Even28 Profile. Simply take before & after photos of your patient's smile, email them to and we'll take care of the rest for you. Be sure to put your full name, practice name and city & State in the email header so we know who the photos belong to!

Include yourself in as many photos as you can

Whenever possible, take a photo of yourself with your patient. Smile and pose next to your patient. Include this photo along with your before & after treatment photos. Not only is including a photo of you and your patient together a powerful tool to attract new patients, but it also helps patients validate the authenticity of your photos in their mind.

Obtain consent to photography release

Be sure to always get a consent signature from your patient, especially if there are recognizable facial features like their eyes in your photos. Even if the patient is really happy with you and gives you a verbal okay, they could always change their mind and ask us to take their photos down. Keep your written consent forms on file in patient's chart to protect yourself just in case. We may also request to see these consent forms from time to time. If you currently do not have a photography consent form you can click on the link below to download our sample form:


Email your photos before you lose them!

We recommend that you email your before & after photos as soon as you take them. Email your photos to and be sure to include your full name, practice name and city/State in the email header. If you're an Even28 Premium Profile member you should also include which treatment category your photo series belongs to (for example "clear aligners", etc.) in the email header. Finally, be sure to hang on to your photos and keep a backup, just in case.

Maintain accurate patient records

We periodically audit our photo galleries from time to time. This is to make sure that the photos actually belong to you and to verify that you're keeping consent to photography forms in patient's files. Be sure to have proper charting, X-rays and consent to photography forms in case we audit your profile.



The content posted to your Even28 belong only to your Even28 Profile page and no one else. Be sure to only post authentic before & after photos which actually belong to you. Never post anything which you’ve copied or collected from the Internet that you don’t have a right to (we can tell!) If your practice consists of partners, associates or specialists, you must post each dentists photos to their respective Even28 Profile. For instance, you must post photos of treatment performed by your orthodontist to his or her Even28 Profile. We can link your orthodontist's Even28 Profile page to your practice location if you are a Premium Profile member. However, you can not take credit for their actual treatment and you must each dentist proper credit for their actual work.

Send poor quality photos

Low quality photos are automatically rejected. Only send us high-quality, original photos of your actual treatment.

Send scary photos

Sorry to break it to you, but patients don't like seeing photos of a bloody mouth or shaven down teeth! Skip the scary parts. For example, show the patient's mouth with broken teeth and then a photo of the implants or dentures placed in the mouth. Skip out on sending photos of the bloody teeth laying all over your trays!

Send photos randomly

Don't send us your before & after photos via separate emails. Each email should always include photos which belong to one patient (unless you arrange sending bulk photos with us in advance). This makes it easier for us to post your photos to your Even28 Profile and we know where your photos belong.

Send more than 7 photos per photos series

Treatments like braces and dental implants typically require a few photos to explain the progression of your treatment. You may want to include photos of the different steps involved in treatment. However, we have a limit of 7 photos per photo series. Choose the best 7 photos which describe your patients journey and we will post them. Send us more than 7 photos and we will choose the 7 which we feel best describe your patient's journey.

Worry about image theft

Photos on Even28 are secured. We add watermark (a large "Even28" print on top of each photo), tag photos with your name and shrink them to a smaller size. This makes your photos practically useless for any other doctor or on any other website other than Even28.

Add copyright sign to your photos

We take care of securing your photos so you don't have to worry about it. Don't add copyright or your name to your photo series. If however, your existing photos already have a copyright sign on them, then we may be able to post them once you've given us permission to do so. It's just that adding a copyright sign in addition and your name creates too much distraction which takes away from the viewing pleasure. If you have copyright signs on your existing photos it's okay, but don't add them to your photos going forward. Send us unedited, original photos of your treatment and we will take care of securing them for you.

 Review guidelines

Let's talk about "reviews". Unfortunately, review sites have done more harm than good to dentistry as a profession. Just the word "review" is enough to scare most dentists off these days. Even28 is not another review site designed to intimidate and scare you. You never have to worry about getting a bad review with us. It's you profile and you're in charge of which reviews get posted and which ones don't. So relax and stop worrying about your reviews because you are in full control here.

