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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Brian B. from Fenton, MO (Source: Yelp)


New to the area. Terrified of dentists. But I much more comfortable and confident since finding Dr Hawkins and his team up on Gravois Bluffs in Fenton. I chipped a crown on one of my teeth, so my first contact was with a dental emergency. They moved mountains to get me in quickly, set up my account and contacted my dental insurer, and Dr. Hawkins fitted me with a temp while the permanent replacement was in order. Of course, I managed to dislodge the temp twice in a week, but Dr Hawkins helped me though both times, returning my calls day or night , even leaving me his personal cell phone number. The replacement came when promised and was professionally fitted without a hitch! I was back in the office today to start routine teeth cleaning appointments. Once again, everything went smoothly, and this coward is back on the road to dental health. The friendly hygienist Christie and her assistant were both patient and understanding, and with a quick assist from a little nitrous, the initial cleaning is in the books and my next appointment is all lined up as per my request Friendly, professional, dental experts and wonderful office staff. Highly recommended!!

James Bielicke (Source: Google)


Dr. Hawkins + staff are just awesome. Went in to get a root canal and was a little nervous. Everyone at the Dental Center made me feel at ease and relaxed. Procedure was painless (yes, a root canal) and they had me ready to go in no time. Dr. Hawkins even called at the end of the business day to check-in on how I was doing. Just a great place + staff. Can’t recommend them more highly.

Linda Worley (Source: Facebook)


If you are looking for a great dentist office this is the one you do not need to look any further. I never thought I would say this but it is the most fun office I have ever been to. They are all professional but you feel like you’re just part of their family. I love going there. Dr. Christopher Hawkins is so nice he explains everything and ask before you leave if you have any questions he is always able and willing to explain anything that you need. You cannot go wrong with the dental center I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

Jennifer H. from Saint Louis, MO (Source: Yelp)


If you are a military family and looking for a dental office in the St. Louis area, look no further. We are an Army family and trying to look for a dental office which accepts Tricare, let alone understand the process, is cumbersome. So being recently transferred here, we thought we would bite the bullet and try the closest dental office to our home, and we really lucked out with finding The Dental Center. It doesn’t seem like much from the outside, just a red sign in the middle of strip mall, but upon entering the office, you walk into a upscale lobby-definitely not your typical dental office. The office was clean and inviting. I was pretty impressed considering the outside appearance of the building. The staff promptly greeted me and were extremely helpful. They sat me down and guided me through their online process for new clients. I never felt rushed or talked down upon. I was quickly ushered to the back x-ray area by Kate who went ahead and started my x-rays. She had heard that we were new patients and asked if I had recent x-rays in the past year with the same insurance. I stated yes she consulted with the front office staff regarding double charging insurance. The decision was made to forgo the full x-rays so we wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket. That was a great catch on Kate’s part, as most dental offices would just go ahead with the x-rays and charge the patient if the insurance wouldn’t pay out. My dental hygienist was Kristy and she was very sweet. She went over my dental history and addressed all my concerns in a very polite and professional manner. My cleaning went smoothly and efficiently. I stated I felt like I needed braces and she did a quick 10 minute online application for me (including photos) of my teeth to the Invisaline company to see if I was a candidate. And the best part was that I didn’t feel pressured to purchase any additional procedures. Next up was the dental exam by Dr. Christopher Hawkins. Dr. Hawkins, I quickly found out, is also a dentist with the Missouri National Guard. Upon learning that my husband is also an AGR Guardsman, he stated that my husband should bring in a certain blank dental form for his visit the next week to expedite his next military medical screenings. Dr. Hawkins would sign off on the form while in the dental office so my husband would save time during the SRP process. This is definitely an above and beyond moment gesture which my husband and myself appreciate. Having someone who understands how burdensome the military process is, but yet still chooses to go the extra mile to assist military families is someone who deserves to get recognized. My first dental experience with this office was fantastic and I intend on telling all our military friends of the great service we received here.

