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Dentistry for Kids & Adults
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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays



Clear aligners

Pediatrice dental care

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants

Sedation dentistry


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Linda S. from Canyon Country, CA (Source: Yelp)


My son and I have been patients at Dentistry for Kids & Adults (Dr Gina Dorfman) for apx 7yrs.   He’s gone thru the INVISILIGN program and now has “beautiful” straight teeth (no more “SHARKY” as I called the 1 tooth). He had his cleaning last week and will be returning for some fillings. I had my cleaning today (and luckily… no cavities for me!!) Thank you to hygenist Carrie and Dr Klein for a very good visit this yr. I was stressed about returning for a cleaning and exam, but Carrie had excellent chair-side manner and gentle, explaining and listening to my concerns and pointing out possible probs & solutions. She relayed this to Dr Klein, who also provided wonderful care and considered my concerns about an implant, and said she could share some references & suggestions. Shanna will check w/ Dr Klein and forward to me.   Once I get the “bridge vs implant” issue resolved I’ll be getting a NIGHT GUARD as well. Thanks to all for a “good experience” today. I even set up my next check up for Oct 2013!

Daniel Castro (Source: Google)


I NEVER review places but just had to this time around! I’ve had various dentists for various reasons but I really enjoyed my experience here! The staff was super friendly and helpful (shout out to Christina!)! After literally hunting for a place that wouldn’t overcharge me for new retainers (with no luck) a friend told me about this place and after discussing various options with the staff, I decided to give them a try. The overall experience was quick, affordable and quite enjoyable. I would definitely come back and am considering making them my primary dentist! (waiting on insurance to confirm my change)

Dani K. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve never been nervous or scared of the dentist, but this is definitely the place to go in Santa Clarita if you do get the dental jitters. I had a great experience here after switching over from a dentist in the valley. I wanted somewhere a little more local and this place accepted my insurance. Very friendly staff and the office has an open and welcoming vibe. They also didn’t make me feel bad for my lack of dental visits the past few years. The x-rays they took were all digital, so the results were instantaneous. Makes for a quicker visit. I went in for a cleaning but ended up getting a deep clean. The hygienist was gentle and receptive to how I was doing the whole time. She kept checking on me and making sure I was okay. It’s a painless procedure, in care you’re wondering. I’m looking forward to coming back here, and even bringing my little ones here in the far future when they exist

Jen N. from Canyon Country, CA (Source: Yelp)


This was my first time here.  I filled out paperwork and was immediately taken back.  The person who took my x rays was quick and nice.  The doctor came in and immediately put me at ease.  This was my first time ever at a dentist when the doctor was the one taking my gum measurements and did the scaling, instead of a hygienist.  It was a nice change to have the dentist be the one working on your teeth.  Also, he was just great all around.
Looks like I found a new dentist:

Mindy Meyers (Source: Google)


Best dentist office I’ve ever been to. I feel so educated about what’s going on with the procedures and also with my mouth and plaque in general. The place is super clean and I get to watch TV while they clean my teeth! It ends up being a relaxing break from the kids! Love it! Update 11/2014: I have a crazy 3-yr old boy who does not like to be messed with, and I was doubtful that he’d let anyone near him at the dentist office, but you guys handled it beautifully and took your time and played with him and got him comfortable and even were able to get him to open his mouth and count his teeth and put fluoride on! He was so excited with the balloon they made out of the glove 🙂 Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!

Joe Manfredo (Source: Facebook)


Prices seem to be getting out of hand … when i remark on a price being excessive for the amount of work to be done , Shana says , but its the lab fees -, even when i can see on the bill , lab fees are only 20 % of the bill . then she says its because the quality of the item , and at other dentists offices they use cheaper labs ( so not true) so if you want to pay more — your in the right place , but if your a working man with a family , you might want to go elsewhere

Kryssi Tina T. from Canyon Country, CA (Source: Yelp)


This place is freaking amazing. I work in Customer Service and really can appreciate the structure in this office. I don’t usually expect much these days, but they really go above and beyond here. Follow up phone calls to check on you and they insist on a return visit if you need to correct or check something. They are thorough and great about explaining the treatments. I found this office on Google and have only been here twice so far, but they have exceeded my expectations for any DR’s office and provide superior customer service in all areas. This evening for my follow up visit – I guess they were running a few minutes behind. It really didn’t bother me at all, but on my way out they gave me a Starbucks GC for the inconvenience. I was really shocked. Never in my life had a DR’s office been so respectful of someone’s time. Definitely a customer for life!

Ashley M. from San Fernando, CA (Source: Yelp)


My five year old daughter had her first dentist appointment today, and it was better than I hoped for. She was slightly nervous when we got there but she quickly saw that there was nothing to be afraid of. The entire staff was very friendly, welcoming, and professional. Prior to booking our first appointment, the ladies at the front office also impressed me over the phone when I had alot of questions; for that reason plus their affordable rates and how easy they are to work with even without insurance was why I chose them over all the other pediatric dentists in the area for my daughter. I was so impressed with the service today I even booked myself an appointment before we left.  My family is excited to have this great new place to keep our smiles beautiful and healthy!

Vickie M. from Canyon Country, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dentistry For Kids And Adults is FANTASTIC!!!!  I HATE HATE HATE going to the dentist.  Fear grips me that I am fighting tears the whole time.  Pretty sad for a 51 year old.  It had been between 7 – 10 years since my last appointment, therefore I needed to come to four appointments.  Starting with Belinda the hygienist, all I can say is AMAZING.  She explains the whole time she is working on you, and making sure you are comfortable at the same time.  Dr. Dorfman too, intuitive to know when you are not okay and she will stop to make sure everything is okay before continuing.  She explains everything she is doing before moving forward.  All I can say is I will be going regularly now.  Even though I am still nervous about going to the dentist, I can say today my nervous level was only at a 3, because of how well I was taken care of.  This is the place to be for sure.  Lastly, they offered great options for payment and saved me money by telling me about their own dental insurance plan since I did not have any.  I saved about 50% of my bill.  Do yourself a favor and see the dentist, not just any ole dentist, Dr. Dorfman and team!!  Trust me you will be smiling all the way out the door

Katt V. from Granada Hills, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Dorfman had been our family dentist when we first moved to LA in the early 2000’s, but we had only left because we had moved and it’s about a 20 minute commute from where we live now. Not far, but a significant difference to our old dentist less than two minutes away. After a traumatic visit with my sister, my family decided to move back to Dentistry for Kids & Adults and we’ve been coming here for about four years. I need to stress this. I do not enjoy going to the dentist. It is an uncomfortable – though necessary – situation to be put in every 3-6 months. Having someone literally in your mouth picking and prodding at what is essentially your leftovers from the last half-year. It’s gross, but this place somehow makes it bearable. Every single person working here is so friendly. They are always smiling and greet you right when you walk in. The dental assistants always make it a point to inform you on what you should & shouldn’t be doing when it comes to taking care of your teeth. They even just like to make small talk to help you feel more comfortable. There’s a little children’s waiting room in the corner of the front office decorated in a Harry Potter theme. I’m always tempted to sit and play in there, but sadly, I’m 24 and my time has passed… a while ago. In the less magical waiting room they have a mini fridge filled with small cans of complimentary juice. I always leave this place happy… with a can of juice

Crystal P. from Nashville, TN (Source: Yelp)


I chose this practice when we first moved to California 9 years ago because even though my daughter was only 6 weeks old, I wanted a place that would be comfortable for both my kids, as well as my husband and I when we need dental work. I’ve never had a bad experience here. Everyone is always so friendly. We see them every 6 months for cleaning appointments and they even helped me get better Invisalign braces, because I had them when we moved here, but the practice that had initially started the treatment didn’t know what they were doing apparently. My Invisaligns were supposed to be on for 18 months, but because of the previous lack of experience from my old dentist, and with the help of Dentistry for Kids & Adults, I had them on for almost 3 years. My kids love that they have a little play area off of the main waiting area with books, toys and a video game console and tv. And the kids dental chairs are set up in a brightly painted room with cozy blankets, stuffed animals and televisions tuned to the Disney channel. They love that they get to choose a prize from the treasure box at the end of their visits too. All of the dental assistants, dentists and office staff are awesome. I think 9 years of never being unhappy says something about how great this place really is

Biana Krayevsky (Source: Google)


Gentle touch with exceptional dental care! Dr. Dorfman has been our family dentist for many years. Her gentle touch, attentive personallity and outstanding dental expertise should be experienced by everyone. Office staff are all very experienced professionals with a sence of respect and care for all patients. In this office you will always receive expert dental care with the highest level of prefessionalism and “best bedside manners”

Michelle L. from Valencia, Santa Clarita, CA (Source: Yelp)


Excellent dental office! I’ve been going to the Canyon Country office for years, and I adore Dr. Dorfman, and many of her staff are wonderful too. I am not the best patient, but they always treat me like I am, and are always thorough and kind. I’ve had a lot of work done, and Dr. Dorfman has used her expertise and artistic abilities to make my teeth look amazing. People can’t even tell they I have a front tooth implant, and I credit that to her and Dr. Bina’s excellent work. I found my forever dental office, and am happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a great dental office that is also clean, and up to date with state of the art equipment, for themselves and/or their kids! Cute waiting room area for kids their too. My son is now 14 years old, but when he was younger, he always enjoyed going in to play while we waited. Thank you!