Another problem with review sites is that they thrive on new reviews. Your older reviews get buried under new ones which renders them useless. This creates a never ending thirst for acquiring new reviews. You are a professional, a dentist, and your time is valuable. With Even28, you get to display up to 35 reviews per page and no more. Once you've accumulated 35 high-quality reviews you're essentially done with reviews forever. Reviews are undated so they don't start looking old and outdated over time. This way, a great review today will have the same impact ten years from now. The only way you ever lose a review is if it's flagged for fraud or if the patient asks us to pull the review from your profile for whatever reason. Otherwise, we will never post a bad review to your Even28 Profile or remove any of your hard earned reviews.

Your average dentist sees a thousand patients a year. Is the dentist with 200 5-star reviews really ten times better than the dentist with 20 5-star reviews? Does getting 5 bad reviews over 10 years of practice mean that you're a terrible dentist and no one should go to you? This is all extremely ridiculous and childish. But this is how review sites make their money. They intimidate you into paying for more reviews or paying to have bad reviews removed from your profile. Well guess what? You never have to worry about "negative reviews", "old reviews" or "how many reviews" with Even28. Focus your efforts on taking CE courses, posting before & after photos of your treatment or spend more time with your family, instead of constantly begging and paying for more reviews!

To reduce the stress element that getting reviews brings, we've limited your Even28 Profile to 35 reviews per page. The goal is to focus on the quality rather than quantity of your reviews. Of course, you can always replace an old review with a new one in case you receive a fabulous review. Either way, 35 quality 5-star reviews is all that it takes to solidify your Even28 Profile. You never have to concern yourself with reviews after that.

We should mention here that Even28 Premium Profile members have a slight advantage when they create Procedure Specific Pages. Procedure Specific Pages are separate pages designed to promote treatments like dental implants, braces, porcelain veneers, etc. Each Procedure Specific Page is entitled to 35 5-star reviews related to that specific procedure.

Acquiring procedure specific reviews can be difficult and Even28 is here to help. We scrape your social media sites to pull any reviews related to the procedures you want to promote and post them to your Procedure Specific Pages. Additionally, we add "procedure specific" review forms to each one of your profile pages. This way, you can start gathering reviews for treatments like dental implants, braces and veneers directly from your Even28 Profile. The best 5-star reviews will be posted to your Procedure Specific Pages to help you acquire more patients for these procedures.

Let's take a more in depth look at the guidelines surrounding posting reviews to your Even28 Profile:


Try to reach your 35 review maximum

There is a maximum of 35 reviews per page and you should take full advantage of it. Send us your 5-star reviews until you've reached the maximum allowable number of reviews. Keep in mind, only 5-star reviews can get posted to your profile (sorry 4-star reviews!) Be sure to only pull reviews from approved sites, which are:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp (recommended and not-recommended reviews)
  • Zocdoc
  • Groupon
  • Healthgrades

Search Yelp's "not recommended" reviews

Look through the "not recommended" section on Yelp to search for any 5-star reviews they may have hidden. There's a good chance you have a few high-quality reviews buried here. We have different approval guidelines than Yelp so just because Yelp doesn't recommend your review it doesn't mean that Even28 won't. In fact, we have found out that some of the most genuine and quality reviews can be found in Yelp's "not recommended" section. Send the ones you like and we will post them to your Even28 Profile.

Include a mixture of reviews from different sources

Try to compile your 35 reviews from different websites. Don't just pull the first 35 reviews you see on Yelp. Patients value a profile which contains reviews from multiple different sources more than a profile with reviews strictly from one source. Try to include reviews from Google, Facebook, Zocdoc and other approved websites.

Find reviews that mention you and/or your practice by name

Reviews that mention you or your practice by name resonate more with patients. A review that only refers to you as "the doc" is not as appealing to patients. Search for quality reviews which mention you, or your practice, by name.

