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Dental Professionals on Whitesburg
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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Vetrea R. from Harvest, AL (Source: Yelp)


Just a wonderful place to get dental work done. This place lives up to its name. They are very professional. It is like being in the First-Class section of the airplane. Dr. Wintzell did my dental work today. The utmost care was taken in do a perfect job. My husband and I live more than 25 miles away, but we won’t go any other place.

Patricia Marsh (Source: Google)


What a great place to have any of your dental needs taken care of!!! This is from a person who is so afraid of even sitting in a dental chair, without even getting anything done. The dentists and staff are professional, kind and caring and I would not consider going any place else. So happy that I am a patient of theirs. Love this place.

Jack Phelps (Source: Google)


I’ve been going here for over 30 years and I always recommend Dental Professionals on Whitesburg to those looking for great dentists and staff. One thing that I’m impressed with is the fact that these folks are always trying to make themselves better for their patients. The whole staff is really well trained on the latest dental techniques and products. Plus they are just sweet, caring people and that goes a long way in my book. They do whatever it takes to make having a dental procedure as pleasant and painless as possible. They get my vote for the best place for dental care in Huntsville.

Mary Holder (Source: Facebook)


The staff are so kind and considerate and care about the total you! I found out today at my dental cleaning that botox can relax the muscles I use to unintentionally clench my teeth. I get such a headache from doing that! I learn something new every time I go there.

Carly F (Source: Google)


Always a great experience at Dental Professionals. During the COVID-19 times you text to a number your last name and the parking spot you are. They come out masked to your car to greet you take your temp and walk through to your room for your appointment. Very attentive and makes dental cleaning a breeze. Great sedative options for each patient for extensive dental work.

Marilyn B. from Harvest, AL (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient for over 4 years and will never, ever use anyone else.  These are truly amazing professionals including staff, hygienists, and doctors.  At over 70 years of age, I have had my share of dentists.  But my teeth have never been in better shape than now and that’s thanks to the great care and work provided.  Thanks DPOW!!!

Elfriede Rucker (Source: Google)


As usual my appointment with “Dental Professionals on Whitesburg” was a pleasant and jovial visit. The ladies are always so caring, friendly and helpful. Which always put me at ease since they know I am an elderly somewhat disabled woman. The new hygienist Tina, was very efficient, fast and fun to talk to. And of course I am always happy to see Dr Bruce. I love my dentists and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for excellent dentists and outstanding office!

Tina Maples (Source: Google)


I was a new patient in this office today and received the most professional service from the care and instructions from the business team, the most gentle and thorough cleaning I’ve ever had in my life. The Doctor was very knowledgeable and explained the concerns and treatment I need in the future. I also received a paraffin wax treatment for my hands, a warm neck pillow and blanket for comfort during my procedure. Thank you to this Incredible Team for making my visit the Best Ever! I highly recommend Dental Professionals on Whitesburg! Tina M.

Beverly Mitchell (Source: Google)


Dental Professionals on Whitesburg has always been exceptionally clean and extremely dedicated to comfort and safety of their patients, but now they have even gone above and beyond to protect everyone. They have rigorous protocol disinfecting surfaces, covering everything that comes in touch with patients in any way, and using strict PPE including hair coverings, double masks, gloves, etc. I felt entirely confident and completely safe. As always, staff and drs are the best!

Sharon Stern (Source: Google)


Dental Professionals offer excellent quality service. From the minute I entered the door until I exited, I was treated with every consideration given to my comfort and confidentiality. The quality of work has been superb. They don’t just look to fix your immediate issue, but to ensure long term satisfaction and health. Each team member has been not just knowledgeable, but skillful in their individual area. Pleasant personalities from professionals who obviously enjoy their work and the highest level of skill is what you will find here.

Karen Perreault (Source: Google)


\I’ve gone there for years.. They are all very polite, sweet, gentle and always concerned for your comfort. I would not go anywhere else. All the equipment is the newest and best. I had to have an expected crown put on, and they worked me in and did a beautiful job on the temporary. Can’t wait for the permanent one. Love those two doctors. 🙂 Got the permanent one yesterday and it is perfect, as always.

