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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Dee R. from Harbor City, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


It has taken me 6 months to figure out how to express my gratitude and admiration for this dental office, it’s dentist and it’s staff. They have literally changed my life. I have had a lifelong phobia and detrimental fear of the dentist. A fear so ingrained in my soul that it nearly caused permanent harm to myself or maybe even death. Health issues that have plagued me since childhood and three pregnancies that were extremely harmful to my health left my teeth in a horrifying state led me to crossroad dental. Even with my teeth rotting away and the intense embarrassment it plagued me with couldn’t override the fear of the dentist. This January the condition of my teeth took a turn for the horrific which even with the innate fear had to be taken care of. I called Dental Crossroads and explained my situation, my anxiety and my fears and ask if they could see me as an emergency new patient. They booked my appointment the same day and I was greeted with literal hugs, smiling faces, compassion and understanding. When the treatment plan was given to me I was devastated but new the time had come to do or die. I started the process in January with the oral surgeon and have had to go monthly for this first treatment series. And I couldn’t be happier!!!! They worked with my insurance and budget, put me on a plan and have always welcomed my appointments with hugs and reassurance. I can honestly say because of them I no longer have a fear of the dentist. With only half of my dental procedures completed I already feel more confident and my smile has been restored to that of my youth. The whole process is still ongoing with my bottom teeth being the next major process. I can not wait till it’s all done and look forward to my beautiful smile and the future of having a mouthful of teeth better then they have ever been. I can not express my deep gratitude for dr. Rosi and her staff. Especially Yuri. I am forever grateful that I chose  them on that fateful day, the day that has changed my life for the better. THANK YOU CROSSROAD DENTEL. THANK YOU!! DeAnna

Binod Karki (Source: Google)


Found this great dental office . staff are super welcoming lady dentist was exceptional.
had really good hygiene visit . I had cracked tooth , they have oral surgeon in their office who is another great lady surgeon . she extracted my tooth with absolutely no pain and followed up with later . She will be placing an implant on me soon. I look forward to all my appointments here . they also have root canal specialist here . Can’t say enough.

A. M. (Source: Zocdoc)


Dr. Rosi has been my dentist for the last 5 years. She is empathetic, dedicated and compassionate. She is an incredibly gifted dentist. I have a lot of work over the past 5 years including multiple crowns, front veneers and a difficult re-root canal of an old tooth. Dr Rosi has always been there with incredible guidance. I am proud to claim Dr. Rosi as my dentist and friend.

B. T. from Panorama City, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am new to the area and had a dental emergency. Crossroads Dental Group was kind enough to see me as a new patient the same day. When I went in I was greeted with warmth and friendliness. When met Dr. Rosi , I noticed she matched her entire staff professionalism. The work performed along side with the ENTIRE staff and atmosphere is incomparable to any Dental Group I ever went to. I will with no doubt, continue to be a patient at Crossroads Dental and highly recommend them. Thank you for your expertise, professionalism and beating heart!

Carlisa Scott (Source: Google)


This is by far the best team I have experienced! The front desk associate was so knowledgeable! She took the time to explain things to me in layman’s terms, and answered all questions that I had with no problem! The dental assistant was very kind and made me feel so comfortable! She made jokes and made genuine conversation, which helped me feel at ease! I’m a baby when it comes to the dentist so this is very important to me!! She even put on Netflix, hello… need I say more! The dentist herself was very gentle and kind! She talked to me like a human and didnt make me feel bad for my little sweet tooth! If you need anything done please save yourself the struggle of finding a great place, and go here! You won’t regret it 😀

Bre A. from Gardena, CA (Source: Yelp)


This morning I came in to get my teeth whitened, and I left Dr. Rosi’s with incredible results. Alina performed my procedure, and she was extremely helpful, making sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process. Dr. Rosi advised me to take Tylenol before coming in for my appointment to help with any potential pain. I went through three, 15-minute sessions, and I was at Crossroads for about an hour and a half. The procedure went smoothly, and the results are stunning. Alina told me that my teeth are now whiter than their whitest shade! Thank you, Dr. Rosi and staff for this experience! I love it!

