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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Cameron C. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I’ve always enjoyed going to the dentist as a kid. When I relocated to Washington, D.C., I was in search for the best dentist and Dr. Kostrov was recommended to me. I was looking for a highly skilled, perfectionist, as I take pride in my teeth. Dr. Kostrov and his professional staff have exceeded my expectations in every way. My teeth look amazing and his practice deserves the recognition! *Also Priscilla and Ning are the bomb! Thanks!!

Dana Bukenova (Source: Google)


I am very happy that I found this clinic. I was referred to Dr Kostrov by one of my friends who has been very satisfied with him for a number of years. My first appointment was an initial consultation and it went very well. Michael was very pleasant, knowledgeable and thorough, he examined and proposed a great treatment plan. I treated cavities and did two crowns with him since then. Every time it was painless, great work, crowns fit perfect. Reasonable prices too. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is in search of a great dentist in DC

Tara C. from Reston, VA (Source: Yelp)


All I can say, Dr. Kostrov is amazing. I have for so many years dreaded going to the dentist for many reasons, but now I love going to the dentist. Dr. Kostrov has a way of making one feel comfortable and actually listens to what you want, and does not try to push you into anything you don’t want. He makes recommendations, and then allows you to make the final decision without judging. His assistant is also a gem. Totally caring of his patients. When seeing this dentist you will not be disappointed and the end result is a beautiful smile.

M Baptiste (Source: Google)


AMAZING!!! Dr. Kostrov was so warm and caring. Very thorough and patient. I love that he was personable and connected with me right away. He acknowledged my pain and committed to its alleviation. Even more amazing is he offered his cell number should I experience anything out of the ordinary between today and my follow-up. I didn’t have to wait, the appointment was timely (very important to me) and he was swift, strategic and gentle (as possible) with his care. The offices are clean and modern. So glad to be a new patient and that I found this office today. The staff is equally amazing, btw 😉 I found my new home!

 Anne Marie H. from Waldorf, MD (Source: Yelp)


Hard to believe but I LOVE MY DENTIST! If you want a dentist that is a professional, honest, gentle and caring along with a staff that is equally impressive, (Simeret, Gladys and Robin), RUN, don’t walk to see Dr. Kostrov. I agree with all the five star reviews prior to mine and then some. Dr. Kostrov, where have you been all my life? Anne Marie H.

U Q. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


Nice dental practice. Up to date with the latest technologies and superior customer service in DC. The dentist was very professional and skilled. I normally do not like going to the dentist for any reason but this doctor and the overall experience made everything as smooth as possible, and it made it possible to not dread going for a cleaning or filling any more…. I will be going back for my future dental needs.

Julie Vachon Schettino (Source: Google)


I recently had my first visit with Dr Kostrov and I was very pleased with my experience. His office is clean, the staff was very friendly, and his exam with extremely thorough. He made me aware of some issues that my previous dentist had missed and took the time to explain everything to me in detai

Jamie Maniscalco (Source: Google)


First and foremost – GLADYS the woman who often works the reception desk is an angel from heaven!!! She is s patient and a whiz with insurance companies and all the issues that come with them. She is just so lovely and I cannot say enough about her. She has been so helpful in getting my dental care on track. I actually see Dr. Hyder at this office for my dental work. He has been so patient with me – someone who HATES going to the dentist and holding my jaw open.He explains thigns thoroughly, makes sure you are good and numb before any procedure, and he is honestly the BEST dentist I’ve visited int he past. Everyone int his office is warm lovely and fun. Highly recommend this office to anyone.

Gabe B. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Overall best dental experience in my relatively short life. Called to make appt, I got the time and day that I wanted. Front desk was very nice and helpful working with my schedule. I had not been to the dentist in a while and had a sensitive tooth. Had some routine xrays taken. They were digital and came right up on the computer screen, it was cool to my teeth like that. Dr. Kostrov did probably one of the most thorough exams and spent more time with me than I had at any of the previous dentists I had ever been to. He looked over my teeth, gums,and even did an oral cancer screening with a Velscope device at no extra fee. He even looked at my TMJ and found a small click that I was not aware of in my left joint. The sensitive tooth had a small cavity in between (since I do not floss). I set up an appt for a cleaning and had the cavity filled. The procedure was painless. Filling feels good, did not take very long at all and sensitivity is gone. I also got to see a close up of what the cavity looked like in the tooth with a special micro camera that he has, and the final filling looked just like a grew a piece of tooth back. I will be happily going back and have now started to floss!

