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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 7:30 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Deja B. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


My five stars goes to Audrey Kelly! She is amazing, thoughtful, and warm welcoming. You can feel she really cares for her patients health, and always willing to answer questions you have about your teeth. I’ve experienced some heavy handed hygienists that left my mouth sore and never wanting to come back. Audrey on the other hand is one of a kind in her service! She makes sure that your comfortable, gentle in her techniques and very thorough. She is the reason why I come back to Dental Arts!!

R Morgan (Source: Google)


I just had my first appointment today with your team (having moved since you are walking distance for me and my husband loves it there) and wanted to express how wonderful my experience was. I am very anxious about dental work, have been my entire life. Aubrey/Audrey – my hygienists made me feel comfortable and was very kind. The dentist was great too. Apologies if I have name or spelling incorrect! I was a wee bit nervous 🙂

Tricia K. from Methuen, MA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve never been a fan of going to the dentist, but the staff at Dental Arts Davis Square are fantastic! Audrey is my hygienist and makes cleanings stress-free. She’s gentle, but thorough, and never disappoints! I love that she truly connects with her patients and genuinely cares. Recently, I had work done with Dr. Dobrin and his assistant Jackie. Honestly, I couldn’t say more good things about them. They always made me feel comfortable and kept me informed throughout the visits. I had been wanting to correct things with my teeth that bothered me since 8th grade braces. I was nervous at first, but so glad I went through with the corrections! Definitely more confident with my smile now and I have them to thank! Highly recommend Dental Arts Davis Square!

James B. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Dobrin’s at Dental Arts of Davis for six years: It is an immensely professional and courteous office — the staff are friendly, welcoming, and helpful; they’re excellent at interfacing with insurance, and taking care of their patients. Even at the busiest times, Dr. Dobrin is calm and careful in his work; he explains everything he is doing, and why, and is responsive and attentive to patient concerns. If you must wait a few minutes beyond your scheduled time (which is rare), you can be confident that this is because he is being methodical with the previous patient, and that you will receive the exact same attention. I recently had a very painful infection, which ultimately required a root canal and crown. Dr. Dobrin was immediately available for two urgent appointments — on the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend no less, and, when it was no better, the Wednesday — to attempt to diagnose and correct the problem in less intrusive ways (the x-ray didn’t suggest an infection in the tooth necessarily). Then, when it was clear that the tooth was infected and a root canal would be required, he was able to book me with a partnering endodontics practice in the city the same afternoon for the root canal treatment, in order to alleviate the pain as soon as possible. The Dental Arts office was enormously flexible in booking the followups with Dr. Dobrin necessary to fit a crown, all during the holidays. The staff coordinated the care with the local endodontist and made a difficult and unfortunate situation as easy as possible. The entire thing, from the urgent appointment for the ache right through, was extremely reasonable financially as well. The office is very sensitive to patients in different financial situations. I have an insurance plan through the Mass Health Connector — I highly recommend, as an aside, getting some kind of dental insurance through the Connector if you locate to the area as a graduate student, e.g., as I did. It is an investment well worth making even on low income. (Cleanings, x-rays, etc., are covered at 100%, and just having biannual cleanings and check-ups already nearly makes up for a year’s worth of payments to the insurance, and of course prevents serious problems! And if something serious -does- happen, like an infection, you will save thousands, and have an established relationship with a dentist.). For cleaning: Audrey, as everyone else has said on Yelp, is one of the best hygienists you’ll ever have. She, like Dr. Dobrin, is careful and thorough even on the busiest days; never rushes you; and takes excellent care of your teeth. She, like everyone else at DA, remembers her patients well and warmly, and is extremely professional and cares about doing her job exceptionally. One final comment — Dental Arts is a very modern practice technologically, and advertises a huge range of options both cosmetic and medical. But I have never felt pressured in the -slightest- by any kind of “up selling.” The prices are competitive with the area (and, in any case, with insurance you’ll benefit from negotiated rates that level costs — once more, strongly recommend whatever dentist you go to, to sign up on the Health Connector if you have no options for dental coverage!). Just to say: Dental Arts will be able to do anything for your teeth that you’d like, but their concern first and foremost is dental health, and your wellbeing and comfort. You will not find a more professional dentist, hygienist, or office staff, than Dr. Dobrin, Audrey, and the staff at Dental Arts. Important to note that I can’t speak for other dentists or hygienists at the practice — But regarding the poor reviews on here, I cannot imagine these patients saw Audrey or Dr. Dobrin. I would recommend you always seek out reviews for -specific- practitioners. I have found dentistry is much more about skill, experience, and talent, than any other medical specialty that you’ll encounter as part of your basic health. I cannot speak highly enough for the professionalism and ability of this dentist and hygienist, or their office staff.

Evan Townsend (Source: Google)


I was experiencing some severe pain in my jaw and they were able to see me within 20 min of my calling. The dentist explained the issue in clear and simple terms without being condescending. He put my worries to ease and helped me understand next steps. The best dental experience I’ve had.

Kelley H. from Cambridge, MA (Source: Yelp)


I still can’t help but recommend this place. Why? You go because it’s efficient, clean, close to the T and easy to schedule with. On the other hand, you should stay for the people. I have yet to meet a less than gracious staff member at this place, whether it’s 8am or 8pm. I still see Audrey after a year and a half because Audrey is hilarious, thorough, collaborative, and nonjudgmental in an already uncomfortable experience for most people. Davis Square is a hub for dental offices, but this one has been the only one worth returning to. Thank you for all you do!

Ryan H. from Knoxville, TN (Source: Yelp)


I have gone to Dental Arts for two years now, and in that time, I’ve been for a few checkups, two fillings, and several cleanings. I always work with the dental hygienist, Audrey, who is a hoot. She is so funny and fun to work with, you actually forget that you’re at the dentist’s office. They do excellent work, are professional, reasonably priced, and forthright with what will be done, when, and how.

Prachi (Source: Google)


Audrey is awesome. She scolds me when I don’t floss and encourages me to take better care of my teeth by suggesting useful tips and products. I used to have sensitive teeth… thanks to Audrey, my teeth don’t feel so sensitive anymore. The overall experience at Dental Arts is awesome. They regularly take x rays and examine your teeth for cavities and other concerns. I am more relaxed about my dental health now. 🙂

William Bowry (Source: Google)


Having inadvertently chipped half of my front tooth off, the dental service that I received was exceptionally professional. Every dental professional was extremely friendly, provided clear clarification on the over-arching costs and did an excellent job on my tooth. I couldn’t recommend this practice highly enough.

K V. from Somerville, MA (Source: Yelp)


A while ago I switched to Dental Arts have never looked back. Audrey is just amazing and fun to chat with as well as great with her hands. I rarely feel so much as a pinch when she’s working on my mouth. My mouth feels so much cleaner afterwards as well (which is really why you go to the dentist in the first place, right)? Better still is that I never feel like I’m getting a sales pitch every time I’m in the chair. “Oh have you tried whitening? We’re offering a special” yada yada yada. I swear the people at my last dentist were all former used car salesmen. Finally they have been very accommodating. One time I was unfortunately late to an appointment (my fault) but they managed to still take me the same day after I arrived! Anyway, Dental Arts: would recommend. Especially Audrey. She’s great! 😀

Craig F. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve hated dentists my entire life. I’ve had some truly traumatic experiences. But I have to say, this is the first dentist I’ve ever not minded going to. I’ve had two deep cleaning sessions and a regular cleaning with Audrey, and she’s absolutely great. She’s very nice and is incredibly careful to make sure nothing is ever painful or uncomfortable. They’re also great at explaining everything they’re doing and why, and what it means for the health of my teeth and gums. And so far they’ve had great results! Thanks, Audrey!

Debra Brillati (Source: Google)


I’ve been a patient for over 20 years and have only the highest praise for Dr. Dobrin and all the staff at Dental Arts. They are thoughtful, skilled, caring and efficient. They do everything for your ease and comfort, whether it’s in the dentist chair or making an appointment. I would recommend to anyone.

Peter G. from Medford, MA (Source: Yelp)


So, at Dental Arts where I’ve been a patient for several years. I recently had a deep cleaning as part 2 of the process with Audrey and my second session with her I felt even more comfortable because I had remembered how well part 1 had gone! Audrey makes the trip to the dentist office so easy and comfortable and while getting very high quality dental procedures! I highly recommend Dental Arts in Davis Square! Peter G.