Elena I. from Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was checking my reviews and realized that cannot find one I have written to my favorite dentist Dr. Rosi Shresta. I had plenty of experiences when I was not very happy leaving dentist office, so for me it was a big thing to finally find a dentist whom I trust, like, want to be back and bring with me all my friends. Dr. Rosi’s office has a special welcoming vibe: everyone is really caring, warmhearted and professional, everything is clean and quality is excellent. I definitely recommend Dr. Rosi to everyone. Thank you so much for your help, Dr. Rosi!!

Anon Y. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I can’t say enough about how far this wonderful office goes beyond expectations. The friendliness, compassion, care, and jovial nature of the staff is nothing like I have ever seen in a dental office, or most places of business for that matter! They remember you, they care about all of your needs, and they go so far above and beyond what you even expect or ask for to make you comfortable and take care of you. I mean come on, what office tells you to wear some comfy clothes and gives you Netflix and your own remote and personal noise canceling earphones when you have a lengthy procedure?! Dr. Rosi herself is nothing short of thorough, diligent, swift, kind, personable and caring. I decided to get my invisalign done with her office before my wedding and she made sure to advise me exactly how long my treatment would take and do everything in her power to get me my perfect smile by the wedding day, even if it meant her office eating the costs!

Flower B. from Torrance, CA (Source: Yelp)


Finally found a great dentist and office I feel comfortable visiting. I came in for a couple of different appointments and got the best care! Dr. Rosi is great, I love that she explains everything thoroughly and had recommendations for me specifically. Melody is a GREAT assistant, I love the attention to care and all of the tips she gave me during/after my dental care. Yuri is really great at explaining all of the confusing details on insurance and at answering all of my questions. The whole team made me feel at ease with all of the dental work I had and I will be back for more! Highly recommend them!

Cooper Lovano (Source: Google)


Unbelievably kind and professional staff. I no longer live in the South Bay, but every time I come back to visit I make a point to get an appointment here. I have not met one staff member who doesn’t make me feel welcome, and I have complete trust and a great history of cleanings and a filling here. I came 3 years ago from a groupon deal, and through it found the best dentist I’ve ever been to. I will definitely be back (if even just to say hi) next time I’m in town, and I highly recommend the same to anyone else. Also, Dr. Rosi is just the coolest and sweetest person.

Miche'l S. from South Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


After Years Of Horrible Experiences at the Dentist.  I Finally Found A Dental Group Of Wonderful Wonderful Caring & Powerful Women Who Really Care!! I Suffer From  PTSD After A Near Fatal Car Accident Left Me Disabled.  Thank God I Knew Melodie From Crossroads Dental Group. I Knew Her Years Before She Started Working There & Always Felt Comfortable With Her. I Trusted Her When She Told Me The New Dentist I Work With Is Really Good…. Today I Went There it was really hard for me it was raining and there was a car accident right in front of me which triggered my PTSD.  Every Single Person That Works There Helped Me Threw A Extremely Hard Day. They Are So Caring &  Patient I will never go anywhere else. Wish I Could Give A Hundred Stars.

P. M. from Torrance, CA (Source: Yelp)


I always have great fear and hate going to Dentist. I had a broken tooth incident and needed a quick dental check-up. Getting appointment was quick. Dr. Rosi is the great dentist and personable and friendly. Best part is she is very gentle when treating, good listener and very good in easing your pain and fear. She is very skilled, professional and knowledgeable and wants the best for her patients. I like how office has good customer service, scheduling  appointments, following up and sending reminders. I would recommend anybody who is looking for dentist with gentle hands, bedside manners and is skilled. She makes you so comfortable that you want to come for the next appointment without thinking twice.

