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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings

Pediatric dental care


Teeth whitening

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Verna M. from Westminster, CA (Source: Yelp)


Being that I have had my share of unpleasant dental office visits, I did my research on Dr. Kim before booking my appointment. I chose her after seeing that she is one of the highest rated dentist in my area (Westminster). I went and got several cavity filling and they were willing to work with my schedule, insurance, etc. The reviews I previously read were correct! Dr. Kim’s bed side manner is immaculate! She is very kind and wants to get to know her patients! I am very please with my experience and have been recommending this office to everyone! I am very pleased!!


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David Le (Source: Google)


My first visit was excellent. The staff was both flexible and fast, not to mention, very friendly and helpful. The consultation was clear and simple. A solution was offered easily and quickly. I think that more dental offices could be this good.

Daniel L. from Westminster, CA (Source: Yelp)


Another visit with the dental hygienist Jennifer today. I am thankful for her same excellent gentle and thorough work. The new dentist is the nice and gentle Dr Kei Kim DDS, well trained in UC San Francisco Dental School, with many years of experience.

Mike D. from Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


I saw Dr Kim yesterday for 3 fillings. I was in and out within 45 minutes. She was very prompt and tentative to ensure I was doing ok during the procedure. Her staff was professional and received me in a timely manner. Oddly however that I had a cavity in a molar and Dr. Hwang advised i would need a crown but Dr. Kim was able to remove it and replace with a filling.

David Tubbs (Source: Google)


As an old fart, uh, guy, with pretty poor discipline, I consider myself rather an expert on medical professionals of all sorts — from the troublemaker-patient’s perspective. Dr. Kim, who took over Dr. Hwang’s practice recently, is expert, thorough, efficient and even pleasant! She listened to me, asked incisive questions, gave me multiple options, with advice, then made my choice happen!

Phg T. from Santa Ana, CA (Source: Yelp)

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Thank you for being the best service in town for dental care.  I finally had my wisdom tooth extracted  after many months of procrastinating (because it’s so easy to be lazy, of course!).  I have a  million of excuses of not setting foot inside my dentist’s office.  I must admit the pain is the usual run of mill—“minor aches and tenderness” that goes along with a relatively benign procedure.  What I find the most exceptional about my dentist and his staff is excellent customer service.  They all took their time to do the post-procedure instruction in great details with follow-up phone call the next day to make sure I was not in pain and discomfort.  This is what I rate customer service on!  The fact that you care about your customers to check on them after painful procedure does more comfort than any “ibuprofen” pill can ever do.  

Don L. from Santa Ana, CA (Source: Yelp)


I really love the service at Dr. Hwang’s office. Jennifer, the dental hygienist, is very nice and knowledgeable. Her work on my teeth cleaning is always done carefully and thoroughly. I always feel her REGULAR teeth cleaning is almost as thorough and clean as a DEEP teeth cleaning from another dental office. Dr. Hwang is also very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He recommended services for my wife and myself; however, he does not pressure us to do those services. At first, we randomly had chosen this office near our house based on our insurance and had planned to go back to our previous dentist. We ended up staying with this officice for 3 years now. I HIGHLY recommend this dental office.

Phuong Tien (Source: Google)


Thank you for being the best service in town for dental care. I finally had my wisdom tooth extracted after many months of procrastinating (because it’s so easy to be lazy, of course!). I have a million of excuses of not setting foot inside my dentist’s office. I must admit the pain is the usual run of mill—“minor aches and tenderness” that goes along with a relatively benign procedure. What I find the most exceptional about my dentist and his staff is excellent customer service. They all took their time to do the post-procedure instruction in great details with follow-up phone call the next day to make sure I was not in pain and discomfort. This is what I rate customer service on! The fact that you care about your customers to check on them after painful procedure does more comfort than any “ibuprofen” pill can ever do.

Minh Tran (Source: Google)


I haven’t been to a dentist in years and it showed but Dr Hwang was not condescending at all. He took care of all my concerns and explained all the work he recommended and why. One of his employees came in to explain the various procedures and their costs as well as what my insurance would cover and how much I would have to pay out of pocket. Admittedly I did not shop around at all so I can’t compare the costs to anybody else, but not once did I feel like anybody was upselling me or pushing me to have procedures done that weren’t necessary. Throughout the procedures he made sure I was comfortable and offered more anesthesia in case I felt I needed it. I had a great experience and felt at ease with his entire staff from the moment I walked in until the moment I left.