Lynn Simpson (Source: Google)


This was my first appointment; I felt well received and every person was professional, well educated and well spoken. I liked it that I could do the new-patient paperwork ahead of time on the computer. Someone explained the process to me; my hygienist was excellent, explained everything to me and my options for treatment. I was expecting to need more dental work; the dentist has a plan of action, a time frame and a suggestion for payment which she will explain to me on my next appointment. It has been a good experience.

Bob B. (Source: Google)


My daughter & I are not easy dental patients. We have small mouths, build up tartar easily and have other challenges. Dental Professionals is just what the name says: Professional Dental Care. They are cutting edge with latest technology/treatments and are passionate about bringing your dental condition to the best level possible. Alla is our dental hygienist and does an excellent job of training us how to take care of our teeth/gums. I can’t say enough about her going above & beyond what you would normally receive at a dental check-up. She truly cares about our dental health.

Deb Self (Source: Google)


I continue to be impressed with the whole team at Dental Professionals. They make you really comfortable with warm neck pillows, eye masks, whatever you need. Jamie, the dental hygienist I saw has been at the practice 22 years. She is so gentle and thorough. Dr. Bruce and Dr. Wentzell were highly recommended to me by friends, and I second the recommendation without hesitation!

Laura Phillips (Source: Google)


I have been a client at Dental Professionals On Whitesburg for over 25 years. Never have I been to a more professional office… the generosity and friendliness of everyone there surpasses any office of any profession that I have ever visited. The service is top notch, they use the best technologies available, and pamper with paraffin hand it, warm pillows, and blankets!

Pat Elledge Volinski (Source: Facebook)


The doctors and team at Dental Professionals on Whitesburg are the very best in every way-consistently. The strict protocols regarding patient care have always been top notch in this office and were in place prior to the current climate. So, what do Dr. Sonya Wintzell and Dr. Lisa Bruce do?… They go above and beyond with their implementation of PPE, installation of an air filtration system and more. Even with all they have in place, it is still a warm, inviting atmosphere to all who walk through the door! The love and care for their patients shine right through all those PPE barriers! Pat Volinski

Cindy Webber Underwood (Source: Facebook)


Everyone in the office is extremely nice and helpful. As a patient, you are offered a warm neck pillow and a blanket. All of the hygienists are friendly and answer any and all quewtions you might have regarding your teeth. I have been checked out by both of the dentists, and they have always been friendly and helpful. This is an all women’s practice and I highly recommend it to others, including men.

Joshua Dobos (Source: Google)


I’m one of those guys. I haven’t been to the dentist in a long, long time. I finally convinced myself that I needed to go. I went in full of trepidation, I don’t like going to the dentist (sounds better than admitting to being afraid of it). Just stepping through the door, the decor of the place put me at ease. This did not look like a typical dentist office. It wasn’t sterile and cold looking. It looked like a really nice greeting room in a mansion. The receptionist was incredibly nice. It helped to ease my discomfort right off the bat. The oral hygienist went way out of her way to make sure I was comfortable and asked me how I was doing so many times (I probably had a serious white knuckle grip on the arm rest (not from what she was doing, but from my own fears). Overall, it was the best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist office. I’ve already scheduled my next appointment. This team is purely professional, but so personable, that it made me feel at ease. 5/5 for sure.

Jennifer McDaniel (Source: Google)


Total fear of dentist. I have been being seen by Dr. WINTZELL, who has treated me with respect, compassion, ease my feared, 100 percent the most professional dentist with excellent bedside manor. Dentist is a HUGE fear..due a really bad experience 20 years ago. I just hated going and did not. Floss, brush it will all be OK. Thats not how you have to live. Visit her office one time, she will take excellent care of you. Even if you are neurotic like me.

Steve N. from New Market, AL (Source: Yelp)


My wife and I have lived different places and utilized various dental practices and dental specialists over our 60+ year lifetime, with the last 25 years as a patients of Dental Professionals on Whitesburg.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is the very best dental practice in the greater Huntsville area. Their equipment, procedures and technology is state-of-the-art; the entire staff is the most knowledgeable, professional, and friendly that I have encountered.  Their scheduling process is phenomenal!  I don’t know how they do it, but I never have to wait.  Maintaining healthy teeth is important to me and I feel very lucky to have found such expert dental CARE (all employees truly care about their patients and obviously love what they do) in an area the size of Huntsville.