Brent H. from San Pedro, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been unhappy with my dental experiences as of late, but Dr. Rosi and the team at Crossroads Dental Group may be just what I’ve been looking for. I used a Groupon for a cleaning, exam, and x-rays and thought, just maybe, I wouldn’t be treated the same as a regular-paying customer. (Don’t ask me why, it’s just been my experience with using Groupons.) The receptionist was very nice from the moment I walked in the door. Dr. Rosi was the first dentist I’ve ever had that handed me a mirror and showed me each and every tooth that had a problem and those that didn’t (and why). I have several large fillings that are over 15 years old. I’ve had multiple dentists tell me I’ve needed 3-4 crowns and I’ve only done one of them (the other fillings are holding up still). Dr. Rosi explained why the others don’t need crowns yet, complimented how well the old ginormous fillings were done (which no one has ever told me! I should let my hometown dentist know!), and overall seemed pretty conservative with her treatment recommendations. This is totally the opposite of what I’m usually told. Dentists around here have been super insistent that I do this, this and that, and I’d better not wait or I’ll have problems. Well, obviously I’ve made it many years by ignoring them and only requesting the absolute necessary work. I’m also accustomed to being pressured to making an appointment to get the recommended work done. Dr. Rosi and her staff were not pushy at all, which I really appreciate. I’m sure there’s plenty of Groupon people who they will never see again, so it would be expected that they want to pressure you to make your next appointment NOW. They didn’t do that. And I will be back.

Eileen P. from Torrance, CA (Source: Yelp)


These days I find myself smiling more easily with increased confidence. Dr. Rosi Shrestha has given me the most gorgeous, yet natural looking smile via porcelain veneers.  The cost is more than reasonable and totally worth every penny. What’s more, she guarantees her work, so I can always go back for a repair if and when I ever need it without a charge of any kind.  As if that weren’t enough, my veneers are guaranteed for life, which gives me even more to smile about! I truly appreciate the fact that the entire staff at Crossroads Dental is sincerely friendly and caring and consistently professional even as they treat me and my son as individuals.   We can always expect gentle, yet thorough exams, vigorously proactive care, state of the art treatment and maintenance of all our dental health and hygiene needs.  Thank you Crossroads Dental!

Yurixi Saenz (Source: Facebook)


I have always been extremely afraid of dental offices because as a child I didn’t receive the best care. However, after receiving care from Dr. Rosi, I am so pleased to be able to happily come back to the dentist. she is extremely gentle and very concerned about your needs. They even offer pillows and blankets and truest do the absolute best to ensure comfort. She isn’t just a dentist with a quota to fill she has humanity and truly cares for all her patients. Absolutely deserves 5 stars!

Maribel M. from San Pedro, San Pedro, CA (Source: Yelp)


I can’t say much about this office, I’m new here, but I love all the staff who work here.  Dr. Shrestra is a good Doctor. She is very patient, and she loves her job.  Never had the experience to be with a lovable and kind person. From my past experiences at dental offices, which I’m not going to name, they made me grow up with fear. I had almost a year that I didn’t visit a dentist. because all the other offices I have been too only care for the money, most of them don’t treat you right and some of them don’t even work with you and your budget. At crossroads dental you will feel like part  of the family. From the moment you walk in till the moment you leave, staff have a smile in their face.  I would hardly recommend this office to my family and friends. So just because You See a negative review, try to give the office a chance.  Trust me you wouldn’t regret it.

Sushma Kharel (Source: Google)


Came in as a new patient , I always am very scared of dentist . Surprisingly it was a very pleasant experience. Got my xrays , really good cleaning done . Usually I get really sensitive while getting teeth cleaned but the lady dentist was very gentle. Dentist explained everything that was going on in my mouth really well. Now I am excited to take my oral hygiene to next level . Also loved the goody bag at the end and Staff are super pleasant.

