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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

LeAndra P. from Lutz, FL (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Matt and his team never cease to amaze me! Both of my kids are undergoing treatment and we couldn’t be more pleased with the progress.  The team is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We have had such a pleasant experience and really appreciate the level of professionalism they always deliver. They are consistent and are always so accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments. I highly recommend DeDomenico Orthodontics.

Dave G (Source: Google)


We have seen Doctors DeDomenico for orthodontics for 30+ years, and the amazing quality of care and service continues! I first saw Dr. Ralph Dedomenico in the 1980’s for my own bite issues and came away with a great smile (I was so impressed I started pre-dentistry as a major… but that’s another story). My wife than saw him as an adult in the early 2000’s when he addressed an issue from previous out of state sub-par care – her results from Dr. DeDomenico were (of course) great. When it came time for our two kids to get braces, we were so excited that the tradition could continue with Dr. Matt DeDomenico (Ralph must be proud!). Matt is that rare combination of excellent orthodontics specialist, service oriented professional and generally friendly guy. Truly a pleasure continuing to see them, they make taking care of your smile easy 🙂 Highly recommended with no reservations!

Brian Wright (Source: Facebook)


If you’re an adult considering Invisalign or some other ortho treatment, this is the place. Most professional, transparent business operation in this field I know of. Worked three years ago with Dr Matt after being referred by my dentist, who noticed my teeth needed alignment. I’m 59, had braces at 15yo, and who would have thought I would need them again. Recently had a retainer wire come loose three years after treatment. Had an appointment within two days of calling! Fixed me right up, Dr Matt has a great patient manner. Originally went there because Dedominico’s had medium price, but the attitude, knowledge, and efficient way they handle appointments, patients, and billing made me a customer and a true fan since my first visit.

Audrey Howe (Source: Google)


We use Dr. DeDomenico’s Brooksville office. It’s convenient for us living in Hernando County. Dr. D (as we call him in our household) is up front and takes time to answer all of this mom’s questions. He has also been extremely thorough in explaining what needs to be done and why. That definitely puts this mom’s mind at ease…although not my daughter’s teeth!! =) I have 100% faith that my daughter’s teeth will look amazing after all is said and done. Staff is courteous and professional and always keeps me informed.

Jessie Dorsey (Source: Google)


I first started using DeDomenico Orthodontics when I was around 13 or 14 years old. I had braces for many years, and then retainers, which I lost three sets of, within a short amount of time. After that, Dr. DeDomenico worked with me to put braces back on my bottom teeth, and form a plan better suited to my lifestyle, which included a semi-permanent retainer behind my bottom teeth. I just went back this morning, nearly 7 years after getting the semi-permanent retainer installed (because some of the glue on that retainer had worn off, which they informed me was normal). Not only did Dr. DeDomenico remember me and make me feel just as valued and at home as the whole practice did ten years ago when I first came in, but also, the work was so quick that I couldn’t believe it! As I’m now in my early twenties, I’m no longer on my parents’ insurance, and I don’t have an orthodontic insurance plan through my job. Once he heard that, Dr DeDomenico worked with me, and it is only because of him that I was able to get the follow-up for that retainer that I desperately needed. I would highly recommend this orthodontic practice to anyone! They are phenomenal with children, their work is fantastic and quick, and they make every effort to make the experience less scary for kids. The staff is fun and engaging with every patient, and the doctors are absolutely knowledgeable, and welcome questions and discussion about the work that they’re doing. As a kid, this practice made getting braces of far less intimidating experience than it could have been, and as an adult, I value their quality, compassion, and speed. This practice is one of my favourite healthcare providers that I’ve ever been to. 11/10.

Monipatry Sanchez (Source: Google)


I cannot begin to express my satisfaction with my experience with Dr. DiDomenico. Besides doing a terrific orthodontic job with my daughter, he recently extended his professional advice to my twin nieces, currently on an extended visit to the U.S. from abroad. The girls are in the “retainer” stage of their treatment but the devices have become loose due to long overdue visit to their orthodontist overseas. Dr. DiDomenico graciously accepted to examine the fitting of the retainers and after a thorough examination, he offered on-point advice. His professionalism especially showed when he explained that although he could potentially re-do the devices, doing so would interfere with a colleague’s treatment plan, which would be unacceptable (of course!) Nonetheless, he did what he could to tighten the devices until the girls go back to their home orthodontist. His gesture made us all very happy, lowered the stress level, and provided a contingency plan for the time being. A big thank you to Dr. DiDomenico and the wonderful staff that saw this consultation through!