Gaby C. from Somerville, MA (Source: Yelp)


To preface, I have never written a Yelp review before but was overwhelmed by the customer service and special care I received at Dental Arts in Davis Square and wanted to share my experience. I was previously a client of a different dental office in Davis (I’ll refrain from calling them out), but my experiences there were nothing short of horrid (I was mistaken for another patient, yelled at by the front desk, every cleaning took over 2 hours, the dentist was beyond rude, exc.) I am so happy that I made a switch to Dental Arts – honestly, I’m beyond thrilled. Yesterday was my second cleaning with Dental Arts and I was in and out in 35 minutes (NO JOKE). I even arrived 20 minutes early for my appointment and they had no problem taking me a few moments early! My dental hygienist was very kind and understanding of my gum sensitivity and helped to explain some tartar issues I was having (it was nice being told something other than “floss more”). Since my first cleaning with them in January, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my tartar build up and wish I had become a patient sooner. I highly, highly recommend Dental Arts in Davis Square. It’s great coming to a dentist that doesn’t make you feel like they’re going to rip you off or pull your teeth out or make you wait over an hour to get your teeth cleaned. Dental Arts is an awesome office in Davis Square and I’d recommend them 10x over. Especially for anyone who has extreme sensitivities/anxieties about going to the dentist in the first place, these guys will definitely take care of you. Thank you Dental Arts!

Ginny F. from Somerville, MA (Source: Yelp)


I have been bringing my kids there for years and everyone was always very nice. I decided to go there myself this past Tuesday to have a tooth extracted and I am so glad that I did. They are THE most caring people and the Dentist made me feel so at ease. If need be I will not hesitate to go back…..thank you for making me feel so comfortable !! Highly recommended.

Ian C. from Cambridge, MA (Source: Yelp)


Hands down, the best dental care in town, 2 mins from the Davis Square T stop. Dr. Dobrin has been my dentist for many years now. He and his helpful staff may just be the friendliest, most buttoned up caregivers in Boston. From a surprisingly easy root canal a few years back and always painless fillings to cheerful and knowledgeable hygienists (Audrey is the best!) who can accommodate my crazy schedule and even play my favorite tunes while I’m getting a quick cleaning. These. People. Rock.

K G. from Orlando, FL (Source: Yelp)


I have to admit, I don’t do dentist trips as often as I should, (almost 5 years since my last cleaning) but after my first cleaning at Dental Arts, I’m ready to make it more of a priority! Their office is clean, my appointment was on time, everything is so modern, X-rays were quick and easy, cleaning was way more painless then I ever expected! I was really anxious and embarrassed how long it’s been since I’ve had a cleaning but everyone at Dental Arts made me feel comfortable! Now I feel healthier and more proud to smile. I would totally suggest this office to anyone! Thank you Dental Arts!!

Adam F. from Cambridge, MA (Source: Yelp)


This place is super dope. The hygienist who did my cleaning and x-rays, Audrey, was friendly, good-natured, incredibly gentle, communicative, empathetic, and a little goofy. Pretty much a Jedi master as far as dental hygienists go. She even asks what music you’d like to listen to while she cleans your teeth. The dentist who examined me, Dr. Dobrin, was kind and informative. I got the sense that both love their jobs, and it rubbed off on me. I felt good walking out. The last cleaning I had was almost two years ago. That time it felt like somebody shoving a power drill into my mouth and going to town with it. I feared that was the way it just had to be. But nope. Going to the dentist doesn’t have to suck. I mean, sometimes it does. But it sure helps when the people who put the sharp objects in your mouth are gentle and kind.

R Morgan (Source: Google)


I just had my first appointment today with your team (having moved since you are walking distance for me and my husband loves it there) and wanted to express how wonderful my experience was. I am very anxious about dental work, have been my entire life. Aubrey/Audrey – my hygienists made me feel comfortable and was very kind. The dentist was great too. Apologies if I have name or spelling incorrect! I was a wee bit nervous 🙂

Melissa T. from Medford, MA (Source: Yelp)


Today, April 1, 2020 maybe be the worst time to break your night gaurd. Cracked right in after because I stepped on it. #wickedsmart Remembered I had Audrey’s cell phone number and texted her to see how she was and if I could “glue” the night gaurd back together into the office opened in May. She texted me saying Dr. D was would look at my chart after he finished cooking dinner to see if I had electronic impressions on file. About an hour or so later, Audrey told me Dr. D could order me a new set tomorrow when he was in the office. Thank you Dr. D and Audrey! There’s no place like Dental Arts!!!

