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Dentistry At Power Ranch
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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Jason G. from Queen Creek, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Manning is the best. He’s knowledgable, super friendly, caring, gentle on your teeth, and overall the best dentist around. We moved 15 minutes further but still go to him because his staff is amazing, the place is nice and its clean. Everyone is masked up and cautious with all the Rona going around. If i could clone one human on earth it would Greg Manning. Seriously, I love going there. He has some hilarious magazines in his waiting room like awkward Christmas photos or something like that. He has tvs for the kiddos. Each dentistry room you go to has tv. You can watch ESPN, even though nothings on, while you get your teeth cleaned. My whole family loves it there. 10 out of 10 would recommend. Whoever posted the negative review is completely and utterly incorrect. You just cant make some people happy.

Tawni McCracken (Source: Google)


I’ve had BAD experiences with dentists my whole life and dentists are one of my BIGGEST fears, but I’m so GLAD I found this office!! Very clean, super friendly awesome staff! Katie is awesome! Dr Manning is very thorough and explains things honest, and clearly. Looking forward to having a crisp clean smile for years to come!!!

Casey Hunter (Source: Google)


Doctor Manning is not only Vary experainced in his trade, he is vary friendly and stands behind his work. Lucky me I was gifted the worlds worst teeth! I have been to a lot of different Dentest. Doctor Manning and his staff have all exceeded my expectations! I have a 6 yr old boy that needed to have cavities fixed, doctor Manning was vary good with him. Some of us have gifts of helping others and making you feel like your his only patient, that sums up Doctor manning. He is honest and won’t steer you wrong.

Debbie H. from Queen Creek, AZ (Source: Yelp)


First of all I just want to comment on Brandon H. reply to this Dentist office. Let all know and beware that he has been out of commission for the past 15 years as I did my research and I will let you all figure out where he could have been. He has given 1 star crappy reviews to more than just this amazing office. My son needed immediate assistance with an agonizing and very painful tooth. They not only took care of him, but graciously saw him immediately, knowing full well he had no dental insurance. That was not an issue and Dr. Manning went out of his way to immediately relieve his pain and charged him very little. I mean who does that now a days? I do not know this office, but only know from the experience that my son had and the professionalism that he received. He went in feeling discouraged, scared, in pain and feeling like a loser and came out feeling amazing and his spirits were up lifted. You tell me does that sound like a 1 star dentist office? On the contrary. Read the other reviews and not the idiot who has no idea what life is about in this world as he has not been in it for a while. Again, you can figure that part out. Attacking businesses that literally pay for families and take care of the public does not deserve a rating like this.

Jacob Shuffler (Source: Google)


Hello everyone, I had a tremendously pleasing experience at Dr. Manning’s dental office. The staff is welcoming, friendly and makes you feel comfortable. However, you feel like listening to comedy and have your teeth worked on, this is the place for you. I highly recommend this dental office. I would give more stars if possible.

Casey O. from Queen Creek, AZ (Source: Yelp)


My family and I have been going to Dr. Manning for over 12 years and couldn’t be happier with the service we receive. We are always greeted with a smile when we enter and Dr. Manning and his staff have a special way to help me, my wife, and our children always feel at ease EVERY single time we go. Through the years we have needed several root canals, adjustments, cavities filled, etc. and I have always felt confident that the suggestions and recommendations offered by Dr. Manning and his staff have my best interest in mind. They are ALWAYS willing to work with me from a cost perspective. I have referred several people and every one of them have had the same experience. The warm atmosphere, friendliness of the employees and professionalism shown by Dr. Manning and his entire staff (Katie, Juan, Tania, and everyone else) along with the great follow-up is why we have never even had the slightest desire to look anywhere else. Thank you, Dr. Manning and staff, for being so great!

Juli Crowder (Source: Google)


I genuinely hate going to the dentist. When you’ve had as much dental work as I have had done, you’d rather die than go to the dentist. Ironically, today’s visit was wonderful. I came in as a new patient because I had been referred to Dr Manning by multiple people. He was amazing. Super personable, knowledgeable, and overall very pleasant. He was even so good that I referred the cashier at the coffee shop to him. Keep up the good work and I’ll refer more!!

James Stapleton (Source: Google)


Amazing dentist office!!! Really professional atmosphere that has TVs for you to watch when your getting work done on your teeth! Dr Manning and his staff are very kind and they really care about every patient’s best interest. This practice is a little far from our current residence, but its well worth the drive because of how great this dentist office is.

Steve T. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to see Dr. Manning and his team for a little while now and they are simply brilliant, one and all. I’m not a huge fan of visiting the dentist, so don’t need an excuse to miss a visit or endure discomfort for just one more day, but Dr. Manning, Katie, Juan and colleagues make it easy, comfortable and even fun when I visit. No judgement and no ‘upselling’, just straight answers and good work. Thoroughly recommend.

RLena I. from Tempe, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Best Dentist office and staff I have ever been to. I’m sorry but I really feel the need to reply to the 1 star review from Brandon. I’m not sure you would even know what a decent human being is after leaving a review like that. You clearly are able to judge people without even knowing them. I have been coming here for the last 9 years and I can personally say that I have gotten to know Dr. Manning and his staff very well. Dr. Manning and Tania have gone out of there way for me more times than I can count and are truly some of the most honest and genuine people I know. I am like most people and don’t really like going to the Dentist but its something we all have to do so I drive 45 minutes each way just to come to this office because of the staff. So I hope whoever’s reading this review will take the opinion of a patient who has been coming here for years versus a review from a angry man who has only left 4 reviews on Yelp all being 1 star reviews and all seeming self inflicted

Haley Chapman (Source: Google)


I just moved to Arizona so I needed a new dentist. I am so glad I came here! The whole team is amazing and very kind. They did an amazing job on my cleaning and helped me with some ideas for whitening. I would highly recommend their office to anyone needing a great dentist! The team is also energetic and fun – I look forward to going again in 6 months!

CaveatEmptor E. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Finding an honest dentist is almost as hard as finding a trustworthy car mechanic. I was referred to Dr. Manning by a co-worker. Dr. Manning takes a conservative approach on dentistry by not performing any unnecessary work (e.g. fillings or crowns). He is one of the few honest dentists in town. It makes me wonder how many of my own fillings, done in the past by others, were really required. My wife and I were long overdue for some dental work. Dr. Manning and his staff made us feel very comfortable and took their time to answer all of our questions. Dr. Manning is very skilled as we haven’t felt any pain during any of the procedures. Going to the dentist is almost pleasurable…almost.

Sean Z. from Chandler, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I have never felt more comfortable really anywhere but my own home as I felt here. These people are kind and helpful. Dr Manning makes you feel like you have known him your whole life. Tried any way he could to save me money – even offered coming in at 6am just to get my procedure done around my schedule. Real stand up guy. I loved it here so much I told my “ex-dentist” he should use Dr. Manning for his personal dental needs if I could leave ten stars I would.

Jenna S. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I hadn’t been to the dentist in years and am so glad that Dr. Manning and his staff were the office I decided on for my ‘welcome back to the dentist’ appointment. His hygienists are all wonderful and not at all threatening. My cleaning was GREAT and my mouth wasn’t overly sore afterward (You know how some hygienists REALLY hurt when they floss?) Dr Manning himself is so kind, and you instantly feel like he’s been a friend for years the first time you meet him. He is thorough and honest, and goes the extra mile to make sure you (the patient) are well cared for. I would definitely recommend his practice and am looking forward to my next cleaning in 6 months (and I’ve NEVER looked forward to the dentist before!)

Brittani Toth (Source: Google)


I was referred to Dr. Manning by my mother, and I definitely can see why she wanted me to go! The office layout is lovely, has lots of natural light in the rooms, and the environment and atmosphere is very comfortable. The receptionists, the hygienists, and Dr. Manning himself, all had fun and welcoming personalites and made the experience a true delight! I went to Dr. Manning for a regular cleaning (which went very well, impeccable bedside manner!), but primarily because I have had TMJ issues for a long time, and my previous dentist dismissively insisted removing my wisdom teeth would correct my TMJ, which didn’t seem to make sense since my wisdom teeth have never been a problem. Both Dr. Manning and his hygienist examined my teeth and listened to my inquiry and immediately referred me to a TMJ specialist (which are hard to find)! I am so appreciative of everyone there for actually listening to me and putting me in the right direction. Overall the visit was wonderful and one of the best visits to the dentist’s office that I’ve ever had!

Shelly R. from Mesa, AZ (Source: Yelp)


My entire family loves Dr Manning and his staff. Great with my small children as well as adults. I have the complete confidence and trust in his knowledge and skills. Went in for what I was sure would be a root canal and it ended up being minor issue. Other family members have had complicated procedures and he is more than willing to give a great referral if something is outside of his skillset.

Profe De Las Montanas (Source: Google)


Dr Manning is the best. He’s good with me and my family. I looked at the negative reviews and it was all people with problems with their insurance. Uh… Not his fault bruh. He has a great sense of humor and his staff is great. Full disclosure though, I’m going to sign in to my other google account and give him a one star rating for being an Ohio State fan. I bet he also cheers on the Yankees, or the Lakers

Laura Cowen (Source: Google)


Dr. Manning and his team are amazing! They are professional, caring, and efficient. Dr. Manning is an expert in treatment for sleep apnea and was able to create for me one of the best oral appliances on the market to get me off of CPAP! I live out of state and I am beyond grateful for him and all the ways he accommodated my needs. I highly recommend this practice.

Holly D. from Mesa, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Two words… LIFE CHANGING!! I could not believe the confidence that was instilled in me by having Dr. Manning make over my smile. He is a phenomenal dentist and made my teeth beautiful and look natural. I no longer try to hide my teeth when I smile or am speaking closely to people. I get compliments on my smile constantly but never get asked if they are real or not. Not only is he talented and extremely skilled in what he does, but he has personality that calms and relaxes you. He keeps your visit fun and entertaining with either conversation or the atmosphere he provides. All of Dr. Manning’s staff make me feel like I am their favorite (I probably am) and remember details about me so we can have great conversations and not the awkward typical comments you get at the dentist. Every one of my children love Dr. Manning. My youngest gets the reminder postcard in the mail for her 6 month check up and will bug me incessantly until I have made the appointment and she gets to go in. I have been seeing Dr. Manning since before he opened his practice and I have never had a bad experience. He has always been honest and fair. He will always try the more conservative route to minimize the need for major dental work and high costs. I know he will never suggest anything that isn’t necessary. I trust this man with my mouth. Thank you Dr. Manning and all your amazing staff.

Michael D. from Mesa, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Dr. Manning for years…he is the best dentist that I’ve ever been to. Honest, smart, professional, fair, and fun. I have referred my family and friends to him often and everyone that I have sent has been super satisfied with him and his staff. Hey, going to the denist isn’t fun but if you can trust in your dentist like I trust Dr. Manning, be in a comfortable environment like his office, it makes the experience so much better. Thank you Dr. Manning.

Brad Strong (Source: Google)


Dr. Manning was very patient with me. I called his office because I had a broken tooth and needed an emergency dentist in Gilbert. I was able to get into his office that same day. I felt very comfortable there, I never felt pressured. He just gave me the facts. I ended up getting a crown on my broken tooth. They billed my insurance for me and I paid my part of the bill. Pretty much what I expected and hoped for.

Charity Silva (Source: Google)


I really like Dr. Manning & all the staff. They are friendly and take great care of me. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed. I also love that they have several unique flavors of tooth polish. I don’t care for the traditional mint, so I’ve been able to choose flavors like “sugar cookie”, “brownie” and “orange creamsicle”. I’d recommend them to anyone.

