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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:20 am to 5:30 pm

Tuesday: 8:20 am to 5:30 pm

Wednesday: 8:20 am to 5:30 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Josefina O. from Fountain, CO (Source: Yelp)


Excellent service! I have been coming here since I was a kid. Dr Ikuta and Dr Derek are amazing at what they do. The entire staff is very helpful and friendly. I wasn’t pleased with my smile and Dr. Ikuta was able to correct my overbite with Invisalign. He also whitened my teeth and did an amazing job. Unfortunately I live out of state now and my front teeth chipped. I was not pleased with the bonding I had done at another dental office. When I had a chance to visit California, I made an appointment and they were able to work around my schedule. Dr Ikuta has always done the work on my teeth. I was short on time and had to schedule with Dr Derek and it went very well. Dr Derek bonded my front teeth and left them exactly as I wanted. He was able to match the color to my teeth (unlike the other dental office, I had a yellowish patch on my front teeth and it was very noticeable) I’m so happy with the results, it made such a big difference. Dr Derek does excellent work. Like father like son. They are an amazing team and if I ever have any other issues I will definitely visit their office.

Elida Alvarez (Source: Google)


By far the best dental experience my son and I had! They have such a great team from when you check in until you check out. They’re all so kind, friendly and Very attentive to their patients always making sure we were ok. The cleaning was done very gentle he did a great job! I had so many questions about my insurance and they took their time to answer every single one. Oh and when you get your consult they give so many options that best fits in your budget and of course what your insurance covers. Everything is explained in the most detailed way before they even start working on your teeth its amazing! So if you’re out there looking for a great dentist come check them out I promise you won’t regret it!

Anna Herrera (Source: Facebook)


They team is great! From the front entrance to the Dentist to the Dental Hygienist George. They answer all your questions & make you feel not nervous. I really was scared, before to go to the dentist. From previous at a totally different dentist. When I was young , never liked going. Now I hope to get my teeth healthy with Ikuta Dental Health Center.

Delphin Dee' Wanjiku (Source: Facebook)


Went to Ikuta Dental Health center on my birthday. I had my best dental experience ever. The staff was very friendly, helpful and professional. The Doctor took his time to assist me. They genuinely care about their customers in every aspect. They have a great office,very modern equipment and their services are best of the best. Would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thank you for giving me such a great experience. Definitely coming back!

Sandra Ambriz (Source: Google)


The best dental-related experience i’ve ever had. From the first day I visited this office I’ve felt as though I’ve been cared for and treated like family. Their office has has such a pleasant environment. Dr. Dennis & Deric Ikuta take their time to explain all the procedures and both were very concerned about my comfort. Their work speaks volumes. I can highly recommend Ikuta Dental Health Center.

Meredith Woodward (Source: Facebook)


I know I have to keep this short and sweet, but I could write an essay on how grateful I am for Dr. Ikuta and how much he has helped me. I was lucky that my local dentist in Fresno knew of him and referred me to him 10 years ago for my problem with nighttime teeth clenching. It turns out that this is what was causing my dental recession from a young age and not brushing too hard. I told him I thought I could bend iron bars with my teeth! His postgraduate training in neuromuscular dentistry enabled him to diagnose my problem and create an orthotic that changed my life, preserved my teeth, and provided relaxation in my face and jaw that I had never experienced. The office staff are friendly, efficient, and organized. The setting is beautiful. Dr. Ikuta listens and carefully evaluates your dental and jaw problems. He is incredibly thorough and painstaking. We are very fortunate to have him and his expertise and our community. I will remain his patient as long as I possibly can.

Michelle Warkentin (Source: Google)


WOW what a great experience we have had. For myself with just dental oral care and then for my nine year old son with ortho. I love their very modern and advanced approach to all they do and how it truly brings total health to the body. From breathing, bite, less invasive and painful measures, and overall wonderful service. I highly recommend this office.

Jose Gutierrez (Source: Google)


Wow! Just an amazing experience like no other. From the front desk ladies (Eveyln) providing all the information and unanswered questions I had from treatment estimates to insurance questions, to Dr. Ikuta being so through in the dental exam and providing the various options I had available. George the dental hygienist, was very informative, and very honest in his advice to better my dental practices but also told me where I was already doing an excellent job. 10/10 patient satisfaction.

Michael Leung (Source: Google)


Dr. Ikuta and his staff are excellent! When it comes to infant tongue/lip ties, TMJ problems, and airway problems, there is not a better and more specialized practice than this one in the Central Valley that I am aware of. They also provide great customer service and will always call you back if you have questions. In this day and age of corporate dental chains where profits come before patient care, a practice like this is a rare breed. Highly recommended!

Phyllis K Fess Baker (Source: Google)


The staff at Ikuta Smiles are terrific! The office has state of the art equipment. Both Dr. Dennis and Dr. Deric are gentle, thorough and they actually care about the concerns of their clients. George, who cleans my teeth and helps me keep my gum disease under control, is a five star plus. Super perk–they offer a membership group plan to help with expenses if you need it.

Barry Sommer (Source: Google)


My family and I travel over 40 miles each way to receive care at Dr. Dennis and Deric Ikuta’s practice. Whether its hygiene care, traditional dental work, cosmetic or aesthetic work, or to improve sleep, the doctors and their staff are experts and the care is responsive and personal. They’re the best and I highly recommend them!

Layla Van Gerpen (Source: Google)


We highly recommend Dr. Ikuta! He was so helpful with our baby’s tongue tie and lip tie release. Our son had an oral aversion and had the release at 11 mo. Since the release has started eating solids. (This was our second child to get a tt release, and our experience with Dr Ikuta was fantastic and way more thorough that our previous experience in Bakersfield.) We highly recommend Dr Ikuta. He’s experienced and trained with the best tongue tie and lip tie experts! He coached me to make sure I knew how to do the healing stretches and gave us multiple follow up visits to monitor the healing process. His office staff are so kind and helpful. I even called when I was feeling stressed out about my son’s tongue during the healing process. They were so encouraging and gave me the best pep talk which motivated me to keep up with the stretches. Overall, it was such a fantastic experience and I highly recommend Dr Ikuta!

Tru Mendoza (Source: Facebook)


My baby’s gna need some major work done, but I’m confident I’ve placed her in the best possible care. Derek & Dennis Ikuta as well as the entire knowledgeable staff have always had a passion for improving health, apprearance & lives , and not only that but they make sure to stay on forefront of practicing the latest techniques to provide the best smiles anyone can offer. I especially love their attention to detail and how they make sure my 4 girls are always greeted with a warm smile & make sure all of our questions are thoroughly answered. I highly recommend them and wouldn’t trust our smiles with anyone else

Zee Slingsby (Source: Google)


Great experience!! Went in for a tongue and lip tie release for our 5 week old little girl. I was definitely a very nervous mama! We were told by so many she didn’t have one. I KNEW in my gut she did. Nursing was awful. She nursed ALL DAY because she wasn’t able to get enough and that led to low milk supply. Dr Ikuta was so thorough and knowledgeable! He explained that she did and exactly WHY she did. Showed us photos of her mouth. Explained the other effects her little body was experiencing from the tie and we decided on the spot to do it. Best decision ever. Her first nursing session (right after) was SO MUCH BETTER! Night and day. It makes me mad thinking of the doctors that told us she doesn’t have one and simply blamed my supply or lack of latching technique. Highly recommend Dr. Ikuta. Also, make sure you’re also working with a lactation consultant. Tess Johnson is the best in my opinion. She can make preliminary assessments and helps after the fact too. Pretty sure that woman is an angel on earth!!

Bryson Fenske (Source: Google)


Highly recommend this place! Staff is always extremely helpful and nice. They really care about there clients and it really shows. The work they do is awesome. I honestly didnt like going to the dentist from past experiences from other offices but these guys make it fun and enjoyable to go to dentist. Thank you guys!!!

Kathleen D. from Redwood City, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have known both Dr. Dennis and Dr. Deric Ikuta for years and have been extremely pleased with their professional service, experience and current knowledge, and the care they have taken with me and my needs. In the last year they did Veneers on my upper front teeth and turned back the years so my smile is the way it was 15 years ago with the result of increased confidence when I smile. I highly recommend them and will continue as a patient for years to come.

Aaron B. from Dinuba, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Dennis & Dr. Deric are the best! They are always friendly and understand how to put patients at ease with treatment. The office staff is incredibly friendly and professional, especially George. I was just in the office in June for my regular checkup and my wife and I plan to bring our children so they can receive the best care.

Marina Sanchez (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Ikuta and his staff did an amazing job. They answered all my questions, and explained everything throughly. The ladies at the front were very kind and helped me with my stuff. The procedure itself was very fast, and my baby is doing well so far. I can already see a difference in my 5 week olds eating. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ikuta to any other family who’s baby has lip or tongue tie issues. Thank you guys so much!

Samantha Kimber (Source: Google)


We were referred to Dr. Ikuta by a lactation consultant, because my 3-month old baby was having trouble nursing, and needed to be examined for possible lip tie and tongue tie. Our experience was much more wonderful than I could even have hoped. Dr. Ikuta was very personable, professional, and didn’t rush through my concerns and questions, the way other providers had. He took time out of his evening to call and talk to me about my daughter before our first appointment. The day of the exam and procedure, he counseled both my husband and me, about the pros and cons of proceeding with the procedures. They treated our baby like their own, and everyone in the office is knowledgeable and pitches in to offer information and kindness. In the days after the procedure, both Dr. Ikuta and his staff, contacted us to see how the baby was doing and to see if we had questions. The office was clean, the equipment used in the procedures was better suited than what other providers were proposing to use, and we felt completely safe, even in the middle of this pandemic. If you’re anywhere near Reedley, and need a dentist, especially if you’re looking for answers about a possible lip or tongue tie, I’d definitely call Dr. Ikuta. He is the most knowledgeable person I’ve spoken to on the topic, and my daughter was nursing better within hours of her procedure. *These are our personal results, and we are over the moon to have found this doctor!