Kathleen S. from Peabody, MA (Source: Yelp)


I have had wonderful experience(s) at Dental Arts in Somerville which I highly recommend. I am so thrilled to have such a wonderful hygienist, Audrey, who is always so upbeat and makes the visit quite enjoyable. I have had regular cleanings and also have had deep cleanings which she has made quite comfortable and pain free. I also recommend Dr. Dobrin who is so gentle and reassuring when having a procedure. The whole staff, at this office, are very efficient, polite and professional I highly recommend this dentist office and give it FIVE STARS

Ella S. from West Somerville, West Somerville, MA (Source: Yelp)


I recently made the switch to a Somerville-based dental office and I’m glad I chose Dental Arts! I went in today for the first part of my deep cleaning, and Audrey made the whole experience much easier than I had anticipated (was definitely not looking forward to it). Listening to Charli XCX and getting dental work done was 10/10 – I can firmly say I would have never expected that combo and for it to have been an enjoyable time. Audrey really cares about your comfort, including her consideration of what you’d like to listen to while getting work done and her friendly professionalism. The front desk staff is also very kind and helpful. I highly recommend Dental Arts in Davis!

Lucy (Source: Google)


Before coming to Dental Arts I had extreme teeth anxiety. I’ve been coming for a year now and always leave feeling refreshed and at ease! Hygienist Audrey is AMAZING; I’ve taken every piece of advice she’s given me and my teeth are whiter, gums less sensitive & mouth overall is much happier! She always has good music playing, but will also accommodate requests. I’ve had extremely positive visits with multiple Dentists; even the referral to an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth consultation exceeded my expectations. Could not recommend highly enough.

Lillian Nixon (Source: Google)


I have been coming to Dental Arts for several years. I started coming because they accepted my not-so-common insurance plan, and have stayed because of the great care my pearly whites get there. The office staff is extremely friendly and really go the extra mile to accommodate my crazy schedule and insurance needs. I’ve seen a few hygienists there who have really gotten my teeth squeaky clean and shiny – painlessly!! The doctor is extremely friendly and easy to talk to and has a great chair-side manner. I don’t usually need much work, but he’s always right on top of things. He always explains everything really well and really puts me at ease. The office has really “swanked-up” recently (nice!!), but the same friendly faces are still there. Love the location! Love the doctor and now I LOVE MY SMILE!!!

Jessica M. from Boston, MA (Source: Yelp)


I will preface this review with the fact that I am thoroughly terrified of anything relating to the dentist. I’ve recently moved to MA, and I knew it was time to go for a dental check up after years of not having insurance. Dental Arts in Davis was the most convenient with my new insurance and location. I went in, at first expecting an unpleasant time. In both my recent visits, I was helped by Audrey. She has given me the most amazing experiences in the times that I’ve come in. Not only is she extremely skilled and efficient in her work, but Audrey is so friendly and kind that I’ve left my recent appointments HAPPY because of her demeanor. I have never felt so at ease with anyone who has put pointy metal objects in my mouth.

Conor C. from Medford, MA (Source: Yelp)


Hygienists are all so nice yet different. They are kind and considerate: “Did I just poke you?” Even though they hadn’t. “Sorry for the wait.” When it was like 3 minutes. “Do you wanna hear some different music?” When I was digging the tunes. Needless to say, the cleanings are thorough but efficient. Dr. Dobrin was upfront about procedures and pricing, which was very fair anyways. The two cavities I’ve had are both doing fine. The front office staff are charming, and the place is quite clean. I had not been to this office for a few years after I moved, but I abandoned my local dentist and came back to Dental Arts.

Raul R. from West Somerville, West Somerville, MA (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to this dental practice for the past several years for cleanings/checkups and have always been met with friendly faces, clear communication, and professional care. Audrey is really friendly and makes your dental work feel as comfortable and fun as possible – which, yeah, is really difficult to do, but it works! I actually look forward to my dentist appointments now because I know I’ll be taken care of.

Sue G. from Medford, MA (Source: Yelp)


Hello our there in this electronic World I have never wrote a view on anyone or anything but today I took a day off from work to have my teeth cleaned and I honestly feel like I have had some Cosmetic Surgery. As I write this review I still find myself running my tongue ( like I am doing here now in writing) moving it all over my clean polished set of teeth. I have invested money to take care of the teeth I have left, after years of not being able to afford any type of fixing other than fillings and have had 2 bridges put in by Doctor Dorbin and I can honestly tell you he was more than fair with the cost and for years I have had a GREAT outcome with the work he has done. I am not a fan of telling others about advise because everyone has their own opinions and here is mine. Dentists are never really a fun place to have to go to but if you are going to have to go it is because YOU need to be there…….. And people can shop around for a better place or price and comment here in this new world age and read into some things that are their opinions but not always truthful. But in all Honesty I feel very in the moment when I go to Dental Arts and the staff are and have been very kind to me with my issues. GREAT CHAIR SIDE MANNER.. I want to Thank Audrey Kelley for letting me assist her with my cleaning today by being able to hold the sucker thing-ee while she did her magic. I felt like I had control over helping her remove and clean my potty mouth. In ending BOTTOM LINE you get what you pay for but you cant buy CLASS and I feel so happy with my results. I am actually looking forward to October and my next SCUB-A DUB SIGNED AND DATED on this day April 3 2019 Respectfully SUE GOULD