Roger C. from Washington D.C., DC (Source: Yelp)


I give the office my Two Thumbs Up!    I work right near by in DC and am able to come to office during my lunch breaks.  I am always seen right on time and had the most thorough exams I had ever had by a Dentist.  Dr. Marx spent a lot of time going over my concerns and answering my questions, I did not feel rushed and simply a number like I did at my previous dentist’s office.  He had all the modern tech stuff like digital xrays. I have not had any cavities and  have needed any dental work so far (yippee), so I can not comment on that part.     BTW, I was bored surfing online and came onto his office here and wanted to be the first to post!

Samantha M. from Washington, DC (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to Comprehensive Dental for almost two years. Dr. Kostrov and his team are absolutely amazing! He always provides treatment plans that are conservative, with recommendations as needed. The hygienists and staff (particularly Gladys and Victoria) are wonderful: professional, thoughtful, and committed to patient health. Today they managed to squeeze me in for a last minute appointment to get a new retainer and then followed up with phone calls and emails to make sure I was able to actually get the retainer, while respecting and accommodating my work schedule. I have recommended them to friends in the past, all of whom have had amazing experiences there, and I recommend them to you.

Samaria M. from Triangle, VA (Source: Yelp)


I just left Dr. Kostrov’s office, my dental hygienist today was Tricia. I am always happy with my care, the staff are friendly, honest, detailed, and not rushed, but timely (regular cleaning takes about a hour). I came from a dental office that recommended that I have my old filings removed and replaced with an expense of over $2k. Dr. Kostrov reviewed my x-rays and examined my filings, then reassured me that my that my “old” fillings were just fine, that was over 2 years ago. Dr. Kostrov and his staff have earned my trust and I will always go to his office for my dental healthcare.

M. L. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Just switched to Comprehensive Dental and am very happy with the change. Dr. Kostrov was personable and thorough; he took his time going over each of my concerns and explained his recommendations for my treatment plan. He was pretty conservative and opted to monitor changes rather than tacking on more procedures right away. Whereas my previous hygienist was pretty hit or miss, my mouth actually feels totally and noticeably cleaner after a cleaning here. When I said I had some hot/cold sensitivity, the hygienist gave me like 5 different samples of toothpaste to try, which I thought was really sweet. Both the exam and cleaning were gentle and… actually pleasant! The staff is just as great. I filled out an online appointment request on Friday afternoon, and was shocked that someone took the time to call me (The office was CLOSED, mind you) and squeezed me in first thing Monday morning. I’m so used to the usual DC tactic of “call the patient at 4:50pm on Friday so I don’t have to deal with more work before I get off at 5.” I’ve seen some good doctors and specialists in DC, but Comprehensive Dental has the best staff I’ve seen so far.

P P. from Arlington, VA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kostrov was first recommended to me on my college alumni local network, when I was still new to the area and hadn’t found a dentist that I liked. I’ve been going to his office for a few years now, and as someone who has gone through more than their usual share of dental problems (as well as many negative dentist encounters), I recommend him wholeheartedly. I appreciate dentists with a conservative approach, and on my first visit, Dr. Kostrov laid out a treatment plan for items I should consider getting fixed/maintained in the next year or so. Having once had a dentist in DC who insisted that I had “a lot of cavities” that needed work right away without showing me any evidence on x-rays (and even though I had experienced no discomfort), I was immediately comforted by his approach, which allowed me to financially plan for one of the bigger, expensive items at a later time. One of those items, getting a crown over a very large and old filling that was leaking, ended up requiring a root canal, and even then, I appreciated that Dr. Kostrov immediately directed me to an endodontist nearby since that is not his area of specialization, who did a great, painless job. After the root canal, Dr. K even replaced the crown free of charge, since the endodontist had had to drill through it and it was only a few weeks old. (N.B. I had a similar problem many years ago, and the dentist at that time simply seemed confused as to why I was experiencing intense temperature sensitivity after a filling replacement, never advised that I see a specialist, and I ended up with a rather painful infection and root canal debacle.) Having gone through a variety of dental procedures with Dr. Kostrov, I trust his assessments, appreciate the time he takes to make sure I understand exactly what’s going to happen, and am grateful for his care in making everything as painless as possible. I also go twice a year for cleanings, and I think I’ve seen three different hygienists in my time, but they’ve all been great — thorough, efficient, painless. Friendly and helpful front desk and staff.