Adele L. from AL, AL (Source: Yelp)


Pampered and painless dental care. My husband and I have been patients at this office for 24 years. We have experienced multiple dental issues due to our respective genetic lotteries; cavities, old fillings failures, abcesses, even nerve absorption have required root canals, crowns and a bridge, as well as long discussions about the value of dental implants. Of course DPoW is not the cheapest place to get your teeth cleaned. If cost is your only issue, I’m sure you can find cheaper. I don’t think you can find better value. Working within your insurance benefits to get the best value and long term results is addressed from the start. Over the years, one dentist retired, some office personnel have been added, and the technology has been upgraded as it became available. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the beauty and comfort of the waiting room and restroom. Think Downton Abbey sumptuous with scrupulous hygiene. The building is set back from the street on a narrow lot so it doesn’t appear as large as it is. The exterior is modern and well maintained, and the parking lot is more than adequate (and happily devoid of the sink-like potholes that plague Huntsville). It’s easy to miss the single driveway, just north of the Steak Out. Tastefully restrained signs and building exterior are obscured or overwhelmed by the Steak Out, whose building has minimal set back and garish signage. There are steps up to the covered entrance, and a long uncovered ramp for wheelchair access. This ramp is accessed from the handicap parking just to the left immediately as you enter the driveway. This might be a problem for caregivers of those in wheelchairs. Pushing a chair while holding an umbrella is difficult. The heavy downpours we often get in Huntsville make covered pull-thru drop off entrances a blessing for wheelchair access, and DPoW doesn’t have one. This is not to say the elderly shouldn’t become patients. In all other ways, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate office. BTW, this is an all-female business, if that’s of any import (my husband’s preference, not just mine). Both dentists work hard to keep their education current and their technology the newest, but they do refer root canals out to an Endodontist. The office staff is experienced and competent. The hygienists are all that and more. They work really hard to ensure absolutely no patient discomfort. Patients get warmed neck pillows and comfy blankets. The chairs and equipment are new and each room equipped with a video screen to explain findings. But the most salient feature is this: they absolutely and sincerely care about their patients. There’s just no way we could have been fooled over two decades. I can tell when people like being at work. I’m a skeptic. Businesses always pay lip service to the need to project a caring attitude, but they can’t ensure it if the people employed don’t have it already in their nature, from the receptionists and clerks on up to both dentists. I suspect it’s a corporate culture thing and they’ve let go employees who weren’t like them… caring from the get go. There’s a private consultation room to discuss whatever, so just ask to use it and be honest about what you can and can’t afford. You don’t have to discuss how you’re going to pay for services in front of other patients. Also, discuss how you want to be reminded to confirm appointments. They use live calls as well as texting and e-mail. You choose any or all.

Courtney Terry Ridgeway (Source: Facebook)


Would highly recommend the crew at Dental Professionals on Whitesburg. The hospitality and kindness are unprecedented. They go above and beyond to make you comfortable the whole visit!

Cathy Stelzleni (Source: Google)


I have been seeing Jamiey, as my dental assistant for years. She is super thorough and tells the dentist what she had seen and makes recommendations. Dr. Bruce and Dr. Wentzel are super sweet and perfectionists. I always feel I am in great hands. After a crown or other procedures, you can expect a call from them checking on you. I would recommend them to anyone.

G Kozub (Source: Google)


To “Everyone” at Dental Professionals on Whitesburg: I was most appreciative of the professionalism shown to me during my recent visit. The care and concern for my safety during these difficult times was outstanding! In addition my thanks and admiration to Jamiey who as always does great work. Thanks again , I look forward to my next visit whatever the circumstances.

Denise Pruitt (Source: Google)


What an amazing experience, from check in to check out. Everyone on the staff introduced themself at some point while I was there. Trish was exceptional in our initial conversation and getting me set up as a new patient. Although I can’t recall every name, everyone was super, attentive and very sweet. The atmosphere is like none other I’ve experienced in a medical office and so very pleasant. While everyone was extremely friendly and helpful, I spent the most time with Tina, my hygienist and she is such a joy. She provided a lot of helpful information and tips. Dr. Winzell was very thorough and explained very well the options available for my personal teeth health and goals. I’m looking forward to proceeding to the next step.