Tug Yourgrau (Source: Google)


The dentists — Drs. Dobrin and Dr. Izedian — the hygienists like Bernadette McCauley, the front desk folks and the rest of the wonderful team at Dental Arts are the best. Caring, thoughtful and experts at what they do. I have been going to them for more than twenty years and plan to keep going! If they were a restaurant, I’d give them 3 Michelin ***.

Spencer Goodnow (Source: Google)


I was originally directed to this office by the Invisalign website when I decided to straighten my teeth a few years ago because they were listed as a preferred provider. I saw Dr. Izedian for treatment, and after about eight months of wearing aligners, my teeth look the way I had always wanted them to look. I am from upstate New York, and although I work locally, I had always gone back home for dentist appointments when visiting my parents. After the Invisalign experience, I decided to bite the bullet and try out this office for a cleaning. The hygienist was more thorough than in my past experiences, and she (Bernadette) has educated me on the value of daily flossing. Which I (almost) always do now. I usually see Dr. Dobrin for exams, and he recently changed an old silver filling to white because it was getting old and uncomfortable, and it was a painless and relatively quick experience. He is thorough and always remembers our conversations from 6 months earlier. Overall, I have been satisfied with the care here,

Monica U. from Arlington, MA (Source: Yelp)


I have very sensitive teeth and needed a cleaning. I had a one done with Audrey. I normally don’t write reviews but she was so good I had to. She was professional, yet personable, and most importantly she was respectful and aware of my sensitive areas. She did a superb job on my teeth. I highly recommend her and will book with her again.

Alejandro P. from Somerville, MA (Source: Yelp)


Dental Arts continues to amaze me every time I visit. The warm welcoming environment from the front desk to the dental specialist. The whole experience in and out those doors always have me wanting to come back any time. I would to give an extra special thank you to RHD Ms. Kelley for such a wonderful dental experience. She’s always happy to see me and provide such joy into her career. Dental Arts has some of the best people working there who truly care about your dental health that will do anything to keep your mouth clean! I look forward to keep returning to Dental Arts and Ms. Kelley’s dental music cleanings. Thank you Dental Arts Davis Square, Somerville MA!

Nancy C. from Somerville, MA (Source: Yelp)


Want to consistently experience great care and outstanding customer service from pleasant professionals in the dental health care field? Choose Dental Arts in Davis Square as your dentists! I may actually be their longest-term client, or at least I’m one of the top few – been going to that office for over 40 years. I was afraid of the dentist, until my sister-in-law brought me to Dental Arts. Years later, when Dr. Dobrin assumed management of the practice, he and his team made a great thing even better, and continue to do so. They are pleasant and efficient and provide the highest-quality dental work. I have had many procedures over the years, from cleanings and fillings to crowns, root canals, gum surgeries, deep cleanings, etc. and never suffered more than mild discomfort; never even had to fill any prescriptions for pain meds. I’ve only needed to wait more than five to 10 minutes for an appointment once, when there was a minor emergency involving another patient (which was handled with utmost discretion). Any billing issues or scheduling concerns are handled quickly and competently by the front desk staff. Dental Arts is the rare health care practice today that values their patients and treats them with true care. I value them and truly appreciate being their patient. Thanks so much, Dr. Dobrin, Bernie, and everybody!

Katie K. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dental Arts is a great practice!  I have had and continue to have a positive experience here.  My hygienist, Audrey, is fabulous and I highly recommend her if you have any anxiety and/or want a great teeth cleaning! She explained everything she was doing, made sure I was comfortable, gave some great advice, and has great taste in music.  Thank you to Dr. Dorbin and the rest of his staff, keep up the great work!

Hannah C. from Union Square, San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have always had such anxiety going to the dentist – easy to say that will no longer be the case as long as I am a patient here. Dr. Dobrin and his staff are amazing. They make you feel truly relaxed the entire time they are working and are incredibly thoughtful when it comes to maintaining your comfort. Audrey is awesome as well! So funny and so good at her job. Had my first cleaning with her (and my first cleaning in a painfully long time) and she was a total rockstar. Love this spot and so thankful to have come across this group!