Melodie Cousineau (Source: Google)


Honestly the best dental office I have ever been to in my life. They are all so happy each time I go in. They work with my insurance. They help me with my copays. They have so many teeth whiting options. I have sensitive teeth and they told me about at home trays for a really good deal. Not only that but I have had braces in the pasted and I lost my retainers they have a invisalign that doesn’t included so many trays. I love that they have nexflix and roku and other options for tv. It definitely help with keeping your mind off of the fact that you are in a dental office. I had a crown done about 7 years ago. I told my old dentist I didnt like it and it was never replaced. Dr. Rosi and her staff were able to replace it. The temporary fit awesome never had a problem with it. I love my new crown. On top of that the whole staff is knowledgeable about front and back office so you dont have to wait for the front office to come back from lunch because one of the girls I. The back or even dr rosi can help you in the front. hey also have a online website to pay my bill. I have all positive things to say about this office. Dr. Rosi-Dentist: very educated and knowledgable about the dental. field. Always happy and funny,smiles every time I see her. Yuri- front office: she does a awesome job with insurance and copays. Melodie and Gladys-Denatl Assistants: Both of you do such a great job on making me comfortable and make sure everything is ok with me while I’m having work done. THANK YOU ALL FOR LOVING WHAT YOU DO!!!

Christop B. from El Camino Village, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was recently here at Crossroads Dental Group, and I was extremely nervous about work that I needed done. I had a root canal and crown done by by Dr. Shrestha. When I first came in she was so kind and really listened to what I was telling her. I was nervous about being in pain because I’d had a root canal done before that I wasn’t all the way numb for so naturally I was freaking out. She was extremely patient and waited to make sure I was completely numb before continuing on. I really appreciate the time and dedication she takes with each of her patients. It makes you feel like you’re really apart of the family there. Yuri even made sure I had a blanket. You never feel like just another number. Thank you Dr. Shrestha, Yuri, and team.

Desiree F. from Carson, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Rossi and her staff were so amazing I couldn’t ask for a better doctor she took care of my son who was in pain I  just walked in and Dr Rossi and her staff were so patient and and gave my son time to relax himself to continue treatments and they made sure my other children in the waiting area were comfortable and entertained and the office is very modern and spa like. I will recommend Dr Rossi to everybody she is patient caring and she gets the job done. And her assistants were so sweet and caring and explained everything to me she was the best.

E. P. (Source: Zocdoc)


My mom has always been scared of the dentist until I found Dr. Rosi. Mom loves going to the dentist now. Dr. Rosi is genuine, honest, and an immaculately skilled dentist. She takes great pride in her work and the results demonstrate this pride and care of her professional work. I am looking forward to my dentist appointment.

Andrea R. from Salazar (Source: Google)


You must make an appointment with Dr. Shrestha! She takes the time to educate her patients and answer all their questions. Dr. S is a consummate professional in every way and she does everything she can to make you feel welcome in her office. Her office staff is also very warm and welcoming. She’s been taking care of my teeth for several years now and I am a more informed patient as a result of being her patient. Plus I am complimented all the time on my beautiful teeth!

Gallo D. P. (Source: Google)


Best dental experience I ever had. I highly recommend the Combination of the noise cancelling headphones with the nitrous for the ultimate in relaxation and to allow Dr. Rosi to be the professional that she is and free to do her excellent workmanship. At some point I felt like I was at a relaxation spa and one of the byproducts of this spa was that I came away with a confident smile. The experience was beyond my expectations and I have a history of dental trauma. Rosi is a beacon of compassion and a master at her craft. Plus she’s funny.

Julia B. from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (Source: Yelp)


I found this dentist through my friend/co-worker. We both had dentists we had been seeing for years until they were no longer in our insurance plan. I had been going to my current dentist for years and was nervous about the change.  However, I had no choice. I went in for a routine cleaning to Crossroads Dental Group, and I was met with a big smile from Yuri. She handles the front desk. She is very sweet! Actually, every one working there is amazing. I had my cleaning with Melody. They noticed that one of my crowns needed replacing. I have been told that for years, but now I knew it had to happen.  Dr. Rosi is so friendly and makes you feel at ease. Of course, I don’t like novocaine or anything that has to do with drilling, etc. But they made the whole process very relaxing. Also, they used just enough novocaine for the procedure. By the time I was leaving, my mouth felt back to normal!  I am now sending the rest of my family for cleanings!