Mike Eaton (Source: Google)


I have only had two appointments, but both times, I had the best experience. They are Fun and friendly. From the time you walk in the door to check in to the time you leave at the end of your appointment. More importantly, they are very experienced. I went to them for a second opinion on a root canal. As it turned out, I did need a root canal. I opted to let them do the procedureI because of the way they explained how they came to the conclusion that I needed a root canal. They use A technique that also showed, without a doubt I needed a root canal. I see myself stay with them. Mike

Britny Howe (Source: Facebook)


This office is wonderful. I have had terrible experiences at the dentist in my past and EVERYONE at the Dental Center has been incredible. They are extremely nice and comforting and get the job done wonderfully. They also easily explain what you need done, how much your insurance will cover and give you any quotes up front. I cant ask for a better dental office. If you fear the dentist you dont need to anymore.

Dawn Huxel Davison (Source: Facebook)


If going to the dentist could ever be fun this is as close as you’re going to get! The office staff is friendly, fun, and professional. I have been a dentist hopper for the last ten years and have finally found the place that I will go for the rest of my life. They are always on schedule, make the procedures pleasant, and handle everything in a cheerful manner.

Pat Quarton Crofts (Source: Google)


My husband and I have been going to this dental practice since 1994! They have recently expanded and have not lost any of their tremendous empathy and expertise. I’m still dealing with the same staff members I’ve known for years. Dr. Osmun deserved a wonderful retirement but not before he brought in a wonderful replacement, Dr. Hawkins. Now Dr. Hawkins has brought in Dr. Leffler and my husband really likes her (that’s saying something for a USAF MstSgt Vet!). Thanks to All and God Bless, Pat and Chuck

Windy Ellis (Source: Google)


This place is a great place to go for dental care.They took there time and told u what they plan on doing if u had options gave them to u.I had two options and the dentist let me choose which one I wanted to do.I appreciated that.I ever need to go back I will they where very little d and two my daughter as well they made her feel comfortable in the waiting area.

Shelly Schnur-Whitehurst (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Hawkins and his staff are top rated DENTIST office in St. Louis in my opinion. I had a bad experience was a dentist that I have been going to for 15 plus years. With that being said, I had no desire to seek a new dentist, I’m so happy I did or I won’t of found this amazing TEAM and very professional dentist! A special thanks goes out to Dr. Hawkins as well as Justine for having patients with me, understanding, as well as helping me thru this difficult experience! Thank you

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Charles Crofts (Source: Google)


Excellent staff and dentist. I do recommend them to friends! I thought replacing the old dentist would be difficult because of my relationship with Tom but Dr Hawkins has stepped right in and I feel totally comfortable with him as well as with his staff and would recommend them to any of my friends which I already have. Had an appointment with the new Dentist (Dr Lofler) who did a fantastic job preparing a tooth for a crown. Painless dentistry! I am not taking anything away from Dr Hawkins Who is just as good. Some other new staff as well who are remarkable. I see this office expanding even more. Thanks for the great treatment!

Ashalyn Ellis (Source: Google)


Dr. Hawkins and his staff are amazing. Everyone was super nice and very helpful in getting me all the information needed before hand. I was comfortable the entire time and won’t go anywhere else for dental work. They have such a great team. I had two implant posts placed and had no trouble with the procedure.

Katlyn Wilhoit (Source: Google)


All the staff at The Dental Center were encouraging to interact with. They all had upbeat personalities and were very friendly to interact with. Everything was very clean and comfortable given current restrictions. They were gentle with cleaning my teeth and explained clearly the images they took. Definitely my regular dentist of choice!

Cathleen Bommarito-Manley (Source: Google)


Dr Hawkins and his staff are fabulous. From the minute you walk in you are greeted Like family and the energy in the office is always positive and light hearted. During my latest procedure Dr Hawkins made sure I felt no pain. I was comfortable. Very professional and always lets you know ahead of time what needs to be done and is very fair. I highly recommend the Dental Center.

Linda Ballard Steger (Source: Facebook)


I broke off the backside of an upper wisdom tooth. Didn’t have any pain but was instructed to come in and have Dr. Hawkins check it out. I thought it would need to be pulled but he recommended having a filling down to fix it. Since he was only treating real emergencies, we are postponing doing the filling since I wasn’t in any pain. Dr. Hawkins is very professional and I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Kyle Howard (Source: Google)


I couldn’t have been happier with my first visit. Everyone from reception to the doctor were so kind, helpful, and LISTENED. Far too many times at medical appointments I’ve not been listened to and felt passed off. Here’s a referral of here’s a script, now be on your way. Not here. I was asked about my concerns and they truly listened. I feel as if that minor decency is lost on most doctor visits these days. We discussed a plan to address each and every concern and I left there very pleased with knowing what the plan is moving forward and very pleased with their work. I rarely leave reviews, but I am more than happy to let others know how great my experience was.

Sharil Copeland (Source: Google)


The staff and Dr. Hawkins were the most friendly and welcoming group of people that I have ever interacted with in a doctors office. They created warm and relaxed atmosphere and explained in detail my procedure and how and when everything would take place. I would highly recommend Dr. Hawkins and his staff to any friend or family. I most assuredly am referring my mother to Dr. Hawkins. He and his staff are the best.

Kayla Finocchiaro (Source: Google)


I had a routine in-office procedure to remove a fibroma from the inside of my mouth and had multiple complications due to a possible unknown bleeding disorder. Dr. Hawkins and his team were incredible. Not only did they let me come in multiple times to check on my stitches, but Dr. Hawkins spoke with me after hours and was actively on call while I visited Urgent Care. I sincerely appreciate their patience while we navigated my medical condition, their attention to care, and availability and persistence to make me feel comfortable and well informed. I would recommend this office to everyone! Thank you so much again, Dr. Hawkins and team!

Emily T. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to this dental center since I was a tiny tot, as in pre-elementary school. Not only that but my whole family has gone and we stay for the professional and great work of the staff. Preciously Dr. Osmund was the main dentist and now it is Dr. Christopher Hawkins. I have received quality care with each, though I will say I think Dr. Hawkins brings a breath of fresh air. I have had multiple fillings, a crown, and cleanings over the years and they do go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable. They have also been voted as some of the best dentists in the US 2018 and 2019, you can see the awards on the wall by reception. I will be moving soon but I know wherever I go will have big shoes to fill. They set the standard high for quality care.

Scott S. from Festus, MO (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hawkins and his staff are A #1! Dr. Hawkins has taken care of my dental work for the past 10 years and has taken care of a root canal, fillings and beautiful crowns not to mention great hygiene. Everyone is so nice to work with and treats me and my family like their own. I would recommend the Dental center to anyone.

Amanda Baker (Source: Facebook)


I found The Dental Center to be a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere. I have very sensitive teeth, and Chrissy was careful to make my cleaning nearly pain free! The staff was very good with my two children, and they also had a pleasant experience. Dr. Hawkins was friendly and knowledgeable. I think I may have finally found a dentist office in the area that I like!

Bob H (Source: Google)


Dr Hawkins and his staff are exceptional. They provide a warm, welcoming environment. And they treat you with complete care, ensuring you know what’s transpiring every step of the way. Our two young boys who’ve struggled with dentists in the past do so well with Dr Hawkins and his team, we don’t even need to be by their sides during cleanings. Cannot recommend enough.

Carla Cordes (Source: Google)


The minute you walk in, you’ll feel like family! I’ve never quite experienced a dental environment as “The Dental Center” located in Fenton, MO. Not only are they warm-hearted but the staff does excellent work explaining the procedures implemented and you’ll love the outcome! I highly recommend them and look forward to my return visit. Not many can say that about their experience with other dentist!

Janet Workman Thoele (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Hawkins and his team are professional and fun. They are always happy so that tells me they enjoy their job and like Dr. Hawkins. Also, recently I had a toothache and I showed up at the door at 8:00 on Monday. Dr. Hawkins saw me right away and didn’t make me come back. He also said I should have called him on Sunday. I highly recommend The Dental Center. I have been going there for at least ten years.

Leah Tissi Wilson (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Hawkins and his staff are incredibly professional and friendly with a very warm and welcoming office atmosphere. They put me very much at ease throughout my recent root canal and I’m very pleased with the results. They take the time to thoroughly answer any questions I have to make sure I’m comfortable – and I’ve always been able to get an appointment very easily. I’d give 10 stars if I could! I highly recommend The Dental Center!

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Angie Green (Source: Facebook)


I love going to the dentist. Everyone is iso welcoming and they put me at ease from the second I walk in the door. Kristi the hygienist is phenomenal- you know your teeth are clean when you leave here. I’ve known the girls for a long time and have just met Dr Hawkins but am very impressed with his chair side manner and his honesty with me. Very pleasant atmosphere and I recommend The Dental Center to all my friends and family!

Harry Gunther (Source: Google)


I stopped in to see if I could schedule a panorex and instead of making an appointment they were able to squeeze me in the same day and Dr. Hawkins went over the results with. They are always friendly and careful to make sure you’re comfortable! Dr. Hawkins is very personable and takes time to get to know you….I highly recommend The Dental Center!

William Thurston (Source: Google)


The Dental Center is very professional but still a relaxing experience. The ladies and Doctors are enjoyable to be around. They all do a great job and they make sure you are as comfortable as can be. They are always checking to make sure you are ok and if you need something. For me even having a root canal done they made it as relaxing as possible. Thank you and highly recommended.

Heather Ogle (Source: Facebook)


Very pleased with my appointment today! I’ve had some very traumatic dental issues over the past year & was terrified going in today, even though it was just for a cleaning & botox in my jaw muscle to help relieve pain… I got there & immediately asked for nitrous, because I was so nervous. They could have easily just given it to me & charged that extra charge. Instead, they talked to me the entire time, about their families & stuff, I was able to relax enough to get through the appointment with no nitrous! �� The whole time I felt that they were very understanding, courteous & helpful with my fears. Thank you staff & Dr!

Tanya Huey (Source: Google)


I am very impressed with my first visit to The Dental Center. The office was very clean & up to date. The entire staff from front desk to the back were very professional & so sweet. I had a cleaning & a wisdom tooth removed. The hygienist was very gentle & Dr. Hawkins made the tooth extraction painless! I highly recommend this office!

Maddy Lou (Source: Facebook)


The staff and Dr Hawkins are truly angels. They are professional yet compassionate. Timely and transparent. And they embrace and understand that fear is a very real emotion I have while at the dentist… I couldn’t imagine any one other than Chris and the gals taking care of me. I most definitely recommend this Dental Center a thousand times over.

Paul Collins (Source: Google)


Fast, friendly, PAINLESS and 1/5 the cost of other dentists office I reviewed. Absolutely the best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist. Dr. Hawkins and Miss Jensen are extremely professional and an great team. Also the rest of the staff was very helpful. 03/18/2021 Had a crown come off, Barbara had me in the chair 20 minutes after the crown came off, and repaired, polished the crown and me out the door in less than 25 minutes. Once again absolutely pleasant and professional experience

Babu Chellappa (Source: Google)


The staff and Dr. Hawkins are an awesome group of a dental team that cares. They make you comfortable and discuss the diagnosis and treatment very well. Very easy to get emergency appointments and reachable at all times. Dr. Hawkins is one the best dentists in the area that I am very comfortable with getting my dental work done . He recently did an awesome job with my implant. His dental assistance staff are always pleasant and very relaxed.. I would recommend them to all my friends and coworkers.