R M. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I have never written a Yelp review before, but my experience has been so wonderful that I want all of the people out there who have been traumatized by horrific dentists like myself to know that Dr. Kostrov will tranform your opinion of dentistry! The office/staff are kind, professional, flexible, and they check in before appointments. The dental hygienists and Dr. Kostrov explain all procedures in detail, are friendly, and they all work together as a team (no lack of communication or awkward hierarchy among staff). The equipment is modern (they showed me before and after photos of repaired fillings) and I did not need to go back for them to file down repairs or adjust anything. I highly recommend Comprehensive Dental Care!

Gabe Batshova(Source: Google)


I don’t really write reviews, but I was just at the office and they did an amazing job! I have been a patient here for 5 years. I have always liked Dr.Kostrov as all the work he has done has lasted and has been painless. He is always punctual and I like the staff and assistants. I was overdue for my 6 month cleaning probably like everyone else. I made an appt to come in for a cleaning with Taylor, one of the hygienists there. I had some screening questions due to Covid I had to answer a few days prior. When I got In also I some questions about Covid had to answer and the usual temp check. Office looked so much different. Only a few chairs in reception, plexiglass barriers between the seats and 2 HEPA filters as well. I only saw one other person in the reception area. When It was time for the cleaning, wow. Great job as always. Taylor had I na gown, shield, N95 mask. The room had a HEPA filter as well as a chair side air filter. It was like a canopy near my face. It was noisy as it was hard to hear her talk to me. But this filter auctioned off any aeresols . It was supposed to filter the air and UV radiate it so it keeps the air clean in the room. Sounds good to me as I don’t want to catch anything or spread my germs as well :). After she finished her usual awesome cleaning, I saw one of the assistants go into the room as I was leaving and sprayed some sort of mist in the room. Taylor told me it was an antiviral fogger that was supposed to clean the air prior to the next patient. This was soooo much different than my last visit prior to Covid. I felt super safe and wanted to share the experience and they went above and beyond what I was expecting! Thank you!

Daniel F. from Paris, France (Source: Yelp)


I started going to Comprehensive Dental Care after leaving my dentist of 10 years in the suburbs. During a routine checkup Dr. Marx became concerned that last year’s work by my old dentist was going to cause trouble and made 2 replacement crowns at no charge. I was flying later the same day for South Africa. Everything was fine! I’ve seen Dr. Hockman several times this year and her work has also been perfect. Amazing customer service and commitment to quality. Thank you!

Elena K. from Potomac, MD (Source: Yelp)


I am actually not afraid of dentists, my teeth have been problematic from the very young age  and I have always been looking for a dentist  who can see an overall picture would listen to my concerns  and be driven by helping people not by what is convenient . I found that and more in Dr. Kostrov.  It is amazing how attentive and genuinely caring he is, how he thinks through complex procedures and performs them with precision and confidence.  Every time I sit in the chair, I know I can trust that Dr. Kostrov will find best possible solution and follow up on my concerns. The value of caring for patients feels in the whole office, all staff are attentive caring and responsive and would go extra mile to accommodate my requests.