Jehni A. from Canyon Country, CA (Source: Yelp)


This place really makes you feel like family. I found this place by my insurance company and I’m glad i came here. My first visit they gave me a detailed explanation of what was going on with my teeth and concerns they had. The staff was polite and helpful in any questions I had. I as well appreciated that after my appointment one of the staff members went over what the cost was going to be; so I had no surprises. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a dentist office that makes you feel comfortable and with a staff that really cares about you. I even received a hand written “Welcome” card (not typed but hand written); personally I really appreciated this card as a new patient

Adrena L. from Canyon Country, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have lived in Canyon Country for over 20 years and my family seemed to float around from dentist to dentist never really feeling “at home” anywhere we tried. So I am so happy to have found Dentistry For Kids and Adults! From the first time my husband and I walked through the doors, we immediately felt welcomed and at home. We love the beautiful office, all the staff and of course, the doctors are fantastic. Everyone is friendly, warm and professional. While my husband and I do have insurance, all procedures are explained in detailed and all fees broken down. In my opinion, best dentist in Santa Clarita!

Gary Parker (Source: Facebook)


From reception, through exam and financing, the most professional, friendly and helpful office I have ever been to. No lectures or condescension, just explaining things in a manner I could understand. I really appreciated the fact that they included me in the decision making process and the cost was much more affordable than anticipated. I actually plan to start making/keeping regular dental appointments thanks to these folks

David J. from Santa Clarita, CA (Source: Yelp)


First and foremost the staff is wonderful and very helpful. The office space is very neat, clean and modern, which left me feeling like I made a good choice for a dentistry spot. Before going here I haven’t been to a dentist for 15 years because of the anxiety I had about it. But now I go and I’m completely comfortable because of the staff. I’ve had a few cleanings with them thus far, had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and hopefully soon to be rocking Invisalign to straighten my teeth. I recently took my 9 year old daughter. She has a few cavities, so they started working on those along with the cleanings. This place is wonderful when it came to making her feel comfortable, being friendly, explaining everything to me and coming up with a treatment plan. I highly recommend them!!! Especially if you have anxiety or a fear of the dentist

Adam B. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


I relocated to San Fernando Valley after going to the same dentist in my hometown in Texas for over 20 years! I feel lucky to have found this fabulous dental office after my coworker’s recommendation. I felt at home in the reception area since everyone was so friendly, and the tools and technology used by the hygienists and doctors here are incredible. I had such a pleasant experience during my cleaning and exam, no discomfort at all. Very bright, clean space and modern! No pen and paper here folks, they let you do it all online and on an iPad! I finally didn’t have to look at my watch or phone to “date” my signature because the form does it for you 🙂 Adults and kids alike were all walking out with smiles on their faces, myself included

Pamela R. from Palmdale, CA (Source: Yelp)


It was my first time at this location and would definitely recommend it. They respected the appointment time, the office is big and clean, the staff was very pleasant and quick to help and their schedule for the appointment is accommodating for working people. They also provide with payment plans wich is a big help when you have a big family. I am very happy with the service and am looking forward to finish my treatment so my whole family can be next ! A five star on my book! If you are looking for dental care, this is the place to be

Pastor Marty Walker (Source: Google)