C Valenzuela (Source: Google)


Dr. Manning and his staff are top notch. They are all caring and compassionate. By far the best dentist I’ve ever been to! During the procedures I’ve had done he continually made sure I was comfortable. He also very clearly explained the procedures and why they were needed. The insurance coordinator went above and beyond to help me get services covered and the work with me on payment options! I’ve never recommended a dentist to anyone before, but I definitely recommend Dr. Manning and his amazing staff!

Steve A. from Mesa, AZ (Source: Yelp)


LIFETIME CLIENT!! My family has been seeing Dr. Manning for the past 14 years… I still remember our 1st visit when our Son was scared to death to see a dentist after his old brother let him watch a scary movie… Dr. Manning made him laugh and before you knew it he forgot all about being scared… Today though he really showed his generosity… I started with a new company and it turns out my dental insurance paperwork was never properly processed so I had no dental insurance. Dr. Manning waived the cost of the XRAys and gave us a huge discount. My family saved over $1000!! Thanks again Dr. Manning!!~

Joel R. from San Tan Valley, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Dentists are mean, cruel, sadistic bastards!!! Or at least that’s what I thought till I went and saw Dr Manning. Dr Manning has made Dentistry as fun as visiting a carnival (unless your afraid of clowns, then it is more fun then going to the carnival that is infested with clowns that scare the hell out of you.) So I mean a fun carnival that doesnt have any scary clowns. Maybe a Carnival isnt exactly the right thing to compare it to. Maybe i shoudl compare it to going to a Masseuse. yeah thats it a masseuse. The offices were very nice very clean and there wernt any clowns or screaming. Just happy pleasant people. The dental assistant was actually able to take x-rays of my tooth without shoving a hard piece of plastic and cardboard into my skull. In fact it was very soft and comfortable. I really was expecting more pain. Yay!!! Me!!! Dr Manning made removing my broken molar and act of bliss. First he rubbed Novocain on my gums so I wouldnt even feel him giving me the shots of novocain. So I wouldnt feel him ripping this big giant tooth out of my head that was allready missing half of the crown. As he removed this giant mass he explained that it would probably be a difficult removal due to the fact that most of the crown was missing and that the roots were actually curved into the jaw to make it more difficult. But he kept working and pulling and being very nice about it. At no time did he place his knee upon my chest and pull (like my last dentist did when he was trying to remove one of my wisdom teeth). At times he even sang Whitney Houston songs to distract me from the horrible noises and grinding that was going on in my mouth. At the same time his awesome assistant was able to use the dental vacuums and rinses to keep me from gagging and drowning on my own spit and small chunks of tooth. Gently he worked and tugged and massaged that mean bastard of a tooth right out of my head. Mission accomplished. I right this review because I was sure that today was going to suck. Because frankly I am a big giant sissy when it comes to tooth pain. And today. after that difficult extraction I have only taken 1 ibuprofen this morning and have not had any pain all day. Thanks Dr Manning you are truly an awesome dentist that makes me very happy that I picked you to extract my tooth. When my wisdom teeth were removed My face, mouth, and head hurt for days. You sir are a GOD among dentists.

Jess A. from Charleston, SC (Source: Yelp)


I absolutely love the crew at dr. Manning’s office! Big shout outs to Dr. Manning he truly cares and finds the right approach for every case he sees truly understands and is awesome at what he does. Awesome Amber her care and personality truly made me feel comfortable and gave me time as I needed during my deep cleaning! This office just ROCKS IT OUT!!! CHECK THEM OUT!!!!I absolutely love the crew at dr. Manning’s office! Big shout outs to Dr. Manning he truly cares and finds the right approach for every case he sees truly understands and is awesome at what he does. Awesome Amber her care and personality truly made me feel comfortable and gave me time as I needed during my deep cleaning! This office just ROCKS IT OUT!!! CHECK THEM OUT!!!!