Ester P. from Downey, CA (Source: Yelp)


Probably the best dental experience I have been to ever. Haven’t been to the dentist in a long time because of the anxiety of getting my mouth drilled into , but Dr. Rosi very strait foward and professional. I don’t want sound like one of those people who are like “oh and the staff is friendly and nice” but they really are. I highly recommend coming here. Iv so far got a tooth pulled, cavities. I went to a check up else where got before I found this place and but I wanted jump out of the seat and run!! But this place is way better and serene.

Yurixi S. from Torrance, CA (Source: Yelp)


The doctor and her team are the best!  I have had anxiety over dental visits all my life, over the past year and a half, this office has been as close to a cure as anyone will ever get for me.  Dr. Rosi and her WONDERFUL office made dentistry painless.  The Doc is extremely skilled and knowledgeable, a master dentist with the dexterity of an artist.  She is also meticulous in her diagnosis.  I am totally confident that she will always be HONEST with me and is way more interested in the health of her patients than anything else.  Whomever says otherwise clearly has their own issues. The feeling I get in the office is that they all care about my well being.  This is by far the most caring medical office I have been to.  From the first meeting the doctor recognized my anxiety and put me at ease.  In treatments she has explained options and was very supportive of me thinking through my choices.  In my cleanings and procedures she always took amazing care of me even though I am not the best patient.  There has been NO pressure at all, except for the clear messaging that my health could be compromised if I did not take care of things and directions on how I could improve. I have also seen some of the before and afters the Doc and her team have done, they are life changing.  Thanks to Dr. Rosi my teeth and gums are healthy now and I am more at ease.  Now they are helping me to make my smile a little better (worth it for me). Dr. Rosi, thank you for all you and your team do!

Balike S. from San Clemente, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m so glad Rosi finally opened up her own private practice! I first found Rosi in Marina Del Rey 10 years ago and no one has worked on my mouth since! I was in Hawaii for three years and never had anything done, so I finally moved back and on Tuesday when I went to go get my cleaning I was worried that it was going to hurt BUT IT DIDN’T! Besides the cleaning I need some work done and Rosi has great, reasonable prices, thank god. Not only is Rosi great at what she does, has great prices, and is very knowledgeable, she is also one of the most sweetest, and understanding people I know. I am blessed to have her in my life not only as a fantastic dentist but as a friend Who I can share the ups and downs of my life with without any judgments. Rosi also did a great job in picking her staff here at Crossroads, from the receptionist to the hygienist (who is hilarious and has perfect eyebrows),I walk in and walk out feeling very comfortable and happy. I’ve recommended multiple friends and family members to Rosi and all of them are happy. If you need a new dentist just give Rosi a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Ruby A. from Torrance, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Rosi, took over the practice of my previous dentist. When I first met her, I feel that we hit it off. She was smiling, pleasant personality, easy to talk and engaged in my dental file. She made recommendation on how to keep my teeth better and healthy and I love that! She is very knowledgeable on her profession and explains thoroughly her logic behind the recommendation. I know of another family friend dentist I was contemplating going to but after several visits to Dr. Rosi, I decided to stay and continue my patient-doctor relationship with her.

Desirai Cousineau (Source: Google)


The best experience i have had at a dental office. the staff is so sweet. the back office and the dentist know their job. very educated. dr rosi is so funny and out going and easy to talk. it doesn’t matter the age she understands my situation and how to improve me teeth. front office is very helpful. i had xrays done at other office i always gagged and they did such a great job that i didn’t gag. i will definitely be going to this office they are amazing. if you are looking around this is the dental office you want to stop at.