Pay attention to the length of your review

We don't approve reviews which are too short. A review that says "great doctor, lovely staff, would highly recommend" is very cliche and generic so we won't post it to your Even28 Profile. You're better off having one less review than having a review like this one on your profile. The same can be said of reviews which are too long. Extremely long reviews appear fabricated. Plus, who wants to read a whole book? What we do with long reviews is we typically use bits and parts of the review to construct an abbreviated version for viewer's reading pleasure. If you send us a long review expect us to post an abbreviated version to your profile. We make every effort to select the most relevant highlights from your review when doing this.

Search for reviews from the past

You're not just restricted to posting reviews from your own business and social media pages. For example, you may have a great review sitting on another dentist's Yelp page where you used to work as an associate before. We can post this review to your Even28 Profile! Go through your previous employer's websites, find any high-quality 5-star review that mentions you by name and send it to us. We will post this review to your Even28 Profile once we've verify your employment status. Hey, it's your review and you've earned it which means it belongs there on your Even28 Profile!

Expect your reviews to get modified in your favor

Reviews posted to Even28 may be altered, curtailed or modified from their original format to fit our community guidelines. This includes, but is not limited, to the following modifications:

  • Reviews will be spellchecked to have obvious spelling and grammar errors corrected
  • Name of other doctors will be removed form your reviews. This is your profile page, not your partner's or associate's. We only want your name showing on your reviews. This way, in case the "other" doctor leaves, your review is still valid in respect to the portion which applies to you.
  • All profanity and degrading comments are removed
  • Exaggerations are sometimes removed
  • Brand names are removed, so Zoom teeth whitening will be displayed as "professional whitening" (Invisalign® being the exception)
  • No discussion of money is ever allowed, so a comment like "he only charged me $500" will be replaced with "he charged me (a fair amount)"
  • No discussion of any type related to insurance. This include names of which insurances you accept or which insurance your patient had. We designed Even28 to showcase your best self in order to help you attract quality, cash patients. We don't care what insurance your patient has. If you're a great dentist, patients will come to you, even if you don't accept their insurance. Leave insurance out of your Even28 Profile.

These rules may seem a bit strict, but don't forget that your Even28 Profile is there to display your best online self. At times, this may require modifying reviews to make them more pleasant and favorable. With us, it's all about the quality of your reviews, not quantity.



There's no need to post fake reviews to your Even28 Profile. After all, there's only room for 35 reviews here and sooner or later you will all accumulate 35 reviews. You want these reviews to be genuine, heart felt reviews, not generic, fake sounding reviews.  Focus on the quality of your reviews instead of quantity.

Become obsessed with getting more reviews

Even28 is more of a visual platform, a dentist photo sharing website if you may. Your focus should be on building stunning photo galleries, selling treatments on your online store and delivering quality dentistry. Don't become obsessed with getting more reviews. Imagine if you're a patient searching for braces. Which dentist would you choose:

  1. Dentist A with 300+ 5-star Yelp reviews about how awesome of a dentist he or she is
  2. Dentist B with 35 quality Even28 reviews specifically related to "braces" treatment AND hundreds of before & after photos of braces treatment, including a few photos where the doctor is actually posing with patients

You get the picture. We would also select dentist B.

Get upset if your review is rejected

All reviews posted to your Even28 Profile are manually reviewed and edited. Our reviewers decide if a review passes the smell test. It's up to our reviewer's discretion to accept or reject each review. You can always appeal a rejection and send us an explanation to help us verify the authenticity of your rejected review. At the end of the day, its our decision which reviews seem credible and are worthy of being posted to your profile. Focus on getting genuine reviews from real patients and you'll be in good shape.

Even28 Online Store guidelines

Selling online is the new norm, so why would you want to be left out? Creating your Even28 Online Store is free and available to all dental providers. While creating an online store may appear like a new concept, it really isn't. If you think about it, chances are that you are already selling some of your dental services online. One prime example is a Groupon or Living Social campaign. Another would be if you're running a coupon or promotion via mailers or on your website. Setting up an Even28 Online Store is really not all that different. You have full control of what you can list on your Even28 Online Store. Additionally, your Even28 Online Store links directly to your Even28 Practice Profile Page. Patients who like what they see on your Even28 Profile can easily navigate to your Even28 Online Store and make a purchase from your online store.