Dentistry for Kids & Adults is setting the bar really HIGH! I actually have found myself looking forward to going to the dentist! Yeah, read that one again, that’s what I said!! LOOKING FORWARD to going to THE DENTIST!!! The staff is friendly, professional and “on it!” They know my name when I walk through the door. I am ALWAYS greeted with a friendly smile and warmly welcomed to sit in a spotless waiting area.  WHY do they even have magazines in this room? This is the only ongoing frustration… I pick up something to read, but by the time I have found an article they are calling me back… why do I even try?! ; ) And when I say, “calling me back” it’s not to sit and wait in another room for a hygienist either! They are ready for me and prepared for whatever procedure I’ve kept my appointment for. Typically I have the same person helping me each time; but if there is a change in personnel, I always get the same great care and service. Today was no different. I saw Belinda, though I’ve never met her before, it was like we were friends! I came home to tell my wife about my visit and she said, “Belinda is my regular hygienist, I love her, isn’t she great?!” I have experienced cleanings, fillings and even a root canal with a crown! Each time has been over and above what I expected… in a good way! Through every procedure I am constantly comforted by the words, “if you feel any discomfort, please let me know.” AWESOME! EVERY step is ALWAYS explained and communicated in such a way that I am prepared for what is happening or about to happen. It puts me at such ease that when I am in the chair I have found myself actually relaxing… yeah, relaxing! Finally, the front desk staff always has a smile and a greeting, using my name asking politely to fill out forms or pay for work done that day. From x-rays to examinations and cleanings, all-the-way to paying my bill; I could not more highly recommend Dentistry for Kids & Adults.  P.S.  Just in case… the answer is NO, I do not work there, I don’t have relatives who work there, and I’m not being paid to say all of this… it’s simply true!

Vahid M. from Valencia, CA (Source: Yelp)


I and my family have been with Dr. Dorfman dental group for over 10 years and they provide excellent, state of art care for us. From the appointments scheduling to waiting time, from the courtesy of staff to the relaxing ambient of the office, and from knowledge to the expertise in diagnosis and treatment, all are exemplary. Thank you very much with your excellent service to our community! Regards, Vahid Mahabadi, MD, MPH, FACP, FACE, Associate Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism.

V. C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Being in the dental field myself for over 13 years I have to say this office exceeds all expectations! Everyone from the first phone call to the last goodbye is incredibly professional and sweet as can be. I brought my 9 month old in after he fell and hurt his gums. Sometimes that can make you feel vulnerable to prices but they are more than fair in my experience. Because I refuse to go to an HMO office and use my actual insurance I signed up for their in house plan which is a great alternative when you’re not wanting to compromise on care without breaking the bank. The care my baby received was top notch! I was recommended to this office by my parents who are patients as well. This office takes all ages and everyone does such a great job! Thank you everyone for making our experience comforting and helping us feel confident we found the right office. You will not regret coming here

Christina Nichole (Source: Facebook)


I have been coming to this office for over 4 years and I have had nothing but the best experience. The staff and the dentists are absolutely accommodating, knowledgeable and make you feel very comfortable while sitting in the chair. My previous dentist left me in the office for over 4 hours without checking on me, with this place, I am in and out within my appointment time and less than 40 minutes, depending on the procedure. I have recommended not only my family members but co-workers as well to this wonderful dentist office. They keep coming back. Keep up the great work ladies and gentlemen

RJ. F. from Canyon Country, CA (Source: Yelp)


I decided to switch my dental provider to be closer to home so a friend referred me to try this office; and what a great decision that turned out to be! I wanted a reliable and truthful dental office because I have had some shady experiences in the past. The office staff, my dental assistant, my new doctor and the hygienist were all outstanding and seriously cool people. I’m have now recommended this to my family members as well. Quick story, I had an appt. set-up for my dental provider on a Monday and decided I wanted to switch due to the “all business” type of atmosphere. My buddy says you should go to this place because his wife was super happy with her dentist. Apparently, she doesn’t like going to the dentist (who does?) and they’re really good with her fear of dentists. Fortunately I don’t have that problem, I just want a cool place that is close to home, professional, flexible and at least cool. I had an appt set for the next day. A full X-ray, exam and cleaning were completed and it was smooth. No BS and everybody was super friendly. The hours are great as well. 8 AM-7 PM and open Saturdays. Go to the dentist! It’s important for your health!
Carry on!

Ana G. from San Fernando, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


It’s always a great experience coming here!!! Staff is always friendly, dentist as well. My family loves coming here for that reason as well as always being walked through procedures and they make you feel comfortable! I recommend you come here especially if you have had a Gad experience any where else. One of my girls was terrified of the dentist due to a bad experience when she was younger and it took me a long time before I came here to find a dentist she would trust and allow procedures to be done. We drive from Reseda to SCV and it’s worth it!!

Carolena M. from Newhall, CA (Source: Yelp)


This place was a life saver! I had pains in my wisdom tooth on a Wednesday and they were able to get me in that Friday to see the surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction. I was so relieved and thankful they squeezed me in as I had been in pain for over a week. I got there and within 5-6 minutes the dentist called me back I got an X-ray if my mouth and it was determined I had an infection in one and the start of an infection in another. The dentist talked to me about option and advised I should definitely get the one taken out now. I decided to do all four that day. The procedure was quick and the staff was so helpful! I will definitely be going back Thank you so much!