Jasper K. from Alhambra, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a client for years, even after I moved to the San Fernando Valley, I still made the trek to get my dental work done with Dr. Hwang. It’s hard to find good dentists and doctors, so when you find one, you do whatever it takes to keep them; even if it means driving for over an hour and dealing with LA/OC traffic. The staff are always very friendly and welcoming, and make going to the dentist just another stop at a shop, as opposed to being something you absolutely dread.

Vanessa I. from Westminster, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m over the moon with the care and service I receive here! The dentist has always been something I feared from previous painful experiences, but Dr. Hwang is fantastic! He puts you at ease and explains everything that he is doing and continually checks up on you during the procedure to make sure your okay. His main focus really feels like it is on you as his client he wants you to be comfortable and pain free. I wish I would have found a dentist like him sooner or maybe I wouldn’t have so many cavities, either way I’m glad he’s my dentist now. I no longer have anxiety about my dentist visits when I’m coming here! Also everyone on his staff is absolutely fantastic they are welcoming and everyone does their part to make you feel at ease and comfortable! If your scared of the dentist fear no more!

Verna Abdelmasih (Source: Google)


Being that I have had my share of Unpleasant dental office visits, I did my research on Dr. Kim before booking my appointment. I chose her after seeing that she is one of the highest rated dentist in my area (Westminster). I went and got several cavity filling and they were willing to work with my schedule, insurance, etc. I am very please with my experience and have been recommending this office to everyone! I am very pleased!!

Kathy T. from Fountain Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


Eric Hwang and staff are my HEREOS!! I had an HMO plan assigned to a place that has been closed down (how perfect is timing, especially when you really need dental work right? Lol). I’ve been in agony with excruciating pain and after weeks of research, Eric Hwang was the only one that took the time to hear me out and allowed an immediate authorization. Everyone else wanted me to wait another month out, which is normal with insurances but I just couldn’t bare to wait any longer. Hands down, this has been THE BEST experience I’ve ever had at a dentist. I was so embarrassed by how long I’ve gone without any dental services due to financial hardships, but Eric really took the time and effort to make me feel as comfortable as possible! He was nonjudgmental and was unbelievably friendly. He focused more on inspiring a team effort on healthy ways to improve from this point on! I had a molar extracted and I’ve never had anyone take the time to explain every little step, constantly was checking on me and my pain level, and really took the time with the procedure. It was very…”patient focused”! I was astonished!! Honestly, I’m sure NOBODY would enjoy any tooth extractions EVER – but I’d happily do it all over again if it would be with Eric! On top of that – I truly appreciate the fact that Eric would give out his personal cell # just to make sure he completely opens his access to his patients!! Just a true example of going above and beyond for their patients – just plain exceptional care here. Their customer service here with staff has been an incredible one. They truly walk you through all the paperwork and insurance, and explain well enough where there are no surprises. The office even calls you to give you a courtesy check up to make sure you’re doing okay! Even Eric’s assistant was wonderful and general with the X-rays! With the most sincere appreciation, thank you everyone for all that you do!

Vinh H. from Westminster, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Dr. Hwang for a couple years now since I’ve moved up to OC. Today I just had the second root canal of my life but the first one with Dr. Hwang. I am very very happy to say that it was 100% pain free! Much unlike my first root canal which was a hell I would never wish upon my greatest enemies. I refer all my co-workers here. If you’re a person who is scared of the dentist and dental pain, Dr. Hwang is your man! He explains everything he does while he’s doing it and he makes sure you are completely numb before working you. Check this dentist out!

Patrick T. from Westminster, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had a throbbing upper back tooth pain over the weekend. It gave me massive headaches in the gland area. So I decided to take care of the problem and found Cornerstone Dentistry with good reviews. I called the office and Eva picked up the phone. I told her my problem and asked me who’s my insurance carrier, I told her Guardian. She got all my information down and made an appointment to come in a few hours later. Maria, who is very nice took my x-rays and assisted Dr. Eric Hwang to come look at what my problem was. I told him about it. He was very polite, professional and informative upon his findings of the x-rays. He suggested a root canal procedure on the tooth that was hurting. I said ok, let’s do it. My root canal that was performed here was totally painless to my surprise. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone who’s afraid of pain. Because there’s none whatsoever. I will be coming here again to continue my work. They offered me affordable pricing for future work. They’re subcontracted Guardian dental insurance whom I carry makes things easier for approval. Him and his staff made sure I was really comfortable and understood everything throughout the whole procedure. Now I am home a few hours later, pain free from that aching tooth. Thank you

Vanessa L. from Westminster, CA (Source: Yelp)

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I haven’t had the chance to seek dental care in a while, so I expected my teeth to be in a horrible condition and that people would judge me for it when I came to Dr Hwang’s office. To my complete surprise, everyone was very friendly and helpful. Ava, the receptionist, was exceptionally nice and clear when she explained to me my treatment plan and what it would cost on my part, outside of what my insurance would pay. And then the x-ray technicians were very nice too. Dr Hwang was very clear and thorough when he explained to me what needed to be done with my teeth and why I needed that work. He then gave me a deep clean, which I already knew that I needed badly, and the whole experience was great. They give you complimentary floss (a lot of it), a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash in a little baggie after your appointment. Wonderful dental practice! I really hope Dr. Hwang will be in practice many more years to come because I’m pretty sure I won’t like it anywhere else. Looking forward to being here again on my next appointment.