Even28 Online Store versus your dental website: So why list your dental services on your Even28 Online Store? Why not try to sell them directly from your own website? First off, your Even28 representative will create, sell and take care of all the payments for you. Secondly, patients never buy dental services directly from dentist website, but they do from third-party websites (you can thank Amazon for that!) Patients like having a middle-man, someone they can trust, accountable for handling their financial transaction on their behalf and that's what Even28 does for them. Let us take care of your online store so you can focus on giving the best dentistry possible to your patients.

Even28 Online Store versus Groupon: The other question is why choose Even28 Online Store over Groupon? First off, you don't have to discount your prices to list them on your Even28 Online Store. Secondly, we only deduct a small commission (10-25%) from each sales in contrast to Groupon that deducts an insane 50% commission. That's 50% of you're already 50% discounted price! And before we forget, Even28 Premium Profile members pay ZERO commission (transaction fees do get deducted). This means that if you sell a $500 treatment in your dental office or on your Even28 Online Store, you make the same profit as a Premium Profile member!

Your Even28 Online Store works hand-in-hand with the rest of your Even28 Profile. Let's say your goal is to sell teeth whitening treatments online to attract cosmetic dentistry patients. Start off by building up your before & after photo galleries. Add photos of teeth whitening to your Practice Profile Page. Consider upgrading to become an Even28 Premium Profile member and add them to your Teeth Whitening Even28 Page. Acquire patient testimonials and add them to your Even28 Profile. Once you're added sufficient content surrounding teeth whitening, patients can navigate from your Even28 Profile pages to your Even28 Online Store and purchase your whitening offers. How cool is that?

Let's learn about the guidelines regarding selling dental services on your Even28 Online Store:


Do your homework before setting up your online store

Don't rush into setting up your online store until you're ready for it. You should first familiarize yourself with how Even28 works. Focus on building up your Even28 Practice Profile Page first. It takes a few months for your Practice Profile Page to show up on Google and draw attention. Keep adding before & after photos and work on accumulating quality testimonials during this time. Once you've built up an attractive Even28 Profile, it's now time to add an Even28 Online Store to start selling treatments.

List items that attract new patients

The best items to sell on your Even28 Online Store are those that attract new patients. These include treatments like exam & cleaning, teeth whitening, night guards, etc. If you offer competitive prices for these treatments then be sure to list them on your Even28 Online Store. New patients can easily forget about you if you don't secure them right away. One day they may look at your website or Even28 Profile and decide they want you as their dentist. The next day they receive a mailer from the dentist next door and decide to go to him or her instead. However, once you make a sale on your Even28 Online Store, there's a 75% chance that the patient will show up to your practice! They may not show up right away, but they won't forget that they spent $89 buying your new patient special on your Even28 Online Store. Sooner or later they will show up when it's time and you've just earned yourself a new patient for a negligible commission!

List any other service for which you offer competitive pricing

If you think that your Even28 Online Store is only for selling low-cost introductory treatments then you are mistaken! You can sell whatever you like on your Even28 Online Store... and you should! You can list anything from a "$29 braces consult" all the way to a "$18,000 all-on-four dental implant" treatment on your Even28 Online Store. But why list an $18,000 treatment on your online store when no ones going to buy an $18,000 item online? For the same exact reason a jeweler lists his $18,000 watch on his website: to draw attention.

Once you list a treatment on your Even28 Online Store, your patients will see your services and the prices for these items. So long as your prices are competitive, you should consider listing your services online. Therefore, if the other dentists in your neighborhood are charging $25,000 for the same treatment, then you should list your all-on-four treatment for $18,000 on your Even28 Online Store. After all, if just one patient sees your treatment and comes to you for it, you've done quite well. Don't forget, it's your online store and you can sell whatever you want on it!

Be patient while your store gains traction

Rome wasn't built overnight and neither is your Even28 Online Store! It takes time for your online store to gain traction and appear on Google's search result page. The first few months are usually pretty slow. However, if you are offering attractive deals, combined with great dentistry and a stunning Even28 Profile, then you will start selling treatments little by little. You will see new patients who take their first step of getting back to routine dental care by purchasing a deal from your Even28 Online Store. You will notice that your existing patients are buying treatments to bring in their family members and friends. You will get calls for your more costly treatments which you've listed on your Even28 Online Store. Imagine giving your wife a whitening treatment as a birthday gift instead of an Amazon card? It's not a bad deal, especially considering that the proceeds will go to you instead!