Jill Peterson (Source: Google)


My 6 yo daughter just started seeing Dr. De for ortho treatment at the ZHills office, and I have been very pleased with the entire staff and process so far. I have had no problem getting appointments (even with Tuesday being his only ZHills office day), and the entire staff is very kind and friendly. Dr. De is great, and I would highly recommend them for ortho care.

LeAndra Preston (Source: Google)


My daughter has been a patient for a little over a year and we could not be more pleased with the outcome. She required significant dental work and with that we are so grateful for the quality of care and level of expertise provided by the Doctors and their entire team. They took time to explain in great detail the work that was required and what we could anticipate along the way. The results were simply AMAZING! My son just began his treatment for braces 2 months ago and we are excited for the end results. They truly care about the quality of service they provide to families. Everyone is very friendly and makes you feel welcome and appreciated upon each and every visit. We are so thankful that we chose DeDomenico Orthodontics for our children. Simply the best!

Rampage Demon (Source: Google)


We had a very good experience with Dr. Matt DeDomenico and his staff. He was very passionate about his work and wanted to make sure things were done correctly. He was stern with my son when he needed to be, which I much appreciated. His staff was very helpful in scheduling and following up. Would definitely recommend.

Tammy Roebuck (Source: Google)


My daughter has been going to DeDomenico Orthodontics for almost two years. Her teeth were a train wreck! What DeDomenico Orthodontics was able to with her teeth is no short of a miracle, especially in such a short amount of time. She was also a kid that was extremely terrified of dentists and their staff has done such a spectacular job of making her comfortable that her anxiety about dentists and orthodontists has done a 180. As a middle-school child she is a lot more confident in her appearance and I am grateful to their team to helping her get back a great smile!

Jakob Salgado (Source: Google)


The workers at DeDomenico are like family they treat you with lots of care when getting work done. They have an open environment which makes it easier to relax. When getting work done in your mouth you don’t want dirty instruments touching your mouth. DeDomenico make sure that everything they use is well kept and clean. They are very careful and make you as comfortable as possible.

Meghan Wenrich (Source: Google)


I am a first time patient of Dr. Matt’s in desperate need of a repair on a permanent retainer. Not only did the office accommodate a first time patient during the reopening of businesses during a pandemic, they did it quickly, politely,and safely. I feel like this office took a lot of time and consideration when it comes to planning a safe visit. I just texted when I got there, waited in my car with my jams, they brought out the paperwork, and they texted me when I was ready to be seen. Even though the entire staff was wearing face masks, it was still a warm welcome. I liked the open floor design and being able to see the open communication between staff and patients. I was able to get some options of services and costs which was really helpful. Because of their safe and wonderful service, they have gained not only myself as a patient for orthodontics but the DeDomenico family will gain my kids on the pediatric side.

John T. from Tampa, FL (Source: Yelp)


I have always felt a little embarrassed about my teeth but I’m almost 30 years old now and just couldn’t think of myself with metal braces! I had heard about the invisalign braces, so I thought I could give it a try. A friend of mine recommended DeDomenico Orthodontics, as she was visiting them regularly for her kid. I had my doubts about going there, but it turned out to be the best decision I had made for a long time! Dr Matt was very polite. He examined my teeth and explained the whole process to me, how long it would take and what the final result would look like. The whole treatment took only 6-7 months and went very smoothly! The braces were almost invisible! Most of the times I would even forget about them at all. The biggest suprise for me was the final result. When the time came to remove them, my teeth were straight and I could finally smile without feeling bad about them! I wish I didn’t wait so long to make this decision. Thank you so much!