Cynthia Beisel (Source: Google)


Great experience all around today. Everyone in the office were very friendly and I felt comfortable from the moment I arrived. During my procedure all of my questions were addressed and I was constantly informed of what was happening and why. The office itself is beautiful and extremely clean and I would recommend this practice to everyone. Thank you Dental Professionals on Whitesburg Drive.

Dorothy Loftin (Source: Google)


The entire staff is always helpful and nice. Each staff member knows who you are and work together in making your dental visit a pleasant experience. Ive had several procedures including filings, crowns, and vaneers and Ive been extremely happy with the results each time. They take special care to make sure your comfortable and as pain free as possible. I’ve been coming to this office for several years and every appointment has always been on time. I would highly recommend Dental Professionals if you’re looking for a new dentist or you’ve just moved to Huntsville!

Tina Smith (Source: Google)


My mother is on a memory care community in Huntsville. I Googled for a dentist in Huntsville that worked with people that have dementia. I called and spoke to Angie and she assured me that my mother would be taken care of and that they were very experienced with handling people that suffer with dementia. I am so thrilled that I took a leap of faith and my mother was able to get in to see Dr. Wintzell the day I called. She was at ease and was taken care of the minute she walked in the office. They were so helpful and accommodating. My mom was referred on to an oral surgeon. While setting up the appointments, the dental hygienist, Tina, sat in the waiting room and held my mom’s hand so she would feel safe until I was finished setting up everything. Amazing place!!! Can’t give it a high enough recommendation. Thank you Dental Professionals On Whitesburg!

Julie Knowles (Source: Google)


All of the ladies at Dental Professionals on Whitesburg are just that.. PROFESSIONALS. They are absolutely professional from the moment you walk through the door; they make you feel like you are the most important person in the building the entire time youre there! If you require it, they will even see you out to your car.. buckled in! These ladies truly care about their patients as if we were members of their family.. that’s why I couldn’t ever, wouldn’t ever trust anyone else with my or my family’s dental care. Period!

Belita Newby (Source: Google)


I can honestly say that I have never had a negative experience at the dental professionals on Whitesburg. The Experience there today was as usual very professional very people-friendly and I have no complaint. The computer was down but that happens or can happen at any time to any business so I don’t consider that to be a negative but I can honestly say that I have been going there for years and today is the first time I can recall them having a computer problem. So once again I can only give a positive feedback to the service that I received today. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer McDaniel (Source: Google)


Patient perfectionist! I was terrified due to bad experiences, bad dental work. They have eliminated the most terrifying thoughts and use state of the art dentistry techniques. Well and here I was again, totally freaking out and worked up about a problem tooth. I knew I would be in pain and patronized, but NO, despite my level of hyper sensitive, once again, Dental Professionals put me at ease and even made me relieved to get my tooth taken care. Thanks to Julie too, who may be the BEST hygienist ever!!! ♡

Cathy Stelzleni (Source: Facebook)


The dentist, hygienists, all of the staff are there for one reason: your health, comfort, and painless dentistry. I would recommend them to anyone. Even the harshest critics could not offer one complaint about this specialty.

Peggy Nelson Lombardo (Source: Facebook)


This is a wonderful dental practice! Everyone is efficient, knowledgeable, kind, and friendly. I have been going there for over 30 years! During this time of COVID-19, they are taking every precaution humanly possible to insure health and safety. I highly recommend them!.

Steve Newton (Source: Google)


In my opinion, Dental Professionals is like the Mayo Clinic of dentistry! They are constantly researching and implementing best practices, from latest technology equipment, sterilization, scheduling, you name it. For example, this is one of the few North Alabama practices certified to perform the Chao pinhole surgical technique to repair receding gums (which I am a beneficiary of). The staff is very professional, yet so very warm and friendly. My wife and I have been patients for many years and I am so glad that through a co-worker I was able to find a practice of this calibur located in Huntsville.

Patrick Bryant (Source: Facebook)


Every aspect of this practice is simply outstanding. The doctors and staff are unfailingly friendly, professional, and extremely skilled. I cannot recommend Dental Professionals on Whitesburg highly enough.