Consider upgrading to Even28 Premium Profile if it makes sense

Setting up an Even28 Online Store is free for both Basic Profile and Premium Profile members. However, there are two major benefits when you become a Premium Profile member:

(1) Your online store becomes commission free

(2) You can now sell discount dental plans on your Even28 Online Store

If you're experiencing success with your Even28 Online Store then it's probably worth upgrading to a Premium Profile membership. Become a Premium Profile member and keep all the proceeds from your online store sales (minus credit card and processing fees of course). Design and list highly customizeable discount dental plans on your Even28 Online Store. Email us at when you're ready to upgrade your account and we will help you unlock all the benefits which come with an Even28 Premium Profile.


Overthink it

Setting up your Even28 Online Store if a free service. You can add or remove items or change their prices at any time. Plus, you only pay a small commission on each item sold. There's no monthly maintenance fee and no setup fee. Once you've created an attractive Even28 Practice Profile Page, it's time to add an online store. Start off with just a few items and add more items over time. It's simple, so don't overthink it!


Honesty is an important part of building a successful Even28 Online Store. Serve your patients well and grow your practice by adding an Even28 Online Store to your Even28 Profile. Don't add hidden charges, upsell or mislead patients with your online deals. Keep in mind, your patients get to rate their experience on your Even28 Online Store. So be sure that you are delivering on your deals. Otherwise your rating, and therefore your online sales, will suffer. Online stores with repeated complaints are subject to fines, probation or even termination at the sole discretion of Even28.

Destroy your store's reputation

You don't want to upset your patients and get bad reviews. If you don't feel comfortable delivering a service at your listed price then don't list it at all. In contrast to your Practice Profile Page, you will be rated for your Even28 Online Store's transactions. All it takes is a few bad reviews and your online store sales will suffer tremendously. Plus, we reserve the right to restrict, fine, place on probation or terminate your Even28 Online Store if we get too many complaints. Use your online store wisely to attract more patients, grow your practice and deliver quality dentistry. Do not use it to mislead patients or trick them!

Switch & bait pricing

You need to be very clear when selling services on your Even28 Online Store. For example, your new patient exam package must include basic X-rays, exam and regular cleaning. You can't charge patients extra for items that are already included in the deal. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't add upgrades or offer additional services and charge your patients for them. If your patient willingly chooses to take a Panoramic X-ray to evaluate his or her wisdom teeth, or wants to pay extra to upgrade from a porcelain crown to a ceramic crown, then that's their choice and you are free to charge them extra. We encourage you to sell upgrades whenever possible, but you must be fair, honest and clear about your pricing. If a patient refuses upgrade, don't refuse treatment and don't compromise their dental care. Be prepared to accommodate patients who only want the basic treatment. It's not worth risking your online store's rating in exchange for a few extra bucks!

Bill services you have not completed

When your patient makes a purchase on your Even28 Online Store they pay us directly. We set this money aside, since they are entitled to requesting a refund prior to showing up to their appointment. Once they come to your office and you complete the service, you bill us and we pay you directly. This provides patients with added security and offers them an added layer of protection. Do not bill services prior to seeing your patient. The patient reserves the right to change their mind prior to having received services from you. Billing us for services prior to rendering them is considered fraudulent billing. Repeated offender will get fined, restricted, placed on probation or even have their Even28 Online Store shut down at the sole discretion of Even28.