Bee D. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


My mom was visiting from outside the country (i.e no dental insurance) and needed to get some work done. This office (special shout out to Patricia) showed exemplary customer service. They worked to accommodate us financially and even offered to give my mom a ride home when her appointments clashed with my work schedule. They were not pushy at all and on the first visit doctor Manning even encouraged me to shop around if i thought their prices were outside my budget. Very professional and friendly staff…and most importantly i am satisfied with the quality of the work they did on my mom. I hiiiiiiiighly recommend

Jody Macario (Source: Google)



Juli Dodge (Source: Google)


I went to Dr Manning for a much needed deep cleaning. Rochelle took the time to ensure I felt comfortable, and walked me through every step she was taking as she worked on my teeth. At the end of the procedure she took the time to give me samples of recommended flosser’s and spoke with me on daily tips to keep a healthy mouth! Rochelle spent 2 hours with me today and my teeth look 100% different in a really positive way!! I am extremely grateful for the hard work and energy Rochelle performed in my teeth!

Ruth J. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I first started seeing Dr manning when he was at gateway smiles as well,he has seen myself and my daughters.He is a great dentist,that puts you at ease from day one.I have since moved to north Scottsdale and tried another dentist office that I left almost in tears,I have periodontal disease,and am on a budget.Some dentists just make me feel like scrum for not having proper dental care my whole life.Not Dr Manning,not ever.I have had abscessed teeth extracted by him ,no judgement at this office they are kind and.welcoming and I truly believe concerned about their patients.

Nicole H. from Gilbert, AZ (Source: Yelp)


First let me say I HATE HATE HATE going to the dentist. I have had more dentist do wrong things in my mouth then right things. (I have no taste or feeling on the right side of my mouth due to a dentist hitting a nerve when taking out my wisdom teeth) We moved here two years ago so I was nervous about finding another dentist. I had a friend recommend Dr Manning. As the other review said his office is beautiful and the staff is amazing. You watch TV while the chair gives you a massage. I had 2 cavities the last time I went in. One tooth they had been “watching” and another tooth that was just starting to look suspicious. Dr Manning saw that I immediately had anxiety about the fillings (it is really hard to get me numb and I need a few shots) He offered gas and a valum the night before. He was understanding and very kind and even said, ‘Let’s just do one and watch the other one.” There is no pressure like I know other Dr’s can put on you for “extra services.” I feel he is very honest and he really cares about his patients. I am so happy I have found him since I am one of the pickiest people when it comes to dentists due to past experiences. He does have one night a week he takes appointments at 5 (which takes a few months to get that appointment) and he has one morning a week he takes an appointment at 7. My husband was put on the waiting list and they called to get us in. They do what they can for everyone.

Catherine G. (Source: Zocdoc)


I was in a Lot of pain with an infected wisdom tooth, Greg saw to my tooth right away, he is so kind! Very professional, I am now pain free! All the staff are really lovely, the best dental experience I’ve ever had! I am from Ireland, and wish we had dentists like Greg back home. I cannot recommend Greg highly enough!

SuzAnne Garcia (Source: Google)


The staff is very friendly and my hygienist Is awesome! He has fun and makes the cleaning time go by super fast! Dr. Manning is one of the best dentists I’ve been to! He’s funny (okay some of the jokes are corny, which makes me laugh that he can knowingly tell corny jokes without an ounce of shame!) and he’s family focused and has always been about patient relationships instead of pushing any dental services on me. I love going here (from someone who used to need nitrous oxide just to get through the anxiety of cleanings, this is saying a lot!)!!!

Katie N T (Source: Google)


The entire staff has always been very helpful, kind, honest, and willing to listen. I would recommend them to anyone. We drive 25miles each way, it’s hard to find a great dentist. A member of my family has been going to this office and suggested I go as well. I somewhat recently had periodontal cleaning, two fillings, a root canal, and two crowns – absolutely no problems or unexpected pain during or after any of these.