Allen Kim (Source: Google)


Dr. Ikuta and his staff are wonderful. Our newborn needed a tongue tie release, and he came highly recommended. He is one of the only dentists in the Central Valley with special training in this field and uses a laser. He even has a nursery in his office to facilitate the nursing process right after the procedure. The procedure was quick–about 10 minutes. We drove all the way from Fresno, and it was totally worth it. Our whole experience felt first-class, and I’d recommend him and his friendly staff.

Simona Arredondo (Source: Facebook)


Dr’s Dennis and Deric Ikuta and their staff @ Ikuta Dentistry are angels sent from heaven. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. I’m very grateful to have been introduced to them 5 months ago! About 9 years ago I had little pain in my jaw, It wasn’t too bad so I didn’t pay attention to it and didn’t take care of it… During the next few years the pain got worse to the point where it was unbearable!! Everyone needs to see the dentist and most people just take pain pills @1st sight of pain… The pills are not a cure, they are only a temporary solution to a bigger problem. My pain was so excruciating at times that I could not talk, eat, drink, or sleep. Pastors David and Olga Ediger of the Christian Church, Blessing of the Nations in Reedley, saw how much pain I was in and the need that I had to see a dentist. They were the ones who introduced me to Dr Deric Ikuta. I then began treatment and also learned that my pain is actually caused by not having anymore cartilage left in my jaw. Since then I’ve been properly fitted with a lower partial denture to correct my uneven bite. I was once taking a mixture of about TEN pills daily just to ease the pain. Now after taking just 1 dose of prescription muscle relaxers & the use of the Tens machine I no longer need prescription pain meds! I am still seeing Dr. Ikuta for denture adjustments when needed. Everytime I have an appointment with him I leave feeling better then when I walked in. I am now about 90% pain free. I want to thank you, Dr Deric Ikuta and may God bless you today & everyday for saving me ♡

Dexter Ibara (Source: Google)


Great professional care worthy of five stars ! The feedback that I get from my dental hygienist each time that I get my teeth cleaned has definitely helped me do a better job of maintaining my teeth. The recommendation for me to use a electric tooth brush and water pick has definitely shown to have improved my overall teeth quality. Thank You Very Much

Marina Sanchez (Source: Google)


Dr. Ikuta and his staff did an amazing job. They answered all my questions, and explained everything throughly. The ladies at the front were very kind and helped me with my stuff. The procedure itself was very fast, and my baby is doing well so far. I can already see a difference in my 5 week olds eating. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ikuta to any other family who’s baby has lip or tongue tie issues. Thank you guys so much!

Micah Free (Source: Google)


I have seen different dentists for my tmj/ teeth grinding issues and I would rank the Ikuta team at the top of the list. The staff is very knowledgeable and are able to answer all of my tmj questions. The entire staff is patient and friendly. I have been able to get relief from my headaches and jaw pain. I would recommend this place to people with tmj issues.

Michelle Cherry Roe (Source: Google)


Dr. Ikuta revised our daughter’s upper lip, cheek and posterior tongue ties a week ago. His prices are among if not the most affordable in the area (considering dental insurance doesn’t typically cover the procedure). His willingness to answer each and every question and knowledge about the procedure is outstanding. We had our one week follow up today and he made sure everything was healing well (it is!) and that she hadn’t lost any mobility. So impressed! We return in three more weeks for the one month post-op check and expect nothing but good things.

J “J Merrill” (Source: Google)


What an outstanding dental office! State of the art technology and an experienced informative staff. I have never experienced such a comprehensive dental exam and all of my questions answered completely! I am so glad I took the time to check out Ikuta Dental…. I will continue to see and recomend this dental care office! Thank You! You all are amazing!! 😀

Kathleen A Dugan (Source: Facebook)


I have been seeing Dr. Dennis Ikuta for 40 years, and more recently Dr. Deric Ikuta. During that time they have not only kept my teeth beautiful but recently treated an extreme case of TMJ that was causing pain, swelling and discomfort. Their meticulous attention to detail, and investigation into the source of the problem, helped them determine the best plan to realign my jaw and then put in veneers to ensure the new bite would remain in the correct position. This entire process was as pain free as possible and the results are amazing. They are the leading experts in the area of dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and hygiene, but most important for me was their knowledge of my jaw and anatomy to recommend the best treatment for a very painful condition. I highly recommend them for all your dental needs.

Pearl Martinez (Source: Google)


I’ve always felt nervous about going to the densit, once I started going to Dr. Ikuta office the experience has been GREAT:) They do such a great job from exam, to cleaning or any work that needs to be done to keep your teeth healthy and always having a great smile. very professional , Staff are sweet and welcoming. I would highly recommend Family and Friends. To have a Great experience Thank you Dr Ikuta & Staff:) Smiles..