Issue repeated refunds

We hate refunds as much as you do. They are costly for us and for you. However, we need to prioritize patient's wishes in order to gain their trust. All refunds prior to receiving services are handled directly between us and the patient. We won't take up your time for these refunds. An actual refund occurs when a patient purchases a service, receives the treatment and then changes his or her mind. These refunds are handled on a case by case basis. We don't take refunds lightly and we always side with the dentists. You're entitled to being paid if you rendered satisfactory services. In order to issue any type of post-treatment refund, the patient has to submit a full explanation to our arbitrators. We will try to remedy the situation to resolve the dispute without having to issue a refund. Occasionally we may find that the patient is in the right and should be entitled to a refund. In these rare circumstances, we will request that you issue a full or partial refund (depending on the outcome of our investigations). You may also be responsible for any additional charges, above what the patient originally paid, in order to settle additional credit card or processing fees. In summary, refunds are no fun, so try to avoid them at all costs. Even28 Online Stores with too many refunds could be fined, restricted, placed on probation or even shut down at the sole discretion of Even28.

These are some of our most important guidelines surrounding the operation of your Even28 Online Store. Additional details can be found in your contract which you will receive once you apply to open up your Even28 Online Store. For further assistance, or if you have any questions, please contact us at and we are happy to help you out.

Additional content guidelines

There are other content displayed on your Even28 Profile aside from photos and reviews. The remaining content on your Even28 Profile is created one time and you don't have to worry too much about it afterwards. Let's take a closer look at these content to help you better understand the guidelines surrounding them:

Profile header

Your header is a simple introduction to your Even28 Profile. We use this space to educate patients on how Even28 works. Even28 Premium Profile members have the option of customizing their profile headers. Even28 Basic Profile members don't have get a standard header which can not be customized.


You must have a headshot in order to create an Even28 Profile. When we generate a profile we pull your headshot from your website or social media sites. You can update your headshot by emailing us a headshot or high-quality photo of yourself (we can crop it for you). Submit a recent photo, not one from your high school graduation! Be sure to only send high-quality images with a clean background. Images are cropped to a 300x300 pixel square and posted to your profile.

Basic information

Your basic info includes your name, title, practice name and practice location. You are permitted up to 3 practice locations for a standard Even28 Basic Profile. There is also a photo counter which keeps track of how many photos you have posted to your Even28 Profile. There's a review counter which tracks the number of reviews you have posted. Whenever you add a review or photo, this calculator will increase the number accordingly. Don't forget, you can only post up to 35 reviews to each page but you're entitled to an unlimited number of before & after photos. We also mention in this space if your account is verified and if you are an Even28 Clear Aligner provider.

Appointment request form

What good is a profile without the option to book an appointment? This is why all of our Even28 Profiles include an appointment scheduling form. If you haven't claimed your Even28 Profile as of yet, all scheduling emails will be sent to our admin and we make every attempt to contact you once you get your first online booking through your Even28 Profile. Once you claim your Even28 Profile, we attach your email address to the appointment form so you directly receive emails from patients as soon as they book their appointments.

Our appointment request form is pretty simple. It includes the patient's name, email, phone number (optional) and which day and time of day (morning, afternoon or evening) is most suitable for them. Even28 Premium Profile members have the option of linking their appointment button to their scheduling software. They also have the option of customizing their appointment request form to their liking.

 Phone calling feature

This one is pretty straight forward. You get to list one phone number per practice, so choose the number that is most relevant for scheduling new patients. The only important thing here is to test your phone calling feature if it's your first time on Even28. There's a small chance our content management team has entered the wrong phone number on your profile (in which case we sincerely apologize!) Click to test the phone call button to make sure your office phone rings correctly. If there are any issues, email us at and we will promptly correct your contact number(s).

Don't forget that your phone number shows up in two places: your Even28 Profile and our Search Engine result page. We recommend that you also search for your name in our Search Engine result page to make sure your phone number is listed correctly there as well. Again, if there are any issues with your phone number here, contact us and we will promptly correct it for you.

List of services

Your list of services helps patients figure out which dental services you offer at your dental practice. The list is pretty basic and does not get into too much details, which includes the following services:

  • Exam & Cleaning
  • Fillings
  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Crowns
  • Inlays & onlays
  • Bridges
  • Braces
  • Clear aligners
  • Dental implants
  • Dentures & partials
  • Tooth extraction
  • Root canal therapy
  • TMJ treatment
  • Sleep apnea therapy
  • Children's dentistry
  • Botox
  • Sedation dentistry

The only important thing to note here is that you must not list services which you, or your in-house specialists, don't offer. Be honest and don't mislead patients by listing a service which you actually don't offer. For example, if you do your own braces treatment, then list braces as one of your services. Also, if you have an in-house orthodontist who does your braces then you can list braces as one of your services. On the other hand, if you refer out your all of your braces then don't list braces as a service which you offer. We reserve the right to make changes to your list of services if we receive a complaint or feel that you have listed services which you actually do not offer. Email us at to add/subtract a service from your Even28 Profile.

