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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Bill Strang (Source: Google)


The Staff was warm and professional. Getting a double root canal can be a rather intimidating however, the team at CEC was wonderful. From the consult to the actual procedure the entire experience as frankly refreshing. The procedures were explained clearly, answering all of my questions. The day of the root canals the room was clean and the procedure was completed with zero pain. Missy was supporting Dr Desir was very reassuring during the entire time in the chair. Post care was also well executed with follow up calls to check on my overnight status and to offer any support that I would have required. After the procedure I had no pain or swelling. I highly recommend their services and would go again if I needed another procedure. Thank you for the great service and care Dr Desir and Missy

Christopher Hawkins (Source: Google)


My experience was the greatest. The establishment is clean and state of the art equipment to assist anyone needing their service. Staff greeted me with a personal touch and very knowledgeable in their profession. Dr. Desir is genuinely pleasant to talk to. His professionalism and skills is impeccably. I would and will recommend Conyers Endodontic Center to anyone needing this service. #great service

Arla Louise Williams (Source: Facebook)


Conyers Endodontic Center is exceptional. Dr Desir and staff run a tight schedule providing expert service and friendly bedside manner. The morning after my root canal they called to see if I had any complications or not. I did not. I’ve had many root canals from other clinics. That phone call set the tone for Excellence with this clinic. I Highly recommend Dr Desir and this clinic.

Rose Tea (Source: Google)


Dr. Desir and staff were highly attentive, extremely hospitable and gracious during the entire visit. All staff frequently checked to ensure I was comfortable before, during, and after my procedure. Dr. Desir made it a priority to ensure that I experienced no discomfort during my root canal procedure. He shared my xrays with me throughout my visit and welcomed me to ask any questions. Waiting and procedure rooms were very pleasant and well-lit, with comfy seating and plenty of space. I never waited long as this office is very efficient. Overall I had an exceptional experience and I am deeply appreciative of the service I have received. Staff at Conyers Endodontic Center truly put their heart into their work

Kevin Smith (Source: Google)


Beautiful office! Very congenial and helpful staff! Dr. Desir is awesome! He was very patient with my questions and my root canal procedure was painless. He is very conservative in his approach to patient care. The whole staff made my experience as smooth as possible. I highly recommend Conyers Endodontics.

Anita Snead Daniel (Source: Google)


My experience with Dr. Desir and staff was absolutely AMAZING! The office is so beautifully decorated and it reflects the spirit of the staff! The smiles and rapport was so welcoming! Dr. Desir and staff were very professional. He worked on me with fidelity and concern during the root canal. His assistants were loving, caring, and kind. I would gladly recommend this office, staff, and doctor to my closest family and friends! Thank you!

Kevin Walsh (Source: Google)


My dentist recommended Dr. Desir for a root canal. I am 100% pleased with that decision. The staff made me feel very comfortable, reception was friendly, the office was spotless and equipped with the latest technology. Dr. Desir was attentive and listened to me. I was able to return the same day for the procedure just a few hours after my consultation, that was a plus. After the procedure, Dr. Desir told me to take Tylenol for pain and take it easy. O never had any pain and went right back to my chores. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Desir and his team of professionals. I highly recommend him, in fact my wife is going to make an appointment.

Elizabeth Lamb (Source: Google)


Dr. Desir and his entire staff (from check in to check out) were so kind and caring. Missy was by my side during my entire procedure and kept me informed and comforted. She was aware of my vertigo and through her care I did not have an episode! Dr Desir, Missy and staff made me feel special. I have had a fear of dentists since childhood but I assure you this is the Endodontic Center to ease those fears. Thank you for your beautiful, calming environment.

Paula Bradford (Source: Google)


The staff at the center were very personable and professional. I had a root canal done and I have to say that I experienced no pain or swelling hours after my procedure. The whole experience in working with Dr. Desir and his staff was wonderful. I especially like the no pain part. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing thus specific service.

Tarsha Perry (Source: Google)


Because of my prior visit at CEC, I felt comfortable having my Root Canal done there. Dr.Desir and the rest of the staff made sure I was comfortable and understood each step of the procedure. The procedure didn’t take long at all and I didn’t have any pain. Dr. Desir is kind and professional. I definitely would recommend Dr.Desir. A big thank you to Missy as well for the great care and work. You guys work together very well. Thank you all for everything!

Julie Gramzinski (Source: Google)


I highly recommend Dr Desir and his staff. Dr Desair’s entire staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Senoria, his chair side assistant helped me stay calm throughout the entire procedure. She is very kind and attentive! Dr Desir was pain free and checked on me frequently throughout my root canal. Their office is extremely clean and beautiful.

