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Set your profile apart by earning badges


The average patient spends 1 to 2 minutes scrolling through your profile before deciding if they want to choose you as their dentist or not. Adding badges to your profile can be the difference-maker. Badges show up in your basic bio section and they are available to both Basic and Premium profile members. We assign gold, silver & bronze badges for each category.  Keep reading to learn more about how badges work. Ready to earn your own badges? Click here to scroll down to the bottom of this page and submit your badges application now. Feel free to email us at if you have any additional questions or want more information about badges.

Available badges

We currently assign five different types of badges to each profile, which are:

(1) Skills badges - Skills badges are assigned to doctors who excel in certain treatments. We use your photo galleries, online store, reviews, training, and other criteria to assign these badges. You can earn all sorts of different skills badges and there are no limits as to how many skills badges one can earn. Here are a few examples of various badges you can earn for your profile:

  • Porcelain Veneers & Cosmetics
  • Clear Aligners & Invisalign®
  • Braces & Orthodontics
  • Oral Surgery & Dental Implants
  • Periodontal & Gym Therapy
  • Root Canal Treatment 

and so forth...

(2) Established Badge - The Established Badge is given to dentists who have been serving the same community for a long time.

(3) Scholar Badge - The Scholar Badge is given to doctors with extensive post-graduate training, fellowships, and other accomplished credentials. Additionally, you must have been practicing dentistry for a good few years to earn the higher badges.

(4) Price Badge - The Price Badge is given to dentists who offer competitive prices on their Even28 Online Stores. Keep in mind, we only compare your prices to that of neighboring dentists within the same area. This means that a dentist in Beverly Hills can still earn a price badge if his or her prices are below what other dentists in Beverly Hills charge.

(5) Insurance Badge - Insurance Badge helps patients get an idea of your insurance participation level. The more insurance plans you accept, the higher your insurance badge ranking will be.

Gold, silver & bronze badges

Gold-Badge-circle       Silver-Badge-Circle       Bronze-Badge-Circle

You can earn one of 3 different badges for each category. These include gold, silver, or bronze badges. Let's look at the which criteria we use to assign badges for each category:

Skills Badges

Patients love nothing more than looking at your before & after treatment photos. This is what we primarily rely on photos to assign skills badges. We also look at your training, reviews, online store, and other factors, especially when assigning badges for skills that don't translate well on photos (such as TMJ treatment). You can earn skills badges for all sorts of treatments and there are no limits as to how many skills badges one can earn.

  • Gold-Badge Gold Badge: Many high-quality photos, many related items on your online store, relevant reviews, training, etc.
  • Silver-Badge Silver Badge: Some before & after photos, a few related items on your online store, relevant reviews, training, etc.
  • Bronze-Badge Bronze Badge: A few before & after photos as well as relevant items, reviews, training, etc.

Established Badge

The longer you've been serving the same community, the more likely you are to receive a higher badge:

  • Gold-Badge Gold Badge: 15 or more years in the same area
  • Silver-Badge Silver Badge: 10 to 14 years in the same neighborhood
  • Bronze-Badge Bronze Badge: 5 to 9 years in one area

Scholar Badge

We look at your post-graduate training, CE courses, fellowships, publications, etc. to assign you the appropriate scholar badge:

  • Gold-Badge Gold Badge: Instructors, fellows, lecturers, and other highly accomplished dentists or dental specialists with at least 12 years of dentistry experience
  • Silver-Badge Silver Badge: Associate fellows and those with plenty of CE courses with at least 10 years of dentistry experience
  • Bronze-Badge Bronze Badge: Some post-graduate training, plenty of CE courses, and at least 7 years of real-life experience past dental school (sorry new graduates!)

Price Badge

The more competitive your Even28 Online Stores prices, the better your chances of receiving a price badge:

  • Gold-Badge Gold Badge: Your online store prices are 20%+ below what neighboring dentists typically charge
  • Silver-Badge Silver Badge: Your prices are about 10 to 15% lower
  • Bronze-Badge Bronze Badge: Your prices are 5 to 10% below your competitors

Insurance Badge

The more insurances you participate with, the better your odds of landing a higher insurance badge (fee-for-service practices can skip this one):

  • Gold-Badge Gold Badge: You are in-network with government insurance plans (denti-cal, Medicaid, etc.), a few HMOs and/or union plans, and most PPOs
  • Silver-Badge Silver Badge: You're in-network with a few HMOs and/or union plans as well as most PPOs
  • Bronze-Badge Bronze Badge: You're only in-network with a few PPOs and hardly accept any HMOs or government plans


Click here to learn more which badges you should apply for, if you haven't done so already. Next, complete out our online application to earn badges for your profile. We will contact you if we have any questions: