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Dental Implant & Laser Surgical Specialists
Ramyar Elyassian, DDS (Periodontist)
Tustin, CA







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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

Periodontal services

Gum surgery

Dental implants

Tooth extraction

Sedation dentistry

Gum grafting

Gum lift


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? No


Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Amber Murphy (Source: Google)


I’ve been a patient at DI&LSS for almost a year now. My experience has been great. Dr. Elyassian and staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and professional in their interactions with me. I really appreciate that this dental office is modern and uses all of the latest technology in implant dentistry (…). From the extraction down to the placement of the implants and crowns, Dr. Elyassian was meticulous with each step making sure everything was done right. He showed me the X-rays and thoroughly explained what he was doing and I appreciate that. My surgery was seamless and I healed well. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Dr. Elyassian and staff.

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Khoa Nguyen (Source: Google)


Due to my gum condition, I need to have a gum flap and bone graft surgery in some areas. Sounds scary at first, but Doctor Elyassian performed the surgery so well that I almost fell asleep during the procedure. After 3 hours, the only thing I felt was that my jaw was tired from opening for too long. Definitely recommended if you have gum conditions.

Charlene M. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to this office for years and Dr Elyassian is amazing and is of the best I have ever been to. All of the office staff are very friendly and make you feel comfortable. There has never been a time that I needed his help and he always make sure I could get in. I would never go anywhere else for my dental needs.

Patricia T. from Newport Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Elyassian did a great job on my implants.  I have had this procedure before with another dentist and it was a nightmare and unsuccessful.  My experience and the results with Dr. Elyassian was excellent.  He is professional and thorough even calling me the night of the procedure to check on me.  I cannot state how highly I regard him and his very friendly staff.  I would recommend him to everyone.

John Nicholcon (Source: Google)


Excellent with his personable and expert advice. My experiences have been far superior to any other Dental procedures I have had to endure. His office is state of the art. His procedures are carefully designed. He is the most outstanding Dentist/Periodonist or specialist I have ever had the pleasure to work on my gums in the past 20 years. I recommend laser procedures for gum surgery highly since I have had both, the old method using a surgical knife and laser. There is no comparison in the pain level and recovery level. Dr Elyassian YOU ABSOLUTELY ROCK! You’re gracious, fair, and a true Human Being, Not just a Perio Surgeon. Thank you for all you have done to get my gums back to perfect health. As Arnold would say, “I’ll be Back”.

Eileen V. from Huntington Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)

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Dr. Elyassian was very professional, knowledgeable, patient, and calming as I was very anxious and nervous to receive a sinus lift and dental implant surgery.  I have a very low pain tolerance but Dr. Elyassian allayed all my fears and anxiety. The preparation was very thorough as he explained every detail of the procedure and kept me informed throughout the process.  I was offered to listen to music or watch a Netflix movie and I chose the latter.  I was enjoying the movie during the procedure which kept my mind occupied and I am sure the Dr. appreciated it as well.  The procedure was completed which seemed to be quick as I was watching the movie.  I highly recommended Dr. Elyassian to several friends that were looking into dental implants.  I did not feel any pain while in the office and I followed the detailed instructions given to me when I got home to alleviate any pain that I may experience post-surgery.  I was up and about the next day and felt amazing.  I was pleasantly surprised and regained my confidence in dental procedures!  Thank you Dr. Elyassian!

Arlene C. from Anaheim, CA (Source: Yelp)


I found Dr. Elyassian after a different dentist screwed up a dental implant on my front tooth. It was horrible and I was so upset. Dr. Elyassian examined me and came up with a plan to fix it all. It took a bone graft, a gum tissue graft and multiple appointments over two years and it all worked. It was so worth it! He’s so talented and he really cares – he wants it to be done correctly! I applaud him! Also, the people in his office are wonderful. Angelica at the front desk is an angel! So thrilled to have him and his team be a part of my dental care for the rest of my life!

Julie S. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Amazing surgeon. I went to him for a consultation in the beginning and I was expecting to cost me an arm and a leg to fix my teeth. He gave me several options and he also hooked me up with a great general dentist to take care of my teeth. They made it work for me and my budget and I am so happy and feel so lucky to find him. His laser equipment makes a surgery like a walk in the park. I had almost no bleeding and recovered completely in 2 days.  5-star dentist no doubt.

Jack Moore (Source: Google)


Dr. Elyassian is a great dentist and his office is a state-of-the-art, he uses advanced technologies that many doctors are not even aware of… He put his best effort to make my dental experience a pleasant one as I had bad experience with oral; surgeries in the past. Thank you Dr. Elyassian for such a wonderful experience!

Susana Lopez (Source: Google)


Dr. Elyassian and his staff are awesome. His staff is so friendly and makes you feel at ease and welcomed. Dr. Elyassian knows what he’s doing and he cares about his patients, a nice change from past experiences with other dentists. I definitely found mine and my family’s dentist.

Maryam J. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Elyassian is one of the best periodontists around.  He does very high-quality work while charging very reasonable prices. His work is definitely high end and he never cuts any corners. Dr. Elyassian also goes out of his way to make his patients feel comfortable and takes time to explain things clearly to his patients in simple terms instead of complex dental jargon.  This probably stems from his teaching experience as an instructor for the Dental Laser,

I had an adult prophy (cleaning) done there. He was very thorough and gentle in doing the cleaning. My aunt and mom also had their implants done there and they were very happy with the results.  I would highly recommend Dr. Elyassian to anyone who is looking for a quality periodontist whether it be any treatment to your gums, cleanings or even extractions, laser surgery and implants

Catherine T. from Santa Ana, CA (Source: Yelp)


My general dentist referred me to Dr. Elyassian for the implant. With the minimally evasive technology, the whole process went so smoothly to my surprise. I have not felt any pain. I am happy with the service and would definitely recommend the office to all I know.

Wendy H. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Elyassian performed laser surgery to remove excess gum tissue from my daughter’s back lower molars. He did a terrific job and treated her with great comfort and kindness. She had very little bleeding afterward and did not even ask for any pain medications. She was back to eating normal foods and going to her track practices within a day. Dr. Elyassian gave her a detailed explanation of what to expect in the procedure and how long she could possibly be sore, but the actual surgery was far less painful than she expected. Dr. Elyassian and his staff were wonderful to us and made us feel comfortable and well cared for. I would recommend his practice to anyone seeking an excellent dental surgeon or periodontist. He was honest with us regarding not needing to remove her wisdom teeth just yet and only recommended the procedures that were necessary to improve her bite. Thank you so much!

Alan Nestlinger (Source: Google)


I experienced zero pain during the procedure, zero pain during the recovery week which is AMAZING because Dr. Elyassian put the x-ray up on his giant TV screen to show me the four molar roots wound around each other like a rat’s nest. Considering that he had to dig all the way up to my sinus cavity to get all of the wound-up junk removed without producing any discomfort is a testament to his skill. I took one acetaminophen prior to the procedure and never touched the high powered pain pills after the procedure. To say that I am pleased is to understate my admiration of Dr. Elyassian’s skill.

Walter W. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr.Elyassian was a very professional and friendly dentist. His staffs were very welcoming and helpful. I had two oral surgeries done from here and both times were a job well done! I had fast recoveries, no complications, and you can watch a movie on these glasses while the surgery is being performed. This office also provides payment plans to help patients with bills. Overall, a great place if you need oral surgery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Elyassian to my friends and family.

Desireh Sedaghat (Source: Google)

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(…) I suffer from extreme gum recession and saw him in February for a gum graft surgery….the results came out absolutely terrific. What I was most impressed with was that he himself called me that night to check up on me and see if I had any questions. No other doctor I’ve been to does that. I felt incredibly taken care of. Dr. Elyassian also used some material (I forget the name of it) on all the surgical areas and that made the areas heal so quickly! Additionally he used lasers during and post-surgery which helped the healing process and prevented my face from turning black and blue. My gums look and feel so much better

Dr. Elyassian never disappoints. I HIGHLY recommend.

Van Duong (Source: Google)


I can’t thank Dr. Elyassian and his staff enough for the wonderful work that they do. I never knew having a gum and bone graft surgery could be such a pleasant experience; having no pain and getting to watch a movie. Before the surgery Dr. Elyassian took the time to explain everything to my husband and me. I was impressed with the staff. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.
I’m glad to have found Dr. Elyassian and truly am grateful to him and his warm staff for the expert care I received. I had no idea how technically advanced the field had become … surprised at the lack of soreness from the surgery. Thank you again Dr. Elyassian for the superb treatment!

Chuck Downing (Source: Google)


I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Elyassian! He was very informative and educated me about the current state of my teeth. I had a fantastic experience and am truly amazed at the quality of the work done and the care I received. His dentistry work is excellent and the outcome was even better then I could have hoped for. I would highly recommend Dr. Elyassian and will be using him for all my periodontal needs in the future.

Helena S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had laser surgery done by Dr Elyassian last week. I had gone to a few specialists before finding him. I found Dr Elyassian to be honest, caring, friendly and very professional. He spent a lot of time explaining the procedure to me and answered all of my questions. I am very happy that he did my surgery. He is a great surgeon. He knows what he is talking about and is up to date. His staff is also very kind and polite. I highly recommend him. Thank you.

Gons S. from Victorville, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Elyassian is the best DDS I ever had is super professional and takes time to explain what is the treatment better for you and very reasonable pricing. Highly recommendable. All his employees are very friendly and helpful. Thank you very much for everything!!

Ernesto A. from Long Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


(…) I was there for a consultation on gum grafting and Dr. Elyassians was very kind and thorough with his explanations on what can be done to fix it. I hate going to the dentist due to bad experiences with the office staff, but the staff here were kind and welcoming, they were always checking in and asking me if I was okay or needed anything, they really made me comfortable. They also called me the day before my procedure to inform me of what needed to get done on my end before the procedure such as: food I can and can’t eat, how to clean the gum area after my procedure, etc. Along with reminding me to not forget to pick up my medication to help with the healing process. Dr. Elyassians, the day of the procedure helped me stay relax by making sure I wasn’t feeling any pain. The Dr. also gave me a call later in the afternoon to check on how I was doing and if I needed anything, a Doctor that goes out of his way to make sure their patients are okay, is a Doctor that really cares for their patients. This office really shows that they care for their patients, they made me feel as if I was their priority from the moment I walked in and I want to THANK YOU ALL for that AMAZING experience I had. I am definitely going to recommend my family and friends to Dr. Elyassians.

U. S. (Source: Google)


I was referred to Dr. Elyassian by my General Dentist who spoke very highly of him (…). I eventually visited his office in Tustin. He was very attentive and spent a lot of time examining my gums and explaining everything. Dr. Elyassian performed a deep cleaning using laser without any pain (who would have thought of gum surgery without pain!!!). To top that, he had these cool futuristic glasses I put on to watch a movie during the procedure.
I tell you, if you need any gum or oral surgery stuff you gotta meet Dr. Elyassian.

Uchiha Y. from Alhambra, CA (Source: Yelp)


(…) Staff were great and friendly as well as understanding my concerns. Once again Dr Elyassian never disappoints! His work with the laser combined with the music of my choice made a combination of artful masterpiece! He went through everything that needed to go through from getting the extractions all the way to cleaning all the infections. He was so attentive to my needs and concerns.
Although I did freak out when he was pulling my tooth, turns out I did not feel a thing! In fact, I never knew he actually pulled out my tooth until I asked him! I was really impressed! I wouldn’t have got this experience at any office! (…)

Kelly T. from Orange, CA (Source: Yelp)


So I just got a gum graft and I suppose I should be resting but I had such an amazing experience that I had to write about it! Making an appointment was very easy. When I got there I didn’t have to wait at all to go into the exam room. Dr. Elyassian was very informative and professional. His assistant Blanca was also very nice and helpful. I made an appointment for two days later and when I came in, they were ready for me. I was able to watch a movie through these cool glasses that hooked up to Netflix on the iPad. That really helped calm me down during the surgery. During the surgery, I barely felt anything since he uses laser technology. Right now two hours after, I’m still not in pain which is just great! Overall, I have nothing bad to say. Dr. Elyassian is a kindred spirit and genuinely cares for his patients. I would recommend him to everybody and anybody!

Dominic Campeau (Source: Google)


Dr. Ramyar Elyassian is extremely professional and helpful. He cares about his patients, will make the phone calls home, and will fit you in right away if you have questions or concerns before or following a procedure. I recommend him without any reservation. A+

L. A. from Tustin, CA (Source: Yelp)

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(…)I was referred to this practice by my dentist recently and have been nothing short of 100% impressed and satisfied with every aspect of my experience. The entire staff is beyond professional and extremely warm and supportive. The doctor is extremely compassionate, engaging and highly knowledgable in his field. He calmed all my anxieties for a procedure that was complex and required careful care for a week afterward. The amount of dedication to positive patient experience is phenomenal and every single aspect of my procedure (before and after) was thoughtfully executed. I would highly recommend this office!!!

Suzanne L. from Fountain Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


I came to Dr. Elyassian office to get some major surgery done and as you can imagine I was very nervous. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with a friendly and professional staff that made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Elyassian to all my friends and family.  Thanks to Dr. Elyassian and his staff you all are awesome!!

Thomas Dietrich (Source: Google)


I had a gum tissue graft at Dr. Elyassain’s office and it was a very pleasant experience (or as good as one can be). His use of new techniques cut down healing time and he was able to work around my schedule since I happened to be in the middle of a move out of state. He was able to fit me in when I needed and follow up when I was back. He even went the extra mile of a follow-up call a few hours after the procedure to answer any questions. I would highly recommend.

Melissa Bustos (Source: Google)


I am amazingly pleased with the friendly and high-quality service I receive every time I go to Dental Implant & Laser Surgical Specialists. Dr. Elyassian’s expertise and concern for my overall dental health is truly appreciated. Also, Thumbs up to all the staff for their attentiveness and concern for my overall well being. Recently Dr. Elyassian completed an implant which is difficult to differentiate from my natural teeth. He did an amazing job! Give Dental Implant & Laser Surgical Specialists a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Chelsea Montgomery (Source: Google)

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Such a caring and wonderful Dr. and team. They had me so comfortable and relaxed during my gum graft I actually fell asleep! His knowledge and technology are superb. Would definitely recommend Dr. Elyassian to anyone!

Mojdeh H. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had laser surgery and bone grafting 3 months ago. Dr Ramyar is wonderful and the staff the BEST. Excellent service gives you the time you deserve, and friendly people. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Elyassian! He was very informative and educated me about the current state of my teeth. Dr. Elyassian and staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and professional in their interactions with me. I really appreciate that this dental office is modern and uses all of the latest technology in implant dentistry. I am so lucky my Dr referred me to him. thank you. I give him and his staff A+++


Established in 2010 Dental Implant & Laser Surgical office of Dr. Elyassian was established to provide personalized, quality, timely, ideal, and effective periodontal treatment in a compassionate and professional environment. Our goal is to exceed our patient’s expectations in every aspect of their experience by using the latest technology and techniques such as Laser and 3-D imaging designed for periodontal procedures which allows us to provide pain-free, stress-free dental treatments with highest level of success. Dr. Elyassian is a graduate of University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), (University of Southern California (USC), University of Pacific (UOP), Louisiana State University (LSU) and University of Colorado (UC) schools of dentistry. As a Board Certified Periodontist, Dr. Elyassian expertly manages a wide variety of oral diseases ranging from Crown lengthening and Laser assisted Gum surgery to Dental implants and Full mouth reconstructive surgery. Our patients have the option of having procedures comfortably performed while they watch a movie or even sleep. Dr. Elyassian has years of advanced specialty training in multiple areas of expertise including Implantology, Laser surgery, Periodontology. In conjunction with his private practice, Dr. Elyassian lectures nationally and internationally.

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