Lisandra Andino (Source: Facebook)


Dr. DeDomenico is great! He does a great job explaining the process and what to expect. The office is very clean and kid friendly (game zone/coffee for adults). The staff is very friendly and from scheduling an appointment to checking in it’s a breeze. Orthodontia is expensive, thus choosing the best doctor is very important. For me and my family only the best will do! We definitely recommend!

Brian Wright (Source: Google)


If you’re an adult considering Invisalign or some other ortho treatment, this is the place. Most professional, transparent business operation in this field I know of. Worked three years ago with Dr Matt after being referred by my dentist, who noticed my teeth needed alignment. I’m 59, had braces at 15yo, and who would have thought I would need them again. Recently had a retainer wire come loose three years after treatment. Had an appointment within two days of calling! Fixed me right up, Dr Matt has a great patient manner. Originally went there because Dedominico’s had medium price, but the attitude, knowledge, and efficient way they handle appointments, patients, and billing made me a customer and a true fan since my first visit.

Vic Granowicz (Source: Google)


I can’t say enough about Dr. Matt and the staff at DeDomenico Orthodontics. They were straightforward with me regarding pricing, treatment time, and clearly explaining to me what my expectations should be. However, my actual results were even better than what I was told I should expect. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve upon their smile!

Nadia Gersh (Source: Google)


I went to Dr. Matt from ages 10-14 and could not have experienced any better service! The staff was so friendly and caring. Even now when I go back to get my teeth cleaned they are exceptionally kind and helpful. I had braces for under 2 years and Dr. Matt fixed my smile beautifully. My parents went to Dedomenico orthodontics over 30 years ago and the wonderful service still upholds to this day. I strongly recommend!!

Patricia Davis (Source: Google)


This has been an amazing experience. After our 1st initial appointment and hearing my daughter needed braces she was pretty scared. When we walked into the follow-up visit, she started to cry, but the team at Dr. DeDomenico’s office were perfect. They explained everything to her and made it fun. She was laughing by the time we left. And Dr. Matt was awesome. He truly cares about his patient and the families and treats each patient as if they were his kids. I completely trust him and the course he is taking with my daughter. We are always seen quickly, appointments are easy to make, and the staff always seem happy and excited to see the each patient. Overall, this has been an awesome experience, and I would recommend DrDomenico’s Ortho to anyone!

Jackson Miller (Source: Google)


Very professional and friendly. Dr. Dedominico and his associates provided a fair assessment of what needed to be done, and quickly did their work. I had my ortho work done in another state, and needed to fix a broken wire. The orthodontists at Dr. Dedominico’s office were very transparent in their thought process and helped me to make a smart decision on how to balance effectiveness and cost for long term care. 10/10 would reccomend.

Daniel Posey (Source: Google)


Dr.DeDomenico Orthadontics was a great experience for me. I loved this orthadontist office if i can even say it is an office. There staff is always so welcoming and it makes you feel like you are at home! I had my braces for about a year and a half or so. Through that time they always took care of me. I highly reccommend this orthadontist to anyone also we didn’t have to pay much for braces and such good results i have a movie star smile now! Thank you

Soul Talk Girl (Source: Google)


This is the best orthodontic treatment we could have chosen. I would highly recommend this office to anyone needing treatment. My daughter had a severe issue with a bottom eye tooth that grew in with a 180 degree turn and sitting behind another tooth. It took a little over two years but the results are AMAZING! The entire staff of doctors, assistants and office staff are great to work with. You will love them!

Gail Miller (Source: Google)


My experience at DeDomenico Orthodontics was excellent! Dr. Matt is top notch, very professional, with a welcoming and friendly approach. He takes the time to review all options available, never making you feel rushed and making it a fun experience with his light hearted demeanor. Dr. Matt and his staff are very professional. I was checked in immediately upon arrival, I was seen right away and they completed my treatment in a timely manor. I highly recommend DeDomenico Orthodontics to my friends and family or anyone needing a great orthodontist!

J C (Source: Google)


Friendly staff and excellent client service. I could not be happier with the results of my Invisalign treatment. Dr. Matt created a plan for me focused around my wedding, the results were amazing, my smile says it all. It wasn’t easy, but well worth it! I would recommend DeDomenico Orthodontics to everyone!