Lindsey Longendyke (Source: Google)


I find dental work to be barely tolerable. It requires all of my self-control to allow somebody to poke around my mouth, drilling and sanding and doing whatever else dentists do in there. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that dentist visits fill me with dread. In the last year, I’ve seen Dr. Kostrov several times as I was receiving a series of procedures. He is the only dentist I’ve ever visited who actually seemed to care about my experience in his office and made an effort to make that experience pleasant. First of all, he’s simply a really, really nice guy. His chatty and optimistic personality will put you at ease! His entire staff is friendly as well. As he was performing the procedures, he would update me on what he was doing, and in between updates he would make pleasant (though obviously one-sided) conversation. This kept my mind focused on what he was saying instead of the discomfort I was feeling. Dr. Kostrov is also trust-worthy. On my first visit, after x-rays and an exam, he outlined my treatment plan which covered all of the work I would have done over a series of months. He took quite a bit of time explaining to me why he recommended these treatments, using photos and x-ray images of my teeth to illustrate what he was describing. He also helped me prioritize treatments so that I could stay within my financial limits. I left feeling that I fully understood which treatments I needed and why, and that I could trust his assessment. If you have dentist anxiety like me, I highly recommend Dr. Kostrov!

Danielle Barber (Source: Google)


It is very hard to find a dentist and Dr. Kostrov is great!!! I have dealt with many dentists and surgeons in the last 15 years regarding my TMJ and TMD issues and Dr. Kostrov was the first one who actually took in interest and the time to get to the root of the problem. He takes his time, listens and explains everything to you. I was miserable for many years with my jaw problems and Dr. Kostrov’s work has significantly changed my life! He actually cares about his patients!!! The office is state of the art and easy to find and the staff is professional and friendly from the receptionist to the techs. I highly recommend Dr. Kostrov.

Erika F. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


By far the best dentist I’ve ever had or even heard of. Dr. Kostrov goes the extra mile to make you feel at ease and to make going to the dentist as enjoyable as possible. The staff is always friendly when you walk in and I always have pleasant conversations with everyone in the office. I would highly recommend him and this office to anyone in need of dental care!

Milka O. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I don’t normally write reviews, but after being attended to by Dr Michael Kostrov and his crew at Comprehensive Dental Care, Washington, DC, I feel compelled to write one. This is one of the most professional teams I have ever come across. I called them after reading positive reviews online when I was looking for a dentist. As soon as I walked into their premises, I felt welcome. Robin received me with warmth and Samira was professional and caring all at the same time. Dr Kostrov made me feel at ease. He is super attentive and explains in great details, the meaning of all the x-rays and 3D photos. I was able to understand my dental requirements, especially since I did not have a very good dental history. I moved on to Kylie who did a great job cleaning my teeth without lecturing me, even though I had neglected my teeth for some time. My teeth are now in a good state of “repair” and I thank them for that. I highly recommend this place. They are committed to stress free service to the patients on all visits!!! Milka

Kristeena B. from Purcellville, VA (Source: Yelp)


Hi, my name is Kristeena Barrett. Dr. Kostrov is not only very nice, but funny, and a great doctor. He has helped me understand TMJ and some of the serious problems that can come from it. I had a tooth that needed a filling. He made me feel completely comfortable, and I haven’t had any problems since then. My mother absolutely loves him!! Dr. Kostrov works with my whole family. We all love him. He’s the kind of person who actually cares about his patients the right way, and who doesn’t JUST do the job. He is definitely a doctor worth seeing for your dental care!! Go!

K A. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Kostrov is amazing! I actually look forward to my appointments with him. He and his staff are all incredibly friendly and professional. After each cleaning or X-ray he takes time to explain the findings and ask about any other issues. My husband and several friends now use him too, and everyone loves him!

Madelaine R. from Takoma Park, MD (Source: Yelp)


I consider myself the world’s worst dental phobic….but Dr.Kostrov and Dr. Marx and their office staff has made me feel more confident in going to a dentist. They are gentle, very understanding and have tons of patience with someone who is almost afraid of opening her mouth…..( I now am able at least to get an exam and some work done). I have a great deal of work to be done in my mouth but I feel I am in the right hands for specialty treatment. The office is well maintained and professional and the equipment and dental procedures are up to date and beyond. I highly recommend Dr. Kostrov and the dental practice for all your needs.

Erica D. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I was looking for a new dentist in the DC area when I switched insurance plans and found that Comprehensive Dental Care had good ratings online. I’ve been to see Dr. Kostrov 5-6 times now and he’s always very professional and explains every procedure before he starts doing anything. He also listens to every question and gives a thorough and well-thought-out answer (for example, I asked him for a referral to have my wisdom teeth taken out and he gave me the name of someone in DC that he personally knows and other patients have highly recommended). I also like that he can show patients large images of x-rays on the computers in the exam rooms. As another reviewer said, the office is very modern and features state-of-the-art equipment. Even more minor conveniences don’t go unnoticed: they offer you comfortable goggles to wear when they’re cleaning your teeth so you don’t have the bright light in your eyes, and if you have a longer procedure, they offer a portable music player so you can listen to whatever you like. Highly recommend Dr. Kostrov and this practice

T A. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I love him! Professional, courteous, punctual and he takes his craft very seriously. I have been going to him for mostly major dental work (i.e., Crowns, chipped tooth, etc) and it’s always a pleasant visit .  I have had my share of bad dentists, so I know a good dentist when I see one. I would recommend him to anyone.

Tre G. from Takoma Park, MD (Source: Yelp)


Super friendly dentists, staff and admin. -Easy, flexible scheduling. -Big on using technology. -Great with billing/processing. -Sensitive with my precious teeth. -Explains everything in detail, with pics. -Will provide access to TV and radio during cleaning, if requested. Most importantly, I actually do not dread going to see my dentist! Even if I’ve been bad. I look forward to it. What else is there to say?

Mariela A. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I just went to see Dr. Kostrov and his team. I realize now that I’ve never had a great dentist before. Dr. Kostrov has modern equipment (you get to see x rays of your teeth on the spot, and pictures of your cavities on his tablet, and they text you an appointment reminder /confirmation). You can email your forms and insurance information. For people like me who live an electronic, digital existence, it’s great. ( I also saw an older gentleman filling out a paper form so if you’re not into that kinda thing, it’s OK). Dr. Kostrov explained what was on the x-rays, the pictures of my teeth, and  answered my questions in a knowledgeable way. He’s social and friendly and so is his staff. Ria, the hygienist, also explained to me what all her tools did and what I could expect to hear and feel. I’m very excited that I finally have a great dentist. I even thought on my way out that when I move back to my home town, I’ll have to come back to DC to get my teeth cleaned. A great dentist is worth their weight in gold!

Eric S. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Like everyone, I hate the dentist. I’ve had two, however, who are great, but for very different reasons: Lisa Kederian in West LA and Michael Kostrov here in DC. I feel like it’s worth mentioning the former as a way of explaining how good Dr. Kostrov is.  Dr. Kederian, who also has great ratings, works in a city where people are crazy about their teeth, and she’s on top of all the latest techniques, spends a surprising amount of time with her patients, even for cleanings, and has the most comfortable dentist environment I’ve seen – all the chairs are massage chairs! So now, if that’s all true, how can Dr. Kostrov be an equivalent 5-star dentist (especially without massage chairs)? Easy: 1) He understands DC culture the way Kederian understands LA – people want professional service provided quickly and with flexibility. Dr. Kostrov is extremely knowledgeable of his craft, stays up with the latest technology, and has never failed to understand our unique work circumstances and regular travel and managed to fit us in when we’ve needed it, often at the last minute. This is huge in a city where everything takes a couple weeks. 2) Dr. Kostrov is a nice and genuine individual. Not overly chatty, but affable with a clear interest in working with you to get the best results. This has been true for us not only with cleanings, but with other dental work and even in helping us understand dental insurance and our child’s teeth and gum health. 3) Dr. Kostrov is practical and works with you to reasonably head-off problems before they start at a time that makes sense. Where other dentists might see any minor problem and tell you it’s time to fix it now, Dr. Kostrov will assess the situation, make a determination of when it needs to be dealt with, and work with you to do it on your own timeline. Again, this very appropriate for this city, and much appreciated.  In these ways Dr. Kostrov is a cut above the rest, and I’m very glad to have found a dentist in DC I am as pleased with as our dentist in LA. I wasn’t expecting that. There is ample parking nearby, and the office is easy to access by metro.