Brandy Hammonds (Source: Google)


I love everything about this place from the quiet, clean atmosphere to the pleasant and professional staff. I went in for a root canal that I was prolonging out of fear. Dr. Desir eased my fear and made this a comfortable experience for me. I can’t wait to thank my dentist for the referral. A special thanks to Dr. Desir and the lovely ladies (staff) at Conyers Endodontics for the wonderful service. Super Satisfied Client, Brandy Hammonds

Philip Bradford (Source: Google)


I had to have a root canal done and this is my second in 3 months (I know, right). I had the first done at another location and said to myself after that procedure, if I ever need another one of those, I’ll just pull the tooth. SO, I chose to give it another shot at Conyers Endodontic Center and BOY was I impressed. 1st off, it was cheaper having it done here. Second thing was the professional staff and how courteous and helpful they were and lastly, the actual procedure. It was a fantastic experience. I had a 10am appt and I swear, I would have let him do another one this afternoon. Missy was his helper and she and Dr Desir both were great. Very caring and concerned throughout the procedure. I was SOOOOO impressed. When I left their office I actually called my dentist who referred me and told them they should send everyone there. GREAT JOB Conyers Endodontic Center.

Roselyn Hurdle (Source: Google)


Staff was very courteous, friendly and accommodating. During the procedure they let me know ahead of time what was happening next in my procedure. I felt so comfortable that all my anxieties went away. To be honest this is the best experience I have ever had during a dental procedure. Entire staff was great. Thank you guys.

Do You (Source: Google)


The staff we friendly and very professional. They took the time to help me calm down before my root canal. Hands down this was the best dental service I have ever received! Senoria Bethea held my hand through the entire process. She was awesome! Please choose them for all of your endodontic services!! Dr. Desir is the best!!

Leah Barnett (Source: Google)


No one looks forward to a visit to the Endodontist but Dr. Desir and his staff have created an environment that is beautiful, immaculately clean and peaceful. From checking with my insurance before the appointment to everything I could need during the visit and afterward, the professional staff was thorough, helpful and so friendly. I especially enjoyed working with Emily who was very sweet. Dr. Desir spent plenty of time with me explaining my diagnosis and making sure I understood all my options. He is truly a joy to visit…how often can you honestly say that about dental work? Praise God for Conyers Endodontic Center!

Tenique Brannon (Source: Google)


I had a wonderful experience. Here is my list of wonderful things I experienced. I’ve been very unfortunate in that I’ve had to visit a PLETHORA of dentists throughout my life for cracked teeth, chipped teeth, root canals, fillings, of them all this has been the best experience. Here’s why! 1.) The inside of this office is an entire vibe! The decor is immaculate. 2.) Staff is extremely lovely and friendly. 3.) So you know how you have to hold you mouth open during a dental visit? You know how there’s all kinds of stuff running down the back of your throat? You know how the light above is blinding? No problem! They give you something to bite down on which allows you to rest your jaw. They have tools that keep whatever is flying all around with the drill from going down your throat AND they put some shades on my face to keep the lights from blinding me. No ONE does that(that I have been too)! It made my experience 100,000 times less painful! 4.)There’s quality television neatly rested above you in the ceiling so you have something to look at . So, in closing. If you have to get endodontic care done, take it from me and go here. Thank me later. Wish you all the best and I kinda wish I had another root canal that needed fixing.

Grecia Cortavarria (Source: Google)


Amazing office and staff! My experience here was great and Dr. Dessir is very experienced, professional and kind. I love that when you walk into the office it’s super clean, smells really nice, and doesn’t feel like a dentist office. The front desk staff is very welcoming and their workspace is super organized, to me it just reflects on how smooth everything goes. The dental assistants were also a big part of why I would come back, they were friendly and kept me informed of everything. Overall, I would definitely recommend this office to anyone looking for a Endodontic that sets high standards and cares about their patients. I came here for a Root canal repair and at all times I felt like Dr. Desir knew what he was doing, and he always let me know of the possibilities with my specific situation. Root canals are never really comfortable procedures, but I truly appreciate Dr. Desir’s and staff’s patience with me and genuine care

Howard Lane (Source: Google)


Excellent customer service. The doctor and her team are absolutely wonderful. After a root canal yesterday, I awoke feeling no pain this morning. The doctor and her staff were attentive to all my needs and concerns. Conyers and the surrounding areas are blessed to have these beautiful folks serving your region. Keep up the great work!!