Leslie F. from Santa Ana, CA (Source: Yelp)


After searching for so long for a dental office I can finally say I found mine ! Not only is everyone so welcoming and sweet, Dr. Hwang made me feel so comfortable during my procedure. Im a difficult patient, so him being calm and talking me through the steps and explaining in detail what exactly we were doing helped me so much. I get shakey and nervous on that chair but the reassurance and atmosphere and overall vibe in the office was amazing. Found my dentist yay !

Gary Slizgi (Source: Google)


Dr Hwang helped tightened up an implant one hour after I made the phone call. As always, he explained the risks and the procedure fully and did the repair at a reasonable cost that was not covered under my insurance. I highly recommend.

Jonathan Nguyen (Source: Google)


I was a little wary of going to the dentist during these COVID times but they implemented the latest safety protocols and my trust was not misplaced. Dr. Kim is a true professional and attune to ensuring that I had a comfortable experience, especially during these challenging times in public health. She always avails herself to questions throughout the experience. In reception, Eva is attentive and accommodating to my schedule. I am inexperienced in insurance and Eva took extra time to teach me. Jen, Maria, Jen, Tina (I’m sure I’m forgetting someone) are a fantastic staff of dental professionals. I have the pleasure of entrusting my dental care to them. My partner needed substantial corrective dental care but she was only in town for a short period of time. The office accommodated our schedule and had her visits across 2 consecutive days. The waiting room is warm and inviting. Refreshments are often available.

Vi L. from Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m going to preface this by saying I didn’t even actually get to see the dentist. I usually hate reading/writing reviews where you don’t get the full experience but it wasn’t like I wasn’t trying. I wanted to schedule an appointment for my mom, who has an HMO dental insurance. It’s difficult with HMOs because you have to indicate the dental facility with the dental insurance and then be able to schedule an appointment. I had called to confirm that they accepted my mom’s insurance and when the earliest they could see her as she was experiencing a lot of pain. They told me they could see her today but I needed to change her facility to theirs and have the insurance fax over the facility change form. I jumped through all the hoops that was required and waited about 5-10 minutes before I called them back. And called. And called. And called. In the span of about 45 minutes, I called 6 times. I thought that’s strange and grew suspicious so I decided to use my google number and call them through that instead. My call was answered after the 2nd ring. It seems like they did not want to take on my mom as a patient or made promises they couldn’t keep. Either way, they wasted an hour of my time when I could’ve found another dentist to help alleviate my poor mom’s pain. In any case, with the recent poor reviews and my experience, I’m kind of glad we ended up going with another dentist.

Rose N. from Costa Mesa, CA (Source: Yelp)


One of the best dentist experience I’ve had! My HMO insurance was about to end and I decided to check this office out based on Yelp reviews. Plus with only 2 weeks before my insurance ended, they were one of the few that still took new patients. Front staff was friendly and suggested I filled out new patients form located on their site to save me time during my visit. The dental assistant that took my X-rays was very gentle. It did not feel like she was poking around my mouth. They have a large flat screen tv in front so you can view your X-rays as it is being taken. Dr. Eric Hwang was great during the exam! He reviewed the x rays, check your teeth for deep pockets, and explained his plans. Out of all the dentist I’ve been to, he did the best explaining what a deep pocket is by using your X-ray and charts for visuals. Ever wonder what are those numbers dentists are saying when they check your teeth? It’s on a scale of 1-7 and the higher it is, the more severe the cleaning is needed. He provided several procedure options to fit everyone’s budget. This can range from the bare minimum, suggested, and optimal if you want to do extra stuff. The hygienist did Jennifer did great cleaning my teeth. She was very through and didn’t rush. Overall, I like this office because they are transparent and I didn’t feel like they tried to up sell or over charge me compared to other offices I’ve been to. They also ask for Yelp reviews as it is a way to make their presence known since they are located in a medical building and cannot be found easily. They welcome negative reviews as well because it is an opportunity for them to grow and learn how to improve. Great job!