Nicole Thompson (Source: Google)


I walked in having a horrible day and left feeling like a new person. Dr. Shrestha really listened to me and fixed what I asked her to fix. In a matter of hours my smile was drastically better thanks to her amazing eye expertise coupled with the use of the latest tools and technology. She is kind and current on dentistry best practices, and she has earned my full trust for all my dentistry needs.

Breanna H. from Carson, CA (Source: Yelp)


So I’m a typical dentist phobia kinda chick. However after coming to crossroad dental I can honestly say I don’t have the slightest apprehension anymore. Just from the moment you walk in there waiting area is very calming and not to mention how friendly there receptionist is. Right of the batt I felt calm and ready to do this. The dental assistants were very talkative and were great at explaining everything they were going to do to my mouth. By the time I met Dr. Rosi I wasn’t half as anxious as I had been before walking in. She had the softest hand when cleaning my teeth that when she was done I couldn’t believe it because i was waiting for the hacksaw like my last experience to come out. All in all, I think I have found my permanent dentist and would recommend her to everyone.

Mia M. from Palos Verdes Estates, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is such a great place now that it’s under new owners! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! The new dentist is awesome! She is young and very knowledgeable, trying more to get your teeth healthy through proper cleaning, flossing and eating habits than to just drill , drill, drill! Offering alternative methods for treatments not just looking to just fill your cavity or do a root canal is you don’t really need it. Very trust worthy and honest! Very professional and I love her dental assistant melodie! She is awesome and so caring! I highly recommended this dentist to everyone!

Andrea Reuben Salazar (Source: Facebook)


You must make an appointment with Dr. Shrestha! She takes the time to educate her patients and answer all their questions. Dr. S is a consummate professional in every way and she does everything she can to make you feel welcome in her office. Her office staff is also very warm and welcoming. She’s been taking care of my teeth for several years now and I am a more informed patient as a result of being her patient. Plus I am complimented all the time on my gorgeous white teeth (no one guesses they are porcelain veneers!

Stephanie Rodriguez (Source: Google)


This review is well overdue! I’ve been going to Crossroads Dental Group for the past year and with every visit, I can now confidently say that I enjoy going to the dentist. They are hands down the best dental office I’ve ever come across. Dr. Rosi and her team have an insurmountable amount of passion that shows in their work and individual care for each patient. I heard about their office through a coworker and I will gladly refer any friends and family to them. They have undoubtedly become my favorite group of people!

Nicole D. from Manhattan Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


If you can’t imagine actually enjoying a trip to the dentist, then prepare to be mind blown! I previously had some really negative dental experiences and came to Dr. Shresta with a mouth full of issues. At that point, I felt really hopeless and I knew I was going to need a full mouth of dentures. When Dr. Rosi told me that I was going to have a beautiful smile with my own teeth, it made me tear up with relief! Dr. Rosi and her entire staff are not only professional, but deeply care for their patients. I came in needed a root canal and crown on a front tooth–a pretty scary procedure on a very visible part of your smile. Dr. Rosi and her team not only were candid about my treatment plan with me, but also incredibly supportive. They never tried to upsell any un-needed or un-neccesary dentistry. The office is incredibly clean and beautiful and up to date with technology. Crossroads Dental is a state of the art dental office with up to date technology. The staff remembers me by my name every time and I get text message reminders about my appointments. I cannot say enough about this team. THE BEST DENTIST I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. Thank you Dr. Rosi and Yuri and the rest of the incredible team!


Hello! My name is Dr. Rosi Shrestha. I have been practicing family and cosmetic dentistry for many years and I love what I do. I strive to provide excellent care while keeping you comfortable and happy. My dental team and I are proud to bring you a full line of dental services including techniques and leading edge technology that have proven to make a big difference. I have been practicing for many years and have many more years of extensive training at leading universities in the US and Southeast Asia. With more training than many, I have refined my skills and pride myself on delivering the highest quality of care.I have active licenses in California and Florida. I am and expert clinician.