Dentist “Badges”
(Consumer Page)

Dentist badges: Highlighting your dentists strengths

What are "dentist badges"? We assign different badges to highlight each dentist's strengths. Skills badges highlight dental procedures in which your dentist excels. Other badges help you identify if your dentist offers competitive prices, accepts insurance, and other important criteria. Dentist badges at the top of each dentist's Even28 profile within the basic info section.

Explanation of different badges


Badges are used to highlight each dentist's strengths and weaknesses. Above is an example of what a typical dentist badge looks like. Here's a complete list of the different badges which you might come across:

Skills badges - Skills badges help you identify your dentist's clinical strengths. We assign skills badges based on the dentist's photo galleries, online store performance, training, awards, and other important criteria. Examples of skills badges include:

  • Porcelain Veneers & Cosmetics
  • Clear Aligners & Invisalign®
  • Oral Surgery & Dental Implants
  • TMJ treatment

Established Badge - We assign this badge to dentists who have been serving the same community for a long time.

Scholar Badge - Use the scholar badge to find a dentist with extensive training in their respective field. This badge is assigned to doctors who have lots of post-dental school education and training.

Price Badge - This is a useful badge for cash patients (those without dental insurance). Use the price badge to locate an affordable dentist in your area. We assign this badge to doctors who offer competitive prices based upon their Even28 Online Store.

Insurance Badge - Use the insurance badge to locate dentists who are more likely to accept your insurance plan. The more insurance a dentist accepts, the higher their insurance badge ranking.

Bronze, silver & gold ranking


There are 3 different types of badges, which are:

Gold-Badge Gold badge: Gold badges are assigned to the best doctors who ace their respective category

Silver-Badge Silver badge:  Silver badges are assigned to exemplary dentists who are just a step behind the gold dentists

Bronze-BadgeBronze badge: Bronze badges are offered to great dentists who are kin the process of working their way up to silver or gold status

What do different dentist badges mean?

You can use badges to help you narrow down your search for a great dentist. Let's look at a few ways you can use dentist badges to find the right dentist for your needs:

Porcelain Veneers & Cosmetics Badge

Look for this badge if you're seeking a terrific cosmetic dentist. A gold badge indicates that your doctor has performed countless cosmetic treatments, has posted dozens of photos of their cosmetic work to their Even28 profile, and is the perfect choice for seeking cosmetic dental work. A silver badge means that your doctor has performed many cosmetic procedures and is still a great choice for seeking cosmetic treatment. A bronze badge means that your doctor has performed a fair share of porcelain veneer cases and is an above-average choice for cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Established Badge

Look for this badge to identify dentists who have been serving your community for a long time. A gold badge means the dentist has been practicing in the same community for several decades. A bronze badge means the dentist has been there for several years. No badge means the dentist is newer to the community or has not applied for badge status as of yet.

Scholar Badge

This badge lets you identify the more knowledgeable dentist. A gold badge means your dentist has extensive training and tons of experience in their respective field. A bronze badge means the dentist has quite a bit of training and experience, but not as much as a gold dentist.

Price Badge

Use this badge to identify dentists who offer better cash prices to their patients. A gold badge means your dentist offers fantastic prices when compared to neighboring dentists. A bronze badge means your dentist has prices that are slightly lower than neighboring dentists, but not by that much.

Insurance Badge

Use this badge to look for dentists who accept more insurance plans. A gold badge means your dentist accepts most insurance plans, which typically includes most PPO plans, some HMO plans, and possibly government insurance plans. In contrast, a bronze dentist usually only accepts a few PPO plans and does not participate with most other insurance plans.