Clear aligner services

We have elected to give clear aligners their own separate listing on your Even28 Profile. Why? Because of how much market shares dentists have lost to do-it-yourself clear aligner programs. Online companies like Smile Direct Club are selling clear aligners  to "customers" without any direct dentist supervision. What better way to let patients know that you offer clear aligner services than to list them on your profile. Here's a list of services which you find here:

Invisalign®: Most of you are already Invisalign® providers and we've listed Invsialign® one your clear aligner services.

Even28 at-home™: We offer this program as a direct competitor to Smile Direct Club™ and other do-it-yourself clear aligner programs. Offering Even28 at-home™ allows you to keep the patient in the dental chair and the profits in your pockets.

Even28 at-dentist™: This program is similar to Invisalign® but the program is less costly. Plus, Even28 at-dentist™ comes with unlimited clear aligners. Consider using Even28 at-dentist™ as a substitute or in conjunction to Invisalign® in your practice.

To become an Even28 Clear Aligner provider, email us at and we will help you get started. To make any changes to your clear aligner services, email us at and we will update your profile accordingly.

Office hours

This category is pretty self explanatory. The only thing worth mentioning here is if you don't work on a specific day on a consistent basis. For example, if you're open only 1 or 2 Saturdays per month you should add the caption "open select Saturdays by appointment only". You don't want to leave your patient hanging outside your door! You're also welcome to list your lunch break hours so patients know when you're taking your lunch break. You do not need to update your office hours for holidays on your Even28 Profile.

Links on your Even28 Profile

Once you create your online store, we link your  Even28 Practice Profile Page to your Even28 Online Store. There is also a link at the bottom of all of your pages which redirects patients back to the Dentist Search Engine. There is no links to your website from your Even28 Profile for Basic Profile members.

Premium Profile members remove all distracting links from their profile pages. For instance, all links to our Dentist Search Engine get replaced with links to your remaining profile pages. Premium Profile members also have the option of linking their Even28 Profile to their dental website. If you have a nice website, you can link your Even28 Profile to your website. This allows your patients to continue their research of you and your practice on your dental website.

Even28 Clear Aligner providers are encouraged to link their clear aligner service page to their Even28 Profile. Feel free to add an Even28 logo to your website to let patients know that you're an Even28 Clear Aligner provider.

You're more than welcome to link your website to your Even28 Profile. This will improve your website visibility, boost your SEO and ultimately, get you more patients. You can even link to your Even28 Online Store so you send patients directly from your website to your online store. These are all complimentary services which we offer free of charge for both Basic Profile and Premium Profile members. Contact your web developer and ask them to link your dental website to your Even28 Profile. Your web developer can contact us at if they require any assistance and we will help them out.


Help us make Even28 enjoyable for everyone!

We consider each and every dentist as an important part of our Even28 community. This means we need your presence and assistance to make Even28 a great community! Contact us if you notice anything that you believe violates our community guidelines. This may include a fake review,  unauthorized photo, a misleading online store listing or anything else that violates our community guidelines. You don't have to be a dentist to help us improve our community. Staff members, patients and anyone else is more than welcome to give their input to help make Even28 a better place for us all.

Email your questions or concerns to Provide as much information as possible in your email. If you are reporting a community guideline violation, be sure to include the dentist's name, practice name, city & State, description of questionable content, how you came to know this, etc. This way, we can quickly identify any violations which may have taken place and take corrective actions when necessary. We will promptly remove any imagery or testimonial which violate our community guidelines. Thank you for helping us create a safe place for dentists to display their best online self and showcase their artistic abilities to prospective patients!


Your Even28 Team