Emma Watts (Source: Facebook)


The absolute best Dentist and most friendly front and back office staff ever! I have been coming to this office for a couple years and am always happy with the attention and service I get. I had my wisdom teeth removed and Dr.Hwang did a great job preparing me for everything and his team followed up with me to see how I was feeling after a couple days. Love this place!

Sovanny Mey Fitness (Source: Google)


Yesterday got my teeth cleaned by Dr Hwang after 4 months having my braces on. I understand that it’s harder to clean teeth for those who have braces on than for those who have not. However, Dr Hwang did an amazing job on cleaning my teeth, I felt my teeth become so clean and fresh after he finished! In addition, he also advise me how to brush my teeth using the electrical toothbrush with the braces on! He is super friendly, knowledgeable and kind Dentist. I am 100% satisfied his service. All his staff are also nice and friendly as well! I would come back to have my teeth cleaned again after 4 months and would highly recommend him to anyone I know!

Coy Burlingame (Source: Google)


Dr. Hwang is a true professional. After his exam he takes the time to explain his findings, options and answer any questions. During my visit I felt no pressure regarding treatment. The staff are also excellent! I recommend Dr. Hwang to anyone who needs a good dentist!

Charisse P. from Tustin, CA (Source: Yelp)


I live in South OC and absolutely hate traffic, so there is no other dentist I would drive 40 mins for other than Dr. Eric Hwang and staff. Heck, I won’t even drive in traffic for work, so that says a lot of how much I love going to this office. I’ve been a patient here for several years and what I love about this office is that the staff (shout out to Eva!) is always so friendly and welcoming. Dr. Hwang is always so personable and always feels like I’m talking to an old friend whenever I visit his office. Great tactic to distract me from whatever procedure he’s doing on my teeth LOL! Dr. Hwang always take the time to explain all the process & procedure to me and is honest about what I need and never up-sell me on anything unnecessary (unlike my past dentists).. so I definitely trust him with all my dental needs! Love Dr. Hwang and staff and will continue to be a loyal patient here for many years to come!

Tim S. from Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)

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I started at this office with DDS Jacobson 2007/2008 (family member suggestion) and he retired soon after… In early 2010, I visited this office and Dr. Hwang was already set up and running. He was my new primary dentist and still is today. My treatment over those 9 years: every 6 month basic cleaning, removal of old silver fillings and Invisalign (currently treating). Dr. Hwang is a kind man very simply put. He is a perfectionist. He is very passionate about his work! Fortunate for me, he is also patient because a few of my teeth are not cooperating with the Invisalign plan. I’m on refinement #2… hopefully only a few more aligners to go. Thank you Dr. seriously for your patience! Jennifer is the hygienist. I believe I know why he hired her: she is also very careful, kind and meticulous in her work. Eva the receptionist simply rocks!!! She really can orchestrate a business with a flow that works! She will get you in; she will get you seen. Plus she seems to really understand the business. Maria is simply awesome at making the Dr’s life easier!

Boon W. from Vista, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is the best Dentist you will find. Kind, professional very gentle and cares that you are happy. Never rushes you out the door does a thorough job, explains everything and never tries to intimate or play scare tactics on you. This has got to be the best experience at a dentist I have ever had. He takes exceptional care of my wife and I will always go back to him regardless how far I need to drive. This is not your normal dentist who goes in and you walk out feeling like you got hit with a 10 pound brick. If you want an exceptional dentist look no further. Dr E is the man. Not the forgot he has outstanding staff that care. Tina, Eva, Maria and Jennifer are awesome. Thanks again

Heike B. from Newport Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


I came to this dentist from a coworker referral after weeks of agonizing pain and getting nowhere with my dentist. They got me in immediately. Staff was courteous and professional. Dr Hwang took a peek and gave me a great cash price. Better than anything anyone else could offer. Didn’t try and add on extras or talk me into some pricey treatments. He listens and understood my situation. He pulled the tooth in 15 min with absolutely no pain and I was on my way within an hour of coming in. I was able to make it back to work without missing a beat. I’ve already spoken to my boss about switching our insurance. I highly recommend this office for any dental needs.

Jo’an Oldfield (Source: Google)


Have been going to Dr Hwang for several years, and he is very good, as well as very caring and gentle. The office staff and hygenist are also very nice, and friendly too.