Tom F. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Hands Down the best Dentist office and staff that i have ever come across. The owner Gina Dorfman who is also the head dentist here has been able to create an incredible dentist visit experience that has provided me and thousands of others great quality care along with the feeling of comfort which in this field (because of the stigma and fear of going to the dentist for some) is priceless. Let me start with the people. From the receptionists to the hygienists to the dentists the atmosphere is a very positive and calming experience. When i say everybody is smiling i mean EVERYBODY. Nobody has ever given me attitude, looked like they are in a bad mood or anything even close to that. The entire staff is so warm and together and you can honestly feel it as a patient when you walk through those doors. I enjoy dealing with everybody there so people person or not, you cant help but be infected with a fuzzy feeling of welcome. The environment. Extremely clean, organized, and spacious. Everything is always in tip top shape and gives me the extra sense of security that i am in the cleanest environment. One less thing i have to worry about when having work done on teeth is a blessing so having such a clean and welcoming environment is important. Don’t forget about the kids! The office offers a kids waiting area with many activities to keep kids at ease. Its important to mention here that for all the times that  i have been here which is over 2-3 dozen that i have never heard a kid screaming from being in pain or from being frightened of being at the dentist. That says alot. I can attribute that to the tv’s in the rooms, the calming neutral colors, and the trained staff working with the kids who are probably just naturally gifted at making dentistry a soothing experience for kids. The quality is by far the best. At the end of every visit, procedure, or cleaning that i have done i always left satisfied and confident that the job was well done. The dentist office is not necessarily my most wanted visit in my life but when i do have to make that visit i know that they are using the highest quality tools, with the best quality techniques, done by the absolute most professional people that i can ask for. The quality of my visits are incredible and i cant thank them enough for it. Thank you Dentistry for Kids and Adults and i will continue to recommend you to all my friends!

Nicole L. from Valencia, CA (Source: Yelp)


This practice provides the most immaculate service and care for my dental needs! Customer service is great, each person has a shinning smile on their face and is so friendly. That level of service really does help ease with my nervousness and uncomfortability when getting more invasive procedures done. I drive across town as a returning patron of the facility passing numerous dental offices on my way because I know this is the place that is best for me and my family. Attention to cleanliness, professionalism is top notch. I’ve recommended this office to many of my friends! Thank you Dentistry for Kids and Adults!

Shimon K. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Prior to visiting Dentistry for Kids and Adults, I had not been to a dentist in over 5 years. In that time, I had neglected my teeth. Eating was painful. At the time, I was in desperate need of a dentist, but I didn’t want to deal with the discomfort and guilt that usually accompanies trips to the dentist. But finally, my mouth got so bad I had no other choice but to do something about it. I am so happy I found this business. they have rehabbed my mouth… and the experience has been soooo much better than other dentists I have seen. When I first got the X-rays, my mouth was even worse that I thought. I don’t remember the number of cavities I had… but it was a lot. To make it worse, I had at least one cracked tooth and I needed a crown and a root canal. Yikes. Dr. Dorfman never made me feel guilty about this. Instead, she worked within the benefits of my insurance plan and designed a rehabilitation plan so I could minimize any personal costs. There was a lot of work to do, and it took well over a year to do it all. But I was in good hands. Moreover, the entire office staff is so, so friendly. Every single person I have encountered, from the receptionists to the hygienists… everyone… has treated me with genuine dignity and friendliness. They don’t just care about my mouth and they have exceeded all expectations I had about dentists. My mouth is still not quite perfect. There is still a little bit of work to be done before it is completely rehabilitated, but this will happen soon. This is an unbelievable business and I cannot give a higher recommendation

Cristalle L. from Santa Clarita, CA (Source: Yelp)


My son has a dental emergency and it being a saturday, our regular pediatric dentist was closed. I searched google and dentistry for kids and adults came up. I gave them a quick call, explained that my son was in pain and was so relieved that they were able to squeeze us right in! My son has the biggest fear of dentists and everyone made sure that he felt safe and comfortable. Even if they couldn’t do any work on him right away, the dentist prescribed some antibiotics for him and told me to give him pain meds and to bring him to our dentist asap on monday. and if they couldn’t see him he was always welcome to come back there! He was given a toy and even little brother who tagged along got a prize as well! Our regular dentist is just down the street from where we live but I wouldn’t mind driving to canyon country for the excellent service and clean facilities! Highly recommended!