Maritess Thomas (Source: Google)


My first time getting a root canal. I didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Desir explained everything. He assured me a pain free procedure and I got it! The staff were very nice, a very welcoming atmosphere. I hope I will never need another root canal but if I do, I wouldn’t hesitate to have Dr. Desir and his staff to take care of me. Thank you Conyers Endodontic

D Turner (Source: Google)


I had a root canal procedure done yesterday (6/25/2020) Hands down The BEST dental experience I’ve had to date. I was treated with positive energy from EVERYONE! Their energy calmed me down a lot. Even scheduling the appointment a breeze. It honestly started here, I was contacted by them to offer me a closer appointment because my original one wasn’t until mid July at another location. I was so happy they went out of their way to contact me with this information. I was terrified because I’ve never had a root canal and I just fear dentist in general. But once Dr. Desir told me it would be a painless procedure, it was just that… painless. He told me “okay, we’re done”! And I wanted to ask… “when did we even start”? I had been having terrible pain up until my visit and I haven’t experienced any pain at all afterwards. Not even tenderness or minor pain. Nothing! It’s like it didn’t even happen and the pain is just gone. I’m still in shock. I received a follow up call today and it just meant the world to me. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and they still took the extra mile to get my procedure done and to check on me. I’m just blown away by my whole experience. I’ve posted this location on my social media because if anyone I know needs a root canal, the must go to Conyers Endodontic Center. Do yourself a favor and get your procedure done here. I promise you won’t regret it!

Jamela Davis (Source: Google)


Dr. Desir and his team were great. This is not my 1st root canal, but my first by him. He was very personable and made me feel comfortable. Pleasant as well. Love the office from front to back. He kept his word and said I wouldn’t be in any pain and I definitely was good after everything wore off. The office staff even called to check on me.

Dwayne Harris (Source: Google)


Conyers Endodontic Center from the front desk to the Specialist in the back working with Dr. Desir have treated me like a first class patient from the moment I walked in the door. I came in for a root canal but during my x-rays Dr. Desir found an abscess from a 4 yr old root canal that was a disaster waiting to happen. Me being the less knowledgeable person was thinking because this abscess was in the front of the tooth I was told that needed a root canal I figured that the abscess tooth was the cause of my pain and didn’t need to get the root canal done right now. Even after Dr. Desir did a test showing me that the abscess tooth was dead and had no root to cause my pain I still insisted it was the culprit. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! Two days before Christmas I experienced the worse pain in my life and at this point it seemed like all the pain medication in the world didn’t help. I had to start sipping water and running it over the tooth to relieve the pain every 2 to 3 minutes. After dealing with this unbearable pain all day around 11pm that night I called the emergency hotline that the Endodontic Center gives you if you have issues after hours and this was a direct line to Dr. Desir’s personal phone. Where else can you get this type of DIRECT ACCESS. He immediately recognized that this was a nerve problem and wanted me to come in first thing in the morning with no appointment. That morning he did the same test he had done before to convince me that it was not the abscess tooth but the tooth I had put off doing a root canal on. He is such a stand up guy and Professional that he was booked the whole day but couldn’t leave me in that much pain and fit me in during his lunch to perform my root canal procedure. Because of Dr. Desir and staff at Conyers Endodontic Center I was able to kill 2 birds with one stone and was able to enjoy my Christmas and New Years without any pain what so ever.

Arla Williams (Source: Google)


Conyers Endodontic Center is exceptional. Dr Desir and staff run a tight schedule providing expert service and friendly bedside manner. The morning after my root canal they called to see if I had any complications or not. I did not. I’ve had many root canals from other clinics. That phone call set the tone for Excellence with this clinic. I Highly recommend Dr Desir and this clinic.

Tawana Muh (Source: Google)


I had a wonderful experience at this location! It’s very nice and clean.The doctor and employees have excellent customer service skills. The doctor saw that I was in pain and did his best to care to my needs immediately. They gave me the best experience ever! I’m very satisfied and will definitely refer others to this location. Thank you Conyers Endodontic Center!

Giselle Balfour (Source: Google)


While absolutely no one loves getting a root canal, I can honestly say that this was surprisingly an extremely pain free process (no exaggeration). As a child I was always terrified of dentists, so I go out of my way to take care of my teeth to avoid these types of procedures. However, unfortunately, I needed this root canal after a couple weeks of extreme tooth pain. Dr. Desir and Senoria (spelling may be incorrect) were amazing! My procedure lasted 1hr 15 mins and I felt no pain the entire time, not even when they administered the anesthesia, which I dreaded the most. It is now the morning after my procedure and I still feel no pain. I cannot emphasize how impressed I am not only with Dr. Desir but also his entire staff. I never write reviews but I needed to HIGHLY RECOMMEND this practice to anyone needing Endodontic care. The place (Conyers office) was clean, staff were extremely professional and I felt really safe with all Covid-19 protocols taken.

Brittany Payne (Source: Google)


I had the best experience! I was very nervous having to have my first root canal. Dr. Desir and staff were absolutely wonderful! Dr. Desir is very good at what he does and makes sure you don’t feel a thing! It usually takes multiple shots of lidocaine to get me numb but Dr. Desir was able to do this w less lidocaine and I felt NOTHING the entire procedure. It’s really not bad at all and I was in and out. No pain afterwards either! Thank you Dr. Desir and staff! Hope I never have to have another root canal but if I do, I will definitely be coming back here!

Travara Reid (Source: Google)


This place was so professional efficient and save me from days of being in pain. I needed a root canal and was suffering intolerable pain. They moved my appointment up and was able to get me seen. I was so nervous because I was not able to be numb from previous dental vist but I didn’t feel a thing ! I was in and out within the hour and the staff was amazing . Thank you so much

Carlos Wilson (Source: Google)


It was truly a pleasure getting a root canal at this office! They put your mind at ease and explain the procedure in detail. I was done in an hour and a half. Didn’t feel a thing! Excellent customer service and state of the art equipment . Well designed lobby and attentive staff. My primary dentist did me a service by referring them.

Royal Prueter (Source: Google)


I don’t think I can put into words how appreciative I am of the staff at Conyers Endo Center, but I will try. My daughter is 12 and had to have a procedure done, she was super nervous to even go to the consult. But Dr Desir came in and treated her like a person, not just his 11 a clock. He made her smile, asked her about school and explained what needed to happen next. His kindness calmed my daughter to the point where she was ready for her next apt. Today was the day she was a little nervous, but ready. From the moment we arrived we were shown nothing but kindness, from every person we came in contact with. The young lady at the desk (I didn’t get her name), Missy, Cody and Dr Desir. They made a young girls experience with a scary procedure, comfortable and changed her perception of dental work being scary. We were provided with clear aftercare instructions and contact info for any issues. I am forever grateful for this practice and If I could give it more stars I would. Dr. Desir if you see this…GO GATORS…lol
Thank you Conyers Endodontic Center

Monique Mccrear (Source: Google)


One of the best dental experiences! The facility is clean and state of the art. My concerns during this pandemic were no longer an issue, as they all practice the safety guidelines of the CDC. The staff’s customer service is STELLAR. Dr. Desir explained the what, when and why of my procedure. His assistants were caring and calming before, during, and after my procedure. I was provided contact information to reach my doctor after hours if I had any problems. And lastly, they called to check up on me to make sure that I was okay. Can you say AWESOME?!! I highly recommend this facility!

Amy Ebbert (Source: Google)


I want to thank the staff and doctors for an exceptional job all around. I was so nervous and Dr. Desir and his team eased my fear away. They were kind, patient, informative, professional and comforting. Conyers Endodontic Center made the experience calm, safe, and amazing from beginning to end. Thank you Dr. Desir and your team for creating a comfortable, painless, relaxing, safe, professional environment. Thank you for taking the time to care about me, as a patient and a person. I’m very grateful.

Melesa Baker (Source: Google)


Just completed one of the smoothest pain-free root canals ever! Dr. Desir was awesome as well as the staff support, Missy. If you are looking for a loving and spirit-filled endodontist, Dr. Desir is one who loves God and treats his patients with much love. You will have a wonderful experience from the moment you walk in the building.

Ashley Robbins (Source: Google)


Best experience I’ve ever had involving my dental care. From scheduling an appointment to having the procedure done, this was a very pleasant visit. Special thanks to Heather and Farrah at the front desk. Let’s be honest, no one wants to visit an endodontic center. But hearing the cheeriness in their voices and seeing it on their faces when I came in definitely put a smile on my face. Another special thanks to Bethea and Dr. Desir for the smoothest procedure I have ever had. Very nice office, and clearly the latest technology also allowed for a easy and painless root canal. Of course I hope it will be my last (haha), but if it isn’t I will definitely return to this office. Would definitely recommend

Joy Fielding (Source: Google)


Dr. Desir, Senoria, and Heather were all exceptional. I highly recommend this practice for Endodontic treatment. They could tell I was nervous because I have never had teeth issues in the past, and the root canal was having to be done as an emergency procedure due to another upcoming surgery. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Yes, it took a little time for the numbness to wear off, but I had immediate relief once the procedure was completed.