Aaron Wilson (Source: Google)


I recently went to Dr Eric Hwang’s office with a horrible toothache. I hate dentists and I avoid them with all cost. That has now changed thanks to the absolutely wonderful care I received at his office. He not only fit me in at the end of the day but he took the time to make sure i was comfortable before doing the work. He is a great dentist and his staff is wonderful. He always makes sure that I am taken care of and I am not just another number and rushed out of 

Helen N. from Lacey, WA(Source: Yelp)


Lets start off with when I was a little kid. My family had this dentist that they swear is the best dentist on earth. I never see what they’re talking about because every time I would go in there for a cleaning, it would hurt. She was never gentle at all!! Of course every visit would make me hate the dentist more and more and eventually I was afraid of going to the point where I would purposely throw the 6 month reminder notice for cleaning away before my parents would see it in hopes that they would forget. Before I came here, honestly, I haven’t gone to the dentist in about maybe 7/8 years. I know that that’s terrible but could you blame me? Years and years of painful dental visits? Anyways, I found Dr. Hwang on yelp after researching for days for a GREAT dentist that accepts my insurance (I have HMO so my options were very limited). The staff was very friendly and the assistant is hilarious. He made me feel very comfortable, definitely eased my nerves before I got to see Dr. Hwang. After taking my xrays, Dr. Hwang came in explaining what was wrong. Basically after years of avoiding the dentist, I’ve developed a lot of plaque that was causing my gums to bleed here & there. He was very thorough about everything and was very attentive to my needs. We ended up doing a deep cleaning & he was very gentle and made sure I was doing fine every few minutes. He told me that as long as I floss daily and take care of my teeth, my gums will eventually go back to healthy. Well, it’s been two weeks since I’ve seen him and I’ve followed his instructions and I can now say I have clean teeth and my bleeding has completely stopped! I can tell that I always have fresh breath now and I love how clean it feels! If you’re scared of the dentist like how I was, trust me Dr. Hwang will take your fear away! Thank you Dr. Hwang & your staff for everything! I can officially say that I am no longer afraid! 

Phuong D. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am not sure how this place got a lot of 5 stars rating. Their customer services are terrible. They gave me a quote and asked for co-pay. I never heard about co-pay on dental insurance. Its either over the cap or special procedure. The copay came out to be some extra things they want to sell me for my procedure, which should not be defined as co-pay. They need to be honest. Stop thinking everyone is a stupid. Ppl can read the charge!!!! On top of that kinda scam, the technician who took my xray seemed to be sleepy or on drug that cant pay attention on what she was doing. Please avoid this office or again please be aware of the charge.

Kevin N. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I just hate going to the doctors, dentist and optometrist so I begrudgingly came here. However, I decided that this place can’t be all that bad if the reviews were so solid. I called and they were able to book we within a week and boy was it easy running my insurance. The staff here is awesome, Maria handles the scheduling and so far, I’ve been able to reschedule no problem. Also, Joy who did my cleaning was awesome and she made the scraping of my teeth enjoyable by keeping me distracted with her eccentric stories. Of course, the man of the hour is Dr. Hwang himself and he was very friendly and informative. Usually, I am very leery when the dentist tells me I need certain procedures done because they never explain it here. However, here they take photos of your teeth in color and stick a camcorder device into your mouth so that you can see everything in your mouth. Suffice to say, I was very thankful for Dr. Hwang taking his time to sit down and tell me what is going on. Overall, my experience has been great. The staff here makes everything run smoothly and easily. I highly recommend Dr. Hwang.

Julie Ko (Source: Google)

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I chipped my tooth, looks awesome! Doesn’t even look like it was ever chipped, perfect match to my original tooth!

Anne D. from Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hwang used this numbing mouth rinse on me which made the deep cleaning pain-free. He’s really straight forward on the procedures I need and didn’t need, so I didn’t feel ripped off like I did at other places. Equipment is pretty advanced and high tech compared to my old dentist’s so I felt that I was in good hands with information on my oral health. Would recommend to others. Susie, the dental hygienist, was very sweet and professional. She made the teeth cleaning on my 6 month follow-up pleasant. I didn’t use the numbing mouth wash, but the procedure was bearable and didn’t hurt too bad. She would frequently check up on me during the cleaning to make sure I was okay. Would recommend her also. Staff was professional and pleasant in my experience. From dental assistants to front desk receptionist.


Dr. Eric Hwang attended University of the Pacific for his undergraduate studies and underwent his Dental training at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, CA. After Dental school he attended a General Practice Residency program at USC for an additional year. During his spare time, Dr. Hwang enjoys golf, hiking, fishing, and playing basketball. He currently resides in Orange County. Our dental office offers a variety of services including bleachings, fillings (white), extractions, fabrication of dentures, and root canals. We also offer all our patients the options to remove their old silver fillings and replace them with composite(white) fillings.

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