Mark H. from Acton, CA (Source: Yelp)


Last Saturday I showed up at your dental office with a fractured tooth just to the left of my front tooth; easily seen with the slightest smile. Your front office gladly made room for me in the schedule, and the back office restored the tooth with a temp. The small fee was well worth the cost, and I was thrilled with your accommodation. Tuesday, I came in for impressions for the perm crown, and again, short notice, great service. Also, I received assistance from your front office staff with the insurance coverage as well. Thank you, Mark Hollister, Acton, CA

Steven Zinkow (Source: Google)


For the first time in my life I can look forward to seeing the dentist. Everything is explained before it is done. You will always know what to expect so there are no surprises.They are clean, friendly, helpful and up to date in the tech world. On your first visit you won’t get a clip board full of papers to fill out. You will enter all of your info on an i-pad and it is then transfered into their data base. That way there is no chance of error unless you make the mistake. I don’t know who your dentist is but I do know who your dentist should be. Dr. Dorfman or Dr. Klien. Both brilliant, both beautiful. Inside and out. And I should mention that I have yet to feel any pain there. And they are on time

Debra V. from Santa Clarita, CA (Source: Yelp)


I actually went to the office at 26457 Bouquet Canyon Road, Valencia.  I have never had this kind of attention and care with any dental office, and I have been to many over the years.  All the office staff is very friendly and helpful.  So many services were done to create my case profile.  I have never been so well informed, which made it easier to make decisions.  Then when I met with the financial manager she was so helpful and informative about many options available.  I am used to getting a cold shoulder when I ask about finances and what might be available, as if I were insulting them.  The people that work at this office never made me feel uncomfortable about anything.  This will be my dentist for many years to come, and I will recommend them to everyone I know

Dawn J. from Canyon Country, CA (Source: Yelp)


This place is absolutely amazing! Every visit we are more and more impressed! My youngest daughter fell off her scooter last night (Friday) and knocked her front tooth out and the other just hanging by threads. I called them at 9am the next morning and left a message since it was Saturday and they open at 10. At 10:02 I was called back and was able to get in at 10:20! The front desk, xray tech and dentist were all amazing!!! They checked her out to make sure there was no damage to her adult teeth and we were done within 15 minutes! Would totally recommend this place!!

Robyn Zakar (Source: Google)


I was very upset and worried to find out that the Dentist my family and I had been going to for over 20 years was no longer going to be taking my insurance. Luckily, one of the girls I work with (Linda Rooney) said that she was extremely happy with Dentistry for Kids and Adults. She suggested that I try you out. I did, and I am so very pleased to say that the quality of service and professionalism you provide to your patients is absolutely amazing. My husband was seen by Dr. Gina Dorfman and I was seen by Dr. Klein. I must say, I have never in my entire life had such a thorough and complete examination and I was blown away by the all the high-tech equipment this office uses! From the moment I walked through the front door, I was greeted with a beautiful smile from Shawna, my x-rays were done with Jose, and my teeth cleaning was with Balinda and the final exam with Dr. Klein. Everything that I needed to know was explained to me with complete understanding from all of these individuals from start to finish. I was so very pleased with the whole experience at Dentistry for Kids and Adults! I know now that I have definitely made a great decision in using this office and I will have no problem recommending you to family and friends!! Thank you, Robyn Zakar


Our services are designed to help the entire family achieve and maintain their greatest, healthiest smiles. We use advanced equipment and maintain the highest standards by utilizing quality materials, technology, and premier dental laboratories. We offer all aspects of dentistry under one roof. Dr. Gina Dorfman graduated from the USC in 2000. Following her graduation, she worked in a pediatric dental clinic for two years mastering the skills of providing the most advanced dental care to children of all ages. She had also worked in a private dental office with an emphasis on cosmetic and periodontal care and served on the faculty of USC School of Dentistry. Since founding Dentistry for Kids and Adults in 2002, she has been enjoying tremendous practice growth and fulfillment that comes from making a difference in the lives of her patients and her community. She is involved with Santa Clarita's Foundation of Children's Dental Health, a charitable organization that provides free dental care to the needy kids. She is a member of the American Dental Association as well as Academy of General Dentists - an organization dedicated to advanced dental learning. Aside from being a practicing dentist, Dr. Gina is a published author and a well-known speaker in the Dental community.